Disbelief: Why the American Church cannot muster the needed outrage.

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Christianity Today | 95 comments

Disbelief is not the same as unbelief. Unbelief is doubting that something is true. Disbelief is shock. It is the human reaction to facts that are too monstrous to accept. It is a mental safety valve that lets the brain survive unbearable circumstances.

Because disbelief is crippling a vast number of Christians, I can have patience with them. I understand how unspeakable the crimes against our freedom are.  But exercising patience will not remove the danger we are in—or meet the crisis of this desperate hour we are living in.

For the sake of our children and ourselves, we must find the right level of outrage. To do that we must get over our disbelief about the true depth and scope of who did this and what they did.  It is beyond belief to imagine all of the forces that rose up against Trump and your vote, but we’d better get beyond that disbelief, or we are going to pay an incalculable price.

If you are unable to accept what I just said, that doesn’t make it any less true.

Deal with it:  All of the Big Tech social media and all of the Fake News outlets invested mountains of money in this election. They all have blood on their hands.  They not only helped manipulate the outcome—they are censoring our ability to find out what really happened. 

Just look at how fast they falsely “debunked” the video of suitcases full of votes for Biden that were hidden under the tables in Georgia. Votes that were not counted until Republican poll watchers were told to go home.

Here’s Mollie Hemingway from the Federalist:  “On Friday morning, a group called Lead Stories published a “hoax alert” falsely claiming to have debunked the security video. The Washington Post, Newsweek, and other outlets followed along, criticizing non-leftist journalists for giving the video traction. In fact, none of the claims made by the Republicans were debunked.”

“Lead Stories’ “fact” “check” says government officials told them everything was fine with the counting, that the ballots were in “containers — not suitcases,” and that “party observers were never told to leave because counting was over for the night.”

But that is just not true. Again from Mollie: “those claims have been corroborated, not debunked, by multiple press accounts from election night. As for the affidavits, they make the same claim — that Fulton County election officials falsely said they were stopping the count when in reality they were continuing to count through the night after observers left. The affidavits further state that they were unable to get answers to basic questions from officials.”

Disbelief will tell you these crimes and bald faced lies can’t possibly be happening. But they are. And, we must come to terms with it.

There are thousands of additional examples of manipulation and falsifying of votes and documents. There are enemy nations who jumped in to help wreck our election process.

The specter of tyranny is very real. There is a great possibility that we will never know how high this crime goes, nor will we ever know how much evidence there is out there. The principal players in this conspiracy may never be known. It may be impossible to undo all the damage.

But why may this outrage just be swept under the rug? Because we have not declared war on this act of treason. Because we have not been willing to bear the reproach of declaring the crime that has indeed been committed. This is a matter of life and death, but the fire in the belly we need has not yet ignited.

We have to stop abusing doctrinal extremes in the area of prophecy and divine sovereignty. Disbelief will make you say something like, “God would never let this happen to America.” But both History and the Bible say otherwise.

Esther suffered from stunned disbelief when Mortdecai revealed the plot of Haman. But, if she had not gotten over that disbelief, she would have failed to stop the plans of the enemy, and all would have been lost. Whether you believe it or not, this election was stolen. Like it or not, God wants you to set aside your distaste for Trump, your fear of rejection, and most of all your shock that anything this evil could have actually happened, and do your duty to save our nation, our rights, and our freedom!

This is a message to those who support Mario Murillo’s message to America.


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  1. Clark

    This is a tremendously important blog. There are only two choices. Let evil overcome you, or overcome evil with good. It is a choice. Multitudes, Multitudes, in the valley of decision. Esther came to the tipping point and said, “If I perish, I perish”, and went before the king when it was against protocol to do so. She stared death in the face and took the risk. Risktakers are world changers!

    • Gerald J Slaminski

      Once this election is accepted by the numerous courts and other mechanisms, we become another Communist country run be a mob of selfish, immoral, self serving persons. Perhaps God will have to bring judgement on a country that is much further gone than we realized. Perhaps the swamp is too deep to drain. God is just and he raises up kings and takes down kings. There are thousands of wonderful Christians in this country and Jesus loves us, but there are also good Christians in China. We may have to endure some difficult things in coming days. Those that perpetrated this situation, the liars and thieves, have robbed from themselves a great treasure. The right to choose.

      • glamoursam7

        You are so right. I’m still believing for a miracle, and really all of that, but it’s not unheard of for God to allow people, good Christians to suffer. Unfortunately America really is farther gone than what we ever thought. And unfortunately we allowed babies to be murdered, and turned our heads. Could very well be that judgment is upon us.

      • rena

        We can’t give up. We need to pray and believe in prayer and be bold in prayers. We need to speak up and fight. We can’t just say well, God’s done and judging us. Can you honestly look at your kids/grandkids/kids in your life and say well, I didn’t fight for you because I decided God just wants to judge this nation?

    • Susan Fuchs

      When you pray ask our Father to turn their threats, their ways of stealing back upon them! Ask in Unity, agreement and one accord for all to demand a forensic audit of every single ballot cast in these United States, we will find that many dems truly lost their re-election bid, this will also help show the world that Trump won 410 electorate votes and the rest to biden! Ask our Father to favor Trump and US, in these dealings!

  2. Clark

    Excellent blog that removes the fog and smog.

  3. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    I have thought much about all of this…In truth, I think they would have pulled this same thing, perhaps in a similar way when Hillary Clinton ran…..but they were so sure that she would win that they did not think it was necessary…..When the votes were counted and TRUMP won—they were so shocked and outraged, I believed they vowed then that they would do whatever it took from here on out to win AT ANY COST—NO MATTER HOW DOWN AND DIRTY THEY HAD TO GET!
    The reality is we don’t know how many elections have been falsely won due to fraud and criminal acts. We will never know—-BUT—–i am not a quitter…my maternal grandmother taught me that quitters Never win—and that Winners Never Quit!!!! I have had to fight hard at times in my life, but I have Never forgotten what she told me…..To Be an OVERCOMER is not an easy road in this life—but when you have done all you can do, the BIBLE says We are to STAND Still and see the salvation of the LORD.
    My experience with people has been that so many don’t want to take time to PRAY and fellowship with the LORD….They expect friends, etc. to pray them through their every crisis….so they have missed the greatest Blessing we have—-TO HUMBLE OURSELVES BEFORE THE ONE TRUE GOD AND PRAY UNTIL WE GET THE ANSWERS WE NEED.
    Those of us who are a part of the Remnant will continue to PRAY AND STAND AND WATCH for GOD to send a miracle…..I believe HE WILL SHORTLY “drop THE BIG WRECKING BALL FROM HEAVEN!” That is the kind of Wake-Up Call that will get the attention of all who have had a part in this terrible evil that has been done to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…..They Do Not Fear GOD like I do…They do not know what a whipping from the LORD is like—BUT THEY WILL SHORTLY FIND OUT!!!!
    Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    • Wordforworld

      Amen to that!
      From a “Remnant”

      • Hazel ReVay Seifert

        Amen, dear sister! From a Warrior Intercessor! I will not back down! I will not stop! We will have the Victory that is coming from our Lord!

