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We cannot deny our lives have been disrupted to an extreme that Americans have not experienced since the Second World War.

Suddenly, we have been plunged into a world that we had previously only seen in disaster movies. All the professional sports that most Americans worship are gone. California’s children will stay home probably until the fall. Las Vegas has been shut down.  Sin City’s credo was, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” but now it’s, “Nothing is happening here.”

We have no idea what will ultimately happen to our economy. We are huddled in our homes trying to figure out the best way to ride this out—hoping the doomsday voices are wrong.

What bothers me the most is the behavior of so-called Christians on social media. I have never seen so much self-promotion. Videos infest the internet with “words from God.” Some say this will turn out to be nothing. Others tell us it is the end. They gargle with gunpowder and then shoot their mouths off. They dispense silliness in the name of God. All they really crave is attention. You should document their predictions and hold them accountable for false prophecy when this is all over.

There is only one reason I am writing this and there is only one group I am writing it to. I am writing this to you because God has done an epic miracle in my soul, and this is a message for the remnant of God who have been hidden until this very moment. They are in this crisis by design. They are in for an amazing surprise.

This is not for the carnal Christian. If that’s you, you still need one more lap around reality before you will have a heart for the Glory that God will reveal in His core believers. So here goes…a message to God’s hidden people who are groping for answers for what to do during this quarantine and pandemic.

Like you, I had to deal with the sudden and shocking change brought about by the coronavirus quarantine. There are many who are going through things far worse than I am. But what I went through was still pretty bad.

A week ago, I felt as if I had lost everything. The coronavirus scare closed down our tent crusades. For me and for our team it is a devastating loss. I am not exaggerating: I truly collapsed before God from sheer sorrow.

Out of it, God led me to nine words that David spoke. He said nine words that tell the prophetic core exactly what to do in this crisis. I present to you what every pastor, leader, business person, parent, and young person who is under a heavy call of God needs to do right now.

You will find the answer in the 30th chapter of 1 Samuel. When David lost everything and his men were ready to stone him, he did something remarkable. The Bible says, “He encouraged himself in the Lord.” That is amazing enough, but it’s what he did next that’s even more amazing.

To get anything out of these words, you must first grasp the utter despair that David felt before he spoke them. Remember, David was a man who had been anointed and over whom prophecy had been spoken that he would be King, but in an instant, he became as poor as a slave.

Here’s the picture: 1 Samuel 30:3 “So David and his men came to the city, and there it was, burned with fire; and their wives, their sons, and their daughters had been taken captive. Then David and the people who were with him lifted up their voices and wept, until they had no more power to weep.” Filled with despair, David’s own men were about to kill him.

The nine words I am going to show you were the greatest psalm David ever spoke. In this ‘accidental psalm,’ David glorified God like he had never glorified God before.

Here are the nine words: “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?”

Don’t let their simplicity fool you! David glorified God in what he did not say, as much as in what he did say. Even though he felt rage and grief he did not insult God’s character. He did not rail against his circumstances. David did not sin with his mouth. There was no, “Why did you let this happen to me?” Or, “How can I trust you when you can’t even protect my family?”

David was practicing what he preached in Psalm 19:9, “The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”

From David’s example, I knew better than to waste valuable time rehearsing the disastrous effects of the coronavirus on our ministry. I needed something else. And so do you.

David did not torture himself by dwelling on why it had gotten so bad. He knew the goodness, mercy and wisdom of God. He didn’t even ask for comfort. Think of that!

No, he knew he needed to ask for something else.  Can you guess what that is? He needed direction. DIRECTION! And that, my friend, is what you need most.

Take Mario Murillo Ministries for an example. We are in deep prayer about what to do next. My concern is not the tent crusades. When the lock down is lifted we will be ready. We will move with all the force of the pent up zeal and fire in our bones!

No, my real concern is what God would have us do in the meantime. Somehow, I believe God is about to reveal to us an amazing method and an idea that will launch us to harvest souls in a way we never imagined.

Yes, in the natural, this is a terrifying situation. Cities have shut down. Businesses are being destroyed, and people are dying.  Still, nothing could be worse than wringing our hands and wallowing in vain imaginations about why this happened, and what may happen next.

The Holy Spirit is waiting to give us marching orders. He wants to give us the wisdom necessary to not only stay safe, but to exploit this crisis for the Glory of God.

God answered David and gave him a promise: “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all” (1 Samuel 30:8).

That was all David needed to launch out and go attack the enemy. He didn’t know how it would happen but he did not let his men slow him down. He ordered them to mount up and ride! When his men saw David on his horse, it reminded them of all the past victories that came from following David into battle.

David sat high and looked at them with a look that spoke volumes, it said, in essence, “Do you want to kill me or do you want to get your wives and kids back?” They followed David, rode after the enemy, miraculously found them, and got back everything and more besides.

