Private hell

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Christianity Today | 91 comments

Vast swathes of the church still bring up his past.  A few who are wearing tinfoil hats call him a devil. Clueless preachers still won’t take a stand. He goes through hell every day protecting the American church and they repay him with indifference.

I am sure that he would make me take down this blog if he could. How I know that, is my business. He doesn’t want the church to know how our ingratitude hurts and baffles him. Obama silenced pastors and yet many pastors still love Obama. Meanwhile, Trump fought for and won free speech in the pulpit—free speech that is being used by many to castigate the very person who restored that right.

But no matter how much I am attacked for supporting him, I will not turn my back on President Trump.  Because of his policies, I have been able to win more souls and preach with greater freedom. The President is standing up for our ministry and he is standing up for you, as well.

You lefties need to save your strength.  Nothing you say is going to change my mind.

Our President found out what the Democrats plan to do to Christians if they win the White House and retake the Senate.  He took the time to gather church leaders and to warn them. That was not an attempt at getting votes but it was a president trying to alert the church to her true enemies.

The Left will go after the church with a vengeance because they think the church helped Trump.   Embarrassingly, that is a false accusation since the church at large really hasn’t done much to help him. Nothing like they could have. Now because of apathy, Trump’s hard won protections can be frittered away.  The President’s description of the Left’s hatred for the church and their plans for us is chilling.

Informed sources say, radicals will be bolder to assault conservatives and Christians.  Social media would tear off its mask and openly persecute the church.

Yeah, I’m angry!  Donald Trump and his family have endured excruciating suffering so that we could do something as simple and easy as voting and challenging other Christians from our pulpits to get out and vote. AND WE STILL CAN’T BRING OURSELVES TO DO SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS THAT?

It is jaw-dropping how oblivious many believers are about this moment in time in which they are living.  Trump is a divine disruption—a merciful pause button to give the church a chance to keep America from going off the cliff of Socialism.  So far, most people in the church have done little to act on this mercy, let alone appreciate it!  But I thank God for my President!

And what has the church done to repay Trump for the silent, nameless agony he suffers daily on our behalf?  Many reward him with apathy, ingratitude, disrespect, slander, and abandonment.  My friend, we are about to pay an incalculable price if we don’t get a right view of this hour.

I am sorry to say this, but Satan has seduced many preachers who head personal empires and oversee independent kingdoms. At such a critical hour as this, they will still not come together in unity to speak to the nation with one voice.  Because they are protecting their own private little empires, they can’t afford to offend their congregation.  Little do they realize this: if the Left gets its way, they will have no empire to defend and no nation to pass on to their children.

You may ask: “Mario, is there any hope?”  Yes, there is! But we need God to apply the electrode paddles to our faintly beating hearts.  We need holy rage, holy boldness.  We need to talk to every believer we know and tell them to wake up and vote and tell others that they need to vote.

I realize that it takes courage to support President Trump and to take a stand for our faith at this hour.  Just remember, right now it may be difficult, but if we lose in November, it will go from hard to impossible.

No one believes in miracles more than I do—and a miracle is exactly what we must have at this hour.  We need a miracle of repentance and boldness, but it all begins with our having a humble appreciation for this man whom God has placed in the White House.

There will never be a more important election than this one.  Your vote will never mean more than it does now.


  1. Sandra Douglas

    Amen absolutely !!

    • Karen

      Amen! Absolutely! And God bless America!

    • Ancientofdays

      President Donald Trump;
      Do not let your heart be troubled. Do not let what man thinks of you affect you. Do not lose sight of the final goal that we should be striving for. For God Almighty is on the throne! And God Almighty has His hand on you. And you have the backing and the prayers of the children of God.
      Remember what Jesus Christ said:

      Luke 18:16 But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
      17Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.

      President Trump the key to you being successful in your work is to come to Christ as a little child and have Jesus Christ lead you. Remember everyone is not a child of God. Every one of us are a creation of God. To be a child of God one must be born again. All of God’s born again children are looking to you as a brother in Christ.
      Are you???

      • Karen

        The President has said on national TV he was a christian.

