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by | May 17, 2020 | Christianity Today | 49 comments

Vast swathes of the church still bring up his past.  A few who are wearing tinfoil hats call him a devil. Clueless preachers still won’t take a stand. He goes through hell every day protecting the American church and they repay him with indifference.

I am sure that he would make me take down this blog if he could. How I know that, is my business. He doesn’t want the church to know how our ingratitude hurts and baffles him. Obama silenced pastors and yet many pastors still love Obama. Meanwhile, Trump fought for and won free speech in the pulpit—free speech that is being used by many to castigate the very person who restored that right.

But no matter how much I am attacked for supporting him, I will not turn my back on President Trump.  Because of his policies, I have been able to win more souls and preach with greater freedom. The President is standing up for our ministry and he is standing up for you, as well.

You lefties need to save your strength.  Nothing you say is going to change my mind.

Our President found out what the Democrats plan to do to Christians if they win the White House and retake the Senate.  He took the time to gather church leaders and to warn them. That was not an attempt at getting votes but it was a president trying to alert the church to her true enemies.

The Left will go after the church with a vengeance because they think the church helped Trump.   Embarrassingly, that is a false accusation since the church at large really hasn’t done much to help him. Nothing like they could have. Now because of apathy, Trump’s hard won protections can be frittered away.  The President’s description of the Left’s hatred for the church and their plans for us is chilling.

Informed sources say, radicals will be bolder to assault conservatives and Christians.  Social media would tear off its mask and openly persecute the church.

Yeah, I’m angry!  Donald Trump and his family have endured excruciating suffering so that we could do something as simple and easy as voting and challenging other Christians from our pulpits to get out and vote. AND WE STILL CAN’T BRING OURSELVES TO DO SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS THAT?

It is jaw-dropping how oblivious many believers are about this moment in time in which they are living.  Trump is a divine disruption—a merciful pause button to give the church a chance to keep America from going off the cliff of Socialism.  So far, most people in the church have done little to act on this mercy, let alone appreciate it!  But I thank God for my President!

And what has the church done to repay Trump for the silent, nameless agony he suffers daily on our behalf?  Many reward him with apathy, ingratitude, disrespect, slander, and abandonment.  My friend, we are about to pay an incalculable price if we don’t get a right view of this hour.

I am sorry to say this, but Satan has seduced many preachers who head personal empires and oversee independent kingdoms. At such a critical hour as this, they will still not come together in unity to speak to the nation with one voice.  Because they are protecting their own private little empires, they can’t afford to offend their congregation.  Little do they realize this: if the Left gets its way, they will have no empire to defend and no nation to pass on to their children.

You may ask: “Mario, is there any hope?”  Yes, there is! But we need God to apply the electrode paddles to our faintly beating hearts.  We need holy rage, holy boldness.  We need to talk to every believer we know and tell them to wake up and vote and tell others that they need to vote.

I realize that it takes courage to support President Trump and to take a stand for our faith at this hour.  Just remember, right now it may be difficult, but if we lose in November, it will go from hard to impossible.

No one believes in miracles more than I do—and a miracle is exactly what we must have at this hour.  We need a miracle of repentance and boldness, but it all begins with our having a humble appreciation for this man whom God has placed in the White House.

There will never be a more important election than this one.  Your vote will never mean more than it does now.


  1. megagenius

    Lord, if you would mark iniquities who would stand? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. For he will have judgment without mercy who refuses to show mercy. King David, a man after God’s own heart sinned big time and told it all in Psalm 51, yet God did not kick him off his throne. God restored and forgave him. Anyone out there that would like God to plaster your past all over the internet? Anyone? I didn’t think so. Selah….

    • Mary Hale


      • David Goodwin

        Thank you sister in Christ. He needs our prayers and support more than ever. For such a time as this…God bless you, David Goodwin Colossians 2:5

    • Gary and Marilyn Stuart

      Totally agree. I too am Canadian.
      I respect and love this man, Donald Trump and pray for him daily. He is the Cyrus of this generation to free America and the world from the scourge of the corrupt and power hungry establishment. It is amazing to see the Lord use this man to complete the task of returning power to the people. I am a little envious and I am praying for a leader who carrys the same mantle as was given to Donald Trump to rise up as Prime Minster of Canada. I pray that Justin Trudeau will see the error of his way, call upon and commit his service to the Lord or that the Lord will remove him from the position of authority as leader of Canada. Much prayer is required.
      This land of North America will be blessed once again as the writers of the U S Constitution and the Canadian Charter of rights intended.

