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Take a look at him—Joe Biden. Then I want to turn around, with everything within me, and look the most ardent Biden-supporter in the eye and demand an honest answer to these questions: Does he inspire you? Do you see him as a great leader? Does Joe Biden make you swell with pride over the grandiose plans he has to turn America around? Do you trust him?

What heroic, no wait, what just plain meaningful thing has he accomplished that tells you he can do the job? Something? Just anything? Or isn’t it a fact that you can name ten people on your block who would make a better President?

Have we ever seen so many people work so hard for someone for whom they feel zero excitement? There is no rallying around Biden. There are no cheers when he speaks. If he didn’t have the occasional gaffe to break the monotony, listening to his speeches would be the equivalent of watching paint dry. 

Lest you believe I have forsaken my faith, please, please, understand that nothing I have just written is written out of rancor or with the intention of being insulting. It is written just to state the facts.

Joe Biden himself is the greatest proof that there was fraud. How else can you wrap your mind around the idea that he was America’s choice? I submit to you that even the most hardcore Biden follower, after taking a second look at the man, nurses a guilty suspicion about how the votes were counted.

I am sure I have offended leftists, as well as some gentle souls in church. But again, nothing is being written out of anger or malice. In fact, more than once I have stated that someone needed to have compassion on Mr. Biden, and set him free.

But he is as much a prisoner as America is now. The machine that created him—with parts imported from China, picked him, promoted him, elected him, and will soon discard him.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I need to tell you some things that are not comfortable, so that we can move on to a national miracle.

I am still clinging tightly to a miracle. I am still believing that the fraud election will be flipped on its ear. But, if by some freak accident, the truth of what happened November 3rd is not repudiated, you will see something far more hideous than a bad administration.

How bad?  As I have tried to tell you so often, before there can be a great awakening, there must be a rude awakening. Here is the rude awakening:

Joe Biden may be President of something, but it is certainly not America. That is because the Democrats have formed their own nation. Let me be clear: we have not seceded from the United States, they have. They left us, we did not leave them. Look at the following facts:

-What their comrades in social media call ‘fact checking’ is actually state control of information.

– Those made-up laws that Democrat governors and mayors call safety measures are actually death measures for small businesses and churches.

-The emphatic rejection of any kind of investigation of voter fraud is coming from outside the United States. It is totally un-American. Certainly, if Biden was a man of honor, he would champion an investigation so that there would be no cloud over his presidency.

I could cite a hundred more features of tyranny that are now a part of our everyday life. The point I want to make, is that none of this could happen in a real America. Therefore, we must realize they have started their own country.

We have to take in that entire ugly picture. Unless we do, we will not have the requisite outrage and perseverance necessary to free our nation from these villains.

Now we come to the great awakening. Here’s what we must do:

We must demand an honest and thorough investigation of voter fraud. This must become a national movement. That investigation must happen, and we must determine that we will never cease fighting for it to happen. We must demand that all evidence be presented. We must approach it with the same ardor as those who opposed slavery had. We must have the same hatred for this fraud perpetrated on the American people as we have for the murder of the unborn.

It must be in our hearts and on our lips. It must be preached from our pulpits and heralded by every civic, business, and legal leader who loves America. It must be the war cry coming from all 7 mountains and every profession. MAGA country must become voter integrity country.

If I sound extreme, it is because you do not realize that all of our freedoms are dependent on free and fair elections. Remove that, and you have removed government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Anyone who is okay with ignoring the compelling evidence, is part of the tyranny.

We must put pressure on Republican leaders to reject the certification of the Electoral College. In fact, I see a judgment coming, not only on the Left for hating God and our Christian heritage—I see a judgment on Republicans who knowingly capitulate to this illegal seizure of our Constitutional rights. On January 6, in the chambers of Congress, will come the final chance for Republican leaders to do their duty.

We must pray and preach national repentance with a renewed fire and zeal. This victory is not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord. Any church—no matter where they meet—that sheds fear and declares God’s Word with fervor, will see the weapons of heaven released in their people and their overflow crowds.

The zeal of God to perform a national miracle is so great that if we open ourselves to the anointing, we will see astounding miracles of healing and deliverance. God is no respecter of persons. He will grant irresistible words, undeniable miracles, and a towering presence of His Glory in any gathering and in any ministry that will declare itself a sacrificial army in the cause of saving America!




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    • Clark

      Biden is a modern day Absalom! A wanna be that shall never be! Absalom looked good on the outside, but was inwardly rotten to the core! That is a perfect depiction of Beastly Biden!

