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We had a pandemic that should have ignited the fear of God in most Christians. But it didn’t. We’ve had undeniable evidence of the severe cognitive decline in Joe Biden: the man can’t finish a sentence, he is rude, angry, gives unwanted attention to females, looks confused, and has embraced all that is evil in the Democrat platform. Yet there are many so-called Christians who will vote for him.

There is growing evidence that China is behind this pandemic and has tried to destroy us. But Joe Biden has made a career of giving in to the Chinese government, and is the absolute worst choice for a leader who will stand up against them.

Biden is so desperate to become President that he has vowed to veer left and rally those who support the agendas of Planned Parenthood, the LGBTQ activists, and socialism. He has even made a deal with the other devil, Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden is the consort of Barack Obama, who has consistently been the most hostile President in history toward the Bible.

How can you call yourself a Christian and vote for Joe Biden? He is weak. He is declining. He will serve at the behest of the worst enemies of both America and the church. He will unravel everything of value you claim to stand for.

Then there are the “Christians” who think that by either not voting, or by voting for a third candidate they are innocent and are ‘voting their conscience.’

It is clear what Joe Biden will do—his every move will be anti-Christian—so how can you believe you are innocent and not do everything in your power to stop him?  The only way to stop Biden is to vote for Trump. No one else, no matter how saintly you esteem them to be, has any chance of winning. And if Trump loses, America will belong to the enemies of God.

Back to the issue of cognitive decline. Below are his actual words as he addressed the coronavirus. Teleprompter and all.

This pandemic has shut down the American economy. How can you call yourself a Christian and vote to elect a cure that is worse than the disease? Should the economy be in the hands of Biden?

Many liberal governors will do all they can to keep churches shut down long after the virus has subsided. How can you call yourself a Christian and allow an enemy of the church and an ally to these governors to put the finishing touches on an already dangerous situation?

Come on—ask yourself, do you seriously believe Biden will be able to rebuild America after all the damage this pandemic has done?  Trump alone possesses the skill and the will to bring us back from disaster. China fears Donald Trump but their mouth waters at the thought of a Biden presidency and a Democrat-run Congress.

Here is my question: How can they call themselves Christians and do such an anti-Christian act as voting for Biden? The answer is simple: modern preaching. Modern preaching has produced the most Biblically illiterate generation of church-goers ever.

Because of modern preaching, Christians don’t know what they believe beyond their false vision of a loving, tolerant and generous God who caters to their every whim. A God to overlook their carnal lifestyle.

Because of modern preaching a moral choice is not as important as ‘feeling loved.’

Because of modern preaching, many who call themselves Christians cannot handle persecution. And this is a critical point. Why? Because the platform that Biden is running on is hatred for Trump. And the hatred of Trump coming from the media and Hollywood makes it uncomfortable for an ambivalent believer to take a stand. They want to be accepted…the same motivation that drives their celebrity pastor. Acceptance!

This corona virus is the warning shot across the bow to a nation that has filled up the cup of iniquity with the wrath of God. So far, many in the church are still drowsy, indifferent and ignorant of the two most important facts that exist in this hour.

1. America must repent or be diminished. We have shoved God away. It grieves God that lost souls go after depravity, but it also grieves God that so-called Christians still don’t get the urgency of this hour and the utter necessity of radical repentance.

2. We must appreciate that Donald Trump is an act of mercy. He is a rough and tumble deliverer. Certainly, many have wished for a smoother, less combative President. The fact is that America, in her sin, has made it necessary for God to use strong medicine. We must appreciate that Trump was sent by God or suffer unspeakable consequences.

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Ps. 11:3)

The foundations are being destroyed, so how can you call yourself a Christian and vote for Biden?

