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The church was utterly unprepared for the tyranny that illegally shut down all the churches in the Land of the Free! To a large extent, the pulpit was to blame. The American pulpit has for decades been infected by a message of materialism, carnality, and cheap grace. That message was perfect for furthering the plans of the enemy. It created just the right element of apathy and naiveté that the enemy needed for a bloodless coup against American Christianity.

It gets worse. Even after their church was shut down. Even after they were forced to stay home. Even as a storm of demonic power flooded the nation with lies and panic: from basements and living rooms, too many pastors insisted on making videos with the same old sales pitch that got us into this mess.

It is one thing to preach compromise, materialism, and cheap grace before the coronavirus pandemic, but to do it during and after this national catastrophe, is unconscionable.

The Good News is that God has, at the same time, been doing a deep work in a vast number of His children. They have reached a point of no return, and they are a volcano that is about to erupt.

Long before the coronavirus came to our shores, many believers were dismayed by the way the world system operates in the church. Many of these Christians compared notes and said to each other, “This is not it, there’s something very wrong here.”  They can no longer stomach the glitzy entertainment centers that churches have become. They are finished with ego-centric, grandiose expense, and carnal programs.

A growing number of hungry hearts agree: with all its money and big crowds, the compromised church did nothing to rebuke America’s sin.  The lukewarm church was a house of cards against the onslaught of Democrat Governors, legislators, and judges.  While men and women of God slept, we lost every major battle in government, education, and the media.

Godly pastors, on the other hand, feel a deep transformation at work in their spirits as God is healing them of the hurts they have experienced. And God is wiping away their discouragement!

During the shutdown, many have watched as frustration turned into glory. The Holy Spirit took their exhaustion, and their hurt, and turned them into glorious intimacy with Jesus and explosive expectation.

Deep, deep in my soul where the real knowing happens—I know God is doing something new.  Every atom of my being tells me that God is doing a secret work in His people.  God is finished with hirelings.  He is drawing a remnant out of corruption and into a special, supernatural nearness to Him.  They will empty themselves of everything. Every ambition will be burned out, except to love God with all their heart, to please Christ Jesus, and to obey the Holy Spirit.

Daniel 11:32, “Those who do wickedly against the covenant shall be corrupted with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

Is God doing a secret work in you?  Has God drawn you aside, closed you in, and stripped you of all enjoyment of lesser things?  Are you in a place of divine frustration because you are going to be a part of something only God can do?

What if millions of Americans get so miserable during this economic collapse, that they cry out to God in total desperation?  What if their cry is too deep and their hunger is too great to ever again be happy in a lukewarm church?  This is why the Holy Spirit is recruiting a new breed. A breed that can be trusted in an awakening.

During this shutdown, something glorious began to happen. God began doing a secret work!  He is drawing a remnant to Himself.  He is taking the prophetic core and communing with them—training them—empowering them—preparing them for one last mighty blast of power.  The Holy Spirit sees that our nation hangs by a thread.  The death-rattle is in America’s throat.  But, before God allows destruction to fall, He is going to do one last massive miracle.

What will that look like?

-People no one has ever heard of, will come to the forefront.  They will arrive with awesome power and piercing messages.  Not all of them will be regular ministers.  In fact, the majority will not leave their secular careers while God is using them.  Some of them will be children!

-Massive outpourings will appear in strange locations.  Churches that have been small for years will become ground zero for the presence of God.   People will flock in from everywhere to these centers of fire and glory.  Stunning signs and wonders will rock entire communities.  These churches will be forced to stay open 24 hours a day.

God is doing a secret work in you.  He is making you miserable, so that He can transform you into a living miracle!

A.C. Valdez was a child when he attended the outpouring at Azusa Street in Los Angeles. He later became an evangelist.  God showed him the future, and here is what he said:

“All the electrifying adjectives in the dictionary shaken together, pressed down and running over will not begin to describe the soon-to-come, greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit of all times—what the Bible calls “the latter rain.”  You are going to see lay members carry out an amazing ministry through gifts of the Holy Spirit.  There will be wholesale cures of “incurable” conditions, healings of the blind, deaf, dumb, and handicapped, and creative miracles that will strain the imagination.  For those born without eyes, ears, fingers, arms or legs—or those who have lost them through disease or accidents—God will make new ones. Many astonishing miracles will happen to bring on an international Christian breakthrough.” 

