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Today, I write about violence. Today, I write to the violent. There is no point in talking to those who are afraid of their own shadow, or those who can’t wait for a return to the same old harmless lukewarm religion as before, when America reopens. This blog is not for those who practice ‘cuddly-Christianity.’

Matthew 11:12, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

The Left says, “Be a good little Christian, we got this.”  They warn pastors, “Just because the pandemic is winding down, that doesn’t mean we won’t stop telling you when you can meet and what you can preach.  They say, “Get used to less privacy, less rights, and less money.” They used that cursed phrase, “new normal.”

So are you going to bend or stand? If you answer, “Stand,” then read on.

I am on the hunt for misfits! I am looking for those rare hearts who defy the lie. Those who confess with conviction that every dream—every vision—every strategy that God gave us is unchanged by the virus.

What are you doing during this shutdown, warrior? My guess is, instead of downgrading your dream, you downloaded defiance.  You didn’t relax, you reloaded. You aren’t whimpering and whining, but forging and shining.  You aren’t mooing with the cattle, you are yearning for battle.

Remember: Even before all of this happened, you withdrew from the religious rec-hall, so that you could go after God. Never forget how sick and empty you felt during those church performances of flesh, flash, and foolishness.

2 timothy 4:4-5, “And they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”

Then there was that day when you read these words: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father” (John 14:12).

The hunger to see signs and wonders body-slammed you. You wanted the real. You wanted the true miracles of Jesus and not those sad, commercialized parlor tricks that were so popular before the shutdown. In fact, the virus didn’t shake our faith in miracles—it intensified our passion to see more! More power! More fire! More miracles!

Pacing like a lion in my prayer room, I announced to the powers of hell that I won’t back down. I know what the devil is doing. He is fanning hatred toward the Gospel. He is using the virus as a pretext for persecution. So, what does that mean? It means something to the warrior that it can’t mean to the make-believer. It means we won’t back down. We won’t stop. We won’t dilute our message or lower our voice.

2 Corinthians 4:2, “But we have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.”

It also means the soldier of revival is facing a two-headed monster. One head is leftist state officials. Man of God, they want to shut you up. Woman of God, they want to dash your hopes and dreams.

The other head is the Laodicean church of America. The tepid, compromised, confused and cowardly hordes that refuse to buck the system—even if the system is after our freedoms and values. They won’t help. They won’t stand. You are grasping at straws when you try to get them to take a stand.

No, my friend, you must be prepared for a gallant fight. And on your side, are only you, and God. But that is always a majority! 

Are you going to back down now? Are you going to allow God-hating devils to decide the size of your future? Did the devil close doors for you?  God will rip them open again with His own bare hands. This virus and the fearful policies that are growing out of it did not, and cannot, kill the promises of God.

But you have to stand! Even against the gates of Hell! Forget about what others are going to do when this is over. You, prepare for total war.

Are you that pastor who woke up to your compromise and failure during the shutdown?  Are you in agony, trying to figure out how to tell the people that you are now pursuing fire, revival, and miracles? Are you obsessing over how many will leave the church? Stand!

Yes, they will leave. But for every one of these detractors who leave, ten true disciples will rise up. Your obedience will bring in lost souls. Your preaching will be crowned with divine healing miracles.

Do you own a business?  Stand against the tide of fake news about the economy.  God will protect your company. You may be in politics. Forget about votes!  Declare truth no matter who it offends, and then watch as God grants unusual favor.

You and I have no time to waste on the timid cold souls in the bleachers. We have work to do—God’s work! So what if it looks impossible. So what if there seems to be a million of them and just two of us. Today is your victory cry. The moment is yours to command!

The greatest thrill of life and the greatest honor is following God into dark and impossible situations. Don’t let go of this, you may never have another opportunity to prove the might of Jehovah Sabaoth, the Lord of the Armies of Heaven!

1 Samuel 14: 6, “Then Jonathan said to the young man who bore his armor, “Come, let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; it may be that the Lord will work for us. For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few.””

Finally, don’t you dare act like this is too hard for you. Don’t flinch, wondering why this has happened to you. This is what your Christianity is for. This is what your faith is for.