  2. Jeff R

    I have something I feel I must say, but frankly I’m afraid to do it. I guess if it’s out of line or in error, Pastor Murillo, please remove it.
    I have been reluctant to say anything that would give the appearance of not believing for “the” miracle from God that will avert disaster, but something occurred to me a few weeks ago, and I have sat on it until now. While there is a fiery remnant arising in the body of Christ, the American church is largely still asleep, or worse, awake and working in the enemy’s camp. There has been SOME repentance, but nothing even close to a national turning to God.
    Judgment has come to America. It has arrived. Pastor Murillo, you were correct; judgment began in November. Joe Biden will preside over a nation under judgment. He has been given the thing he has coveted and stolen, and like Naboth’s vineyard, it will be his undoing, along with his Jezebel “administration.” The man who, during the Presidential debate, roared, “I AM the Democrat Party!” will preside over it during its judgment as well.
    Consider this: how long did America turn and seek God and repent after September 11, 2001? A death toll of 2,977 got a few weekends of boosted church attendance, and a decade of Islamo-apologetics. Nobody turned away from anything. What drives a hard-hearted and unrepentant people to seek God? Whatever it is, it must be more terrifying than watching two skyscrapers 1/4 of a mile high collapse into ruins and nearly 3000 people die in a single morning.
    I cannot find strong enough words to convey what I feel in my belly tonight. Draw close to the Lord now. If you think you’re close enough, get closer. Now do the words of Isaiah 26:20-21 ring true. The indignation is upon us.
    Make no mistake: the LORD honors our President. He has spared him from the reproach of leading a nation under judgment. God has hung the millstone of national judgment about the neck of the self-proclaimed embodiment of the Democrat Party.

    • praying grandmother

      I just want to mention just a couple of initiatives: 200,000 pray Give Him 15. 90,000 in prayer group for Trump. Tens of thousands at rallies where God’s name is proclaimed. Leaders of Stop the Steal openly avow their faith. And look at Mario’s inspired writings–top notch and shared.
      I have NEVER seen such open fervor and commitment to prayer in my 60 decades of life. I’ve had trouble getting six or so women together for years. So I’m not doubting that Christians are repenting and praying. IF God allows Biden to “win” then we’re basically in the last days. When I think about what is awaiting our country, I pray even harder for the Lord to give us a reprieve and that the Great Reset becomes the Great Harvest.

      • Barbi

        Amen to this!

      • Lisa

        Amen sister! ?&?

      • Lisa

        I have said basically the same things as you!! That people are acknowledging and saying the Name above ALL names JESUS in beautiful and good ways like I have never heard before. ? Also as we know the MAJORITY of Americans voted for good as in voting for President Trump a vessel God has and can work in and through for His Glory and our good. I too believe that if God does not act on our behalf that the “end” is near. Thankfully God does not need the earthly supreme court or a brave senator to trump all of this and turn it back around to the rightful winner President Trump and the majority of us who voted for him and our country.

      • NickT

        Amen grandma!

    • fredsheltonministries

      It is my firm belief that IF this election steal succeeds , it will become such a curse to the thieves that will beg us to take it back before 2024. Kind of like when the Ark was stolen and placed in Dagon’s temple. The curse that came upon them was so grievous that they couldn’t get the Ark back to Israel fast enough.

    • Sam

      Much of what you wrote, Jeff, makes sense. But as for the U.S. being under judgment, nobody really knows. It may be simply reaping what you sow—the Republican Party failed to put in significant safeguards to prevent fraud, and the Democrats cheated like they always do. That ain’t rocket science. 😉 And this does not necessarily mean that America is under divinely appointed judgment. As I said, nobody really knows.
      Anyway, as someone else wrote, God is full of mercy, so I don’t believe we need to take a fatalistic view of current events. At the very least, we have to keep praying and persevering to see God’s will done.

      • Letha

        Indeed, we are reaping what was sown. Jesus took all the judgment on Himself, when he died on the cross. It is very important to recognize that God’s grace has been extended to us. We are not under judgment. Jesus sacrifice was complete and adequate.

    • Rebecca Callahan

      Agree Jeff R.

      • Cindy

        I have to agree. Jesus took all the judgement at the cross. I don’t believe America is under judgement. I think we became complacent and apathetic to the point that we have been invaded by the enemy while the Church was asleep. We are reaping what has been sown. Jesus provided everything that was ever needed at the cross. And then he left so that he could send the very power to us, to indwell us, that he demonstrated on earth. He set the example and said now do as I do. “I give you all power and authority over all the works of the enemy…”. Luke 10:19. WE are to be like him. As He is, so are we in this world. It is time, children of God, to take back what we have allowed the devil to steal.

    • Clark

      Jeff R….. EH? EH? EH?

      • Jeff R

        I’m sorry. I don’t understand the question.

  3. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    Jeff, you are talking about what we deserve. As a nation, yes, we do deserve Joe Biden, death and destruction of all we love. But God has promised us mercy if we repent. Are you counting numbers? God is looking at His remnant, and teaching us to hold on, to persevere, to trust Him all the way through this. He is exposing all the dirt, and there will be more. We are praying for repentance in America, which starts one soul at a time and builds; we are asking according to God’s will, and He hears us, he hears you. This is His mercy, and as He says in Isaiah, He is doing it not for us, but for His Word, for His glory, because when we see all the corruption, we will be so ashamed. God said if we would turn, he would heal us. Hang on to that. He loves us, we are His, He died for us. Keep crying out to Him, don’t stop, believe in His mercy and forgiveness, because we need Him desperately; it is time indeed to be deadly serious and hang on tight to Him, and fight with Him to save His beloved America.

