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Delusional Democrats and frenzied leftists are the authors and finishers of their own worst nightmare. At this time Trump is supposed to be anathema to all Americans. He is supposed to be finished. Nancy Pelosi said she would wipe him off the planet, and she and Chuck Schumer are doing everything they can to achieve that goal.

He is not only very much still on the planet; he is on his way back to a very visible place in American life.

Let’s take a look at the evidence:

-RINO Liz Cheney, (R) WY, found out the hard way about Trump’s enduring clout. In a spectacular miscalculation, she voted to impeach Donald Trump. Now she has fallen out of favor in her home state. That was not supposed to happen. Republicans are supposed to be trying to outdo each other in condemning Trump.

-Republican candidates are lining up and begging Trump to campaign for them. If he is ballot box poison, if he is history, why would they want to be identified with him? Why would they want to have him not only endorse them, but actively campaign for them?

-Polls show that Americans are fed up with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’. By a clear majority they believe it is wrong to impeach a private citizen. This is not just a switch, it will continue to be a growing trend for Americans to be sick of the lies, and unfairness of the Democrats, as well as the censorship and vitriol coming from the media.

-Facebook is now banning socialists―and that is something the Left never expected. They loved censorship, until it hit them. One very vocal socialist was on the Jimmy Dore Show defending censorship of Christian Conservatives, and the very next day his page, which had a huge number of followers, was banned by Facebook. Now, hilariously, he is screaming against censorship. This means that battle lines are being redrawn and strange alliances against Big Tech are forming.

-The popularity of Gavin Newsom has dropped dramatically in the polls and Republicans are announcing their plans to challenge him, and run against him for Governor of California. 1.5 million Californians have already signed a petition for the recall of Gov. Newsom. How is that supposed to be happening if Christian conservatism has been banished?

-A growing national return to Christ and family values is being ignored, but it is real, nonetheless. What we saw in Bakersfield is being duplicated in cities across America. When people are truly born again, they care about the unborn and they care about morality. Bible-based converts will be the surprise weapon of the next wave in American life.

-The final and most important development is what the church has discovered about politics. For almost all of Donald Trump’s term of office, the church believed the Left and the media hated Christians because we supported Donald Trump. Now that he is supposedly out of office, the Left has stepped up its persecution of Christianity. We now know they hated him because of us, and not the other way around. In fact, one Illinois Democrat has submitted a bill to erase Christianity from American public life, altogether. The extremes that the Democrats are going to are waking up Christians to the fact that Trump was a firewall for the church. To me, that awakening means that you can expect even deeper and wider support for Trump among believers.

What does this all mean? It means Trump could easily start his own television network—his own social media—and even his own political party. It also bodes something most ominous for Democrats―Donald Trump more than anyone else has the power to uncover the whole voter/election fraud scandal, the Deep State cover up, Big Tech and the fake news.

In fact, David Marcus in an article for the Federalist entitled, Why Trump Should Press His Case On Voter Fraud, said that Trump should even use voter fraud in his defense against impeachment. He wrote,   

“There are plenty of important irregularities in the election that really do need investigation. That is why Sen. Josh Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruz launched a symbolic effort to refuse certification in order to shine a spotlight on these irregularities. The problems were real. They exist. Are they enough to overturn the results? It appears not, but that really isn’t the point, the point is we need to fix them anyway.

“Too many Republicans are being shamed now into not making a very important argument about election security. It would be the most Trump thing in the world to show up at the Senate and fight the fight they refuse to. And again, Trump’s bar would be low. We have been assured there was no fraud, no major problems in mail-in voting. Just a handful of examples would put the lie to that.”

But the fact is, this is only the beginning. Trump and his legal team have the time, the clout and the resources to uncover what really happened on November 3rd. When he does that, he is not only back, but the sky is the limit. Hallelujah!

Deuteronomy 20:4, “For the Lord your God is He who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory.”

Deuteronomy 3:22, “You shall not fear them, for it is the Lord your God Who fights for you.”

Psalm 44:5, “Through You we will crush our enemies; through Your name we will tread down those who rise up against us!”


  1. David Lee

    Great word Mario. I am in full agreement.

    • Joy Kangleon

      I follow you Bro Mario, together with Hank Kunneman and Dr Lance on Victory Channel!! So blessed, i spread the word around. To GOD be the glory?

  2. C. Jones


    • Eliza

      Yep! Good examples there! I can just see Mario going around and around, hitting that drum. Go Mario!!!

    • Elaine

      Hope deferred maketh the heart sick….NOT IN BROTHER MARIO’S camp!!! Glory to King Jesus for His unfailing love and victory !

    • Geri

      That’s a very good analogy you make with David and Saul. It was one time we can recall in Scripture where David had a chance and could’ve taken Saul out (killed him)…But David instead waited on the timing of the Lord! IT’S ALL IN GOD’S TIMING!!
      I know many Believers/Patriots are are getting impatient, but we need to think this way: “Do we want it DONE NOW, or do it we want it DONE RIGHT?” Let’s be clear…God won’t be mocked!
      ‘Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay.’ – Hebrews 10:30

      • C. Jones

        Geri, now THAT is VERY CLEAR!