  2. swichkoski

    Thank you for using your platform and voice to boldly sound the trumpet. I personally believe every election from the 2016 forward build upon each other as critical because what President Trump started in 2016, roadblocking, exposing and reversing needs many more years to establish than 8 years of his term. I too have been shocked and disheartened by the apathy of the church and outright arrogance of the church regarding their double standard judgments against Donald Trump. I attend a predominately black church and many there and those they are connected to view him as a bully and racist. Not just congregants but other leaders, black and white. I am white and I’ve taken time over the last 3 years to be intentional about 1) talking to my black brothers and sisters one-on-one regarding their views, gaining understanding of the “why” behind how they view him and 2) presenting the full picture to their often soundbite-opinion-panel narrative. It’s not easy and I do get frustrated.

    The Lord showed me years ago there would be a massive awakening among the black population in America and they would arise as one voice for His glory and I believe 8 years of Obama was a reflection of the deep need for “representation” and “identity”, a need that reaches from a wound that has not been allowed to heal and is perpetuated in vote by the very ones being exploited. That need, motivated by deception, is a major threat to our freedoms as a nation; a nation the black community is called to arise in and become a powerful voice of true freedom. Racism is a powerful tool of the Left and they use it shrewdly. It’s obvious Joe Biden isn’t going to sustain candidacy so who would be the perfect candidate to throw in the ring at the last minute? Michelle Obama. Her, or anyone of her popularity would exploit that representation/identity need to the detriment of Christianity in America.

  3. Marlene Wood

    Thank you

    On Sun, May 17, 2020, 3:10 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Vast swathes of the church still bring up > his past. A few who are wearing tinfoil hats call him a devil. Clueless > preachers still won’t take a stand. He goes through hell every day > protecting the American church and they repay him with indifference. I” >

    • Valerie Walton

      And funny on how they say nothing about the Pope of Rome who is destroying the Catholic religion by signing agreements with the middle eastern terrorists on One World Religion…Sharia Law…And they think our President is evil. The blind sheep leading the blind sheep, so sad!

  4. Paula Peterson

    Thank you for taking your position.
    I am standing with you. I’m expecting a miracle that will make a difference. Help is on the way!
    BUT GOD!!!!!!!

  5. Sharon Shepherd

    Thank you for saying what had to be sais.I myself have been paying for our President . I cry for his pain , God hears our cry, I just don’t understand the hate in this country. I cry for mercy on us .

  6. Michael Payne

    What an excellent description of the state of the church and America. Thank you Pastor.

  7. Edward Wisniewski

    I believe that God didn’t bring us this far and bring us this Presidential gift to just pull the plug on America. I believe that the Joshua’s of this time will rise up and raise up Caleb’s as well to silence and drown out the voices of the accusers and help bring us into another term of God’s power, exposing and undoing the work of the enemy in our nation.

  8. Stephen Muzick

    The devil was the first great divider. Obama was another one. And the divisions couldn’t be greater. But that’s not what I want to say. Due to COVID-19, the church has started forcing people who couldn’t assemble to go to online church. Not that I like it but because of the online church, viewership has grown. That means people who normally don’t pay much attention to church or God are waking up. Somehow we must get these people who are now starting to hear the truth to vote for Trump. 8 million who voted for Trump in 2016 didn’t show up in 2018. They will be back this year. Pray for an honest and fair election, not one riddled with fraud. These people in power think they have earned their place. That isn’t right. Voters elected them and some have allowed that power to go straight to their head and they have forgotten who they work for. If God truly loves this country pray that he lights a fire under his people and they get out and send our government a message.

    • Scott Stewart

      The growth in viewership won’t help if the men and women they are viewing remain silent in the name of “staying out of politics.” We are not the first century church, under a military occupation with no voice in our own governance. If the socialists and globalists have their way, we will be. The choice is still ours.

  9. Tami Flick

    Thank you!

  10. Anita Coutu

    I am a Canadian who prays for President Trump each morning. Religion is full of fear and it needs to look like we know something when we really don’t. This is why the religious people all over the U.S.A can not step out for President Trump. We have the same issue in Canada-and maybe worse.

