Will the Holy Spirit fall on thousands of churches this Pentecost Sunday?

by | May 10, 2020 | Christianity Today | 24 comments

It won’t surprise me if the Holy Spirit falls in a powerful way on many churches this Pentecost Sunday. I can’t shake the feeling that some shockingly supernatural manifestation will come upon those brave churches who know it is the right time to open their doors. It would not surprise me if glorious worship turns into an outbreak of miracles and revival.

Why do I suspect this? It’s because of many eerie similarities between this coming Day of Pentecost, May 31st, and the Day of Pentecost that birthed the church.

1. They were all in one accord in one place. The first similarity is unity. True, our unity looks a lot different than theirs. They were with one accord in one place. We, because of the lockdown, are in one accord in many places.

The church in America has been pushed into a corner. Long before the pandemic gave leftist leaders an excuse to persecute Christian churches, they were spoiling for a fight. The attack on our faith has recently caused some high-level Christian leaders to abandon their walk with the Lord and betray Christ.

Others have gone the opposite way, and have pressed deeper into God.  Across social media, you can hear similar confessions and declarations that show ministers are dropping side issues and are sincerely crying out for revival.  You can hear their messages quoting similar verses and their messages sharing a common bond of urgency—to see America repent. And not just ministers.

These are pastors, and regular Christians who are praying to go deeper. They are busy saying to each other, “the sideshow is not God, there’s more! No way can Satan win if we take our stand on the authority of the Cross!” 

Preachers who had significant theological differences have seen the light and are reaching out to leaders they might have shunned before. Many preachers have come to repentance. They realize now that fluff and distraction had pulled them away from their first love. 

Of course, not everyone has repented, and there are many foolish and disheartening heresies flooding the internet. Nevertheless, a rare and righteous core is coming into unity.

Persecution has distilled us to our current level of unity. But this dwindling of our numbers will take us to the next striking similarity.

2. The 120 in the upper room were under their own lockdown, and they risked it all by going public.  Jesus had been given a mock trial and then executed by the government. Now His followers were fair game for bloodthirsty mobs and corrupt leaders, energized by demons.

Note: Jesus “appeared to more than five hundred brothers and sisters at one time.” But by the day of Pentecost, only a remnant of 120 were still praying and waiting in Jerusalem for power from on high.

Some broke off from seeking the Holy Spirit because of fatigue and others because of fear. But those who endured fatigue and soldiered on, were rewarded with inexpressive glory on that Day of Days.

That is another similarity because not all churches are going to open their doors May 31st. Some for honest reasons that we dare not judge, and some out of unbelief and fear. A number of churches will be opening their doors for the wrong reason—because they want to strike with the fist at politicians, or they simply miss the tithes. However, these things will not stop the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a glorious fact to take away from that first outpouring on the Day of Pentecost: Less than one third of their number were praying. Less than one third obeyed and waited, but that was enough to receive the great promise.

There are many lukewarm Christians who have been paralyzed by the lies of the corrupt media. There are misguided preachers who don’t want to lose the approval of secular society. But the good news is that they can’t stop an outpouring of the Holy Spirit from falling on Pentecost Sunday.

3. They had to wait for the day to fully come, because of what the feast of Pentecost meant. Many in the prophetic core are saying we don’t have to wait for May 31st to open. Why should we wait? They are correct, we don’t have to wait, and some churches have not waited.

But, 2,000 years ago, God made the disciples wait. I am sure they were worthy of an outpouring long before it happened. But God had sovereignly chosen a particular day. Pentecost was a perfect day for the Holy Spirit to come. Here’s why: Pentecost was also known as the feast of First-Fruits. Farmers in Israel would diligently watch their fields and, as soon as they saw fruit beginning to ripen, they would tie a reed around the first-fruit, in order to distinguish it.  Then at Pentecost, they gathered those first-fruits and presented them to the Lord in the Temple.

Jesus was the first-fruit. He predicted His death and the harvest that would follow:

“But Jesus answered them, saying, “The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified. Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain” (John 12:23,24).

