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The phrase ‘New Normal’ is the mantra of slavery, forged in the pit of hell. Voices in power use this phrase to tell you all the things that will never again be the same. The ‘New Normal’ begins by feeding you images—optics to get you used to things.

Here are the images they want you to get used to:

  • Pastors handcuffed and taken to jail, while felons are being let out of jail.
  • Governors killing small businesses, while protecting large corporations.
  • Farmers forced to kill chickens and cattle, while boats filled with foreign meat of far lower quality arrive on our shores.

During this shutdown, Virginia brought back slavery: On Good Friday, the day we remember the death of an innocent Man, they passed the most liberal abortion law in America, so the State of Virginia can shed even more innocent blood—that of the unborn.

Then they passed a law that made it mandatory for churches to allow gender-confused men to use the women’s bathroom. The ‘New Normal’ says this, “We will not repent of our debauchery—we will never let the church go back to the way it was. We are going to use our new found power to lock down churches, again and again.”

In the ‘New Normal’ world, they are not required to tell you how long you’re stuck in your house. In the ‘New Normal’ world, they tell you, “We know what is best for you, because we are better than you are.”  Bill Gates says we should remain in lockdown for 18-24 months, and wait until everyone is tested and vaccinated—with his vaccine.

They are saying, in essence, “We can afford to crash the economy! You will be poor, but we will not. In fact, we will have more control over you. We will delay opening up the nation’s businesses as long as possible, because the last thing we want to see is Donald Trump tearing Sleepy Joe Biden to shreds in a debate.”

Americans must wake up now! There isn’t a moment to spare. We must revolt against leftist leaders who salivate at the thought of a crippled America and a silenced church.

Don’t you dare accuse me of wanting to spread the infection!  I am all for rational measures to protect people. This ‘New Normal’ is not about any of that. If it were, the Governors of the Western world would be laboring to save businesses and lives. Instead they hypnotize us with platitudes and murky language. There is no plan that makes sense, because the will to make sense is not there. What we are seeing is abuse of power on an unprecedented scale, fueled by hatred for Christianity, hatred for Israel, and hatred for a duly elected President.

Americans must awaken to the truth of the Declaration of Independence. Read these words carefully, for they speak directly to our current duty:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…”

Have you been successfully brain-washed into blind acceptance of social and moral control? Then you are ready for the ‘New Normal.’ Have you exchanged liberty for safety?  Then maybe you don’t deserve liberty. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

We must awaken to that conviction which we have all but lost: Those who would destroy our businesses, churches, and values by the vehicle of this pandemic in order to overrule our rights, derive their power from us, the citizens of this nation. We must, for the sake of God, righteousness, our children, and the legacy that is America, take away their power. A mighty voice must rise. It must be heard in every level of our culture, from the school board to the very halls of Congress.

What we will have is churches that are packed to full capacity, and worship that rings all the way to heaven. We will again eat at our favorite restaurant. We will again enjoy our sports, our parks, and the abundant beauty of our nation. We will beat this virus, and then we will return to all the things we love.

We the people declare that this so-called ‘New Normal’ of yours is nothing but your old abnormal. We won’t have it. We will have none of your bankrupt socialism, or your godless immorality.

If there is such a thing as a ‘New Normal,’ it will look like this:

  • Thundering rebukes to godless politicians from holy vessels of God.
  • An electoral repudiation of a wholly corrupt Democrat Party.
  • True repentance in our culture, and prayer in our schools.

And finally, a long overdue abolishing of the mass ritual of human sacrifice that is abortion, a brutal slaughter of the innocent, that has brought a deep curse upon America.

We pledge this: “We will send your ‘New Normal’ back to the pit of hell from whence it came!”





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  1. Dave Gray

    When I visited the, I was immediately turned off when I read “As we slowly emerge out from sheltering in place to a “new” normal.”

    The last and permanent “new normal” that exist is when Jesus Christ died on the Cross. However, Jesus expanded the “new normal” 50 days later. After that, there is no other new normal for faith filled Bible believing Christians.

    Pastors, if you are saying “new normal,” shame on you.

    • Kathy Zenker

      Jesus is my normal!!! HALLELUJAH thank you Jesus! I love you Jesus!
      Praising God!

  2. megagenius

    Democrats don’t have a so called New Normal. All they have is the Old Stupid. There is nothing normal about demented, demonized democrats. If you want to look at what abnormal looks like, just listen to the twisted ideology foaming out of the democrat’s foul mouths set on fire of hell.

    • Carolina

      Every time I hear their pap about this horrific timing becoming the “New Normal” when it is the diametric opposite. I’m reminded of the insanity and ridiculousness that statement engenders. Then I think of this clip I then remember, that God in His Heaven laughs at the simple minded plans of men:
      Better to laugh with tears of joy than to cry in utter sorrow.

      • NewHeavenOnEarth

        me too!!! “Abby Normal” always comes to my mind also when I hear “new normal” 🙂

      • Aaron

        Gene even has quarantine hair.
        The new normal I guess.