  11. donna kavanagh

    Dear Pastor Mario. Thank you for this post and thank you for all previous posts. Thank the Lord for pastors like you who take a stand for Jesus, His church and righteousness. His righteous leaders.
    I’m not a citizen of the United States but we here too in St. John’s, Nl, Canada do believe without a doubt that the Lord has positioned President Donald for a time such as this.
    We, meaning very few in number in a small church here in this city who believe the same as what you speak. Our pastor is the only one here in this province and along with maybe very few throughout this nation who isn’t afraid to speak out and is taking a stand. Back sometime ago he was the only one who spoke for and stood alone for traditional marriage in this province while the rest of the churches hid behind closed doors. This is a very “religious” city and people here shun the church that we attend because they are cowering away from the truth of what the WORD says.
    With reference to the Prime Minister? here in this nation, we our church cry, “Lord remove Him.” This Nation has crumbled to the inner core. But we pray, Lord God have your way. And also continual blessings on president Trump and his family. Lord like you did for king Solomon, give us one more chance!
    God bless you. And thank you again.

    Sent from my iPad

  12. Rev. Michael Nace

    Well said and I also receive these updates from Murillo Ministries. But I didn’t see this one so thank you.Spoke at length with Robert last night and had a good time of fellowship.Doing Service today at 10:30 AM-11:30 AM than mowing lawn after lunch.The longer this quarantine drags on the more concerned I am about the church holding itself together. My only consolation is God is in charge and it may be a time of sifting.Stay blessed and keep doing what you are doing Mario. God is watching and what man thinks doesn’t matter really. Michael

    Rev. Jan Michael Nace, Th.D – Pastor-Teacher, Author .www.JavaChurch.netA Church Relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit 

    • Rev Jan Michael Nace

      This post was not entered by me. It was a private email on LinkedIn account that was transferred to this page. Therefore I do not agree with it being on this page as it is private communication


    Amen.  I support and pray for President Trump.   The Church as a whole needs to stand strong in faith and put Christ back in our Nation.


    such bold statements and SO VERY TRUE…i stand with you on this…

  15. Pat Bess

    Yes, he is. I totally agree with you. My prayers are with him.

    Sent from my iPad

  16. Annette Hughes

    Dearest Lord when Abraham asked you if there were 10 righteous men in Sodom would you destroy it? And you replied if there are 10 righteous men there I will not destroy it.

    Dearest Lord we your people humbly ask you if there are 10 righteous Christians in the United States would you allow Trump to lose the election and with it our right to worship you in peace and continue to spread the gospel?

    There still a lot of people that are lost and need salvation. We humbly ask you Lord to grant the USA a reprieve and a revival in Jesus’s name Amen.

    • Wordforworld

      Yes, Annette, like you I asked the LORD, “are there not 7,000 here who have not bowed the knee to the enemy? In each nation? We speak what He showed us to speak, we (must) say what He told us to say:

      In the Name of Jesus Christ, Messiah:
      The house of the wicked is overthrown
      the throne of iniquity is cut off and,
      the workers of iniquity are scattered.
      Amen, so be it!

      It is the Father in us who does the works.

  17. Susan Sessions

    You mention that President Trump won free speech in the pulpit. Can you point me to that legislation so I can share it with others? Thank you Mario, for being a watchman and sounding the alarm!

    • mariomurilloministries

      He overruled the Johnson amendment by executive order. May 4th 2017 Executive order regarding the Johnson amendment.
      The order, Trump said, removes the financial threat faced by tax-exempt churches from the Internal Revenue Service when pastors speak out on behalf of political candidates. “For too long the federal government has used the power of the state as a weapon against people of faith, bullying and even punishing Americans for following their religious beliefs,” Trump said, later telling those gathered for the event that “you’re now in a position to say what you want to say . . . No one should be censoring sermons or targeting ¬pastors.”

  18. Daniel L Hutto

    Amen it’s the time to stand before it’s too late.

  19. robertaadrian

    Thank you for stating the truth. Every Christian should be supporting President Trump. Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  20. Michael Okulski

    We need more than a miracle. We need hundreds of miracles, thousands of miracles, millions of miracles every day. We need a new ministry to be added to the apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelist. We need a ministry of kings that directly report to the King of kings. We need kings that are teamed up with and work beside companies of heavenly hosts, warrior angels, and the great cloud of witnesses. We need kings that are assigned to geographical regions that manifest The Voice and Will of God. We need kings that take authority over sickness and disease, poverty, addiction, hopelessness, hatred, gender identity, and abortion. We need kings to take authority over the prison guards that pose as ministers and false doctrines that pose as The Word of God. We need kings that walk in Kingdom authority manifesting kindness, compassion, faithfulness, righteousness, and justice in the United States of America, Israel, and all the earth. There are are 14 more days and 2 Sabbaths left till The Feast of Weeks (Pentecost). Wait on The Lord. Let His fire fall. Praise Yah!

