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If you knew the fate of generations of Americans would be decided in 7 days, or less, what would you do? What “important” things would you put aside, in order for you to do your duty? If you knew with absolute certainty that a new Declaration of Independence was only 168 hours away, what would you tell America?

Well, it is true. The next 7 days will change America forever. Yes, prayer is vital. We must pray. But we cannot stop there.

Yes, we must believe God’s true prophets and their prophecies—but we must do more. A lot more.

This is no time for harmless worship gatherings that skirt the issue and do not sound the trumpet for action! We need to shake off falsehood!

The coalition of Marxist Socialists on the Left has learned to how to be rude. We must learn to be forceful. The Left has learned to lie, and lie loudly. We must tell the truth forcefully. The Left has cheated and flouted the law. We must vigorously enforce the law. The Left has stolen the national microphone. Let’s drown it out, with the roar of heaven!

Satan has seduced leaders in our ranks who say we ‘look unloving’ when we oppose evil. They discourage the kind of action this moment demands. But what can be more loving than to save our freedoms for our children? What can be more loving that to expose the corruption and lies of the Left?

We have been too polite when dealing with false Republicans. We have been too patient toward cowardly Christian leaders. Do not wait for them to come to their senses. If you do, it will be too late.

This is the one and only week in the life of the over 80 million people who had their votes stolen, and overruled, to make some serious noise.

Sidney Powell talked about releasing the Kraken. If there is a Kraken in this situation, it is you! God wants the millions of disenfranchised Americans to cause a national concussion. We must take our stand, and let them know we won’t take it and we will neither back down, back away, tone it down or relent, until justice flows like a mighty river, washing our nation clean again.

We must have a victory from God. And, know this, that God will answer in such a way that there will not be a shred of equivocation or ambiguity that remains. None of the guilty parties will be able to deny their guilt, nor will they be able to deny that God has done it! But all of God’s promises are conditional. Such as, ‘I will heal your land, IF you pray, repent, and turn.’ We are required to do our part.

In order for the power of God in us to strike fear into demons and into men who have cooperated with devils, the American Church must reach a condition I call conation.

Conation is one of the rarest words in the English language. Here is the long definition:  Conation (koh- NAY-shun) n.  Conation is the area of one’s active mentality that has to do with desire, volition, and striving.  The related word, ‘conatus’ (koh-NAY-tus) is the resulting effort or striving itself or the natural tendency or force in ones’ mental makeup that produces an effort.  Conative (KOHN-uh-tiv) is the term in psychology that describes anything relating to conation.  All these words come from the Latin conatus, past participle of the verb conari, to try). Conation differs from ‘velleity’ (the wish without the effort).

In simple terms here’s what this condition is: conation is the will to conquer, the unstoppable quest for victory, the attitude that “to stop me, you’ll have to kill me,” that elusive “fire in the belly” that manifests itself in drive, enthusiasm, excitement, and single-mindedness in pursuit of a goal—any goal.  I know some vessels of God who just can’t be stopped, regardless of the odds or the obstacles. This is their moment!

All consistently victorious people have conation.  Many well-educated, intelligent, endearing and presentable people don’t have it. They seem wonderful, but at this hour, they can help kill our country.

Christians must reach conation this week. Conation is described in these verses: “Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. And let it be, when these signs come to you, that you do as the occasion demands; for God is with you” (1 Samuel 10:6-7).


Do not think that reading the news is what will win this battle or keep America free. You must act – here is something you can do now from your home. And it is very easy, and costs nothing.

This is a message to those who support Mario Murillo’s message to America.


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  1. Alyce

    WOW!!…my best response to this is POWERFUL!! What a POWERFUL TRUTH!!
    I determine to call our AG in California, and Gov. Newsom!! And tell whoever I can find not hiding behind locked doors from Newsoms latest stay home order… !!!!
    Thank you Mario!!!?????????????????????❤️❤️❤️

    • Carrie Schauf

      Agree!!! Call your AG now! The time is urgent and critical. Thanks Mario for the charge!!!❤️??

    • Kevan

      Yesterday I wrote to both of my Texas Senators and Congressman Michael Burgess pleading with them to contact the governors of every state and appropriate legislators to ask them to join in a national voice of outrage for the results of the 2020 election.
      I also asked them to make an appearance on NEWSMAX TV and let those viewers know what they are doing or have done to get this terrible wrong investigated.

  2. Alice Prewett

    Mario! California is missing from the list of AG, and Gov to call…
    Sent from my iPad

  3. Susan

    Thank you for the lesson on Conation. Such clarity. Amen!
    God Bless you MMM

  4. junglequeen

    Absolutely, Mario – a resounding call to action! The squeaky wheel gets the oil…
    I can’t do much from the South Pacific but I have re-blogged this. Right behind you guys -all the ‘officials’ are sitting there hoping if they hide their heads in the sand the problem will go away – all scared witless for their jobs, their wealth and their positions of power. With the Texas SCOTUS action gathering momentum and Zukerberg finding himself in antitrust strife, the walls of Jericho are beginning to crumble. Strike while the iron’s hot!! Shake the bars of their cages and rattle them to death! They need to learn that God and His army mean BUSINESS!