      • Lupita Monzon

        Never will God be mocked! HE is light and sooner or later” It’s His love, conviction and wrath

  3. junglequeen

    Brilliant piece, Mario! You are a valiant warrior for Truth. The most important thing at the present time is that we do not let the electoral crimes get swept under the carpet: which is what the Democrats are hoping to do.
    Wake up Church! What they did with the election was not only to disenfranchise the majority of US voters, but also to endanger your country and the whole world by opening up your administration to the CCP. THIS IS TREASON AND IT IS REAL! Here in NZ and Australia we have just been given a leaked database that shows the CCP was hunting out our upper-class and influential citizens who could be compromised and used by the Party. This is not the first ‘heads-up’ we have had about the CCP’s intentions. They hated Trump because they couldn’t compromise him and he cut them down to size. Biden & Co are playing straight into their hands…
    The Truth must come out!

    • C. Jones

      Junglequeen, you just took out a 44 magnum and blew the heads of those criminals clean off. You’ve got the Dirty Harry approach! Well done! ?

    • Barbara fawcett

      The left has committed so many counts of treason I don’t know if they can all actually be counted. It’s beyond anything!!!!

  4. Amy Erickson

    I grew up in a Pentecostal church were the word was taught with verbosity. I was saved at 9 years old and spoke in tongues for my first and only time. I had a visual encounter with God or an Angel of light and Satan or another Angel of darkness. The vision showed me I had a choice between Heaven or Hell. I have not forgotten. I was sexually abused for years. I was a messed up kid. My choices after the abuse were not the best, I felt worthless, less than garbage. Our church fell apart and I did not have a steady resource of guidance. My choices therefore have lead me to a life restricted by my feeling of self worth. It would be great to find a church where fire and brimstone are preached and welcomed. The churches are on a schedule, no room for the move of the Holy Spirit. One I recently attended does not allow speaking in tongues unless there is one to interpret I’m guessing worried it may be of Satan. I am hungry for God to refill my life and become number one. I would love a tent revival were I live. Sorry for the long story! Hope to see true Holy Spirit power near me!

    • penwright1029

      Amy Erickson, I’ve been in your shoes. I was witnessed to by a woman at my job. That was in 1977. My life hasn’t been the same since.
      They do not teach fire and brimstone. They teach about the love of God and His son, Jesus Christ. They also teach how we have different ministries. We all speak in tongues. I am doing so as I write this.
      It is available to speak in tongues any time we want to. It is God’s spirit, within us.
      I pray that you will find a loving fellowship where you can see your worth according to God’s Word.
      Love you sister.

    • Consecrated to God

      I agree with penwright1029, but until you find a church, don’t hesitate to pray in the Spirit in your secret prayer closet. Tim Sheets has a sermon I watched on youtube called Nothing’s Impossible Language. I’ve been in Pentecostal churches all my life, but I’d never been taught what I learned from that sermon. Here’s the link (if it’s allowed):
      Blessings, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost to you!

  5. Laura

    Your blogs are always uplifting and encourage me. I am in a desert place, praying for revival in my community alone. I thought I had a core of two, myself and my neighbor. But, unless I call to remind her, she doesn’t show up. The Lord led me to pray for people in my block. I have relationship with two women who are open to the gospel. I plan to knock on every door on my block as God moves and leads. I don’t have a church and have given up trying to find one that’s on fire. Pray that God will lead me to find like minded people committed to follow up talk with action. Again, thank you so much for your ministry. God continue to bless you!

  6. RWP Yahoo

    And after prophetic self embarrassment, you’re still on the Trump bandwagon? When are you going to learn, your God proved you were a spiritual liar and prophetic failure all due to your overemphasis of Trump?
    Before the entire world, God made it known that when it comes to predicting Trump, you are living in disconnect of the heart of God. Obviously, you need the personality and subject of Trump more than our sovereign God. Now, ‘Trump is already on his way back?’
    Is that prophetic?
    Your obsession with Trump will be meant again by our God’s sovereign will without Trump.
    Sent from my iPhone

    • Paula White

      RWP Yahoo – One day the words you’ve written here will haunt you. You will someday know without a shadow of a doubt that The hand of the living God rest upon President Trump. I’m not judging you – you have already caused judgment upon yourself. 1 Chronicles 16:22, Matthew 12:37

    • Prophetess Victoria Keepes

      Sir I have followed Mario M for years he did not predict anything and the prophetic stand is on the WORD of God and God cannot lie and apparently you do not understand Prophets or the WORD of God ((((The Prophetic Word Come and that word is subject to the People))) People have a choice God will not over ride the people’s choice if you look at the Bible when Jesus was taken to be crucified and he did nothing wrong he was convicted by the people and a man that was released was a demoniac I see that as a similar situation here Donald trump had defended our freedom of faith, Iseral, and so much. more but here is the prophetic word I have for you and your friends …. I sought the Lord for 4 years in this situation and I heard I will give this people the trump they want to hear and they will see whose heart ♥️ is with me …..So watch your words they will come back on you