Don’t you dare feel inadequate or shocked! Believe it or not, you have been training for this all of your life. Long before this virus, God separated you for special training. Long before this shutdown, the Lord shaped the circumstances of your life, to give you the heart and the skills for saving a nation.

“Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil; for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” (Ephesians 6:11-13)

The gates of hell cannot prevail against that which heaven has put in you! Stand!




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  1. DANIA


  2. megagenius

    As a preacher I have never fit in the religious box…EVER. I feel at home in here with my own kind.

    • Carolina

      Amen megagenious, here’s some hints that help:
      We’re in the remnant CORE of the 5 wise out of the 10 virgins that our Lord spoke about. The other 5 (or half) were ‘foolish’ didn’t prepare, didn’t take with them an ‘extra’ flask of oil (extra anointing in the Holy Spirit), to keep their lamps burning bright enough!
      This parable of Jesus also reveals to us how VERY dark it gets just before HE comes and opens the door for the wise virgins to be IN with HIM safe and sound, because it takes an ‘extra’ flask of oil. Further revealing the lazy virgins, represented by the 5 foolish ones, had the temerity to ask the prepared half of the virgins to give them some of their own oil…and the remnant CORE said rightly ‘NO’!… if we do that we may not have enough to last. Also revealing is the fact that God SHUTS the door behind them – the wise half of His Son’s Body Bride and The Bridegroom HimSelf.
      Jesus also said to the church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3, (1 of only 2 that didn’t get rebuked by Him) “only hold onto what you have, so that no man takes your crown”.
      We are called to be anointed Crown keepers!?

