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Few seem to be talking about the death toll that may result if the economy remains shut longer than it should.  I reject the notion that wanting to reopen America puts “profits over people.” I see some on the Left putting political agenda over people.

Lives Depend on Economic Activity. When you stop that, then you kill people. Before we insist on totally destroying the American economy, we must weigh the risk of reopening businesses—because there is always risk—against the risk of not reopening. We must not allow fear, induced by those with hidden motives, to bring us to disaster.

Remember the forecasts that virus-related death-totals for the United States would range from as high as 10 million, to a low of 2.2 million?  Thank God they were so, so wrong. Of course any death is too much death but we must separate fact from fiction. To stay shut until there is zero threat is unrealistic. That day will never come. But something will come if we stay shut too long. The danger is, hardly anyone is talking about the other calamity that may doom our nation. Thank God some are talking about it.

Thomas K. Duncan, Ph.D., an associate professor of economics at Radford University, and Audrey Redford Ph.D., the assistant professor of economics at Western Carolina University wrote an article entitled: How Shutting Down The Economy Much Longer Could Kill Tens Of Thousands Of Americans.

The article appeared in The Federalist today, March 30, 2020.  Here is an excerpt from their article:

“The recession could be longer than some economists are projecting. If the economy does linger in its downturn, the human costs to the shutdown will inevitably begin to increase.”

The article suggests that there could possibly be “28,797 More Deaths from Opioids,” based on the following calculations:

“A 2017 National Bureau of Economic Research paper finds a 3.6% increase in the opioid death rate per 100,000 people (when there is a) 1% rise in unemployment. There were 14.6 opioid death rates per 100,000 in the United States in 2018. If we use the more conservative estimate of a 20% unemployment rate without a quick return to lower levels, then there would be an estimated 59.4% rise in deaths per 100,000, leading to an increase of 8.7 deaths for a total of 23.3 for opioids.”

If unemployment were to increase, then so would both suicide and homicide:

“The deaths related to economic downturns go beyond those from chemical dependency, also. The mental toll is not inconsequential. For example, Blakely, et al, (2003) finds that being unemployed may also increase the risk of suicide two to threefold. Milner, et al. (2014) similarly finds that unemployment is associated with a higher relative risk of suicide, with prior mental health issues being a key factor in that association. While a study by Kerr, et al, (2018) did not find that unemployment is directly linked to suicides, it did find a significant link between poverty, suicide, and alcoholism.

“With our estimated 16.5% rise in unemployment, we could see a significant increase in both property and violent crimes. The violent crime also may add to the death toll in this period.”

After reading the article, I came to a conclusion: I do not want to risk anyone’s life. We should stay home until it is reasonably safe. But our definition of safety must be weighed against the risk of death from listening to leftists who have other goals.

It is far too tempting for the Left. They have demonstrated a passion for three things to happen:

  1. They want desperately, above all else, for Trump to lose the election.
  2. They want to replace Free Market Capitalism with Socialism.
  3. And they want to weaken the church.

In order to accomplish these three goals, they have also demonstrated an amoral viciousness in their remarks against Trump and his handling of the virus pandemic. They simply can’t be trusted or allowed to make such a critical decision as reopening.

No one can look inside the heart of someone and truly know what goes on there. Jeremiah 17:9 says: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” We already know they believe America is so unfair and stupid that they will blame the failure of the economy on Trump and not on the virus.

But who knows? Their hatred may go deep enough to cheer on the destruction of our economy, just so the chaos will birth Socialism.  Or, that the devastation will close churches for good.

Here’s the one I want to focus on. I personally know of many churches that cannot afford to stay closed much longer. I also expect that even if the arc of viral infection flattens, Blue State Governors will still push for keeping churches closed. 

Sadly, theologically challenged believers will dismiss the notion that churches will be permanently closed because of this. They will quote Matthew 16:18, “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

Of course, the universal church of Christ will not go out of existence, but I know congregations and pastors who will have to shut their doors if this economic shutdown goes on much longer.

To say that churches can’t be shut down for good is to deny the existence of underground churches all over the world that have already lost their rights and their buildings.

Churches provide a necessary healing gift. They stop suicide. Faith based ministries rescue people from dying every day. Only God knows if any have died since drug programs and outreach ministries have been shut down. There is no way to replace the human touch online.

If the virus becomes an open-ended political excuse—relying on models that are leftist and not scientific—then we have to do some deep soul searching. If we see our leaders are willing to allow the deaths that we know will happen from a dead economy—and closed churches—because they want to prevent the ones that might happen, then it’s no longer prudence, it’s politics.