    • douddw

      All I know to do is pray. What, in addition to prayer can I do? In the flesh, I would say, “Let us gather up enough patriots and go to D.C. armed and ready because it is our constitutional right/duty. That, however, may not be the answer just yet. It may come to that before much longer.

      • Janet Roy

        There are people peacefully protesting in many of the capitols of states and in Wash. DC – pretty much every day. So we can pray for them. This Saturday there is a prayer rally planned in DC and all the capitols of states to pray and pray. Then in DC they will do a “Jericho March”. They will march around – I believe it is the White House – 7 times praying. Then they will go over to the Supreme Court steps and pray. So I am thrilled that so many people are doing this. I wish I was younger and healthier because if I was I would join in that.
        I have tried to get through to my Georgia Governor and Secretary of State. They accept no personal e-mails and when I try the phone it is always busy. SO – over the past since Nov. 3 I have written 3 strongly worded letters and sent them to my GA leaders. The last letter set I sent I included a copy of the FB post about finding the Dominion machine in one county that they tested with 100 ballots – 50 for Biden and 50 for Trump. And the machine switched 37 from Trump to Biden. There was more about how officials weren’t paying proper attention to fraud in Georgia.
        So I sent off that post with my comments. I make sure to tell the Republican leaders (in GA they are Republican) that GA Republicans are angry and upset about their not standing up and making this right. I tell them my facebook is full of upset Georgians – and it is. I mentioned that if they don’t act bravely then next time there is an election primary with them and another Republican I will go with the other Republican.
        The last group of letters I sent off to Governor Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, my personal area State Senator, my personal area State Representative, the Head of Elections -who I found out about and got his name from the FB post, to David Perdue – I didn’t threaten him about not voting for him because he is supporting Trump, and lastly for the first time I mailed one with comments to the Georgia FBI !!
        I get a lot of satisfaction mailing out the letters – because I am doing something. I assume the people I am sending them to won’t actually see them. But whoever deals with their mail will and I am hearing that so many people are contacting their leaders in all the states that the leaders are feeling the pressure and that is pushing them to act. Perhaps they will show the leader a letter or two so they see what’s coming in – or maybe show stacks of protest mail to let them know that We the People are not going to roll over and accept this. They are being watched and evaluated. We know there was blatant fraud!!
        In my prayer time I also make sure to pray that Trump goes in with an obvious win – a mandate. He had enough trouble his first term even though he overwhelmingly won. If he goes in with the other side saying he “stole” the election away from them (irony is they did the stealing) then he will be hounded by them all the more. I am praying that God will make his win and their fraud so very, very obvious that any argument against his having been elected will fall flat. Oh, some will never accept – but it needs to be shown to all reasonable Democrats that he was chosen – strongly, overwhelmingly chosen.
        Psalm 2 mentions God laughing at the plans of unredeemed leaders. It says they assume He won’t hold them accountable. Well, I also pray that it is time for accountability. God has done this before, often. He needs to see that many are caught and prosecuted for their crimes so that they understand God has a limit to what He will allow and how long He will allow it. Having consequences come can be a work of redemption also because people will see there is a God and that what we do He sees. Perhaps if caught some of them will turn to God and repent.
        Pray for confusion in the camp of the enemy. Pray for an end to covid because it makes everything so difficult and works into the control of people, religion, and such. Pray for a time of calm that will allow for the Holy Spirit to come down for the latter rain of multitudes turning to God.
        The whole world really is watching. They will see how God deals with America. Think about how Donald Trump was “annointed” to be the President as a Cyrus for Israel. With all Trump has done for Israel, and for supporting pro-life, and supporting religious freedom I think we can say with the Bible that God – please honor your name by rewarding what Trump has done. How does it look if Trump did all these things – especially all those for Israel – and then is unfairly cast aside. God says about Israel: “I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.” Trump blessed Israel and for God to show honor to His own name before the earth He can bless the man who carried these things out.
        So I am doing all the above and that is my contribution. I am staying spiritually healthy in my own personal Christian walk with God. I then trust that God will honor those who are appealing to Him, but I always remember only He sees the whole picture and He is ultimately in control. So I rest with my confidence in Him.

      • Jan

        Prayer and worship are our biggest weapon. God wants us interceding in prayer. He fights the battle, we pray and believe He hears us, and pray, and contact anyone we need to contact, and pray.

  4. smuzick

    Mario, I see this in my workplace. Oh it will be alright, just accept it for what it is. Well, I am NOT accepting this. When you have to cheat to win in the greatest country on earth there is something really wrong. And as long as we are a free nation and know the truth as best as we can we should be outraged. Seeing Trump give that speech Saturday night in front of thousands tells you we are not the only ones who know what happened. No one shows up like that for a loser. God has got to get this right. I am continuing to pray that this is solved peaceably. There are many who would like to take matters into their own hands. It’s a powderkeg ready to blow. So, I agree wholeheartedly with you. We need to grow a spine and wake up. God we ask you to move your hand over this great country and save it from those who seek to destroy it. God bless America

  5. kristymctee

    I do experience the outrage…in fact, I am suffering physical symptoms of my stress. I do understand what’s at stake. What can I do about it? Well, pray of course, fervently and daily. Share sermons and news articles with my friends. I have written several enraged emails to my state government and officials (Georgia). I am older and handicapped so I don’t really feel I should try to go to street protests or the sit-ins at the capitol. Beyond that? Buy a gun – don’t think so. I still believe, based on what the prophets unanimously have said and what the Lord has communicated to me, that He is undertaking on our behalf and we will see it.

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      [Buy a gun – don’t think so. I still believe, based on what the prophets unanimously have said and what the Lord has communicated to me, that He is undertaking on our behalf and we will see it.]
      What stopped the slaughter of the Jews in Esther’s day? It wasn’t that the king’s edict was rescinded it was that all Jews were allowed to buy weapons and defend themselves.
      I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that. But, all too often Jehovah sets the stage and we have to play on it. Whether as one of 300 with lamps in pots, or part of the choir leading the army into battle.

      • Nelson Sampey

        Our call to battle until we are instructed to stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord”.