  5. Joy Compton

    Gosh this makes me wish I lived in US and had a governor and an AG to phone. But I have the King of Kings here in U.K. and have access 24/7. My conatus and that of MANY Brits is definitely forcefully focused on the salvation of America, for Jesus’ sake, for your future’ sake for the world’s sake. We believe the prophets and receive in our spirits that God is ready to stun the world with a move of justice righteousness and mercy. Praise His wonderful Name. Thank God for you Mario, for your passion and unfailing alignment with Him and His Truth.

    • junglequeen

      Well said, Joy!

      • Linda Gore

        I live in GA. What has happened makes me so sad. What can I do since my state is o e being sued by Texas?

  6. RS

    Good message, as usual!
    I find it ironic however, that we hear a lot about 2 Chronicles 7:14, but not much about the rest of the chapter. Starting in verse 13, it says, “When I close up the sky so that it doesn’t rain, or command the locusts to devour the land vegetation, or send a plague among my people, if my people, who belong to me, humble themselves, pray, seek to please me, and repudiate their sinful practices, then I will respond from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” Then you go down to verse 19, and it says, “but if you people ever turn away from me, fail to obey the regulations and rules I instructed you to keep, and decide to serve and worship other gods, then I will remove you from my land I have given you, I will abandon this temple I have consecrated with my presence, and I will make you an object of mockery and ridicule among all the nations.” As I read this, WE are the temple of the Holy Spirit now, not a building. If you keep reading to the end of the chapter, it goes on to say, “Why did the Lord do this to this land and this temple?”… “Because they abandoned the Lord God of their ancestors, who led them out of Egypt. They embraced other gods whom they worshiped and served. That is why he brought all this disaster down on them.”
    The first step God calls us to take is to humble ourselves before him! Many of His people have done this already, and continue to walk in a repentant attitude (or humility), but many have not come to this awareness of the Holiness He expects us to walk in! He said, “Be ye Holy, as I AM Holy”. He is coming back for a Bride without spot or wrinkle. I am praying that the fear of the Lord would blanket the earth and bring us to that place of awe and reverence for the Lord God Jehovah – our Creator, that He deserves! I pray for revival, but also, a holiness movement! ?? Thank You, Abba, for You are our Healer and our Hope!! ??????

    • Stacy


    • junglequeen

      Linda – “Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. ” (Exodus 14:13) This is the Lord’s battle, and He will bring justice for ALL. Check out this video: – Hank Kunneman explains the process.

  7. smuzick

    Mario, I knew God would redeem this mess of an election. I will admit there were times I felt like it really was going to be a tough battle. But, when I woke up and saw Texas had filed this lawsuit I felt the hand of God was behind this. Then as the week progressed the number of other states joining this lawsuit further increased my belief this was God at work. God never makes it easy on us. He allows us to go right to the edge and then so that you know it was God who did it, he shows up. And boy did he ever show up. After this is all over with there will be much joy in our country again because our confidence in our constitution and what we believe in will once again be restored. This is major. Everyone at my work knows I have been supporting Trump no matter what. And it has not been easy. But, I have stayed strong because I knew God would show up. And your great blog helped lead me through this. What a great country we live in. God bless America.

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      Thank you, junglequeen. Our case ought to be ironclad, according to the Constitution. The states’ justices? They are going to have to go.

  8. bdk11

    I live in Texas and I am proud that we and now 17 other states have filed this lawsuit on the fraudulent elections in these states that are pro-wicked, corrupt, godless left. I am very disappointed in our not so conservative judges in The US Supreme Court, who rejected already the Trump suit in Pennsylvania within minutes. They are afraid of the left too. We must voice ourselves, pray and stand for truth. The only way to victory of truth vs falsehood is IF God directly steps in just as He did back in Israel, sometimes not using the outmanned army of Israel, miraculously bringing them to victory. That is our hope, however we don’t know His Will in this matter.
    I would also mail the Trump, team expressing our appreciation for his never quit attitude. He needs encouragement as the whole world is against him….the powers in charge.
    I am in agreement with you Mario on every fact except on these prophets, they all prophecy the same thing, and many of the same prophecies and declared one thing or another that “God told” about the virus. These proved to be false prophecies, why would we continue to still adhere to what they are saying. There were many prophets saying the opposite of Jeremiah. Who was right….Jeremiah.
    Thank you too the other day on your encouragement about our children that are currently blinded by the enemy.
    Repent for the Kingdom of God !!! Come Lord Jesus.

      • mamahaskins

        Thank you revelation 4me … I would not have known how to send an email had you not linked it here. I just send President Trump my email and included this verse “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him so I am helped” Psalm 28:7. Also wrote him a letter about a month ago. Thank you Mario for your ministry, relentless counsel, and wisdom.

      • Jim

        Thank you for the White House info; I just did it and will do it again, as well as forward that to others I know. God bless you!

    • CTM

      I agree with Bdk11
      Fortunately I also live in Texas, as a refugee from the crazy Californians.
      Besides doing everything Mario asked us we should also send our letters of support in appreciation to Trump and Pence
      These men have Conation in abundance, but they need to truly know they have an Army of appreciative warriors behind them

    • Annette

      I believe the reason the SC said no to the PA suit alone is because PA is part of the Texas suit.
      We need to keep fighting, praying and fasting for victory!