    • Barbi

      And Amen to this too!

    • Annette

      Amen From….. Amen.
      God is listening to the prayers of his remnant.
      There is a great harvest of souls yet to come in.
      God is not thru with America yet.

      • fromanislandinnewhampshire

        Thanks, Annette. God doesn’t want to condemn us,, He wants to save us.

      • Clark

        The Harvest is the end of the age.



  5. glenleatrophiesandengravers

    Anyone ever thought of invading the democratic house , and bringing /leading these devils to Christ ??
    These Devils that promote baby murder, that legalise Gay marriage and push for LGBTQ and whatever +++ rights ??
    Invade THEIR space with the Gospel and corner them with an opportunity to experience THE FIRE of God.
    Oh and just for the record Biden inspires me about as much as when I stand in my dogs excrement bare feet.

  6. David Larson

    Mario, This was received recently… it bears checking.
    AT&T got a contract to do forensic audit on Dominion voting machines and those machines were being moved to Nashville this past week.
    The former owner of the AT&T building in Nashville, William Kennard, is a board member for Cerberus Capital Management and AT&T…. He also was Bill Clinton’s FCC chair, and Obama’s Ambassador to the EU.
    Dominion voting is owned by Cerberus Capital Management…. Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs. Joe Biden’s Brother in Law, Steven Owens, is the cofounder of Staple Street Execs along with William Kennard (mentioned above).
    Super Computer in TN was connected to the AT&T internet in NASHVILLE…. yesterday evening the Cumberland river cooling system was compromised due to internet outage and Supercomputer fried…..
    If you don’t know, “Kraken” is a reference to a supercomputer former prosecutor, Sidney Powell, has been talking about.
    So, the explosion “just happened” to be at the AT&T location where they “just so happen” to control the cooling system for the super computer and house the dominion voting machines and drives for forensic audit…
    Does it make sense now why no lives were lost? Does it make sense now why the FBI task lead couldn’t even put together a coherent sentence in the press conference yesterday? Does it make sense why the mayor was making light of the situation, almost laughing yesterday? This certainly isn’t funny…

    • Kim

      So true David! We stand, pray and show up in DC 1/6/21

    • Liz

      So Thankful to you Mario, depend a lot on your messages of faith. I’m new to the word of God and find myself loosing hope, don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m not a good fact checker, where does one go to see if something is true, it’s all manipulated. I guess, we just sit and wait with faith…to see God’s answer in living color. I pray that we can see justice being served in our lifetime!

  7. John R.

    God bless you Mario for not giving up.
    We are fighting for the soul of America and our freedom. Victory is close — that I am certain.

  8. Steve Terry

    “I am still clinging tightly to a miracle”…..I also, with, (hopefully),millions of others, am “clinging”….Thanks Mario to you and ALL who likewise “cling(ing)”.
    Sent from my iPhone

  9. bernidynet

    Hi Mario,
    You great man of God! I sent you evidence that the truth was coming out 24 hours ago. I have just read your latest article where you ‘honestly’ comment on Joe Biden’s charism. The Democrats chose Joe because he has virtually nothing to offer. They told him to hide away in his cellar to concentrate on the second debate because they know how useless he is. Sleepy Joe has an IQ of about 115 and sinking. Obama, the central controller, knows that he can manipulate Biden to do whatever he pleases. Obama is one of the most cunning sycophants that I have seen. And he is intelligent, probably around the 145 mark. So, I rate him as very intelligent but not brilliant, what he would like to be known as.
    Nevertheless, he has a cunning that feigns charism, much like Satan. Thus, he is granted a Nobel Peace Prize without doing anything to warrant it. This devilish charism has worked its way on the Billy Goat, Bill Gates, with whom he has become best friends – the Goat has loads of moola, and Obama loves moola and what he can do with it. And the Goat is so easily manipulated that it is sickening to behold! Obama craves power and what he can do with it.
    God sees what he is and will bring him down. Other snakes in the grass will also be brought down, not just Democrats but the Republicans who stabbed Trump in the back. And He will do it devastatingly! It will then be up to Chief Justice John Roberts to repeal Roe v Wade, which must be done before 1/22/2023 when the year of Jubilee will have finished.
    Roe v Wade was built on a lie, so it is a slur on all Americans that it is still in force. Norma McCorvey asserted that she had been raped when she had not. She later supposedly joined the pro-life side; however, that was also a scam. Abortion, controlled by Satan, is constructed upon lies built on lies. Anyone, man or woman, who can watch The Silent Scream and not be deeply moved by it, has forfeited their heart to Satan.
    I wrote to Chief Justice John Roberts, a little over two weeks ago, and I will do so again when this election farce has been sorted.
    May God continue to bless you, Mario, as you continue to serve Him.
    Leonard Carroll

  10. Kim

    My church refuses to deal with this topic, because they don’t address anything that could create conflict. I can’t go anymore. I am not inclined to think there are churches in my area ( I am in CT) that will speak openly about what’s happening and actually take a stand.

