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Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him at the first sign of trouble. Especially, since God is well able to do a miracle.
I have no personal illusions about my power or influence in this crisis. Donald Trump needs far more than anything I can give him. But what I can do, is write.
The impact of this little blog has shocked me before, and truly―I need it to shock me again. I am praying that what I write here will go well beyond normal channels and into the hearts of many who need to act. Here are my reasons:
1. When the church needed Donald Trump, he was there. He came to our defense at great personal cost. How can we abandon him, now that it might cost us something?
2. Donald Trump knew evil when he saw it. He knew the corrupt and vile leftists that infest Washington. He discerned the evil of the Deep State. He decoded the shameful agenda of the big tech and the media. He abhorred evil and resisted it with every executive order and every appointment to the Supreme Court. How can we not see that it is evil, and only evil, that is trying to control this election?  How can we not see that standing with Trump is to stand against evil? We should be fasting, praying, rebuking, and declaring victory over Satan. We should not be abandoning our post.
3. When things looked impossible, Donald Trump held his ground and continued to confess what he would do—about the economy—about China—about religious freedom. Even when it looked crazy, he would not back down. While his enemies laughed at his promises, Donald Trump simply rolled up his sleeves and did the impossible. Just because we cannot see what that miracle should look like, does not mean we cannot stand with him. Now that he needs a miracle, how can we not stand alongside him and believe for the impossible?
Now you know why I will not abandon Donald Trump. Will you?

This is a message to those who support Mario Murillo’s message to America.


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  1. Laura Parson

    I’ll never abandon him! I’m so grateful for all he has done for us, Israel, our borders, our religious rights, our unborn children, our safety – I could go on and on. And thank you Mario for standing strong! How I thank God for you!

    • Nancy Rugnetta

      Neither will I abandon him…..I am still standing, believing that God will up end the tables of the demoncratic party, and there will be a great “surprise”.

    • Clark


      • Ivan Glory

        I will not and will never abandon President Trump. I still believe the Lord will overturn the outcome in his favor and in our favor as those who support him. God bless President Trump.

    • Alicia

      I won’t abandon President Trump…he has fought for us, spoke the truth when everyone else was lying and he still stands.
      I have fought long and hard for 2020’s Presidency and am STILL praying for wisdom and knowledge for him to win, while binding the evil trying to take over the country and LOOSING Gods plans For the United States of America.

  2. Sharel Hagar

    I’m still praying Gods will for President Trump and our Nation
    Sent from my iPhone

  3. revelation4me

    I agree. I am sharing your posts with as many as possible. There are others like Dutch Sheets, Christian Missionary Fellowship International, Lou Engles and a few other ministries who are standing fast on behalf of the President, righteousness and our beloved nation. If people knew the alternative, they would stand fast and support him also.

  4. Dan R

    I’m standing with him for as long as it takes! I truly believe God has granted him the victory in heaven and it will eventually manifest itself on earth. I think a big break is right around rthe corner.

    • Virginia

      I will not abandon you president Trump. Our prayers are with you. It has been amazing to watch truth be turned into lies on the news. So many people being let astray. God bless you and your family as you have been courageous and prayerfully walking through every day. I know there are so many of Gods children praying for you and we are included. Our God reigns even when life does not make sense. He has the last word and we know who wins in the end. God will continually reign victoriously for ever. Thank you for all you’ve done for Gods people and those that don’t realize there’s a battle going on just yet. God bless you!

    • Gloria

      The Zoe Fellowship led by Prophet Elvis Mbonye in Uganda will not abandon Trump.

  5. Roger Culwell

    amen how can you abandon the good and go with the bad, the Lord told me right before the last election as I prayed and fasted Tell The People Donald Trump is my man, and he has proved he is Gods man, we could not say Merry Chrismas any more, we couldn’t say Jesus Christ, even some bible replaced Jesus with “Him” just try casting out a demon in Him name, only Jesus name works, and he put God back in everything, again proving he is Gods man, and the devil has tried with his Dem communist children to impeach, slander, everything they could to get rid of him, and everything they tried him for they did and was doing, but who tried them for what they really did, and blamed on him, Biden committed high Treason, and he and O. committed voter fraud and created the system or put it in place, and Mr. Trump has went right on working and done more for this country than any other President ever, the peace agreements, the Jobs he brought back, the economy, built our military back up, stood against abortion, the first president ever too, and much, much more, he has kept the promises he made, that none ever keep after they get elected, he did, he is trying to clean up our political system, and give this nation back to “We The People” and there is the main thing they hate, trying to make where we don’t have to rely on other countries for fuel or ant thing, while they try to destroy our food supply, with shut downs to finish destroying the nation and the family, and every thing so much I can’t even think of it all, and Mr. Trump is trying to save us from a hell we do not want live in, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD WE NOT BACK HIM, have you listened what they are planning to do if they take over, we better back Trump and pray to God these Tyrants are charged tried and convicted, and some of high treason, part of this even goes back to JFK, a lot more here than some could imagine, and it will takr fasting and praying, and loss of sleep and speaking out, we can’t afford not to back him, people are asleep, and some are just Traitors, and the church I hate to say it but they the enemy too. BUT I WILL BACK HIM ALL THE WAY EVEN IF THE LORD HAD NOT TOLD ME, I CAN SEE WHAT HE IS DOING ANY ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ESPECIALLY GODS PEOPLE, SO THAT TELLS ME ABOUT SOME RIGHT HERE ENOUGH SAID. any one who loves this nation and the Church, would back Trump, if they don’t then you must love communism and if you do go there.

    • junglequeen

      Amen! I’ve often wondered what it was that would make Christians merit the “I never knew you” rebuke in Matt 7:21-23. I used to think, “This is tough…” I don’t think that any longer. This is far worse than anything I could have imagined. Jesus foresaw the awful backsliding in the Church, all these people who think their ‘works’ will cover their backsides. We can only pray they see the light before it is too late – for their sake. Their brains must have gone out the window.

      • Roger Culwell

        amen sis we have a sleeping and deceived people for sure. be blessed

      • Bobbie

        Junglequeen: I don’t think, they think their is a God and there is a Heaven or Hell plus they have NO FEAR of God therefore NO Wisdom, scriptural. God takes “no pleasure in the death of the wicked”; i’m not sure why God hasn’t dropped many a false preacher for prostituting and whoring his name and who he is and God didn’t get any money while they lived the lie and the lavish lifestyle and we paid them to be in sin. People made idols and replaced God with ministries that NEVER took a stance for anything, let alone lived James 1:27 or did what he said in Gospels to do!

  6. beagle095dog

    One consequence of President Trump’s gruff personality is to cause a separation – between those who love him and those who hate him. This helps bring about the prophesy in Malachi 3:18, making clear and visible to all the difference between those who serve God and those who don’t. The effect is to deplete the middle ground between two opposing sides in this great conflict here near the end. In God’s mercy, He is causing choices to be made and reducing those lukewarm persons who may actually be enemies of the Cross of Christ in abandoning him..
    I will never abandon my president.

  7. revelation4me

    I encourage all to support him with emails and other available forms of contact. I have sent several emails urging him to stand and not concede. I also encourage him with information that many are standing with him in fasting and prayer. I always remind him that he won the election, LEGALLY by a landslide and that he will take the oath of office in January, We KNOW THIS IS GOD’S WILL. IS THIS ALSO THE WILL OF THE BODY OF CHRIST? One thing I know for certain….GOD WILL NEVER TOLERATE OR ALLOW THE AMERICAN CHURCH TO RETURN TO ITS FORMER STATE OF CARNALITY, APATHY AND POWERLESSNESS! The President is yet working for the church. Here is an article that came in after this latest post from Mario Murillo I believe God communicates with Donald Trump directly and not just through Christian “advisors”. Here is the White House link to encourage the President. I’ve sent Christmas cards in previous years. I hope snail mail is getting through to him.

