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The shutdown can easily turn into an easy way to weaken and even close down churches. It is hard to convince many Christians that they are rapidly losing their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  They either don’t believe it is happening, or they chalk it up to ‘fake news’ or ‘politics.’  But the erosion of liberty is not only real—it is the greatest threat American Christians have ever faced.

If I listed everything the church was allowed to say ten years ago that she can’t say today, you would be horrified.  Without a miracle, your children and grandchildren will have to survive in a world that will totally ban their faith—and what is even scarier: they will have to face it without you.

The doctrines of our faith that offend are: the Cross, the Blood of Jesus, the reality of Hell, sexual purity, and marriage.  Preachers who feel the heat from government censorship are already deleting these doctrines from their sermons.  They’ll tell you it’s to reach a bigger audience—but, trust me, it’s the heat.

What can we do to stop the church from being driven underground?   No one who is truly a man or woman of God can seriously entertain the idea that we should stop preaching these truths.  That is not even an option.  What then can we do to reverse this pernicious loss of liberty?

An even better question is: What does God do when a nation tries to silence His church?  The answer came to me suddenly.   Hear me out, it is not what you think.  It is way beyond petitions, or elections.  The revelation I am about to relate to you, struck me with paralyzing clarity. I am amazed I never saw it before.

However, nothing I am about to say will help you, not one point I am making will have its intended impact, unless you have a heart for it.  If you are still in denial about what is happening, I can’t help you—this message can’t help you.  If you think I am dispensing alarmist extremism, then you are just another part of the threat.

But, if you want to hear God’s heart on this crisis—if you hunger for more than half-answers, then you have come to the right place.  You can ask the Holy Spirit the most important question you could ever ask: “What do You do when a nation tries to silence Your church?”

Here it comes:

When the leaders of Jerusalem arrested Peter, they didn’t know what to charge him with or how to punish him.  They knew they had to silence the church.  There was no doubt about their intention.  They were prepared to do anything to stop the Gospel—so what was stopping them?  Answer that, and you will know what the exact marching orders are, that the church needs today.

What was hindering the council members was the glaring presence of the man who came with Peter and John.  This was the crippled beggar who used to sit at the Gate Beautiful.  A spectacular miracle had occurred!  He had occupied the most visible and lucrative begging station in Jerusalem.  Everyone knew him.  Word of his miraculous healing filled Jerusalem, and a mad chorus of praise was rising over the Eternal City.

Their deep consternation is vividly described in these verses: Acts 4:14 “And seeing the man who had been healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it. 15 But when they had commanded (Peter and John) to go aside out of the council, they conferred among themselves, 16 saying, “What shall we do to these men? For, indeed, that a notable miracle has been done through them is evident to all who dwell in Jerusalem, and we cannot deny it.””

Their profound dilemma was not lost on Peter.  The Holy Spirit had revealed to him the divine solution to government censorship.  Peter had clearly settled on a course of action—the very action we need to take today. It is the action we take in our tent. He left with a battle plan. He was armed with critical information.

He gathered the people of God, and ordered them to pray.  He was about to pray a prayer that is the precise model for our crisis. He faced the same threat we face.  Remember that word: “threat.”

You will recall I told you that nothing good can come to you from my message, unless you see how urgent the hour has become?  Peter began his prayer by calling the situation ‘a threat.’  We must do this, also.

In Acts chapter 4, Peter prayed: 29 “Now, Lord, look upon their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, 30 by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your Holy Servant Jesus.”

Peter is showing us that boldness is essential.  Only boldness will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Not only this, he is forever settling the question of preaching.  Preaching must not leave anything out.  It is by sharing the whole counsel of God, that the church is protected, and able to continue her work.

Next, Peter is admitting that the vehicle for that boldness is signs and wonders.  God must stretch His hand over an angry culture, perform supernatural healings, and overrule the agenda of man.  Such is the case today.  Look at how God answered:

Acts 4:31 “And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness.”

Not only were they filled with the Holy Spirit and boldness, but God answered their prayer for miracles.  In the next chapter, the very shadow of Peter was healing the masses. (Acts 5:15-16)


Ignore those who aren’t willing.  Set the time and place to go to homes, houses of worship, schools, offices—anywhere where true prayer can be raised up to God.  Prove this promise and see: the Spirit will fall; you will receive a tongue of fire, and miracles will come.  I am not talking about self-absorbed emotional light touches.  I am talking about undeniable, medically verified, city-shaking divine healings.

And you will see that now, as in that day, no law, no argument, and no politician will be able to silence the church!




  1. Geoff Gonifas

    We have continued to function as before. We’re a small group and some might say “,it’s easy for us to get away with it”, but it’s in my heart to obey the Word of God. The church is built on four pillars and fellowship is one that satan has always tried to destroy. Divide and conquer! The remnant, the new Gideon’s army, will comprise of those who have not bowed the knee to the worlds dictations.