Within days of making that statement, our Lord would be crucified and die on the Cross.  Fifty days later, the birth of the Church would be the first-fruits of Jesus’ ministry!  Jesus was the grain that “fell into the ground and died” and in doing so, seven weeks later, He did produce much grain.  In Jerusalem, the priests and rabbis, and all Jerusalem, saw the first-fruit offering which Our Lord presented in the Temple.  That offering was the Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, healing the sick, and casting out demons.  That first-fruit offering was over 3,000 souls! (Acts 2:41)

Sure. We could open churches earlier, but there’s something about that particular day. And there is a growing expectation among many Christian men and women who have prayed that this coming Sunday, May 31st—despite all the darkness and evil—could yet be the spark that leads to a great harvest!




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  1. megagenius

    “No way that satan can win if we take our stand on the authority of the cross”. This is the Master Key. It always stops satan in his tracks. He is totally terrified of the preaching of the cross. Paul said he was determined not to know anything among the churches, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

  2. Israel

    What’s an honest reason we dare not judge.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Jesus said not to Judge in Matt 7 at the end of a sermon that was also targeted to Pharisees. He was telling them not to falsely act as an officer of the court. Delivering their traditions as if they were the Word of God. Later, Jesus called people dogs and pigs demonstrating that judgement can come through pure vessels who judge rightly. We must judge evil as God’s representatives. To remain silent in the face of evil is itself evil.

      • kingskid48

        I’m going to save your explanation of judgment to use later, if that is okay, Pastor Mario, with proper attribution, of course.

      • Donna Martin

        Yes! We dont look down on others as if we are better because we are saved we were all in a bad spot at one point in our lives otherwise we wouldn’t value salvation and the Kingdom. But we are to decide (judge) evil and good – right and wrong by HIS truth the Holy Word of GOD the Bible. The standard is the word of GOD. We are to love and give truth in love and it’s pretty hard to bring truth if we don’t know the difference between evil and good, right and wrong and how Jesus says it ought to be.

  3. cactusflower18

    Me too! I have a happy expectation that He will and I’m not tired…..I’m energized by the thought that He would have this wonderful plan for us too; in the 21st Century; wow!!! I have been spending time with Him and I know that we are not coming out the way we went in if we have been seeking Him, repenting and honoring His Majesty the way He deserves….I’m excited and can’t wait!!!!

  4. Annette Hughes

    Some of the churches have not celebrated or even mentioned the Day of Pentecost in the past. I hope this year is a new beginning where we celebrate it not only once a year but every time we meet. It is the Holy Spirit that leads us into all truth and empowers us to grow and proclaim the gospel to the lost.

  5. kingskid48

    What a wonderful thought, a wonderful thing to anticipate, that the Holy Spirit will fall in churches around the country on the Pentecost Sunday! It is certainly time for Him to show the country and the world that He is Boss! I pray He rains fire and rain down on us and shakes the buildings!

  6. Noel

    Thank you for highlighting John 12:23-24. I just caught the significance of Jesus’ words. He compared himself to a grain of wheat. The Feast of Shavuot, or as we know it in English as Pentecost, was instituted by the LORD to Moses at Mt. Sinai. (Exodus 23:14-16). Quoting Dr. David Stern in his Jewish New Testament Commentary on Acts 2:1, he writes, “On Shavu’ot the firstfruits of the wheat harvest were presented to Adonai in the Temple. The offering consisted of two loaves of bread baked with leavened flour (Leviticus 23:17). Thus was celebrated God’s providence at the start of the wheat season.”

    We are that wheat harvest! God has provided His blessed Holy Spirit! As Jesus “fell to the ground and died”, so he calls us to lay down our lives for the sake of the harvest. (John 12:25-27).

    Dr. Stern, still commenting on Acts 2:1 writes, Yeshua himself is called the “firstfruits” at 1C 15:23 (compare Romans 8:29), and he speaks of a “harvest” of people with prepared hearts at Mt 9:37-38 and Yn 4:35 (John). Later in the present chapter, at v.41, three thousand persons become the “firstfruits” of the Spirit empowered activity of Yeshua’s talmidim(disciples); while at Romans 8:23 what believers have now of the Holy Spirit is said to be only the “firstfruits” in comparison with what is to come.”