I believe A. C. Valdez was not talking about a time far off in the future. No. He was talking about now because, my friend, it is now, or never.

Get alone with Jesus, and ask Him what your assignment is, in this coming explosion of power!





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  1. Karen Collier

    I so enjoy receiving your emails and having you share as my spirit screams YES YES YES, to all you are saying. It is too easy unfortunately to feel alone in the weeping and travailing that is going on in my spirit due to the church not getting it. I will continue to ask God what my assignment is at this time. Thank you pastor Mario for being a true warrior for Our Lord Jesus and telling it how it is, the truth!!!!! May God bless you and your family for all you do for His Kingdom come!!!! Lord Let the churches (your kids) get it!!!!!!

    • Laurie Weant

      I agree with you Karen and feel the same at times. We must remember we are not alone; that we are all joined together in The Spirit. Keep interceding Sister; God hears and sees your heart. When we all unite in the Spirit, in the name of Jesus, to the God of the Universe, He responds…

  2. Greg Dean

    this is what so many of us have seen coming. A spiritual revolution. Not led by men but by G-D.

    Why is this so hard for people to grasp? That G-D will lead. That people will come from nowhere, moved by G-D to reach out. That we will see a pouring out like has not happened in generations.

    I run into Christians who are in love with the idea that only they will be saved. That unless you live a self righteous life like they do then you will go to hell. They rejoice in everyone else being lost. That is not G-D’s will.

  3. Noel

    I am at a place of “sackcloth and ashes” desperation for Kingdom advancement in my life and the life of this nation. I have never seen such a time as this where the battle lines are so clearly drawn. I have never before understood how perilous it is to be lukewarm! Satan is absolutely playing for keeps and there must be warfare going on in the heavenlies as never before.

    The LORD thunders at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number, and mighty are those who obey his command. The day of the LORD is great; it is dreadful. Who can endure it? “Even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.”

    • Laurie Weant

      The Lord has your heart and attention. I love your words; as many don’t seem to understand the urgency of our positioning in this hour. Your lukewarm comment is absolutely true; I was just reflecting on this the other night where it says He will spit the lukewarm out. I surely don’t want to be in that multitude but completely surrendered to God to the work He calls us to. Thank you Noel

  4. Israel

    I really don’t like to talk too much negativity about Leaders in the church but this whole issue about stopping worship service have exposed some people Who claim OR PRESENT themselves to be powerful, anointed and fearless men of GOD.

    Always preaching about faith, obedience to GODS word, courage, sacrifice, YET when it time to really show all these things They have preached to us all our lives …. NO ACTION. Not even one service out at the park or something only online service.

    This is not the church of the book of Acts….. they would not have surrendered so easily or without at the very least some kind of resistance not just Tolerating the idolaters arguments against worshipping GOD – “Avoid gatherings save lives”

    Now this have ended up as the church waiting for an idolaters PERMISSION to tell us when we can worship GOD.

  5. Laude Warren Hays

    I Pastor a very small church up in Healdsburg Ca., not a lot of money nor many people but I have enjoyed the small feel, it’s like family. I am also a Law Enforcement Chaplain for Sonoma County agencies and have been the Exec. Director for about 10 years, a Chaplain for 20. I have been fairly secure financially, not ambitious regarding money or possessions. We lost our home in Santa Rosa in the Tubbs Fire in 2016. I am 77 years of age and have figured I am about done with the work God has called me to do. Now, with this virus situation everything has been shaken in my life and I am seeing comfort zones I was not aware of. Your words, “stripped of lesser things”, as well as, “Divinge desperation” desperate to hear God and not sure what exactly He is saying to me, but my world is shattering and my conversation with God about this is like, “Why me God I am about done with life?” Somehow I sense all you have been saying Mario coming alive for me and the words, “The best is yet to come,” washes over me with thoughts like, “God how can I go on?” I am too old! You picked me out of an audience back at Laney College in Oakland, late 70’s in a meeting and I have heeded your words as they have been given, especially since the Covet-19 situation. You are on the cutting edge saying what many do not want to hear. Thank you is not enough, praying for you and your ministry in this war for the mind and the souls of men………..

    • mariomurilloministries

      Laude, What a wonderful thing God is doing in you. Your comment was like a letter from Home. So much of my life has been tied to Sonoma County. My mom still lives there. I am praying for you to mount up with wings as eagles!



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