    • Bobbie

      Revelation4me. Will someone tell Donald J. Trump, that since MAY (Memorial Weekend) this is how the evil powers are working. Get text(s) to donate, do survey’s and buy patriot stuff and freebies and NO CAN DO, CAN’T do any of the above. Was calling Winred 3x’s a day for weeks, months and then called the Whitehouse to leave a message and due to the beyond evil insane communist satanic agenda of Covid propaganda everything is on email and pretty no one is answering their phones overall. Email, don’t trust as SEEN too many satanic interceptor secretaries as look at all the mail fraud (which mail, mailed friends they didn’t even get as per articles, all mail got thrown away) and friends told me their emails they sent, weren’t being sent (hmm, more big tech control). So, when i saw someone asking people to donate $5, 10, 20 dollars to the FIGHT, NO CAN DO! So, if he wonders why donations dropped off; Winred told me they knew of the problem and can’t get it working, WOW! Such an evil satanic battle!
      My mere pittance is nothing to other people’s wealth, but I tried especially with the offers of of matching the money 1000 offers; so I sent it to an Orphan who i knew would get the money.
      That’s why I like that line in “First Knight” the King is admonishing to “NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER SURRENDER, he’s calling the people to the FIGHT and fight like your life depends on it; which it does!
      “God not allowing the former false church entity NEVER to return to it’s carnality, apathy, powerlessness”: Yep, you got that right for all the snake pits of vile and filth and lies and evil grew up in consumed with narcissim self and building their Real Estate Empire’s and lavish lifestyle off the people’s time and money and be in heinous sin to boot and which they should have NEVER existed in the first place. If, your going to have a holy hatred for anything hate the false church institute. Why loath evil MSM besides selling their communist agenda is they would never do the truth on Barry Soetoro (aka) Obama and all those lies and cover-up and agenda which they were all part of selling the people out and for YEARS. I mail everything Priority that way you have a tracking # and pay extra for signature (have friends that didn’t get their mail even when did this) and you can’t sue the Post Office! If, evil is removing truth, there you go!

      • revelation4me

        I agree. Previously, before 2020, I received a letter or response from the President. I as dubious about the White House staff this year. I had used the email a little earlier since summer ended (I gave up on snail mail)….no replies to emails, no acknowledgments or anything. Then the site was “updated” very recently and every email lately has been acknowledged. Still risky, but I want the President to know we stand behind him. Just hoping the right people are working to communicate out support to him.

  8. tjgwynn

    If people cannot see what is coming if President Trump is not in the White House or what this demonic so called virus is about, they are really blind & have no idea what God is doing on earth. I am fasting & praying for victory for President Trump & I live in Canada! I am so fed up with people who call themselves Christians & endorse Biden/abortion! That does not go together. I declare Psalm 89:20-29 over President Trump every day (along with other scripture God has given me for him). He will prevail as long as we keep praying!

  9. Åhsa Rosenberg

    Skickat från min iPhone
    > 24 nov. 2020 kl. 09:06 skrev Mario Murillo Ministries : > >  >

  10. Phyllis Atwell

    I am grateful to our Lord for Donald Trump. I want him to stay in the White House where our nation needs him. I pray that the Lord has that plan for our country. I know MY GOD is able. I pray for God’s will to be done, and not the will of man in this 2020 election.

  11. Margaret Day

    Another helpful blog, brother Mario! The truth is, victory is not impossible. It is already ours. We knew we had it even before election day came. We elected Donald Trump on 11/3/2020. That was Donald’s “election day.” He is now elected. We stand and having done all to stand, we stand further. There is no way that Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris will serve during the four year period that was given to Donald on 11/3/2020. He is the elect of God and he is the elect of us. There is only one president at a time and the next four years BELONG to Donald Trump. It is not something that he is trying “to get.” He has it. Come Jan 21, 2021, then Jan 22, 2021, and on, etc., Donald’s socks will still be neatly folded in the drawer they are in right now in his bedroom at the White House. His suits will still be hanging in the White House. He will still be eating breakfast in the White House. Nothing will have changed. And, to be perfectly accurate, I do not believe that anything we do or do not do now can alter that. I believe the momentum the Lord has given us, coupled with His complete faithfulness, will have its own Way. Jesus said, “I AM THE WAY…” I believe it is in the hands of His Majesty now.

    • Mike Mealer

      No weapon formed against him will prosper and every word that rises against him, HE will condemn!

  12. Denise Loftus

    Thankyou Mario. My heart goes out to you because you are right. It is total evil that he is fighting. I will not abandon him either. I bless him. I don’t hear the fat lady singing yet – do you?

  13. Alyce!

    AMEN AND AMEN!! I’m NOT about to abandon President Trump either…. he’s fighting every demon in hell, and needs all of our total unwavering support!! NO time to “wimp out” and crawl back under a rock because the battle is raging!
    We need to pray, stand in the gap, for him stronger than ever!.,
    Great blog!! Love it!! ????????????????

  14. Susan

    He is the most PRO LIFE president ever!
    God Bless America –

  15. Angie

    Amen Mario !
    In our small living room , “ downunder , “ four of us prayed , declared , used His word and spoke out every vision that God has shared with us , both today and over our past 2 meetings . We stand with Donald Trump and our ally in America , refusing to allow evil to prevail in your election . We will keep fighting until the Lord tells us otherwise !

    • Ron Balint

      Standing firm in Central New Jersey!
      Contending for righteousness, justice, vindication, revival!

  16. Yaffa Naomi

    What looks insurmountable to our natural eye is nothing before our GOD! With HIM, All things are possible! This promise is found in the Scriptures. GODs plan shall be fulfilled.

  17. Sharon Boileau

    Grateful for the gifts He has given you!
    Sent from my iPhone

  18. Audrey

    And having done All to Stand, Stand. Not Abandon. Your Bible reads like mine. As true believers we must act on the Word and not merely mentally assent to it. Excellent article Mario. Always a Word in season.

  19. Kathleen G Woodward


  20. Victoria Jean Ferris

    Thank YOU for standing with this annointed leader who, despite the worst criticisms and mocking I’ve witnessed, but continue on far more gallantly than these sickening men of God (?)!

  21. Peg Byars

    Brother Mario, God is firing your Holy Spirit inspired messages as arrows into the hearts of pulpit preachers all over the world, to awaken, convict and alter their course back on course with His message. Thank you for being as bold as John the Baptist, as tenacious as Apostle Paul and as sure of God’s plans as Daniel. The best is yet to come. Glory to God.

  22. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    Having set our hands to the plow, we will not look back. Donald Trump is one of our own.

    • junglequeen

      Agreed!! Not only in USA, but in the rest of the world also. He is God’s man in these bad times.

  23. philju31b

    Continue To Believe And Focus On God’s Purpose And See By Our Eyes By Faith ????❤️❤️

  24. Dr. Pam Morrison

    Grateful for your continued support of the President. We support him too – completely.

  25. magking28

    I will not abandon our president Donald Trump or Mike Pense. God can and will deliver what we need but we need to keep strong. Thank u and we will never give up. I don’t watch the news only the truth.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  26. Teresa Slabach

    Supporting President Trump! Praying and believing God for victory!