      • Steve Jackson

        All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Jesus said: “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” President Trump has turned his life around. He recognizes what our country needs to survive and do well. He has admitted that he has used some loop holes in the government to his own benefit. Now he want to GIVE BACK to our country by doing everything he can to build us (America) up. Good deals with other countries. Sanctions where they are needed for our protection. He is not a politician! He IS an experienced businessman. He KNOWS the laws and how go government works. Until the virus and George Floyd, our economy was doing better than it ever has. We ARE being slowly taken over by the Democrats and their plans to ruin President Trumps chance of re-election by ruining the economy. That is their plan. Fake news tells lies and leaves out the good the president has done. All intentional. That is why you hear President Trump telling about his accomplishments. The news won’t tell you. If the American people are sucked in by all the lies, and vote for Democrat Socialism, our country is doomed. Like a rat caught in a trap; there will be no changing your mind. Nothing the Democrats do is for the good of country. It is only good for POWER and controlling the population to do exactly as they plan. They need us poor and fighting amongst ourselves. Need for people to WANT full government control. If that happens, our freedom is gone! Our country as we know it is no more. Bible: Judge people righteously. You will know them by their fruit. “You can’t get good fruit from a bad tree.” “You can’t get bad fruit from a good tree.” “Therefore, you will know if they be good or bad by their fruit.” So, on that note, what is the fruit of President Donald Trump? Not his past. His present. He gives all his salary to worthy causes. God is giving us the best chance we’ll ever get. Mr. Trump!

    • Steve Jackson

      I get edited just like anyone else that has fact to say. All cancelled out. They will not post my comments. This is how we are forced into Communism. Exactly!

  2. Eric Marshall

    Amen and Amen…

  3. Karma

    Oh Lord we stand in unity with you behind, beside our dear President! For such a time as this you have raised him up to be that man, THAT man that seeks your face, your agenda Lord. That we do this for him, we cheer him on as we join forces and march upstream against the raging opposition of those that are greatly deceived and can only exclude hate for the one who promises to stand for the American people. Lord, YOU are the winner and so is President Trump! So are we! Your peace comes over me as I see your hand leading us not to the slaughter, but to VICTORY!!! Amen dear Lord Jesus! ❤️

    • Regina Avila

      Amen, the Lord has and is by our Presidents side, God is fighting his battles. And God has the last saying, the last vote. That vote that some of the call themselves Christians will not give. But there are more Trump lovers and supporters than his haters, including the Christians , whom for me are not true Christians , since they don’t have any spirit of discernment to understand that Trump was Gods chosen and anointed to lead this ungrateful nation???

    • Paul

      We declare and decree, trump/Pence 2020!
      After that two mandates of Pence.

  4. Janis Minter

    I agree with you Mario. We Christians need to stand behind the President and get him elected for a 2nd term. God forgive us if we don’t.

  5. Michael Mangos

    absolutely agree

    • Barbara

      Father God, I ask that you open the eyes and the ears of the American people regarding the issues at hand. Help them to see and hear the lies , the deceptions regarding Biden and those supporting him. Revive our nation before this election that we would be united and have our President serve 4 more years in office.
      I pray Psalm 91 over him and his family. Put a wall of fire Protection around him. Let no weapon formed against our President, Vice President, or their families prosper. In Jesus mighty name,

  6. Lisa

    Could not agree more! It makes me weep….and keep interceding…

  7. Barbara

    I belong to a church that, if I mention the
    Name, Trump, they won’t speak to me for
    A week. Then it’s just small talk. They have a killer Bible Study, but never about the world. Well, I have been watching the “world” going on seven years and when the Holy Spirit reminds me, I can recall everything the Obama and Clinton did.
    William Barr finished his investigation and they say, well the news I watch independent news that tells you everything, the other newscasters don’t. You probably already know who they are the Epoch Times

    Please just give this to Mario bc the only way I can get them to open up is
    Our Lord Jesus Christ. He can get to anyone!
    Saved or not. It’s gonna be really bumpy for a while. Tracey Cooke is a prophet and he says Trump will win in next election and Lance Wallnau has a petition to sign to open parts of the USA up and fights for Trump, just like you do. Our Almighty God has given his son, Jesus Christ all Authority
    Let’s pray for him to enlighten all of them
    I don’t know, but your the Pastor
    What do I know … not much. Better take off the whole paragraph or rewrite it you have my permission. Keep up the good work!
    Bc you really care about our people and our nation?

    • Karen

      I believe we are finding out who the true children of GOD are in this hour. Some ministers will NEVER repent no matter how much you pray. We can’t change people & GOD won’t unless they repent and give up their Earthly kingdoms. Some will, some will not. Pray GOD reveal the true intent in this pastors life to you. GOD bless & lead you.

  8. Kathy Budd

    Very sobering. Thank you for sharing such an important message. Praying in Canada


      Taking nothing for granted but acknowledging this scathing exhortation is very true…praying that God uses this time of isolation to open up conversations that testify to this..and praying Psalm 85 over the church.

  9. Margaret E King

    Than you. Wake up call. We need to get bold. Amen

  10. Jennifer Powell

    All the way from the southern most corner of Western Australia (Albany) I thank you for your blog Mario. Love your blog, your hard-hitting truths and boldness. Throughout history there is always a remnant – and I choose to follow the footsteps of those great men and women who stood for uncompromising truth. Watched Jeremiah Johnson and Tracy Cook (another tent revivalist) last night on YouTube – you guys are a voice crying in the wilderness – thank you so much!