    • onfire4jesus41

      Thank you Mario for being on frontlines and bringing truth! GOD BLESS. To every other reader and commenter, I implore you to consider Jesus. Consider that you and I are made in His image and after His likeness. Consider that GOD has put His very own Spirit in You . Now consider your thought process. Consider your response to this article and to the times we are in. Have you been walking in love? It is the greatest commandment. Now Consider what Love is ? GOD is love. We are made in the very image and after the likeness of Love. Now consider How Love responds. If you need a refresher allow me to point you in right direction. Read the whole of 1 Corinthians 13. Read it in KJV , AMPC, MSG and TPT. Now consider if your, thoughts, response and reactions are in line with Love. After you have read, it should be very clear where you fall in. It is not our job to judge the men and women of GOD. We can judge what they teach and see if it lines up with the WORD of GOD. Thats it! It is not our job to judge people! There is only one Judge! The body of Christ is supposed to be fit jointly together in unity and in the bond of peace. We are supposed to built upon the Rock, no matter that denomination. It’s ok to disagree with something but you can do that in love and humility. If the words you are speaking out of your mouth is not edifying and and ministering grace then please shut up! Put a guard over your mouth. Do not allow satan to use you to cause dissension, confusion and hate. Instead let us use this time to get closer to GOD. What is He saying to you about this nation? Get in your prayer closet and stay there until you get an answer. Then find out what you as an individual are supposed to be doing in this time. I have received instructions. I am sure that Mario has received his instructions, and it why he is on the frontlines sharing the truth and spreading the love of God. GOD has called every believer. He has something for every one to do in the Kingdom of God. Find out what He has called you to do. What mountain of influence have you been called to ? It is more clear to me than ever that it is Body of Christ that should have more influence in every mountain. We should be ten times better in every arena. Use your energy to find what GOD has called you to do and do it every day and spread the love of GOD every where that you go. Stop tearing down your brother and sisters . If you don’t agree then pray! Be a pipe line of prayer but effectively pray using the very Word of God and the Spirit of God. Thank You again Mario!

    • Stephen Belt

      We shall see, RWP, we shall see…. (and so will you)

    • Lee Strohschein

      It’s not about Trump! It’s about POLICIES that are in alignment with transcendent truth.
      Have you followed what Biden is unleashing?

    • Teresa Minix

      Trump is God’s anointed one. Mario and the other prophets were correct. Our God can do all things. You who doubt that God has something planned for Trump is not listening or seeing the whole picture. I respect and thank Mario for everything his ministry does. He’s a great man of God

      • Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

        Last year, I posted a quote of my dear neighbor, who is a spirit-filled Christian. We pray together a lot! I posted IT on Here is the quote:
        “When the world has done its thing—and all is said and done—-it then comes down to ONE………GOD’s GOT IT!!!!”
        Deloris Brown Jenkins
        shared by: Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    • kingskid48

      That’s pretty presumptuous, RWP, for you to assume you know the heart of God better than someone like Mario Murillo does.
      You seem to be ruling out the fact that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. If He chooses to do a massive miracle to bring Glory to Himself and turn the nation back to God, that is His call to make.
      No, we don’t deserve it as a nation. But that’s where His Mercy comes in at. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” Proverbs 13:6. … and most of us here would rather fix our eyes on Jesus and trust Him to right this terrible wrong that has been done and is destroying our country, than listen to those who have given up trusting Him.

      • K.Prati

        Thanks, Paula and KingsKid48. Sound responses indeed!
        RWP Yahoo, the Lord is using this time to build up and restore; not tear down and destroy. (See Nehemiah)
        We all must take care to not find ourselves aligned with Sanballet, Tobiah and Gesham.

    • Janine Bagur

      Maybe sir he did have a prophecy from our Lord and that is what God wanted for our country. But because God has given people free will God took His hand off of it We know God will have the final say but maybe He allowed the free will of people to bring people back to Christ when the path chosen becomes very bad. It will bring people to their knees and I think we are already seeing it happen.

      • Gigi Cox

        I agree. I think God is more concerned for souls and if this is what it takes to bring more people to Christ than so be it. Our hope is not in Donald Trump – he did a great job & I’m praying for him but our eyes should be on Jesus.

    • Kathy

      God’s time is not our time! God is waiting for the evil bold Democratic traitors to reveal themselves in their boldness!

    • C. Jones

      RWP YAHOO, sounds like a Bitter Root Judgment 12 feet deep! May your nasty, ignorant comments RIP!

    • Jim D.

      It is always good to try to follow the Apostle Paul’s wise admonitions to:
      “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” – Col. 4:6
      and, “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” – Eph. 4:29

  7. Martha

    Thank you Mario for standing strong! Sorry for the so called Christians who are still blindfolded and brainwashed. May God wake them up.

  8. Kay Lienhop

    The “irregularities” (massive cheating) are definitely enough to put the rightful President in place. Trump won and he needs to govern. It’s so important the cheating be investigated.

    • Barbara Fawcett

      I think everyone with a good brain in their head knows that there was tremendous cheating and stealing the votes going on! Who would think that the left would stoop that low? I agree there is no level of low that they have an already achieved. President Donald J Trump won the 2020 Election!!!

  9. nellsh

    The Good News ?

  10. Vivian Maroney

    God bless you Mario for your faithfulness and unending strength against the enemy!
    Never give up!