  3. Evamg. Roger Culwell

    Amen brother, its even sickening to try and talk to some, it seems I have a fight since the day I was born, was born at 7 months, so had to even fight to live, I guess some of us were just born to be warriors, and will not back down, and its kinda hard for us to see why others will not fight, because for us nothing ever came easy, we had to fight the devil all our life when we didn’t even know then it was the devil, but realize later on down the road it was that Lilly livered, yellow belly, chicken crap cooward all a long, who stabs in the back, takes sniper shots, hits below the belt, and trys to bully his way through everything, the trouble with bullies is they don’t know when to stop, and once you have stolen everything they have, abused and missed used, and backed them into a wall, you have created a monster fighting machine, who will hit you with everything they got, for they have nothing to lose, you already have taken it all, but you are so stupid devil, you didn’t even know you were creating a mighty fighting warrior for the army of God, if you had not stolen, abused and tried to kill, he would not be half the fighting warrior you helped create, because of your stupidly something has arose in them, that says you will not win, and I will not curse God like you want instead, I will fight you like a mad man, until your army is either destroyed or there’s no more breath in our bodies, for some of us love God with all our hearts, and will serve him until our dying days, though he slay me yet will I serve him, and we will preach the truth of the word, but we would not be near the fighting machine we have become if it wasn’t for an ignorant devil who didn’t have enough sense to stop pushing, because we don’t cower down, and we don’t back up, and we don’t sin on purpose or continue in it, like some today we have read our bibles and do our best to obey, we may mess up but the Holy Spirit convict and we repent fast, unlike a bunch who have been told sin doesn’t matter sin has always mattered to God, it matter so much he sent his precious son to die, so we could be forgiven, and sent his Precious Holy Spirit to give us power to overcome sin, so we can stand before God clean and pure, not so we can keep on sinning, I am sickened by these who say grace covers sin, when only the blood covers sin, leading a people to Hell, if sin got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden, kept Moses from entering the promised land, caused Jonah to be swallowed by a grea fish, caused Achans whole family to be killed, and Jesus had to come and die for our sins, the sin matters to God, so many lies being told from the pulpit, Jesus did it all so we don’t have to do anything, Jesus showed us by dying on the cross what we must do daily, if you want to be my followers, not just believe as the demons do who fear and tremble, but followers, pick up your cross[ dye daily,] deny your self, and follow me, a lot there that people today do not see, one told me last night Jesus did it all, I just have to believe in him, NO WE MUST FOLLOW HIM AND DO AS HE DID, THAT SAME JESUS YOU SAY IS ALL LOVE TOOK A WHIP TO THE EVIL IN John 2:15, He was not for evil and sin like they try to let on, he made the people so mad they wanted to stone him several times, John 8:59, but yet some preach him a passive wimp, and paint pictures of a feminist Jesus, he took me to heaven I saw him, he is not a passive whimp or feminist, he is God, with eyes of fire, so bright you can’t even see until he backs of some, hair like wool, and a sound comes from around him like a rushing mighty wind, but they preach a Jesus who allows there evil and sin, and the first thing I did when I appeared in his presence face to face, was fall like a dead man, and my first thought when I seen him, he committed no sin and I did, and I fell like a rock as dead, and Moses put it best I did fear and quake, he does not allow sin, and he called mighty men and women of valor to fight in his army, since the days of John the Baptist the kingdom of heaven suffered violence and the violent take it by force, we have an enemy who is doing everything he can to stop people from going to heaven, he is trying harder right now than ever to destroy the Church, and the man made system, and the POB will be destroyed, he is calling his people back to purity, but there is a check of a battle going on, Satan is a coward he knew he could not beat the Holy Spirit Filled church, the true saints of God, so he snuck in and told had the church tell the preachers tone it down, [which was putting the fire of the Holy Spirit out, and when they put the fire out, the presence went to as they silenced the Holy Spirit saying conviction was condemnation, which is a lie, conviction let’s you know when you mess up to ask forgiveness, condemnation is when so one condemns you for sin, that you have been forgiven of, the whole world is condemned without Jesus, thats why they hate the bible it condemns there sin, John 3:17 For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world BUT THAT THE WORLD THROUGH HIM [JESUS] MIGHT BE SAVED. the world is condemned already because of sin, but we can be forgiven through Jesus Christ, and a condemned world hates us, and so does the man made church, because the same system is at work in the world trying to destroy the Church, and this nation, it has crept into the church, remember H.C. said the church has to change, actually saying the church has to become wordly, which for the most part it has, The Church of today is becoming the reprobate church, Rom. 1, I was reading that here while back was going to show what the Dems were, and as I read, there was the same words in 2 Cor 12:20-21 that Jesus took me to heaven and said all these things are going on in my Church and there not ready, and as I read it hit me, the Church has become reprobate, and I was shocked to see not only was the Dem party reprobates, but the church of today had become reprobate, just read Rom. 1, and 2 Cor. 12:20-21, where Jesus told me all these things are going on in my Church and their not READY, and tell me what you see there. The enemy has snuck in and took us prisoner, as the vision I had showed, we were on a cruise ship, having a wonderful time not a care in the world, and pirates came on board and took our weapons, Guns, and the word of God, the Church today deny’s the word, there for having no armor, and know sword or weapons, and some of us were fighting and trying to free us all, but the people would not fight, and we were being recaptured and beaten, and that is whats going on, the people and preachers will not fight, and the enemy is coming after the ones who do, and they do not have the backing of the people, and they will not fight, making it harder on the ones who do fight, we were called to be a mighty army of God, so we must rise up and fight, we are the restraining order that holds satan back and if we do not fight evil prevails, and some of us will die before we let evil take over the church and rule this nation, the true church will never be destroyed, but it sue may be very small in numbers before this mess is through, if we do not fight, as the word says, this is a battle until our dying days, Jesus won the war but the battles rage on, because we must stand against an enemy who will destroy us if we do not fight, if we do not fight the enemy takes ground, and we must take that ground back, freedom is never free, and our walk will cost us a price if we stand for Jesus and do whats right according to his word, We need to pray and seek Gods face and ask for a fresh infilling until after Pentecost, the Lord told me Easter morning, strange he would say it at this time isn’t it, or a planned thing. Good word sir. Be Blessed

    • Deb

      Amen brother.

      • Evamg. Roger Culwell

        Thank you sis.

    • warriorruth

      Brother Roger, you need to figure out how to set up your own blog.

      • Evamg. Roger Culwell

        I did sis, but no one even visited it, []but haven’t posted anything in a while, but will if some people visit. thank you

    • enoughenough1


  4. Kathleen Anderson

    I’m taking my stand for Christ. I’m 67 and a widow but I’m a warrior for Jesus.

    • Judy

      Kathleen, I am 66 and a widow also. Oh, nothing is going to stop me from praying and standing with my brethren against this evil. I love my church, but there are things they do that make me inwardly cringe, they are compromising and watering down the Word. I tell the widows I know that instead of moping around we have the greatest opportunity to be intercessors for God!! To my brothers and sisters out there, I stand with you, I love you!!!!