  27. suegary21bigpondcom

    Keep up the good work. If God be for us who can stand against us. Gideon only had 300 men and defeated the Midianites. He is mighty to diver.Sent from my Galaxy

  28. Joseph

    Dear Mario,
    Your faith will be rewarded. We both know Donald Trump won the election. The proof of fraud is so plain on tv as we watch the enemy’s servants, mere news people, who do not as much as tell us the news, but who lie to us daily, prop up an evil man as the new president whom we know will indeed take us through a dark winter were he to win.
    Here is how we know that The Good Lord has not turned away from his servant, Donald Trump, whom so many professing Christians (in name only) brush off as being a sinner whom The Lord would laugh at and ignore if he dared pray to God, seeing themselves, from their high horse, as being so much better than our president.
    President Trump’s long list of righteous accomplishments and great sacrifices that were made despite the most fierce and non-stop resistance and opposition of Satan’s children… were accomplished with God’s help and were bathed in the light of the regular prayers made from inside The White House and from President Trump’s supporters around the world.
    Here is what continues to give me hope, Mario. Last Christmas Eve it was a very cold night and I was out of money. As The Apostle Paul said, I also know how to live when things are good and when the cupboard is bare. It was snowing outside. I put my last pennies and nickles in a jar and I took a two mile walk to a Dollar store to buy bread and water. Despite how sad this may sound, the sun was just setting and it had just started to snow and actually that walk in the frigid air reminded me of my childhood and that filled me with hope as I walked down little streets where houses were beautifully decorated for Christmas. How could I not feel The Lord walking with me?
    I have no wonderful accomplishments as does our president and yet The Lord saw me through that period and answered my prayers in amazing ways as He always has. My father passed almost 20 years ago. He was a religious man who’d loved The Lord since he was a child. The miracles he related to me that he’d experienced throughout his life were astounding. But he was a humble man without the long list of accomplishments that President Trump has under his belt. But those miracles that my father and I were blessed with reflected God’s amazing timing and His mercy… and I believe that is the key with these election results.
    We know who the god of this world is so we know why world leaders and US politicians, big tech, big pharma, Hollywood and false christians despise President Trump. But because he is a New Yorker with a big ego, all of that hatred rolls off him and he can still face 10’s of thousands of his supporters at rallies dancing and wearing a smile just as if his day was filled with love, and thanks to The Lord, yes, it had been. And God WILL show that love to President Trump again, when, in HIS timing, Trump’s victory in this election becomes clear, no matter how things look today. Remember Judges Ch. 7 where The Lord excuses thousands of fearful men from battle and sends thousands more down to the water to drink, and God chooses only a few hundred men to fight that battle where they will be greatly outnumbered, so that no one can point to mere men as having defeated the enemy, but to God who deserves all the glory. That is where we are today. That victory *will* come no matter how dark the winter is looking right now.
    God will not ignore the millions of prayers that went up last month during “The Return”. God will not let the nations mock God at how He ignored those fervent prayers and left us in the hands of villains. That will not happen. It has been The Lord’s will to make the odds of Donald Trump winning the election seem less and less likely as the days pass… so that the victory will be all the more sweet, no matter what violence may follow, which would have followed on November 3rd anyway, had President Trump’s win been established that day instead of next month and God will deal with that violence as well. Mario, yours is one of the last voices remaining in support of President Trump whilst others throw in the towel. Thank you for your faithfulness. I am trusting God to reward your faith, along with the faith of all of those still praying and that The Lord will richly reward the president’s own faith with the victory that he knows will save this nation at this moment in time, for which reason The Lord groomed Donald Trump to be His servant, carrying out His will. Is it any wonder that the world fights so wildly against those things? God will not allow all of the wonderful works God has initiated through President Trump to be left unfinished! Let’s all remember the great miracles that God has personally granted us in the past, so that we can see more clearly today, not with our eyes, but in our hearts… that nothing is impossible for God. The Lord still answers prayer and He can and *will* work wonders in the coming days that will leave this doubting world and all of God’s enemies trembling in fear.

    • Lynette Klein

      Oh my word! You are a blessing! Thank you so much for your words! You wrote exactly what I say in my prayers. God will not be mocked. Blessed Thanksgiving to you, Joseph.

  29. Don Wallwork


  30. Lisa Algarin

    I and my church in Warrenton, VA are standing strong with you Mario for our President, Donald John ‘the beloved’ Trump and our nation! The gates of hell shall not prevail! I’m also engaging in prayer and warring with Dutch Sheets and his team as they pray and intercede in the battleground states. Righteousness and justice must win! God bless you for all you do and thank you for standing for truth.

  31. Geri McCaleb

    I’m with you Mario. The left lives by the motto, repeat a lie long enough……., well this election is not over. There has been a lot of evidence of cheating added and abetted by corrupt elected officials and judges. It is obvious that Donald Trump won this election. I can’t believe the Lord will let this evil stand. I pray for that miracle to bring out evidence beyond refute that will put this case to rest and give President Trump his second term.

  32. Linda Hughes

    I am standing with God and with our President Trump… God will see him and us through this, with victory, in the holy name of Jesus Christ.. AMEN, PRAISE GOD
    Sent from my iPhone

  33. L'Angel de la Mer

    Dearest Evangelist Murillo,
    I will not abandon my post. Today I shave my head against the pure evil ones who hates God, our beloved President Trump, and us to show God how grieved I am over what the Witches and Warlocks are trying to do with their lying cheating stealing and murdering, in the hopes God will do something to help us.
    With all my love for God, and His body and Bride.
    As One!

  34. becky clement

    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 3:16 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  35. kristymctee

    Absndoning Dinald Trump tight now is equal to abandoning America itself.
    I have visited spiritually-dark Europe and met refugees from poor starving Venezuela, once proud and prosperous. I would rather die for America than be forced to live as they are.

  36. Carol Barger

    AMEN!! AMEN!! My list of bold, Biblical, honest, constitutionally sound pastors is unfortunately not very long but you are at the top with John MacArthur. My prayers are with you and for the preservation of life and liberty in America. President Trump has done more in 4 years for the good of America than any previous president. Not to mention being resisted the entire 4 years. He has done more for religious freedom than recent presidents and certainly the Biden administration will oppose everything Christian. Why Christians can’t see that is beyond me except for “deception – sign of The End”.
    God be your strength and voice!
    In faith we hold to and stand for truth. Carol
    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 1:06 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  37. T2020

    We support the pro-life, pro-God candidate: Donald J Trump!!!??❤️??

  38. Aaron jackson

    Amen, I’m believing for God to step in.

  39. rbeaird

    Amen, brother. I stand firm for Faith, Family, and Freedom. Standing with you and President Trump.
    Get Outlook for Android

  40. praying grandmother

    Too much is at stake to abandon him. It’s literally a fight between good and evil, between liberty and the great reset. Even a Catholic cardinal has pointed this out (Vigano). For months, I’ve been hearing from the Spirit about sheep and goats…a great division–and a great harvest.
    I pray daily for people’s eyes to be opened. And I pray it happens now, not after they are being shipped to death camps. I am grateful that Trump and his lawyers are fighting for us, this election was stolen, and the sheer number of Trump (and Republican) votes reveals how many people are on the same side. Many are quiet, I believe. The other side shouts louder with their empty words and threats. So, no choice here, only agonizing intercession daily.
    John 6: Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life, 69 and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.”
    To Whom shall we go? There is none but Him.

  41. Ron Swanson

    We will not abandon him either, we are with you Mario.??
    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  42. Jim Alford

    Holdfast, the intercession is being conducted by a few and the spiritual warfare by even fewer, but the Lord our God is able to deliver by many or by few (1 Samuel 14:6,7). Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!We shall prevail in Christ. God has already performed the miracle in heaven, our warfare will bring it to be on earth.I have no illusion that the USA will repent, but this victory will give the needed time to bring about a degree of repentance in the church and bring in the called that have not answered.Hebrews 11:1,33-34.Praise our Lord Jesus Christ!Jim AlfordSent via the Samsung Galaxy S10e, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

  43. Dianne Brazell

    Praise God for the faithful remnant!!! I am still standing in BELIEF that God is doing a HUGE thing in this election!!! He will reveal it in His time.. He is NOT late.. He is FAITHFUL! Our part is to STAND with Him, pray without double mindedness, and WAIT UPON THE LORD!!! Hallelujah!!
    Standing in faith, BELIEVING…. Our God is ABLE! Strengthen us Lord, give us wisdom and discernment to know Your plans and to walk in our faith, in the name above all names…Yeshua Christ Jesus, AMEN ??

  44. Elva Colyer

    My husband and I continue to stand with our President Donald Trump. We are praying and believe the report of the Lord. This election and the aftermath has revealed the hearts of man.

  45. Adelin Schauer

    I will not abandon our President. I’m in for the long haul. Thank you, Mario, for all you do and for your encouragement.