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  1. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Well said sir: They want to throw some one in popular to take as many votes away from Trump as possible, and they will, but God called president Trump he told me to tell him he needed him four more years, and that means Gods not through with America, it takes a man who is tough to stand up against the corrupt political, mess we have, some one who can be bought out and loves this country, the same way as it takes tough rooted and grounded preachers to stand up and tell the truth, they hate me, for standing for President Trump and for standing against the POB and the compromised church where we have every evil speakable to come in, and we accepted it, because they fed us cake and ice-cream instead of meat, and love with no correction, tolerance and ran the Holy Spirit and anointing out, along with the presence of God, and started playing church, and entertaining the people working up something them selves instead of sending up praises to the Lord, which bring down his blessings and presence, he gave me Jer 5 to put up this morning on T. which goes along with part of this message, them not really repenting, How can we call our selves Christians and we will not do as the Lord says do, some deny the word and call them selves Christians, to deny the word is deny Jesus Christ for Jesus is the word, and he said if you deny me in front of men, I will deny you before my father, Mat 10:33, plus if you deny the word, you have no armor, no sword, and you do not even know how to pray right, so we have a deceived people claiming to be the church, that have worshipped false gods, and if we do not repent and turn to the real Lord Jesus Christ instead of this imposter they have made up who allows sin and evil, we will perish, time to Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, they hate a people who fightand stand for God and whats right, but it is time for some tough people who know how to fight and will not back down, and tell the truth no matter who comes against them, how can we sit back and call our selves Christians and just let this nation and church people go to hell because of the deception that is being preached today, tome to become what the word says we are and manifest into the sons of God. Be Blessed [ and I am not contradicting any of these post, just sharing a few things]

    • patricia Friedersdorf

      Why can’t believers find out what pastors are/were on the Pastor’s List Obama set up? Soros was surely behind it with money. There were 50 or so pastors who met to try to join against President Trump. What about them? So sad when congregation doesn’t understand. The pastors could not agree and dismantled but they are clearly off. Some have big congregations.

    • Teresa


    • Carolina

      I have heard it from a reliable source, that ex-VP Joe Biden was ??hand picked?? by the DNC along with all its affiliates. Because Joe Biden is who “they” decided on long ago, to be their Presidential candidate for 2020. No matter what Bernie Sanders tried or thought with all his adherents, Mr Sanders NEVER had a chance of being nominated. Nor did any of the rest of the Dems presidential candidates .
      This is in part why the intrinsic elder DC Democrat statesmen/stateswomen (also known as deep state pundits) will side with and support Mr Biden for President. And it has been their intention to ‘pull out the stops’, ‘all in for Biden’ in November, 2020, all along.
      Barak Obama waited patiently on showing support for ex-VP Biden, due to this reality. Biden himself was aware of this during his entire campaigning experience, that’s why he grinned a lot even when his crowds were tiny and Obama wasn’t around.
      That is also why Obama showed up as a Biden supporter NOW.

      This long range plan by the Washington Democrat elites, is also why as PR-Trump and his adroit team exposed the “Biden Ukrainian Burisma Holdings Limited, economic involvement”.
      That the Democrats, using Representative Adam Schiff, as prosecutor, judge and jury, to run the “go get em” gauntlet on Donald J Trump over a simplistic phone call, was utilized.
      These Democrat power brokers simply could not have their plans in using Joe Biden as their guy for the Presidency derailed.
      All of this is due to the global agenda that these Washington DC globalist people refuse to let go of, They DO NOT CARE about America “as is”, they want it fundamentally altered, so that they can achieve their global economic goal. Their goal, which has $money$ and power for them personally, written all over it!

      Any valid Christian understands this by now.
      Mario is correct in describing the others as “so-called” Christians.

      • Dan

        I really love the way you said that they don’t care about America. They only care about the power that will come for the DNC if Biden get in. There goes the USA down the tubes.

    • Lee

      Substitute for Biden: n peeLowSee, ShoeMer, Boxer, D Homer, Newsome, etc. VOTE THEM OUT.

  2. Laura Wemple

    I would like to ask the brethren to pray for a very large block of people who are locked in front of watching mainstream media. Staunch supporters of Donald Trump are being turned because of the lies coming out of the television set in front of them. I am speaking of our elderly and infirm. I am asking God for a miracle of truth to come to first comfort them from fear but also know & be assured that God has not changed.

  3. purepearl fromthesea

    They like those who do not have a mind of their own easier to control OR they kill him off and have their VP as president

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    • Marilyn

      WOW. I think you hit the nail on the head. Who do u see running for VP. I have my thoughts .. M.O. We can prob w/o a doubt see this happening .. ????

  4. lynn0722

    Preach it, Mario! I’ve asked myself this question over and over again for years now. I don’t know how they can call themselves Christians and be blind to what is happening and what God is saying in this critical time.

