You must reject both false fear and false comfort.

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Christianity Today | 31 comments

Abraham Lincoln said, “If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.”  What should we do during this virus outbreak, and how do we do it?

Lincoln hit the mark when he said, “If we could first know…” The agony of our present crisis is that there is so much we still do not know. Because of that, we still do not know what to do. We have never faced anything like this before. Our leaders lack key information about this microscopic enemy, and tell us the pandemic will probably have peaked and declined before a vaccine is available.

The plan is to defeat this bug and restore a normal life to Americans. But because our leaders still do not know what to do about the coronavirus, neither can they know how to do it.

The draconian measures they are taking to contain the virus, makes it seem like they are just guessing. That’s because they are just guessing.  And they also have no real idea how destructive their guidelines are to our daily life. It is no exaggeration to say that the costs could end up in the trillions, not billions.

And the fake news media will pay a huge price. No one believes them anymore, and they have no one to blame for this but themselves. With very few exceptions, the media has sold its soul to leftist radicalism. They have lied to get their agenda into power. They have lost all credibility. No one takes CNN seriously except for those who hate Trump and hate America.

They seem to be rooting for the virus. They seem to have a vested interest in dragging out the crisis. They have weaponized it against Trump, some news-outlets are actually calling it the “TrumpVirus.” Instead of facing their lies and trying win back the trust of Americans, they intensify their lies and fear-mongering.

Here is a clear example: Andrew Slavitt, Barack Obama’s former acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), claims he is “just reporting what the experts are saying.” Slavitt, however, is very selective, and only reports the words of experts who support his attempt to make Trump look bad:

“Currently experts expect over 1 million deaths in the U.S. since the virus was not contained and we cannot even test for it,” Slavitt tweeted Thursday. “The original sin is Trump’s months-long denial and his dismantling of public health and response infrastructure.”

 Yet, China has a population of around a billion and a half people, and they haven’t had a million deaths, so WHY would the United States? China has 4.6 times as many people as we do. In the interview, Slavitt says the outbreak can’t be contained, then he says Trump could have contained it! In other words, he contradicts himself in less than 3 sentences. Shame on all these leftists for promoting the lie that a million Americans are going to die!

We are being bombarded with misinformation. One side predicts a very bad outcome, while the other side calls this a ‘glorified cold’ that will pass by April. You must not believe either of them. For your own sake and for those you love, you must have a revelation from God that is anchored on the Rock, Christ Jesus. You must reject both false fear, and false comfort.

The truth, as in most things, is to be found somewhere in the middle. Once again, we are being betrayed by voices in the church who are peddling false comfort. They would have us do nothing but rest in our privilege and status as “King’s Kids”. They are wrong! This is a time for deep soul searching and surrender to the Holy Spirit.

This is not a time where all we have to do is wave the anointing like a magic wand, and everything will instantly return to the way it used to be. The way it used to be was wrong. The way it used to be helped bring us to this place of weakness, confusion and fear. The way it used to be is why preachers were utterly unprepared for their churches to be shut down.

Jeremiah the prophet faced these same ‘glad rag prophets.’ He had to tell Israel the truth about what the Jews were going to face in Babylon, and how long they were going to face it. He warned them that the false comfort promised by the false prophets would only make their pain worse because it delayed the necessary resolve for facing the challenge.

Jeremiah 29:8-9, “For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Do not let your prophets and your diviners who are in your midst deceive you, nor listen to your dreams which you cause to be dreamed. For they prophesy falsely to you in My name; I have not sent them, says the Lord.”

The false fear that I want you to reject is the idea that we are in for a disaster. We are not! We are in for a strenuous season that will probably be much shorter than the fear mongers say, but longer than the false prophets have promised. However, there is glorious news in all of this.

There is a growing core of believers who have been in preparation for this prophetic moment. You know who you are, because you do not feel fear. In fact, you sense a deep inner peace that this is about to turn into the greatest opportunity for the Gospel in our lifetime.

Year after year, I have warned the church that this was coming. I told them that the eagles would soon be leaving the turkey-yard. I told them that their dissatisfaction with the showy carnal church was because God was taking them aside, and that He would forge faith in them for a special moment of harvest and miracles!

I wrote the book Vessels of Fire and Glory to describe and instruct those who have their eyes wide open. I wrote it to ignite faith and authority that isn’t shallow or fake. When America comes out of this, there will be a vast and voracious appetite for the things of God.

The Holy Spirit is saying hold on—fear not—you are on the verge of a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The devil will not have his way. You may experience challenges with food lines and people getting sick, but it will not come near you. Don’t cheapen your training by begging for an early release from testing! 