    • Liz

      Any church that refuses to face the reality of our times , is only perpetuating the lie, for fear of loosing their members. I use to belong to a church like that and stopped going. If you look hard enough, you will find one, God will lead you to the right one, trust me!

    • kingskid48

      I’m on the opposite side of the US, and I could tell the identical story about my now former church. There is no way they are going to fight now, when they refused to even mention the election before Nov. 3rd and continued on with church as usual like it wasn’t even happening. Any warriors that were in that church must have surely either left, or given up, by now. I wish I was wrong, and if I find out they have changed by into the fighters they used to be, I will rejoice.

    • Leslie

      Just want you to know , that you aren’t alone. I’m struggling with this same issue. Our pastor doesn’t mention any topic, even remotely related to the war, which is being waged in our nation or the stolen election.

    • Gunnar

      Kim: House2House movement. All my friends exited institutionalized false church 501c3 Corpse as fed-up with the lies, cover-up abuse of money, power, control with no accountability but building their demonations (not miss-spelled) Business and Real Estate Empire. We all wanted our money to truly living James 1:27; Matthew 25:31-end and Great Commission and living in TRUTH. Former House Pastor told me about the movement believe talked about in Pagan Christianity (green cover, not red) by Frank Viola and Gene Edwards write or talk about. Problem is you have to make sure evil self-serving “diabolical narcissism” false role model of what we think is the Church your not under their false Business or under a luciferian satanic regime as many Pastors are part of NWO, very sorry to say! People are the church, not the buildings, you can’t save the building as it’s an entity; Jesus didn’t make anyone a member of a church. My former Pastor and Leaders/Board NEVER took a salary, they served the people.

  11. n9nwo

    this is the great question. Does Biden inspire you? Or where you only voting against Trump? What will you do when Kamala Harris takes over the presidency?

    • NickT

      Not gonna happen

    • Clark

      n9nwo…what exactly is your driving issue? It’s definitely a bloody issue.

  12. Bob Helms

    We remember that God is sifting out wheat from “weeds” Each Christian will be one or the other. All you said is truth,,,however, we are responsible for our stand at this time,,,,God will judge each, and I think it may surprise more of us.
    > WordPress.com

  13. susan

    Hi Mario,I just wanted to send a note to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. I can say I am in agreement with you about Joe Biden. While I was living in Delaware, he was the speaker at my middle daughters graduation in 2001. He droned on and on about how this class needed to become world citizens and have global mind set. He nauseated me then, and he still does today. Interestingly enough, it was also during this time frame when I was introduced to your ministry via Christian television. I listened to your program every week until it was not longer available.God bless you in all that you do,Susan

  14. Sandra Calhoun

    Right on! And meant to comment on pastors, etc supporting Biden. Just because they have a certificate to preach or is a pastor does not make them a christian! I had a pastor sociology professor that stated some go into that Profession for power and influence and even money! So this is where we need discernment! You should not have to say you are a christian! Your life should say it!  We know the true christian by their speech and whom they support! Do not give up hope, GOD will come through for HIS own and prove who are HIS and who are not!!!!  And not all Republicans are christians not even sure my Governor is! Did not want to vote for him but had no other choice!  We need a house cleaning in our governmental offices! He was not a good secretary of state! So many sell out for a few dollars but my Father owns it all!!!!!!
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  15. Laurie Pierce

    Mario, again God Bless, every morning brings new hope to me when I read your blog. Can you please post on Parler, there are good folks out there that need to hear, your words from God. Thank you!

  16. Wordforworld

    Mario, this morning in my prayer time, the LORD had me contemplate all the times I have heard Christians speaking of the sin of Adam & Eve.
    Usually, those Christians would say , “if I was in the Garden I would’ve done this, or that; or I never would’ve fallen for that lie, or as soon as I see Adam in heaven I’m gonna belt him one, or I would’ve said this, etc”.
    The LORD’s response to those Christians?

  17. bdk11

    Judgement as the Apostle Peter says, starts with the house of God. Perhaps He is cleaning His house now of the woke pastors, the false prophets and a church, so Laodicean like that the church today thinks it’s rich but spiritually it is poor. If we read the Word and not just take scriptures out of context, Jesus tells us in the last days that lawlessness would increase and love would grow cold. Really for the most part, the church has taught about only one side…..how can we get blessed even more. We have been blessed so much but have we forgot to thank Him? Maybe the Lord is reminding us too. Have we become complacent? Do we still look to share the gospel or are we so caught up in our own world, we have forgotten what are focus should be. Seriously going to Congress and forcing God on them, no one can believe unless God through His Holy Spirit enables them to believe. We all who still believe in truth and righteousness should search our own hearts and ask when was the last time I shared the gospel with someone I didn’t know. Pray and ask the Lord to lead you to those whose hearts He has already prepared to hear the Word. The Word tells us we would have these trials, the world hated Jesus, if we are not like the world, they will and should hate us too. Have we repented and are we pursuing His Kingdom that Jesus preached about in the scriptures? God’s Kingdom is our only hope. We have been complacent and flippant about sin, but God is Holy and He will not tolerate it for ever.
    Mr. Trump said they don’t just hate him, but they hate us. He was partially correct, the left’s real enemy is that they hate God. They want to be their own God and make their own perverse laws to cover their own transgressions.
    We must humble ourselves and seek his mercy. Narrow the gate leading to eternal life and broad and spacious the road leading to destruction. If this test we are going through doesn’t wake us up, then perhaps only the great tribulation that will soon be coming upon us will put the fear of God in us and turn us back to our Lord Jesus.

