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One of the greatest cruelties—if not the greatest in history—was done to Mary Magdalene.  She was once sold on the streets. She knew the special insanity of demon possession.  She knew the yawning blackness of total despair.

Then Jesus rescued her.  Jesus cast out seven vicious devils—devils she thought would never leave.  Once deemed human garbage, she is now redeemed and planted into a family of indescribable love.  Things would never be the same.  Her nights of remorse, her days of futility, her shame, her emptiness, were now all distant memories.

For three years she lived a life she could have never imagined, crisscrossing Judea, hanging on Jesus’ every word, weeping gloriously over every miracle.  Each morning, she awakened a more powerful and joyous woman of God!  She thought that this would go on forever.

People use the phrase “nothing could be worse…”  They use it before describing something unimaginably terrible.  I will use it this way: Nothing could be worse than to be in hell, and then taste heaven, only to return back to hell.


Then on that fateful Friday, it all went horribly, horribly wrong.  How could the One Who called the dead back to life and silenced a storm at sea, be arrested?  How could the One Who gave words of exquisite beauty, love and wisdom, be tortured and killed?  No one wanted to save Jesus more than Mary.  No one felt more horror and helplessness than she.

That night, profound hope had given way to even deeper bitterness and disappointment.  She must have thought, “If only I had never met Him.  If only He had left me to die in the streets.”  She slept only after exhaustion became more powerful than sorrow.   Too wounded to go on living, and perhaps too tired to commit suicide…

Mary is of special importance to me today, because her testimony is the best one I can think of as we commemorate this Good Friday, in such a dark time as the one we are living in.  Mary’s miracle is the miracle America needs now!

Here’s why: When the first shafts of Sunday morning light stirred her awake, she dreaded it.  If ever a heart was broken beyond repair—if ever a soul would rage against the approach of hope—if ever a woman just wanted to go back to sleep and never wake up, it was Mary.

That is why she was shocked when she felt an odd energy coming over her.  She soon felt an even stranger impulse—to go to the tomb where Jesus lay!  How could she return to the only spot on earth that could reopen her wound?

What overruled her despair?  What fuel was driving her so completely against her common sense and her broken heart?  Paul answers that emphatically! “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you” (Romans 8:11).

Do you know any therapist capable of rebuilding the ashes and rubble of her soul?  Can any drug, any teaching, any relationship, reassemble her heart the way the gentle but powerful Comforter could?

We all know about the power of the resurrection: it was the greatest display of power the universe has ever known; even greater than the alleged “big bang” that, theoretically, began the universe. The resurrection sent shock waves through the principalities and powers of darkness.  It shattered Satan’s power and stripped him of the keys of death and Hell (Rev. 1:8).  Jesus set the captives free in the bowels of the earth, and “led captivity captive” (Ephesians 4:8).

But, the first burst of resurrection power was much gentler. Mary was the first human to feel the power of the resurrection.  Her eyes, which were red and sore from sobbing, were now refreshed and clear.  Her arms which had hung limp from heartsick lethargy were now responsive, strong, and full of purpose. She sat up and found hope pumping through her veins. She wondered, “Why!”

A notion seized her, gently, but firmly.  She knew she was to go to the tomb, and she immediately got going!  Washing up, brushing her hair, and quickly getting dressed. All the while the expectancy of an indescribable ‘something’ was building in her soul.  Before she knew it, she was out the door, and charging toward her worst fear.  Only, now, she was not afraid.

She found the tomb vacant. Then she turned and saw Him whom her soul loved.  Many awesome things happened that Easter, but none more wonderful than Mary reunited with her Savior.

In the genetically altered, politically charged, drug addicted, violent purgatory that is America today, Mary Magdalene stands as a poignant figure.  She is the best testimony I can think of for our national dreams that have gone up in smoke.  Our culture has wearied itself with perversion…hunting down everything natural and replacing it with a disfigured counterfeit. It has marched, protested, and boycotted the very color and life out of everything—to the point that everything is a cause for taking offense.

What happened to Mary, is proof that there is nothing better than the Gospel.

America!  This is what you need!

“Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons” (Mark 16:9).

JESUS APPEARED FIRST TO MARY!  He had never forgotten her. He knew she was suffering the most, so He healed this precious soul first!







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  1. megagenius

    Marvelous blog Mario…just plain Marvelous. Thank you so much. What a Saviour! Mary is indeed a trophy of Grace.

  2. Nelly Smith

    Dear Mario; how beautifully you have put into words His love for the hurting and the power of His Resurrection! How His heart grieves for the ones in pain, rescuing them from the depths of despair, for He cares more than anything about our hearts. And in all of this makes it a point to come to a woman, He understands women like no other, redeeming her from a lower place that man had created, maybe even herself but was not in His heart. Blessings and thank you for such a gift, Happy Resurrection day

  3. Betty

    Thank you for this.