Men and women of God: the Lord will help you deal with these new rules that threaten your church. It is only for a season. Your money will be restored. Adapt to the inconveniences—it is only temporary. Don’t beg for some kind of cheap deliverance. Don’t look for exemption from the furnace of God. For, if you will but wait, you will come forth as gold! Rather, dig deeper into God.

Jesus commanded us: “Do not let your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.”          (John 14:1)

Prayer must become a way of life now. Purity of heart is your protection. Do not accept the counterfeit carnal Christianity all around you. They will flame out in the time of testing. But you will gain that unshakable faith and peace that says, “No matter what happens, I will be victorious!”


  1. Sandra Douglas

    Yes …..indeed we must “dig deeper in to God”‼️

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    • Carolina

      AMEN Mario and Sandra Douglas!‼️

      Where “deep calls to deep”, like the steady roaring of a great waterfall, as the Morning Star rises in our hearts, that is when King Yeshua, shows up and shows off for the Remnant CORE who cry out to Him day & night in sincerity.

      Jesus spoke, to those who wanted to shut Him down and shut up the mouths of those praising Him,
      “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” (Luke 19:20)

      HE alone is worthy.

  2. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Amen they predict and go by other countries, but the thing is we are a nation where God is supposed to be in control of, and some told him to get out of America, but God holds on to what was dedicated to him, when he still has a people who worship him, and as his word says, as you sow so shall you reap, and we have reaped much corruption, and we are getting the fruit there of. We have a people today who don’t believe in correction, they say God is only love, he will allow anything, which is DEAD WRONG, and others who analyze, psychoanalyze, the word of God down to where it doesn’t mean what it really says, they take 10 minutes to tell you of all there degrees, and cut down half of what you say, saying your not hearing from the Lord, and you trying to get people to stand and fight and realize they have authority over the enemy makes you like a dictator, when you are just trying wake the church up, and do as the Lord says, I didn’t go to prophet school, so I could learn to water down what God sys or lie about it, I put up what I hear him say put up, which they say I am not hearing from the Lord, and accused me of false teaching, and demonizing people, and cut down for saying a part thats trying to destroy this nation needs to be destroyed, if they don’t change, why would we allow an enemy that we know is a enemy to this nation, and the church destroy us and do nothing about it, but I am arrogant, and prideful, and what every they can think of, because I stand up andd speak out for the church and this nation while they say nothing, by the way I never said I was a prophet, The POB were actually the first ones to call me that, they invite you in to there meeting, to use there head knowledge against you, when the whole problem is we run the church off of had knowledge, what man knows, instead of leting the Holy Spirit have control, because they went to school for year’s, and learned how to program the Holy Spirit out, and tyhis whole mess I believe is because man has programed the Holy Spirit out of the church, [ I heard from the Lord, a day or two ago, tell the church to pray for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit during pentecost.] some times you just feel so a lone trying to do what the Lord says with so much of the church coming against you, people you once listened to and respected greatly attacks, and all you are doing is trying do as the Lord directs, because this is not about me or what I cn gain, or build for my self, but its about a God in heaven who sent his precious son, to die for us, so we could be saved, and the church has drifted so far from God it’s plum crazy accepting evil and sin, but yet God never has, and if some one doesn’t wake the people up they will perish, for heaven will not be filled with sin, but yet I am the false one to most of the church, its just crazy, we had rather listen to man who today is leading people to hell, from the pulpit, and they want the ones destroyed who preach the truth, most of the word I put up is from Jeremiah, its word and if we can’t see where it applys to us we are blind, God has had the answer and the cure for this virus all along its just up to us, on whether we repent and turn back to him, its not God who is holding back, its us not repenting and turning, we may say it with our lips, but does our heart really mean it, God Knows, and if we do not repent really we can expect things to get a lot worse people want to hollar why is god doing this, he didn’t we are by our sins and disobedience to his word, it just caught up with us, we are reaping what we sowed, and its high time we called out a few demons, the main problem is we pet them, and give them control, and you show who you stand for by defending them, that Dem party is the most demonic party I have ever seen, and I will say it, if it rubs your fir the wrong way, turn the cat around, I just tell the truth because I love the church, its the others who will not tell the people the truth who do not love you, the Lord is trying to call us back to him, he is coming back for a pure bride according to his word not some ones philosophy. Thanks for your word I needed it, being hit hard lately, you get to feeling your not doing much good so thanks. Be Blessed sir.