  18. Roger Culwell

    Amen sir they left us a long time ago, obama and other set judges and others in place to set this whole take over up, and in motion after God spoiling there cheating plans in 16, they were not going to take another chance but force a take over, they are Communist formerly known as the Dem party, they left this Nation and what we stand for as well as God, and set up statues of satan and baal, in the cities where most of the evil is going on, they offer their children to Molech, they mutilate and castrate their teens,[the worst kind of child abuse] leave the elderly to die neglected and alone in nursing home’s where Christians and family can’t go see them or witness to them, they want the Church closed down, they are removing all truth from the internet and leaving only their lie’s, taking away our freedom of speech, and ability to find the truth, soon there will be nothing but there lies on here, I put up a couple video’s I was sent making lik=ght of mask and you tube took them down, when its been proven the mask destroy your immune system, but it exposes all their lie’s, and they are going to try and force us to believe their lies, so they are Communist trying to tell us we can only believe what they say, not the bible or anything just what they say is truth, which if they say it, you can bet it’s lies, and brainwashing, as BG did to the children with common core, they are the mad want to be scientist of mad magazine today who want to take over the world, Big Tech, rich brats, of silicon valley, and news media, and social media, who are controlled by Jezebel spirits and want full control of America, who China has bought out and taken control of, and we must stand and fight, Repent and turn to God and get the filled with the Holy Spirit and fire, and let him speak through us, for only he can stop these devils, the Church has become to civil, no fight any more, they don’t want to offend, well Jesus offended and they wanted to stone him, and its about time we offended some big tech, politicians, news media, social media and deep state communist and Church people, and stand up for God and this Nation and the Church, these people have no right to call an election, and not even count our votes, its fraud all the way, they called some states at 2% of the votes in, hogwash, it was a dictator ship rigged election, and we can’t stand for it, we were given power and authority here over the devil and his bunch, and we better get right with God and use it, their are way more of us than them, they just have the networks and news media, but we have them out numbered, and we better shout, don’t give any more money to Rep. until they back Mr. Trump and turn this around, in anything else if your caught cheating its automatic forfeit why is this even happening for they have been caught big time red handed, with hand in the cookie jar, and we need to cut it off, and try some for high Treason, we have been way to easy on Traitors and now they think they are above the law, and we need to show them no body is above the law, we are just paving the way for lawlessness, as in the days of Noah, time we let God arise and his enemies be scattered.

  19. Mary

    I thank God for you Mario and for your wife each and every day. Please keep your blogs going. I rely on them for strength and of course my Lord and the word of God. If you ever get banned I hear you can go on PARLER WITHOUT WORRY OF BEING BANNED. God Bless you and family and Happy New Year!

  20. kingskid48

    Yesterday, I posted the link to a video by WorldViewWeekend about the Secular Democrats who are actively planning and working to bring persecution upon Christians, especially Conservative Christians, in America. A few minutes ago, Newsmax reported that there is more talk about making the vaccine mandatory. I think we all know where that is headed.
    One of these days, the Body of Christ is going to have to stop sneering at those Christians who talk about End Times, and admit that we are advancing toward it like a huge snowball, rolling downhill.
    Years ago, there was a Bible Prophecy program with the LaLonde brothers called, This Week In Bible Prophecy. At that time, they wanted people to send in any newspaper articles they found that pertained to the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy and End Times. Usually, we could find an article, maybe two. Now, we’d have to send the entire newspaper and dozens of internet links.
    I feel that America’s on the brink. We could go either way on January 6. Will Pence stand strong and do the right thing? Is he truly as devoted to Trump as he seems, or has he been influenced by the Deep State Rino republicans, who are more terrified of possible riots than they are of losing America to the corrupt democrats and their terrifying agenda?
    I believe there are enough praying Christians in many areas who can save America. I have been kind of shocked lately to hear well-known people professing their faith on national television.
    The weak-kneed and lukewarm, ‘christians”, will be there till the end. We know that, Jesus tells us their fate in the Book of Revelation.
    I can tell Mario’s followers here are committed and ready to count the cost.

      • Rose Rhodes

        I’m from Indiana. Do not trust Pence to do the right thing

    • prayinginok

      Peter and Paul LaLonde! Boy is that a blast from the past! LOL! I loved watching their show. Thankfully we can depend on God! That’s all that really matters. 🙂

  21. Joe Kunze

    Good morning Following your example, I sent emails to US senators & representatives as well as state representatives of AZ, & left a voice message with clerk of US Supreme Court. Other people in our little prayer group are doing the same. Thank you for your obedience.
    On Mon, Dec 28, 2020, 12:33 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Take a look at him—Joe Biden. Then I want > to turn around, with everything within me, and look the most ardent > Biden-supporter in the eye and demand an honest answer to these questions: > Does he inspire you? Do you see him as a great leader? Does Joe Biden” >

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      I called everybody on the list this morning. Never talked to so many political people in my life.

