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President Trump was right to call out George W. Bush, who was silent about national unity during the criminally depraved impeachment trial. But now, suddenly, Bush is all for unity during the pandemic?

George W. Bush of all people should have been outraged by the assault Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and Jerry Nadler made on the Presidency.  With all due respect, I believe he should have been a bigger man at that time. Whatever petty baggage he carries from his perception of Trump’s treatment of his brother Jeb, is nothing compared to the horror and permanent damage this false impeachment did to the Executive Branch of the United States government.

Let’s turn to the Bible for insight on why Bush is wrong. In 2 Samuel 1:14, King David was confronted by a man who claimed to have killed King Saul, David’s mortal enemy. “So David said to him, “How was it you were not afraid to put forth your hand to destroy the Lord’s anointed?” Though Saul had tried on numerous occasions to kill David, David still mourned Saul’s death and even executed the man who had not been afraid to take the crown off Saul’s head, and bringing it, with the armlet from Saul’s arm. Why?

Because David believed that no matter what, Saul was God’s anointed. David respected the office. George Bush—of all people—should have respected the office. The time for him to speak out for unity and to warn that something could destroy us was during the fraud impeachment of Trump, not now.

Bush should have protested the disgraceful attack on the office of President by the Democrats. Bush should have warned the nation then about how we are all in this together. He should have protected the Executive branch of government from tyranny.

Mr. Bush knows, as few men know, the corruption of the Democrat Party. He also knows the long term damage these leftists have set in motion for future Presidents. Impeachment has been weaponized. It will be used to destroy any President that the House of Representatives does not approve of. It will be used even when there is no evidence of wrong doing. That was the new ground that Pelosi and her cohorts broke.

Let’s say—God forbid—that Biden wins. The Republican retaliation will be swift and withering.

Let’s say Donald Trump wins. Adam Schiff has already begun new impeachment hearings, and he can do so because the precedent has been set by their previous attempt at impeachment. And because there were no consequences for Schiff, he feels empowered. Has none of this occurred to George W?

Worst of all, no matter who wins, our devastated economy won’t get strong leadership.  A bitterly divided government will be distracted by more and more investigations and trials.

The American public has just seen two other examples of Democrat debauchery. We recently learned that General Michael Flynn was the target of high level FBI agents who were blindly loyal to Barack Obama. Knowing Flynn was innocent, still they set a trap by lying, and tricked the General into incriminating himself falsely.

We also see how Tara Reade is being trashed by the hypocritical #MeToo movement, because electing Joe Biden justifies depriving abused women of justice. Brett Kavanaugh was guilty until proven innocent. But Joe is innocent until they can change the subject.

Bush’s first loyalty should have been to our system of government. He should have been thinking about the Founding Fathers more than his hurt feelings. If a former President can’t reverence the office, who can?

And how can he say we are in this together when he knows that a rogue government led by Barack Obama and others is feverishly working to destroy the very foundation of our freedom?

Again, what Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and Jerry Nadler did was evil—an evil that will continue to damage America for many years to come. Such a vicious and baseless ad hominem attack on a sitting President, such blatant lèse majesté of that kind, should have roused George W. Bush to speak out.

If he truly cares about saving America, he would not, in my opinion, call for a fake unity built on sweeping evil under the rug, just because he doesn’t like the victim.


  1. Pat

    I love George W I want him to stand up for my president

    • megagenius

      I would not want to stand on the battlefield with GWB. When the pressure was on, it did not cause the crack in GWB….it merely revealed it. He is acting like a little boy instead of being a real man.

      • Patti techanchuk

        Well said

      • Dr. Mylon and Patricia Filkins

        Perfectly stated! Sadly,
        Unfortunately the description of GWB is right on. For some time, I thought he was a loyal, honest patriot! Now, I AM Not remotely sure of that. Like I said—-sad—very disappointed in this x-pres.

      • Joyce

        Absolutely agree!

    • Carolina

      Mario’s comment here reveals a second great question..
      (1)”If he truly cares about saving America, he would not, in my opinion, call for a fake unity built on sweeping evil under the rug, just because he doesn’t like the victim”.

