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David Wilkerson was a true prophet. The following prophecy has been attributed to him: “I see a plague coming on the world, and the bars, churches and government will be shut down. The plague will hit New York City and shake it like it has never been shaken. The plague is going to force prayerless believers into radical prayer and into their Bibles, and repentance will be the cry from the man of God in the pulpit. And out of it will come a third Great Awakening that will sweep America and the world.”

The thing is, no one close to David Wilkerson from his family, staff or from the congregation of his church ever heard him say this quote. It does not exist in any of his recorded messages or writings, so I cannot confirm nor deny the validity of this quote.

But it doesn’t really matter when you consider what can be confirmed. David Wilkerson spent years warning America that a storm was coming. Here is what we know he said about New York City, “In one hour everything is going to change.”

Then he said, “I believe that when the coming storm hits with full fury, and the nation is reeling with panic and fear, people will flee all false gospels and feel-good churches. Christians will forget about gospel entertainment and Christian TV, and they’ll start demanding hard truth. They’ll flock to hear godly pastors, demanding the true word of God. Their cry will be, “Who will preach to us a prophetic, life-changing word?”

What I can also confirm is a destructive hypocrisy in the Body of Christ toward David Wilkerson.  Jesus said, “Yes, woe to you, Pharisees, and you religious leaders—hypocrites! For you build monuments to the prophets killed by your fathers and lay flowers on the graves of the godly men they destroyed, and say, ‘We certainly would never have acted as our fathers did.’ “In saying that, you are accusing yourselves of being the sons of those who killed the prophets, and you are following in their steps, filling up the full measure of their evil” (Matthew 23:29-32).

Many—especially preachers—condemned David Wilkerson while he was alive, but now those same people are laying verbal flowers at the shrine of his memory, because of a single tantalizing quote. That confirms that even in the midst of a pandemic, there is a more of a tendency toward entertainment, than toward conviction.

Long after many of the prophets died, their predictions came true. Many of the sons of those who killed these vessels of God stood in awe of the accuracy of the prophecies, but did not repent of the evil the prophecies warned about. That is what is happening right now

In reference to the words of David Wilkerson, we are straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. We are missing the point entirely. All things taken together, if we truly do revere David’s gift, we have to make several confessions.

We must confess that the virus we are fighting is the result of national sin, because David Wilkerson said the storm was a judgment.  If you do not accept David’s rebuke and warning, then you are laying flowers at a tomb, while rejecting the prophet.

David Wilkerson told us why America’s idols would be toppled: “What is the reason for this judgment? It will come as God’s wrath upon a nation that has shed rivers of innocent blood!” David Wilkerson pointed to abortion and to children who were being sold into sexual slavery as the reason America would suffer a storm.

But he also warned the church about carnality and said it was a major factor in the judgment of God on America. As far back as 1998, David Wilkerson solemnly warned the compromised American church and instructed those with a heart for God to get out of their dead churches. He also instructed them to seek God’s comfort and protection from what was about to come upon America. He said:

“The majority of churchgoers today soundly reject all prophetic warnings of a coming storm. Indeed, the American church today is the most blatant “feel good” church in all of history. But, like Israel, we’re only experiencing the calm before the storm!

“Likewise today, Christians by the multiple thousands are casting off the yoke of Christ, tossing aside all limits and restrictions. This attitude is prevalent in many of the books and magazines you find in Christian bookstores. It’s almost as if our leaders are saying, “Relax! God isn’t hard. He’s our Daddy, we’re all his kids, and we’re meant to have a good time. Don’t let anyone disturb your fun!””

Many are still having fun. Many think this pandemic will soon be behind us and the future will return undisturbed. It is disastrous to have fun cherry-picking the prophecies that are tasty morsels, but rejecting the repentance that they demand. Many are doing that right now—even in the face of total confirmation of why God did this—and what we need to do.

But the most chilling question we must ask is what will happen if we do not repent. Will we force the hand of God to act yet again to try and save us?

Is there hope? There is great hope! David Wilkerson not only predicted this storm, he gave amazing counsel for enduring it: “Beloved, if we’re going to face the coming storm, then we need to be prepared so that nothing disturbs our spirit. And the only way to do that is to spend time in the Father’s presence, beholding His face. We have to be shut in with Him, on our knees, until we’re thoroughly persuaded He’s at our right hand!”

“God is clearly telling us, “Don’t be moved or agitated by anything you see. Keep your eyes focused on Me, and you will retain your joy!”

“You have made known to me the ways of life; You will make me full of joy in Your presence” (Acts 2:28).