  22. yesua7

    standing with you bro

  23. ali

    Mario; this post is one of the most critically important to date. It attacks the issue head-on, bringing to our attention God’ desire to work on our behalf; showing us that we too have a part to play in the birth of the miracle. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD and do our part to usher in God’ glory over this nation. Let God arise, HIS enemies be scattered. LORD bless. aw/tx

  24. NewHeavenOnEarth

    I found it was truly telling that on Christmas Day there were messages posted on people.com from the queen, obama, clinton and biden but not from our President Trump. All the mainstream media outlets are a part of this dark agenda. But God! God our Father is where our Help comes from and I know there are enough righteous men in America for her to be saved. We ask our God and Father to expose the corruption, fraud, stealing, killing and destroying going on to try and cover their heinous acts of treason and tyranny and political theater, lies, manipulation, deception, and control by fear, intimidation, and threats; maybe this explains Mitch’s severely bruised mouth and hand a while ago? Father God, help us, help America to be godly again, the only way she can be great again; we ask for righteous leaders who know God and his Christ; we ask for all corrupt, compromised politicians, religious figures, scientists, tech and pharma to be exposed. We bind corruption, fraud, stealing, killing and destroying in Jesus’ Mighty Matchless Name and Blood. We loose the Way, Truth, Life, and Righteousness of God and Christ Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords over America and raise the standard of Righteousness over the earth. “Righteousness exalts a nation” Proverbs 14:34

    • penwright1029

      I saw the video of President Trump’s address to the country. It was heartfelt and honoring us as citizens. He also spoke about God and Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Last I knew, it is on youtube.

  25. Rebecca Callahan

    we are sojourners passing through to a heavenly Jerusalem….think on things above not below…

  26. Susan

    Although it has only been 8 weeks – now we know – a tiny bit – what it’s like to fight in a womb for life.
    May God have mercy on us and remove the surgeon of death from the USA.
    In 2021 May it be a year for the unborn. May it be a year of life for the believer as well as the unbeliever.
    In Jesus Name. Amen

  27. David Enns

    My name is David Enns, I am a Canadian, my wife is American-Canadian, we live in British Columbia, we follow the events in the U.S. closely for what happens in the U.S. affects Canada as well, the entire world. As I read your blog, and prayed about it, this prayer came into my spirit, (Spirit-led) My prayer, O God, creator of all things, make your name great again in the country of the United States and Canada, so the world will know you are God , you alone, so for your names sake,bring about justice and righteousness in this land , so all will know that it is by the hand of the Lord this has been done.(Isaiah 41:20). For we pray as Moses prayed, “if your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here, for how shall it be known that I (we) have found favour in your sight, I and your people?. Is it not with your going with us, so that we are distinct? (Ex. 33:15-16,ESV)
    Thank you for standing strong in your faith and proclaiming His word. David & Jeralyn Enns davenns@gmail.com
    On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 11:24 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Take a look at him—Joe Biden. Then I want > to turn around, with everything within me, and look the most ardent > Biden-supporter in the eye and demand an honest answer to these questions: > Does he inspire you? Do you see him as a great leader? Does Joe Biden” >

    • Lisa

      Amen!! ?

  28. mooksie40

    I am still holding out hope that the election will be reversed as the fraud it was and that Congress will not certify Biden as president on January 6, 2021. There have been so many set-backs, but God is a miracle working God.

    • Lisa

      Yes and Amen!! ?&?

  29. Libby Carter

    Brilliant! Well done, Mario. Keep it up and we will keep praying fir America.
    Sydney, Australia

    Sent from my iPhone

  30. Judy

    I just sent an email to Mitch McConnell as the speaker of the house even though I am not from his state. I am challenging him to become a man of courage and look into election fraud. I think that if everyone concerned sent emails to their republican lawmakers challenging them to stand up and be courageous it may make a difference. I chose Mitch McConnell as I come from a state that has no republican lawmakers except one in the federal government and he leans very left.
    I am praying daily for President Trump to not lose his momentum and that God will triumph in such a way that there is not doubt it is from God and it is a miracle.

  31. GodIsWithUs!

    I feel like everyone’s completely bewitched and under a spell, including so many Christians. Just docily going along with the fake narrative, whether it’s about the pandemic or this election fraud.
    Who of us would allow thieves to walk in the front door of our home and walk out with our possessions – or our children! – and just sit on our couch, frozen, not resisting them at all??!! Or say, “Well, let’s just pray about it”? That’s exactly what this is, the devil who’s a thief and the Father of Lies, is attempting to hijack everything in broad daylight! And we’re letting him???!!
    Everyone I know, strong believers, too, just don’t want to talk about any of this. “Let’s just pray about it.”
    The absence of outrage – and action – makes me speechless.
    Thank God for people like Mario Murillo who are like prophetic trumpets awakening the dead – or at least the very hard of hearing.
    I STILL BELIEVE we are going to see God do something that will blow our minds – for His Name’s sake. The MERCY of God!!!!