    What a God we serve that he sent His Son to identify with a fallen creation and having become the sin offering, He has justified many! (Isaiah 53:1-12; Hebrews 2:1-18). Not only that, He is willing to pour out His Spirit (Isaiah 44:1-3, John 7:37-39) and write His blessed Torah on our hearts(Jeremiah 31:31-34).

  7. Doug Spurling

    IF Question:

    If the blooming of the Fig Tree represents Israel’s rebirth May 14th 1948.

    If, according to Psalm 90:10 a generation is “70 years… up to 80 years, by strength”. May 14, 2028 would be 80 years.

    If the rapture is pre-tribulation…

    If the church is the rest of the first fruits harvest…perhaps sometime between now and May 31st, in the twinkling of an eye, the dead in Christ shall be raised, and we who are alive and remain shall be changed , and caught up to meet the Lord in the air.

    • Kathy Danielson

      Hello Doug,
      I like your thoughts. but I think the Harvest needs to come first. He pours out His spirit on us on Pentecost. Signs, wonders, miracles and people are saved–lots come to Christ! Fall is the feast of Trumpets. And a trumpet will be heard—maybe then?

  8. Mark Stripling

    As the world OBSERVED it’s first Passover since the original, I pray the world will EXPERIENCE a fresh and powerful outpouring of Pentecost, fresh wind, fresh fire, fresh infilling, for the first time since the original.

  9. Gil Zaragoza

    Yes!!!!!!!!!! An outpouring cometh this year in Jesus’ Name!!! I am hungering for it!!!!!!!!

  10. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    Evil men and women are trying to toss America to the curb for good….but GOD IS A BIG GOD. I am Believing that PENTECOST SUNDAY is going to be such a POWERFUL MOVING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT that those who are trying the hardest to destroy AMERICA – THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE – will experience such a Manifestation of THE HOLY SPIRIT, they will have an experience like Saul who became Paul had!!!!!!!!! GOD IS ABLE AND OUR PART IS TO FAST AND PRAY. There can be No Denying HIS Power and Presence when it happens!!!!

  11. Tinsaie

    If the church is also awaiting like what i read in the article and the comments i believe there will be an outpouring of the spirit. But there need to be some sign on the day of passover to coincide with the church leaving Egypt or some sort of spiritual sacrifice of some meaning

  12. Doug Spurling

    Dear Church:

    “Open wide, you gates.
    Open up, you ancient doors.
    Then the King of glory will come in.
    Who is the King of glory?
    The Lord, who is strong and mighty.
    The Lord, who is mighty in battle.
    Open wide, you gates.
    Open wide, you ancient doors.
    Then the King of glory will come in.”
    (Psalm 24:7-9)

    • Diana Lang


  13. Regina Austin

    Well I replied and lost ever bit of it before I could put my name and send it. I believe the devil did that to me.He does it all the time. I’m fixing to go off on him! Big Time!

  14. Kenneth (Jim) Taylor

    The FIRST passover was taken during the time of a plague which had everyone having to stay in their homes. It happened again this year. The five fold offices are to be equipping the saints, for the work of ministry, for the building up of the church until we all come IN THE UNITY OF THE FAITH, and the KNOWLEDGE OF THE SON OF GOD …………… are we in unity of the faith? what do we ‘KNOW’ of the Son of God?? Is salvation the only thing we know about Him?? Are we still missing the part about coming unto the full measure and stature of the LORD Himself??

  15. Marieta Henning

    On Sun, 10 May 2020, 09:48 Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “It won’t surprise me if the Holy Spirit > falls in a powerful way on many churches this Pentecost Sunday. I can’t > shake the feeling that some shockingly supernatural manifestation will come > upon those brave churches who know it is the right time to open the” >

    • lonesomedove

      No, not yet

  16. PEARL Dalton

    Thank you for your steadfast Walk with the , guidance of the Holy Spirit

    On Sun, May 10, 2020, 3:49 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “It won’t surprise me if the Holy Spirit > falls in a powerful way on many churches this Pentecost Sunday. I can’t > shake the feeling that some shockingly supernatural manifestation will come > upon those brave churches who know it is the right time to open the” >

  17. Glenda Fields

    Many people are saying that something is going to happen on the Pentecost Sunday. We have past this Sunday a couple of weeks. I want to know if you have heard anything that the Spirit did that would signal that He is working in our country and can we expect this to spread.




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