We always have to keep in mind that God’s only purpose in lovingly calling us back to Himself is to protect us in such times of storm!

And finally, these soul searching questions: Are you acting on the warnings of David Wilkerson? Are you done with carnal churches? Are you repenting of the sins that God is grieved by? And finally, preacher—are you telling America she must repent, or will you keep flattering those who are calling down destruction upon us?


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  1. Maria Oramas

    Since I was a new convert, God thought me this very truth you are talking about. I was warning people since 2005 as the Lord gave me open doors. But they called me fanatic, they said I was too strict and people even rejected my words. I thank God He kept me and I did not take all those things personal. We need to quit playing with God. I love your messages because you tell it like it is. So many people tell me that I need to be kind and use words that are not so straight so I don’t offend anyone. I don’t talk bad I just tell the truth there is no compromise, none.

  2. megagenius

    “The time will come when instead of Shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have Clowns entertaining the goats”….Charles Spurgeon
    Christianity without the Cross is a Curse. Those who preach a false gospel will be damned by God. Gal.1:8-9. Repentance is not a suggestion. It is a command of God.

  3. Rick h

    That was a great word I listened to David Wilkinson last month preaching several sermons and he was a General in the pulpit, I also loved his book the vision and beyond it’s on YouTube, it’s very powerful and still relevant for today’s church. The church is still building and promoting its self with gyms, coffee and doughnuts, and drive through church now. What are they going to think of next, it’s business as usual and I have tried to let some know and they’ve turned their backs on me the only thing I could do is walk away.

    • Jeff

      The scary thing is that if this was a bona fide prophecy through Reverend Wilkerson, then CoViD-19 (or at least this wave of it) isn’t the fulfillment of that prophecy. After the part about hitting New York, nothing else has happened. I don’t see Laodicean believers knee-crashing at the altars, and I sure don’t hear calls for repentance from the pulpits. Neither do I believe that this has shaken New York worse than 9/11. In fact, all I see from society is this Tower-of-Babel, gung-ho “alone together” hubristic defiance, the Church included. This was the shot across the bow; the next will hit us right in the magazine.

  4. Patti Trillich

    When I was a baby Christian 40 years ago, I stumbled across his newsletter & got it for years. It fed me better than the churches I went to did for it was consistent in its teachings, correcting in love, exhibiting patience for those who struggled.

  5. Michael Okulski

    Information on David Wilkerson is enlightening. Thanks. I didn’t know. The message “repent” is good and true. Adding what to repent of and how will profit greatly. And let us be specific. Which commandments are being broken? Which commandments need to be followed? What is the best way to turn the written Word of God into the Living Word of God? How can we monitor our progress? Thanks from Yuma Arizona for your good and faithful service!

  6. Carolina

    Revealingly, PolitiFact.com wrote this about some origins of this issue:

    ” A Facebook post from the Jerusalem Prayer Team, an American Christian-Zionist organization says a 1986 prophecy foretold of a plague like COVID-19 hitting New York City.

    The post says that David Wilkerson, the late founder of the Times Square Church, told Mike Evans, the leading pastor of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, the following:

    “I see a plague coming on the world and the bars and church and government will shut down. The plague will hit New York City and shake it like it has never been shaken. The plague is going to force prayerless believers into radical prayer and into their Bibles and repentance will be the cry from the man of God in the pulpit. And out of it will come a third Great Awakening that will sweep America and the world.”
    There is no evidence that Wilkerson, who died in 2011, actually made this prediction.
    PolitiFact reached out to the Times Square Church, the non-denominational church that Wilkerson established in 1987, and a spokesperson there said, “The church is not aware of Pastor David ever writing that in any of his books or sermons.”
    We did not receive a response to multiple inquiries to the Jerusalem Prayer Team.”
    End of quote.

    Apparently the entire issue is based on Mr Mike Evans quoting Mr Wilkerson from a personal one on one meeting and conversation he is suppose to have had with David Wilkerson at a hotel.
    And Mr Mike Evans is saying that – that is what Wilkerson told him verbally.
    No one can prove this is true unless Mr Mike Evans has what David Wilkerson said to him on a recording with Mr. Wilkerson’s voice print, or written in David Wilkerson’s own hand writing on a piece of paper.
    It stands to natural and spiritual reason that “if” Mr Wilkerson had been inspired prophetically by our LORD to share this so-called prophecy about the COVID-19 plague, David Wilkerson would have done that openly and up front on many occasions to many other people faithfully, just as he had done so many times before.??‍♀️

    Right again Mario!