      • fredsheltonministries

        The men who founded this country did not sit quietly by while the British rounded them up and hung them one by one. They fought back. I can’t understand why American Christians think that being passive is going to win this. We have been told under no uncertain terms, we can either unify with these globalist antihuman devils or they are going to declare war on us and kill us all off. Their words, not mine.

        • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

          [ I can’t understand why American Christians think that being passive is going to win this.]
          I agree, it is one of those imponderables.

      • kristymctee

        I’m not suggesting other Christians should not buy guns! I sat down with my husband’s friend who is a gun hobbyist and he said to me, if you have a gun you need to be prepared to take a human life. Then you need to be prepared to quite possibly go to prison for the rest of your life. Self defense laws do not protect most of the time. Thats the hard truth. However, Psalm 91 is always true and Thats what I have in my holster. Not everyone, I know, feels that way.

      • Clark

        Esther and all the Jews fasted three days and three nights, drinking no water and eating no food. This was their spiritual weapon, and the King’s edict was overruled by the King himself. G-O-D’S Providence intervened for the Jews.

        • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

          Esther 8:11 The king’s edict granted the Jews in every city the right to assemble and protect themselves; to destroy, kill and annihilate any armed force of any nationality or province that might attack them and their women and children; and to plunder the property of their enemies.
          In my opinion, this was probably preventative, that is, because they were allowed to assemble and given permission to annihilate those that came against them, I doubt many actually did try to attack the Jews.
          However, also my opinion, if the Jews had not assembled they would have been picked off piecemeal.
          Prayer and Fasting made defense possible, but, all three were required for victory.

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      Kristymctee, we all have our assignments and assigned weapons in this Lord’s army. I thought about going to the Capitol too, but I’m recovering from a heart condition and know my limits. No use being taken out on a stretcher! Thought about a gun, and haven’t ruled it out but it is not my primary weapon. Prayer and the pen, singing, fasting, speaking up, calling up people, contacting them on line, sharing articles and real news on line. We’ll use our weapons He gives us with holy righteous anger, precision and zeal breathed into us by the Holy Spirit. Look what Corrie Ten Boom did, even in her 80’s!

      • kingskid48

        I agree with you and Kristy, as far as a gun not being the weapon for all of us. I’m not able to handle a gun. But my husband is an expert. We each have our duties and our purpose. I keep a beautiful printout of Psalm 91 on my dresser. But I also use common sense. There are many things around your house that can be used for protection. Give it some thought. They would not kill an intruder, but he would run far and fast and never come back to bother you again.
        I know that angels have protected me at certain times. I’ve felt their presence. Staying close to the Lord is the greatest protection of all.
        But I absolutely agree that there is a time to fight and for those called to use weapons, be trained wise.

  6. Howard Watson

    Mario!! Keep up the pressure. There are more with you than against You!!

  7. glenleatrophiesandengravers


    • kristymctee

      kingskid48 – I agree, and your comment made me think about a time when I was a young mother out for a walk late at night in our safe (usually) suburban neighborhood. A man in a pickup truck began following me and then he parked and started walking after me. I turned around and said, “Don’t get close to me.” He said, “Why not?” And I replied, “Because I am out here walking with Jesus. Have a nice night.”
      Then I turned around and calmly walked away from him. I really wanted to run, but I was wearing flip-flops and I knew if I started running he would catch me. However, he did not follow me.
      My pastor said later, “you need to carry some mace. Give him a little something to remember that Name by!” I thought that was pretty funny. But being followed at night is no laughing matter. Thank You, Jesus.


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  9. John R.

    I refuse to quit and will continue to pray for this great nation of ours. God is scripting a miracle that is going to create “shock and awe” in people throughout this nation when it happens. This I am certain.
    And quite frankly, I’m getting tired of hearing Christians invoke Romans 13 that we must submit and move on.
    I do NOT believe it’s God’s will that America becomes a godless, socialist state, antithetical to individual freedoms that the far-left wants.
    Bombard the throne of God with prayers and supplication because the fight to save the country continues — don’t give up!
    God bless America!

    • prayinginok


      • Clark

        A Thousand AMENS!

  10. Bobbie


  11. Lori

    This morning, God took me through Matthew 24–signs of the end, etc.
    Then, He took me to Matthew 25 and said to me, “A moron or fool does not take oil for his lamp.”
    Then, He said to me: “One if by land, and two if by sea.” Meditate on this please. This
    points to the patriots but also to the end. The patriots had oil in those lamps in order
    to send the signal–warning the people. I can continue, but I would be adding my own

  12. greatgrandmaw

    Dear Mario, I’m from a small town in the midwest. My husband and I pastor a church that is very deep in the spirit. We have many members who have been crying out to the lord for deliverance and speaking the truth of this situation. I guess we would like to know what else we need to do? Boycott? I already boycott the news agencies. Do we speak out on Facebook? What do we do? Our outrage is real…but many of us just don’t know what to do. Please give us some tangible ways to fight. We need a Joshua to lead us into battle! Thank you for your posts… they are a life line for many of us.
    In Christ, Mary
    On Tue, Dec 8, 2020, 2:26 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Disbelief is not the same as unbelief. > Unbelief is doubting that something is true. Disbelief is shock. It is the > human reaction to facts that are too monstrous to accept. It is a mental > safety valve that lets the brain survive unbearable circumstances. ” >

    • mariomurilloministries

      Keep doing what you are doing but add one more thing call your local representative in Congress and tell them you believe it is fraud and you want them to do something about it.

  13. Linda

    So what more can we do? As we pray without ceasing, is that enough or what else is there to do? We want this wrong to be made right!

  14. Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

    Could be people who never read and study their Bible are not really Christians. They are the goats that will be separated.

  15. Louise Harris

    I so agree with everything you write about.  My opinion at least partly is most Christians are too prosperous to rise up.  We’ve had it too good for too long.  We’ve never had to fight for anything until now & now it’s easier to just stick our head in the sand.    Seems to me the only Christians who are truly fighting are those that have been through suffering & know how life can beat us down. I live in Oregon — 3 times I was told over the phone “your ballot is on it’s way”.  All lies until the day before the election I knew the ballot wouldn’t come in that day & went down in person to vote & as I was doing so doubted my conservative vote for Trump was ever counted.  I have called the voting polls & told them I think they were lying & that I am taking this much higher & demanding an investigation. Louise  :    )

    • bdk11

      Amen and maybe that is what’s going to happen, things are not going to get better and we will see from the Biden presidency how great we did have it the last four years. This may help us wake up and truly seek the Lord and realize we have the same issues through out God’s word.
      Unbelief…..even the Supreme Court is turning that way
      Hebrews 3:12-14 NASB
      [12] Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God. [13] But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. [14] For we have become partakers of Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our assurance firm until the end,

  16. alanmittan

    Well said, thank God that all things are in His hands, oh how He laughs at mans plans

  17. Lori

    These have been trying times. My fears have come because God has not given me a clear word about 2020 election (He did in 2015) until today.
    He took me through Matthew 24 and into Matthew 25 (signs of the end, and parable of wise and foolish virgins). Then, He said to me—“A fool does not take oil for his lamp. One if by land, and two if by sea.”
    There is so much to unpack —the literal history—signs of the end —how patriots are fighting, and the role of the church (where was the original warning or lantern placed?).
    Thank you for your daily words.

