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Leaders and experts who I trust, are confirming my greatest heartbreak: a new iron curtain is coming down over America. That ugly apparatus from Russia has been redecorated and is slowly being set up over here!

 The door for preaching the Gospel in America is closing!

Already the United States is the least evangelized nation in all the major countries in North and South America. More laws have been enacted that restrict preaching in the last ten years than in the past two and a half centuries of American History. Local governments routinely fight church expansion. The nation’s largest group of lawyers has announced its plans to systematically target Christian organizations.

The most dangerous development is the radical shift in America’s moral base. Family values are trampled under the worship of the all-important economy. The immorality that ruined our ability to compete and produce is not even considered! Instead, short-sighted people want government to come and rescue us again.

We are in a classic position to be hoodwinked into accepting good old-fashioned left-wing socialism. Such socialism always targets Christianity.

Why do I recognize the symptoms so readily? Because for several years I lived in Berkeley, California, and I saw Marxist economics in action. It bashes the church, it numbs incentive, it puts a veneer of intellectualism on plain laziness.

The media and the government are in complicity to feed us these “New Left” leftovers. They manipulate statistics to justify wasteful programs. They say there are 30 million Americans living below the poverty level. Paul Harvey once said during a broadcast, “What they don’t tell you is that 40% of those they claim are in poverty, own their own homes and their houses are twice the size of comparable Japanese workers. I am sick of this manipulation of statistics and bashing of America.”

Sure, our economy needs help, but it is sin that is killing us and government expansion will create a far greater monster than the recession ever was!

 I grew up in poverty. The racial slurs that were screamed at me did hurt, but what was really poisonous was the way social workers patronized us and reinforced our sense of inferiority by condescendingly saying, “There, there! We will take care of you.” Had Jesus not saved me, this system would have food stamped and welfared me into a menial life.

Shame on Congress for bringing this iron curtain down upon us! First, they caused the recession by pandering to so many projects like the Savings and Loan Scandal. Then they fomented a corrupt and inept welfare system that fattens bureaucrats, misses the truly needy, and allow crafty deadbeats to play the system like a broken slot machine. Now they want to expand their power, bounce more checks, and blame others for our bad times.

Shame on the media for bringing down this iron curtain upon us! They are doing exposés that stereotype ministers as crooks, while airing specials that ‘normalize’ homosexual relationships.

What a pathetic set up!

It’s all so painfully familiar: “Tax the rich to pay for all our problems!” Never mind that even if we bankrupted all the wealthy, it wouldn’t even make a dent in either our deficit or our poverty levels.

You cannot punish people who succeed and at the same time reward people who are not even trying, without creating a nation of whining brats.


The Russian Revolution offered the deceived masses the opiate of violence. This New American Socialism offers a different opiate: instant gratification! They promise, “We will legitimize your sexual perversion. We’ll protect your right to use abortion as a contraceptive. We’ll pay the difference for your shabby work.” And finally, “We’ll get Christian morality off your back.”This is nothing short of the brainwashing of the American mind, so that we can accept the rejection of Christianity and the free-market economy.

Examples of nations that have tried this range from the silly to the disastrous! How else can you explain unions shutting down the Saturn auto manufacturing plant just as it became the first American car that was outselling Japan? Why are Bibles easier to give away in Russian schools than in American schools? Why are anti-abortion protesters subjected to much more brutality than other protesters?

Is this iron curtain inevitable? A thousand times, “No!” Time is short, but we can most certainly still win! Based on past history, here are three good things that I am counting on to happen:

1.The arrogant media will fall on their face! These inflated moguls ooze arrogance. They are so blind that they cannot see their bias and their broadcast-overkill, but the public is getting sick of it, and angry. Even when viewers agree with a liberal position, they are still angry with the media for the way they bully any opposing view.

2. Look for a mass student rebellion! As soon as students see that Bibles are “illegal” or that Christian meetings are “off limits” they are going to over-run these philosophical walls and birth a nuclear under-ground church the likes of which our nation has never seen!