  32. GodIsWithUs!

    And 100%, I believe that President Trump will be president for the next four years, and not Joe Biden. I will not be moved.

  33. NickT

    Amen, I still believe a miracle is coming from God. Not giving up on it either!

  34. Sam

    A couple of great articles (one in this post, and one in the next):
    “I must say that anyone who, knowing the above, claims that Joe Biden has received required majorities of legitimate votes to become a duly elected president is either stupid or willing to cover up the truth about the rigged elections that we have allowed to continue in America. . . .
    “Why would we, without serious and thorough investigation, accept categorical assurances by election fraud–deniers despite mounting evidence that organized election fraud took place in 2020 and was widespread, while President Trump’s categorical assurances that he did not collude with Russians were deemed not enough so that all the false allegations against him had to be seriously and thoroughly investigated?”

  35. Sam

    Here’s the second article:
    “Americans paying attention to the 2020 Election must be baffled by our courts. A thousand sworn statements about election wrongdoing, bizarre 4 a.m. ‘vote spikes’ for one candidate, hundreds of thousands of ballots driven from one state to the another, counting machines with 68% error rates, etc., etc. Such claims should at least get a day in court.
    “Yet so far, they can’t get a sniff. With few exceptions, no state or federal court in our country has had the courage to look at the merits of these claims. The most significant challenge to our Constitutional Republic since the first Civil War can’t get a parking ticket. . . .
    “Fortunately, the Supreme Court has the power to avoid such an outcome by protecting election integrity. If it does not and, instead, completes the failure of our political and judicial institutions, history will record that the Supreme Court’s dereliction was a major cause of any conflict that follows. At the moment the People need them most, the Justices are running and hiding. Disgraceful. They must step up to keep the future of our Country safe and whole.”

    • kingskid48

      I completely agree, Sam. Judges at every level have failed us. Massive evidence of blatant fraud is all over the place, and not one judge will look at it. So-called, “republicans”, capitulate to the democrats left and right, telling Trump, and us, to just, “move on”. Even the anchor on Newsmax indicated he agreed with the headlines in the NYPost, which told Trump it’s time to “Stop the Insanity” and just drop it. If I wasn’t living through this nightmare, I wouldn’t have believed this is possible.
      What planet do these people live on? Just what kind of country do they think we will have in four years, after Biden/Harris, and the globalists pushing and controlling them, finish destroying it? Even if by some miracle, America did survive four years of these insane marxists, what good would it do for us to vote in 2024? If the madness that is/was the 2020 election is allowed to stand, just how do these weak-kneed “republicans”, and people we thought had integrity and a spine, think we are supposed to have a free and honest election four years from now? If they got 5% of republicans to vote in 2024, it would be a miracle. Why would we bother?
      BTW, word to Newsmax-if I want to hear news anchors advise President Trump, and us, to just accept this fraudulent election and two lying political puppets to take over the government, I will go back to Fox. You should know better.
      Kamala is as nuts as Biden. They have both lied so much, they are beginning to be scary-they lie when the truth would work better. Cackling Kamala tells us she remembers all the details of celebrating Kwanza, a generational tradition of her family’s, …it was invented in 1966. She was two years old. She and Biden are trying to out-lie each other, I guess. It is bizarre. And they dare to call Trump a liar?
      If this is what any decent person wants for leadership in America, may God have mercy on them, and on us.

      • Sam

        Yes, kingskid48, sadly, Newsmax is no longer trustworthy. I believe that the Epoch Times still is, though. And plenty of other conservative sites.
        It is indeed complete insanity that we’re witnessing. Thankfully, none of this evil surprises God in the least, and He’s more than big enough to handle this and make a way through for His people.
        I tell ya—if any Christians out there don’t believe that we’re living in the last times, then I have a national park to sell them!! 😉

      • GodIsWithUs!

        So true, to all you said!

      • Sam

        Oh, thought of something else—Jesus told us to be as wise as SERPENTS (not doves). All these people who tell us to just give up and move on meet all the criteria for the term “useful idiot,” which is defined as follows: “a naive or credulous person who can be manipulated or exploited to advance a cause or political agenda.”
        Satan wants us all to become useful idiots. But he’s terrified by those of us who trust God and refuse to toe the line. And thanks to God’s grace, we *can* be as wise as serpents by learning to put on the full armor of God.

      • junglequeen

        I totally agree with this. I cannot believe what is going on – mainstream media, well, yes – they can and do have agendas (though they most definitely should not). But to see courts and justices of the land – and even the Supreme Court, failing to take a stand and apply the law and the Constitution is appalling beyond belief. I spent 20 years qualifying and practicing law (not in USA) , and it’s true, everything was not perfect. But lawyers and courts still had ideals and standards to work to.
        What is going on right now in your US judicial system beggars belief. Forgive me – I am not being ‘critical’ – just saying it as I see it. The American public has been severely let down under pre-Trump administrations. The whole setup in your courts and the Deep State bureaucracy needs razing to the ground and given a complete makeover. Only God can do that.