  18. CS1

    much of WHAT I see is fear of reaction if the truth is shown and the wrong has been made right. They are afraid of riots and protest which we do know the left are planning such things. Many too are saying ” Compromise” to their own demise. I hope and pray Courage rules the day with the SCOTUS and those on in the GOP. Those of US in CA are held, hostage by the emperor of CA.
    But many people who are not coming out saying they are Christians are resisting. Sheriffs in many counties have come out and said they will not uphold the CA Governor’s restriction. There will be no 2024 if we lose 2020. I am like many of us in CA standing against the church closing, we have been open and will continue to be Lord Willing. I have just recovered from COVID-19. I can tell you this, I am not afraid and COVID-19 is real never said it was not, however, so is suicide, child abuse, addictions, and many other things that have happened to many people during lockdowns.
    The Church must be Salt & Light. IF the church has no salt or Light IT WILL BE STEPPED ON!
    The overcoming Church will do so only with faith. God doesn’t partner with unbelief Faith move HIS hand. Faith is what, please HIM.

  19. Sandra Calhoun

    Hate to say this but the truth is, so called prophets even believe Satans lies! How can a christian say Biden is President and be glad about it?  If he is allowed to take office this nation is doomed! Sorry but I think these preaching false prophecy is the false ones, my  discernment  has never led me wrong! Why do so called christians not have discernment? I also think GOD is angry at these wealthy ministries that could be helping nations and is not! Look at the outreach of Marilyn Hickey and others compared to those living in luxury!!! Judgement is coming first to God’s people but praise God for the love He has for us to come to our defense for calling on Him to fight against this jezebel warfare! I believe and trust Him to come through! But I pray mercy for the unrepentant thinking they have nothing to repent of and yet I repent daily with the Lord’s prayer!!!!!!!!
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  20. Stacy Suder

    You are right on target as always! Thank you so much for shouting from the mountain top!
    Thank you, Stacy

  21. swordandspiritwriter

    Lord, blow this satanic blindness, fog, and lull from the minds of a great many in the church and this nation and put a turn over the tables fire in them/us that will NOT stand for these evils against us in Jesus’ name amen.
    Not only did Esther and the Jews fast and pray, she broke the law when she went before the king to expose Haman’s plot, and then she and Mordecai made an edict/decree through the king to destroy their enemies in the 12th month, and 13th day (Adar) because the initial decree via Haman to destroy all the Jews on the 14th day could not even be lifted by the king himself because it had gone out as a decree. So right on time, the Jews were able to fight back in actual battles to take out their enemies and were saved.

  22. Bob

    I went to the church
    I went to the church with a cross and steeple
    I looked around and there were no people
    There was a pad lock on the door
    You cannot worship here anymore
    Your now a member of the Church of the State
    Service starts at 10 AM do not be late
    You must now bow before the altar of the state
    Or you will meet an untimely fate
    The word God can no longer be said
    For you see your God is no dead
    You must adhere to our restriction
    Otherwise you will face a prision conviction

    • Clark


  23. Wordforworld

    So very on target, Mario! Thank you for your tireless service to the Body of Christ, & for your family’s sacrifices for the same. May God strengthen you all, spirit, soul, body. (We are teachable & correctable! Otherwise we’d never be following this blog!!)
    We all have seen/identified that spirit of disbelief.
    The child influenced by perverseness is any parent’s grief! They ponder, “How could this be??? Where did she learn this?? How could he do that??”
    To make it thru each day, those bewildered parents have to lie to themselves, in order to stay in the love walk. “Maybe Jesus didn’t mean what it says in the Bible, maybe it is not the unforgivable sin, maybe that medication (of several years) will remove child’s pain, maybe…”
    They have to come to the very painful realization that THEY have placed that child BEFORE God Almighty. There is the “idol”, the “god” whom they have been serving. Painful! Painful! There is the sin!
    Same is true for those “diehard” affiliations”, lifelong allegiance to denomination, outright worship of man/woman influence in ANY arena!
    WE muddy the Truth if someone or something other than the LORD JESUS CHRIST is on the throne of our hearts.
    Our prayers for these seemingly unaware must be covered in compassionate, firm Truth FOR the grieved, for the despairing. It is also painful when they will not accept the Word that we may speak to them. Then we must pray for God to bring genuine witnesses of Truth to those who need Him!
    Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

    • Annette

      Re: Children
      You can set a frim Christian foundation but they make their own choices.
      Hopefully and prayerfully the will eventually turn back to that firm Christian foundation.
      Been there done that.
      This happened with my son. Repented and came back to God but unfortunately died shortly
      afterward. My consolation is he was saved Praise God.

  24. Lynn Handley

    You keep raising the issues, but what do we DO ABOUT IT?I voted for Trump and other conservatives. I contributed money to their campaigns, attended rallies, but what can I do NOW.I can’t go smash store front windows….like BLM to bring attention to this. So tell us what to DO NOW.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Lynn, Thank you for asking. you contact your local Republican rep and tell them to stand behind Trump and to call for investigations. Pray specifically for the blanket of deception and censorship to be broken so the truth will come out.

      • L'Angel de la Mer

        Thank you, and bless you!

  25. Vivian Maroney

    I am in shock that this could ever happen to America. The land of the free. If the people of America do not get up and fight our freedom will be gone for ever. It will and is effecting my country. We are just 30 minutes by plane from Miami here in the Bahamas. We depend on the US for most everything. The World in a lot of ways do too! Shout it louder Mario!!! Don’t ever give in. Jesus is coming back sooner than the World thinks. He is saying enough!!! God bless you!

  26. Flynn Escobedo

    Yes, agree with this blog entry, and also thank you, Mario, for your steadfastness. Great is His faithfulness.