  11. Nola Sue Morris

    Thank you Mario, Just wanted to let you know one of President Trump’s court cases will be heard by the Supreme Court on February 19th. We pray they have open ears and hearts

  12. Helen Houlihan


  13. Paula White

    RWP Yahoo – One day the words you’ve written here will haunt you. You will someday know without a shadow of a doubt that The hand of the living God rest upon President Trump. I’m not judging you – you have already caused judgment upon yourself. 1 Chronicles 16:22, Matthew 12:37

    • bdk11

      Paula White, please quit taking scriptures out of context to prove your point. Please read the entire account in context and take a course in hermeneutics, it will teach you how to interrupt scripture with the Holy Spirit teaching you. I too voted for Trump and believe he is the type of President we need. However, he didn’t win or was cheated out of a win, either way he’s out and we have to deal with a bunch of God haters at least for two and maybe four years. There is no prophecy in Gods Word claiming anything about America or of Trump. Other countries have been under dictators, self appointed leaders, cruel, and unfair governments for hundreds of years. Why do you think, we are above persecution and horrible government vs any other nation.? America follows the same pattern as most people do from the beginning of time, they want to be their own god and do whatever they want and ask God to bless it. Money, self, immorality, are not going to blessed by God, but judgement will come. Dependence on God, humility, repentance, and forgiveness is what we should seek so that if we truly are seeking Gods government, we will submit ourselves under Jesus and desire His government, not one of any man made types here on earth.
      More of Jesus and His Word and less of what we feel and think is always a good start.

      • Shane Walker

        Try reading the history of America It is a different kind of nation founded by those who wanted to worship God. The constitution and other documents contain Biblical wisdom if you arent familiar with them. The founders werent trying to be their own god in any way but to serve the real God.

      • Nancy shoemaker

        Because this nation like Israel is the light for the world on a mountain.Our founding fathers prayed and was annointed by God
        to fight and die for it. George Washington beat the massive British with Gods help! Lots of blood was shed for this nation that God loves and he will never forget or let it go to communism!

      • Sherrill L

        Be careful what you say against God’s anointed one. The Bible says touch not mine anointed ones do my prophets no harm. She is not taking the scripture out of context. President Trump I believe will be back shortly. It isn’t man’s decision it is God that has the final say.

  14. tallman1948

    I live in Illinois. What bill? Which politician?

  15. Doug Spurling

    Thank you sir. We’ll done.
    May I ask a question, please? How can you say the fraud was not enough to overturn the results?
    From what I’ve heard, it was more than enough. The election was stolen. Biden and crew are illegitimate. My belief and appeal to heaven is that they are removed.
    Thank you for your response.

    • Sandy Chansler

      I agree with your comment! Why did Mario say that? Trump win by a landslide. That comment makes me have doubts about Mario!

    • Linda

      Doug, I sure agree with you. I am still praying it is overturned.

      • Linda

        If you watch OAN news today, the documentary, The Absolute Truth, you will see why.

    • prayinginok

      Doug, Mario clarifies below in a response to Sandy:
      “that was a quote from David Marcus in the blog not me. I do not agree with that statement. I believe Trump won by a landslide.”

  16. David

    All readers of this blog, note Mike Lindell is coming out with the absolute proof of election fraud that can overturn the election. Watch OAN News Network and Faith Unvieled Network for the video documentary.

  17. Mary Smith

    Mr. Murillo,
    You quoted David Marcus in an article for the Federalist concerning the voting irregularities saying:
    “The problems were real. They exist. *Are they enough to overturn the results? It appears not*, . . . .”
    *The irregularities in the voter and election fraud **are enough to overturn the election results*. We have heard this time and time again from Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, etc. and other people “in the know”.
    Pls. do not quote those who are using “*fake news media talking points*”.
    Tomorrow, Friday, Mike Lindell will be putting out a 3-hour-long video which entails all this voter and election fraud which will conclusively prove that President Trump did indeed win this election by a landslide. From what I understand the only state Biden won was New York.
    Pls. make your readers aware of this.
    Mary Ephesians 3:20
    P. S. Just a little constructive criticism . . . Someone needs to do a better job of proofreading your blog.
    On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 3:41 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Delusional Democrats and frenzied > leftists are the authors and finishers of their own worst nightmare. At > this time Trump is supposed to be anathema to all Americans. He is supposed > to be finished. Nancy Pelosi said she would wipe him off the planet, and” >

  18. Georgia White

    Thank you, Mario, for your encouragement to the Body. II Timothy 2:13, ‘If we believe not, yet He abides faithful; He cannot deny Himself.’ And Joshua 21:45, ‘There failed nothing of any good thing which the Lord had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.’ Praying for the work you’re accomplishing, not only in CA, but across this world for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  19. Mary Lehman

    Trump’s attorneys have already announced that they will not be making the “election fraud” argument at his impeachment trial. Very disappointing.

    • C. Jones

      Impeachment Trial? What a bunch of lying garbage! Democrats are a bunch of lowlife, bottom-feeding dirtbag criminals. President Trump is not on trial, the Democrats are on trial, and they are guilty as sin, twice dead and plucked up by the roots.

