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First, he screamed and he kept screaming until he could scream no more. Then he fell off a cliff into the abyss of broken souls. He crashed with a force that could have moved the earth. Around him lay fragments—the new and hideous replacements of his former self. Shame replaced love. Cowardice replaced faith. Hope was driven out to make room for the mocking predator. Worst of all was the deep despair he felt as he saw his destiny plunge into a black hole of regret.

This all happened the day after Jesus died.

To survive, Peter virtually became a robot. He reverted to fishing. It’s what he was programmed to do. It’s what he knew best. He went through the motions to avoid every feeling, suppressing every emotion.

The difference between Peter and Judas Iscariot is razor thin. The fever of despair and regret raged in Peter every bit as hot as it had in Judas. It drove Judas to suicide. Why not Peter? Why didn’t he do what the other traitor did? It was because Jesus had prayed for him.

Satan told Peter a lie. Peter not only believed that lie, he now embodied it. And, it is the same lie that Satan is telling America right now—the lie that all the important things are gone forever.

Whenever those who hate God and America try to enforce a change, they call it ‘THE NEW NORMAL.’ They sold us on ‘THE NEW NORMAL’ of abortion, same sex marriage, and godless education. Their latest excuse for seizing control is the coronavirus. Something to remember: ‘the new normal’ is always nothing other than the old abnormal.

Peter was tortured by memories. Though he tried to fight it with all his might, it was impossible not to relive those days. Two mistakes haunted him the most. Thinking he could save Jesus, he had taken a sword and had swung it at the head of the high priest’s servant, Malchus, who, fortunately had moved just in time, losing only an ear. But his greatest horror was his discovery that he was a coward, and that he had denied Jesus three times. The rooster was still crowing in his spirit.

The hardest thing for Peter to forget was the day he met Jesus. Peter had been minding his own business when Jesus interrupted his entire life.  After fishing all night, Peter had caught nothing.   His hands were red and sore from handling the heavy nets.  Every muscle ached. He had nothing to show for a brutal night out on the water.

Then the strange Teacher said, “Let your nets down again for a catch.”  Peter half-heartedly did as he was asked, and the catch was so enormous that it terrified him.  He begged Jesus to keep His distance, “I am a sinful man!” Peter cried.

That’s when he heard the words about his destiny.  “Follow Me and I will make you a fisher of men.”

There is no doubt that Peter was convinced that now, after his failure and denial, it was too late. That fact must be clearly understood or you will not get the impact of the lesson I am about to relate.

It’s dawn on Resurrection Sunday.  Peter couldn’t know that at that very moment, an angel was talking about him.  Mark 16:7, “But go, tell His disciples—and Peter—that (Jesus) is going before you into Galilee; there you will see Him, as He told to you.”  The angel added the words “and Peter.”  Why?  Because God knew Peter would have disqualified himself if the invitation was “for disciples only.”

Peter grabbed the messenger who related this to him and demanded: “Are you certain the angel said my name?!” “Yes, the words were, “Tell the disciples, and Peter.”” At that moment, Peter came back from the dead. He knew he was not rejected. He knew the unmatched glory of a true second chance.

Satan had worked hard to prevent Peter’s apostleship, because he knew this man would shake the gates of hell.  The first shaking came on the Day of Pentecost. The wind and fire of the Holy Spirit’s baptism transformed Peter

The coward, who had denied his Lord three times, was lovingly restored by the resurrected Jesus. He appeared to Peter, giving him three new chances to affirm his love. Jesus even provided a charcoal fire similar to the one near which Peter had experienced failure. Peter was completely transformed. He was now a lion carrying a devastating witness. He roared, “This is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel!”

In the days after Jesus died, evil exerted a crushing blow on the entire city. All the Christians hid in their homes behind locked doors, and it’s like that today. Satan wishes to crush our hopes and dreams. Evil men would sell us the lie that we must adapt to a grim, cold, and dark lesser vision of America, the church, and our futures.

Those who are marked by God are unstoppable. When the doors reopen for America, God will fully restore our destiny.