    • Danette

      If I could say one thing to Christians who are living in other countries, it would be to loudly support President Trump from your nation. Make no apologies for your views. This is urgent because I know I have heard it wrongly repeated time and time again that no-one in other countries supports President Trump, but I know this is completely false. That is why the evil-doers are saying it, because the world largely supports President Trump and leaders like him are rising up all over the world. However the misrepresentation that he is not supported outside the USA is as vicious as it is false. The lie acts like poison on Conservatives and Christians to shut their voices down, to make them think wrongly they are a small, outnumbered minority, and possibly offending people of other nations. However, the voices of liberty, freedom of religion, freedom to speak our faith, freedom of speech is our only hope. WE must demand a fair and balanced media. Please consider making public comments on White House Facebook, and CNN, CBS, FOX…wherever the public gathers and using that platform to get your voice heard. IT has never been easier to speak for right. IT has never been more dire to not speak right. Never in our lifetimes have we been so close to loosing so much in USA and worldwide. Write, write, write, write. Blog. Make a YouTube. Say your peace. IF you live outside the USA your voices will be heard and give hope and courage. Please, speak up for religious liberty and freedom of speech. Something too precious to let die.

      • Sharon

        Can your comments be shared on facebook

  11. Frances Reynaga

    I recently became distraught at the inconceivable way commentors attack our President! I follow the reports and comments daily. I find myself in tears, literally crying, because of the horrific words spoken against Him.

  12. megagenius

    Lots of preachers in America are just little boys with big titles and deeply insecure. They talk about God but they don’t really know Him. They don’t stand with President Trump because they only want to Look Good and be Undisturbed. It’s called effeminate dead religion. I STAND WITH TRUMP AND VOTE FOR HIM. TO HELL WITH THE CHURCH GAMES.

    • Carolina

      Who and why would anyone calling themselves an American not stand with PR-Trump after all we’ve been through and all he’s brought us through? Additionally who and what kind of person calling themselves a Christian American, could stand against PR-Trump, but stand with and beside a political party (Democrat) that insures the loss of all their values and freedoms?
      This calls for an intelligent solution. I spoke to this issue a year ago, I hope this helps?.

      • Danette Jones

        Precious friends. I am sorry to be long here but we need to get practical here. Right now Christians are “on the wrong side of History” even as you correctly say in the video… socialism is the wrong side of history. Yet, wrong as it is, it is here. Big time. It is in our schools, it wants to shred our constitution. It put more drug dealers/cartels in the streets. It empties the prisons. It teaches children to hate the USA. I earned a Masters in Teaching 2010. Listen to me, it doesnt matter if socialism is failed, it still poisons the children. We need a plan. Because socialism infiltrates our children/youth with a mind virus, when the violent come into power they quickly establish their reign of terror (you see it already). The “progressives” have been busy infiltrating our schools for decades. The last decade 2010 to 2020 we saw the violent fruit come forward into our streets and vitriol on social media. Multiculturalists were not sowing understanding of culture but distrust and advocating violence. They got huge federal grants 2010 and on to promote “education” programs that sowed strains of viral racial hate. These grants are to schools but also National Parks and other places where they infuse “racist” history into USA cultural programs. Some US grants export this virus to UN educational systems. They are now in place to actively accuse our President Trump of being a facist. Tax dollars run Facebook Pages and website of hate with American Federal Grant Monies. Even one congressman in California can get a website up that reaches radicalized peoples in the Middle East and Communist activists. I am not exagerating one bit. Even as far back as 2000-2010 teacher education programs used words like “hegemony” to say the USA excercised economic and miltary predominance of evil. Obama was elected through these mind viruses which wanted USA to be postrate before our enemies. I taught elementary school and already these 2000-2010 elementary children are now the young radicalized college students and “ethnic” studies graduates. They are being well trained to protest and think America is evil in public schools. We need to speak to the fact that the children don’t believe what you are going to say even before you say it. My friends, in many ways we have lost the youth who attend public schools. Practical plans need to be implemented…. Please support youth in your church and youth ministries in your community. Teen Challenge, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School… Do tell people that the Constitution supports Freedom the world have never seen before. Do tell people that the Constitution supports missionary freedom and financed worldwide crusades. Do tell people that the Constitution created a health system that eradicated polio, rubella, leporsy, Tuberculosis, horrible scourges all over the world. Tell children that the USA brought hospitals and doctors and nurses and roads and clean water and agriculture to feed and teach the world to live freely. Do tell children that without American constitution there would be no internet or cell phones or Instagram. Tell one child, tell two. Tell them HOW to vote pro-constitution explain to them how think. Tell them the enemies are strong and they must be wise. Maybe run for the school boards, if you have management skills. You would be very surprise how much influences a public school board can have on America. No matter what, speak to American greatness and that each Nation is yearns to be free and liberated. Be honest that America has made mistakes but it is still the refuge and has many allies that have similar constitutions and freedoms. Help the youth get this message any way you can.

