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Joe Biden said this about Trump supporters: “They really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are bad and…Dividing this nation based on ethnicity, race.”

There is so much vileness there I don’t know where to begin. Oh, I know, I’ll begin by asking: “What about the many Mexican Americans who support Trump? Do they think all Mexicans are rapists?” Remember, Biden is talking about all Trump supporters.

What Biden says is a lie. It can’t be anything else.  And the sad fact is that, he knows it is a lie. What he said, he said for effect. That is why I want to address Democrats first in this blog: Ask yourself, what was Biden’s goal in saying these falsehoods?

Of course, his remarks are vile and offensive to Trump supporters.  But he is also insulting his own supporters. Here’s why: He said this to fire up his base. He is revealing what he thinks they want to hear. He has a horrendously low opinion of his voters. He assumes Democrat voters all love wild generalizations and character assassination.

If you are part of his base, it’s time for you to see what he actually thinks of you. He is telling you that you are too stupid to say, “Wait a minute, that can’t be true of everyone who supports Trump. You just can’t lump them all into a basket of deplorables.” Oh, yeah, that one’s already been taken.

If Donald Trump had leveled this kind of a depraved generalization at all Democrats, I would have instantly stopped supporting him. Why? Because anyone who says these things is too deranged to be any kind of a leader, let alone President of the United States.

That is why Trump levels his zingers at Democrat leaders. He never makes sweeping statements about Democrat voters. Never.

Biden’s brain runs to even darker places than this—his statements foment class warfare and elitism. Biden embodies the plantation-owner mentality that assumes his party servants will vote for the party, no matter what. His low opinion of everyone, except the tiny circle of limousine-liberals, oozes from every word that comes out of his mouth. The only thing that has changed is that, increasingly, he is mixing up his words and going blank in the middle of a sentence on live TV.

Trump supporters should be outraged on a deeper level than just his despicable words. It’s the dark threat that his words carry. What Biden said about Trump supporters reveals the Democrat leadership’s penchant for tyranny.

There was a day when Democrats said “Let’s agree to disagree.” Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan were polar opposites politically, but they respected one another, and learned to work together. Now Democrat leaders believe, “If you don’t agree with our thinking there is nothing decent about you.” Then they take it further. “These loons are just trying to divide the country. They don’t belong anymore. They must be banished and stigmatized.”

Andrew Cuomo flat out said Republicans are not welcome in New York. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he supported the idea of California having only one political party. One of Bernie’s campaign organizers wanted to put Trump supporters in gulags. He was quoted as saying, “I’m ready for the f***ing revolution, bro… Guillotine the rich.”

Is this why Democrat leaders are so soft on China’s evil leaders? Are they slowly starting to embrace the tactics of the Communist Chinese regime? Will this virus be their pretext for a police state?

Finally, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Chuck Schumer must cringe when Biden starts attacking Trump and pointing fingers, for a couple of reasons:

First, because he isn’t supposed to spill the beans and let Americans know how much the Dems hate Trump supporters, and the fact that they take their own party members for granted.

And, second, Biden shouldn’t be saying anything about sexual assault right now. Absolutely nothing…

 I wrote this to let you see his true mind and to warn you. I must use the most emphatic language possible. There is no version of this man that should ever darken the door of the White House. He is a shell, a puppet that would unleash a swarm of misery. He possesses the requisite lack of humanity and conscience to morally bankrupt America. In the best of times he would be anathema. In our time of crisis, he would be an unimaginable horror. What he said yesterday proves this beyond any doubt.



  1. megagenius

    Biden and Obama remind me of Beavis and Butthead…only they make Beavis and Butthead look smart.

  2. Sandra Douglas

    This is , of course, the truth be told that should be a wake up call indeed as to how the puppets and dupes function …mentally chaotic and unstable in all their ways ..beyond senseless ! Thank you for your vision …

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  3. Terry Lynn Wooley

    Is this an example of being turned over to a reprobate mind?

  4. Jeff Kuball

    Thanks Mario for bringing this to even more light. I am an avid Trump supporter, however, as much as I do not trust the Dems, I never knew truly how evil and absolutely perverse Biden is in his tactics and mind-set.
    I flat-out scares me if President Trump does not get re-elected. I fear for what the Dems will do tour our Christian freedoms and rights, not to mention all of the political nightmares which will unfold!

    I truly appreciate your ministry and the light you shed on our political climate. We all need to be CORRECTLY informed!

    Thank you–

  5. ghostofdurocher

    Its simple, his roman catholic mind never has been transformed by spiritual renewal. The carnal mind is enmity with God!