You need to talk to your soul and ask yourself, “Do you want to sit here paralyzed by fear or do you want to get up and follow God into total restoration of everything the devil has stolen?”

As far as Mario Murillo Ministries is concerned we will win souls! No matter what. I solemnly promise you that the enemy will pay. This crisis will not lessen our soul winning—in the end it will increase it!

This is what Paul said in Philippians 1:12-14, “I want to report to you, friends, that my imprisonment here has had the opposite of its intended effect. Instead of being squelched, the Message has actually prospered.”

We all need to follow David’s example to get two things: direction and a promise. You will learn how to suppress fear and confusion. You will have no doubt that God is with you and your loved ones, to protect and provide.

You will realize that you have been secretly undergoing preparation for this very moment. Expect to hear from Jesus! Expect to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

This virus is going to pass. But the damage we will live with if we give in to fear and hesitation will not go away. You will look back on this for the rest of your life and thank God you did not give in to fear or disobey the deep work of the Holy Spirit

All it took in David’s case was nine simple words, and an impossible situation was turned into an epic victory: and the body of Christ in America is also going to experience another epic victory! Hallelujah!




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  1. Cynthia Miller

    Mario: Again, thank you for these words. I am in total agreement with you.  A couple days ago I started asking God what I am to do as I listen to His leading. It has taken several days for me to shake the anger I have against this situation.  Then I realized that God is getting ready to move the ‘generals’ of His army. I am 67 yrs old, a ministers daughter, & have waited years for this moment of readiness. Let’s do it just as David did. Cynthia

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  2. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Amen we need to seek his face and see what he wants us to do, HAND E TOLD ME TO TELL THE CHURCH TO SEEK HIM AND ASK FOR A FRESH INFILLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT UNTIL PENTECOST. So that tells me he is trying to get his church back in its rightful place, full of the Holy Spirit and Fire, so it will be ready when this is over, for the harvest that will come, the Lord is purging his church, making them ready, and its so sad to see the ones who do not want to change, my heart grieves s for them badly, for we must be ready, and the flesh needs to die, this is the time to put the power and presence of God back in the Church by asking for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit and surrendering to him, for the work of the Gospel is a supernatural work, by his precious Holy Spirit, not a natural work by man, look around this is mans work at its best it destroy everything, because satan is in control of the natural, WE MUST HAVE THE SUPERNATURAL HAND OF GOD AT WORK AGAIN IN THIS NATION AND THE CHURCH. BE BLESSED

  3. Doug Spurling

    Lord, thank You for Your Word, forever settled, that You watch over to perform. Help us see You clearly and follow; hear and obey. The question David asked, shall I pursue, shall I overtake, was after he and his team had wept until they could weep no more. He didn’t move until You replied. Likewise, Lord, we ask for wisdom, to know what to do in the waiting and patience not to move until we hear from You. Most of all, thank You for this Good Word that we will pursue and overtake and recover all and more, to Your glory forever.

  4. Bret Trasamar

    Thank you for this word. So practical and yet revelatory. There is no good or profitable use in asking “Why?,” or rehearsing what happened, if we do not ask the next question, “What is Your plan God? How can I play a part in Your plan?”
    Blessings to you and yours.

  5. Geoff Gonifas

    Excellent word. In WWC (Wheatland Worship Center) we have continued to function ‘as usual’ and we are ready for the next phase of God’s plan.

  6. Chris Wright

    Brother you used to come to C F N I, in Dallas when I was a student there.You are a tremendous inspiration, I sincerely.appreciate reading your blogs. After literally years and years of disobeying and disregarding my calling and wandering in circles, GOD has got me moving forward .We have a 3 night meeting scheduled in May in Dallas. I would deeply sincerely appreciate your prayers. I am listed on facebook as christopherray wright if anyone in D.F.W is interested in connecting.