        • Roger Culwell

          Obama set most of these judges in place for this very time right now to do what they did, high treason committed by many, Dems and Rep. they sold this country out, these people were placed in order to do what they did and Obama had the biggest hand in placing them, but this is a plan that goes way back.

  36. EDDIEG

    Mario here is GODS final word    https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR066maBTQTxxn-7ovLW0BvC9sQScN6evt98u3H0ljIBdwja-pRVzprwnSk&v=NE4M9lXEgHg&feature=youtu.be

    • Sam

      Watched this—thanks for posting it, EDDIEG!

    • Lisa

      Very good video!! Thank you for sharing it. I believe not just because I want things to turn back around which I do but because I truly believe God is going to act and make it known that He is the One Who did it!! ? Following in quotes is a text I sent a friend on Friday November 13th. I just reread some of our texts today and they encouraged me. God has given me a few things in helping me to continue on believing, interceding in prayer, keeping the faith (even if at times it has only been a mustard seed of faith), etc.
      “Hi. I really believe Trump is going to remain President!! ? On my drive back from work the Holy Spirit told me that He God has the last WORD!! ?”

    • junglequeen

      Thank you for this video – very much appreciated!

    • junglequeen

      Roger, you confirm what I suspected. I only trust the Father’s righteous right hand is not too short to save, and that His judgment is indeed ripe for vengeance upon those who would destroy righteousness in this world.

  37. greatgrandmaw

    Does anyone remember exactly what the Spirit spoke to Mario about the election?
    Something about a big surprise?

    • Lisa

      I included the caption which shows the date of 11/4 so you can look up the complete blog. I reread it and it is very good!! Also included the first paragraph.
      Posted on November 4, 2020 by mariomurilloministries
      On election day morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Something you are not expecting is going to happen tonight. But do not fear, because God has a surprise for all of you.”

  38. Ana-Elena Jensen, PhD

    One of the most discouraging part of this whole mess is the lack of support from the pulpit. Instead the message is “move on” God is not a Democrat or Republican. Forget the prophets. To that I say, nevermind God’s politics or the prophets, sir, the sin of TREASON has been committed and you have chosen to ignore it. The stentch takes our breath away.
    Knowing there can be repentance, I pray the mercies of God will open their eyes. I continue to pray with the intecessors that God’s goal for the United States from it’s inception is to go into the world and preach the Gospel. And that includes making Disciples; not pew warmers waiting for Jesus to take us away. May the church of Acts arise again. But that can only happen when we can count on fair and free elections without compromise or collusion.

  39. Margaret Michel

    THE CHURCH MUST COME OUT OF THE 501C3 and free itself from the influence from any opposition of government. amen?

  40. Lisa

    One more thing… It was interesting when I saw your post with your question about the “big surprise” as I was wondering the same thing recently. Think God was wanting to have us recall this to encourage us which it did me. 🙂

  41. Annette

    In reply to Clark
    There is a harvest that will come in NOW as well as at the end of the age. That is why God is giving
    us more time now. It may be the last one BEFORE tribulation. And we are grateful and thankful for this reprieve and revival.

  42. Lisa

    Some of my reading for today. ?
    Psalms 64
    PSALM 64
    Prayer for Deliverance from Secret Enemies.
    For the choir director. A Psalm of David.
    Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint;
    Preserve my life from dread of the enemy.
    Hide me from the secret counsel of evildoers,
    From the tumult of those who do iniquity,
    Who have sharpened their tongue like a sword.
    They aimed bitter speech as their arrow,
    To shoot from concealment at the blameless;
    Suddenly they shoot at him, and do not fear.
    They hold fast to themselves an evil purpose;
    They talk of laying snares secretly;
    They say, “Who can see them?”
    They devise injustices, saying,
    “We are ready with a well-conceived plot”;
    For the inward thought and the heart of a man are deep.
    But God will shoot at them with an arrow;
    Suddenly they will be wounded.
    So they will make him stumble;
    Their own tongue is against them;
    All who see them will shake the head.
    Then all men will fear,
    And they will declare the work of God,
    And will consider what He has done.
    The righteous man will be glad in the Lord and will take refuge in Him;
    And all the upright in heart will glory.

  43. Deborah Rich

    I’d really love to print your articles! However, they are not printer-friendly. They have too many pictures which use up too much ink and paper. Please make a printer friendly version using just the text. Thank you!

  44. SMZ

    I will be in a state of shock if President Trump doesn’t take the oath of office on January 20, 2021.
    We’re in the final push, Warriors, keep praying what you hear in your pray rooms. Don’t share unless your told to. The next battle will be the attack from the mobs.

  45. Wanda Carpenter

    Amen. Every word you have written is truth and the patriots of this nation must act. Thank you for speaking plain.

  46. kathleen roth

    WE stand we pray and rejoice that God is with us and for us



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