  6. Evamg. Roger Culwell

    Well said sir: its degusting for sure, and they will not even be in charge if they [God forbid was to win] they are just pulpits on a string, that people in other places are controlling, they don’t even know the full plans of the people controlling them, they sell out for the dollar, to the highest bidder, and do not have much of an idea what is even going on, thats why they do not make any sense, there’s none to be made they do not know the real plan, just what they been told to say, and can’t even say that right, so many plans of the enemy to take over this nation, which they main agenda is to destroy the Church and the nation. Just go back to our founding fathers while they were establishing this nation on God and the bible, the freemasons, and Illuminati, was setting up a plan to destroy it, the Washington monument, and other structures were being designed to line up with the stars, an evil plan set in motion by satan, I was told in Grammer school in the 60’s in school by a teacher, there are people set in place to take over this nation without ever firing a shot, and it haunted me, and it is now trying to come into play, but the other day the Lord showed me in a vision a chessboard, I don’t know much about chess I never played, but he said you are a knight, and I saw the board and there was one play left, and the Lord said I am about to say checkmate, so I know enough that he is about to win the battle, and we are in a heck of a battle they want to make us the enemy, who speak out about the Dems plans, they call us conspicariest because we warn they are using the virus for their benefit, scare people into obeying them, so they can control, but yet they claim to be for America, while wanting some other nation to take over here, and over throw the president, they want mail in vote, or ballots, and right now in one state they can’t count because they double voted, proving they cheated with ballots, but yet they are screaming right now mail in vote, so they can rig another election, to where they think the people of god can’t get our God to change them like he did in the last election, they prove they are cheater’s and then think we are so stupid we will trust them, not on ten million hail Mary’s, or a billion bibles, you do not trust devils, or pray for pure devils seeds of satan, some pray for the devil, they do not have understanding satan has a seed Gen 3:15, and there are also reprobates you do not pray for, Rom 1, when we go to war we do not pray for the other side, Jer 11:14 do not pray for these, I know it says pray for our enemies, we have enemies in our own house our church all around who are ignorantly doing things, we pray for them, but there is an enemy we do not pray for and we nee to ask the Lord, same way we do not say God bless you to every one, for we take part in there evil, so we better watch who we say God bless you to, we need understanding even about praying, Hosea 4:6 My people perish from lack of knowledge. Theres far more we need to learn about the word of God and Gods ways, for most don’t even really know whose side they are on, they pray for the enemy, we even delay the saint’s righteous prayer’s, because some pray for the enemy to win, not knowing it, because they take the bible say’s pray for your enemies, but it also says there is an enemy you don’t pray for, we need to learn who to pray for, because satan has a seed, and they can’t be saved, and some are reprobates, and we need to chose whose side we are own, how do you tell, do they only do pure evil always and theres no talking any sense into them, do they murder little babies, and want christians dead, and the elderly, and any one who doesn’tagree with them, do they back abominations and all manner of evil, that should tell you right there, nbut ask the Lord and if you are mature enough he will tell you, some can’t handle the truth, you see we need to rightfully divide the word, some ators and singers addmit to having sex with satan, they drink human blood and eat human flesh now, a restaurants in Ca. serve human flesh now, and I heard a few months a Dem politician said we must consume human flesh in order to survive, this is the Dem party folks. and we need to wake up.

    • Wordforworld

      Thank you Pastor!! We appreciate your fervor! It is needed. The people need it.

      With the latest pitch to “give’ us more money in stimulus checks, we’ve got to say “enough of this”. We need to contact President Trump and tell him we WANT TO WORK, we are not a welfare state and will not be a police state. Use BOLD print “we want to work” which will get his attention, if you email him.
      The underlying global agenda is trying to test the waters (people). Wake up, people! We’ve been thru much worse than this, and I do not mean to belittle the grief and losses that many have gone thru. We must RISE UP IN STRENGTH, in the Name of Jesus. Not our own strength.
      Thanks Roger (Culwell) for your comments. Thanks Mario for printing them.

      Received a word of knowledge yesterday, …Gates…. of hell will NOT prevail.
      Anybody recognize a name?

      Let us arise and praise the Name above all names, the Mighty God Who fights our battles; tear down those towers/strongholds and every high thing that sets itself up against the knowledge of God; we bless the LORD Yahweh, Jesus Messiah, Yeshua- Hamashiach!

      • Evamg. Roger Culwell

        Thank you I needed that right now. Thanks

      • Evamg. Roger Culwell

        amen we do need the country back at work, and we must pray its so plain a blind man can see what their agenda is.

  7. mary moore

    Thank you !! The hair on the back of my neck stands up if I see him or hear his voice!!

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  8. Michael Okulski

    Good job in presenting the problem. What about the solution? How do you recommend we pray? What do you recommend we do? Thanks from Yuma Arizona. Praise Yah!