  21. L Ferdi

    I know This is speaking to the choir, but is reality. We need to continue to pray for our President, church leaders and congregations. God have mercy???

  22. kingskid48

    The hatred toward Donald Trump, imo, borders on demonic. Maybe it is demonically driven, even when coming from supposed Christians. He certainly has blinded their eyes, at least. Most of those who drag up his past every chance they get, would vote for a Kennedy, Clinton, or Obama today. Staggering hypocrisy.

  23. Darlene W

    Pharisees tried to undermine Jesus every step of the way.That same spirit is still in operation.

  24. Robert in California

    I would like to encourage everybody that follows Mario’s ministry. To send President Trump a note of encouragement. Address is – President Donald J Trump 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC 20500

  25. Debi Peterman

    Soooo well put!!! My heart hurts for him when I pray. I wish you could get this along with parts of several of your articles to both Christianity Today and Chrisma. Thank you Debi

    Sent from my iPad


  26. mary moore

    Thank you Thank You and I pray they wake up quickly Lord in Jesus name!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  27. Barbara Shuster

    I voted for President Trump before and I will vote for him again! God bless America and President Trump!

  28. Paul & Evelyn Leonard

    Right on, sadly. Years ago, the Lord revealed that REVIVAL will have to go through the “DOOR OF THE LAITY”. The laity must realize that, stand up, and pick up the banner of Jesus. God needs to shake this land, wake the people up. The glory of God must fall on America.

  29. Verla erb

    Great message. I love our President

  30. Rebecca

    God bless our President and God bless you Mario for all you say and do! I pray for our President and you everyday. It is so hard to understand how people and pastors who say they are Christians can be so blind to the gift of mercy God granted us in giving us this man to lead our country. The Lord told me years ago a great awakening was coming and I would behold more than I could imagine. I pray it comes without us loosing the freedoms we hold dear because we won’t wake up to the truth.

  31. Gaila Gale

    Hi Mario,
    Good news in case you hadn’t heard. Jack Hibbs of Calvary Church in Chino Hills, has been very outspoken and his messages are target on…whether he is teaching or having talks with Don Stewart which are also televised around the world (another is scheduled for this week at 4:00 P.M.) He is one anointed person and I think you and he are the great warriors for Christ and for waking up a sleepy church.

    Another warrior for the Kingdom is J.D. Farag in Hawaii. I am putting his latest Prophecy Update here. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Bible Prophecy Update – May 17th, 2020
    Pastor J.D. explains why Christians should not be afraid of what’s coming, and non-Christians can be saved from what’s coming. Connect with Pastor J.D. Farag…


  32. Steven&Doris Honeycutt

    Greetings, Mario
    I was inspired by the anointing that I saw on you on Trunews with Rick Wiles. Its been a long time since I have seen or heard Gods healing power in the way you described it. I believe Jesus paid the price at the whipping post and on THE CROSS for all of our wholeness, Salvation, nothing missing-nothing broken because he became broken for us, he bore our sickness and carried our sorrows” however my wife (Doris and I Steven) need healings for her heart” her Joints! I Steven need healing for my knees also, Type 2 Diabetes, and high blood pressure. We hurt ourselves, our knees working! I want to be able to take care of my wife but my knees are hurt and I cant get around now. We both are asking for healing in our bodys and for Gods direction for these END TIMES” I was excited to here about those healings the Lord Jesus did for that Lady you mentioned. Your Ministry moves me and gives me hope, I heard you talk about the blanket POWER” of GOD! Sadly I don’t hear much of that any more. Will you PRAY” for Miracles of HEALING to MANIFEST UPON AND WITH IN OUR BODYS?????Mario?? We are desperate and Earnest and we humble ask for A HEALINGS TO TAKE PLACE. P.S. Blessings to you my BROTHER! Steven&Doris Honeycutt

  33. zephyr

    Reblogged this on One Blue Horse and commented:
    Christians must wake up to what President is doing to protect us and listen to the voices warning us of what we will lose if he loses! It won’t just be America that loses the right to worship God, but in the end the world will lose with us … I stand with Mario and others like Lance Wallnau and Johnny Enlow and many, many prophets and pastors and Christians, who are speaking out … we must all wake up!