  46. Carleta Billy

    Amen and amen!! I’m with you and I’m with Trump. Praying for him daily and all corruption will surface and that the timing will be perfect and justice will be served in Jesus name.
    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 1:09 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  47. SMZ

    When Trump was running in 2016, the Lord gave me a victory chorus to sing over the WH. This morning I got another one for this election and everyone knows this one. “It’s a new day, it’s a new a new day, a new in the Lord, a day of joy and gladness of victories to be won a day of walking hand in hand with Jesus the Lord.” This is how I apply this I say over the WH and sing my chorus, then I say over the a supreme court and sing my chorus. Since I feel so much hopeful, I thought I would share.

  48. Emily Busch

    I am believing God for a miracle. I pray for the evil to be exposed. I stand firm with President Trump, and I pray for him all day long. Thank you, Mario, for your steadfast faith and leadership.

  49. kayeminton

    Thank you, Mario. Your post is a pretty accurate account of how I felt yesterday, too. No matter where I looked or turned, it seemed there was another defector of Trump’s support, another legal barrier to hurdle, and I couldn’t find anything to hold on to. I was feeling angry, dejected, and almost hopeless, even in listening to the more conservative news sites. Hearing more ‘news’ that was not really anything ‘new,’ I withdrew completely from tuning in. I pulled closer to the Lord, even writing in my journal words addressed to Him that I need to be closer and in silence, so I could hear Him more. I tuned in to YouTube where I normally find recent podcasts by Mario, Lance Wallnau, Dutch and Tim Sheets, and Clay Nash. But last night I found Dutch Sheets’ Pray for the Nation – Arizona live, and it was one of those moments where I knew the Lord led me to listen and witness the rising of the ‘remnants,’ as we are called. Sitting there on my sofa, the room came alive with the Spirit of the Lord, and I found myself in passionate worship and praise united in defiance of the evils threatening to consume us and America as a free nation.
    Time after time, speaker after speaker, we called upon the Lord to show his promise, to intercede on behalf of the 60 millions babies lost, to strike with his might Sword of Truth and Justice, and to protect President Trump, to keep him in the office of the President so he may continue his mission to defend and protect America and her values, her people, and their liberty. Dutch is having another live Pray for the Nation in Wisconsin tonight. I urge anyone feeling downhearted to tune in to listen to him, to the local pastors, to Tim Sheets, and Clay Nash too. I promise you will feel revived and hopeful again. You can find the live and recorded session of previous Pray for the Nation broadcasts at YouTube; if for nothing else, listen to the Arizona session. You will be MOVED in the glory of God, and encouraged to feel in the company of other believers who defy the words and ‘news’ we hear in the mainstream media.
    This morning, I continued my reading of Isaiah – I work on reading one book of the Bible at a time now, and I reached Chapter 40, verses 3-5 today: “A voice of one calling: “In the desert prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God. Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” When I finished my readings and reflections, I checked my phone for the latest headlines, and oddly enough I found that MINNESOTA’s legislature is going to contest the state certification of the election due to the circumventing of the Constitution to change the way mail in ballots are counted (much like what happened in Georgia and Pennsylvania). What? Minnesota? That’s not even a contested state, yet the governing body sees something others didn’t see. Is it possible other states may decide to do the same, throwing more of the election results into question? We can only pray.
    One of the messages I heard last night from Clay Nash was the Trump’s legal team needs some time to bring all of this together, and I believe that. I found it profoundly honorable of President Trump to allow the GSA to start discussing a transition process withough conceding the results. In the face of various threats to herself, family, and even her pets, the president wanted to relieve her of the previous stance the GSA would not transition until a winner is determined. I find incredibly honorable that our president reaches out to the Michigan legislators and canvassers who faced similar threats, not to attempt persuasion for his cause, but to assure thier safety. Where is this man the MSM wants to show us? What is he guilty of, that they continue to spew hate and demands that he should be in prison, not the president? For me, I stand by this man, our President, and I will not fail him in my fervent prayer for his own safety, the safety of his family, and the preservation of him as President of the United States.
    I also saw an article that the left is trying to persuade Joe Biden to eliminate Christian schools that do not teach science based material. In other words, he must try to abolish schools with curriculums based on bible teaching. I can almost hear the gnashing of the teeth of the many ‘Christians’ who voted for Joe Biden when they realize the result of thier well intended vote. More than the mainstream media and President Trump’s opponents and defectors, I struggle with the good Christians (Catholics, even) I know who voted against Trump; the majority of them are unaware of what his plans were because his only campaign message was anti Trump and anti coronavirus. I read the manifesto. I tried to warn people what was coming, and even talking with an economic advisor yesterday, people are not aware of his plans for the economy, for our retirement plans, and for more government control of our basic rights of freedom.
    Father God, I know You have this situation in hand, and I faithfully abide in waiting, but I pray You hear the call and cries of your people. Come now to stop this madness. Come now to stamp out the last breath of this campaign to steal this election, sparing no one who laid a hand in its works. In You and for You, I faithfully stand, and I stand with and by our President Donald J Trump with everything I have within me. I trust in Your time, in Your name, and in Your glory, my Lord, and by Your power can these demons be expelled. I stand in prayerful worship. Amen and Alleluia.

    • prayinginok

      “But last night I found Dutch Sheets’ Pray for the Nation – Arizona live, and it was one of those moments where I knew the Lord led me to listen and witness the rising of the ‘remnants,’ as we are called. Sitting there on my sofa, the room came alive with the Spirit of the Lord, and I found myself in passionate worship and praise united in defiance of the evils threatening to consume us and America as a free nation.”
      I prayed with them live on Sunday night and WOW!!! It was amazing! Have you seen his Give Him 15 about the key dream? Worth watching!

      • kayeminton

        Yes! I subscribed to his channel and listen every day.

      • Dobrila Tudor Strohm

        Amen! I have been praying for our God-send President all along. After watching your video now, in tears, I am going to pray even stronger and deeper that every box gets opened and every key used with God’s guidance and wisdom.

  50. bdk11

    Donald Trump was a man of his word and had to fight against all the machinations of the state run media, haters, crooked opposition and satan controlled left. He did what was right for the American people.
    We all know with one little move our God can change this election and Trump could win. God always has a purpose in what He does and when he does his miracles.
    However, it could be that God is teaching us something, exposing some of these leaders in the church, even some of the charlatan prophets mentioned in one of the comments. God’s Will, usually isn’t executed the way we humans think it should happen in most cases, or at least in the time period. We always want our prayers to be answered as soon as pray them. God’s timing and His perfect will will be done when He decides. It could be to get us to repent for our own idols that we have put before God and to return to Him whole-souled, dedicated to making disciples and teaching the true, not watered down gospel that these preachers teach today. Thank you Mario for staying the course.
    Isaiah’s prophecies give us real encouragement. God will handle these wicked leaders. We may be living so close to the end times, that things may have to get extremely worse, so that people will turn to our Lord Jesus, and recognize that is the only way we will see righteous ruling. I’m not saying that our President can’t be used as a temporary reprieve of evil and actually be used by God to awaken us in our walk with God. Jesus Christ second coming is the real answer, we have to stay in faith.
    The real Isaiah 42:1 NASB
    [1] “Behold, My Servant, whom I uphold; My chosen one in whom My soul delights. I have put My Spirit upon Him; He will bring forth justice to the nations.
    Isaiah 40:23 NASB
    [23] He it is who reduces rulers to nothing, Who makes the judges of the earth meaningless.