3. The resurrection of the sleeping American church! The drowsing disciples are finally going to cry, “Enough is enough!” They will combine faith with action. Pastors and evangelists are going to discard men-pleasing methods, and they are going to thunder sermons that will expose this looming iron curtain! They will challenge ordinances and politicians who persecute church work, and return fire on these attacks on the Bible!

Above all, we the army of God, must take the current debate and drag it kicking and screaming back to the real issue! The recession is the result of our condoning pleasure, greed, and godlessness.

America’s saving grace has always been her Christian conscience. By discarding that, we have cut off our air supply. We should be asking why our cities are burning, not why interest rates are fluctuating. We should not be alarmed about jobs, so much as the loss of our national sanity.

There is a fire in my bones when it comes to this new iron curtain! And it is showing in our crusades! Thank God we can report that our crowds are swelling wherever we go. Miracles are coming like rain! We are taking our case directly to the American people! The crisis is urgent and the vision is working! Multitudes of Americans are pressing into the Kingdom.

This Gospel, that we bear, is the power of God to everyone! I implore you to join us in this hour of decisive action. Together, let us take up the sword of the Spirit and shred this iron curtain!


  1. megagenius

    There is the kindness of God and the severity of God. When God gets tired of arrogant loud mouths His severity can fall suddenly. Just ask Nebuchadnezzar. While he was content and prosperous God sent insanity upon him and took his throne, until he learned that God is sovereign over human kingship. See Dan. 4. God will target the largest group of lawyers in America. How? He will put them in slippery places. Read the book of Acts and notice the divine judgments in that book. You can provoke God to anger by crossing lines you wish you had never crossed. If you think that can’t happen…think again.

  2. J. Blair

    Stopping liberalism and this movement, can be likened to….laying down in the surf, and trying to stop a wave from coming ashore. The capable independence of early last century, is gone. SS, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc., have cultivated a “game the system” generation who have made that a career choice. Totally dependent on a term I coined, “godverment.”

    • megagenius

      It WILL be stopped! The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ forever and ever. God’s kingdom will crush every other kingdom and it will stand forever! Ages of Ages. This evil Age is winding down, not up. It is coming to naught..ZERO.. ZILCH.

  3. Carolina

    What concerns me is the ever obvious narrative the entire mainstream media continues to propagate, that there is zero hope to restart this American economy due to the corona virus.
    They’ve taken this pandemic hostage in order to produce the FEAR narrative. In order to spread FEAR quicker than COVID-19.
    It wasn’t enough that they propagated a completely false Russian collusion narrative regarding 2016’s national Presidential vote against Trump and all who supported him. But now with families still crying tears over the loss of loved one’s to the COVID-19 death rage, they encourage anybody who will listen to their drivel, to BE AFRAID, BE very AFRAID. ?
    These fear mongers should be the ones who are “shut down”!

    • megagenius

      Yeah…Shut the fear mongers down. I like that! ” Stopped the mouths of lions.”Heb. 11:33-35

  4. maxrush7

    Rise Up You People of Power. A song someone needs to bring back. This all starts with me. When we use ourselves as the example of a God fearing life, we can change this country to live the same. Stop the radical hunger for sports and develop that same hunger and need for God. I have been a radical for sports, but now my attitude is “who cares”. Prayer works, period. Let’s move toward our Father before we follow the example of Israel into slavery.

  5. Aaron

    I am more hopeful today than the early days of my conversion experience in 1995.

  6. Noel

    FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama. Yes, they sure have gotten more and more progressive as time has passed. As scripture says, “But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” 2 Timothy 3:13

    The question remains: Will the Church humble herself, shake off her slumber, and forsake her self-serving ways for the sake of the harvest?