  7. iamanchored52

    Good morning from Pennsylvania,

    I am not sure if or who will receive this reply. However, I first wanted to write to thank Mario for holding fast and true to what the Lord has been, is and continues to reveal to him. It has helped me tremendously.

    I have been following this blog for quite some time and frequently share it with friends and family.

    Just this morning, I realized the significance of a dream that I had back in October 2016. I was very new to the prophetic; really just learning about it when this dream occurred. In my “infancy”, I thought it was for the church we belonged to at the time. In my spirit, I knew it was a warning. Now, I believe it was a warning to The Church.

    It was a brief dream, on the tails of a word spoken at church that very morning “return to me.” In my dream, I saw and expansive building. One that was wooden and whitewashed. The first floor was completely vacant…not one person AND no structure. This must have been significant because I recalled (and wrote in my journal), “no pillars.” The second (top level) was full of people. Most of them young…children and youth. But I did recognize a few faces. Faces of people I would identify as “young” believers (immature). The dream was in a faded black and white, like that of different shades of gray. But I could clearly tell the building was whitewashed. What happened in the dream was that the church building began to collapse! It caused me to gasped in the natural, which woke me up.

    Today, I believe this dream represents the churches that are truly whitewashed. They look good on the outside, but inside there is nothing of substance giving it “structure.”

    Over the years, I have grasped at things trying to makes sense of this dream. Today, your blog helped show me what The Lord was warning me about.

    I am with you that repentance is needed. First, on a personal level and second, corporately as The Church. May His Bride prepare!

    Blessings to you, Kim Witmoyer

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. Willie Mendez

    Thank you for sharing this awesome truth of precious words Of God and warnings of David Wilkerson . Evangelist Willie Sent from my iPhone


  9. Gil Zaragoza

    I fully concur!!!

  10. kingskid48

    I’m a little conflicted on this one. It looks like the word as Pastor Mario printed it and is apparently the confirmed word, and the word given verbally to Dr. Mike Evans in 1986 by Dr. Wilkerson are saying the same thing. I don’t see the conflict. It’s not unusual that a person would verbalize later something that they previously put in print, and it’s rare that the wording would be identical. I ordered Dr. Evans book and downloaded both links, read his word, and read Dr. Wilkerson’s word. I just don’t see it. And the fact that no one knows if he said anything to Dr. Evans means nothing. That’s just the way I see it, I guess. As far as Politico, you may as well quote the NYT or WaPo. Politico is a left-leaning rag. Dr. Mike Evans is a man of God, and has done incredible things for the Lord and for Israel. He’s the farthest thing from a “feel good” preacher and his message is definitely repentance. He deserves better than to be slammed here by posters. I may not agree 100% with everything Dr. Evans says, but I never agree 100% with any speaker/writer/teacher. Not even Pastor Mario, although he’s probably my favorite.

    • mariomurilloministries

      We can neither confirm nor deny what you say. Our position is to focus on the verified statements of David Wilkerson. Even Times Square Church where David was pastor has stated that they cannot verify this quote.

  11. kathleenlm

    In 1986 David Wilkerson gave Mike Evans an incredible prophecy: “I see a plague coming on the world, and the bars and churches and government will shut down. The plague will hit New York City and shake it like it has never been shaken. The plague is going to force prayerless Believers into radical prayer and into their Bibles, and repentance will be the cry from the man of God in the pulpit. And out of it will come a third Great Awakening that will sweep America and the world.” In A Great Awakening Is Coming, Dr. Evans shares how God is working to stir revival in the hearts of people during a time of struggle. Sharing Scripture, inspirational stories, and accounts of awakening throughout history, he offers hope that the Lord has not left us, but is preparing us for a coming Great Awakening.

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    • mariomurilloministries

      We can neither confirm nor deny what you say. Our position is to focus on the verified statements of David Wilkerson. Even Times Square Church where David was pastor has stated that they cannot verify this quote.

  12. Renea Phelps

    Is there a way that I can post this message to messenger so I can send it out to a number of different people? I don’t have all of them in my email. I love your articles, but this one really hit home to me cuz I’ve always followed David Wilkerson consistently. He is a true prophet of God!Thank you for checking into this for me and getting back to me about it. In Christ, Renea Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  13. Desertstream

    I’m going to leave this one alone. We will see.