  51. Teresa Breedlove

    Thank you for your stand , and for all you pastors Wake up and warn your people ,stop being a people pleaser ,stop condoning sin you should have warned your people you can not vote for those who support abortion or who want to defund the police or anything that is contrary to Gods Word ,Judgement is coming and it begins in Gods house first 1Peter 4:17,Take a stand ,lay your idols down at the altar ,repent for your complacency ,quit preaching a watered down gospel ,sin is sin whether your church wants to hear it or not , I pray this election turns around for our President ,but if not then get ready Gods getting ready to judge this nation ,I have a wonderful pastor who has not ,will not compromise ,who is not afraid to stand against sin ,as he says for Jesus to return the governments of man have to decrease and the government of God has to increase ,so do we get 4 more years of organized chaos with President Trump ,at this point only God knows. Thy Kingdom Come on earth as it is in Heaven,Holy Spirit have your way

  52. John Mark

    Some things I have read that the far keft plans to attempt with a Biden/Harris administration: Force all schools to teach young children Transgenderism as normal behavior. Remove accreditation from all Christian colleges unless the fully celebrte and approve homosexuality. Trump supporters need to be “deprogrammed and re-educated,” some recommending in “re-education camps.” The church is a major source of “wrong thinking” and should be silenced. LGBTQ must give tbeir approval to every law and policy that is enacted by lawmakers. (God is not to be thought of as our guide any longer, homosexuals will be. All pastors must marry anyone who asks them to do a wedding. I could go on forever. If you do not believe me, google all this. Trump is the only human standing right now between this becoming reality. Only God.

  53. kmnjk

    Hi there,
    I’m from Hong Kong. I would like to order the 2 books but fail in filling “country”. I was not allowed to type anything in this column.
    I would be highly appreciated if you would make some online changes so that overseas orders can be accepted. Thank you for your kind attention and prompt response.
    Kind Regards MJJ
    從 Windows 10 的郵件傳送
    寄件者: Mario Murillo Ministries 傳送時間: 2020年11月24日 16:16 收件者: 主旨: [New post] HERE IS WHY I WILL NOT ABANDON DONALD TRUMP
    mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him at “

  54. twsimonsonsr

    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 3:04 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  55. stoegermb

    There is NO WAY I can abandon President Trump. I hear the cries of the aborted babies and feel the threating voices coming from behind. We need to stand strong and dig in…this is an enormous fight worth fighting. Never back down.


    This President, if we are to believe the military intelligence insider’s qclues, was asked by military generals to run for the presidency. Knowing the corruption, having access thru the NSA to All communi- cations of the deep state, President Trump knows the truth, sees their communications and knows their lies when spoken to his face and and written to the American public. He ran for and is serving to “ give this country back to the American people”, his words. Now, the prophets also have prophesied his presidency being 2 terms. The prophetic voice of Mark Taylor ( says “God offends the mind to reveal the heart”.
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  57. mike

    I’m on your side 100 percent!!!!!!!
    Get Outlook for Android

  58. Connie Sherman

    Standing and praying for President Donald John Trump! Believe God is freeing this nation and in it until the end. Thanks so much for your encouraging words each day!!
    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020, 2:02 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  59. Deborah Williams

    Thank God that we all are believing in the God of Miracles,the church is what the gates of hell wont prevail over, be about the Fathers business and take the sword of the Spirit and use it.

  60. GodIsWithUs!

    You are a great, great help right now, Bro Mario. Please. Keep. Writing.
    I’m shocked at how many are peeling away so fast and just want to get back to “normal.” It’s like the 10 spies, only we’re living it in real time. I feel like Caleb, “GUYS! Come on!! Their protection has already left them! Can’t you see?!!! It’s so clear He’s with us!!!”
    There is NO question in my mind thst Donald Trump is God’s chosen vessel. I believe his silence right now is a sign of the deep work of humility God continues to do in him. I think he is more aware than any of us that this is so much bigger than him or even America. It reminds me of Churchill. Yes, I said it.
    Dutch Sheets and his team were at Fresh Start Church in Peoria, AZ last night. It was so powerful to intercede with them (many from all over the world were joining in). Very faith-strengthening and encouraging to WAR together as one!
    Each of Dutch’s large team released prophetic decrees and declarations and shared recent dreams – Dreams we need to all hear, where God is clearing saying, I. AM. NOT. LATE.

  61. Patricia Wenzl

    I STAND AND SUPPORT THE President Donald J Trump thank you Mario Murillo for your strong support for the President may the Lord richly blessed you, I have heard Christian Say what if God wants Joe Biden in, my response to them GOD IS NOT A GOD OF WHAT IFS, God does not change his mind I stand upon the spoken WORD OF THE PROHETCS .. We need to stand firm and fight the fight in prayer this all for the Glory of the Lord,


    Mario, Thank you for your heartfelt blog today…it is so encouraging to see and remember what President Trump has done for our country and for the Church. I too stand with him, and my prayers are for him to be strengthened by the prayers of those who know him and love him as President of this Great country. Focusing on God for all the wonderful outcome this country will see, and the wonderful outcome for our President. Thank you for being who God wants you to be, an Evangelist Preacher of the Word for hope to come to the church, that she will arise victoriously because of Who He Is and What He has done for us! blessings to you

  63. Wordforworld

    Thank you, Mario!
    In attempt to stand, to be like those who wait well & to stay the course, I reviewed the scriptures that spoke of the Cyrus “type” in Isa 44:24-28, Isa 45:1-13, 19-25; Ezra 1:1-7.
    It seems as if President Trump read these words and agreed to be the servant of the LORD (before he KNEW Him)! Even to refusing salary (Isa 45:13). Amazing wisdom of our God!
    I repeated to the Lord Jesus all the good His servant has done for the babies to be born, for the holy Jewish people, for the defense of Israel, for the Body of Christ, for legal immigration, for law & order, for international relations, & myriad other issues. I realized, in just 4 years President Trump has done more good for the nation & world than the Body of Christ has done. Again, bless the manifold wisdom of God!
    Whom He appointed, He anointed, …AND NOT TO FAIL.
    Now, we press in, for the favor of God on behalf of His obedient servant, President Donald Trump, for his second 4-year term.
    We raise a hallelujah?
    For our God upholds the right hand of His anointed! (Isa 44:26-28, Isa 45:1-5!)
    Do have a blessed thanksgiving holy day & life.
    Be encouraged! Stand, wait well, stay the course, family! In Jesus’ mighty Name, amen!

  64. eanndw22

    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 3:10 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  65. Frank Hubeny

    I stand with and pray for Donald Trump and justice. For some reason I feel compelled to read the books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. Perhaps even Ezra.
    There isn’t much that I can do at the moment, but I share Mario’s posts to facebook, twitter and parler.

  66. Elida15

    No will NOT Abandon Trump.
    Sent from my iPhone

  67. Belinda G.

    I stand in victory with my God for the POTUS and our Nation !!!! In Jesus Name.

  68. Debra Sabo

    No I will not abandon him!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  69. Penny Baker

    Yes we will stand with him. We are a little group but we will not back down, I know God put him there … and God is faithful to keep him there. All of these things that the media is saying is a detour to get our hearts and minds on the left…there are thousands upon thousands of us that will not bow our knee this socialist government. I don’t know how and when God is going to blow the lid off of this… but I know God is going to fulfill what he said he would do. Brother keep doing what you are doing. God Bless America Pastor Penny Baker
    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 12:10 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  70. cathy2911

    NO WAY I will not give up and I am standing in Faith with my President Donald Trump!!!This is NOT OVER!!!God is working behind the scenes to expose fraud and BREAKTHROUGH will come in Jesus name!!!Thank you so much Mario for your encouraging emails & FAITHI APPRECIATE YOU!!!Cathy ToddFenton, MO

  71. Penny Baker

    There are thousands that won’t abandon him. He is a great President.
    And will remain there for four more years.

  72. Tim Lukens

    We trust in the Lord and stand with our President Donald Trump, against the blatant, arrogant evil. This is a calling out of Gods people. A test……will we trust God and face the giants in the land so that He can be glorified, when He destroys evil? He promised that if we repent and call on His name, (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) that He will heal our land.

  73. Vivian Maroney

    No! Never abandon someone that fought for you. Lift them up to the Lord. Stand by them no matter what!