But there is one miracle that remains to be explored. Cutting off Malchus’ ear haunted Peter. But there was more to it than just healing an ear. Because, my friend, that night Jesus healed more than an ear—knowing the future, Jesus knew Peter must not be sitting on death row on the day of Pentecost. Jesus prayed “permit even this” and reattached the ear, in order to protect Peter’s destiny.

Right now, He is also guarding yours. This pandemic, cannot stop God’s destiny for your life.


  1. Mark Stripling

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I had to have my own moment with God recently. I will choose faith over fear. I will believe in my destiny over my defeat. I will continue to believe that “the best is yet to come.” I submit to all that God is trying to accomplish in the shaking of this world. I praise His name, and may He bring this nation to His Son,

  2. Nick E.

    Amen. The Church will be facing challenges ahead unlike none ever seen in America’s history since winning our freedom from British rule. For many decades we have been spoiled by more prosperity and safety than any other area in the world. The next chapter of American Christianity is about to be written. I for one want to be a part of the victorious part of that chapter.

    • Carol Ann Murillo

      Thank you, Mario. A wonderful article.

  3. megagenius

    The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Even if he falls he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholds him with His right hand.

    • Carolina

      Profound Mario!
      Yes megagenius, right now when all seems quiet and at times even the streets in America appear to reveal a Ghost Town among us, this Psalm 37:23 is at work in our lives. I quote this to myself daily.
      I would add to what you quoted in that you left out 1 of my favorite “best parts” of that Psalm verse, “…and HE delights in his way”. Our steps are ordered right now, those of us who are the core remnant of the Body of Christ who have not given way to “seducing spirits and doctrines of demons..” and who recognize, that Jesus Christ is our all and all. Who clearly understand that without HIM to be ‘delighted’ in our steps that HE has already ordered for us to take, then we would be like how Apostle Peter felt for a few days, “lost and undone without God in this world”.
      My Husband & I rewatched Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of The Christ’, yesterday on good Friday, and with every strike and blow they gave to our Jesus we cried and felt the wounds of our precious Savior all over again.
      Christ alone is LORD and KING, America, Repent and AWAKEN to your REDEEMER. ✟

  4. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Amen well said: Just a new way for more evil to take control, had a vision [[ I had a vision I saw planes and ship here about to attack America, [ I believe planned nuke attacks] and the enemy taking cities, and the media was showing all the cities being taken over,[ which I think was the C. Virus sent by other nations and the scare had paralyzed the people] and instead of watching and praying, the people were taking pills to sleep, and because of them being asleep, the enemy was taking over, and the people were denying that they were asleep and taking pills. [NOT A TIME TO SLEEP PEOPLE, TIME TO WAKE UP AND FIGHT AND TAKE A STAND, AND PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE.] We have denied God in America, but he saying if you repent and turn, I will heal your land, restore us back as he did Peter, if we 2Chr. 7:14. Thanks something I needed here to, good word.

    • Desertstream

      Right Brother Roger. Many dont realize the delusion and gross darkness that has deceived and lulled many to sleep and into escapism. Deception has a terrible blinding effect. God knew the period we are into presently would come. He knew His soldiers would arise and resist the onslaught. He knew there would be a call to repentance. He knew many of the lukewarm would be aroused to pray and get right. He also knew there would be some who would refuse to let go of their lust, just like those in Pompeii who, even while the volcano was spewing out lava, continued their drunken orgies to their utter destruction. But Roger, we know our God is not willing that any should parish, but that all should come to repentance. The Awakening is happening in a different manner than we thought even now, in its first stage. And Repent is the Big Word. How many will respond as they should? The Lord’s arms are open. We as watchmen and intercessors will do our part. We’ll see how this turns out.

      • Evang. Roger Culwell


  5. Paul Spuler

    Mario, just want to extend my thanks to you, as I am not a “commenter” but a faithful reader of your blog, and I eagerly await seeing its arrival in my inbox, knowing I’m in for a blessing and a challenge. (You’re also such an outstanding and gifted wordsmith…the canvas you paint with words is truly always such a work of art!)

    Thanks for being His voice to the Body of Christ. You are a faithful man of God and countless thousands are being blessed. Please continue to raise the clarion call for the Church to rise up in this hour and hear the voice of the Lord and to obey His bidding!

    Resurrection blessings to you and yours!