        • Carolina

          Thank you Danette Jones, for your candid views and practical experience.
          Maranatha ‼️??

  13. Barbara

    Just give it to Mario. Have someone proofread it. They can take it out of comments. There is other supporters out there. Dan Bongino wrote some great books. They will endorse you. Ask them,
    They would be happy to. However I don’t know the “online” rules! And I’m not a writer. I have some good bullet points
    Just shine it up! That’s all I say. Get others to support you and add their support
    Maybe if they knew other people loved Trump and had large supporters, not that you don’t I just hope God will strengthen me up so I can fight like a warrior, just like I used to. I didn’t work corporate for nothing and everyone respected me! Course I made up my own rules bc I knew the top people, and I was good at my job. There are a lot of CEO’s that have a heart for the hard work that it took to get there. I grew up in a small business family. So, everyone in my family was A TRUMP! Maybe if the people dealt with their past, they wouldn’t project on Trump. Holy Spirit is pretty good at telling them. Repent and get bold. First step.
    God will get them, don’t worry so much. Don’t take all this on yourself!
    Lots of people are for Trump that are not in polls. Bc they don’t tell anyone. I can see why!

  14. Darlene Hume

    Thank you for your boldness. I am looking for a church, where the leaders are not afraid to speak with holy boldness. My pastor said “can’t wait to get back to the way things were.” I pray that it will never be like it was!

  15. Clovenfire21

    I could not agree with you more brother!!! Well said! Especially those huge ministries that are being silent.

  16. Michael Okulski

    We need to find you a bigger microphone. Thanks from Yuma Arizona for your good and faithful service!

  17. Janet Police

    Amen. I hope a lot of people read this

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  18. Ron DeLouis

    I‘m with you. So many don’t have eyes to see. Let’s pray the Lord opens their eyes. The overreach of the left during this crisis may be a wake up call to see what they are after.

    • Judith Powell

      Anne. I agree. Prayer is only answer!

      • Judith Powell

        Sorry, that’s Amen!

  19. Judy Spindler

    Thank you, Mario! God’s ways are not our ways. I believe God put Trump in office because He knew he could not be bought off or bribed. Ted Cruz would have been mush by now. Your kid is dying of cancer and you have a choice of two doctors. One is a gentle and kind doctor that has a mediocre reputation and the other is rough around the edges with a little bit of a reputation but the number one cancer doctor in the country. Which do you choose??? God saw Trump years ago questioning why China was taking advantage of our country. In such a time as this he became president. God bless this great country!!!!

    • megagenius


      • Carolina

        Agree megagenius, I loved Judy Spindler’s analogy of “Your kid is dying of cancer and you have a choice of 2 doctors…”wow, the second doctor example is a no brainer,? …”the other is rough around the edges with a little bit of a reputation but the number one cancer doctor in the country”.
        Yap, I’d choose the BEST one for the job, no matter what.??‍♀️??

  20. Dawn

    Thank you for your boldness to share the truth!
    We, as the church, have been largely irrelevent all the while believing we are on the front lines.
    Thank you for sounding the alarm, using your voice, and challenging us to action! #SavingAmerica

  21. kathy

    With u all the way on this Mario.


    President Trump is the best president me, and my children and grandchildren have ever had in our lifetime! They need to wake up, America needs to wake up. Now that Israel has their government, President Trump and Netanyahu our in a hurry to sign a 7 year peace treaty that if signed and all lines up with the Bible, Jesus is coming sooner than anyone has expected. Our these ministers, churches, and so called Christians ready?! So blinded and deceived! Thank you for your daily update. Barb from Minnesota