Agree with me in fervent prayer for President Donald Trump. When to reopen America will be the hardest and greatest decision of his entire career. Pray for wisdom greater than any human intellect.







  1. Mark Stripling

    This burden of prayer for our nation is heavy right now. Governor Ralph Northam signing a new abortion rights law for Virginia that removes all hindrance to abortion on Good Friday was a direct slap at the church and the Father. Then Saturday he signs an LGBTQ rights law that basically criminalizes anyone who refuses to affirm and celebrate their lifestyle choice, opening up Christians to fines, lawsuits, and ruin of their businesses. All done purposely during Easter weekend. How much more will God take??? My heart is heavy over the lostness of our nation. God have mercy!!!

    • Carolina

      Yes Mario, when it comes to re-opening this nation for business again, it simply cannot be,
      “the same olde, business as usual”.

      Mark Stripling, this Virginia Govenor is a guy who believes he’s filled “with all the right notions” and all the right potions(laws) to stimulate all Americans with the ‘alphabet soup’ of LBGTQ legislation. This ex-Dr Northam thinks this entire nation should stir up cozy with this law filled brew creating even more alphabet soup(laws) so the rest of America can get busy and drink it down like proper medicine!???⚕︎
      That he was a Pediatric Neurologist (baby nerve doctor) is a staggering fact when one considers his adamant stance for slack unruly abortion with no waiting practices.
      Northam’s mental witchcraft is operating at its peak craftiness.☹️??

  2. Donna McDonald

    Amen Mario! We’ve been praying consistently and declaring President Trump will be filled with wisdom and holy boldness from above! God will speak to him and enable him for this monumental decision. President Trump will make this decision in line with God’s timing and purposes for the Body of Christ as well as our beloved nation in Jesus’s name!!
    Also praying that those with evil agendas and false data be exposed and removed. No deception ! Righteousness shall prevail!!

    • megagenius

      Donna, I never saw your prayer until after I posted my prayer. Same thing. That is so cool.

  3. Ruby

    Amen…in full agreement with your prayer!!!

  4. megagenius

    Father I ask you to formulate President Trump’s thoughts and give him your insight and understanding and wisdom to act at the right time in the right way in Jesus Name. Expose and uproot the hidden agendas of the wicked in our government. Let their folly be made manifest into all.

  5. Bonnie Vanek

    Agree to pray for Trump–

    On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 9:39 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Few seem to be talking about the death > toll that may result if the economy remains shut longer than it should. I > reject the notion that wanting to reopen America puts “profits over > people.” I see some on the Left putting political agenda over people. ” >

  6. Greg Dean

    This has been called the Great Pause of 2020. It is a time to slow down. To reflect. I do believe that G-D is using this time.

    Evangelicals are becoming more committed. However there is a new threat called the Emerging Church is Gnostic. Much of the left, and those who teach the prosperity gospel, are heading towards. It is more a “gay friendly” faith. Many of the evangelicals have no clue as to gnostism. or that it is neo pagan.

    We have seen more conflict in the last 100 years than ever before. World wide conflict. It is a time for believers to make a choice. To become true followers of the Messiah, to put all at the feet of G-D, or to worship the gods of this world. The conflicts will only get worse.

    And the Emerging Church movement will look nice and promise much. It will require little effort.

    Thus we must be rooted and grounded.

  7. Bill Beaty

    Awesome word!!

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  8. Lillianna Falberg

    Thank you brother Murillo for speaking truth into the darkness.

  9. Nick E.

    All of us who pointed out the fallacy of even 250k covid deaths in the U.S. (way way below first estimates) have been accused of putting money over lives. What these folks still don’t understand is that we cannot afford to shut down massive swaths of the country to save everybody who is of poor health! But of course the Left is a-ok with this because it makes President Trump look bad, and that is all they really have cared about since he won the election. I wish the Church would wake up from their dreams of name this and claim that and notice the enemy looking them straight in the face.

  10. mary moore

    Amen !!! Thank you so much for your wisdom from heaven and blowing the cover off those that seek the downfall of this nation!! God forbid!! He is not finished with us yet!! I pray they will fall in their own trap and their curses will fall on their own heads!! Of course I would appreciate those that would repent and choose to obey the Lord!! We can only pray that their eyes will be opened as Paul’s on the road to Damascus !! Let it be so Lord!! In Jesus name!! You made a mighty move in 2016 !! Please Lord in Jesus name, tho undeserved, make a. mighty move to deliver us from evil as Jesus said!!!! Thank You Lord!! We will give you all the praise and glory all the rest of our lives!! Amen!!!