  7. Doug Spurling

    Dear Church:

    “Open wide, you gates.
    Open up, you ancient doors.
    Then the King of glory will come in.
    Who is the King of glory?
    The Lord, who is strong and mighty.
    The Lord, who is mighty in battle.
    Open wide, you gates.
    Open wide, you ancient doors.
    Then the King of glory will come in.”
    (Psalm 24:7-9)

  8. Diane Soto

    Bro. Murillo keep sounding the alarm! I read n share your posts everyday. I am co pastor of a Pentecostal church raised in it.
    I was thinking where are our spiritual leaders? I hear very few crying aloud. Thank God you are!
    We must not set back at ease in Zion and lose America! God Bless

  9. Donald von Weller

    that was an awesome article – thank you

  10. Nancy Anders

    My thoughts are that “humility and repentance” are necessary, individually and corporately. 2 Chroncles 7:14 says “If my people…turn from there wicked ways,”… often left out when quoted. Why? Are we afraid to admit our sin? That’s where humility comes in. Read the rest of the chapter. There are conditions to Gods blessing and favor.

  11. kingskid48

    I see even Elon Musk is about to pull out of California. Or, as some would say, Kalifornia. Or even worse. Newsom is barely letting up with his first of iron over the state. He’s got a grip on his power, and a chance to turn us into a Marxist State, and he’s not about to let go. He may be evil, but he’s no dummy. He and his Aunt Nancy live in their ivory towers, untouched by the unwashed masses that they are using to further their socialist agenda. Much of the Church is still asleep, but not all. There are glimmers of hope. If California would turn, the rest of the nation could be saved. But if California falls, the rest of the nation will also. That’s the way I see it.

  12. Leslie Achord

    When are you going to start your meetings again?

    Please respond to

    God sent an angel to me after your revival meetings in San Jose in 1982. It brought a message to me regarding healing. I was healed. He was well pleased with me for attending your meetings.


    Leslie Achord

    Get Outlook for Android

  13. Lynette Klein

    This post should go to every person in Government in DC!

  14. Kenneth (Jim) Taylor

    Well, if church is just going to be church as usual the forces of the state might prevail. HOWEVER, if it is no longer going to be church as usual, but Church filled and led by the Holy Spirit all of hell can’t stand against it. When Christians are not known by their name or their denomination but by the DEMONSTRATION OF THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT shining on and in them ……… known only as a Believing One ……….. when people say if you are sick in mind, body or soul, go find a Believing One ……… the ones with shining faces ………. when they pray for you……… you will be healed ………….. then Is. 60 will become reality and all the lawyers and all the forces of hell CAN NOT prevail against that Church.

  15. Regina Austin

    I pray that real Christians all over the world are praying. And rise up and let us say what Peter and John said to the Sanhedrin we listen God rather than man. But we need to do this quickly and I pray the preachers are sick of preaching what the people like having their ears tickled and start preaching heaven or hell,the real Gospel of Jesus Christ and that the Holy Spirit will fall on all the dead churches and they will rise up and take a stand with all Christians everywhere! I pray people will get sick of the demonic Demorats and people in California will vote Pelosi out and the rest of that wicked bunch and vote in some prayerfully Christian people that care abou us and America! I pray for the Demonic Demorats be exposed to all that they are trying to do, shutting the church doors and trying to silence us and control us to keep us locked up in our homes. I’m not gonna be locked up! I heard a girl (Christian) say they are going crazy in Washington state I think that they were gonna go door to door testing and keep them locked in their homes! Sorry not gonna happen with me. They best stay away for my door, but I don’t live there.Im staying in prayer and that the Holy Spirit falls on all that don’t believe in the infilling of the Holy Spirit and they get filled anyway, I pray the Holy Spirit to have His way now!

  16. fifiskouri2

    Fire Fire Fire coming from Mario Murillo’s pen! Thank you.

  17. Patelincogswell

    I can see the curtain falling. I used to wonder why you would speak of things like civil disobedience when talking about things like the shutdowns but today, the Spirit brought it home. I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but the Suppreme Court ruled that Homosexuals now were protected under the 1964 Civil rights act and that they couldn’t be fired or discriminated against just because of their sexual or gender orientation–something like that.

    I see it now.



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