  74. Barbara Bucklin

    Standing with you in Austin and watching the enemy flee!
    Blessings of favor and His Harvest!
    Luke 4:18

  75. Susie Mobley

    I will never abandon President Trump. This is our Red Sea moment and God will not fail us. Be still and know that I AM God :I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah. Psalm 46: 10-11

  76. Randall

    You wrote: “How can we not see that standing with Trump is to stand against evil?” How can YOU not see that standing with Trump is to stand for misogyny, hatred, unloving attitudes, bullying, and deception. As a Christian leader, how can you support that?

    • bdk11

      I think from your comments you may have been blinded like the rest of the world. The truth is in God’s word, please read it. All people including you, me and the president have personality flaws, but it is the character of the man and the rightness that he aligns his policies with. We will continue to pray for you to HAVE EYES THAT CAN SEE AND EARS THAT CAN HEAR THE TRUTH.

    • NickT

      Randall…..get a life! You have no idea of what you speak.

  77. RL Perrin

    Thank you Mario once again for chipping away at doubt and unbelief.
    This is a season of separation,
    separation of soul and spirit. Do we believe what is around us our 5 senses or our spirit being lead by the Holy Spirit. Our relationship with the Lord stands out right now by the actions were taking. Do we believe and pray from that belief or wait to see what is going to happen. Every Christian is being weighed in the balance in this season. What are you going to put your trust in what you hear on the outside or what you hear on the inside?

  78. Sharon Skinnell

    I won’t abandon our President Trump! God’s will be done.

  79. Jane Thompson

    No we aren’t abandoning him and won’t! Thank you for your encouraging words to keep going! Our prayers are with him continually!
    Thanks Mario!
    Sent from my iPad

  80. Wordforworld

    Randall, let’s see:
    Killing baby even up to birth vs “bullying”? Who is the bully??
    Sanctioning ungodliness & immorality vs “hateful.” Who is hateful??
    Concealing the sabotage of nation’s elections vs “deception”? Who is deceived??
    You’ve described yourself, sir.
    Never fear, our God is merciful to those of a teachable, contrite heart.

    • bdk11

      amen amen


    This President, if we are to believe the military intelligence insider’s qclues, was asked by military generals to run for the presidency. Knowing the corruption, having access thru the NSA to All communi- cations of the deep state, President Trump knows the truth, sees their communications and knows their lies when spoken to his face and and written to the American public. He ran for and is serving to “ give this country back to the American people”, his words. Now, the prophets also have prophesied his presidency being 2 terms. The prophetic voice of Mark Taylor ( says “God offends the mind to reveal the heart”. Ronald Reagan said of the Cold War; “My belief is simple – We Win, They Lose!”
    Stephanie B. ??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️
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  82. Concerned

    I will not abandon Our President nor Mario Murillo. Mario, has been steadfast and faithful to what he was commissioned to do even when it was almost out of his wheel house. I support both our President and Mario Murillo.

  83. Lynette Klein

    NO! I will not, have not ever, abandoned Trump. So called Christians that do not support Trump are misguided, swallowed the left’s cool-aid, or are just plain cowards! I am so grateful for my pastor. He preaches the truth and he has guided our congregation through this whole ordeal, supporting WHAT IS RIGHT and the American Values that line up with THE WORD OF GOD. It is very frustrating to watch people live in fear, refuse to search for the truth, and refuse to see what Trump truly stands for. Thank you Mario, for your messages. I have archived everyone of them (after forwarding first). When this is over and we know who the President is, I am going to go back and read all of them again. We will either go through 4 years of greatness or 4 years and more of decline into Socialism, because our votes will not matter any longer and Government will be god. In either case….I pray for people that know the truth to stay strong, keep in the Word and look up….our redemption draws nigh. Be ready, don’t let your lamps go out!
    God Bless You!

    • kingskid48

      I completely agree. This was the year we really needed pastoral leadership, with boldness preached from the pulpit by pastors who were willing to count the cost like Pastor Mario has. For most of us, it seems, that did not happen. It wasn’t there.

  84. judylasalle

    Amen and amen! Well stated and I’m sharing it.

  85. kingskid48

    I appreciate this blog and these encouraging comments here. I was praying in the Spirit last night and Laura Ingraham came on and she was going on about how it was time to accept a Biden presidency, but it didn’t mean that we wouldn’t see Trump still being around–or something.
    I know it was the Enemy but it really affected me negatively. Some are saying this morning that she sold out. I don’t know, maybe. Maybe she’s finally drank the koolaid like the daytime Fox anchors have. She said she was just, “being honest”, with us. But the way I look at it, accepting a, “Biden presidency”, is accepting a fake president, a puppet figure, who got into the presidency dishonestly and illegally, and who will take us into socialism and the NWO as quickly as those behind him can bring it about.
    So, no, Laura, I will not accept a, “Biden presidency”. She can accept it if she wants, I won’t. Donald Trump won the election, Donald Trump remains the President, and will be the President for four more years, no matter what puppet the liars put in there.
    No matter how many lies and tricks the enemies of our Republic, the NWO, the WHO, Bill Gates, and China, Obama, or anyone else- come up with. Donald Trump remains the President of the United States for four more years.

    • hredhawk1942

      Amen, Roger on your last.

    • GodIsWithUs!

      Amen, totally agree.

    • Mark Stripling

      Kid, this is why my tv is off now. I refuse to watch satanic propaganda. He is the father of all lies, and the father of all liars. News media are in cahoots with hell, the evidence is all around us. Stay strong in the Lord. God needs us all. Listen to the report of the “two,” not the “ten!” God bless.

  86. CS1

    I too will not abandon the POTUS.
    He has against him:
    the media
    big tech
    Marxist & communist radicals hiding as American citizens
    All this President Trump cannot defeat BUT God can. IF God doesn’t intervene and push back this demonic attack what are we prepared to do? I am now fighting COVid-19 and seeking God to shine light in the darkness and remove the deception and hate.

  87. hredhawk1942

    Right on Mario. I agree with you. God put Trump in there and God will take care of him in there. Trump may have a lot of rough edges but so do we. God said ‘Don’t make your words stout against Me or him’. For us not to back Trump is to not back God. Not a wise decision. As for me and my family, we choose to believe the report of the Lord not the report of the enemy or his puppets.
    Prosper and be in good health.

  88. Maureen Cretaro

    Great blog. I will never abandon Trump. To abandon him is to abandon God. God had
    Mercy on us and gave us Trump. Now more
    Then ever we need to pray pray pray for Trump his team and legal team. We will have the victory.

  89. Gail Purcell

    I will not abandon Donald Trump because if would mean abandoning America.

  90. Corbie L Wood

    I hear that fraud was committed in California. The state voted red. I need to know how I can get involved with investigating the fraud in California? Who do I contact.

    • NewHeavenOnEarth

      I so hope this is so! I have prayed so much for the standard of righteousness to be raised over California and godly leaders to replace those pushing unrighteous laws that go against God.

    • Bobbie

      Corbie: Get this, someone told me “a Democrat already file a lawsuit; heard Jackie Lacey, “she lost due to being bad mouthed; as democrats eat their own” and I said; so do the republicans or anyone who throws Potus under the Bus. Anyone can lie about anyone; you have to research the Good, Great items vs. the Bad that they do; instead of believing lies of our communist no different than nazism evil satanic MSM and all those behind this evil agenda; why should satanist dictate agenda/control vs. FREEDOM! California has been stupid for a very long time, over 6,000 churches and why aren’t they OPEN 24/7 for Repentance and PRAYER and not bowing to this evil communist agenda as just reveals our leaders agenda that the church was a job and a way to make money without caring about people! It’s always and why is it, the 2 Chronicles 7:14 the few that carry the many? EVERYONE WHO CALLS THEMSELVES CHRISTIAN, SHOULD BE PRAYING PERIOD! Pray wherever you are; PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!
      Those who can do it, remove corrupt Judges, House/Senate, Governors, who spit on the people and the Constitution of the United States of America any and all Treasonist like MSM. Anyone who was part of Communist agenda period. Prosecute them; as like this guy, “sue them down to their dirty underwear”, Martin (watch video)! AMEN, as these very evil people were going to take away ALL your Freedom and if America falls to this very dark agenda. Worse, off people’s money, your hard earned money. People know, if America falls, other Countries fall, as they don’t want to be under Communist rule, NOT AT ALL! It is such a spiritual war; with the host/hoards of hell and look at who satan uses, fruit is obvious? God is so much greater and bigger than their god. GOD IS NOT OF FEAR, NOT AT ALL!
      Ephesians 6: 13 KJV: Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

  91. Henrietta Reed

    With every breath of my being I am standing with Donald Trump, warring in the spirit!!! I look forward to your encouraging blogs every day! Thank you for your faithfulness!!!?
    Henrietta Reed
    Sent from my iPad

  92. Christine Monnin


  93. Charles Brown

    I stand in agreement with your Sir and believe the prophets. God bless You.