  9. CS1

    Amen Brother Mario,
    As you may know, I live in CA. The Governor would laugh at the idea of joining Texas. I have contacted all GOP rep’s and pointed out how many CA Rep’s have been compromised by China:
    Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi Smartphone, Eric Swalwell, and the Governor money deals. All from one party. I have made contact with all, called the office in DC, and CA. Emailed them, Tweet and FB.
    In addition, I too have made contact with all CA GOP reps. and they need to get in this fight NOW! and stop being wimps. They need to be out there on FB, Liberal media and be aggressive in making the points of fraud. The GOP was denied the SCOTUS in PA where Ted Cruz was asked to speak to the SCOTUS why? They waited too long! We are not stupid. The time for Mordecai is now. Those in the government have been elevated like Haman was. Who used their position to oppress people they did not like and make a platform by which they can hang the opposition in the near future.
    To hang the very person who saved the leadership from assassination.
    Did Mordecai compromise his faith and bow to the very elevated person? Mordecai’s actions of exposing the hateful plan became Haman’s blessing? The device that Haman made for Mordecai became Haman’s fate. They will reap what they sow and they need to be told that.

    • Gunnar

      Well, I’m one of those: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER; FIGHT, LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. DON’T SHUT UP, DON’T BE SILENT, BE RELENTLESS AND RUTHLESS as these beyond evil insane satanic communist agenda their plan is to take away ALL your FREEDOM=LIFE and bring about death and destruction. NOT, ON MY WATCH, NOT AT ALL! IF, plan A-M falls through, you have N through Z and if that falls through; “if you’re going through Hell, keep going”, don’t take NO for an answer, EVER; “if i perish, I perish” but like Stephen being stoned to death or Jesus on the Cross, William Wallace of Bravehearts NEVER give up. If, your wading through death, keep going-Psalms 23: (i’m always reminding God of his WORD and who he is, don’t shut up ever on that account). If, your stone-walled there is always a window, or a door, a wall to scale, crack to slip through, if all that fails; ask God what to do and how, order our day and what to be doing!
      Telling a friend the other day, i wanted an Army of Weepers and Warriors, they send me a Video on that message, too great; GOD’S TIMING IS EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! We were ALL born for such a time as this, to do something; NOT just talk, PRAY AND ACTION! If, everyone betrays and abandons you, throws you under the bus, calls you crazy or a nut or tells you to give up=nope. You have God/Jesus/Holy Spirit that audience of 1 and you’re going to see what people are made of and God knows all and sees all, also. “ARE YOU KNOWN IN HELL”? GOD RAISE UP ARMIES OF THOSE. Leonard Ravenhill had a lament throughout his written works, he wanted to know about Paul’s “violent conversion” and has a Chapter in a Book called “ARE YOU KNOWN IN HELL”? Acts 19:11-15. What does God require of us? Acts 5:29.
      God is NOT a wimp, nor was Jesus (example in the Temple with the money-changers) as read ALL their attributes in Bible. Liked the divine appointment, scientist “Jesus was pro-active”. ISAIAH 11:all! (want an army of these also; along with TRUTH and JUSTICE, STANDARD BEARERS)!
      Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.
      Daniel 11:32 And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

      • Gunnar

        P.S. I’m NOT advocating you challenge the host of hell “bring it on”, NOT AT ALL! Know of a church that did that and a lot of people died; John Paul Jackson talked about that in a message/Book called “throwing hatchets at the moon”=haven’t read; all read the Bible. I don’t know what men/women were saying, my friends tried to tell me and cut them off (some, aren’t talking to me); wanted to hear from the God/Jesus/Holy Spirit as was done replace God with Pastors/Priest, Church Buildings etc and being a conference junkie, and replacing God with a type of King Saul.. WE ALL NEED TO HEAR FROM GOD HIMSELF and through his WORD and a life of obedience, prayer and whatever he has called us to. That God did not drop me, Matthew 10:28 is his amazing grace; there is a difference between unholy fear vs. holy fear and remorse vs. REPENTANCE as going to God and learning to die. “Luke: 22:42-Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done”. I want Armies of these, those who are NOT known and will never steal the Glory that belongs to God.
        Also, when Hell opens up, you just remind God of his WORD and keep kicking in the gates of hell; when Fire of Hell surrounds you, you either sing in the Fire and remind God of his WORD and you trust God for the Fourth Man. Or, like Daniel in the Lions Den, you trust God and when Heaven opens up, you say Dad, not yet; I’m still about “my father’s business” and remind God of his WORD; when Hell opens up again and again, you just keep being obedient to what God has called and birthed you for; even if it’s one WORD-REPENT! God is looking for one, be that one. Prayer in the spiritual, is like breathing in the natural, you quit breathing you die, you quit praying the same thing for the Pastor who said “prayer was not important”. The only thing you have between you and the Grave is PRAYER, God and HIS WORD, whatever he’s called you to. Learn from my mistakes which have been many, don’t replace God with a building that you think is the Church, you are the church; or a Pastor/Priest (who might be a type of King Saul etc); OBEY and read your Bible.. Acts 3:6-16 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk; keep reading all of Acts 3.
        Joel 2:17 Let the priests, who minister to the LORD, Weep between the porch and the altar; Let them say, “Spare Your people, O LORD, And do not give Your heritage to reproach, That the nations should rule over them. Why should they say among the peoples, ‘Where is their God?’ ”