  27. Roger Culwell

    Amen good word sir, Time to believe they really did it and it evil at it worst, an evil so many in the church do not understand and close there eyes and ears to it, they hide or try live in a world that does not see the evil going on around them, and if you take a stand and post some that some one says a bad word in, but exposes something you need to see thats evil, they mark you as no longer one of them you have fallen from grace, they are a sleep in a world they does not exist, while the real world around them goes to hell, the hide and cower down and pretend its not happening, or if they ignore it it will go away, amost like don’t say anything, they might hear you and then they will know where we are, and might kill us, when they know where you are and they will come after you when the time comes, but the hiding and be silent just makes sure they will get what they want, the time is to stand to rise up, there are far more of us than those little rich brat, big Tech guy’s and the few so called elite who want to take over, just look at the crowd that gathered the other night in Georgia proof Trump didn’t lose this at all, the machines and ballot rigger’s won this election, like Biden said he don’t need the people too win this election, and he said he and obama created the best voter fraud ever, and NP saying they could not afford to let the people decide the out come of this election, SAYING WE HAVE IT RIGGED, and we all know it, and we must stand and demand justice, we can’t let them steal this election and this Nation, we have the numbers and the people on our side, big tech has these machines and news medis and social media is there weapons, lets use them against them, they put the best tool in our hands to fight them with, lets do it, let us become the news and tell the truth and expose every little then we can on them, while the whole world is watching, fb is still shadow banning and fact checking me, they are trying to cover up there deception, there lies are being exposed, through the people and they call all of us the liars and its them who are the liars, Covid has been debunked but they still want to force people to shut down, to destroy small business, and the nation, get the people to depend on government, and NP and the Dems have been making people do with out for monts, and you want to depend on the government, showing the last thing you want to do is depend on them, NP has just showed the whole wide world what the government will do to them, they will let them do with out, people text me wanting help message me contact me on fb, and you want to really depend on them, they want control, so they can force you, they are forcing every one out of business, but the big companies like Wal-mart, Amazom, and places like that, and its all about controlling the people, and we must stand and speak out like never before, get our fight and shout back, we were never meant to bow to devil, the wheat and tares speaks of seeds of satan sown, in with the good, who are only meant to destroy, and be gather in to bundles at the end and burned, Mat 13:24-30 [Judas the son of perdition unredeemable, Rom 1:28 Reprobates, seeds of satan we just can’t see the truth these people are unredeemable and are planted among us to destroy us, and the tares were never meant to take over the church, and they have because we quit casting out devils, and the POB and others rose up, and ran the Holy Spirit off, took away our fight, and weapons, they now deny the word, WHY SO THEY COULD DO JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING RIGHT NOW, THEY HAD DISARM THE CHURCH FIRST AND MAKE HER PASSIVE AND POWERLESS, THEN THEY COULD TAKE THE NATION, THEY WHY WE HAD TO REPENT AND ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT BACK,NOW ITS TIME TO STAND AND FIGHT, BELIEVE IT THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER, AND WE NEED TO PLASTER EVERY DECEPTION AND DIRTY TRICK THEY DID IN THIS ELECTION ALL OVER FB AND TWIRTTER, TIME WE FIGHT BACK, OR LOSE EVERYTHING, BECAUSE IF WE DON’T THEY ARE COMING AFTER US, HARRIS HAS SAID IT THEY HAVE OUR NAMES, HOLLYWOOD EVEN MADE A MOVIE HUNTING DOWN CONSERATIVES, SO WE BETTER LEARN TO STAND AND SPEAK OUT, AND EVEN MORE IF IT TAKES IT, BECAUSE THE COMMUNIST ARE NOT COMMING, THEY ARE FORCING A TAKE OVER, AND SOME OF THEM WILL NOT GO DOWN WITH OUT A FIGHT, THEY HAVE GIVVENING US WARNING IF BIDEN IS NOT IN THE W.H. BY JAN 21 THEY ARE GOING TO ATTACK, SO WE BETTER SPEAK OUT NOW OR FIGHT LATER, ITS UP TO US, AND PRAY AND FAST.

    • L'Angel de la Mer

      First of all, (no pride intended, only the love of God our Father, Yeshua His only begotten Son, and His Holy Spirit) I can’t thank God enough for Pastor Evangelist Murillo and Mechelle. Also Lance Wallnou, And Jonathan Cahn. I don’t know of any other pastors, preachers, or evangelist or teacher who is all in for the Holy Word of God, as it is written by the prophets and Apostles of God in Jesus. One can only hope there are more like these because we need more pure hearted laborers in this harvest. (Send me.)
      I was praying with my best friend this morning in thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus for His will concerning our nation. My perspective is we have been under siege ever since 09/11/01. I believe the root cause is innocent blood. The way I see it is we are in the same process Israel was in, in the old testament, for the worship of false gods and child sacrifice. I say this because of my studies of God’s laws and what He says in Leviticus regarding the blessings of a obedience and the curses of disobedience. He gives a clear view of what happens, what He does if Israel (or a nation) does not repent. He says if you walk contrary to Me, I will discipline you like this. And if you continue, then this will happen, and if you still continue then this will happen. It’s mostly about worshiping other gods and child sacrifice aka innocent blood. (Frankly, it looks to me like Americans are being exterminated. Abortion, the cia, Mexico, and China importing deadly drugs, wars, people dying at the hands of Dr.s and their meds. Can’t even hardly find an American Dr any more, they’ve been imported from abroad.)
      But God is merciful who promised. I don’t know what to do, I thought I could write on my back windshield “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand!” I’m looking for what God will do to those who are working for Satan oppressing the good people in this land. I’m praying for pastors who have turned from their first love and against false prophets and those wolves in sheeps clothing who “make the people to sin against God” by their demonic doctrines turned into mischievous laws.
      What else can I do for the Lord our God? What else can I do for JESUS? I have supported the ministry with what God has given me, I have no income of my own at this time, housewife not wage earner. I do the best I can to take care of my mother for the Lord.
      In Jesus, Brenda Walker, Servant of the Most High God.