  7. Korrine Olson

    There is ONE God. And the same God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob has spoken the same message to me, Mario.
    I attempted 2 weeks ago to write my testimony but the message was deleted in front of my eyes before I could stop it.
    Now that I’ve read this message about the 9 words, I’m compelled to at least say, “Yes. I agree. My Father first corrected me regarding a divided heart, one that questions His covenant by way of worries and doubt. Once corrected and convicted, a direction came for what was directly in front of me. I know I heard Him because His conviction and direction changed the fabric of the faith of my heart. His Word became substance and CHANGED the direction I was going in. ” The details of my testimony were erased, but this sister in Christ says yes and amen to the word God gave you. He is pleased with those who TRUST Him, above all else. We can not be disappointed or ashamed by relying on the One Who knows how to care for what and who belongs to Him. But He is not happy with those who confess Him with one side of their mouth while doubt and deny Him with the other. And there are “Christians” who tell one another, “be at peace while you walk after the stubbornness of your own heart” while God says , “in returning to Me and resting in Me you shall be saved; in quietness and in trusting confidence shall be your strength. But you would not.”
    Jeremiah 23 and Isaiah 30
    Let us not doubt that He’s speaking His direction to us.
    The Holy Spirits words to me when I asked for direction, in summary, is what David DID after he asked the 9 words.
    He went after what tried to harm him and he killed it. And he came back with more than he had before.
    God gave two words to me. “You will not lose a thing, ” and “the cross of Jesus Christ was aggressive in its pursuit of you and in its power to save you. It is an affront to the blood of His covenant to ask what to do when satan comes after you to harm you.” You kill it.
    Those words were personal to me until I reread that David was aggressive in his action toward the enemy. He went after that which tried to harm him and he killed it. And he did not lose a thing!

  8. Michael Okulski

    Praise God, wait on God for your assignment, go with God and carry it out, praise God for His victory, do it again with God. What do circumstances have to do with anything? Thanks from Yuma Arizona. Praise Yah!

  9. Annette

    “Do you want to sit here paralyzed by fear or do you want to get up and follow God into total restoration of everything the devil has stolen?”

    And our answer is YES LORD YES!!!!!

    We are not fearful, we are STRONG IN THE LORD AND IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT! (Eph 6:10).

    Praise and thank you Lord!

  10. Louise Hogan

    A timely word. Thank you! and I agree, not that what I think matters, but I am going to say what I think. I believe that God is going after more than lighting a fire under believers, He is looking to make new wine. Unfortunately, as things are/were there are no new wine skins to hold the new wine. Jesus commanded us to make disciples not converts. They way we do “church” now– sitting in rows, staring at the back of someone’s head, 90% passive– this does not make disciples. We met with some of our neighbors for church in the street. We kept our distance and sang some songs, had a short message, shared a bit and prayed. It was simple but Jesus was there. If we are to see a great outpouring we have to be willing to let go of church-as-we-know-it and follow the Holy Spirit into Church as He wants.

    • Korrine Olson

      Nicely said and thank you for your important thinking.

  11. NewHeavenOnEarth

    I ordered your book yesterday Mario; unfortunately they said it would not be delivered until May 14.
    thank you for this message!
    God bless you, your family and your ministry!

  12. Beverly

    Thank you for your posrs. I have followed you ministry since it began and have great respect for God’s work in you.

    I have had prophecies over the years beginning at Melodyland Christian Center in the 70’s. At first I thought them mistaken but as the years have rolled by that prophecy has been confirmed many times by people who have great respect in the Evangelical world. Once, at Cottonwood Christian Center, I felt you were pointing at me wanting to tell me something. It was as you were leaving the stage to catch a plane and three times my attention was brought to you who was crouching at the edge of the stage pointing, what appeared to be, at me. I was standing in the aisle as we sang. You said something to Ray, the associate pastor, and pointed again then left. After I asked Ray what it was about and his wife started screaming at me saying it was nothing and basically ran me off. Ray apologized for the incident the following Sunday, which left me so shaken I had left my Bible on the chair and he was returning it but through the years I have always wondered about that night and today, whether you were trying to tell me something or not, I still await the completion of those prophecies and believe what you speak of has to do with them. Thank you for your ministry.

  13. kingskid48

    I say we, “overtake the troops”. All of them. At the direction of the Holy Spirit, of course. I have looked for these days to come for many years. I admit, I would have liked for them to come when I was a bit younger, but here I am, and God must have left me here for a reason. Things are worse than I ever believed we would see them to be before going Home, but for those who are on fire for God, it just makes us that more steadfast. I think we are getting a sense of what Lot and Noah must have felt, at viewing the debauchery of their day. Forward we go, following the Captain of the Host.

  14. annchoiwan

    Love how he inquires of the Lord when all seems gone

  15. Mike DeWitt

    And Jesus stood on the water amidst the Storm and said Focus on me, Not the Storm.. Amen Mario!!

  16. Rockymtlass

    Mario, Amen and Amen…you preached it LONG ago at Resurrection City when I was a teen….then later you came into my life at an Aglow meeting in Denver years later…then again when life brought me through some troubled times you penned some mighty words that gave me needed balance. Brother, I didn’t even know what you were up to, but through a comment on YT on a channel I rarely go to. Someone gave this link. BAM, another God planned moment to give me some perspective and confirmation.
    Thank you Mario, for always crossing my path in divine appointments, with words of Wisdom from our Heavenly Father. Our GOD is able!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mariomurilloministries

      Wow! Wonderful testimony. Glad we’re reconnected. Mario

  17. Susan Miller

    Yep and Amen to that.




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