  5. Michael Okulski

    Of course you are correct about Biden. Your frustration on how Christians are acting are valid. On a side note…. Would you want someone talking to your bride-to-be in this manner? In addition, John divides the church into 3 separate groups including little children, fathers, and young men. To which group does this public media communicate with? Does who we are talking to not determine what we say or at least how we say it? I’m just sayin’ – Praise Yah!

    • Carolina

      Mr Okulski,
      It ‘appears’ that you’re misapprehending what is being said here by Mario Murillo.

      Jesus Christ HimSelf spoke about 10 virgins, 5 were wise and 5 were foolish.
      That parabolic example in (Matthew 25:1-13) is meant to explain to us that there are those who are “valid Christians ready for the marriage supper of The Lamb who will go in with Him at any given minute”…and there are the other 1/2, who are not prepared to enter into the Bridegroom chambers and who do not have the extra anointing ‘oil’ of Holy Spirit to keep their light adequately burning. These Jesus called ‘foolish’ virgins!
      At the end of that parable the foolish one’s cry out…” Master, Master open up for us!” Because the door had been SHUT after the wise virgins entered. Explaining to us that there is a limit on time, when getting in to be with HIM is no longer available.
      Then the Bridegroom replies to the foolish virgins,
      “I assure you, I don’t know you!”
      These are those Mario identified as so-called Christians. The world compromised kind.
      I say, if these unwise so-called Christians are not already within the Body Bride of Christ, then we who are… must have the courage to rebuke them soundly before it’s completely too late.

      • Patriot 4 Trump

        Well said Carolina!

      • megagenius

        I think you are alluding to the “Demas Group”. ” Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world” 2 Tim. 4:10 . Jesus also told us to remember Lot’s wife. She looked back toward Sodom because her heart was still in Sodom. Luke 17:32

    • Hafiz

      Biden will destroy America. Biden wants Muslim immigration and enemies immigrants. But Muslim countries does not give citizen to American people, so, why should America give citizen to Muslim people. From here we are looking at America, and we see that Biden will bring trouble for Americans. And we see that only trump can protect America.

  6. Robert Robinson

    If anyone can not see what president trump has done for Gods people her in the U.S. and Israel is just plain stupid. The removal of the the Johnson act and the relocation of the israel’s embassy is Something that hasn’t been done by any president in decades. Christians today don’t even know this nation was founded on the bible and by Christians!!

  7. Doug Spurling

    Thank you sir for speaking with bold, courageous, truth. This is needed to shake awake a lazy, sleeping church. With your permission, I’d like to add a link from your blog today to my blog; they confirm one another.

    Thanks again, stay the course. You’re in my prayers, brother.

    “Those who say, ‘me and God, have it all worked out’ and then, continue to sin, or stand on the side of those who do…are deceived. They are prideful, selfish, greedy declaring themselves above God; making their own rules. Just as lucifer declared he would raise his throne above the Almighty.
    The church is called the bride of Christ. Being a Christian is compared to being married to Christ. You cannot court sin and be married to God. That’s adultery. That’s sin. That’s grounds for the Groom to say…’Depart from Me, I never knew you.'”

    “Thank God, He placed in office a rough around the edges, tell it like it is, roll up your sleeves and get the job done business man, instead of some silver-tongued smooth-talking politician.”

    • Carolina

      Doug Spurling, I really liked your metaphoric comparison, within your latest article on your website.
      Comparing the COVID-19 protocols that Americans have been using to keep ourselves ‘clean’. As an example of how dangerous and dirty sin is, sin being like a virus!…that it’s far past time for people to understand it’s time to clean out the virus of sin. from our lives.
      Well thought out and expressed.

      • Doug Spurling

        Carolina, thank you. I appreciate you & your response and add an amen. It’s high time we wake out of sleep for the night is far spent, the day is at hand, let us cast off the works of darkness, the ugly coronavirus looking sin.

        God’s best to you now, and always.

  8. Doug Spurling

    Thank you sir for speaking with bold, courageous, truth. This is needed to shake awake a lazy, sleeping church.

    Of course no reasonable person thinks Joe is capable of the office; or anything for that matter. But, for the handlers, he’s perfect. Easily manipulated. The opposite of President Trump.

    We’ve posted complementing blogs and with your permission, I’d like to add a link from your blog today to mine.

    Stay the course. You’re in my prayers, brother.