  94. Charles Brown

    I stand in agreement with your Sir and believe the prophets. God bless You. I am standing with Lance the Apostle Dutch Sheets as you may know they are traveling to the states in play and making Decrees over the states and the Nation God always wins that means we win.

  95. Sharon Fleet

    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 3:15 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  96. dianetelles

    I will not abandon our President Donald J Trump With God on our side we shall see His mighty hand. I decree President Trump will serve a 2nd term in Jesus name~

  97. Jana D.

    Amen. May the effect of your blog go deep and wide, and stun you. Sometimes I almost weep with gratitude for this man and his family.

  98. Maxine gostick

    I truly back up eve you have written Mario, and America is very privileged to have God fearing patriotic people like yourself that won’t cowtail to evil agendas of the globalists

  99. NewHeavenOnEarth

    God is Able! Nothing is too hard for God! No weapon formed against President Trump will prosper and all lies will be refuted and confuted and fall to the ground! We put our trust in God our Father! “Proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor for his people and the day of vengeance for evil” Isaiah 61:2

  100. Eric Powers

    God gave us Obama to get our prayers. He got our prayers and wants to now heal this land and he’s not going to half-way do it. We would have never got Trump at all, if God was going to judge the land, right? SO Trump will get another 4 yrs, the masks are going to come off and 2021 will be the start of this land prospering like never before.

  101. Brenda Castillo

    I’m with you, its appalling how the church has acted. and the republican party (so called).
    our Lord knows the truth, he is able to turn all this around and i am believing he will.
    Trump be a bit brash but we needed some one with tenacity, we sure didn’t have anyone like that and he’s Gods chosen leader. I’m with him 100%, we pray daily for him send him little notes of encouragement. we have keep the faith , hold the line and give God time to expose this swamp of corruption. its deep and in both parties.
    were so sick of career politicians. we need a lot of drastic change but we have to give those he’s called to reveal all this time.
    thanks for your words of truth and your stand.

  102. Sandra Otto

    Standing in faith believing, along with many others in the body of Christ, that God will go before President Trump and Vice-President Pence and prepare the way where there seems to be no way! Even though many will not come to the light because their deeds are evil, God will shine His light upon them and expose all that they have said and done against President Trump and this administration. God will blow the wicked away as the chaff! Father God, strengthen President Trump and Vice-President Pence that they will stand…and when they’ve done all to stand…they will STAND!


    NO I WILL NOT abandon President Donald Trump. We must continue to stand with him and Never Never Never give up – we will get our miracle and He will remain president! Amen and Amen

  104. Mark DuBois

    Yes, so be it. I agree. We must join in with the rest of the faithful and believe for President Trump
    and renounce the works of the devil in all of this stuff. My church and I are declaring the devils works
    are destroyed in Jesus’s name. We will win. God will blow this all open in Jesus’ name, the name above
    all names, amen!

  105. Laurie Flickinger

    We can’t afford to lose this election! I know God will make a way. I just hope Trump will NOT CONCEDE!

  106. NickT

    Praying for our President Trump. So true evil is influencing our election. I’m so glad Trump is not a typical politician! Sure we can expect the Dem’s to act the way the do
    because of their demonic platform and haters of Trump, and all that is righteous. But now Republicans bailing? Shame on them and not just rhino’s. I think we need another party. I will never give up on God’s ability to pull off this miracle here before January 20th.

  107. narrlee

    We’re still with you on this
    We will not give in or up either !!!
    Kinda like Daniel after he was told not to pray to his God
    He went right to his upper room and slung the windows WIDE OPEN and began to pray to the God of Gods
    We’re ready to be thrown into the fire like the Hebrew boys !!!
    Because we will NOT turn from our Lord and Savior

  108. NickT

    Rino’s are traitors.

  109. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    I have not lived 75 years and not learned a few things about the POWER OF GOD’S MIGHTY RIGHT HAND!
    There is nothing more sickening and disgusting that people who “wimp out” when the going gets tough. Those who have ridden DONALD TRUMP’S COAT TAILS—and are So Quick to throw him under the bus. THEY DON’T FEAR GOD…GOD, placed TRUMP into THE WHITE HOUSE—AND HE WILL NOT BE REMOVED UNLESS GOD SANCTIONS HIS REMOVAL….That is not going to happen.
    Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

  110. Raymond Bey

    Here in Canada we have prayers and God as our only hope. Our churches are shut down and sold out to fear of government fines and intimidation. Most have bought in to masks and social distancing, or staying at home. Last Sunday morning and evening services that had a sprinkling of attendance were closed completely. And our gov’t probably won another election 2 years ago by fraud and illegal voting by Imperial Counting Machines with headquarters in Toronto,but realising that coming investigations, they’ve evacuated ALL personnel and left NO FORWARDING ADDRESS. Other than a few independant journalists and Blogs,our major TV networks,CTV and CBC are pawns of government,so news is unreliable with major networks repeatedly posting news on Trumps claims of massive voting FRAUD, and alleging Trumps claims “ARE WITHOUT ANY SUPPORTING EVIDENCE.” We are in the best situation….ONLY GOD CAN BE COUNTED ON .

    • maddkattier

      As i read your comment, tears swell in my eyes! Please don’t give up hope and faith! Stand tall, head up and know God is with you! My prayers for Angelical protection, against any enemy’s. In the name of Jesus rebuke all evil and send them back to the pits of hell. May God have mercy on their souls. Take care Raymond Bey and all of Canada! Everything is Spiritual, Everything Matters, You Matter!!

    • Roger Culwell

      We must continue to stand for God no matter what, we are dealing with the same propaganda here right now as they still try to shut everything down, and claim no proof, when a blind man could see Trumps crowds even now in Ga., with mountians of proof, they have placed judge’s in the courts to stand against the proof, and push there aganda, but we will continue to stand and fight no matter what, even if it was to have to go to the streets, our freedoms and right to serve and worship our God are the most important thing there is on this planet, to live is Christ, but to die is gain, some things can be worse than death, and I am not afraid of heaven, so if you want to take all my rights and make me a slave, then I am prepared to die for what I believe in, so I will trust God and do my part, fast, pray, stand and speak out, and if need be give my life for my country and church, May God have mercy on us one more time, and I believe he wiill, but there will still be trouble to face, because evil has gone to far, we just must stand and do whats right, in places where they have taken over it is a much different thing, you just have to try and keep your faith until death. Lord help them one more time also answer their prayers, and bind satan.

  111. Kim Barrett

    I along with 50 other Christian’s & messianic jews were on the 24/7 prayer call with the founder, Maureen Bravo tonight. We has stood for 4 years & we are still standing with our Pres. Donald John Trump!! We say NO! to the enemy & his tactics in the mighty name of Jesus! ?

  112. suegary21bigpondcom

    The Lord definitely has a good sense of humour. Who does He chose to uphold the rights of the church, ensure religious freedom, accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, clamp down on Israel’s enemies, but a” loud mouthed, boastful heathen of a man”
    Thank you Lord that you found someone who had the guts to obey you and carry out your will.

  113. Eleanor Haines

    So many of us here in Canada appreciate you, Mario and what Trump is trying to do for all of us! Just know that we are praying for you here and believe in God’s properties for Donald J Trump 2nd term!