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  23. Evamg. Roger Culwell

    Very well said: Its time we upset some people by telling the truth. We prayed and God answered and sent the answer, but the problem is some don’t like the package the answer God sent to save this nation, they hate him, because he doesn’t fit their mold as a Christian, How do I know as I said before Jesus took me to heaven to tell me the Church is not Ready and a scroll rolled down 2 Cor 12L20-21 and said ll this is going on in my Church and there not ready, now go back and tell them, THERE NOT READY, but the church doesn’t like me, they don’t like my fire,and anointing, my preaching the truth, they like their sin and evil, and God doesn’t back evil and sin, so they black balled me, because I will not bow to them, as Mr. Trump will not bow to politicians, or sell out, I will not sell out the Gospel, Satan has offered me millions, the POB has offered me thousands a month to sell out to them, BUT I AM NOT FOR SALE, and neither is the President, he loves this nation, and in his own way he loves God, we just are not all on the same level and some cut him down and disown him, as the Church does me a some others telling the truth, but they will not even mention my name, I can go in a room and they mention others, but they never mention me, or acknowledge is I ask a question or comment, which ames you feel very much alone, the only time they call your name is when there trying to destroy, and if some one does like what you say, and they comment, they pounce on them like a bunch of angry wolves, and they will not say anything any more, a bunch of Jezebels trying to control the people, because we speak out about the man made church, [the system] and I exposed the POB, and they hate me dearly, so much some put a contract out on me, but most of the ones who should be backing the President will not speak out, if we would speak out it would help him so much, most of the reason these loud mouths say so much against him and get by with it, is because we keep silent and let them scream what ever horrible thing they want to, and thats not right, he and his family have went through pure hell, trying to save this country from a bunch of tyrants who want to take over this nation, so bad they will do anything, to stop him and close the church for ever, I don’t care what any one say’s they have went after the church to shut it up and control, and make all church a man made social club, and not a Holy Spirit Filled Church of Jesus Christ, filled with the power and presence.
    2 Tim 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
    We need to run from these places, there not preparing the people to be able to stand they are paving there way to hell, by telling them its ok to sin, and do evil, the back evil people abomination and abortions, all manner of evil, they love a President who did all he could against the Church, and had it to where we couldn’t say Jesus Christ or Merry Christmas, and hate the man who put pray back in schools, and is putting God back in this nation to where is honored, theres sadly the biggest reason they hate him, and the church has become reprobate for the most part and they hate him to, and we better wake up, because we sure are at the point of losing everything, how much control will the church have when this is all over, there taking money from the government, with a catch frase, which will allow the government to tell them what to do, and what to preach, TRAPPED BY SILENCE AND TOLERANCE AND SOLD OUT TO THE DEVIL, and Mr. Trump is doing his best to help save us, but he needs us to speak out and back him, they have done nothing but lied and slandered his name, and charged him with crimes, they were guilty of not him, for three and a half years now and have gotten paid for it, now its time to make the real crooks pay, they are trying to rig this election right now as we speak, by mail in votes, just like they rigged the last one, and if not for a few people who know how to pray, he would not have won, and will not this one if we do not pray, I don’t care if he was the vilest man there ever was, if a man will stand for this country the way our fore fathers founded it, and stand for God like he has, he has got my vote, soe ar self righteous, he doesn’t fit their mold as a Christian or a man, strange I live a Holy life and I do not fit their mold either, but a pure evil man who is against everything a Christian is suppose to stand for taking our rights away they Love, now tell how that makes sense, he called Mr. Trump to bring this nation back to him, he called me to preach and took me to heaven to say go back and tell the Church there not Ready, and we are both hated so bad if you speak either one of our names people get fighting mad, sorry you will just have to get mad because some of us can’t be bought and will do as the Lord says, and your evil and sins are not a;; right with Jesus, he made a whip and ran evil out of his Father’s house when he was here on earth, and its time we ran the evil out of his fathers house again, and back Mr. Trump all the way, and God told me to back him, but they even cut us down for that, they say we don’t bring politics in church, well if we don’t put the gospel in politics we get a bunch of devils in office like we have now, we allowed this evil to take over, by not voting or speaking up, They separation of church and state, that was said so the state couldn’t get in the church, which they have done, they twisted it, just like they twist everything else today, we have fallen for what the church is really suppose to be, in my youth even the sinners respected the men of God and the word of God, but not so now, they have no fear of God but yet a virus scares them to death, we need the fear of God back in the church, for the church of today is sending people to hell and making them suffer needlessly, for Jesus Christ is the answer for a lost and dying world, and the Church is suppose to be the hospital not the funeral home and the grave. So let’s back our President for he is backing us and standing for God, not lets stand for him, and God. With the love of Jesus Christ Be blessed

    • Sharon Green

      God bless the ones who stand for righteousness

  24. Greg Dean

    We have too many who have sought being comfortable. And have allowed the left to control the culture. They are not leaders. It is not just the evangelical church but look at the black churches like AME or Missionary Baptist. Where once they fought for freedom and rights, now they endorse evil. Lockstep mindless following of the left.

    G-D is now leading. Not men.

  25. Tom Graves

    Great Word! May our eyes be opened to the TRUTH so that we will take a bold stand for President Trump in this critical hour! Thank you, Mario and may God’s Blessings and protection be upon you and upon President Trump!