    • Russ

      We all need a divine rod, a compass with true direction. I believe Mario stands as one with that rod and the Son shines on that rod at a particular hour which casts a distinct shadow with direction that tells the time we are in. Much as a sun dial tells us the times, a compass tells us the direction to go. It is important to see the shadow move across the earth to know the times, but one should understand that the sun stands still. The earth and its times are changing but they repeat these cycles day after day, year after year. Solomon wrote ; what has been done will be done again, there is nothing new under the sun, and this is true, but what have we learned from it? I like the picture of the rear view mirror, it speaks of hindsight. Hindsight should be 2020 right? But you have to look, to see. In our busy lives working and living we often don’t stop to look, much less see. Sometimes God has to stop the world to give it a timeframe to look into and ask, what is this? What time is it and which direction should we go. So if you swing left you will deduct only doom, the end of days, hoard toilet paper and vaccinate. If you swing far right, you will presume God is bringing an awakening and coming to the rescue and soon this will all be behind us. This is why we need divine rods like Mario to clearly show the time we are in (remember we can learn from the past) and the direction (response) God is showing us to take. Let’s not swing left or right in this. Let’s not move from the center, but drop to our knees right here, and look to God for His power for this hour. As the pendulum swings the greatest point of impact and power will be when the arm is vertical. Let’s go vertical. Let’s look up in this and position ourselves for His power.

      • megagenius

        Wrap yourself in the promises and swing free.

    • Darlene W

      If they hated Jesus they will hate us too. But who cares? Pleasing God is worth everything. We should never stop believing that speaking for Him will not have impact. His Word spoken thru a surrendered vessel is spirit and life. It will produce results. We just may not see the impact of them. Don’t allow the devil to bring discouragement. Chances are everything is the opposite. We must continue to believe. No word from God is void of power. Sometimes we just have to get violent in our faith.

      • Evang. Roger Culwell


  3. brenkhughes

    I just read something and I’d heard/read it before. I don’t always agree with everything he writes, but would like to know your thoughts on this.

    From Terry James Prophecy Line:

    The coronavirus is all part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy to collapse America. COVID-19 is, the blog writer declares, part of an eight-step plan from leftists/socialists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven from 1966 that was designed to destroy the US from within.

    The writer gives the eight steps of the plan, asserting that it is being currently implemented. He concludes, I take it, that all elements of the plan have either happened or are currently being exponentially exacerbated by this present crisis.

    1. Taking control of the nation’s healthcare
    2. Increasing the level of poverty so people must get assistance
    3. Increasing debt to an unsustainable level so taxes can be raised to meet the crisis
    4. Getting rid of private gun ownership so the police state can be created
    5. Massively increasing the welfare state, taking control of every aspect of US citizens’ lives (food, housing, and income)
    6. Taking over education, controlling what people read and what they learn about the nation (revision of history)
    7. Taking over in area of religion, removing prayer and any mention of God
    8. Dividing the nation into classes, pitting one against the other so one must provide welfare for the other. (Taken from Rapture Ready News, April 4, 2020, Geoffrey Grider, “Now the End Begins”)

    The writer further declares:

    [Steps] 1-5 and 8 are being executed right now in how our government is reacting to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, with steps 6 and 7 already having been implemented since 2008. The American economy is being split into pieces right now by the combination of a $2 trillion bailout with more coming, Americans under stay-at-home orders, and with more people right now on unemployment in two weeks of the coronavirus crisis than in the second year of the Great Depression of 1929.

    • Evang. Roger Culwell

      if its not happening brother I am totally deceived.

    • megagenius

      READ PSALM 2

  4. Marlene Wood

    God bless you ???

    On Tue, Apr 14, 2020, 3:36 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Abraham Lincoln said, “If we could first > know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better > judge what to do, and how to do it.” What should we do during this virus > outbreak, and how do we do it? Lincoln hit the mark when he said, “If” >

    • Darlene W

      We may not know but the Holy Spirit knows. We walk by faith, staying in close communion with Him and we are right where we need to be.

  5. Jeanne Fisher

    Thank you for the truths you expressed.

  6. Marlene Davis

    Every article confirms the stirring in my spirit. It is amazing!

  7. Mark Stripling

    I spoke last night with the 80 year old founder of the prison ministry we travel with. He and I believe we will have one more opportunity for a harvest of souls before Jesus comes. We will minister in prisons again when restrictions lift. But outside the prison walls within a 60 mile radius of where we live, there are 300,000 plus souls, most of whom need Jesus desperately!! I told him that I will set my equipment up on the streets to minister. A minister friend has a large tent for rent. Other members of our ministry have told us to let them know, that they are in when we go. W are going to pray and seek God for direction, and as God has prepared hearts through this time of trouble and stirring, we are not going to waste any time in going after them. Yes, God is moving folks to get involved in the harvest. True story: The region where I grew up was wheat country. One spring there was rain after rain, so the wheat could not be harvested until it was barely hanging on to the stalk. The farmers knew that one more heavy rain would cause the harvest to be lost. When a break was forecast in the rain, every combine, wheat truck, and harvester available was summoned and put to work around the clock. Farm stores and John Deere dealerships stayed open 24/7 to provide mechanics and parts. If a combine broke down at 3 AM., someone would be there with parts to repair it and get it back in action. Due to this effort, the harvest was saved. Determination, urgency, action, and sacrifice got the wheat in before it was lost. Apply this to the spiritual condition of our nation right now. It’s harvest time.