        I Have been hearing loose liberals clap back when someone was referred to as “abnormal” concerning there sexual orientation.
        I’m sure everyone has heard the whole”What’s normal”?

  3. Janice Sines

    Thank you! I agree completely.

  4. NewHeavenOnEarth

    thank you for boldly, confidently speaking the truth of the Word of God!

  5. Nancy Gilmer


  6. wordgirl67

    May your audience be multiplied many times.

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  7. Sandra Hutchison

    Powerful words! I wish I was able/younger to go to Raleigh to march with protesters that want NC open! I would be there in a heartbeat! I am praying that attorney general Barr will make the blue states open sooner than their governors have planned. Plus if November would come really soon, I believe at least some of this nonsense of the Dems would calm down. Pray Pray Pray!

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  8. wilcashhotmailcom


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  9. fredsheltonministries

    Please join me in an appeal to Heaven for an outpouring of the Holy Ghost such as the world has never seen. Let’s make the “new normal” a world where those who are held captive by the devil and his devices are saved, healed, delivered and set free by Jesus Christ!

    • Noel

      Anything less than this, brother, is not the Church our Lord purchased with His own blood! Cleanse, refine, anoint, and send out a warrior bride for the final harvest, Lord Jesus!!

  10. Truthseeker

    I am from Virginia. Most of us are deeply grieved over the agenda of our governor and legislators. Most counties are compromised of conservative God-fearing citizens. We have been held captive to liberal DC Beltway politicians from the largest counties in our state. Those areas are more populated and their numbers offset the rest of the state. Money flows in from out of state wealthy radicals in support of leftists candidates. Please pray for us.

    • mariomurilloministries

      We have the exact same problem in Nevada with Las Vegas “progressives.”

      • fredsheltonministries

        Since Reno got invaded by Bay area leftists your politics definitely took a sharp left turn out there. Nevada used to be a very live and let live place, but now, the my way or the highway leftists have ruined the state. My good friend Sharon Angle is still trying to fight the good fight out there, but with the influx, the victories are small. When I saw that Sisolak was elected governor, I knew Nevada was in serious trouble. We are praying for the miracles to turn it around, only God can save us now.

  11. Darlene W

    We as the church must rise up in our God given authority,stay on the offense and without ceasing decree and declare the Word of God over this situation.Keep striking the ground!

  12. kingskid48

    Wow, super word, Pastor Mario. I just think the Lord must be looking down, just as pleased as He to can be to see and hear you firing up the saints! This is what we need to read, hear, and see. The corrupt left needs to find out just Who is in charge, and it’s up to us to show them. Jesus is the Head of the Church, not them. Stand up, stand true and pure, and stand strong, Saints.

  13. mary moore

    AMEN AMEN!!!!

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  14. Linda Quinlan

    I was up all night, sad, angry, disappointed, And disillusioned. Then my spirit said, You serve a mighty God, nothing is impossible for him! And I remembered the book you signed for me at Oasis Church many years ago and it said to me loud and clear “ I am the Christian the devil warned you about” I live in Paso Robles and our county board of Supervisors has caved and bowed down to our tyrannical Gov. they’ve sent ads out to other counties to not come to our beautiful area. They’ve but shackles on hotels, no more than 50% occupancy, and the list goes on. But what is so very sad is that the comments under these orders are praising these actions! Today I will attend a protest in Morro Bay and fight for my freedom, and theirs. May they wake up before we’ve lost it all. >

  15. Luciano Jocelyn

    I agree with with your message except for one obvious thing. We need to pull our children from the Godless indoctrination of the public school system. If we do not do this, this problem will just continue into the next generation. The Word of God is clear on training up children and government schools do not cut the muster. We are accountable to train them, not the socialist system. Prayer alone in school will not turn the tide of false teaching.

  16. deborahcruz7710

    Absolutely right

  17. Betsy West

    I just finished reading his book Vessels of Fire & Glory. I read it in 3 days and have highlighted something on every page.
    I was excited when I read what I’ve been saying for a long time: Christian’s are being cheated by not being taught of the importance of the Baptism of Holy Spirit.

  18. Roger Weeks

    I believe the time is absolutely here right now. For teachers preachers small group leaders, mentors. To return to real bible teaching and preaching. Solid biblical instruction, powerful principles of the word. Real word instruction, so people will know how to war and apply practical Christian living. Teaching the people who they are in the body. The same promises for the preacher is for the saint in the seat. Teach them to get up get active take the word of God personal. Activate it personally as King David did. Teach them it’s not just for the pulpit it’s for the pew. Time for the people to wake up quit being lazy and pursue God for themselves. Honor biblical authority in and out of the church, but quit being dupes for the world and enemy. For word ministers, the five fold ministry gifts were given for the church, to equip them. Not for ministers to lord it over Gods heritage. Time for the church to be the church. 24/7, in the alleys
    streets commerce govt school boards schools etc. I work for a big school district. There is so much perversion spread through schools from K through 12, it’s Abominable. Most Christians I know through this district are largely in the closet. This has to end, you have responsibility and are accountable!




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