  20. Jayne Hayden

    Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you. .. Sound the TRUMPET for the Battle is the LORDS’. Hallelujah
    “There is No wisdom, No insight, No plan that can succeed against the LORD”. Proverbs 21:30
    On Thu, Feb 4, 2021, 3:49 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Delusional Democrats and frenzied > leftists are the authors and finishers of their own worst nightmare. At > this time Trump is supposed to be anathema to all Americans. He is supposed > to be finished. Nancy Pelosi said she would wipe him off the planet, and” >

  21. Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

    One point stated about REAL Christians: if they did not make a 180 degree turn around when they think they made a commitment to Jesus, then they are in the goat category and need to make sure their salvation. Voting for the demonic Dem party platform is not Christian. Not reading the Bible is not Christian and Pastors who do not teach scripture are not Christian. As Jesus said to Peter “get thee behind Me satan”

  22. Teresa M. Cawthon

    Thanks for obeying and standing for all your doing in California. Our prayers are with you.

  23. Judy

    PTL. Awesome Word for today. God will make things right.

  24. beauwaln

    Thank you for speaking and standing on truth. These blogs are God inspired and a light to many.

  25. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    This morning, I have one thing to say: “THOSE” WHO DO NOT FEAR GOD ARE IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING! As GOD continues removing the scales from the eyes of Deceived Americans—THEY ARE HAVING TO WAKE UP—WHETHER THEY WANT TO OR NOT!
    Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

  26. Bruce S. Hatcher

    the bigger the lie, the more FODDER for the TRUTH.

  27. Marie Umidi

    Mario, thank you for your words of faith and encouragement. Each time I read your blog I feel as if the Holy Spirit has put a rod of steel in my back bone that causes me to stand straighter believe firmer and fight the good fight with you. Thank you for being a warrior of truth. Thank you for sharing the words of truth that we desperately need to hear. Thank you for risking everything for the truth. May God bless you brother Mario and may he prosper your every move.

  28. Elaine Heistad

    We will stand and fight for truth and righteousness and the Almighty gave us a leader ( one the self righteous didn’t really like). What God has purposed cannot be annulled. Yeah! These are exciting times and we pray the veil will be lifted from more eyes. We used to sing HOW BIG IS GOD, how big and wide His vast domain. God is God!

  29. Sue mase

    Thank you so much for the input

  30. Jean Edwards

    Wonderful message Mario! God bless you and Trump?

  31. Audrey Wright

    Thank you, this is powerful, yes we trust in our God, He is the Almighty One!!!

  32. Hilarie Wells

    This explains a whole lot!!
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  33. Sam I Am

    There is a process for disputing election results. The founding fathers realized that there would be election fraud. That’s why the election is Nov. 3 and the certification is Jan. 6. For two months you can gather the facts and present them in court or before the state representatives. Once the results are certified it’s game over. Any attempt to reverse the process now would results in anarchy. Let’s be adults and accept the fact that life isn’t always fair and work toward election reform for 2022. Blessings.

    • Gordon Jensen

      As far as I know, there has been no judge or jury that has taken up the case of election fraud concerning the Nov. 3, 2020 American Presidential contest. Every attempt to approach a court has been disqualified without any examination of merits and until that happens, we must suffer the indignity of an illegitimate executive administration using fiat to undo the Godly accomplishments of the Trump administration. This with the support of the media and those who stand upon the evil platform (alter) of the left half of the American electorate (real or inflated).

    • kingskid48

      I don’t think you know that, Sam.
      How were they going to prove fraud when no court would hear them? All they were asking for was ten days to investigate. That was hardly anarchy.
      Stealing an election and putting up a puppet man to use to bring the country to collapse-that might be closer to anarchy.

      • C. Jones

        kingskid48, He doesn’t know that, because Sam I Am is eating green eggs and ham, and drinking the KoolAid!

  34. Sandy Chansler

    You just lost my confidence in you by saying “probably not enough evidence to give the win to Trump!” What! Are you jumping ship(being a traitor) like most of the established Republicans. Very disappointing!!!!

    • mariomurilloministries

      Sandy that was a quote from David Marcus in the blog not me. I do not agree with that statement. I believe Trump won by a landslide.

      • C. Jones


      • Georgia White

        Mario, Thank you for clarifying! Keep Blogging!

  35. hallelujahtothelamb1

    THIS IS HEARING DO WE HAVE HEARING A PRIORITY???For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  36. Mark and Janis

    I have always love the scripture in Psalms 9:4 (Living Bible)m My enemies (those who are arrayed against me) shall fall back and perish in Your presence Lord; for You have vindicated me, You have endorsed my work, declaring from Your Throne that it is good!

