Joe Biden will be totally manipulated

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Christianity Today | 31 comments

Joe Biden can be totally manipulated. That makes him the most dangerous person ever to run for President. The dark primal forces have anointed him to be their voice. Jezebel exerted less control over King Ahab than these masters will exert over Biden.

Joe Biden is the property of the darkest coalition of special interests in the world. He will serve them with the kind of devotion and compliance that the false prophet in Revelation 13 is going to serve the Antichrist.

It’s true that he is a doddering, fumbling, stumbling, blooper-machine. He has no convictions, values, ideals or viewpoint. He is a blank canvas who—not only can be—but yearns to be controlled. He is for whatever his masters are for. He believes in what he is told to believe. That is why I repeat: he is far more dangerous than any man or woman who has ever run for President.

The powers behind his campaign are greater than you can possibly imagine. We are talking about unlimited money, unlimited advertising, unlimited access, and unlimited censorship. Consider this: today a liberal blogger tried to run an embarrassing video of Biden, and Twitter immediately took it down.

And so, it has begun.

These vast armadas of henchmen, who reside in every power center of America, have just been waiting for a perfect stooge. And, man, did they find him!

The television media, print media, social media, Hollywood, the Democrat Party, every leftist billionaire and a host of hidden villains too long to list saw the potential for becoming the puppet-master to the most powerful office in the world. They ordered Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Mike Bloomberg out of the race. “GET OUT OF OUR WAY. WE HAVE OUR MAN!”

But the most terrifying proof was the look on Bernie Sanders’ face today. He looked contrite, intimidated, and whipped into line. He said that Joe Biden is a decent man and that he will not attack him. Wait. What?!  Why the sudden change from lion to pussycat?

A monster has been created. A beast has been born that will stop at nothing to trash Trump and squash opposition to their man. Anyone who does not pledge their undying loyalty to Joe Biden has no future in the Democrat party, or in life.

The hatred of Trump has just created the vilest coalition in American history—a coalition with one unswerving obsession—to punish Trump for disturbing their vision of a ‘New World Order.’

Here’s what they will try to do:

The Left will now speak with one voice.

Prepare for the greatest unity you have ever seen in leftist politics. There will be insanely exaggerated claims of Biden’s skills. Before summer, you may hear rumors of Joe walking on water. Virtually every outlet will be singing his praises. His record will be expunged and rewritten. Writers, producers, agents and consultants will stun us with his patriotism, accolades, visions of glory, and heroism.

Joe will be taken over. His campaign will be scripted and he will be forbidden to deviate from their instructions.

Quit looking at Joe’s weaknesses. This is about marketing. This is about selling an impressionable society a hand-puppet to usher in an era of every conceivable extreme that will pour into our nation like a tsunami. The floodgates of anti-God, anti-Israel, and anti-family policies will open.

Electing Donald Trump had better become the unifying force for every believer: because electing Joe Biden is the unifying force of the powers of darkness. If they have their way, there will be no America—not as we have known it.

By a miracle, Donald Trump won. God sent him right on time. This mechanism of evil, while formidable, is no match for God’s power. What I am trying to say to everyone who will listen, is that God is putting together another miracle. Perhaps a miracle that will finally rid our nation of these criminals. I do not want anyone to feel despair. What I am trying to awaken is zeal to obey God and bring our nation a great victory—a victory that I believe is the will of God.

Can God spare us? Yes, He can. But not if we assume we deserve it or if we stupidly assume that none of what I have written can happen.

If we hope to save our nation, we must band together.

Army of God! Arise and defeat the darkness!


  1. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Oh man are you right, the most dangerous man there is for the job, one who is mindless and can be controled, the perfect puppet they been searching for, and if we do not take a stand and do our job, the whole plan will go in motion.

  2. Lynne

    Amen and Amen! Awesome article! Americans Arise! Defeat the darkness! Bring about the Greatest Awakening!

  3. megagenius

    I think even an idiot can see this is just plain old facts. If this doesn’t set you on fire to war against this insanity, then your wood is wet.

  4. ida simpson


  5. diane20201gmailcom

    My first Response is to Pray! We need to get with solid on line prayer groups and work together for our Country and God’s Interest! I also believe God always has the Last move, ALWAYS. We must understand that God has already given us authority to put all things under our feet. We need to start kicking Butt Now!

    On Thu, Apr 23, 2020, 1:01 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Joe Biden can be totally manipulated. That > makes him the most dangerous person ever to run for President. The dark > primal forces have anointed him to be their voice. Jezebel exerted less > control over King Ahab than these masters will exert over Biden. ” >

  6. Nick E.

    For the very reasons mentioned here I will rarely be commenting on Faceb**k any longer, especially on any page that discusses the evils that control the D party. God Bless President Trump and all those who recognize the miracle that is his presidency.