      • Roger Culwell

        Amen your are right, as we sow so shall we reap, he has given me Jer 4, ande 8, and 6, all for the church it is like looking into a mirror of Israel, and we must truly repent, and turn, most people can’t see that our disobeying the word judges us, and we are feeling because we condoned what God condemns, we allow evil and he said not to, We can stand and speak out and pray and fast and do spiritual warfare, and if we do that it is in Gods hands, we have done our part, but some of this evil some one, the police the military maybe even some of us who live in area’s controlled by these evil people could have to fight, because this is a war, and this is a pure evil people that will have to be made stop, unless God does do a wonderful miracle, I believe Trump will win for he has told me that, but these people will not stop, until forced and punished, HIGH TREASON NEEDS TO BE CALLED OUT HERE AND ENFORCED TO THE MAX, THAT WOULD STOP A BIG PART OF IT, WE HAVE NOT PUNISHED THEM FOR ALL THIS OTHER EVIL THEY DID TO MR. tRUMP AND THEY THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW, AND WILL HAVE TO BE BROUGHT DOWN, AND THEN MAYBE OTHERS WE BACK OFF WHEN THEY SEE THE CONSEQUENCES, BUT WE NEED TO WATCH EVEN GOING OUT, BECAUSE WE ARE DEALING WITH EVIL, BEAWARE OF ANY ONE TRYING TO SNEAK UP ON US, OR IF WE GO TO A RALLY ALL LEAVE AT THE SAME TIME AND WATCH YOUR BACKS HAVE SOME EVEN WALK BACKWARD ON GUARD, JUST WATCHING OUT FOR ONE, ANOTHER, using common sense, I believe God will watch over us, but we need to be alert. AND FATHER WE JUST ASK THAT YOU TOUCH HER IN A MIGHTY WAY, AND MEET EVERY NEED ACCORDING TO YOUR RICHES IN GLORY BY CHRIST JESUS, DAVID SAID I NEVER SEEN THE RIGHTEOUS FORSAKEN OR HIS SEED BEGING BREAD, AND LORD SHE HAS NEEDS THAT NEED TO BE MET, TAKING CARE OF HER MOTHER, FOR THE WORD SAY’S HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER, AND WE ASK THAT YOU MEET EVERY NEED, FOR HER AND OTHER THAT ARE HURTING RIGHT NOW, AND LORD THERE ARE MANY, AND WE ASK AND AGREE TOGETHER THAT YOU WILL MEET OUR NEEDS, AND WE WILL GIVE YOU THE HONOR AND GLORY IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME BE BLESSED SIS

  28. Susan

    God has chosen Trump – to serve the next 4 years. He has chosen the one who protects the unborn.
    Do not despair. But pray. He hears us. And He answers according to His Word. Faith.
    Isaiah 12
    And in that day you will say:
    “O LORD, I will praise You;
    Though You were angry with me,
    Your anger is turned away, and You comfort me.
    Behold, God is my salvation,
    I will trust and not be afraid;
    ‘For YAH, the LORD, is my strength and song;
    He also has become my salvation.’ ”
    Therefore with joy you will draw water
    From the wells of salvation.
    And in that day you will say:
    “Praise the LORD, call upon His name;
    Declare His deeds among the
    Make mention that His name is exalted.
    Sing to the LORD,
    For He has done excellent things;
    This is known in all the earth.
    Cry out and shout, O inhabitant of Zion,
    For great is the Holy One of Israel in your midst!”

    • L'Angel de la Mer

      That is so beautiful! Amen! I’m singing to the Lord !!!!!

      • Susan

        Amen! Praise to our God is the most awesome form of spiritual warfare!

  29. kostoli@aol.com

    So, what do you want us to do besides pray?  I am asking because the article seemed incomplete with this unanswered at the end, even though you have stated it before.  Do you want us to call our legislature, protest (peacefully), or something else?   I am willing to do what needs done. Thank you.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Three things we must do. 1. Pray. 2. Stand against our emotions, our fear and doubt. 3. Speak up to lukewarm believers and preachers, speak up to your elected official and command them to take action and side with those who are fighting to stop the fraud.

      • L'Angel de la Mer

        Again, Thank you and bless you!
        I called all of my reps yesterday and told them to Stand with our President Trump and asked what they are doing if anything. I called for investigations into voter fraud, silicone valley censorship of conservatives, Joe Biden being compromised with China, and Hunter Biden accepting funds from China and Russia.
        I expressed my displeasure with John Cornyn for aiding Joe Biden with words of acceptance, And I prayed with all of the aides.
        Here is the website I used to find all of my reps, local, state and national;
        I also left an email message to our President at the Whitehouse website to encourage him.
        In Jesus, Brenda

      • cs1


  30. Kingdom Creations

    If my memory serves you are one of those who prophesied that Trump was going to win, now in this blog you discourage us by stating, “We have to stop abusing doctrinal extremes in the area of prophecy and divine sovereignty. Disbelief will make you say something like, “God would never let this happen to America.” But both History and the Bible say otherwise.” SO PLEASE CLAIRFY! If Americans want America to be great again, “We need God in America again”

    • mariomurilloministries

      No offense but your memory does not serve you correctly. God did not give me a prophetic word that Trump would win but I do believe the prophets who did get that word. It is very clear. Prophecies have conditions. And we must see the threat clearly in order to have the proper level of outrage–outrage that will turn into action.

  31. Marrion Hamm

    Thank you for the update. We are Canadian but have our eyes fully open and are praying for President Trump and that this corruption will be fully exposed and brought to justice.
    On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 12:15 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Disbelief is not the same as unbelief. > Unbelief is doubting that something is true. Disbelief is shock. It is the > human reaction to facts that are too monstrous to accept. It is a mental > safety valve that lets the brain survive unbearable circumstances. ” >

  32. kingskid48

    If anyone hasn’t seen the video of Tucker’s program last night, especially the first of it, about how China owns Biden and has been deeply connected to top democrat officials for years, watch this. If the entire thing doesn’t play, find it on utube. https://parler.com/post/33876d7e6ef34926b251a5a26152c048
    Anyone, no matter if it’s a news anchor, politician, citizen, whoever, who says that we should just let this slide, don’t continue to fight for the truth, and thinks that we will have a country left to Trump, or any other Republican, to run in 2024, is kidding themselves. Evil is not creeping in, it’s descending, on America. Biden will finish selling us out. If this mess of an election is not cleaned up, why would anyone think the next one would be any better? We will never have another free, fair, and true election. We’ll be steeped in socialism and lining up for some kind of chip by then.
    Why do they think the democrats pulled all those tricks to get Biden/Harris in there, and then pulled off such massive corruption in the election? Just so they could sit on their hands and pass a few liberal bills for the next four years? They have an agenda, a wicked one. They are deluded-the Bible calls it deceiving and being deceived-into thinking that they will remain comfortable and cared for and it will be us, the masses, who will be required to toe the line.
    If it’s true that God is not finished with America and that she will fulfill her destiny, as some say, and I agree, then why would He leave the job half done? Why would He not carry this to the end, and uncover ALL corruption, lies, deception, treason, trickery, and theft? I believe He is going to expose ALL of it, and many people will find themselves in prison for a long time, no matter who they are.
    As for myself, I do not want to live in a world that these wicked people are trying to create. I will not compromise with devils.

    • Lori Smith

      I watched the video, and it explains a lot. The establishment is in bed with China, and they probably got to AG Barr. Trump was right about China all along. If we look at biblical prophecy—we certainly see a dragon. Goodness, only God is bigger than this.