  37. 1alagirl

    Amen and Amen! God’s not finished! He always finishes with victory! When His people, sinful as they are, cry out, He always sends a deliverer and his name is Donald John Trump! Blow the trumpet in America, victory is at the door!!!??????
    Sent from my iPhone

  38. Dr. Rebecca Orchard

    Fact check on first point — it looked like it was going to happen that way, but it didn’t:
    | | | House GOP overwhelmingly supports Liz Cheney  | | Headline: House Republicans Vote To Keep Liz Cheney In Leadership: Reports​
    What’s Up: The vote wasn’t even close. According to sources privy to the secret ballots counted last night, Liz Cheney was affirmed 145-61 and will remain as the #3 member of the Republican in the House, despite attempts to Donald Trump to get her ousted.
    Quote: “‘We addressed this as a family, addressed this as a team and ultimately finally worked to have a vote to keep the entire team together and ultimately kept the team much stronger,’ McCarthy told reporters in a press conference after the meeting.” —
    The First take: Liz Cheney was one of ten Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump last month and that vote ignited a small fire within the House GOP. As Democrats have attempted to use this argument to try and divide the opposition party, we believe last night’s vote, as well as actions involving controversial member Marjorie Taylor Greene, will ultimately unify and strengthen the Republican caucus. |

    • Bob

      Republican. DOA. New Patriot party.

      • Georgia White

        Bob, I’ll agree with that new party!

      • Kathyb628


    • Kevin McCabe

      For Rebecca Orchard: Mario’s statement was not about RINOs voting for her in the house.
      He said “Now she has fallen out of favor in her home state.”

  39. marti

    Please do not leave out the RINOs. Most of the Republican politicians are just that and are as guilty of hindering President Trump during his time in office as were the Democrats. Since 3 November I am seeing God flushing out and exposing them as well through their own deceitful and traitorous words and deeds.

  40. Gil Zaragoza

    The prayers are working!! The Hand of the Lord is about to move in a monumental way. God is about to shake the immorality and the injustice out of our nation in Jesus’ Name. The day of reckoning is about to manifest!!

    • C. Jones

      That which was done in secret shall be SHOUTED from the housetops. Those pack of LIARS don’t belong in the White House. The belong in the OUTHOUSE!

  41. yesua7

    praise God

  42. Sue

    Such wonderful words to read! Our faith remains strong in God! Sometimes fear tries to sneak in on our faith, but we refuse to give in! Thank you and God bless you always
    Sent from my iPad

  43. Judy Braland

    Lovin’ it!

  44. Annette

    David Marcus wrote this in his article in the Federalist.
    The problems were real. They exist. Are they enough to overturn the results? It appears not, but that really isn’t the point, the point is we need to fix them anyway.
    Not enough to overturn the results? It appears not.
    You are wrong wrong wrong Mr Marcus there is plenty of evidence and Trump has it all. He has the actual vote count. God will not allow a fraudulent election and/or fraudulent President and/or fraudulent party to stand!
    God is doing a new thing.

    • Sam

      Not enough to overturn the results? It appears not.
      You are wrong wrong wrong Mr Marcus there is plenty of evidence and Trump has it all. He has the actual vote count.

      Sadly, the more you read these “columnists,” even “conservative” ones, the more you find out how stupid they really are. 😛 Recently I was reading a column on Stream in which the author said that he doesn’t believe there was anything to the Obama birther “nonsense.” ?
      Anyway, it’s best to be very selective about the columnists you read, because there are so few with real discernment. By and large, I think the most discerning Christians and conservatives out there are the “regular” citizens, not those in “leadership.”

      • Sam

        Thanks, mariomurilloministries. 🙂

      • C. Jones

        Sam, thanks for those comments! It’s just the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

  45. Sam

    This is wonderful news—praise the Lord! ?. Just shows all the more clearly that there’s no need for us to consider throwing in the towel.

  46. Deb Farmer

    Terrific news!!
    The truth of God’s continual hand in this battle is extremely uplifting, and has given me strength to press on.
    Unfortunately our pastor preaches as if nothing is going on. I do know he’s one of the recipients of the 501C3 and that alone could be the problem.
    I look forward to your news letters and watching and drawing spiritual strength from God when your on Flash Point.
    Prayers and Great Appreciation!

  47. Harry Anderson

    My wonderful friend Mario,
    Thank you brother, thank you for standing tall and showing each of us how to be a warrior for our Lord and savior. May God rest his hands upon you and give you continued strength and wisdom. With Love and May God shine his face upon you! Harry Anderson
    Sent from my iPhone

  48. Christine Braniff

    Hello: Please get this message to Mario Murillo…. We have been looking for the Lord to do a supernatural turn-around of this huge crime of election fraud which everyone knows happened and yet the evidence has been ignored by the media and worse, by the courts!  No case was heard so the facts are hidden and evil is not exposed…. 
    What kind of supernatural event will give God all the glory???  He has said that after all man’s hopes are gone – He will step in and fix this but only HE WILL GET THE GLORY FOR IT!  So God has been saying to me: SAUL TO PAUL, SAUL TO PAUL…. we need to see Saul to Paul conversions in one OR MORE of the big league criminals who are behind this massive crime against the United States! Then, only then….GOD WILL GET ALL THE GLORY!!! In Him,Christine BraniffLewiston, Idaho

  49. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Sound the trumpet! Jesus is Lord of lords and King of kings! When we STAND on the Word of God by the Spirit of God, we cannot be moved; when we STAND on the firm eternal Rock Foundation of Christ Jesus wearing God’s Armor: salvation, righteousness, TRUTH, faith, the Word of God, the sharp Sword of the Spirit, STAND FAST, keep praying in the Spirit, we cannot be moved, and we STAND AGAINST the schemes, wiles, devices, shenanigans, lies, deception, manipulation, control by fear, intimidation, threats, silencing, censoring, cancelling, STEALING, killing and destroying of the enemy. On Friday on OAN network, the documentary will be shown proving the fraud and stolen election. I am looking forward to seeing it and I continue to pray for God’s intervention and miracle to save America as a constitutional republic under God. “With men it is impossible, but with God ALL THINGS are possible”

  50. wmbriner

    Mario, Thank you so much for your encouraging words. God Bless you.
    Wilma Rademaker

  51. Sam

    Well this is interesting: ?