    Thank you MMM team for all you do everyday for the Church and President Trump.

    • megagenius

      Facebook is really DISGRACEBOOK.

    • kinthenorthwest

      See my post below and you will see how crazy FB is …Guess they think Biden is a dangerous too or that his unedited normal pictures with others are against standards on sexual activity–since there is no nudity in the pics

  7. kinthenorthwest

    Damn knew that Joe wasn’t going it alone…
    TY Mario–I have been posting you all over twitter, FB and a few forums.

    Due to a weird cliche I won’t be able to share you on FB for about 12 more hours. I posted a collage of Biden pics asking what about this and got suspended.
    FB says just ordinary pics of Biden with other people is “against standards on nudity and sexual activity
    I will be sharing you on FB tomorrow… God Bless and keep up your good work

  8. Noel

    I take a stand for the Light of the World here in my little abode during the midnight hour and am in an attitude of repentance for the Kingdom of heaven surely is near! 2 Peter 3:7-18

  9. Rick h

    We are in a war and it’s a world war against the new world order and although we try to wake up are friends and family no one wants to listen or they just don’t care. That is heartbreaking but the remnant are arise in, stay the course because we are here for God and country. Things are happening the president doesn’t tell us everything but his interview’s speaks volumes.
    I can see Obama very shortly coming out of the wood work and putting him self back in the spotlight to help Biden for a short time, and then we are going to see scandals of every kind start coming to light. The only thing I can say is get in your prayer closet and seek the father every spare minute you have. We need him more now than ever and if we are going to see this through with him.

  10. Kathy

    As we pray to bless Trump, we must also pray for the deliverance of Joe Biden… the pressures and fear imposed on him from the blackmailing puppet masters must be intense. We are literally watching him collapse under the pressure, where he can’t even speak or form words. Such a mark of the enemy, and we each know that experience when we are ourselves assaulted with memories of our misdeeds. Saved and set free by the Blood of the Lamb! Yes, God will have the last word and last move. I am reminded of Ephesians 3: 6-11: God displays His Wisdom and Power through the use of simple people and the unlikely conversion of severely compromised, arrogant “sold out to the cause” leaders.

  11. Mark Stripling

    These folks do Satan’s bidding. They are sold souls who are evil, and criminal. With their quest for “mail in ballots due to covid19,” they will set Biden up to win by millions with corruption unmatched in electoral history, and they can’t wait! If America was ever ripe for an election to be stolen, it is now. Their hate for Trump and for us drives them to use any and all means necessary to take control. Believers must pray as never before! The real key is who Biden chooses for vice president. They know he is unfit mentally to complete a term as president. The VP will soon be in control if he were to be elected. Mark my words: these people are the personification of satanic evil and corruption. They will commit every crime imaginable to take this election. Only God can stop it.

  12. Doug Spurling

    Agreed. I see the darkness manipulating and motivating the entire left hoard just as it is articulated here, well done.

    However, for some time now, I’ve been asking the Lord to clarify something. It appears their plan is unraveling, due to the speed in which Joe’s mind is deteriorating. At this rate he won’t be able to debate, answer questions, nothing, unless, he’s completely possessed by the devil.

    They could use Biden for bidin’ time, Sleepy-Joe as a sleeper, a decoy, until the very last minute and then switch and put their best dynamic duo in leaving the right flat footed and the world’s head spinning in a fog, manipulating the masses, to turn from right to wrong like the day they caused a mob to cry “Crucify Him, Crucify Him”

    Just the mention of Obama causes the brainwashed to swoon; perhaps Michelle would be one part of the duo.

    There is no doubt Andrew Cuomo, is being groomed to look presidential with his daily grandstanding in front of flags. His God denying proclamation regarding lowering the numbers “God didn’t do this” reveals his heart fits their mold.

    I’m still praying this through, but one thing’s for sure; we have a war.
    One thing we know; if we unite, we can win.
    If we don’t…countless souls will die and we’ll be left standing with blood on our hands.

  13. sweetpea552

    I am standing, Praying, Believing, and banding with my loved ones/friends to stand as well.
    We must, like you say Band Together. The darkness is very much manipulating him. They will be calling all the shots! I may not be eloquent with words, but my heart is For A Man of God and that is Donald Trump !!
    Get up, Pray and Stand your ground for OUR COUNTRY!!!

  14. Marilyn Schnell

    Thank you, Mario, for bearing this responsibility and being such a loud voice that runs counter to culture. It is the duty of everyone to act on our beliefs in order to bring transformation to the culture around us. If the only voice being heard is one of evil, that will ‘infect’ the culture the most. We are much like the frog in the vat of water slowly being cooked. We must pray but also come out of our closets to be a voice however and wherever we can in the culture, no matter the persecution we receive. We carry Christ who is far more infectious! God bless you!