      (2) If the #metoo movement really cared about saving women in America from being “objectified”,
      and believing their ‘rape’ testimonies, because NO means NO regardless…Then why is the so-called women’s movement of this era and generation, sweeping evil under the rug, (to help Biden) just because they don’t like the victim (Tara Reade)”?? ???
      Just saying, think about it ??‍?❓

    • Jim

      I was a big supported of George W. Bush until I heard him defend the “New World Order.” At that point, I realized that he was just part of the swamp.

      • Debra Krone


      • Gloria McHonagill

        Yep true, I was a supporter I’m a Texan and thought GWB was a good Christian as he claimed but time has revealed he is part of the swamp, totally disappointed!

      • Robert Corp

        I agree, I read that. Utterly discusting.

    • Rosalyn Martin

      George W to stand up like a man with a backbone and call out the injustices because he swore an oath to serve and protect our blessed country?????. Lord have mercy on his soul???

  2. Sue Rikli

    There’s a video out there showing clips of Bush speaking about the New World Order multiples of times. It gives a hint to his actions.

    • Lois

      Yes, I voted for Bush. Now I trust him as far as I can throw him. He’s the son of a NWO man. I believe he was in charge of 911 and taking down the towers. Don’t believe me, go do your own research.

  3. Patricia Stuckenberg

    You hit the nail on the head Mario. How can he sit comfortable and presidential retirement and not stand up for righteousness I’ll country in the office. This is cowardly and I pray God will speak to this man’s conscience and heart and convict him.patricia

    On Sun, May 3, 2020, 11:18 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “President Trump was right to call out > George W. Bush, who was silent about national unity during the criminally > depraved impeachment trial. But now, suddenly, Bush is all for unity during > the pandemic? George W. Bush of all people should have been outr” >

  4. David N Williams

    Well said!

  5. Darlene Crum

    Because he is believes in the New World Order just like his dad. So sad that he has been deceived.

    • Donna Bradshaw

      Correct. He’s a globalist. No difference between him,Obama or Clinton. All the same.

  6. Susan McMullen

    I am sad to say that I campaigned mightily for George W when he ran for office the first time. Now I know he’s one of the globalist elites. I hope his part in bringing down the towers on 911 is revealed. I also pray he and Laura truly repent before they meet the same demise of his parents!

    • Lois

      Susan, YES! You speak the truth according to my past research.

  7. Victoria Van Ryan

    GWB is part of the Deep State and a proponent of the New World Order just like his father before him. Surely this does not come as a surprise to you, Mario. He would never support Trump or any nationalist sentiment. His position of hostility towards this President is in perfect alignment with globalists of every ilk.

    • Nancy Sires

      I used to hold the Bush family in high regard until my eyes were opened. Please do research on this family. They are not who/what you think they are. Yes, satan is alive and well ?

  8. Mary Lina Smith

    I agree with the others that George Bush’s actions, or lack thereof, is more about his globalist, new world order beliefs than being peeved about Trump’s treatment of Jeb. It’s interesting that while the Obamas treated him horribly, they also seemed to make peace and were seemingly one another’s new best friends when the presidents and their wives came together for important occasions, such as a funeral or state function. It is also distressing that George Bush was photographed sitting and smoking a cigar with one of the Saudi sheiks right after 9/11on a White House balcony! A lot of Saudis were flown out of the USA quickly and quietly right after that horror. So in the hierarchy of loyalties, the American people and our nation seem to come out lower on the “totem pole” than Bush’s loyalty and friendship with the Saudis, the bankers, other globalists and new world order aficionados.

  9. judith gloria


  10. Jo-Ann

    It’s not too late to undo this neglect of his party. While there is still a Republican party. And his little brother Jeb also needs to man up. But Jeb is showing his true colors, don’t grow up. Pout like mommy taught when he doesn’t get his way. Through the Republican party under the bus. Grow up boys and come out from behold the bush.

  11. frandunn77@yahoo.com

    I don’t believe George W. Bush is innocent in a lot of ways. Have you ever looked up owl worship in California? Not sure about him, but I read where his Dad was a part of that evil. Most Presidents have been.

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    Sunday, May 3, 2020, 11:16 PM -0500 from comment-reply@wordpress.com : >mariomurilloministries posted: “President Trump was right to call out George W. Bush, who was silent about national unity during the criminally depraved impeachment trial. But now, suddenly, Bush is all for unity during the pandemic? > >George W. Bush of all people should have been outr” >

  12. purepearl fromthesea

    “We are all in this together Perhaps he is “all in” this together with those mentioned below

  13. Kris

    You nailed it Mario

  14. Peter Quintiliani

    Pastor Mario , you are spot on sir.It makes me so angry.

