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Satan is stealing young people who have been raised in strong Christian families.  I get letters that are gut-wrenching. They are from parents whose child has been blinded by the enemy. They write, “I am so confused and stunned. I don’t understand how this could have happened. They denounce God, and nothing I say gets through to them.” This is a crushing heartache. Especially to the remnant who have kept their love for God fervent in this dark and evil time.

What is going on? Last night, the voice of the Lord came to me. This blog is the result of His message to me. He told me to comfort you. He told me about a miracle He holds in reserve for you and your child. Proverbs 11:21 promises you this: You can be very sure the evil man will not go unpunished forever. And you can also be very sure God will rescue the children of the godly. God Himself will activate a rescue mission.   The seed of the righteous will be redeemed by an appointment with God.  He has set a time for His power to come upon them.

Here’s what you need to know right now:

This crisis happened because of Satan.   You can’t waste time punishing yourself or searching for a root cause for their rebellion. The reason it happened, despite your best efforts and a Christian upbringing, is not a mystery. This is the work of Satan. The Bible tells us that the god of this world has blinded these young ones. (2 Corinthians 4:4) The devil has stolen their faith and continues to shut out the light. This is an important starting point. Realizing how this happened releases you from guilt, and allows you to fight back effectively. David Wilkerson said, “It doesn’t do any good for a parent to try to look deeper for a reason behind it. 

It’s all the work of Satan.  He wants to keep that child bound, confused, and in sin.  The problem goes way beyond counseling, preaching, or parenting strategies.  It’s going to take a miracle, plain and simple.” What you have sown into them is greater than the power of the devil, and it will prevail. God has set a time for His power to come upon them. Your child has been attacked unfairly. They will also be blessed ‘unfairly.’  When Jesus announced His ministry and read from Isaiah, He finished by declaring the year of God’s favor.  There is no way around it—favor is favoritism.  This is how God’s favor falls out: just as you have been unfairly attacked, so shall you be highly favored.  Your child will be impacted by that favor.

You and God are now partners in the salvation of your child.  We must take our stand in the Spirit. That is where this evil originates, and that is where it will be destroyed. Our battle is in the supernatural. It will demand a presence of God in your life such as you have never known. But it will be worth every sacrifice. You must believe that the manifest presence of Jesus will make Satan powerless against your loved one. Remember our awesome God and hold up your child before Him.  Hold in your mind a picture of that child serving God.  Keep that portrait vivid in your spirit.

Portrait of a young man praying

Yes, they often get worse when you start declaring a miracle, but don’t be fooled.  Remember how rebellious Saul of Tarsus was, right up to the moment of his violent conversion.  Trust in the inevitable and supernatural intervention of God. Nehemiah 4:14: And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” Do not lose heart! These current conditions remind me of those that existed right before the Jesus Movement swept California and we saw the hardest cases in the youth culture saved and delivered.  They too had abandoned their parents’ faith.  They went into extreme immorality and showed no sign of turning back.  Then they encountered the power of God.

Lift up your eyes all around, and behold: They all gather together, they come to you; your sons shall come from afar, and your daughters shall be nursed at your side. –Isaiah 60:4
The greatest promise is Joel 2:28:
And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.
That is the promise of God for a worldwide harvest of souls, and I am convinced it is our children who will be the harvesters!