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  11. Evang. Roger Culwell

    [ Well said sir] Hospital in Cookeville TN.lays off 400 plus of its staff, only has a 147 people sick, 6 have C. virus, shut down the whole hospital no surgery anything, thank God they still have there jobs. but how many people will they kill, by stopping all other medical help, 6 people with C. virus and they shut down a huge Hospital.
    I saw online yesterday a woman ask for prayer because her daughter committed suicide, the danger to the economy is devastating and cannot recover if shut down much longer, any one with common sense can see that, but yet some push for it to stay closed down even though, it makes no sense, we will always have sickness we just have to learn to trust the Lord again, we can’t curl up and die in our homes because of fear, and let the country go down the drain, which is what the left wants, they want mandatory vacation, which is unreal, and could kill more people than the virus by farm there pushing for vote by mail, in the up coming election, so they can cheat, actor A. B. said for Trump supporters to just stay home election day, why have they already rigged it like last time, they know Mr. Trump only won by a supernatural hand of God because the church prayed, and they know there’s strength in numbers when we meet, so they think stop the gathering, close the churches, isn’t it strange they went after the church first and only closed down other things because the church spoke up and saud why are you only closing us down, then they shut down other things, but there main goal was the church, and they will not give us back the freedoms they take, there are several plays in motion here by the left, we heard some say they hoped the economy crashed, these people have not good motive for this nation only destructive ones, and a shut down will surely destroy the economy, and its plan there are some rats in the WH, who want the economy destroyed, making things sound worse than they really are, BUT THE THING IS WE HAVE TO LEARN TO TRUST GOD AGAIN, we can’t hide every time something comes our way, business are being destroyed, pe.ople lives are a mess, we are self destruction America, and some will soon start to go crazy, we do not shut a country down because of a possibility, a country could fire a missed at us with a nuke at any time, are we just going to run to a bomb shelter, because it possibly could happen, and I have seen that in a vision, so we have much to pray about, and I probably shouldn’t say it, because they could try and make us run to bomb shelters, these people will try anything to get their way and destroy this nation, we have got to learn to trust God and quit bowing to fear, I don’t care how bad they say things will get, I serve a God who is bigger than what they say, and he told me they have blown this all out of proportion, which it is proven now they did, news media lied like crazy, and so did the CDC and medical professionals,, and a bunch of others, its all crazy, our President has out lives above everything else, but he was told lies, and now its time to reopen the economy, and leave the virus in Gods hands, before we self destruct, they nation and the church, churches can’t survive, with out government help which they also want so they can control, they remain silent some do, there ok with online preaching, I had to cut out and rewrite on fb the other day three times to get a message up, they wouldn’t post it, cencored, and thats what they want, they do not want there sins mentioned, yesterday, being Easter, I could not find the Jesus of Nazareth they always play on Easter, but not this time, in a time it should have been played the most, I didn’t find it on TV, strange isn’t at a time when the world meets hope, no Jesus story on, that even shows me more what they are doing, the History Channel always has played it before, but what I saw was a movie about the bible, that seem to me wanted to show God was mean, it showed how he said kill whole families, and other things that are not normally broght out the way they were in these shows that were on, and the Lord said there trying to show I am mean and unfair, because people do not understand real war or how to fight, and demon possession in those days and there are consequences to disobeying Gods word, we are in perilous times, and they want to make our God look bad, they showed some of the most horrible things that happened instead of showing Jesus of Nazareth. did anyone else notice this? [ they want to try and make God look bad today and unfair, because they are pure devils] with the love of Jesus Christ Be blessed

  12. Marlene Wood

    I join with you in praying for the President, the church and the nation. Thank you for your words of truth. Do you have an updated version of Armed and Dangerous? My prayers are with you. With Christian love, Marlene Wood

    On Sun, Apr 12, 2020, 11:40 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Few seem to be talking about the death > toll that may result if the economy remains shut longer than it should. I > reject the notion that wanting to reopen America puts “profits over > people.” I see some on the Left putting political agenda over people. ” >

  13. dougspurling@aol.com

    Thank you sir,


    I stand with you forour country and president.

    It looks like thesame mob manipulating demons of Jesus’ day, are at it again today. Of theirever-accusing hypocrisy, Jesus said: “We played the flute for you, and youdid not dance; we mourned to you, and you did not lament.”