  15. Brian K Davis

    I supported President Bush, beyond what I could really afford in his bids for the White House. I didn’t like how he stayed quiet while President Obama tore apart the fabric of America’s UNITED States. I despise how he has now let our Republic down based on his personal feelings toward an individual that although not so likeable, has done a phenomenal job in his position.

  16. Bret Trasamar

    The Bushes, Clintons, and Obama’s are globalists. The ultimate goal of globalism is a one-world government. That is the larger issue. Soros, the far-left, the Gates, and most of the the media, etc., are pushing a globalist agenda and Trump is standing in their way. We need to pray that God causes a new awakening, a fresh fire in His people; that we would stand up for righteousness, holiness, and have our “senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”

    • Aaron


  17. Pauline Hubbard



  18. fifiskouri2

    My admiration of David’s bowing down to The Lord honoring his enemy Saul has no bounds. George W should have defended the Presidency despite the fact that DJT put down his brother; Loyalty to his brother took priority

    • Jbird

      His brother? Don’t you mean father?

  19. Norman Nicholas Trudell

    Yes I use to like “W” he was a good until he went against president Trump and sided with Obama.
    He turned out to be a sort of a RINO like Jeb, also a big mistake in Iraq by him.
    I am so sick of the deep state (swamp creatures embedded in D.C.) and globalism, the main stream media (nothing but lies) and of course the Demoncrats. Thank God for the internet. God is in control but he also gave us a voice and freedom in this country so we need to speak up or loose our freedoms.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Our point is that he should have spoken out against the impeachment. I am asking sincerely, how can we unify with a leftist rogue government?

  20. Aaron

    Hindsight is 20/20.
    I hear people that claim to be Christians say “Trump was the better of two evils”
    they soon regret calling Trump the better of two evils if I’m in the vicinity.
    That’s all we had for years but most were to stupid to see it.
    I was on an outreach and a young pastor was comparing Trump to king Darius (as if it were some personal revelation)?
    in the next sentence with the same mouth said that Trump was gonna “split hell wide open if he died today and is not saved”
    I listen to some of my old preaching ?
    I just shake my head sometimes.
    This is why I love Mario.
    At least he turns his brain on and changes the batteries? before he starts talking.
    It’s beyond inspiring.
    He raises the bar in his own life and challenges us to follow.
    That’s a mark of leadership.

  21. Tim Price


  22. Shoshanna

    Bush 41, who was former head of the CIA, was leaving office he said, ” the New World Order was coming.” The Clinton’s, Bushes and the Obama are in agreement. I have serious concerns about the Bush and 9/11 since the Saudis have been friends of the Bush family for decades. The last Pres. Bush fooled everyone and cost this country so much.

  23. Are Eche

    George Duh-bya was never anything but a puppet of his Dad’s, and the Illuminati his Dad represented.

  24. David Larson

    Finally, statements in the ‘Comment’ section that make sense and show some insight. I hope it continues. Your blogs may finally be starting to reach some of the ‘lost’, Mario. Good work.

  25. Mary Thimas

    I understand what you are saying. Obviously he left out the President. His speech was put on Facebook from a friend on the left. I used the opportunity to agree with his message and noted that he said ALL unite not just the left, the right, independents but ALl. All includes our President and all the people working with him. We need to unite as one Nation under God as our founders intended. President Trump expressed his opinion and had a right to do do. Let us help to be cautious but to push uniting. This can only happen with our continued prays. God is raising armies all over this nation and world. Let God move the judgement as we pray and declare the evil. We also need to praise God.

  26. PK Shisler

    The Luciferian/Globalist “religion” crosses all party lines, doesn’t it?

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  27. Aaron

    There are people that the religious world have shunned(and thank God for it) who now God will bring to the forefront.
    They have been under the radar developing.
    They are coming from lots of places.
    Remember David’s mighty men and where they were before David Led them into battle.
    The disciples were mostly despised by the religious world.
    Most likely they won’t have bible school degrees.
    They will come from groups that have been labeled as cults because of there supposed excessive devotion and zeal,mischaracterizations and false accusations made about them or mistakes that they have repented from etc.