    On Tuesday, Jeff Bezos was forced out as Amazon’s CEO. (In corporate slang, he was “kicked upstairs.”) Amazon’s Board of Directors may have had enough of him furthering leftist causes at stockholders’ expense. The decision to shut down Parler on his watch chased away some future customers from Amazon’s web hosting services and caused some conservatives to stop buying from Amazon, although his successor is the executive who gave the actual order. More worrying to the financial community, it opened Amazon to lawsuits and government regulation.

    • C. Jones

      The dominos are starting to fall. There is a crack in the dam of their damnable deceptions. His new name is now Jeff Bozo!

  52. soljerblue

    As a former broadcast newsie, I covered government and politics at all levels for close to forty years, and there is one thing I’ve learned watching the Left and its minions and useful idiots go about their “business”. They always — ALWAYS — overplay their hands. You can depend on it the way you can depend that the sun rises in the east. Mario has just laid out how the process is working once again on a far larger scale, frankly, than I’ve ever seen. Classic literature defines tragedy as that seed of personal destruction universally found in human kind. Think Shakespeare’s “Othello”. God’s fail-safe app is working.

    • Susan

      So true soljerblue – they always over play their hands.
      They buy into their own delusions that the line between truth and lies is so blurred.
      One of the poll watchers – I think in Michigan – called the liars out and said: you need a lot more energy and brains to remember and retell lies.
      They ALWAYS overplay their hands.
      Our peace and trust remains in the Almighty God – the Creator of all things.

  53. kingskid48

    I’m so disgusting with these republicans who did not have the backbone to get Liz Cheney out. But then, they’ve done nothing about Romney or the rest of the turncoats, so I guess we can say that at least they are consistent!
    I donated more to politics in the last few years than I ever have. I won’t give them another dime unless they get a spine and do something about ridding the party of these turncoats.

  54. kingskid48

    Thank you, Pastor Mario, for these encouraging blog!

  55. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    FYI: I am still receiving emails from the Republican National Committee and a bunch of other republicans asking for money—-even NOW! Can You believe it!!! After the way THEY TREATED PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP!!!!!! As my HOUSTON GRANDMOTHER used to say: “now that is real gall, if i have ever heard of it!” She favored SAM HOUSTON A LOT, ONLY SHE WAS A VERY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! And even though she was a refined LADY—WHEN THE NEED WAS THERE——SHE COULD CALL A SPADE A SPADE!
    I am singing ‘WE’RE ON THE BATTLEFIELD FOR MY LORD” almost everyday now.
    Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

  56. delerious4god

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S8+, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

  57. Susan

    Amen on all points!
    AND – why would God be bothered to raise an extra 10 million to go to the voting polls to vote?
    Not to just walk away and say: oh well.
    When He starts something- He finishes it well.
    Expect a miracle.

  58. Phyllis Pullan

    On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 3:44 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Delusional Democrats and frenzied > leftists are the authors and finishers of their own worst nightmare. At > this time Trump is supposed to be anathema to all Americans. He is supposed > to be finished. Nancy Pelosi said she would wipe him off the planet, and” >

  59. Jim D.

    My hope is built on nothing less
    than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
    I dare not trust the sweetest frame
    but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
    On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
    all other ground is sinking sand,
    all other ground is sinking sand.
    2 In ev’ry rough and stormy gale,
    my anchor holds within the veil.
    When all around my soul gives way,
    he then is all my hope and stay. [Refrain]
    – Edward Mote

    • prayinginok

      Love that song!

  60. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    God will have His way, He will surprise us, He’s very good at Impossible, and we need to see that, and give Him all praise now, so we don’t have egg on our faces when He does it. He’ll love us anyway, but let’s believe while we don’t see. Although this long list of facts from Mario is certainly the best taste of what’s coming yet! Thank you for digging all this up!

  61. NickT

    President Trump is a great president for our country and Biden is a fake one.
    I have been a Christian since 1981 and have been following politics since President Regan and then came the evil Clinton’s admin and I survived by listening to Rush Limbaugh. MAGA….

  62. Greg Strom

    They say that when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one that got hit! We hear Dems and Rinos howlin everywhere!
    Long live our President!

  63. Susan

    Psalm 37: 12-15
    The wicked plots against the just,
    And gnashes at him with his teeth.
    The Lord laughs at him,
    For He sees that his day is coming.
    The wicked have drawn the sword
    And have bent their bow,
    To cast down the poor and needy,
    To slay those who are of upright conduct.
    Their sword shall enter their own heart,
    And their bows shall be broken.