  8. missionviewonline

    Amen, such a beautiful word of truth and faith. I am one that is in peace at this time and eagerly awaiting my job in Christ.

    What a wonderful time we are living in and so blessed to be able to serve such an amazing Father and Lord Jesus Christ (the Great I AM).

  9. Annette

    If you are firmly anchored to the Rock Jesus Christ you will not be fearful. Pray for forgiveness, restoration and revival so the gospel can be preached in a more powerful and effective way to the entire world.

  10. justdlv


    I just became aware of this man’s courageous voice of truth last week. He reminds me of John the Baptist –a voice of one crying in the wilderness. SO refreshing and encouraging. I hope you find him to be a blessing. ~~D


  11. warriorruth

    This is a time to repent and continue to repent so the Lord can turn our nations around. He said He’d take us to the other side and He will.

  12. Leslie

    I believe it would all be for not if it doesn’t last long enough for people to actually wake up and rethink the way they’ve been doing things.
    We better come out of this with new wine skins and power, which will only come by being in His Presence.
    Great Word Mario. You are a true prophet.

  13. kingskid48

    Well, this was interesting. I came in here to comment on your blog from earlier this morning on F….i, and all I get is Page Not Found. Apparently, facebook did not like your article, Pastor Mario. Censorship is alive and well in America. Every morning, I wake up and the reality of the situation we are in as a nation and the world, floods into my mind again. It’s like remembering a bad dream, over and over again, from which we cannot wake up. My thoughts and emotions are in a jumble, until I remind myself that none of this is taking Jesus as a surprise. He knew all this was going to happen, and He knew we would all be here to see and to deal with it. I just read a long article on another round of layoffs coming, this time, of white-collar employees;lawyers, everything. People who thought their jobs were secure, no matter what, are now lining up for unemployment benefits. Meanwhile, the government is printing money as fast as they can hand it out, and Trump-hate, Christian-hate, the lying media, debauchery, and our disappearing rights, are at an all-time high. I don’t have “false hope” and neither do I fear. But we do seem to be resembling the Weimar Republic. There are some pastors suing the governor of California for their loss of rights. I know we are supposed to, “live peacefully with all men”, but as far as I can see, there are no leftist politicians in California, not to mention the entire country, who desire to live peacefully with the Church.

    • Mark Stripling

      Nailed it, Kid!

  14. dadsgirl52

    Beloved brother and faithful truth-bearer, I praise God for you!!! Thank you for this message. I pray for you daily, and look forward to
    what the Lord puts on your heart each day!

  15. vince ballotta

    Thank you Mario, that is encouraging and Provides direction, God Bless you. Vince 

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  16. fredsheltonministries

    Last night the Holy Spirit spoke to me,”without faith it is impossible to please God.” I thought about that for awhile and concluded that through this whole period of learning to walk in the fire, which is what this thing is all about, my only goal is going to be pleasing God everyday by trusting Him and having faith all the way to end of this time. Then today, Mario writes this which just drove the whole thing home. Thank you Mario, this is exactly what I needed to hear today!

  17. Chaplain Catherine Culbert

    Dear Pastor Mario,

    Yes! the Ruach Hakodesh ( Holy Spirit) has truly revealed to you many truths and thank you for being obedient enough to proclaim them. I want to encourage you to research Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. You will find that you are both on the same page. Have you heard of The Return? September 26, th 2020 in Washington D.C. I believe that Adonai is bring together his people for such a time as this. We are about to see the most fantastic wave of revival ever! Blessings be upon you and you family Shalom Shalom

    P.S. it was under your ministry that I came to receive Jesus as my Messiah at Melodyland Christian Center in a tent meeting that you conducted for the youth. It was in 1975.

  18. monica530


  19. RV

    THANK YOU! You’re the first one I’ve found to call out the “false comfort.” I have been appalled at the magnitude with which the majority of public Christian leaders have publicly prayed against the virus, and then again the next day, and the next, as if their first prayers were not effective. (Some of them even declaring it would be short-lived… I bet nobody will call them out on that…) Constantly peddling a self-help gospel and repentance for the whole world without falling on our own faces to say, LORD how have I contributed? Show ME where repentance is needed… and cleanse the CHURCH so she can be the pure Bride of Christ she was intended to be. There is no dichotomy to choosing to reject both fear (I’ve never had a single moment of fear over this virus, finances, health, etc) and false comfort (I am concerned about what the things I’ve watched mean for both the Church and America.)



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