  26. Ammi

    You are so speaking it! I woke up about 5am with a dread because I got a picture of what the last few months have really been about and it chills me to no end. It’s like I’m in some espionage movie.

  27. Cindy

    I personally have not been as informed as I should have and have felt powerless to the powers that have been in charge. But as I learn and my eyes are opened…..I am not indifferent. I am thankful for all President Trump is doing. I pray for him.

  28. Lambsisteds

    America is so blessed to have President Donald Trump as your president. Many of our family who are all from Canada say President Trump is our only hope for us. We ha e lost a lot of liberties in Canada. Many people who run our last Prime Minister Stephen Harper down. But now we have Justin Trudeau who is socialist/ almost communist leader and in Canada we really need help. Prime Minister Trudeau gives lots of money to everyone. That’s why they like him. And he supports the WHO strongly and gives money to China and Iran. Just tell the American preachers come live in Canada and see how we are struggling. We love President Trump so much and would be awesome if he could be our leader too. Blessings bro. Mario

  29. Charlene

    Thanks so very much for the truth you share.

  30. journeymate

    FB today has cancelled my bible scriptures, and pictures that denote biblical themes, and will not allow me to post them. Keep up the good work. Praying for you. – Rev. Tom Carney

    • lonesomedove

      use the media to speak out for God as much you can while you can

  31. Annette Hughes

    In 2016 right after Trump won the nomination God told me two things:
    1-To pray that Trump would be elected.
    2-To pray for the lost.
    Most Christians at the time didn’t believe Trump would win and I am sure a lot of them didn’t vote.
    I prayed the entire time for him and the lost especially on election night when everyone else thought I was crazy. My answer to them was where is your faith?

    Other Christians that you mentioned not only voted for the partial birth abortion candidate Obama but they never did ANY research on him. If they had they would have seen what an absolute tyrant he was (is) especially against Christians. But these same people today still love this guy.

    They hate Trump cause they feel he is not “pure” enough for them or they are still angry their guy didn’t get in (Cruz).

    I have also heard from another Christian leader that the heads of some of these large churches were going to turn over the names and address of their members to the Democrats for persecution had Hillary won the election.

    Yep these Trump hating Christians better get their heads out of the sand and wake up and see reality and vote for him in Nov or find themselves under the boot heel of the Democrats with their right to worship the true God gone!

  32. Roland Ledoux

    Pastor’s have forgotten that the word ministry means SERVICE and that we are SERVANTS of God’s Word. We are the LEAST of any leaders to say the least and yet you would think by the way so many act, that we are God’s GREATEST gift. What a surprise is instore for so many and all because so few even read their Bibles any more! Thank you Mario for being one of the few who is willing to speak out the TRUTH. It seems the narrow path is getting even smaller these days!

    • Darlene W

      Agree the path is getting narrower. I am thankful that He makes our feet like hinds feet, able to stand.

  33. Danette Jones

    Dear Precious Brother. Our paths have crossed. If I could say one thing to Christians who are living in other countries, it would be to loudly support President Trump from your nation. Make no apologies for your views. IT has never been easier to speak for right. IT has never been more dire to not speak right. Never in our lifetimes have we been so close to loosing so much (freedom) so fast (in a few weeks/months) for such massive lies (fake news) leading only to our destruction (communism + jihad). I would politely and respectfully ask that you consider a proposal. Please let us upload video here where we (all) can share and repost the voices of warning. The proposal is that postings would be reposted to our friends, family, social circles. Liberty is too precious to let die. Thank you.

  34. Sinea Pies

    I know a man who is probably not even born again who supports Trump with all his heart. He sees that we will lose all our rights soon if this man’s mission does not succeed.
    Trump’s mission MUST be our mission. Trump’s mission is from God.
    WAKE UP CHURCH! Get your head out of your shells and see what God has given us in this president. He may be our last chance to have an America that is THE American God meant for us to be.

  35. Doug Spurling

    Lately I’ve written with a hammer instead of quill…

    Yesterday I received this message: “Doug, your posts started off being wonderful Christian posts… they are one sided political posts. Sorry but I just won’t read them anymore.”

    I understand her concern. You remember the phrase, “Don’t talk politics or religion.” That phrase was wrong.

    To be a responsible Christian today, we must talk politics, for the same reason you warn your family of a ravenous wolf sneaking around the back door.

    It ain’t granddads democratic party no more. Politicians are possessed by a deep-seated darkness, pushing them beyond selfish lusts and pleasures into our neighborhoods, churches, schools and homes…desiring to steal our very souls.

    For a Christian to not talk politics, to not sound an alarm, to not turn on the light is tantamount to being complicit in this present darkness.

    Thank you Mr. Murillo for being bold as a lion.

