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by | May 18, 2020 | Christianity Today | 19 comments

While leftists are saying, “Christianity is done in America,”  I say, “At the end of this lockdown, an amazing ingathering of young souls will begin.” To try to prove me wrong, the Left drags out the usual suspects—trends and statistics (including the coronavirus) — in an attempt to validate their argument.

My first response is, “Are you done? Because your arguments just fell like an egg from a tall chicken.” Not only is Christianity not finished in America, but you and all your “woke folk” have inadvertently sown the seeds for the next Christian resurgence. Your ideology has carved out a Jesus-shaped crater in the young souls of our nation.

The wreckage caused by the bankrupt values of the God-haters is everywhere. It was always there, but many didn’t have the time to see it.  The Left has drained the beauty out of childhood, romance, laughter, innocence, friendship, and nature. Those who are stuck at home, now have the time to sit and think about why in the world they ever believed such inane ideas, ideas that have led to such emptiness.

Three verses from the Bible have ignited in me. They have to do with outcomes in the midst of impossible crises, such as Luke 21:12-15 where Jesus said, “But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons. You will be brought before kings and rulers for My name’s sake. But this will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony. Therefore settle it in your hearts not to meditate beforehand on what you will answer; for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist.”

The ‘occasion for testimony’ is upon America. We have never seen the nation shut down like this. We have never seen idols toppled in such a sudden and complete way.

While it is very good news for some in the church, it is terrible news for others. God is separating two groups in the church. He will not have carnal voices in this next testimony. He will give voice to chosen ones and grant them astounding defenses of the truth, and power to speak with devastating effectiveness.

He is chasing the hirelings out of His presence. Right now, all over the world believers are headed in vastly opposite directions. Their emotions are opposite. Their viewpoints are opposite. Their destinations are opposite. Some are headed toward a visitation of God. Others are being herded out of the way to make room for a new and glorious work of the Holy Spirit.

Flashy, fleshly preachers were repeatedly warned—but now it is too late. This virus was the deadline. How could they remain carnal and self-important in the face of this crisis? How could they still resist God even in this calamity?

Well known leaders, who at this hour bask in popularity, are totally oblivious to their impending demotion. God is about to sideline them.

On the other hand, totally unknown churches and leaders are about to rise. God will have a witness! It will be pure. It will be free of carnal agendas. It will demonstrate signs and wonders from a holy and loving innocence, and these witnesses will not take the glory.

Remember when I told you this. The coronavirus epidemic will give way to the most explosive opportunity for soul winning in our lifetime. But many believers are going to be left out—receiving in their souls the fruits of their rebellion and the rejection due them for years of resisting the dealings of the Holy Spirit.

Today church buildings lie dormant. Today we wrestle with uncertainty about how long it will last and how bad it will get. But the Holy Spirit bears witness that it will end as suddenly as it came. Many Christians and preachers will emerge with a false sense of security and have no clue as to why they have been demoted.

God has deadlines!  Luke 19:41-42, “Now when Jesus approached and saw the city, He wept over it, saying, “If you had only known on this day, even you, the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes.”

Preachers in America have crossed a deadline, and now God’s next move will be hidden from their eyes.

On the other hand, there are humble servants who are grieving over America. It looks impossible, but this will turn! It looks like the door is closing, but this will turn! It seems that our enemies are too powerful and too great to ever allow a true revival, but this will turn!

Believers who will soon be revealed to be secret weapons, are waiting on God at this very moment. Broken hearts are the birthplace of the impossible. Many don’t know what’s happening to them. They can’t explain the birth pangs.

You know who you are. You are not wasting time fretting with vain imaginations. You are following hard after God. You feel strange rumblings, as deep calls unto deep. What will these Vessels of Fire and Glory look like? They will be irresistible. They will be unstoppable. These vessels will set the stereotype of what a Christian is, on its ear, in America.

What will it be like when it starts to turn and God-starved people meet God-filled people?  Matthew 11:12 says, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

This will turn out for you, as an occasion for testimony!





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  1. megagenius

    Christianity is finished? The lame Left just left another legacy of a new meaning to stupid. Don’t ever say the Left can’t devolve into more stupid. They are experts in proving you wrong. The Left is doomed to be damned in it’s den of iniquity. Repentance is their only way out. God commands all men everywhere to repent or perish. There is no other way. Remember the Savior is also the Judge. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live. The true watchman on the wall warns of eternal judgment. Love does this.

  2. Teresa Hicks

    On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 12:37 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “While leftists are saying, “Christianity > is done in America,” I say, “At the end of this lockdown, an amazing > ingathering of young souls will begin.” To try to prove me wrong, the Left > drags out the usual suspects—trends and statistics (including the cor” >

  3. ©Graceabundantly

    Dear Mario Murillo, I want to thank God and you for bringing forth this message! I didnt know about your miistry until I have heard you on True News! What you say here, is exactly what I have seen by the Spirit since a longer time. This is the hour of Temptation for the Believers, Jesus Christ or Baal! I am a German and my heart is hurting about so many wondeful Christians in my country and Europe who are complety under the powers of darkness, making a “covenant” with the enemys tactics and dont see it! I believe it is time for them to acknowlegde what the hour ” such a time as theese” is all about.
    PLS pray for me and for Germany and Europe so many believers will be shacken and wake aup to leave the babyslonien spirit and go on wit the CHRIST!
    Blessings on you from France… Hanna

  4. Marlene Wood

    Good word. I am praying for the church and its leaders. We must continue to pray for them. Rodney Howard Browne is going to have an outside service on Pentecost Sunday

    On Mon, May 18, 2020, 2:46 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “While leftists are saying, “Christianity > is done in America,” I say, “At the end of this lockdown, an amazing > ingathering of young souls will begin.” To try to prove me wrong, the Left > drags out the usual suspects—trends and statistics (including the cor” >

  5. 2SewRight

    Hello. I’m receiving your emails in duplicate. Could you check into it please? Many Thanks. God bless you in Jesus’ Name.