  114. Bruce Piek

    I will not abandon Donald Trump. He may not be in the eyes of the world a politician, but he is a brilliant God Fearing businessman. A man who kept his word and everyone hated him for it. Donald, know this, you are not abandoned. Those close to you walked away in times of trouble are not even worth worrying about. God Bless from South Africa

  115. maddkattier

    Gosh, wow! This whole dehumanizing is just….unfathomable! Stand strong everyone! Hang on to your sword and slice through every hated word, from a haters mouth! As Long as Jesus blood flows through my veins, our veins and pumps our hearts, I will not abandon! I will not stop fighting, writing, sharing, laughing, or stop living. Trump don’t give in, we are right with you! Take care all, We will see each other one day!! God Bless and Godspeed!!

  116. Patricia Parker

    I will not abandon President Trump. God has his hand on this man.

  117. Carol

    I agree 100%! God can and will do what man can not!

  118. Sandra Calhoun

    No way will I not believe GOD will come through for us! If not I want to be called home! Can not stand what will become of this great nation and to old to apply for citizenship to Canada! 
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  119. n9nwo

    There are times it does feel hopeless. We do need a miracle.
    What it also indicates is that WE must get out of our comfort zones and reach out to those in our communities. We need to be talking to college students, be on campus if it is available. But we need to be in the uncomfortable parts of town. Down where young men are killing each other.
    Also we need to understand that most of our young men are empty thus seek meaning in extremism. We have the tools to fill that emptiness and reconcile these young men to G-D.

  120. Jan Roy

    Please watch Eric Metaxes interviewing Joe Oltmann on You Tube. Joe has connected a PhD guy who is prominent in running Dominion voting machines to Antifa. Joe owns lots of businesses and was not really into politics. But he was researching information to try to help protect businesses from Antifa – so he was trying to learn about Antifa. He infiltrated it enough to be on a phone call where this PhD guy (I didn’t write down his name, sorry) swears and proclaims his hate for Trump and for America. Then he assures those on the call that they don’t have to worry because Trump will not be elected. He knew that because he was dealing with the Dominion machines in the states that were using them.
    This takes the danger level up much higher. Antifa hates America and wants to ruin it – to make it a socialist, globalist country. And they work by terror and the force of warfare. Those Democrats working with them may think they can control them or appease them – but they won’t be able to. Men, even stalwart men, cannot connect all the dots fast enough or take on Antifa. We must have God doing this.
    This information needs to be shared widely. This Joe Oltmann has informed Trump’s team and has been interviewed a lot recently. He also has hired bodyguards for himself and his family (you don’t want Antifa coming after your!!!).
    You have said that God wants all the credit and all the glory for triumphing over the evil that is trying to take over America. I believed it before and after learning this I believe it even more!! I watched the 4 hours of the public hearing by the Pennsylvania Legislature and was dismayed by what was done in the election, but encouraged that it was out in the open and the legislators seemed horror struck and had an attitude that this should not stand. They wanted to take this on.
    Now this Antifa connection. They are now scrubbing this guy’s name out of everything since Oltmann exposed him. Who knows – he may leave the country.
    I have saved your Sept 5 blog (I printed it out) where you talk about judgment coming – surgical strikes. Holding hearings and going about this the right, legal way is not going to happen fast enough and the tracks may be too well covered as far as the voting machines. I have seen more than enough to know that Trump won by a landslide. I know horrible fraud was committed. There are many, many people who see this and feel this way.
    I am so ready to see the Hand of God taking down the evil that is working against America and against all of us. I am impatient but also am trying to not be really scared at the evil we are facing. I’m praying to look out at the Red Sea and back at the Egyptian army held back by the fire of God and have trust in my God leading the great rescue.
    But I was brought up in a very legalist denomination. We were told we had the truth – no one else did. I went to Seventh-day Adventist elementary, high school, and college and lived in a Seventh-day Adventist bubble. I had no understanding of righteousness by faith, of personal friendship with God, of the Lordship of God, of the work of the Holy Spirit – none of this. God took me by baby steps for decades to move me to where I am now. I am 72 and just became acquainted with the whole Pentecostal part of the church about 6 or 7 years ago. I was taught speaking unknown tongues was of the devil (you were only to speak a language you didn’t know – and even then it was suspect). I love the open worship and have gone to several conferences even though my health isn’t that great.
    A few years back I pushed myself hard to be up in the morning to get to Perry Stone’s OCI to hear you speak. I bought one of your books – the Vessels of Fire and Glory book then. So really this spiritual warfare is quite new to me and I don’t have family or friends around me that even want to hear about it – except my husband who accepts part of it but has trouble with tongues. I have bought the set of 3 to help support your ministry even though it duplicates that one book.
    So I am weak and ill-equipped to march forward in confidence – but I am pushing myself anyway. I pray many times a day. I love your encouraging blogs – thank you so much. I also listen to John Kilpatrick a lot. I seem to swing back and forth with almost terror for what seems to be coming to playing praise music and speaking in tongues and standing in trust about what God is going to do. It is exciting to try to Imagine how God is going to break through all this. I have actually wished He would do a handwriting on the wall thing like with Beltshazzer. I want to see red or purple letters all across the sky telling that the election is invalid because of massive cheating. And perhaps some of those responsible would be named. And the letters would stay there for days no matter what was done. It would be signed – God – and then there would be a warning to repent or be judged, but that God would not let the election stand. It is a nice way to pass a bit of time!
    I don’t really expect that, but the God of the Bible is very creative in the ways that He chooses to do things. Ravens to fed Elijah, talking donkeys, floating ax heads, temple coins in a fish’s mouth, and on and on. I am praying to be excited to be living in this time – but frankly I am old and pretty tired. I wonder how I can be used. For now it seems to be in sharing things online and in intercessory prayer. If God wants me to do more He will have to heal me of some things!!
    But again, please watch that You Tube video if you aren’t already acquainted with it. It adds Antifa to the playlist in a much bigger way.
    Praise be to Almighty God – the only One who can turn the tide and lead us back to a period of sanity and hopefully some peace for awhile ready for a great outpouring of His Spirit. I almost forgot to mention that we so need to pray for Trump the man – not just for Trump our President. He has been so abused by the left – constantly and consistently. For him to go into another term he needs a total mandate that he was elected and that he is supposed to be our President. If he doesn’t have that the attacks on him will have much more ammunition. It seems to me he has suffered enough abuse.
    Most sincerely,
    Janet Roy I live in Ringgold, GA, but I grew up in Southern California. I am very thankful I no longer live there. I moved to Georgia with my husband when I was about to turn 22, in 1970. We both were teachers; we both have master’s degrees. And we both paid little attention to politics until Trump came along! In many ways our ignorance was much easier, but we cannot afford to be ignorant of what is going on at this time in the world’s history!
    On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 12:03 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  121. Corbie Wood

    I believe in Trump. I pray. I had a dream that California turned red. With the reading in the primary it did. There is corruption to the White House. Nepotism from Aunti Peplosi to Nephew Newsom to cousin Soros to moon beam. Really. We have the power to bind them. And we have the power to loose God’s judgment on them. We also have the authority to go before God’s throne and plead our case. I pray for an awaking of the eyes of the saints for the scales to be wiped away. This battle is between evil and good. Satan we know who already wins in the meantime church stand up fight Pray. Fast and get there and let your voice be heard. We are to obey the law until it displays terany then we must always obey Gods law. Open your churches did obey the suppression so what if you lose I R S status. Is it better to have the freedom to worship or not at all. This is just how Hitler began his control. Then it will be our guns and then we will be controlled completely. The dragon is flying overhead seeking who he can devour. Stop the witch craft over this nation. 2Thessalonians warns about being lazy. We must work at this,fight by demonstrations.praying and fasting. Be the watchman in the night so we don’t get robbed and we know what the enemy is going to do.

    • Mike Mealer

      We pray for discernment of spirits, wisdom, and understanding! Put on the full armor of God!



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