  10. revelation4me

    I just learned from Intercessors for America that YouTube has announced that from Dec. 9 it will block and remove content that contains statements “alleging widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of a historical U.S. presidential election.”. That reminds me of Haman’s action in Esther 3:13 “And the letters were sent by posts into all the king’s provinces, to destroy, to kill, and to cause to perish, all Jews, both young and old, little children and women, in one day, even upon the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which is the month Adar, and to take the spoil of them for a prey.” This decree removed the right or ability of the Jews to even fight back. We know this because the amended decree later released by Mordecai (after the death of Haman) allowed the Jews to defend themselves (Esther 8:11).
    Devil can’t stop people from praying, but he wants to cut them off from information and encouragement…and THEN stop them from praying.

    • prayinginok

      I shake my head in disbelief at what has happened to our media. On a positive note, other outlets are rising up and we should support them. I read that on Monday evening, Newsmax beat out Fox News in the 7 p.m. time slot. It’s a start!

    • shirlkc

      I’ve thought about Esther 8:11 where the Jews were permitted to defend themselves. Same thing with the Second Amendment. We have the right to keep and bear arms because we may have to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government.
      Psalm 102:18 (CEB)
      Let this be written down for the next generation so that people not yet created (America?) will praise the Lord . . .
      2 Chronicles 20:17
      The Lord says this to you: ‘Don’t be afraid or discouraged because of this large army. The battle is not your battle. It is God’s . . .
      So we take our places, pray and heed God’s Word. We take action and let our elected “representatives” represent actual American citizens only.

  11. Bonnie Cardiff

    I contacted my governor, AG, and US Senators Tuesday and Wednesday. I did not contact my democratic US Rep. Thankfully I live in Florida and my state joined the Amicus brief with Texas. Thank you for all you do.

  12. revelation4me

    Derek Prince stated in his book, Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting, (pages 61 – 62) that a planned “Second Holocaust” of all the Russian Jews living in post WW2 Russia had been planned by dictator Josef Stalin. Mr. Prince and a few prayer groups of believers learned of the planned genocide and held a special prayer meeting to save the Russian Jews. Two weeks to the day of the prayer meeting…dictator Josef Stalin died unexpectedly of a brain hemorrhage. The planned Holocaust was averted and the course of history was changed!

    • Goldie

      Wow! The power of prayer and fasting! Love these testimonies, and I listen to Derek Prince’s podcasts regularly. Thanks for sharing.

  13. John R.

    Rolling up my sleeves and will call the Governor, SOS and AG here in Florida TODAY!
    Let’s show the far-left that God’s people stand united!
    God bless America!

  14. bdk11

    All 80 million of us who voted for Trump should boycott the fake news, fake social media, fakebook (no typo here) Utube. We have power let’s use it.
    The CEO of Goya brand foods when the left tried to kill their brand, the right stood up and they had 1000% increase in sales….just because he said he loved our President and stood with him. Alway when you want to hurt, follow the money….can we unite in this ?

    • Wordforworld

      BDK— one word

    • prayinginok

      YES! As I mentioned above to Revelation4me, Newsmax beat out Fox News Monday night during the 7 p.m. time slot. It’s a start! Even CNN commented about it and said: “But Fox is accustomed to being No. 1 in the 25-54 demo so losing to Newsmax, even for one hour of one day, is a serious shock.” We need to support the honest news outlets!!!

  15. Lynda Beatty

    Thank you for the numbers to call. I live in Missouri, it seems that the mail boxes are full.? Will continue calling until I reach a live person. Prayers continue!
    Sent from my iPhone

  16. Marrion Hamm

    We will be praying!! From Canada. While evil Is being exposed in the USA it is also being exposed here in Canada! These are critical times and we need to seek God to intervene. Thank you for keeping us updated! ???
    On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 12:26 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS If you knew the fate > of generations of Americans would be decided in 7 days, or less, what would > you do? What “important” things would you put aside, in order for you to do > your duty? If you knew with absolute certainty that a new ” >

  17. rbeaird

    Thank you.
    Get Outlook for Android

  18. Vivian Maroney

    God be with all Americans now in their time of need. I prayer every thing that can be done will be done in Jesus name.

  19. Ava Hall

    Done! As always, thank you and Amen. Jon and Ava Rochester,, Mn.

  20. Cindy Doolan

    Yes, yes!! We will make the calls, and continue to stand for this nation! IN JESUS NAME! We have cancelled the newspaper & told them why…there’s no truth in it! We have quite watching Fox News, except for Tucker Carlson. We are PRAYING & BELIEVING and PRAISE GOD we have a true believing Pastor here who preaches the truth like Mario!