  64. Pamela

    Just watched Mike Lindell on Flashpoint who announced “Absolute Proof”; a Documentary about the 2020 Election Fraud. This documentary will be on according to Mr. Lindell, tomorrow, February 5, 2021. Mr. Lindell encouraged everyone to watch this important documentary.

  65. Bonnie Reed

    Check this out!!
    On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 3:02 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Delusional Democrats and frenzied > leftists are the authors and finishers of their own worst nightmare. At > this time Trump is supposed to be anathema to all Americans. He is supposed > to be finished. Nancy Pelosi said she would wipe him off the planet, and” >

  66. Bonnie Reed

    Check this out !
    On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 3:02 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Delusional Democrats and frenzied > leftists are the authors and finishers of their own worst nightmare. At > this time Trump is supposed to be anathema to all Americans. He is supposed > to be finished. Nancy Pelosi said she would wipe him off the planet, and” >

  67. Bonnie Reed


  68. Linda P

    Amen Mario! Amen! Please let us know how we can help with your upcoming tent meetings. We support you 100%. Yay Jesus!

  69. Lloyd and Dolores Whittaker

    Please send the books we ordered months ago. Confirmation 1290238656527028 We continue to pray for you and support you. Thank you and God bless you. Dolores Whittaker
    Sent from my Galaxy Tab A

  70. Dianne Nikirk

    Thank you Mario for speaking the truth. The true body of our Lord is finally standing up!!!Praise God!!! He is our defender against our and His enemies. But we must stand up and evil with the Love of God in our hearts!!!

  71. Jean White

    Where is MARIO TODAY.?

    Sent from my iPad

  72. Gayle DeWitt

    It’s already started. See Mike Lindell on OAN today.
    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  73. kingskid48

    Heads up, Saints. They may be changing their mind about that (Trump’s lawyers), about not bringing up the fraud case…..because Mike Lindell just aired a 2-hour long video on OAN and it will rerun several times today. It’s called Absolute Proof. It’s all there. It cannot be denied. The proof is there, it’s real, and those who continue to try to mock and squelch it will end up looking like fools, or worse. If you can possibly get OAN, do so, because utube is probably going to take it down if they haven’t already. If you don’t get OAN and can’t get it, change services today. The fraud was massive and this is not going to go away, no matter how much those who have compromised with CCP want it to. Pray for Mike Lindell and everyone involved with the video and everyone on OAN, and for those like Mario Murillo who are bold enough to tell the truth. Keep them in your prayers.

    • Wordforworld

      Right, Kingskid48 48,
      Was able to see on the huge readout that 70,1xx votes (from one Az county) for Pres Trump were flipped for the democrat candidate! By China.
      Without being a “spoiler alert”, I think it’s necessary to point out Mr. Lindell’s genuine heart for America, and for all our parties! This IS a huge “unifier” as he said, for us all to work together and stand united against the foreign sabotage.
      What a patriot!!
      All should share this documentary everywhere you can think of, and then some!

      • Wordforworld

        Oops on the double 48?

      • Wordforworld

        Correction: that Az county lost 33, 066 votes for Pres Trump, 33,066.

  74. Sandra Calhoun

    I agree 100% keep up the good word. Our GOD ahall fight for ys and defeat the satanist!
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  75. kingskid48

    ABSOLUTE PROOF-Here’s the link again for anyone who didn’t see it-
    Forward and post where you can.

    • penwright1029

      Mike Murillo, you have been saying it all along. I just spent the most informative hour of my life learning how our country has been attacked.
      Michael J Lindell has opened my eyes to, exactly, not only our presidential election was stolen. But also how this has happened in state elections as well.
      Thank you, kingskid48, for sharing that link. I’m sharing it with everyone and anyone. It is time we get our country, this great.” United States of America,” back to what is was before and will be for the future.
      I now see why it has been so difficult for President Donald J Trump to bring the evidence to the courts.
      God, our Heavenly Father, has got this. I am no longer in the dark about how other countries stole the election.
      Get this out there, sisters and brothers in Christ. This is our responsibility. God has given us the opportunity to change us back to One Nation Under God Indivisible with peace and justice for all.
      Take an hour out of your time and watch that video, It will be a rescuer of your souls.

  76. Robert E Sprague

    Excellent, we now can see hope for America, One Nation Under God and in God we Trust!!!

    • penwright1029

      Janice Cady, Get this out there. Send it to your friends and family, put it on social media. God, our Heavenly Father has got this, and He will direct you. That’s how.

  77. Don

    Great news thank you brother

  78. Mary Lou Sawyer


  79. Monica Medeiros

    Yeah !!! Mario .. Lord Bless you brother, I’ve known you since I was 13-15 or so, now at 57, I can see I was 100 % right on it, when I knew you were the real deal way back then at my church Calvary Community in San Jose. You were on fire then, and now your Blazzin’ for God!! what a joy to see this. It’s saints like you that help bring the Kingdom, Yupppp.. Love you lots and hope to say hi to you, at your service coming up in Apr. in Modesto. Prayers for victory are in effect !!! Stay Blessed in Him always. Aloha for now. Lord Bless




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