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  1. Debi Peterman

    Pray this with me, asking the Lord to rise up and judge His enemies: (POWERFUL, from IFA. Jamie Rohrbach)
    “Abba Father God, we come to You in Jesus’ name. Father, thank You for inclining Your ear to hear our prayer today. Thank You for Your mercy toward us who are covered with the blood of Jesus, for You are the great Judge of all the earth—and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.
    Holy Father, we come to You today to ask in Jesus’ name that You would deliver us and help us. We are being oppressed by the wicked, Lord. Those who hate You and everything You stand for have risen up against the righteous, and we cannot conquer the wicked ourselves.
    But Abba Father, You can. And Father, we know and believe that You sit in the heavens and laugh at Your enemies. We know and believe that You, and You only, are He who lifts one king up and brings another down. And You only, Father, have power over all the earth—to save or judge as You see fit.
    Father, for all the wicked ones who have not heard Your message of salvation, but for whom there is still hope:
    We ask that You would open their ears to hear the message of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. Give them ears to hear and eyes to see, Abba Father, and open their hearts and conscience to the Gospel. Shower them with Your goodness, which brings men to repentance; and save them, Father.
    But Father, for those who have permanently rejected Your salvation, who have given themselves over to a degenerate mind and for whom there is no hope of repentance:
    We ask, O Lord, that You would rise up and judge Your enemies. And together with the Psalmists we pray:
    Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered; let those who hate You flee before You (see Psalm 68:1). Wound and crush the heads of Your enemies, destroying their power and influence (see Psalm 68:21-23). Dethrone Your adversaries. Let their violence and their wicked plots return on their own heads (see Psalm 75:7; Psalm 7:16). Let the sword of the wicked enter their own heart; let their tools and weapons be broken (see Psalm 37:15). Cut the wicked off and let them not even be found on the earth anymore (see Psalm 37:10). Father, we know it is not Your will that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. However, we also know that those who have given themselves over to a debased and degenerate mind, who have permanently rejected You, are wreaking havoc on the earth.
    So Father, for Your great name’s sake, and for the sake of all the righteous ones, we ask today in Jesus’ name that, according to Your will only, You would judge, destroy, obliterate, humiliate, and embarrass the enemy and all his dark forces who are at work in America.
    Father, Your victory was purchased for us upon the cross with the blood of Your Son Jesus Christ, and humbly ask today that You reveal and enforce that victory in America.
    So finally, Father, we speak to America, as well as to her enemies and allies. We stand together today in our role as the governing ekklesia of God, and we say:
    To every political seat; To every election and polling place; To every corporate boardroom; To every financial position and pillar; To every source of funding for the activities of the wicked; To every abortion clinic; To every crooked politician; To every house of government, from each local mayor’s office to the state houses to the White House; And we say:
    ‘O wicked ones, wherever you may be found, hear the word of the Lord:
    We command you in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus to repent and be saved. And if you will not, we declare and decree Your judgment in the name of the Holy One of Israel, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that you must be removed, judged, cast down, and utterly destroyed by the great God of all the earth in Jesus’ name.’
    Thank You, Father. Thank You for Your mercy toward us, and for Your great love for our nation. Thank You for hearing and answering our prayer.
    In Jesus’ holy, mighty, majestic, and matchless name we pray, amen.”
    Beloved, we have been silent and merciful to the wicked too long. Let us each rise up today and become the true ekklesia—seated in judgment to carry out our righteous cause, and obeying the mandate Christ gave us when He fashioned His church before the foundation of the world.
    Jamie Rohrbaugh
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    • Wordforworld

      From the Body of Christ: A resounding roar of Amen, Amen, so be it, so be it, in Jesus Christ’s Name!
      Thank you Debi

    • T2020

      Hallelujah!! Similar words came to me in my prayer time. It’s a confirmation of the Holy Spirit moving in the Body of Messiah. Amen!!??❤️??

    • Willy Hartford

      Benisons Brother Mario to you and all your loved ones.

    • NewHeavenOnEarth

      shared in agreement; thank you Jesus!

    • prayinginok

      Amen! The only thing I would add is to pray it OUT LOUD! Our words have power in the name of Jesus!
      I totally agree that we have been silent and too merciful to the wicked. We haven’t wanted to “offend’ anyone. Well, guess what? Jesus offended plenty of people during His time on earth and He did NOT apologize!

    • Diane

      I am a teacher. The public schools have presented godless doctrines to your children since they took praying out of schools. Not only does praying need to be reinstated, but godliness and the bible.

  2. Lorraine

    I believe a lot of this happened because people had their kids involved in “church culture” and clubs anf groups… but it wasn’t real … a lot of that stuff is phony….