  21. Mary Lou Martin

    Thank you Mario!!
    What are the phone numbers for New Mexico?
    Thank you so very much for listening to GOD!!

  22. Kathleen Woodward

    I live in Florida and our Governor and Atty General were among the first to join Texas. Praise God.
    On Thu, Dec 10, 2020, 2:27 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS If you knew the fate > of generations of Americans would be decided in 7 days, or less, what would > you do? What “important” things would you put aside, in order for you to do > your duty? If you knew with absolute certainty that a new ” >

  23. Karen Morris

    AWESOME Tool! Reposted today.

  24. T2020

    Thank you for the encouraging post. Still praying daily for the Lord’s mercy and blessing on the lawsuits and process. Please pray for God to touch the hearts of SCOTUS members. Special blessing on it.

  25. Dan Martinovich

    1st Co 6:2 Or do you not know that saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you unworthy of the smallest of cases?
    This means God’s people will set (are setting) the standard for right and wrong in the world. It is they that determine right and wrong in cultures\nations. When was this supposed to happen? Well it started happening since the beginning of time. But in the Bible’s prophecy that judgement would begin tho exert dominance in the world at a certain point.
    Daniel 7: 22 Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom….. 27 And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.
    That point, pin pointed in Bible prophecy was at the end, (end times of) of the four empires named in Daniel and Revelation. The fourth one, the Roman Empire did not end until 1453 AD when what had been the capitol of the Roman Empire since 333 AD, Constantinople fell and the last Roman emperor was killed. But what changed at that time to start the era of the dominance of the judgments of Gods saints? Stranger than fiction, but NOT! For the first time in human history the Bible started to get into the hands (illegally) of the general population in Northern Europe due to the invention of the European printing press.
    Isaiah 29:18 And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness. 19 The meek also shall increase their joy in the LORD, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.
    20 FOR THE TERRIBLE ONE is brought to nothing, and the scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off:
    The terrible ones are kings, emperors , dictators, wanna be world rulers etc etc. How is this come to pass since the ancient world was ruled by despots in perpetuity? By the saints, reading the Word of God themselves and their judgements becoming dominate in the world. Ever sine this started happening. The nations most influenced by God’s Word have been dominate in the earth.
    You see folks. Christians, 100 years ago use to know this. But with the rise of the progressive movement, 100 years ago, came the rise in popularity of false prophecy in the guise of end time prophecy teachings. False prophecy designed by Satan to stop the saints from exerting their influence against the progressive (actually regressive) movement. Designed to do exactly what we have seen. To get them to no longer be politicians, judges, legislatures, governors and bureaucrats. Why even think in those terms and make the sacrifices and develop in such a way as to overcome the evil of our day if Jesus is coming back to take us out of the is world and set up a physical kingdom on earth where he will do it all without our participation? See the power of false prophecy? From the very beginning he created mankind to participate with him in his will for his designs and plans in the earth. But false prophecy\teaching has removed the heart of his saints from that endeavor and robbed them of a Biblical vision for the future.
    Isaiah 42: 1Behold my servant, (the messiah) whom I uphold; my elect, in whom my soul delights; I have put my spirit on him: he shall bring forth justice to the Gentiles. 2 He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street. 3 A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth justice to truth. 4 He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set justice in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.
    If your interested I have website that has hundreds of pages dedicated to prophecy like this. Prophecy that is largely ignored by the way. This is just one of the articles. On how God intended to bless the nations through Abraham’s descendant.

  26. Henrietta Reed

    Sent from my iPad

  27. Jan niehouse

    Amen. Praying and calling. God bless you

  28. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    Thanks, Mario. I was trying to send them emails; finding the addresses is not easy on line; it’s like being stuck in a phone menu, and when I finally got the governor’s it wouldn’t go through. They must do this on purpose. Was going to get out the phone book today (yes, we still have those!) but you’ve saved me time and trouble. Blessings.

  29. addedperspective2020

    Mario, thanks for putting this out, we live in Georgia, still praying spiritual warfare over the demonic that is working over this election to destroy America.

  30. LuAnn Morton-Earl

    Sadly…. my state is not on this list!!

  31. Linda Martin

    I just downloaded goggle chrome but I don’t know where to go to order the dynamic dual?
    On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 3:21 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS If you knew the fate > of generations of Americans would be decided in 7 days, or less, what would > you do? What “important” things would you put aside, in order for you to do > your duty? If you knew with absolute certainty that a new ” >