  28. Jbird

    In reading these comments it’s so refreshing to know that people are waking up to the truth about George Dubya. That he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A puppet of the deep state, obviously played out at 9/11. What a coward. Talk about demeaning the highest office of the land! That act was far worse than his failure to revere the office of president and speak out against the impeachment efforts. In my opinion his silence was just par for the course.

  29. Troy Yarbrough

    just another globalist …..what do you expect? I was a huge Bush fan back in the day but I have seen the light!

  30. verla erb

    I agree with you. I voted for Bush both times and I’m sorry he fears the left more than he wants the truth

  31. Annette Hughes

    George H talked constantly of the NWO. His son W is no better. He may not have publically stated it then but his actions speaks louder than words.

  32. kingskid48

    I held GWB in high regard and voted for him both times, but I have been so disappointed in him for the past several years. Family loyalty is a great thing, but he should be a big enough man to put childish resentment behind him and support President Trump for the good of the country and for the Republican Party. He was trashed constantly by the democrats and media when he was in office. He managed for forgive them but can’t forgive Trump for insulting his brother? It makes no sense. When worthless Hollywood celebs had their fundraiser for WHO as an in-you–face action towards Trump, I understand Laura Bush made a donation? Unfortunately, the Bushes are showing their true colors.

  33. mary moore

    Right on!!!!

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    Well said, I thought a lot of George W. the first term they must have got to him in the second term the EVILS OF DARKNESS are so powerful in DC. Now that they have weaponized the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT AGENCIES they are all now puppet masters LORD HELP US.

    Thank you for your Ministry you have woke me up from my sleep there are several now crying out to God for His presents since your book and website has been circulated we will not go back.

    I have one question I have been trying to find your message on the Lazarus generation and can’t find it I heard Robby Dawkins talk about it can you help me find that message?

    JIM D.

  35. MARYANN33

    Bush is a crook just like his dad…The real Bush showed up. Good friend of Obama too.

  36. Adelin Schauer

    This is so true. Thank you for telling it like it is.
    Even though we now know Bush is not a conservative, we can thank God we didn’t get Al Gore

  37. cactusflower18

    In my humble opinion; I believe GWB is part of the problem, he is part of the deep state or he is being blackmailed in some way and he really is not who we thought he was and voted for; that is sad.

  38. Leland Caldwell

    I respected and admired President George W. Bush enormously. I took up for and defended him often when he was President. And even afterwards. But it has been painful to see him stand by while President Trump has been ambushed, attacked and maligned for attempting to drain the swamp. You couldn’t have convinced me years ago that President George W. Bush Would chose to follow his own pettiness and desire to hold a grudge over doing what is needed for the success of our great country-but he has. Very sad…

  39. Margaret Wilmoth

    George W is a globalist in with the rest of the deep state. That’s why he didn’t say anything against the tried impeachment of President Trump. The Lord is working mightily in President Trump because he has asked God to be his guide to rule this country. The Lord will deliver us from these tyrants in His time!

  40. Terry Wooley

    Ya know, right or wrong is very easy to see. There really is no gray area. The gray area appears in how we CHOOSE to respond when we don’t follow biblical principles. I was extremely disappointed in all of the Bush family. I supported them and greatly admired Barbara Bush. They have caved in to the Clintons and sold out to the swamp. Thank you Mario for writing this.

  41. Ellie

    I watched a YouTube video that was a real eye opener, even though I already knew what was going on with the OWG. I would suggest that you all watch this video.
    Alex Jones Interviews Aaron Russo (Full Length) then you will know why GWB kept quiet. Thank you brother Mario for standing for truth. Bless you.

  42. Linda Deardorff

    I have to admit that I also was disappointed in P. Bush. I am still hoping he will change and do his duty to our country. He is one of the only ones who can stop these deceitful lying Democrats who care nothing of our country. To hear that Schiff is ready to try and impeach P. Trump when he is elected sickens my stomach. Will President Bush stand up this time and try to do the right thing or is he part of the deep state? I voted for Bush as most of us Texans did. Please make us proud of you.


    Pray for our Nation, Pray Trump wins the Presidency in 2020!, Pray His administration will take back the House! Boom! Righteous Power Restored!

  44. PK Shisler

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