  3. Michelle Troxler

    This Word Is An Anchor of HOPE For Such A Time As This! Thank You for RE~Minding Me that We have a Big Big Daddy & His Promises Are Yes & Amen!! I would Have Lost Heart If I had Not Received This NOW Word for My 2 Beautiful Daughters. In Christ Alone I Place My Trust that HE WHO BEGAN A GOOD WORK SHALL COMPLETE IT! Amen♥️

  4. T2020

    Excellent post. Praying in agreement for this nation and the children.

  5. Jeff R

    “These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die, like fire and powder which, as they kiss, consume.” Romeo and Juliet, Act II Scene 6
    As it has been said, Satan always overplays his hand; he will do so again. The “violent delights” of the world and the flesh always disappoint, and the seed of the Gospel, buried a little too deeply in the children’s hearts, will in time spring into new life.
    “In this world you will have trouble; but take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

  6. Tracy Preston

    I have a wayward child. Anything I said or did made things worse. In prayer God screamed “get your hands off of her and shut up! Do you not think I live her more than you?” I then saw a picture of me carrying her to the altar where I laid her as a sign of surrender.
    Since then my charge has been to pray. God asked “can you keep praying even if you never live to see her come back?”
    I sobbed. I want I so bad! So I pray, declare, defend and war the enemy in heaven and keep my mouth shut trusting him who so loved….
    Thanks Mario for today’s encouragement!

    • NickT


  7. Gloria Starkgraf

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I haven’t had contact with my grown son, Ron 59 yo, Bend, OR, for many years. He has alienated his father, sister, his six children (two are autistic) & their two mothers…and God.
    The promises of God keep me in peace.
    When Ron was a baby I had a dream of him on along black train. As a mature adult, I came to understand that that dream I remembered was spiritual. Please help me pray about ending Ron’s life-long ride on that devil’s train and get him on God’s highway to heaven to fulfill his godly destiny. He behaves like a Saul, but can be a Paul. Blessings to you. Love & respect from Oahu, HI.
    On Sun, Dec 6, 2020, 7:40 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Satan is stealing young people who have > been raised in strong Christian families. I get letters that are > gut-wrenching. They are from parents whose child has been blinded by the > enemy. They write, “I am so confused and stunned. I don’t understand how > thi” >

    • Wordforworld

      Gloria, heartfelt prayers for you & your family.
      “As for me and my household (family) we will serve the LORD, said Joshua, …
      and Gloria!!

    • NickT

      Praying for him

  8. Susan

    Praying for the next generation of harvesters – deliver them from evil. In Jesus Name. Amen

  9. Susan

    Praying for the next generation of harvesters – deliver them from evil. In Jesus Name. Amen

  10. Linda Blackburn

    Praise God , my son and daughter in law are coming home,thank you Jesus

  11. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Pray with me for Sarah, a doctor, a powerful child of God running away from him and her calling. Father God, cancel every assignment of the enemy against her, heal her broken heart, deliver her from the dominion of darkness and transfer her into the kingdom of Your beloved Son; restore her vision, dreams, hope for the future; turn her heart back to you and show her You are real; expose the enemy who has tried to break her; reveal Your Way, Truth and Life and give her a new heart and a right spirit. Give her a Saul to Paul encounter Lord God Almighty. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Abba Father, have mercy on her, show her Your Grace and Glory! Amen.

    • Wordforworld

      NewHeavenonEarth, Amen!
      And agreed as well, for all our medicos who have lost the Healer’s heart and oath to “first do no harm”, we pray in The Name of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. Amen.

    • NickT


  12. jazzlone

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MARIO!!!! My 37 year old son, who grew up in church and was bold for the Lord most of his life, had decided he’s no longer a believer. It’s been breaking my heart the majority of this year! Thank you, Mario, I’m claiming the miracle for my son right now!!!