  14. Pat Folkvord


  15. Gene Harris

    If Gods judgment was poured out on Jesus at the cross, why would there be judgment now? I guess I am a bit confused. If we have free will, are we not suffering the consequences of bad decisions like electing lousy politicians and supporting churches who don’t teach what the bible says? I think I am hearing God is punishing us for that by sending a virus??? Is it not possible the virus is the result of bad decisions like developing it into a more virulent strain? Or other bad decisions we don’t even know about because of government cover up by lousy politicians?

    • Carolina

      Gene Harris,
      Clearly lousy politicians sold America out years ago to the industrial power brokers of China.
      Clearly the reality that all our medical supplies, medical machinery and drugs should be manufactured and created right here in our own country for obvious reasons.
      Yet, what I see is also clear that Mario is saying in this blog post, is that, David Wilkerson predicted a STORM (and maybe he did or didn’t predict a plague) but definitely a STORM that would come to America, due to the downfall of a world compromised church culture and church leadership.

      As to the Judgement of God during the COVID pandemic, biblical study reveals, there is a point when God removes His gracious Hand of protection over people’s and nations.
      However the “judgement” results come from ’cause & effect’, during the dispensation of the church age, due to human beings openly rejecting Christ and those who align themselves with the blown mind of global policies that have carelessly destroyed entire sections of our nation.
      Turning them into ‘fly by states’ and ‘rust belt states’, forgetting whole communities of the American public and by encouraging women to abort their offspring without remedy, and by breaking down Christian’s rights to Life, Liberty and the right to worship Jesus Christ any time any where they choose.
      The results of this kind of on going Godlessness, brings a destructive force (COVID-19) into the nations midst, through wicked careless actions. Simply put, ‘they did this to themselves’, these kind of actions caused this result.

  16. Kitti

    I appreciate and frequently share your messages because you do not look for the approval of men, but speak what the Lord is saying to you. I just told my pastor recently, that 30 years ago, when I supported and faithfully received David Wilkerson’s letters, most people called him a doom and gloom prophet! I even had the honor to attend Times Square Church; he and his son both happened to be there that day and I was prayed over by them! I recently posted the prophecy in question (not knowing any conflict) and it was shared over 1000x times in a few days! That said, I think people are getting off into the weeds about whether he said this or not to Mike Evans, a man I also respect and don’t think he would have any reason to make it up and it sounds exactly like a Wilkerson word! Shawn Boltz released a word he said Bob Jones told him about the Super Bowl and I don’t think anyone questioned it? Your point is accurate that the ‘real key’ is what is being done with the word! God is calling the Church to repentance and it needs to be spoken from the pulpits. This is our 2Chron.7:14 moment but the Lord said, ‘not just with our lips when our hearts are not broken over the sins of our nation’! What we don’t need is more division in the body! Thank you and God bless you!

  17. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    Mario, David Wilkerson died the month after my mother (2011). Both were truly the LORD’s servants. I knew nothing about David until the beginning of 1988, when I began on my QUEST FOR TRUTH. It was then I was given one of his monthly newsletters. I immediately subscribed, and have been receiving them monthly since 1988. (I have giant ring binder notebooks with all of the copies. They are priceless treasures to me.)

    I have felt for all of these years that David was my spiritual father. I was so hungry for the Lord, and David’s monthly newsletters were deep, but written in a way that I could understand. I still receive them monthly from Gary.

    Before the virus came, I had felt for months that something was coming….I have wept much for America, seeing little repentance. People are so cold-hearted. Many are just “irked”—they just feel “inconvenienced.” IT FRIGHTENS ME MORE THAN I CAN PUT INTO WORDS.

    I remember in the 1990’s David gave a message where he saw 1,000 fires in NYC at one time. By in large, many seem to be shaking their fists in the face of ALMIGHTY GOD…..it is TERRIFYING!

    My mother called me one morning in 2003, and told me the Lord had shown her something that was coming. She said she would not be living, but she was covering us with prayer. She would not tell me what she saw because I could not handle it now (2003). She told me about some special things I needed to begin doing. I Immediately began and still am.

    I weep daily for America when I am praying. What will we have to go through to REPENT and Turn to GOD?

    Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    • mariomurilloministries

      Marsha, Thank you for such a heartfelt comment. Not many have their eyes open as you do. I agree with you in prayer for mercy on America. -Mario

  18. ljwinterroth

    Thank you for ur courageous stand. Was with u in ‘86 for SOS Hollywood with Scott Hinkle & Bobby Chance…& ur visits to Vancouver,WA ..New Hope Center..precious memories……enjoying ur commentaries of late with a Lance Wallnau…………standing in agreement with you for our nation& body of Christ…..Greater Is He in us…..!!!.



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