      • Barbara Ruffner

        Evangelical Roger Culwell and Mario Murillo, my name is Barbara, I am also a widow, age 72 and I will take a Christ
        I have never been baptized in water ?
        And I do know the Holy Ghost
        I stand with all three of you
        I Jesus nam, Amen

    • Mary Beebout

      Amen, Mario!
      When I read “I am on the hunt for misfits!” The Spirit leapt within me! It reminded me of 1 Samuel 22:1-2 when David, escaping the wrath of Saul, hid in a cave in Adullum “And everyone who was in distress, and everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was bitter in soul, gathered to him. And he became commander over them.”
      Misfits—they were misfits!
      While reading your book, The Vessels of Fire and Glory (powerful, btw), I began asking the Lord for my assignment in this season. I knew He was asking me to focus my time in prayer but I was seeking His direction and His promise. He directed me to Isaiah 41:15-16 “See, I will make you into a threshing sledge, new and sharp, with many teeth. You will thresh the mountains and crush them, and reduce the hills to chaff. You will winnow them, the wind will pick them up, and a gale will blow them away. But you will rejoice in the LORD and glory in the Holy One of Israel.”
      I’m a misfit. This is not my home. “No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits since his aim is to please the One who enlisted him (2 Tim. 2:4). The Lord is outfitting His army. Count me in!!

  5. Pastor Ron Buch

    That was the most wonderful encouragement I have heard through this hour. I have been this person ready for the wave of power to overtake us from behind. The Lord told me in January 2019 that a 7 year revival would begin in 2020. After the 2nd TRUMP(2024) things would get bad in America. I see it all in play now.

    Thanks brother. I will continue to pray for Jesus to strengthen you as you pick up the mantle daily. Break the ground!!!!

  6. Marlene Wood

    The Lord bless you. I am standing. Where else could I go but to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    On Sun, Apr 19, 2020, 2:18 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Today, I write about violence. Today, I > write to the violent. There is no point in talking to those who are afraid > of their own shadow, or those who can’t wait for a return to the same old > harmless lukewarm religion as before, when America reopens. This b” >

  7. Michael Okulski

    Right on brother! You are a mighty rallying cry for the power base of biblical morality and those who exercise their spiritual gifts in kindness, compassion, righteousness, justice, and faithfulness. Thanks from Yuma Arizona for your good and faithful service!

  8. E2S-E2H

    There truly is a spiritually discernable “nausea” that can be felt in some churches by the Holy Spirit that wreaks of man-pleasing, lukewarm, seeker friendly, lack of God’s Word and Holy Spirit power, acknowledgement of Him really in most churches.

    God uses it to keep us from staying in a place that would ruin us. God’s people come out of these lukewarm, powerless, Word-less churches who deny and mock the Holy Spirit. Who have no eyes to see nor ears to hear what the Spirit it doing and saying and can no longer hear Him from telling Him to shut up for so long.

    We want to glorify God in the earth with the power of His Word, with the saving of souls, the setting free of captives in every way – healing, premature death, deliverance from demons. To show the love of God up the face of the earth. We are warriors for Jesus. We will not stomach anything less than what His Word says and commands.

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      E2S-E2H “There truly is a spiritually discernable “nausea” that can be felt in some churches” And, I thought it was the oppressive Bass volume!

      I know there are places I’ve visited that just felt “off”…

  9. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    A Challenge and a Call, but also remember Romans 14…

    Do not exceed your faith… Practice it, strengthen it, but do not exceed.

    Remember he who doubts is damned… Don’t entice doubters to exceed their faith, unless of course you have enough to spare to cover them as well.

  10. Brenda Hughes

    I am always amazed by the awesomeness of God! For many weeks now, the old Tom Petty song, “I Won’t Back Down”, has been playing in my head! It burst out of me during a time of intense spiritual warfare…a battle cry!

    • Ellen3M

      That song! Me too!!

  11. Susannah McFarlane

    Maybe you can identify with what he is saying Adrian …………… we have come out of ‘performance’ churches and charismania …………. I enjoyed reading the article.