  13. Mary

    Thank you so much for the encouraging words for our children!! Great reminder of some of the very words God has spoken to us!! He also very clearly gave the words from Zephaniah 3:20

  14. Kristine

    Dear Brother Mario what a timely and encouraging word! I have been rehearsing where I missed it, how I may have opened a door to the enemy over the 20years of my sons life. I keep repenting to God asking Him to forgive me where I missed it. Telling Him I did the best I believe I knew how in the light that I was walking in. He his a wonderful 20 yr old young man and he is a stranger to me…where did the beautiful, obedient to God, full of joy I want to go to church boy go?? I know now …Thank you! I will not grow weary …I will fight for him ?

  15. L'Angel de la Mer

    Dearest Pastor Evangelist Murillo,
    Words cannot express how much this blog means to me. All I can do is thank God for His and your faithfulness.
    I will rejoice in the Lord, for His goodness, His Word, His faithfulness, His saving grace, and His mercies that endure forever.
    I hold onto this Word from God with joy, for my Son, my daughter, and grandchildren. In Jesus

  16. bdk11

    Thank you for those words of encouragement. I cannot write now, I am filled with tears of thankfulness.

  17. Coleen McAlister

    Thank you so much!! Surely a Word in due season to me!!

  18. Frank Hubeny

    Very good advice: “Hold in your mind a picture of that child serving God. Keep that portrait vivid in your spirit.”

  19. katyacheban

    Thank you so much Mario for your ministry and for this uplifting message! I receive it and I believe it. Amen!
    Katrina Josephine C. 347.334.3411

  20. junglequeen

    Be of good cheer: remember Damascus Road.
    “Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.” (Isaiah 59:1) When I look back over my own life, I know this much with absolute certainty: even as a very lukewarm ‘Christian’ (ie not any other religion) living through all the ungodly times of the ’70’s and ’80’s, the Lord was with me, though I did not know it. For years He steered me through a bunch of stuff until He finally reached out (in 2006) and pulled me into His boat – in His own good time.
    Take your hands off them and stay in prayer. Human efforts can make things worse. Know this: it is not us but the Holy Spirit who convicts – and He knows all things and is everywhere. I am single and have no children, but I feel deeply for those who have young people in these days.

  21. maryannh5

    Thank-you for this. I have prayed for the backsliding children in the body of Christ, including my own. I have asked for Damascus Road experiences. I see God moving in my 4 children…I have spoken the names of my friends’ children, and those who are famous in the world, whose parents are Christians, before the throne of God—I KNOW we will see many come back to Christ!
    I love to read Luke 15, and call for the Shepherds to find the lost sheep, the Sweepers to find the lost coins, the Fathers to watch for their lost sons to return. I listen to, and sing, and pray the song that Ira Sankey first sang in a DL Moody meeting from a poem he had found in a newspaper in Britain—the tune given impromptu by the Holy Spirit: The Ninety and Nine.
    Thank you again. Your ministry is an answer to prayer.

  22. dorothy41

    Thank you, Mario! From the heart of this mother of two precious intelligent sons. May it be so. * Dorothy * 2 Corinthians 3:18 Open faced before God…
    On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 9:41 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Satan is stealing young people who have > been raised in strong Christian families. I get letters that are > gut-wrenching. They are from parents whose child has been blinded by the > enemy. They write, “I am so confused and stunned. I don’t understand how > thi” >

  23. Jennifer Donley

    Mario, Thank you for the encouragement. The Lord promised me when my son was 12 he will be saved, although that was 23 years ago, and he’s running. Your word in Proverbs encouraged me deeply to stay the course, the buckets of tears I shed are endless, and I know my Father has kept everyone. One day HE WILL serve the Lord I’m a mighty way. Love conquers all. Again thank you for the encouraging words. Jennifer Donley, Redding, California

  24. Sherry

    Thank you for your encouragement. This is so true in my life.
    Bless you, Mario!

  25. Karen Morris

    This hit home. I wonder if this is the harvest God has been showing me. Bigger than I can imagine.