  32. L'Angel de la Mer

    This is it folks! This is it.
    I’ve been telling people for years that a civil war is on the horizon.
    So In the words of Cynthia A. Johnson, a Michigan State Rep.; “So this is just a warning to you Trumpers, be careful, walk lightly. We aint playin’ with you. Enough of the shenanigans. Enough is enough. And for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right, be in order. Make them pay.”
    My response to her was this; “The soldiers that have taken the oath to protect the US Constitution and it’s citizens against all enemies both foreign and domestic like YOU?”
    Jesus did not come to do away with the law. What law? The laws of God, or man? The laws of God! The laws of man are unstable! And they have made laws Against the Holy laws of God, and God our Father, His only begotten Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!
    Make no mistake, those who will go along to get along will not be delivering themselves. They will only be prolonging the inevitable. There are no fence sitters. Those who deceive themselves by saying to themselves We will go along to get along are in for the rudest awakening. I say to them, Is it worth your soul? Politicians have literally sold us to China! China! And John Cornyn my rep is no different! He is supposed to be a conservative Republican! But he is a RINO and I called him on it! May the Lord God of Host’s remove all protections from all the Treasonous Treacherous Traitors of their Fellow Americans! In Jesus!
    And Get ready! Get ready to protect what you have and Get ready to physically give your life for the Lord. It may not come to that, but all the prophecies of the Holy Word of God says that they will kill us! Are you ready to die for Jesus? Stephen did! Not all will, but still we don’t know who will and we all have to be ready!
    I call for all Christians to examine their selves before the Lord God King of the Universe!
    It’s time to Pray Always and make a stand for the Lord, for our Nation. If we don’t have a Nation, we don’t have a place for our families because They Will Take our homes away from us! They don’t care about us! They want us dead! Because they’re greedy!
    Revelation 12:11-12 KJV. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
    I pray God gives us all His Wisdom! The Mind of Christ!
    I have said for many years that Rev 18 describes 09/01/01 People laughed at me.
    John 15:13 King James Version (KJV)
    13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
    Be Strong in the Lord and in the POWER of HIS might!
    I love you, I bless you, I pray for you, All My brother’s and Sisters in the Lord, and our families!

  33. L'Angel de la Mer

    Just wanted to share this recipe since I can’t make it for all of you! It’s from my grandfather’s brother’s wife from a long, long time ago. ( I suspect her family passed it down from the 1800’s.)
    PUMPKIN BREAD Oven 350* for 1 hour
    3 1/2 Cups of flour
    3 Cups of Sugar
    2 tea baking Soda
    1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
    combine all dry ingredients well and make a well and add;
    1 cup of oil
    4 eggs
    2/3 cup of water
    2 cups canned pumpkin ( I use one can of Libby’s Pumpkin)
    Mix well; pour into 2-3 greased and floured loaf pans (depending on the size of your pans.)
    (I usually make one loaf pan plain, then I put pecans or walnuts and sometimes raisins in the rest of the batter. When I use raisins, I put them in the last portion of the batter because I like variety.)
    I share with friends and family who say there’s nothing like this recipe!

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      Thank you1 I have three pumpkins waiting to be cooked, and I’m going to try this.

  34. Sarah

    I am proud to live in Texas and agree that everyone should reach out to their AG.
    GOD has this, but we still must do our part. Where two or more are gathered, I will be with you says the Lord!
    Thank you Mario for your word!

  35. BACD

    Thank you, again, Brother Mario.
    Even though my state is liberal (CT), I am sending an email to my AG/ Senators/Governor/Congressmen and women and I am including it here for anyone to use if they want to duplicate it. Don’t forget the power of writing Letters to the Editor of your local newspapers!
    God bless, BACD
    Dear State Attorney General, Senators, Governor, and Congressmen/women,
    With the Presidential election still in dispute, I have one question as an American citizen: Whatever happened to, “If you ‘See Something, Say Something’ ”?
    For years now, we, Americans, have been encouraged, “IMPLORED” even, to report to authorities when we see something amiss, observe anything questionable, witness a potentially threatening circumstance, or see suspicious activity. It may have started with Homeland Security wanting the public’s help looking out for terrorist activity, but it has also served to raise the level of awareness among citizens to be more socially conscious, more proactive, less intimidated in reporting something that is suspect without fear of repercussions or retaliation.
    As our fellow Americans—Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and unaffiliated voters alike—have spoken up concerning questionable practices they observed firsthand while volunteering in election centers across the nation, we are now hearing that these individuals are being targeted and their very lives and the lives of their family members are endangered for doing what we have all been directed and encouraged to do: SPEAK UP! A First Amendment Right and responsibility!
    At this point, the question of who’s President for the next four years is a separate issue. This is about election integrity and citizens’ rights to be heard and taken seriously! The bigger issue is when an American citizen speaks up to bring attention to what appears to be illegal activity, and is ignored or not believed by elected political leaders, and then is endangered for having said something, we as a nation are experiencing oppression and suppression the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetime! If this is the only rallying point around which Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Libertarians can unite, then we need to do it, and we need to do it now.
    How many of us would risk our life right now to “Say Something” in the wake of this response from media, and elected leaders failing to even acknowledge what is happening? Where is the outrage?!
    We will not be silenced and demand to be heard. We will be taken seriously and our rights protected. And if those of you in office can’t do that, then you can and will be replaced in the next election cycle–by whatever party. We want righteous leaders! This goes beyond party politics and every American will hear this outcry!
    Respectfully yours,

    • Gunnar

      Google: All email addresses for Media and inundate with emails and U.S.P.S. pre-paid postcards also to all Government Offices. Inundate with Letters, Postcards, Calls, SHOW UP. Can you imagine, IF every Church parishioner and anyone who cares about Freedom secular and non alike, show up at their Government Office, DOJ, House, Senate, Representataive; your State Capitol, millions that are ordered to stay home, SHOW UP in droves and demand change. Make a difference.