    • megagenius

      Is not my word like as a fire? says the Lord?; and like a HAMMER that breaks the rock in pieces? God’s word deals with unbelief and hardness of heart so we won’t become indifferent. See Jeremiah 23:29

  36. Penny McCartney

    Very well said. My heart breaks for what Prts. Trump is going through. And not just him, but his cabinate and family. He and VP Pence deserve our prayers. As a Christian we are required by God to pray for our leaders. We need an outpouring of the Manifest Presence of the Lord, God Almighty. Pray for our President.
    May God have mercy on those in His Church who have turned their backs on what God is doing.

  37. Marlene Wood

    Thank you for letting me know. I have been slack in showing my support for him. Will do more.

    On Tue, Apr 21, 2020, 2:25 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Vast swathes of the church still bring up > his past. A few who are wearing tinfoil hats call him a devil. Clueless > preachers still won’t take a stand. He goes through hell every day > protecting the American church and they repay him with indifference. I” >

    • Scott Wierenga

      A second target of the Left if they win in November are gun owners. I urge believers to consider arming themselves. But if you do, be sure to secure your weapons and lots of ammunition in a gun locker. Taking the NRA firearm safety course is a must.

  38. Leslie Achord

    Thank you Mario.

    Is there away for me to share this on Facebook?

    Get Outlook for Android

  39. Jessy Allan

    Today we got the news that Pres. Trump has closed down the Immigration process temporarily across the world.
    I am a single Mom who has raised my daughters in technology fields successfully for the last 20 years with the help of God alone. They were both accepted into multiple universities for Fall 2020 for MS programs and yes we felt very dejected that Pres. Trump whom we’ve prayed for since God spoke to us more than 3.5 years ago, was forced to take this decision. IT IS THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT DECISION FOR AMERICA and we stand by him through all of this and deepen our dedication and commitment to pray for him 24×7 , 365 days of the year. Although I am not American, we are all in this together and feel his agony like it is our own. No human can endure what he is subjected to on a daily basis! With you all in this fight. Onward soldiers!

  40. patlairson

    I believe this completely! What can we do Mario? Please write about active steps we can do as a Church to help besides pray. I am a doer of the word.

  41. Christine Martin

    Amen. When I lived in San Francisco several years ago  I experienced the hatred for Christians from the left and it is real. May God continue to protect and guide our president. He is a very brave man.  Christine

  42. Darlene W

    I have so much love and gratitude for our President. He stands between us and this socialist agenda every day. Some churches appear to have a Laodicean spirit and strong delusion. God help us to rightly discern the times we are living in.

  43. kingskid48

    Pastor Mario, that was an incredible word. Thank you so much. Sadly, I can see our church in some of your writings. Such a good church in most ways, but not what it used to be in others. You have probably seen this, but I implore EVERYBODY HERE to click on this link and read and watch this article/short video. Then send it to everybody you can, all your list, and share in on social media. This is important. If this got out more, some of this hatred from confused Christians who refuse to support him, would dissapate. Sadly, the hatred from the Left may even get worse, but that is to be expected. Please read & watch, everyone. Donald J. Trump has a huge call of God on his life. We MUST pray for him.

  44. Helene E. Schmidt

    I agree with your in prayer for President Trump and also agree that the church needs boldness. The other night I was led to Acts 13:6-12 where God used Paul to stop a guy preventing the spread of the Gospel. I pray there are those willing to speak boldly to the voices of unrighteousness with signs and wonders following. Let the Glory of the Lord fill the earth!

    9 Saul, also known as Paul, stared into his eyes and rebuked him. Filled with the Holy Spirit, he said, 10 “You son of the devil! You are full of every form of fraud and deceit and an enemy of all that is right. When will you stop perverting the truth of God into lies? 11 At this very moment the hand of God’s judgment comes down upon you and you will be blind—so blind you won’t even be able to see the light of the sun.”

    As Paul spoke these words, a shadowy mist and darkness came over the sorcerer, leaving him blind and groping about, begging someone to lead him around by the hand. 12 When the governor witnessed this, he believed and was awestruck by the power of the message of the Lord.
    Acts 13:9-12 TPT

  45. tjgwynn

    I get so upset with people who call themselves “Christians” yet bad mouth your wonderful President. I follow President Trump & listen to his speeches (you can hear his heart which is for his people). I live in Canada where we have the most evil government that is working very hard to destroy our nation. Lord have mercy on Canada!

  46. diane20201gmailcom

    Love This

  47. Virginia McMillan

    Don’t forget the ‘clergy response teams’ training who are complicit in keeping their parishioners ‘safe’ amongst the political dynamics of every day. They consider their flock and themselves “above” the common person, and above the political mud. All the while their boots and hearts are dirty with sedition and treason to the most High God and His believers. Pray that their hearts and minds and eyes are open to their deception!!