  2. megagenius

    Geoff, I strongly agree with your comment that satan always wants to destroy fellowship. It is in fellowship that things are born of the Spirit that overcome the world. God’s hidden wisdom and mysteries are revealed. This will enable us not to fight as one who beats the air, nor run uncertainly

    • Geoff Gonifas


  3. Michael Okulski

    About a year ago God told me it was time for me to get into the fight. I started this journey thinking I’d better learn who the enemy was so I would know who I’m fighting. But I quickly found that the enemy kept growing and changing faster than I could keep up and that my approach kept my focus on the enemy and not on God. I was focused on the problem, not the solution. The church needs to learn that no matter what the problem is, the solution is the same. Jesus, The Cross, The Resurrection, and a church (remnant) sanctified by The Truth. Our fight is for The Kingdom, for The Truth, and for those who are deceived. The remnant will never be unified by fighting a common enemy. They will only be unified when they are “one” with Jesus, our Truth, who is one with God (J 17j. Jesus is not coming back to take sides. He is coming back to take over. Praise Yah!

  4. Carolina

    I just watched Mario and Robby Dawkins on Youtube April 10 broadcast and they were ON FIRE for The Truth of Christ Jesus and The Holy Spirit!
    Christians ‘Do not miss’ this duet interview…neither miss, the Youtube duet with Mario and Lance Wallnau from their interview from April 6.
    THESE men are anointed with the oil of gladness for such a time as this.

    A word from me,
    Christian!…Do not be shaken by false evidence appearing real, F.E.A.R. that’s the wrong kind of fear. NO, instead remember, “the joy of The Lord is our strength”, “stand strong in The Lord and the power of HIS might”. And the righteous shall do great exploits.

  5. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Amen the truth.

  6. Darwin G. Brown

    Not sure….but that would be the logical thing to do when you are laying off your workforce. My guess is they probably did!

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  7. Sensible boomer

    Rebellion is not doing what God told you to do.

    “As much as possible with you live at peace with all men”. Romans 12:18

    I try and abide by this scripture, but lol. It probably covers right or wrong short term bans on gatherings including church services.

    It is time to give these young people back their lives, their incomes, their church services, and their futures. I am stable with my social security and retirement and can take extra precautions like staying at home, but I look forward to getting back to church soon.

  8. vince ballotta

    Thanks for the Godly exhortation. It is written.Vince

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  9. NewHeavenOnEarth

    All I can say is there is one pillar of The Church: the Lord Jesus Christ; one foundation: the finished work of the Cross, The Rock foundation that cannot be moved; one Blood, Water and Spirit, the three witnesses within; one God and Father above all, and through all (in Christ) and in all (in Christ in you, the hope of glory!).
    Now is the time for the light of the knowledge of the glory of Christ to cover the earth like water covers the seas; the latter glory that is far greater than the former!
    I agree with you Mario; miracles and signs and wonders! “The signs of a true apostle performed with signs and wonders and mighty working of miracles” (2 Cor 12:12) with “boldness with such confidence” 2 Cor 10:2-8 “using our spiritual weapons with divine power to destroy strongholds”
    “Now is the time; now is the day…by Purity…by the Holy Spirit, genuine Love, truthful speech, and the Power of God; with the weapons of righteousness for the right hand and the left” 2 Cor 6:2-7
    God bless you for this blog! I am so glad I found it!

    • megagenius

      “He who overcomes, I will make him a Pillar in the temple of my God”. Revelation 3:12

      • NewHeavenOnEarth

        in Christ and Christ in you! (John 15:4)
        “There is one body and one Spirit” Ephesians 4:4


    Thank you for writing this book my wife and I have been searching and praying for a spark to ignite something within us because of our home church and the leadership are stifling the power of God. Many in our church are very frustrated and are wanting more every time I think the Holy Spirit is about to do something and we could build on it the next week nothing it is like it never happened and we have moved on. It is hard to believe that the Holy Spirit has any freedom in church anywhere in town that we have visited we have turned to our own personal prayer time and the internet get feed.

    We bought three of your latest books and shared two of them and after they read them and they bought extra copies and are sharing them I have been sharing your teachings on youtube also wanting to spread the word hoping to ignite a movement like the Jesus movement back in my day also.

    Thank you once again for your obedience God bless you and your Family


    • mariomurilloministries

      Wow Jim, this truly blesses me to hear this. God bless you, your family and those you minister to! -Mario

  11. Stephanie

    Thank you for writing, Mario, I’ve felt what you said here for awhile, that our children will have to live in a world that bans their faith, barring some kind of miracle. It’s why I’ve been writing books (not published, but just for our own family), I know your books are probably great for that as well. So thank you.

  12. emmasdreams

    Mario, Holy Spirit gave me a warning on January 28, 2020. He did not say what it was concerning. He simply said, “Hold on to what you believe.” After He said that a strong feeling of horror washed over me, but it was not my horror. It was like an exclamation point to what He had said. It was not until we were into this time that I understood His warning to be now, and what is coming. During this time I have felt no fear at all. But any time I said anything about this not being what it seems, or persecution, I was not just laughed at but ridiculed mercilessly. You can imagine who it came from–people are in the church, but asleep. I am very very thankful for you and your continuing to tell the truth and encourage. I look forward to your daily emails and especially your videos with Robby. I call you The Dynamic Duo. Thank you again.