    Your friendship means the world to me! It is amazing how God reconnected us ……………. what a wonderful day! Your call last night was so joyful and full of the wonders of God! I think we could have talked all night! I didn’t sleep for a while with all the excitement of your day. I know your friend had the best birthday present ever – this is the beginning of something marvellous.

    I love you so much! I praise God for your life every day! It amazes me when you share your stories of the past. I love listening, and it moves me to tears at the faithfulness of God.

    I am expecting awesome things in the days ahead because God sees our heart that’s turned towards Him.

    Hope your Sunday is full of good things! Love Sue


  12. Colleen

    Wowsa, even though my knees are knocking I receive the call to battle. Here I am, send me!

  13. Ellen3M

    I’m so electrified to read this post this morning!!! So tired of my Christian friends talking like the world. I’ve had to unfollow several on Facebook due to their faithlessness— do they ever read their Bibles? I feel so sarcastic, keeping my lips zipped yet the fire burning inside me just keeps growing! Yes, I wanna see miracles, the Revival that seems endlessly prophesied, come on, Lord Jesus!!!

  14. Jean White

    I would like two books but I can’t seem to connect because I live in Canada ..and I don’t have an account with Amazon.
    Jean white
    204 638 7135

    Sent from my iPad

  15. Dan Swaningson's words and wit

    You’re echoing my battle cry brother! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!
    Time for the true warriors to stand up and take back what the enemy has and is stealing- to storm the gates.

  16. Fredf

    I had a dream one time where I was standing on a battlefield alone. I turned around and saw armies of angels organized for battle behind me as far as the eye could see.

    I heard God impress on me something I had read somewhere along the line “ All of the armies of heaven have gathered together And the last battle is about to begin.”

    I wasn’t feeling particularly spiritual and thought to myself that I had never sensed one of these, not so much as an angel feather, yet here they are.

    I guess even if we are flying alone and not feeling particularly spiritual all the armies of the earth are powerless before us.

    I don’t know what the future of church is and every situation is unique, but the Lord revealed to me that my main church is going to be me and my wife which would be twice the size of my current church.

  17. Annette Hughes

    Amen Mario!

    We must advance ever forward with the gospel of salvation thru Jesus Christ and His coming Kingdom on earth.

  18. Rebecca Gates

    Yes Mario! We are in a war against good and evil . His kingdom is coming and we must be prepared for the battle and fight . He told me years ago “a great revival is coming and you will behold more than you can imagine. ” I believe that time is very soon. God bless you for standing against the gates of hell. I stand with you.

  19. NewHeavenOnEarth

    “Come out of her lest you take part in her sins; lest you share in her plagues” Revelation 18:4 “The light of a lamp shall shine in thee no more; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride shall be heard no more in thee…all nations were deceived by thy sorcery. And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all who have been slain on the earth” Revelation 18:23-24
    “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy”
    Interesting that they degraded men first, even turning a loved sport’s hero, Bruce Jenner, a “christian” into a caricature of a woman, while women were pushed to be aggressive and take over, as in the vulgar women’s march after President Trump took office. No wonder why they hate him so much; he is fighting to expose the hidden dark agenda, return America to her greatness, which only comes when we are governed by Christ under God, indivisible from God, with FREEDOM and justice for all; a government by the people, for the people, not the far left who want to destroy America and her Christian roots and biblical values.
    We do not consent to this hidden agenda they are pushing under the cover of a virus. We believe Jesus, agree with God our Father, and take the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit!
    I am thankful for men of God who remind men of who God created them to be; stand and fight with the spiritual weapons God has given us, more than enough!
    “Righteousness exalts a nation”
    We have first sought and found the kingdom of God and His righteousness! We put God first! We are led by the Holy Spirit!
    “We take our position, stand still, and see the Victory of the Lord on our behalf…fear not…the Lord is with us…We believe in the Lord our God and we are established; we believe Lord Jesus Christ and we will succeed…We take counsel with the Holy Spirit…praise God, “Giving thanks to the Lord for his steadfast love endures forever”…the enemy is confounded, turns against each other, routed…destroyed utterly…And the fear of God comes upon all kingdoms of the world system when they hear the Lord fought against the enemy of our souls. So the realm is quiet in believers for God gave us His rest in Christ and Christ in us” 2 Chronicles 20:1-30
    I am so thankful that the end is known from the beginning: in Christ we win! Victory is assured! thank you Lord God Almighty! I am sticking like glue to you!

