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You are awake. You see how the overreach of radical leftists has permanently ruined people’s lives. You have come to realize they aren’t trying save the lives of everyone— just the ‘preferred’ lives—the lives of those who advance their narrative; the lives of those who, in their minds, justify this draconian house arrest, this imposition of undeclared martial law.

You see how lives are being lost to suicide—because people’s jobs, homes, and hopes have gone up in flames. But those losses don’t count. The thousands, who in every economic crash become addicted and overdose, don’t count either. Opioid overdoses are expected to claim 25,000 lives in the U.S., this year.

What would we learn if we could really calculate how many people the lockdown is killing? Even if it’s killing more than it is saving, it would not matter to the Left. What if the permanent damage to our economy is the real horror? We will never know, because that kind of investigation is strictly verboten.

This lockdown is vital to the Left. They need it. They need it because their plan is to topple Trump and make socialism appealing. They need the Deep State-controlled media to keep touting its benefits—it’s their new “inconvenient truth.” It’s their humanitarian camouflage. It’s why they unceasingly shame voices like yours and mine.

Gavin Newsom just confirmed what we suspected. He will close churches in California for 3 more months. He will make them the phase last to open.  This is the abuse of the shutdown to punish the church I predicted.

In a national crisis, all lives should matter. Logical people would conclude that there will never be a day when there is no risk, and because of that, we must make some hard choices in order to save the most lives. Such logic evaporates under the tyranny of zealots with a raging fever to control every aspect of human life.

But just being aware that America is being destroyed is not enough. If you have fire in your belly, that is not enough either. We must take action, both as Christians and as patriots. So then, what do we do?

We begin with a rude awakening. It was ‘safe church,’ led by impotent shepherds, oozing false politeness and allowing ignorance of both government and the Bible that frittered away our rights as Americans. We were told by those in power to be nice little Christians, when instead, we should have been equipping disciples capable of pushing back the evil.

Next, you need to quit fooling yourself about what it will take to save America. Decades of neglect and apathy have forced God to use strong medicine on us. Trump was a key part of that medicine—medicine that is hard for many to swallow.

So, here are your instructions:

STEP 1. Separate yourself from the carnal church which is aiding and abetting the failure of the Body of Christ to impact this culture.  You must ask yourself: Why is your time, money, and allegiance going to a shell corporation with religious overtones? Why are you sitting under leadership that never mentions repentance, the Bible, the Cross, the Blood, or revival?

How can you expect to pray prayers that prevail unless you are in the company of serious believers who are contending in the Spirit for mercy and revival?

Satan loves the Laodicean churches. He knows they are distracting the people from forming a true army of God.

STEP 2. Preachers must repent.  They need to repent of the fear of losing tithing members and the need for acceptance, so they can lead God’s people to urgent prayer, repentance, and training. This repentance is especially needed among urban minority pastors who know the Democrat party hates Jesus and the Bible, but are too afraid of breaking ranks with tradition and race. The blood of a nation is on the hands of preachers who know better, but refuse to obey the Holy Spirit

STEP 3. Empower those among us who already understand the systemwho are actively engaged in confronting politicians. Churches have vehemently opposed voter registration. How crazy is that?! So many have tried to show us who to call, write or email, but it has been ignored. Men of God, such as Lance Wallnau, Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ, and David Barton of Wall Builders, immediately come to mind. But there are many more worthy ministries in the political arena. Just make sure you find a ministry that has a plan, and not just platitudes.

There are many ministries that are gifted in assisting and organizing the church to be politically active. We need to start listening to them, and get to work.

STEP 4. Civil disobedience. Yes, it has come to this.  We need to understand the ins and outs of illegal laws and prepare to resist them. When it is clear that a law violates the Constitution and the Word of God, we must find ways to refuse to obey those laws. This civil disobedience can be well planned and peacefully executed. We need leadership!

When the left moves to shut down the church, after the pandemic threat is over, that is when we say a loud and collective, “No!” and risk arrest, if necessary. The church which has been a cruise ship for so long must turn back into a battleship.

God will give you courage you never imagined. God will give you wisdom from beyond this world. God is looking for someone just like you to transform this dark situation. It’s your turn to do what heroes of faith have done down through the ages.

Hebrews 11:33-34, “…who through faith subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight foreign armies.”




Let us place a new weapon in your hand. Mario’s new book that saw this coming and gives the instructions for those would let God forge them into a nation-saving weapon.

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  1. megagenius


    • Tamera Sweitzer

      Thank you for sharing this! I’m blessed to be connected with a church family OpenArms, Lincoln, IL) who believes this way and I’m blessed to have been connected with other church families in past who also believe as you do. But sadly, there are many don’t…my prayer is they are waking up, repenting and getting back to The Way, Truth & The Life… Jesus who bled and died for our freedom, to walk in His Light!!