  36. Donna &James

    Thank you for your daily posts. I have never given up on President Donald J Trump, just like you have not. We pray daily for DJT’s continuing courage to stand up to the corruption. I am happy to report that North Dakota is one of the states on the list of 17 states who are seeking to bar the 4 states GA,MI,PA,WI from voting in the electoral college. Thank you MMM for your continued courage too.

  37. Rebecca

    God bless you Mario! Praying, standing and waiting on God to move on our behalf! Our state has joined the suit. Praying for a red sea miracle moment from our Lord!

  38. Tammie Auras

    Why isn’t Montana on this list? We are most definitely a RED STATE
    Get Outlook for Android

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      Hi Tammie, I just looked it up. Montana has already joined Texas in the suit; that’s why it is not on the list. Go Montana!

  39. hoodwinks11

    On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 2:31 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS If you knew the fate > of generations of Americans would be decided in 7 days, or less, what would > you do? What “important” things would you put aside, in order for you to do > your duty? If you knew with absolute certainty that a new ” >

  40. pamilla777

    Thank you. God bless America.

  41. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Thank you MMM! We stand with you, with the Body of Christ, covered with the whole armor God, Righteousness, Truth, Gospel of Peace, Faith, the Word, the Sword of the Spirit, and Salvation! and the full armor of Light, the Lord Jesus Christ! flowing with the one Holy Spirit!

  42. Jim Long

    Thank you, Mario, for your leadership and thank you, readers who are responding and acting. God bless you and give you perseverance to press on, in Jesus’ Name, to join Him in victory!!

  43. Wordforworld

    Agreed w/NewHeavenonEarth

  44. kristymctee

    Many China experts have opined that the Chinese Communist Party is on the ropes because of President Trump’s China policies, and that the massive population could overthrow the tyrannical regime soon. If Biden successfully usurps our President, this will not happen – the US will “pad” the CCP and support their continued despot rule.
    I see a vision of China’s future as a nation of happy, resourceful, successful people under a democratic government, becoming a boon to the world with their manufacturing skills – which are awesome – instead of being used as a weapon to export communism. And it gives energy to my prayers for President Trump. Imagine how changed the world would be if the shadow of China receded!

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      Yes, I’m praying for China’s release from this evil regime, too. Those poor Christians over there pray for us, and I believe God wants to set them free.

  45. Jeff R

    I called my governor, even though the State of Oklahoma has already joined the suit. Once again, the sovereign states of America must rise up to put down an insurrection. The antichrist world order will have to wait to get its claws in the United States of America.

    • prayinginok

      Yes, our Attorney General has joined as well as Reps. Hern and Mullin.

  46. Renee

    I live in Los Angeles, California, so any calls I make will fall on deaf ears.
    I’m not a legal scholar, however, back on November 2nd, Governor Newsom’s executive order No. N-67-20, which required that all California residents registered to vote in the November elections receive vote-by-mail ballots, was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by California State Superior Court Judge, Sarah Heckman. Newsom did not appeal this decision and it was finalized on November 14, 2020.
    Therefore, it seems that this California judge has set a legal precedent…precedent is a legal principle, created by a court decision, which provides an example or authority for judges deciding similar issues later.
    If there are any legal scholars out there, please confirm is this legal precedent can figure into the current Texas case.

    • Gunnar

      Renee, from what reading, etc., Nuisance has passed 400 laws or more; that ALL need to be resended period. He’s Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew (a lot of them in Gov’t/MSM positions are inter-related and through marriage etc). MeWe should have that list as well as other sites. Example: If, an evil Judge/person passes something, “WE THE PEOPLE”, have the power to resend anything period, recall; evil SHOULD not be allowed to prevail otherwise we would be a very lawless Mad Max, Escape from L.A., NY, Sodom and Gomorrah Society and then there’s ALMIGHTY GOD! Will ask a Lawyer whose really busy in the fight, so it might take time to get back to your ?.
      All the Treasonist who were all part of the schemes and wiles of evil one, NEED to be reckoned with and in Prison!

  47. Jan Niehouse

    Praying and calling.
    God bless you

  48. Steve Terry

    I contacted my A.G. in Arizona…sent him a message imploring him to, basically, demand that only legal votes are counted….Thanks, Mario, for exhorting people to TAKE ACTION….(in ADDITION to praying)??????????????
    Sent from my iPhone

  49. Heidi Ann Taljaard

    Thanks Mr. Murillo! I’ve called my AG (Iowa) and emailed him- he actually emailed me back personally last night (at least it seemed to be him). He is a Democrat and told me he was sure Paul Pate would do the right thing – Paul Pate is the Republican Secretary of State in Iowa- so I’m not sure how it works but I also contacted him ( I think? I’ve contacted so many people these past few weeks!) and our Governor.