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  6. Greg Dean

    It was predicted that we would reach a period where nothing man could do would make a difference. That time is NOW. Only G-D can lead us.

    G-D is breaking our ego. But in doing so will lead a massive spiritual revolution. A harvest that no one has expected.

  7. Skip Kern Cfp

    Brother Mario, I am somewhat a little confused by your blogs. Sometimes it appears that you are really referencing a major outbreak of the Holy Spirit upon individuals and churches; yet other times it appears that it is gone bad and things are only getting worse. Would you clarify why you post them? I think I get the message you are conveying but just want to make sure I am not mis-reading your blogs. Thanks and God bless you.

  8. chicagobluesgirl

    ? Lord, let it be so.

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    Mario, I sense the earnestness and sincerity of you heart and spirit. In all the messages I have read during this season of fear and shutdown, your words declare a hope for the down trodden lost , that are searching for the truth. I stand with you, sir, in what the Lord is about to DO ! and He will do it quickly.
    I believe that those “churches” that have willfully watered down the Word of God and refuse to put Jesus Christ first, are about to witness that which they can not deny as being from God. Their reaction will have a radical impact on the world and this nation. Spirit is about to move on the heart of our President in ways that will shock this world. They WILL SEE [as was seen in Paul] a change that can not be explained or put aside. Humility and Meekness [ as seen in Jesus ] will cause evil doers to look away, for they can not view the Holiness of God. Those who are clinging to that hope and trust in the Father, WILL be empowered to stand strong and defeat the Gates of Hell. When all else fails and we are brought to the end of our rope, our God will defend His true church, His people will arise to this occasion. In the army of the Lord do I stand, prepared with His full armor. Amen Len Wisniewski – Tucson Arizona – Mario, may this encourage you and others.

  10. E2S-E2H

    Amen. So of the Spirit. God told me that He is raising up those whose ONLY agenda is His agenda. Too long have some of His with pure hearts in operating in the gifts solely for Him, His glory and to bless others and build His kingdom been falsely accused of only doing so for attention and sadly those who are deceived in the church by satan not only fell for it but were used by that thief to spread that lie and attack God’s people for the full surrender to the Holy Spirit to let Living Water flow from themselves to others who need it. God is shutting the mouths of lions in this season – false churches, false shepherds, false Christians – and doing as He told you in this post. Massive separation happening now in the church. Wheat and tares.

  11. Minister Hall

    Thank you I have been speaking this out for a month and a half… Also I have been praying for 2 months the former and the latter rain double portion Joel 23

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  12. kristymctee

    Lance Wallnau has pointed out that, for the first time perhaps, Christians didn’t celebrate Passover, they OBSERVED it. I know we did; my husband and I had communion in our home, alone, on Good Friday and then we put some of the wine on the doorposts of our house. (Since that time I have had zero anxiety about this virus. Zero.) If Passover was singular this year, what can Pentecost bring? Pentecost is celebrated Sunday, May 31. On the first Christian Pentecost, the believers were gathered together – not on the internet but – IN ONE PLACE. Let’s get together and see what the Holy Spirit has planned for us!

  13. kingskid48

    I have seen comments by those who say that Christianity is dying out and will soon disappear from this country, and the earth. It’s as laughable as it can be, but there’s no point in attempting to argue with those people. They are whistling past the graveyard, hoping desperately that Jesus is not really there, and they will never have to account for their sins and face an eternity without God. You can tell them once, and leave it, but, beyond that, trying to argue is a fool’s errand. But do remember to pray that one day, God will reach them, somehow. The time is short. We can feel it in the air. This virus changed us, changed the country, changed the world, and it won’t go back to the way it was. Thank God it won’t. Some things will get better, some things will get worse, but the Harvest is nearly upon us, and those with humble hearts are the ones who will be used in this hour.

  14. Geoff Gonifas

    Amen brother, we are ready. Hope needs to be restored in America and only Jesus can meet the hope and expectations of people. The church must ruse to the challenge.

  15. Geoff Gonifas

    Amen brother, we are ready. Hope needs to be restored in America and only Jesus can meet the hope and expectations of people. The church must ruse to the challenge.

  16. Geoff Gonifas

    Amen brother, we are ready. Hope needs to be restored in America and only Jesus can meet the hope and expectations of people. The church must ruse to the challenge.

  17. soljerblue

    When I read here and there that Christianity is finished, I remember my history studies of what happened when the Romans tried to stamp out Christians. Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ has now existed twice as long as the Roman empire. Its ruins are everywhere; not so with the Lamb of God. Mario, when I weary of the struggle from time to time I’ve only to read your column, and I’m ready for the fight again.

  18. EstherKingsKid (@esther_kid)

    You can just feel it coming! God has given us unexpected rest. This harvest could be wonderfully exhausting. We will need our stamina – get ready, set, GO!

  19. Aaron

    Mario,My wife is Watching Derek Prince “I will shake all nations”
    Recorded in 1992 in Westminster chapel,UK

    Have you heard this?
    Please tell me your opinion if you can.



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