    Did you everwatch Little House On The Prairie? There’s an episode in which a rich manmanipulates the market because of prejudice. The judge states, “Because of yourhatred for one man, you’re willing to destroy the economy of an entirecommunity.”

    Alas, thispresent dark hatred runs that deep. It would be overwhelming, if not for knowingthat “God is warring yet again to marshal a great force of change in America.”  

    Lord Jesus, thankYou for not giving up on America. We stand united, reporting for duty, willingto handle whatever assignment you give us.Respectfully,Doug Spurling

  14. Tom

    A cynical part of me wonders if the perceived risk was millennials dropping like flies upon reopening if we wouldn’t be up and running already. Perhaps some kind of a “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” speech and on we go. We may have never shutdown. Not all deaths are equal in terms of who holds power and what age group is being driven by fear.

  15. Susan & Tino Franco

    We the Franco Family , fully agree with every word you have written here, once again. As You did with Yesterday’s Awesome Words for Resurrection Sunday’s message, which was gripping, You have done again. We are sure that The “Holy Spirit”…has Inspired both messages. We have shared them with countless hundreds already, and we have Prayed over them as a Prayer for , God Almighty, to As It Is Written So Let It Be Lord ! Amen!

  16. Annette Hughes

    Right on Mario! The left does not care how many people die from the virus or the shutdown. They want total control. We pray that God will remove these evil people from power asap. We must also pray continually that God will forgive us for our rebellion, grant us a restoration and a revival that will be world wide so the gospel will be preached to the whole world. There are a multitude of deceived people out there that need salvation. For the sake of the lost Lord we humbly beseech you to hear and answer our prayers in Jesus’s name Amen.

  17. Maria L.

    My prayer:
    *That Our Lord will expose all Judases involved in anyway.
    *That He will have mercy on whom he will if true repentance is displayed AND
    That Our Lord will Swiftly
    JUDGE whom HE will.
    *That our Lord will continually give our President WISDOM,
    Increase discernment
    And give him a hearing ear to hear Holy Spirit’s voice directly and through sound advice.
    I also pray for a powerful
    ANGELIC HOST surrounding Him, his family, advisors, and the
    White House.
    All this fueled by our ?
    Warfare prayers?, intercessions and yes travail?
    And if Necessary….

  18. kingskid48

    Until we see the fall of the twin idols of “abortion rights” and “special rights for lgbt’s, we know that the country has not come to repentance. Along with that is the continual mocking of God, ala the running of the blasphemous play, “Jesus Christ, Superstar”, over Easter weekend. However, we can’t expect sinners to repent if we as a Church as not repenting ourselves. There has been some encouraging scenes and news over the past week, and especially yesterday, with people speaking out more boldly for the Lord via the news. It’s a beginning, at least. I wish it was enough to avoid another wave of this judgment/virus. Rick Joyner said there will be three waves. The next one will be worse than this one. He was not sure about the third one. We have entered a different time and we had better have our spiritual antenna raised high. As far as it being time for the country to go back to work, we need to be praying with all our hearts for President Trump to have the Mind of Christ. Dear Holy Spirit, please take over.

    • Mark Stripling

      Kid: my thoughts exactly. Evil is entrenched deeply in the demonic leftist agenda. They hate God and us!

  19. Christine H.

    Agreement in Prayer for President Donald J. Trump ??☦

  20. Christine Martin

    Yes very concerning Mario. There is gross overreaction and destruction of economy with extended shutdown. Yes we need to take precautions, but.. I am an RN, and work in pharma/biotech drug development and there are a number of known effective preventative measures and treatments. However, what is best for the people is at odds with the pharma profit model. As this bioweapon/virus mutates and spreads even faster than normal, a vaccine therapy will prove ineffective. Vaccines for this virus will only benefit big pharma and Dr. Fauci. I have been investigating what providers are saying and there are a number of approaches that have been shown to be effective: high dose vitamin C (IV and oral), zinc, chaga mushroom tea, hydro chloroquine with zpack, Interferon alpha spray in mouth or nasal passage (antiviral). Gilead just got early approval for a new drug/orphan status, TBD. Of course there are multiple layers to this Covid issue.  Jesus heals all! Blessings, Christine

  21. Sherri Titus

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  22. Laura Wedemeyer

    I absolutely an praying this way.Laura

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  23. jubileeheart

    Dear Janet,

    In connection with your email – “if he fails we will all pay the price” , If I may share this article with you. Or, maybe you have this one already, but just in case.


    Juliet ________________________________

  24. Colleen C.

    Amen. You are right on.




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