  9. Annette Hughes

    Democrats always project how they really think and feel onto their opponents.
    The Democrats are all about group identity politics. Keeping people divided and pitting them against each other is how they maintain control over them.

  10. Darlene W

    Biden seems to be the candidate of choice for whatever reason. I find it sad that they have disregarded human dignity. They have propped him up in front of the public when he clearly has dementia and is deteriorating right in front of our eyes. But they don’t care. They are desperate to enforce this NWO. As long as they can keep the economy closed because of a suspicious virus they can keep him from the public. And if they can tank the economy and claim the President did not handle this virus properly they think they will win in November. But fisa is coming and they know that too. Jesus warned that we must be careful that we are not deceived.

  11. Roberta Adrian

    Thank you, Mario.

  12. diane20201gmailcom

    God has executed His divine Plan before the foundation of the world. It is Stunning, it is Majestic and is full of His Glory, all dust particles will be removed, the dust has no voice, but if you stand under it you can get dirty.
    The Glory-God Thunders
    King David’s poetic praise to God for the last days
    The Feast of Tabernacles
    Proclaim his majesty, all you mighty champions,
    you sons of Almighty God,
    giving all the glory and strength back to him!
    Be in awe before his majesty.
    Be in awe before such power and might!
    Come worship wonderful Yahweh, arrayed in all his splendor,
    bowing in worship as he appears in the beauty of holiness.
    Give him the honor due his name.
    Worship him wearing the glory-garments
    of your holy, priestly calling!
    The voice of the Lord echoes through the skies and seas.
    I’ve learned that his anger lasts for a moment,
    but his loving favor lasts a lifetime!
    We may weep through the night,
    but at daybreak it will turn into shouts of ecstatic joy. I remember boasting, “I’ve got it made!
    Nothing can stop me now!
    I’m God’s favored one; he’s made me steady as a mountain!”

  13. Roger Weeks

    Make this shareable please

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  14. Paula Carlson

    There is no Democrat plan for Biden to stay in the WH if he’s elected. His VP pick will take over. He has even said that. Watch who he chooses as his running mate carefully.

  15. kingskid48

    It’s a pitiful sight, to watch a man with progressive dementia being propped up and used by his family, most likely in the interest of becoming more powerful and wealthy on the taxpayer’s dime, and by the powers-that-be for obvious reason. They know he’s no match for Trump. What they have up their sleeve to avoid his having to get on the debate stage with the President, who knows. Most likely, he will be rehearsed, programmed, and given a list of prepared answers to stick to. On another note, Pastor Mario, I’d like to respectfully ask for your opinion on this doctor and what he is saying? I am inclined to believe he is truthful. None of this is adding up, about this virus and the actions and words of those in authority. I believe we are being lied to, manipulated, and prepared for the chip. I hope you will consider viewing this video. Many blessings and thanks for your bold and informative blogs.

    • Thomas Craig

      Consider for a moment the sheer and unrelenting hatred that Democrats, progressives and media have for Donald Trump. Consider now how much they despise the positivity, exuberance and effectiveness of Trump rallies. These rallies were the unmistakable roar of unwavering support and momentum that largely elected him in 2016. I don’t think there is anything more therapeutic and energizing to The President than being in these rallies. The rallies have been unstoppable, unless arenas and every large venue in the country is closed. How do you close every venue used for rallies? I think we know the answer. I guarantee those venues will be one of the very last things to reopen. There will also be strong support to keep them closed due to reoccurring cases of COVID 19 and as long as the haters can make up more lies to keep them closed.

      As insidious as it sounds, it is not beyond what they are capable of in their lust for power and in their ultimate goal to destroy Donald Trump, than to have allowed the introduction of this virus with intent of doing irreparable harm to the winning economy, shutting down the rallies and silencing the hundreds of thousands if not millions of cheers and applause of grateful supporters through the election.

  16. Lee Murray

    Divide the nation and conquer it from anywhere.

  17. Patricia Stuckenberg

    Thanks for speaking out Mario

    On Sat, Apr 18, 2020, 1:27 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Joe Biden said this about Trump > supporters: “They really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans > are rapists and all Muslims are bad and…Dividing this nation based on > ethnicity, race.” There is so much vileness there I don’t know where to > beg” >

  18. ghostofdurocher

    Dear Mario: Im wondering if your photo of a pastor being hauled away to the slammer is in fact actually a  prophetic photo of what the end will be of a dandied up governor Gavin Newsom? He opposed governor Arnie as mayor of a blatant act of rebellion against the then governor and one wonders if one day we will witness him being hauled offto a detention facility for his continual opposition of president Trump? ….I guess we can pray for divine justice? God bless you for getting the truth out,Jerry Woytus



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