  48. NewHeavenOnEarth

    God bless President Trump and his family! May America return to biblical values, prayer and be led by the Holy Spirit!
    I was shocked a few weeks ago when I shared an article about President Trump by email with one of my bible study leaders and a prayer warrior in the group. The leader didn’t respond back and the prayer warrior vehemently responded with hatred, actually cursing our President using the name of God. She quit the bible study and me. It seems the “god of this world has blinded not only unbeliever’s minds (2 Cor 4:4), but unbelieving believers as well. It seems as though President Trump is a litmus test, revealing who has the Spirit of God and who is of the spirit of this world, the spirit of error. Could it be because her church preaches a social gospel and social justice instead of the pure, full gospel and the holy, perfect, righteous, just justice of God?
    I pray that President Trump be encouraged, edified, strengthened, sustained, and given great wisdom from Above to lead America to come under the government of Christ under God our Father, indivisible from God, with freedom, liberty and God’s justice for all. We the people, by the people, for the people need our Sovereign God to be sovereign; apart from Christ we can do nothing. With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible! I keep praying and I will be more bold and confident thanks to you Mario. God bless you!

    • Evang. Roger Culwell

      Amen sis you hit the nail on the head, a spirit of error 1 John 4:6 the truth is the truth and you said it.

  49. Floyd Murray

    It is very sad to see the many who are so blind. But there is reason they are. They do not seek the real Truth. The Truth, that this Great President, is Truly working on their behalf. These are the lost! Who will follow” The False Prophet” All Praise and Glory to GOD!!

  50. Marion Harlan

    Praying for you Mario that your voice will be heard. Thank you for being on the frontlines. Lead the way!

    Sent from my iPhone


  51. Harriet

    I totally agree! I believe there is a remnant of the church that is forming a “Gideon army” to defeat the enemy and usher in the Great Awakening!

  52. Pat Bess

    You are so right, and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your blogs. They are all
    very truthful and right on for this time we are in. I pray the people as well as pastor’s
    wake from their slumber and realize where we are and what we would be loosing
    If our dear President looses.

    Sent from my iPad

  53. Gil Zaragoza

    I fully concur!!!

  54. Marilyn

    I tell everyone that I can to wake up we may save our Country this one election but voting Trump 2020 then next term will be anybody’s guess because as soon as we get one like Sanders or E. Warren we are heading for socialism then the tribulation because that is socialism. Please wake up.

  55. Mark DuBois

    Yes, I agree and have been & am in prayer for the President & our nation. Amen brother!

  56. Ellene

    Yes, I agree Mario. Thanks for your part in sounding the alarm to awaken the sleeping church. I stand for and will support Mr. Trump in 2020 just as I did 2016 and now. I believe he is God’s choice. And God is never wrong.

    Bless you,

  57. Cindy Williams

    Standing in total agreement with you. Praying for our nation and our President. “One Nation Under God”. “Lord Wake Up Your People”!

  58. Desertstream

    Coming Election voting and vote count will be the biggest fiasco in American history.

  59. Barbara Reming

    I agree with what you are saying. Let’s Wake Up People of God!

  60. Sir James

    Trump gets plenty of praise from most of 40,000,000 U.S. Evangelicals who will help re-elect him this November. I mean come on, why would they ever switch to the party Pope John Paul called “the Party of Death?”
    Look how far in the cesspool the Democrat-Socialist have fallen? To describe Liberals the the way Robert. Di Niro would say it: “YOU…GOT…NOTHING!”

  61. Debra

    Many, many Pastors, including my husband, myself, our entire staff and most, it not all, of our church support President Trump. I voted for a leader, not a Pastor. We pray for our President and are so very thankful he is our leader. God’s protections and wisdom over him and his family.

  62. Judy Hoy

    We need a Donald Trump in Canada. We pray for him and love him but even here so many Canadians hate him but don’t even care about the good he does for believers. Dear Lord Jesus hedge he and his family in with a hedge of protection and cover them with Your precious blood.

  63. Dr Kennith Hughes

    Thank you for issuing this warning and rebuke to the Church. We pray dail for the Presisdent and his family for no man should have to endure the things he has. He has more courage to stand for the right than many preachers do. If this election is lost the blame will be layed in the lap of the Church. It is easy to criticize leadership until you stand where they stand. Our President has done and is doing what he is ordained to do and as a Vietnam veteran he make me proud. I am getting the word out whereever people will listen.

  64. barbara c mead

    Have your book and giving it to people to read. Keep fighting. Many out here need to hear from you. Many Christians are deceived. Teach us how to fight.



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