  26. swordandspiritwriter

    Reblogged this on Sword and Spirit Writer and commented:
    Excellent post below. Like thousands of parents, I too have been praying for my young adult son and seeing him turn little by little. By what I’ve witnessed, the works of the devil are written all over what I’ve seen happen in him.
    But my trust is in the unfailing love and mercy of God, and I am praying VIOLENT prayers against the powers of darkness for my son and thanking Him that every step my son takes is actually taking him closer to Jesus. And I decree and bind my son on the narrow path with Jesus.
    For what is on the narrow path? The redeemed of the Lord who do not compromise and walk holy and uprightly in Him. And what is NOT on the narrow path of God? Anything or anyone who is of satan. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!
    I will continue to use my blood-bought authority and command satanic mind-blindness to leave my son. Even if, for whatever reason, my prayers are chipping the blindness away with every prayer, I praise God that it’s about to go in the name of Jesus amen!
    Lord, I praise You for a special rescue mission for my son and the children of anyone who needs it. The devil will pay and pay big for touching the children of the godly.
    “Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, Who delights greatly in His commandments. His descendants will be mighty on earth; The generation of the upright will be blessed,” (Psalm 112:1-2)/
    If you’d like to comment on this post, I’d love to join my faith with yours and pray for your child to return fully to the Lord and with his/her whole heart.
    You may also like:
    How to Pray for Prodigals (Even When They Love Their Sins):

  27. Maria Bradshaw

    I know He will save them all!

  28. Ruth W

    Mario thank you for listening to GOD for us. Parents spend so much time in worry and fear it’s had to listen! Thank you or hope today. This is one message I will gladly pass on!

  29. Sandra Hutchison

    Please send me an address where I can mail you a donation. Or a site online. Sandra Hutchison
    Sent from my iPad

  30. Ruth W

    Hello Everyone, please say a prayer for Giuliani – he has Covid! He has been working s o hard or us o save our democracy!!!

  31. Marcia Lynne

    Jeremiah 31:15-16
    15 Thus says the Lord:
    “A voice was heard in Ramah,
    Lamentation and bitter weeping,
    Rachel weeping for her children,
    Refusing to be comforted for her children,
    Because they are no more.”
    16 Thus says the Lord:
    “Refrain your voice from weeping,
    And your eyes from tears;
    For your work shall be rewarded, says the Lord,
    And they shall come back from the land of the enemy.

  32. Betsy Pollock

    This really encourages me. Thank you. God does know and care and love them more than…!

  33. Original Benjamins

    Rev. Murillo, Thank you so much for this powerful word today from the Lord! I needed this encouragement as I pray for my adult children. Thank you for your obedience. God Bless you richly! Donna Rebello
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  34. penwright1029

    I checked about Giuliani and found every news source is using this as a way to say President Trump is using baseless claims for the election.
    As far as adult children, who turned against Father…. my stepson needs prayers. He was not raised by his father so didn’t have a basis to believe in Him.

  35. Sandy Huff

    Oh boy, Did I need this. Married son and 3 children. Haven’t seen them in 8 years. He was brought up Christian. His middle name is Christian. Edward Christian. I’ve Cast out Satan, and Leviathan. God showed me Eddie was riding on Leviathan’s back in a dream I had. I believe God has a large job for Eddie and Satan knows it and is fighting to control Eddie and wife Sara by $. I feel if I devote myself to constant prayer for Eddie, it will be me and not God turning the key in the lock. I’ve prayed diligently for 8 years. Describe what you mean by more fervent prayer. I’m already up 2x a night for our nation. Interjecting prayers for my son too. I’ve fasted. Help me please. Sandy
    Sent from my iPhone

    • NewHeavenOnEarth

      Praying with you for your son and all the prodigal children. There is power in agreement! We agree President Trump won the election and we believe God is able to bring our children back to God as he brings America back to and under God!