    • junglequeen

      Very well said! “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” (there are a number of versions of this quote).
      If ever there was a time that was true – it is NOW. We have not been vigilant enough – we have let ourselves be sidetracked by the wiles of the enemy, the worldly concerns he loves to feed people to distract them, like, “Who won the game?”, “Who will win the next game?” “What’s for dinner?”, “What’s the latest goss on the stars?” “What’s on Telly tonight?” “Can we afford that new car/house/whatever?” etc etc. ..
      I believe a lot of these church people ‘do’ their hour sitting in church, and then switch on to this other mental sludge that poisons their minds and destroys the capacity for independent thought. Jesus wants us to know the Truth, NOT be lazy and complacent and settle for spoon-feeding.
      “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

  33. Susan

    Ironically as American Christians have stood by and fatten themselves on earth and let abortion happen to this extent where over 60 million of the most innocent – ones who really only deserve life without problems – have been murdered – and yet we cry out to God because of a stolen election?
    This Covid lockdown – taking our rights to live has shown us only a small glimpse of what it’s like to be in a womb – wanting to come out and live – but facing and fighting certain death.
    We pray for mercy and grace from the Lord that President Trump is our President for the next 4 years.
    As like layers of an onion are peeled away, we pray for a simple truth. According to His Word:
    We stand for the unborn. We pray for their deliverance from evil. We pray for God’s protection in the womb. God Bless those in the womb.
    In Jesus Name. Amen.

  34. Terence Walsh

    The Republican Party is dead to me. They sit quietly ensconced in their power over us doing nothing ( save a very few) as we’re lead down the thorny path. What will we name our new Party? Patriot Christian Life Party ? Any ideas?

  35. Linda Coenen

    I agree with the blog and many of the comments. I just want to remind us all that in the midst of the battle, it is easy to be focused on people (ie “evil people” or those in office, etc) instead of the fact that we are not waging war against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities of this world. Although that battle may have many forms – prayer, sharing, protests, etc – we can’t lose track of the fact that the people on the other side are slaves and are being used by Satan. Some are there due to hardness of heart against God, but some are just ignorant. So while we are praying and standing up for our nation, let us also be praying and have compassion for those who are being used by the enemy. They need to have their eyes opened that they might turn and be saved and rescued. Let us have the heart of Christ as we go forth in battle!

  36. Bobbie

    Finally finished the article and read no comments. Everyone needs to “get mad as hell, and NOT taking it anymore”, period and beyond, “get your war on”! It’s NOT just Christians, anyone who values and loves their Freedom, People, World and Nation. Awhile back, said i was praying for armies of Rebuker’s*, not just but Jehu’s, Deborah’s, Jael, Esther, Daniel, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Nathan, Samuel William Wallace types (Bravehearts), Joan of Arc’s, Enochs. Lord’s Prayer!
    PRAYING THAT PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP and get out of their stupor and somnolence and fear, as FEAR IS NOT OF GOD, NOT AT ALL! This is a true story: If, God calls you to do something and you don’t do it and all he requires of us is Obedience Acts 5:29 as in Author’s story, God told him “to raise someone from the dead”, and he did NOT do it. Who misses out, the woman, village and the whole world of that God still heals today. Worse, Ezekiel 3:applies also, blood on head and hands. Same with King Saul, God required King Saul to do something; Powerful Chapter in Obedience and Disobedience and justify, “yeah but”. Please read all of I Samuel 15 and I Chronicles 10: and whole true Story of King Saul.
    I Samuel 15: highlighting 10 Then came the word of the Lord unto Samuel, saying, 11 It repenteth me that I have set up Saul to be king: for he is turned back from following me, and hath not performed my commandments. And it grieved Samuel; and he cried unto the Lord all night.happened to.
    I Chronicles 10:13 So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the Lord, even against the word of the Lord, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it; 14) And enquired not of the Lord: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse. Below is a true example of heinous act of disobedience.
    THIS IS SOBERING, knew this as a child: Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6) And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.
    *Example: Yes, we all need to repent; IF, God sends you or i somewhere and we deliver a message of “feel good or repentance” and the person or audience is ok, when they are NOT; when we should be rebuking and ALL Heaven and Hell knows when we compromise, Heaven grieves, Hell rejoices; unless you repent and deliver what God required. i personally, don’t want God grieving that he created me for such a time as this. i don’t live in unholy fear, their is holy fear of Matthew 10:28. God required myself to deliver a message; and did not do, person who was to get the message got out of the car and dropped dead on the street same day; Ezekiel 3:applies, blood on head and hands, i cannot excuse or justify at all. A prophetic type told me, God knows you weren’t going to do it; that’s NO EXCUSE based on Life of King Saul and all those examples in Bible of same, can’t justify with Hosea 4:6 as what did i do with the life God gave me and my time. When you tell that, to true Apostolic’s and Prophetic’s, they weep and mourn; grieve and remind you ALL that God requires of us is OBEDIENCE-Acts 5:29. When God required to deliver a message again, stayed on task. Mario, you can’t fake repentance, true repentance; as God knows and sees all. Mario, you can call me to repent, but until sovereign God shows me my stinking, wretched, filthy, evil vile heart; as repentance is too change. Wonder how many HOURS and YEARS Dave Wilkerson had to pray for my sorry ars of a life and worse for me to come out of what came out of and NOT to obey, whew; as you cannot 2nd guess Almighty God and you can’t justify sin whatsoever as “your yeah but’s will send you to Hell”! Learn from my many mistakes.
    Fasting, that’s between you and God; saw a Pastor call his whole church to a Fast,
    i didn’t get that memo, went to God to inquire: that was man, carnal, flesh, witchcraft as God probably only called that Pastor to Fast. Proverbs 9:10!
    Awesome, they did a blood on head and hands message also:
    https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/if-you-are-advocating-for-lockdowns-and-complying-you-are-complicit-with-mass-murder/ (as all truthspeakers).
    All churches (people), go out and tell everyone, every Business, Church, Restaurant, Airlines; go in person, tell them, do not have to Close or wear a mask constitutionallawgroup.us-Rick Martin 16 minute Video, they don’t have to bow to communist satanic overthrow takeover period. 2 Kings 6:16-19. You have to go in person and talk to the head person CEO, Pastor as sorry to say it’s all been satanically infilterated, period (ask all my friends, that experienced it=YEARS)!

    • L'Angel de la Mer

      I actually tried to share the link you shared in your reply on Twitter and they wouldn’t let me. They said it was harmful! A lifesaving article with evidence of saving lives is Harmful. So Twitter is complicit in Murder on a whole new level.