  50. Kay Funden

    I’m a republican and I’d be willing to state there was fraud in this election here in Washington State. The governor had his opponent’s job taken awaken a day before the vote. There has been proof of irregularities. Dead people voting, Cinderella voted , pets , children etc. a lot of people were afraid to say they were voting Trump because of the repercussions from the public. Thank you, Kay F
    On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 12:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS If you knew the fate > of generations of Americans would be decided in 7 days, or less, what would > you do? What “important” things would you put aside, in order for you to do > your duty? If you knew with absolute certainty that a new ” >

  51. Linda

    I’m so glad I live in Texas! I wasn’t born here but I am proud and grateful to be represented by principled people who want to do the right things, like Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz. Praying without ceasing!!

  52. GodIsWithUs!

    Done! Thanks for keeping the flame going, Brother – both IN you and UNDER us and everyone else! :))))

  53. Roger Culwell

    This is a Patrick Henry moment give me liberty or give me death, and Nathan Hawkins I only regret I have but one life to give for my Country, This is the time we save this nation for our selves and our children or we lose everything fpr ever, man have fought all down through time and stood for God and whats right since the beginning, but now all of a sudden the mighty army of God has been reduced for the most part to a cub scout troop, they tell me to be nice, or your not Holy, when Holy made a whip and ran the evil of his day out of the church, one big mins. said calm down, if ever there was a time we need to stand shout it’s right now, They tried to steal our election, turning us in to a communist nation, and some need to be tried for High Treason and punished to the full extent of the law for it, We have many Traitors to this Nation, Obama, Biden, HC, BC, BG, GS, NP, MR, BK, GN, C, many many others who are nothing but traitors and they think they are above the law, they need t be shown, and the punishment carried out for High Treason, Big Tech, News Medis. Social Media, all of them need to be charged for treason, it will take that to drain the swamp, and a few examples made to put the fear of God back in to some, they are pure demonic enemies sent from satan to destroy this nation, Mat 13:24, the tares are seeds of satan, made only to be gathered into bundles and burned, Read it an enemy has done this, but they were never supposed to take over the church, but did some, and we need to realize theres an enemy here sent from the devil, that can’t be saved, as Judas the son of perdition means UNREDEEMABLE, and we need to ;earn who to pray for and who not to, by asking the Holy Spirit, for some try to help the enemy with there prayers, This is a war and Good will win I believe, because of what the Lord told me, but this enemy must be destroyed or they will try another take over, and Trump with the Lords help is the only one who can do it, but we must stand yell out punish them drain the swamp, try for high treason, or our country will just be giving them another shot at destroying us and taking over again, they must be delt with and we must shout out punish them and post all the proof we can. Good Word Sir God Bless

    • Annette

      Amen Roger Amen!

  54. hredhawk1942

    Roger on you last.
    Harry Leonard
    This e-mail and any attachment is intended solely for the addressed recipient(s) and contains information that may be confidential. If you are not the correct recipient, please notify the sender by replying to this message and delete this e-mail and all attachments from your system immediately. Any use, dissemination or copying of this email by any person or entity other than the addressed recipient(s) is prohibited.
    On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 3:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS If you knew the fate > of generations of Americans would be decided in 7 days, or less, what would > you do? What “important” things would you put aside, in order for you to do > your duty? If you knew with absolute certainty that a new ” >

  55. kingskid48

    I live in one of the, “hopeless”, states. We are in the process of trying to recall our governor. Not sure what good it will do, because another democrat will take over, but we have to try, and who knows, maybe this one will have some scruples.
    I do sign petitions and write notes to legislators on occasion, and speak out on a continual basis. I send notes of encouragement to our President now and then and just sent an email. Thank you to whoever posted that link here. That will be easier than a postcard. I haven’t been able to get as many postcards sent this year.
    Thank you, Pastor Mario, for this blog and for all your words of encouragement to us. There’s NO WAY I’m giving up on President Trump. I will NOT accept a Biden presidency. It would destroy our country. I do not believe God will allow him to take office. The rioters will riot no matter what. We know that by the Mich. legislator that threatened those of us who support Trump. Those people are not going to change. If Biden was to get in, they would become emboldened and do whatever they want-those in office and those who are related to those who would be in office-like Swalwell and Hunter-those liberal haters like the woman that issued the threats-and the rioters on the streets.

  56. prayinginok

    So now the District of Columbia has filed a counter-suit for 22 blue states opposing the Texas lawsuit. Keep praying!!!!!

  57. NickT


  58. yesua7

    yes sir

  59. Jerry E.

    Have you sent my books yet? I get on an airplane in 5 days and need them! Notice I used the word need…
    On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 2:24 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS If you knew the fate > of generations of Americans would be decided in 7 days, or less, what would > you do? What “important” things would you put aside, in order for you to do > your duty? If you knew with absolute certainty that a new ” >

  60. Elaine Shetler

    As a Christian, I find your rhetoric horrendous. Your words, in the name of Christ, result in violence and are based on lies. Your determination that one political party is from God and one is from the devil is horrible because that is never true and it gives people the right to do great harm, which is not from God. The election was open, and as the courts determined, there wasn’t fraud. Your willingness to embrace the lies and worse, spiritualizing them to try to bring chaos has nothing to do with Christ! Shame on you! The government is not our way to God…that is only through Christ! This willingness to tear our country apart has nothing to do with God’s love for the world. It is truly a perversion of the Gospel.



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