      • Wordforworld

        I agree w/newheavenonearth for Sandy Huff!!
        Go to sleep Sandy & let the LORD refresh you!!

  36. Frances Hamilton

    This is the second message I have gotten in the last 5 minutes about the favor of God! I receive His Favor upon me and my children and grandchildren and their spouses! Even though we did not earn it or deserve it, it is God’s gift to us and I am thankful! Love your messages and pray for you daily, Frances ????☦️?
    On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 12:54 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Satan is stealing young people who have > been raised in strong Christian families. I get letters that are > gut-wrenching. They are from parents whose child has been blinded by the > enemy. They write, “I am so confused and stunned. I don’t understand how > thi” >

  37. Caroline V

    Thank you, Pastor Murillo… you have no idea how the Lord uses your writings to lift me up. You restore me by reminding me God that has heard this moms prayers of 30 yrs. I raised them to know and love Christ. He will not let them go.
    Blessings and +PAX

  38. soljerblue

    I do believe there comes a time in the life of every young person when they question authority, from their parents, teachers, pastors, anyone they deem of any greater wisdom than they themselves. It’s then, when they think they’re open minded that Satan holds forth the fruit of his tree for them to sample. I know it was so with me, and it took my time in military service to recover my belief in the Father and Son I’d rejected. Even today I struggle, yet am always mindful of the miracle of His patience. So I think the Road Home is there, and if God wants you on it it’s there you’ll be in His good time.

  39. Laude Hays

    Thanks so much for this article, my son is 50 years old, been drinking most of his life, using meth, living with a woman. I had lunch with him yesterday, he sounded different and the Lord said to me, “Never lose hope that I am bringing your son into The Kingdom, I’m just doing it my way, not yours. Then I read your writing this afternoon, it’s like God is really speaking to many regarding the prodigals. I have been a pastor since 1980 and he grew up with my religiosity and rigidity, left home at 16, went to drugs. It’s never too late, thank you again Mario, such a wonderful encouragement this day. His name is Brandon.

  40. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this message. I have been fighting this battle for months in confusion. ( I thought, am I the only one going through this,? How could my children despise God?) But the LGBTQ movement is more important for them and “loving each other” is a sign of tolerance not the church. I can even picture this demon in my mind ( but I’m not afraid of it). My daughter cuts herself, sends horrible satanic looking social media pics and all think I’m crazy for talking Jesus. My 13 year old godson thinks his gay but already posts sensual social media posts. Today I held my first “ prayer meeting at my dinner table “ with my 2 teenage daughters as a single mom and had them read through the chosen verses. I was astonished that they agreed, but not sure if they’ll agree again, but I know that the Lion of Judah and His angels walks this earth now and Jesus, the Lion is on my side. Keep my 3 children in prayer and thank you for this encouraging message. The Blood of Jesus over us. René
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  41. Jill Hughes

    This. Gives. Me. Tremendous. HOPE! THANK YOU!

  42. Ann Lazzeri

    Thank you, Mario, for this message so many parents desperately need to hear. My oldest daughter walked away from the Lord for many years. This spring she was in the hospital suffering greatly from cancer. One day as I was driving home from the hospital where the news was very grim, I heard the Lord say to my spirit: “Lori may have walked away from me but I have not walked away from her.” That gave me such comfort to know He was still working in her life..In July, a few days before her death, she confirmed to me her faith in Jesus.

  43. NickT

    We dedicated our son to the Lord over 33 years ago he was raised in church
    Full gospel, and even went to a Christian School. But now he has no time for
    God. Please remember Ryan our son.

  44. kingskid48

    Thank you for this encouraging word. My son has a friend who is a committed Christian and he has been having an affect on him, I can tell. This is an answer to prayer! Also, my grandson is going with a girl who is a committed Christian! I am MORE than pleased with this. My granddaughter is a good girl, but right now, is still too caught up in the world and it’s glamour. I am concerned that she lives in a world that is disappearing before her eyes and is not aware of it. I think she thinks everything will turn back to , “normal”, soon. I pray every night that my grandchildren will find who they are in Him and marry Godly spouses.