    • Carolina

      Excellent response comment NewHeavenOnEarth!!???

  20. Darlene W

    As I was laying in bed last night thinking about everything that is going on this same scripture rose up in my spirit.The gates of hell will not prevail. There is something (Someone) in us that rises up in prayer and warfare to claim victory over evil. Lately in times of prayer I have seen fire raining down from heaven. Overwhelming ,bright streams of fire. It’s not going to be the “new normal” that they want us to believe. It’s going to be surrendered vessels of God filled with His fire and glory doing His works and bringing in the harvest. There is no “there” to go back to for the church.Times have changed. We will not miss our day of visitation.

  21. Tanya Franck


  22. warriorruth

    Sometimes the kingdom of darkness is manifested in a man just as the Kingdom of God is seen in a man. Saying that, I have felt impressed to pray “The Bill Gates of hell shall not prevail against God’s ekklesia”. And all the other hordes of darkness that he is associated with.


    Dear Mario, Wow! How could know exactly what is going on with me. I needed to hear this. Yesterday, was particularly difficult for me. It all looked so overwhelming because it seems like the majority of the church just doesn’t understand what is happening. We are losing liberty and I feel so small and unable to do anything about it. But as I read your letter, it literally identified everything I have gone through and am going through. Most of my downheartedness is because of the response from Christians and Christian ministries that I respected who seem to say little more than this will be over soon and just be at peace, blah blah blah. I am going to believe that this word is for me. I have bio idea what to do, but here is a fire in me. By God’s grace, I will know what to do when and it will have eternal results. Thank you for being a brave voice in the midst of so much compromise. I hope to meet you someday. In Him, Ruth Anne Stewart


  24. Scott Wierenga

    Yes Mario, Donald Trump has identified himself as a wartime President.He is leading the investigation and prosecution of widespread and deeply rooted corruption. We are the wartime Church, that is, we who are itching to get into the fight against evildoers. Who will God anoint as the Church’s great wartime leader, the one who will if necessary lead us into the pit of hell itself to engage the enemy?

  25. kingskid48

    I knew when I came back to the Lord years ago, that I was wrecked for mediocre living. Pastor Mario must be very pleased at the comments here, to know that his work is being so fruitful. His “followers” are informed, prayed-up, and aware. God bless your wonderful work, Pastor Mario. I stand with you also.

  26. David Larson

    “Make-believer” is the best term you have ever coined.

  27. Dientje

    Dear Pastor Murillo,
    I love your book and want to thank you for sharing God’s messages with the saints. I would like to know if God has warned you about the theft that is happening in the US. Our rights given by God through the constitution are being taken. Thank you.

  28. Denise Loftus

    Thankyou Mario. We needed a battle cry. I am experiencing a lot of negativity in my own family re all of this but my heart agrees with you. Now I know why Jesus said the kingdom is taken by force! We have to STAND. AMEN. GOD BLESS YOUR EFFORTS. I needed this message to give me the courage to keep going. I was feeling so alone in my stance.
    Denise Loftus

  29. Cecilia P Alfaro

    Hi Mario, I made a payment for your book and have not received a response from it yet. Do you know when it will ship?

    • mariomurilloministries

      Cecila, Let us check. We ship out promptly. Any delay is with mail service challenges during the slow down. Thank you for your patience. MMM

  30. Dolly

    Dear Brother Mario

    I will NOT backup, pack up or shut up, I despair that many preachers are not preaching the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, that is the only message that will bring in a harvest, Gods word does not return void.

    I have been yearning to see the real power of Jesus, I have prayed I don’t want a form of godliness, I want Jesus to be seen in all His Glory, for without Him I can do nothing, I’m waiting for His prompting to move forward into battle, I will not go ahead of Him.

    As for me & my house we will serve the Lord, I’m praying for family members to be saved, I’m sure they will in time, His time, Amen Amen & Amen.

    By the way, I Iive in the UK, not sure if you would know this just from the emails.

    Yours in Christ Many of God’s blessings to you & your household, Amen Sent from iPad


  31. Jean White

    We need someone to save Canada



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