  2. E2S-E2H

    Amen! I was thinking about what the “plans” could be from your last post and for God to lead us to those who have the wisdom on what to DO about all this. So thank you for writing this. 100% agree and have been praying that the financial wells of those who are false churches who do nothing and say nothing of God truly (b/c partial obedience isn’t obedience). Lord, please move upon Your people to stop supporting in any way these false dead churches who fear man and not You. Plus, as you said pastor. We must not sit UNDER bad authority. His people are being “poisoned” with bad doctrine and sin in the form of NOT doing the good they ought to do, not exposing evil, not voting, etc. They must repent now or lose their pulpits now. Too much at stake right NOW. Cry out His people. And DO. Please keep us up to date on all who have plans in motion for civil disobedience plans and movements.

  3. Connie Sherman

    Would like to have a physical address to send a donation to. Thank you and God bless you. Connie Sherman

    On Wed, Apr 29, 2020, 2:41 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “You are awake. You see how the overreach > of radical leftists has permanently ruined people’s lives. You have come to > realize they aren’t trying save the lives of everyone— just the ‘preferred’ > lives—the lives of those who advance their narrative; the live” >

  4. Mark Stripling

    A blind person could see the evil at work behind the scenes in America. Demons are behind this coronavirus lockdown. The closing of houses of worship, destruction of our economy, loss of jobs, ruin of small businesses, and the financial pain caused by being forced to stay home from work does not measure up to the numbers where I live. I am also a volunteer EMT/Firefighter in my community, and we were given special guidelines on responding to 911 calls. But the region where I live has had 0.0014% of our population test positive for corona. 0.000014% of our population died from it. Most of the deaths, and nearly half of the cases were at a large nursing home/assisted living facility. And life is ruined for tens of thousands for this?? Our governor declared church to be “essential,” and my wife and I set our personal PA system, keyboard, and guitar up in our parking lot. We have had drive-in church each Sunday since all this began, and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. If things go well in our community in the reopening phase, we will return to the chapel building. As soon as possible, we are going to hit the streets in ministry, as well as returning to our prison ministry work. Several people we know plan to join us on the streets. May hell pay a great price for this satan inspired attempt to destroy our nation, the church, and the family as Jesus seeks and saves the lost. God, give us the last days outpouring of the Holy Ghost that you promised!! In obedience to scripture, we bless our enemies and the enemies who hate our God. We are also praying to God that all who dig a pit for our president, Christians, and the church will fall into it themselves. We are going to pursue the lost as never before. Let God arise, his enemies be scattered.


    Mario, I call out to the Lord each day, to impart INSIGHT-WISDOM-UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWLEDGE, into the spirit, mind and heart of our president, for such a time as this. As things continue to appear out of control, believers MUST acknowledge that this is a LIE from Hell ! For the man that God has put in position to defend our nation and church, He has also equipped to do battle with enemy. I ask that the Lord provide him and his loved ones with a hedge of protection, endurance, tenacity and a HOLY fervency that can not be diminished. My Lord and my God, draw mighty men and woman that You have prepared for this battle and encircle our leader that he may prevail for Your cause and purpose.
    In regard to those churches and teachers that have sold out to the enemy, confront them NOW to make a choice – are they with YOU or against You !? I ask Father that You may cause their hardened heart to become hearts of flesh. That they may come before Your people and humble themselves and ask forgiveness. Lord, that any resistance be met swiftly with Your retribution and judgement. Help us Lord, Your people, to take back the land You have blessed us with and banish the wicked and evil forces that are in play. Thy will be done, my God. Amen Leonard Wisniewski

  6. LBebe

    Amen, we must begin to realize who we are and value what the Word of God says, then we would be as warriors of truth with swords drawn towards the gates of hell, the swords being the Word of God… Taking our stand in the power of His might!

  7. Connie Edwards

    Thank you for your boldness of truth! I agree with all that you said !!! Please keep us informed on churches in California possible 3-month more shut down. I will be in prayer for the pastors and religious organizations to stand against satans plan. The blood of Jesus be upon the world ,but especially upon our pastors and California pastors at this time ! I pray the Blood of Jesus upon you ,around you,over you and under you as you pinatrate darkness to bring us truth !! Thank you !

  8. David Larson

    Mario, do you know of an activist church in the Phoenix – Scottsdale AZ area?

    • Donna Hart

      Thank you for being a leadership voice and action that is empowered by Holy Spirit to be bold, strong and of good courage!! May we as s as body of believers rise up and answer the call, as did our forefathers, to take this land, this nation, under God, for the honor and glory of our Savior and King Jesus Christ!!