  34. David Crable

    I agree With you Pastor Mario Murillo!

  35. Tammy carlton

    Sadly , I agree with Mario . Much of the church today is apostate . And carnal and worldly . Their politics follow the one world order. Spiritually they embrace replacement theology and don’t even preach about the Rapture . The true church and the true believers r grateful to President Trump and understand the intense warfare going on . We pray for his soul , and for his safety , and for God to use him to accomplish His will In these last days !!! Our redemption draweth nigh !! We wait and watch with eager anticipation !!!! Hallelujah !!

  36. Robert Chambers

    “Because of his policies, I have been able to win more souls and preach with greater freedom. The President is standing up for our ministry and he is standing up for you, as well.” And this is why we pray for the President according to 1 Tim. 2:1-2. That scripture was written when Believers were being persecuted. So it’s not one of those mushy prayers. It’s a pray for an atmosphere that allows for the gospel to be spread more easily…

  37. Denise Loftus

    Mario. My heart is with you. You are suffering so much as are all of us who can see the truth. Jesus told us if they rejected Him they will reject us too. I totally understand that we must stand up and be counted. I am – and I live in Ireland – not America! I can see the consequences for us too if we don’t stand up for our rights. As that saying goes : As America goes – go we all! God will prevail. This too shall pass. Jesus hears all our prayers and I think He is waiting for the cup of evil to run over – AND THEN……….. watch this space! God Bless you. We appreciate your messages. Thankyou

  38. missionviewonline

    Good morning Mr. Murillo,

    I read this email yesterday and it was awesome. Truly awesome and completely accurate. The passion with which you wrote was so moving.

    In 1997 the Lord started speaking to me about the leaders of the church. He had separated me out from the church to learn. His anger was intense towards so many pastors for leading his flock in the wrong direction. Not putting Him in the service, but talking about him as though he were a part of all their endeavors.

    I had watched you with Lance Wallnau on the April 6 YouTube video. I had never heard or seen you before, yet I was so moved and compelled after listening to purchase your book Vessels of Fire & Glory. I could not put down after the first 4 chapters.

    I only recently started listening to Mr. Wallnau and understand his perception very well and the state of our nation at this time. The Lord has me on the same path focused on his children and our government. But please do not be discouraged at this time. Remember at this time it may only be a remnant, not the whole body of Church, as it appears. I remember years ago I could not call myself a Christian because of the distaste the Lord had for his children. I called myself a woman of faith and a child of God.

    Once we have gotten ourselves in position the Lord will move forward with us. I don’t know how or when, but I know soon I have a job to do, one he has been preparing me for a long time now. Thank you for speaking out against the so-called Christians who have come against our President and the one God chose to be used at this time. We must stay in prayer and keep moving forward. You are so perfectly on track and I admire your work. Thank you for doing all you do for the Lord. I can only imagine how proud he must be of you as his servant. Truly all that matters in this life is doing God’s will in his time. Because being His good and faithful servant is all that is important. Believing and trusting in him no matter what the situation appears.

    Thank you so much,

    Deanna Amadi

    On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 4:10 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Vast swathes of the church still bring up > his past. A few who are wearing tinfoil hats call him a devil. Clueless > preachers still won’t take a stand. He goes through hell every day > protecting the American church and they repay him with indifference. I” >

  39. soljerblue

    “Clueless preachers still won’t take a stand. He goes through hell every day protecting the American church and they repay him with indifference.”

    Matthew 10:36 — “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. …”

  40. Jan Niehouse

    Amen and Amen.

  41. Gaila Gale

    I want you to know about Scott Kesterson, a Warrior for Truth. He walks with our Lord and his podcasts are rallying people. I’ve put a link to the one called “This is Not a Game – Truths”. Or you can go directly to his site, Bards of War. Another one like you and Scott who is bringing truth to the public is Curtis Bowers. In 2009 did the film “Agenda” Grinding Down of America”–that’ll wake those who are asleep. Would like to know if you get this information.
    God continue to bless you and your ministry.
    Ashland, OR



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