  37. Mark DuBois

    Hello brother Mario,
    yes, I have been reading your blogs, I’ve been
    praying for the fraud to be exposed, brought to
    light & smashed. I have also been sending some
    financial support to Sidney Powell, and conservative
    congressmen & senators. May God help us all who
    claim the name of Christ, to, at least try to be involved,
    amen? I really, truly appreciate all you have been
    doing & are doing. Keep informing us.
    Thank You brother!

  38. Mark DuBois

    Blessings to you and family.

  39. L'Angel de la Mer

    Dearest Roger Culwell,
    I want to thank you for your prayer for me. I’m very grateful for it, brother, I pray God’s favorite blessings to you,
    In Jesus

    • Roger Culwell

      Your welcome and thank you sis be blessed

  40. NickT

    These Dem’s are sick people for they have done to our elections in our country!
    Being lead by the satan the deceiver himself. All they have done is just sickening for our country! Yes we will continue to pray our God will expose and have them
    decertify the illegal votes and get these people who have done this to our country.

  41. Linda

    Brother Mario, we are praying without ceasing for the Supreme Court to rule on the Texas lawsuit. So proud of our AG, proud to be a Texan.

  42. gege4god

    The left is saying, ‘shut up, put on your mask & don’t ask questions’. I have taken my mask off ,& demanding answers!! Phil

  43. Sherry Lee

    Mario, I just want to say thank for your ministry! Thank you for that spiritual drive and giving me so much encouragement and lifting my faith! I need that and I fight for that! And I’m fighting along with you! I know in my heart that if God said a thing, he won’t change his mind. I also believe that what he says can be misconstrued sometimes concerning time and the way a thing comes to pass. So help me understand what you’re understanding. And one last thing, I believe God is usually not early, but right at the moment, he comes. So thank you for being out there so I am able to hear your faith because I helps to strengthen mine.
    Sherry Lee

  44. Di Kennedy

    Are there any churches calling their people to solemn assemblies of fasting and praying this through….rather than the one hour or one day big events? Even if there aren’t many, Brother Mario is right on! Grab a prayer partner and believe that where two or more are gathered that He will be there.
    And we must go into our “prayer closets”….the fervent and effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much. Church, it MUST be HIS WILL AND HIS WAY for America….He doesn’t want us to be overcome by the enemy of God!

  45. Gunnar

    Where are the Dragon Slayers/Truth & Justice Bearers to remove corrupt Judges, corrupt House and Senate; Elitist Global Cabal, MSM and those tried for Treason and put in Jail/Prison and those who are trying to hi-jack our Country/World through Communism? Killng people through vaccines and food; as they were NEVER meant to be used for bio-weaponry, period. It’s all over the internet and many Truth Speakers that Vaccines are part of the Georgian Guidestones and Zero Population Movement. What famous name said eliminate 25 million uneducated and that’s acceptable to you? Research that one and how many evil people believe and think that way; as snared by the words of their mouth, as do they think their money makes them special and America and the World is only for the elite (no different than History repeating itself type of Hilterism? One guy who is pushing Vaccines is NOT a Dr., and didn’t take the hypocratic oath “to do NO harm” and he won’t and or let his family take vaccines as he should be given every one he’s given as 1/2 million children have Polio in India and evil doing in So. Africa. What famous Doctor all over MSM gave Soldiers and Foster Care Children Aids through Vaccines and do we care? Write and Show up as Phones are Busy, once you offended their satanic system of truth, you get blocked in email and mail can get thrown away as Google: Ballots and Mail thrown away for the Whistleblowers who have been dealing with that corruption for years and talked about “In This Present Darkness” by Frank Peratti! Their evil playbook never changes, time for God’s Reset and “WE THE PEOPLE”.
    How many people have to die like NO different than Nazi Hitler (truth) before people take a stand and say “Enough is Enough” and NOT on our Watch especially since the Vaccine agenda is NO different than Auschwitz that’s all over the Internet also. For the beyond stupid communist evil agenda of blk and Anifta (whoever the hell they are, obviously they didn’t care about their own freedom either as selling yours). Occult can’t handle the truth, so control and remove!
    FREEDOM! Matthew 11:12

    • n9nwo

      It is YOU who must be the Truth and Justice Bearer. It is you who G-D is calling.

  46. yolieyortiz

    I so much enjoy these blogs. I wanted to know the name of the church that you will be ministering at in San Juan Capistrano on December 10 to the 13th, I believe.
    Thank you, Yolie Y. Ortiz Whittier, Ca

  47. steve humble

    I know this is off the subject of this blog, but I’m curious as to what caused you to move to Reno, NV?
    On Tue, Dec 8, 2020, 12:14 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Disbelief is not the same as unbelief. > Unbelief is doubting that something is true. Disbelief is shock. It is the > human reaction to facts that are too monstrous to accept. It is a mental > safety valve that lets the brain survive unbearable circumstances. ” >

  48. n9nwo

    No matter who “wins” it is clear that believers have a huge challenge in front of them. We have sat in our pews and become comfortable. We expect those searching to come to us and that the pastor does all the work reconciling them to G-D.
    We have to get out of our churches, out of homes. We have to go where it is uncomfortable. Into poorer neighborhoods, in the streets, working with those marginalized or newly come to the US. Our most powerful weapon is faith. If we want this country to not just turn about but survive then we must reach out.

  49. Paul Morris

    good points Mario, and I urge believers as you said, to get over their disbelief and get some fire in their belly to fight against this crime perpetrated to oust Trump in order to put in globalist puppet and ChiCom puppet Joe Buy-den. A side note, the book offer is only for people in the continental USA as I’ve already tried to tell Mario as I’m in Canada and it doesn’t allow any “states” or “zip” codes non US

  50. Sam

    Excellent blog post—I definitely agree with the overall message here. But one key point that we shouldn’t forget is that God doesn’t want us to be worried or anxious about what’s going to happen. It’s so easy to think that we OUGHT to be worrying, and that if we’re not actually worrying, then we’re just not concerned enough.
    Of course, God definitely expects us to do our part, but ultimately the battle belongs to the Lord, as the Bible says. Jesus also told us to be of good cheer. And as Psalm 127:1 puts it: “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”

  51. Ray Sedillo Martinez

    Hello Mario & MMM. Another right on Target article. The Church that has fallen Asleep with the Enemies Blinders cannot respond appropriately. This Greatest Crime in History just continues to unveil the Disbelief of the Sleepy Church that has failed to Rise Up, Time and Time Again. Well God is done waiting and will accomplish his Will by other means if necessary. Now is the Time if Ever for the Church to Recognize it’s True Identity and Purpose for Such A Time As This..amen.



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