  45. kingskid48

    My heart goes out to all of you who have seen their children or grandchildren walk away from God, or fail to make a real commitment.
    I will be praying for all of them, and you.
    And for all those here who have unsaved spouses. It is tough.

  46. Carol Ronning

    Saw this! Encouraging!
    Sent from my iPhone

  47. n9nwo

    I have seen this as well. Have a daughter in California. My prayer is that when Mario reaches her area that she will be drawn in to hear him.
    I really do expect to see a spiritual revolution. So many of these young people are empty and searching. Given the huge out pouring of pray, to include speaking in tongues, that we are seeing nationwide it is clear that the foundations of a spiritual revolution are being built.
    This is a revolution that will be led by G-D, not man or any of us. G-D has allowed this to happen to show his glory. And it has been in the works since at least the 1980s.

  48. Sharon Johnson

    Praise God, thank you for your message today. I have been so distraught over my children not serving God. I have been praying for them for so long and standing on God’s promise that He will remove their hearts of stone and give them a new heart. Your message today from God has given me hope and peace that i have longed for. Thank you God that you will pour out your spirit on all our children. Amen

  49. karineppert

    Thank you for this – it is exactly the confirmation and comfort I needed today. Standing on His promises for this! We have been heartbroken by our younger son’s declarations that he no longer believes in God, he fights us and we know it is a spiritual attack. We are praying for him and all the sons and daughters who are in the enemy’s crosshairs. We know our God will prevail and His promises never fail. We will see victory and He will get all the glory.

    • NewHeavenOnEarth

      “We know God will prevail and His promises never fail. We will see the victory and He will get all the glory” Yes and Amen!!!

  50. Bobbie

    I have not read any comments as saw this when only 6 posted. Prayed about, I was one of those rebellious children and yes Mario conversation was God’s total sovereign timing. My conversion was because of the Neighbors who glorious prayed and lived Christian and NOT religious as it shocked their last Pastor at tribute and Eulogy to this lovely Godly tremendous couple, he had no idea. Always say, if it wasn’t for this amazing couple, I would NOT be here and another set of neighbors they exemplified and modeled Christlikeness in Prayer, reading their Bibles and always having this kid in their Home and around the Dining Table and included me in their family like I was one of their own. I hope their Mansions are huge for saving this child’s life and whoever else they prayed for and impacted as they were a type of George Bailey “It’s a Wonderful Life”; very Apostolic/Prophetic Movie for it’s time, although “Can’t Take It With You”-1938 by gifted Frank Capra was a personal favorite.
    Parents, don’t lose heart; as believe you me, I came in kicking and screaming as ALL my friends. What we are doing now, is praying for this Generation, Prodigals, Harvest; we learned what was important and not and we ALL became awesome, wonderful, fabulous, amazing Dragon Slayers. God took all our messes and they became our messages and our horrific testimonials and they became our testimony. There’s Hope, Faith and Love in Almighty God the Father. Just LOVE them and let God clean them up and see them as God sees them, it will be God’s perfect timing. Don’t lose heart. Also, all my friends we love to help serve the Fatherless, Widow, Orphan, Poor, Homeless, Single Parents and their Children, Alien, Stranger living:
    Isaiah 11:1-16 is crucial; THIS IS THE GENERATION, the Apostolics and Prophetics are coming in God’s PERFECT Timing. The Enoch Generation. Mario, your Bible verses are excellent. Jeremiah 29:11, 31:3, 33:3 (more verses coming)!