  15. Janet McKenzie

    Is there a way to put this out on Facebook? I heard that FB and YouTube are controlling who gets time and getting rid of videos that preach the gospel. Other than fervently praying what can we do??

  16. Rick h

    I have have been waiting for over three years for the 150,000 sealed indictments to be opened and now they are flying out most of their henchmen have been rounded up to stop any mass shootings, and they are trying to find the sleepers as well. Two days ago I heard that the indictments for Comey and a few others have gone out, the deep states sex trafficking rings are being shut down all over the world. Big oil was involved and price fixing etc that’s why the president is paying zero dollars per barrel. The horrific things that they’ve been doing to children and all of these pandemics have been so that they can keep us sick and they would have a life long customer. The thing is with things not going there way they are going to get desperate and dangerous, but they are going to start dropping out and dropping dead they have a small window of opportunity to repent or face the wrath of almighty God. The clock is ticking and the lord said time is up for all who are corrupt Luke 8:17

  17. kingskid48

    Another blog hitting it right on the nose, Pastor Mario. I almost feel sorry for Biden, but then, a man of integrity would not allow himself to be used in this manner, and a woman of integrity would not allow her husband to be humiliated this way. The lust for power and position is a potent drug. We are in extremely dangerous times. And still, I do not see much of the Church waking up. I’m disappointed in friends who should be more aware, or at least SAY they are aware, and yet will not listen. And once again, I am disappointed in our pastors for not talking about all of this. If, and when, we finally get to go back to church, the services go back to exactly like they were, I will have to make a change. I need a church that is aware of the times and not afraid to say so. The little church I grew up in was more aware back then, than the churches are today, not that what we were told back then is actually happening before our eyes! I already know that God wants us to be blessed and reach our goals in life, I don’t need to be told that every Sunday morning. The wolves are at the door and the shepherds are failing their flocks.

    • kingskid48

      Type 0-Should be, NOW that what we were told back then is happening before our eyes…

  18. Rev Bob

    We must be diligent and have ears to hear and eyes to see. No one should be a ostrich with there head in the sand!

  19. Annette Hughes

    Couldn’t agree more Mario. And Doug is absolutely correct we have to unite! That means YOU Rep pols and Christians against Trump! If the Dems get in look for them to start persecuting Christians immediately. Wake up people you can’t take a snake (voting Dem) into your bosom and not expect to get bit. We have to pray even more than we did in 2016.

  20. mary moore

    Thank You so much !! I treasure your truths and appreciate you keeping us on target !! I’m going to mail a contribution but I wanted to on line but couldn’t find a link for that!!!Thank You and the Lord is most proud of His soldier of the CROSS!!! AMEN!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  21. Debbie L

    It’s just so unreal!!! I thought it was a joke last year but here we are, The Democrat’s candidate. If he wins, it is the end times for sure….Praying for another miracle. David to knock out another Goliath….???

  22. Robert

    Hello Brother Mario: As for myself I don’t think he is going to be the Democratic pick. Biden has already said he would pick a woman for VP. I believe at the Democratic convention they will By pass him. They will tell the media – Health reasons Of some sort. Then all the voting in primaries will be just thrown out the window. Who I don’t know. But it won’t be Biden on the November general that’s all I’m saying.

  23. Regina Austin

    I knew something was fixing to go down I just wasn’t sure when. And we do need to unite. But we can’t get together and it’s like that one girl said about the church mine don’t have a clue. And how will we be able to unite with others like the ones here are I want to have some friends that know what is going on and pray with me! Thank you so much for all you are doing. I am new here but I have listened to you before and now I am hooked because I am in this too. And I know we are in spiritual warfare and I want to be a part because I am a prayer warrior in a prayer outreach on fb. I pray for people everyday. I’m so glad I have been listening to you again. Thank you for updates like this! I was so glad when I opened my email. Well I have to go for now. Thanks again.

  24. kinthenorthwest

    Forgot this is on two FB groups, Twitter and the The Q Tree Forum,

  25. soljerblue

    Joe Biden has been for sale for so long it’s a wonder there are any pieces of him left to market. I suspect Soros, Bloomberg, Obama and Hillary have already staked out their claims.

  26. The Vulcaneer (@The_Vulcaneer)

    Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found. But the meek will inherit the land and delight in abundant prosperity. The wicked scheme against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them, but the Lord laughs, seeing that their day is coming.

    The wicked have drawn the sword and bent the bow to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those whose ways are upright. But their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken.

  27. Patricia Stuckenberg

    Yes yes yes you may have to become a leader in and lance wallnua.voices of reason and of resurrection fire and devine wisdom.

    On Thu, Apr 23, 2020, 12:00 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Joe Biden can be totally manipulated. That > makes him the most dangerous person ever to run for President. The dark > primal forces have anointed him to be their voice. Jezebel exerted less > control over King Ahab than these masters will exert over Biden. ” >



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