  6. monica530

    Thank you, also??

  7. Randolph Gonce

    On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 12:49 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “First, he screamed and he kept screaming > until he could scream no more. Then he fell off a cliff into the abyss of > broken souls. He crashed with a force that could have moved the earth. > Around him lay fragments—the new and hideous replacements of his form” >

  8. Jen


  9. Karen Kunkle

    This is beautiful. And I receive it. Years ago I went through some emotional issues with depression due to several tragedies involving loved ones. As I went through counseling, my counselor asked me what I wanted. I said for things to go back to normal. To cook for my husband, to feel good in my physical body, to enjoy my work. Little did I know that that is not what I should have wanted. For I did go back to my normal with no new destiny. Even through counseling, I realized I had lost my first love and He was Pursuing me. I realize now that I didn’t respond the way I was needed to. And so today He brings that back to my remembrance to show me He hasn’t forgotten me and I can expect a new normal that propels me into my destiny for Him and His Kingdom. By and because of His Mercy and Grace.

  10. Michael Okulski

    Awesome insight with an anointed delivery. You are indeed a mighty man of God. Thanks from Yuma Arizona!

    • Darlene W

      He has placed Eternity in our hearts.Regardless of the enemy’s devices and how hard he tries he can’t take that from us. We have tasted and seen how good He is. And just like Peter no matter how miserably I fail Jesus said He would never leave me or forsake me. We have work to do,there is a harvest getting ready to be brought in.

  11. Susan

    How many of us need our name said, called out, as Peter did when Jesus said ‘tell the disciples’. I certainly do. More people feel pain and loss through rejection than we can ever know. Reading those words was so reassuring in knowing the Lord knows me. He knows my deepest needs and assures me of His love for me as He did Peter.

    • Evang. Roger Culwell

      amen sis.

  12. Esther Mullet

    Oh Jesus! This is so powerful!

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    Amen! Still have both ears!

  14. Christine H

    AMAZING ☦??

  15. Martina Bowersox

    Keep on Preaching Mario. You are one of a few. ???? Just wondering why more “ pastors” are staying SILENT on the Fact that abortion clinics are still OPEN for business as an essential?? This is happening on the churches watch. ?

    Martina Bowersox

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  16. Shoshanna


    I am really enjoying the book you wrote as well as the blogs. Thank you so much for your consistency over the years.
    May you and your loved ones have a blessed resurrection Sunday.

  17. kingskid48

    Beautiful word, Pastor Mario. A perfect word for this Easter time, that is definitely different than, “normal”, but in another way, is more spiritual. Instead of rushing to the church and fighting the Easter crowd that shows up on one of the two days that the unchurched manage to get to church, we are doing “different” things this year. No big family meal, because we are not supposed to even be with family these days. So, instead, sending spouse to go pick up our Easter meal at one of the restaurants offering curbside service. After that, I am watching The Passion of the Christ on DVD. There is more spirituality being displayed on tv by those who know God and are unabashedly speaking up about their faith in these difficult and strange days. Many sense that we have entered a different day. I know I do. There are too many questions, so much uncertainty, and we’re becoming even more aware that we are being led by power-hungry people, especially of one party, that do not have our best interests are heart. The fields truly are white with harvest. I read of a vision by someone years ago that he found himself in the middle of a field and he saw one Person way out there, harvesting with a hand tool all by Himself. It was Jesus. Are we going to leave Him out there harvesting by hand all by Himself? Not me. I may not be able to do all I would like to do, but I pray He will empower me to do all that He has for me to do. Have a blessed Easter, Pastor Mario, and all.

  18. Helene E. Schmidt

    Thank you for the interesting insights into that night. I’ve always thought that when Jesus said Peter would deny Him, it was a prophecy. And a done deal. Peter should have known Jesus well enough to know he could not win an argument with Him and asked for forgiveness right then and there. Instead, he argued with Jesus… another thing worth repenting over.

  19. shirlea durston

    That was one powerful message. I felt like I was right there watching Peter’s anguish.


  20. Patricia Folkvord

    Paints a picture, very powerful. Brought tears. Thank you.

  21. Alyson Benjamin

    This….this continues to speak to me. Thank you for this! Thank you much!



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