    Mario! Thank you for this Word! Last Thursday the Lord spoke to me to remember His faithfulness! He said to me, ‘Have I not said it? Will I not bring it to pass!!!’ Regarding my 13 year old son who has turned rebellious, hard, is anti-everything ‘God’, violent-minded, etc. … (we are believing for his deliverance, salvation & baptism of Holy Spirit fire! That even the whole Balina Family would experience this baptism! That we would all ‘love Jesus, love each other, & love others!’…. I responded to the Lord’s question/ declaration joyfully in faith saying, ‘Yes Lord! I know You will!!!’ Then, in prayer, the Lord showed me what it will take/look like for Him to be saved! Nothing is impossible with God! I saw my son laying in his bed & the Presence of Holy Spirit, the Glory of the Lord, coming upon him! I saw him start to shake in reaction to His intense Presence! All the lies, deception, rebellion, hatred, fear, bondages, chains- breaking off , loosing him!!! Because of His presence! I saw how the intense love of Jesus was able to confront him in Truth. Proving to Him that He is enough. He is a man’s Man! His love is not weak but powerful! Powerful enough to set him free! That Jonathan would be fully convinced that Jesus is who He said He is! King of kings & Lord of lords! He is worthy of respect & honor! That he can put his trust in Him & not be ashamed! So, when i opened this email just now & read your words of encouragement & word from the Lord, i jumped up & just started praising God again for His faithfulness! Surely He will do what He promised! Delivering him/us from evil! He will COME UPON my son Jonathan like you stated & God showed me Thursday! Our family is in covenant with the Most High! Dedicated to the Lord Jesus! Marked by the Holy Spirit of Promise! I praise Him for all He will do! Glory to God! I thank God for you & all you are doing in obeying the Lord! Representing Him purely, truly, unashamedly! I’m proud of you and promote your information to many! God bless you! Susan Balina
    Sent from my iPhone

  52. Bobbie

    Found it: It’s “The Joseph Company”: Genesis 50:20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.
    God’s TIMING is absolutely EVERYTHING! Also, my friends became Ruthless, Violent Dragon Slayers and I would say they are definitely known in Hell-Acts 19:15. Few of them, i wouldn’t want to meet in a lit alley, as Liz holds you accountable for every single word you say; yes, words are very important to God. Adrian, Richard and Bob are so living the Apostolic Life as Tom, Lynn, Louise, Daniela, Mary, Rachel, Mark, Sarah,, Pat the many. Perry walking and pray for his City for years preaching the good news; Roberta told Judicial System and the World in regards to a child abuse case, that they were going to be sorry she was ever born and been making it good ever since. Although; as iron sharpens iron friends told her to read vows, oaths in Bible and inquire of God. Many, you can find totally doing what Jesus Christ did, praying for the sick, teaching, feeding; clothing, not building wrong buildings to themselves or empty words.
    Matthew 11:12 Generation! Isaiah 16:all! (“The Joseph Company” article. Reminds me of a type of Lazrus Generation, as heaven knows we all needed to be resurrected);

  53. loradollarhide

    Thank you so much I needed this word you see my son is bound by addiction his choice is meth and cannot hear when I tell him the Jesus loves him he just laughs at me and then gets angry when I try to talk to him about his addiction l, my heart is broken but then my angry rises up and I speak and tell the devil he can’t have my children because I gave them to God along time ago and I’ll pray and fight on my knees until I don’t have any breath left before Gods made a promise to me to send revival to my family and I’m standing on that promise, so thank you for reminding me to keep pressing in because there is a might war in the heavens for our children’s souls and for souls in general!!! God bless your ministry I pray for you and your family and your ministry every day!!

  54. Vivian Maroney

    Brother Mario,
    Thank you for this blog. I have two sons that I am praying that they too like me will take part in that great Harvest. I believe you and others have already started it. Please pray for Shane and Todd to come to the Lord so that their destiny that God has fir them will begin. As for them they too have been created for such a time as this! God bless you.

  55. gail

    Correction:  I have read "Vessels of Fire & Glory"  (not Fresh Fire)   
    Best Regards, Gail Murphy
    Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2020 at 10:34 AM

  56. Randy Harrell

    Thanks Mario this was such a timely message for what we are dealing with regarding our son. Through you the Lord has given us new hope and resolve to continue to believe a miracle will happen.



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