    Laurie Goodson

    On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 3:11 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The shutdown can easily turn into an easy > way to weaken and even close down churches. It is hard to convince many > Christians that they are rapidly losing their First Amendment rights of > freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They either don’t believe” >

    • mariomurilloministries

      Thank you Emma! Robbie and I will be on again this Sunday April 19th at 5 PM Central time. God bless, Mario

  13. Mark Stripling

    My contract work in the oil patch that God blessed us with to fund our ministry in prisons is considered essential, so I travel over a wide area. We are NOT quarantined! people are still in Wal-mart. grocery stores. and Home Depot. And folks are milling around in large crowds. Much of the “shut down” makes little sense at this point. In many states, churches are the ones they want to make an example of concerning the exercise of government power. Lately, much of what I try to post here in response to these writings never makes it past whoever the “moderator” is.

  14. kingskid48

    I completely agree. Know what we believe, be ready to give a knowledgeable response to doubters and questioners, stand strong, pray for God to reveal Himself through signs, wonders, and miracles.

  15. Jerry E.

    Very nice Mario,

    Did you write that article yourself? You do an incredible amount of writing if all these articles are yours. That is what I call being filled with the Holy Spirit., Are you still having the tent meetings or is that on hold right now? I would love to come.

    Blessings, Jerry

    On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 2:09 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The shutdown can easily turn into an easy > way to weaken and even close down churches. It is hard to convince many > Christians that they are rapidly losing their First Amendment rights of > freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They either don’t believe” >

    • mariomurilloministries

      Doing all the writing myself. Tent meetings on hold but we are ready to come out of the ban and go full blast.

  16. Dwayne Desmarais

    I had declared this in an earlier post…God is separating the wheat from the chaff, the vile from the precious, the righteous from the pretender…it will become increasingly evident, as the darkness ensues, that there will be many who will fall away. (Mt. 24:12) not some…not half…most! When this”lock down” of the Church began (ironically not the abortion mills nor the liquor stores) there were many within our church who joined us online for prayer during the week.

    A few weeks have passed, and as five of us were in the church building for prayer, no one joined us online! How easily the fire can be extinguished when there is no accountability in person! The need for horizontal ministry rather than vertical ministry is apparent, as many look for the “ministry” to sustain them rather than intimacy with the Father. In (Acts 5:28-29) Peter and the apostles were ordered to not preach in Jesus name, but with BOLDNESS they proclaimed “we must obey God rather than man”

    I have been saying for a few weeks that what is transpiring is the Church “hunkering down” until this blows over, and man will end up getting the glory for defeating this silent foe, and God will not get the repentance He requires to pour out His glory . Yesterday it began….. Gov. Cuomo of NY claimed that God did not bring down the number of cases of Covid – 19, “we flattened the curve. Not prayer, not faith, we did it! That’s just the facts” …..

    As Mario says, where is the Church in all this? What will it take for the Church to realize that ***whoever believes in me (Jesus) will do the works I have been doing, AND THEY WILL DO GREATER THINGS THAN THESE, because I am going to the Father*** (Jn. 14:12-14) emphasis mine… Funny how they have no vaccine for this virus, apparently they do not have one for the yearly influenza that takes many more lives, yet we do not have restrictions in place to combat that threat! We need to be about our Father’s business…fear has gripped the Church and the enemy is advancing unabated. It is time to draw a line of demarcation and start acting like warriors! Our very existence as the family of God depends on it!!! Be blessed…><(("<

  17. Iverna


  18. Cindy Williams

    Amen! And I say also, that thou are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it! Matthew 16:17-19. May God’s people humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and may He heal our land. God Bless America Again!

  19. Martina BOWERSOX

    Again Mario,
    Your a True voice in the wilderness. I agree & am standing ( Ephesians 6:10)
    I have been standing for a long time.
    Please, please, please HELP me by tossing other believers my way here in Oc, Ca. I welcome them & am ready to help organize a much needed movement to Secure our Freedom & religious liberties. I need other believers that are here in OC. Let’s begin. Otherwise Ca. Will be Venezuela in a matter of Months. We have to band together & show off what Resurrection life of Jesus that’s in us looks & sounds like. We can no longer wait for our Local community church’s. They need leadership & Some bold lion of Judah believers to model & bring to their remembrance Their First love. It’s time to take back the state of Ca. We believers & disciples of The Lord Jesus have been given ALREADY the authority to trample on scorpions etc. call me if interested in “ Battle cry for our children”.. Let’s take back the spheres of Education- Business- Media – politics in our great state. CA. Is Gods country.
    Maybe we should give Pastors a copy of the mandatory reading book “ Art of war” from Westpoint since they don’t seem to comprehend “ The Bible” which is where Sunzi got his battle plans… with love & compassion for The body of Christ. Martina Bowersox- Kidslife foundation &




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