  9. Michael Okulski

    The passion is good. The cause is good. There are several traps along the way we must be aware of. First, we need to make sure we are not fighting AGAINST the enemy. That produces the wrong focus. (Lu 10:17-20) We must ensure we are fighting FOR Jesus. Second, we must not rally the church to be a POLITICAL BASE. We must rally the church to become a BIBLICAL MORAL BASE that drives political, economic, and other social issues. I’m Just Sayin’! Thanks from Yuma Arizona!

  10. kingskid48

    I saw a video clip this morning of a protest. Best sign I’ve seen, “Tyranny is spreading faster than the China virus”. To say people are getting restless would be the understatement of the decade. We can stop and buy a hamburger but we’ll be arrested if we sit at an outside table to eat it. We’re afraid to meet a friend in town to grab tacos and sit in our car to eat them, for fear we’ll end up being handcuffed and taken away. Now, they’re putting church on hold for three more months? And our governor has stated that this crisis is a good time to change the way things are done? What is it going to take for Americans to realize we’ve almost lost our country already? All I can say is I’d better hear my church speak up and speak out about what’s happening, loud and clear. “Feel Good Church” is gone for good. At least, it had better be.

  11. Jeff

    “It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
    ― Samuel Adams

  12. Laura Alderman

    I am ready to fight for God and my nation. Your blogs and your recent book Vessels of Fire and Glory have awakened my spirit. The People of America are lost and I blame these carnal churches and their leadership. Evil has permeated our land and it must end. We need a voice. We need to stand against the laws/orders and leaders that steal our liberty and as you so perfectly stated “shake their fists at God.” Believers and Patriots must unite as one again and stand for God and America. I pray and seek God and spread the Word as much as possible. At times I feel I am alone in my efforts but I will not give up. I am searching for a new church that will inspire me and as someone else said be “activists.” God will open that door when it is time. I know it.

    I am grateful that I found you through Lance Wallnau! Sending prayers! I will close with a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

    “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson,

    Thank you!!

  13. Jim Taylor

    I am reminded of a scripture which I paraphrase, one I think applies to the times and political climate in which we are living. It is not by might, nor by power, but by MY Spirit says the LORD.

  14. Shoshanna

    There is going to be the greatest outpouring and gathering of souls this world has ever seen. Considering this Mario, how strenuous is it to pull off one of your Spirit led tent revivals? Since we are coming into, all hands on deck season, for workers and prayer teams. Maybe the church world should consider not only getting ready spiritually but physically as well.
    I am stepping on toes here but look around churches dropping 50-100-200 pounds would be a wonderful idea. What a great benefit this lock down could be for the body and Spirit.


    Mario, One of my kids send me this email. It’s on Facebook, by Summer Sum Sum on April 26, Titled Don’t Watch this video unless you are ready for the Truth, My Friends!!! https://www.facebook.com/10222151772491415/?d=n It is about the New World Order and the Corrona Virus. Very eye opening!

  16. Risa Kopp


  17. Noel

    It was very encouraging to participate in a peaceful protest at the state Capitol here in Montana on April 19th. Hundreds turned out and many families were marching around the grounds carrying signs. I saw one youngster carrying a sign that simply read, “Open Church”. Three days later our Democratic Governor did ease restrictions and churches are now open. Montana is still pretty conservative and I think the governor knows he has a very tough fight to unseat Senator Daines in November.

  18. Ruth V.

    YES YES YES YES AND YES!!! Thank you!! I’ve been trying to open dialogue with my former church leaders for two years. I had a rude wake-up call by the things I found out while on staff… While up to them I’d been mildly concerned about things I heard and saw… after finding out about the lies and law-breaking, I began to seriously question just about everyone I ever followed and a whole lot of doctrine. Not about Christ, of course, but one key thing I noticed was exactly what MM says here – “Why are you sitting under leadership that never mentions repentance, the Bible, the Cross, the Blood, or revival?” they never talked about the cross, sin, repentance (unless it was to point national fingers, thankfully they were still standing publicly against LGBT agenda) not about the blood (except to name-claim) and frequently quoted the bible out of context. The decisions made at the rise of Corona were my last straw and I won’t be going back. (One reason I did stay so long was my attempts to follow Matthew 18). This article says it all – get out of the carnal church, call Christian leaders to repent (after of course repenting ourselves), support those who are following Christ, and engage in civil disobedience. This is the first time I’ve seen this article, but is exactly how God has been trying to lead me after the last few years, and in the last few months, I’ve finally been moving towards those four points.



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