    “Those who say, ‘me and God, have it all worked out’ and then, continue to sin, or stand on the side of those who do…are deceived. They are prideful, selfish, greedy declaring themselves above God; making their own rules. Just as lucifer declared he would raise his throne above the Almighty.

    Being a Christian is compared to being married to Christ. You cannot court sin and be married to God. That’s adultery. That’s sin. That’s grounds for the Groom to say…’Depart from Me, I never knew you.'”

    “Thank God, He placed in office a rough around the edges, tell it like it is, roll up your sleeves and get the job done business man, instead of some silver-tongued smooth-talking politician.”

    ~ Spurling Silver

  9. Shoshanna

    I have several neighbors who lived under Socialism/Marxism and this is how it worked in Poland. You have no guns so your at their mercy that’s the starting place. If you now own lets say a four bedroom house, the government will let you and your family have one bedroom. Then they will move strangers into your home. The kitchen, bathroom and living room areas are now common areas and you know longer control your property.
    Biden has promised to take our guns and put Obama on the Supreme Court that’s just the beginning, so here is the choice vote or end up in a Civil War.

  10. Annette Hughes

    Oh Mario thank you for this article. You are so right!!!
    And the entire Democrat party stands for hatred of the true God, abortion, and gay marriage.
    No true Christian could EVER embrace a platform like that.
    Yes in the modern day church it is all about love without judgement, love without repentance, love without obedience, love without spiritual growth.
    And in some churches the day of Pentecost is not only NOT celebrated it is NOT even mentioned.
    Hmmmm why? Cutting off reminders that as Christians our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit brings us into ALL TRUTH. Yep they don’t want the Holy Spirit stirring people awake. They want them kept asleep while they download into their brains their agenda.
    Having a form of Godliness but denying it’s power.

  11. Pastor Dean Pepin


  12. NewHeavenOnEarth

    “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” Proverbs 14:34
    pro-God; pro-freedom coming from unalienable rights from our Sovereign God, a republic under God, indivisible from God with liberty and justice for all; pro-righteousness, pro-life, pro-choosing Christ’s resurrection Life and Holy Spirit, pro-God’s Design for human beings, marriage, family, and our lives; all pro and no cons!

  13. Israel Leon



    – Because the majority of these Christians love their identity more than GOD and his laws –

    GOD bless and take care ….

  14. monica530


  15. kaywon1

    How about a sick sucker?

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  16. Pam Clark

    What I want to know, WHO IS BIDEN’S RUNNING MATE? They have to know that his dementia will get worse. So ever is his running mate will run the country

    • mariomurilloministries

      Bingo! Las Vegas bettors are saying Kamala Harris. YIKES!

  17. justdlv

    Mario, I believe what you are saying is true on every count. I believe this possibility a friend suggested makes all this even scarier: They believe there’s a chance that Biden will choose Michelle Obama to be his VP running mate. It appears odds of his lasting 4 yrs aren’t good. Plus, dare I say when someone is in the way of the left, it’s not uncommon for them to die mysteriously? If Michelle were VP, she could run w/B.O.’s agenda.

    Thank you for obediently and courageously speaking the truth. Keep it up and God Bless You!

    Donna Vick Colorado Springs, CO


    • megagenius

      Michelle with B. O.’s Agenda sounds pretty stinky to me. Every feeling revolts. God forbid.

  18. Nipper

    Justdlv, well it would be scary to have Michelle Obama in office. She is all Hollywood and hates America. She showed that while she was First Lady. Pos

  19. Ron Sellers

    God bless you Mario. You ministered to me when I attended Jesus 76 in Orlando and still minister to me today. It is so sad to see what is happening in this country and even in the church. Thank God for the remnant. There is a spirit of anti-christ that has been released in this country that can be clearly seen in the political leaders and the people that support them. The “spirit of anti-christ” is the only way I can understand the hate that is in their heart. Thank God for President Trump, the most un political man I’ve seen in Washington.

  20. Kathleen Anderson

    I voted for Trump the first time and I’m voting for Trump again. It’s the first time in my life I’ve been proud of a President. It is a terrifying thought of Biden elected God help us. People wise up God is showing us His mercy by having Trump in office.

  21. Robert Newhauser

    We’re ALL in one big drop of water, with the LORD! It doesn’t get better than that!




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