  4. Cynthia Miller

    Dear Mario: I am an Assembly of God pastor’s daughter.  I’m 67 years old. I have watched the deterioration of this nation for the past 50 years. My faith is strong, I believe He can do anything.  However, I have found myself in a very different despair these past three weeks.  I knew God is at work, but the decline of humanity & the state of America (the church especially),  has troubled me beyond words. I have read probably everything you have written.   I am extremely grateful for you speaking what very few are willing to speak, along with the fact that you have yielded to God and have given us the truth. Thank you, especially today, for the most comforting words.  He knew her sorrow. Cynthia Miller

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    • Carolina

      Beyond loveliness, peeking into the POWER of The Omnipresent!?
      Thank You Mario, you are always right on the money, right on target and right about what is right.
      Yet today you show how large and broad your own heart is ? this is The Power of Christ’s Love living within You, shedding it abroad as we all (who are in Christ) are supposed to do.
      Only the deep calls to deep of Godly compassion could recognize the mind numbing pain of loss that Mary Magdalene felt.
      There are many Mary’s out there still needing to have Jesus, Yeshua, Master, Rabboni, Lord, show up for them in their hour of grief and tears.
      Personally, I couldn’t live one day without my glorious Savior King Jesus. He picked me up when I was down & done with this life at 30. He dusted me off and loved me back into HIS Kingdom through the Grace He compelled me with??blessed be His Name.
      What an awe inspiring God we serve ✟.

  5. Donna mcdonald

    Christ in you the HOPE of Glory! Thank you Mario ! This post warmed my heart ! What a mighty a God we serve!!! Yes! The same power that raised Christ from the dead is quickening our mortal bodies ! Amen

  6. Tina Chandler

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! It made me cry! I’m so thankful for my Jesus!

  7. Kim Barker

    I was reading in the book of John this morning from the Passover to the Resurrection. I asked the Lord, why was Mary chosen to first see the empty tomb and then Himself. Why her and not one of the disciples like Peter or John? No answer. Then I got on Facebook and your post came up. Thank you Lord for answering my question thru Mario’s post. Even though she could not get in the tomb where He lay, to just sit outside where He was was as close as she could get to Him and it was enough for her. But then…..He came to her. Love showed up. How powerful a story for me.

  8. Gilbert Echeverria

    I thank God for you Mario, He has raised certain men of God for just a time as this. I’ve heard it said that if it weren’t so then we would’ve been born in a earlier time in the history of the Bible.
    The gospel message will never lose it power! You have done well to bring it in a meaningful and timely manner so that the message of Jesus Christ and His saving power transformed Mary Magdalene from a life of sin and despair, to one healed and delivered, saved and sanctified, and enveloped in the grace, mercy and most importantly, LOVE OF GOD. You’ve shared this message in a way that transcends time and ushers in the same POWER OF GOD, and LOVE into 2020. We as believers, saved and sanctified must understand the spiritual realm if things happening in this world today. We get caught up in the here and now, the tangible, physical that we lose sight and awareness of the more influential powers at play. We sometimes and in many cases often fail to realize the relentless enemy working in the unseen realm stirring up the behaviors and trends that people see on the news and media outlets. Mary’s life before Jesus Christ was such a life influenced by the unseen wicked and evil forces, but in which society became familiar with and accustomed to as everyday life. But the God ordained leaders of that day were well aware of what was really happening, just as yourself and the other Godly leaders of our time are aware of what’s taking place.
    I’m praying that God continue to use you in His plan as it unfolds daily even as we take each new breath.
    Thank you sir!
    God be magnified!

  9. dawnquiocho

    Dear Mario,

    May I have permission to post this blog on our Gospel service website for the Easter/Resurrection message? I could not have said it better.

    CH Dawn Quiocho US ARMY

    On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 10:57 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “One of the greatest cruelties—if not the > greatest cruelty in history—was done to Mary Magdalene. She was once sold > on the streets. She knew the special insanity of demon possession. She > knew the yawning blackness of total despair. Jesus rescued her. ” >

  10. Nick

    Thank you for this outstanding narrative of our Saviour’s relationship with Mary Magdalene.

  11. Annette

    What a beautiful post Mario. Thank you so much.
    I have often thought about that moment when she thought he was the gardener and asked him if he knew where Jesus’s body was and he said Mary and she instantly knew it was Jesus. How her heart must have instantly filled with overwhelming joy and how she wanted to just hug him so tight.
    That overwhelming joy is also ours for a love so precious that he would die for our sins and then rise from the dead and grant us eternal life with him. NO ONE could EVER LOVE US like JESUS DOES.

  12. Darlene W

    Praying His Body receive personal revelation and experience of His Resurrection Power just like Mary during this special season.

  13. kingskid48

    Very beautiful blog this morning, Pastor Mario. You’ve revealed the heart of God for those that the world would toss aside. May you and your family be blessed this Easter in spite of the strangeness of the hour.

  14. cactusflower18

    Wow Mario, I never thought of these things the way you shared them. I also can’t forget the demoniac that Jesus healed and delivered in Gadara; how he was sitting at Jesus’ feet, clothed and in his right mind and how he really wanted to follow Him but to him Jesus said; “No, go home to your family and tell them of the great things that happened to you.” Anytime I hear or read of the demonic being throttled I rejoice; for as you said in your book, “For this purpose was the Son of God manifest, that He might DESTROY the works of the devil! Hallelujah!!! And I gladly partner with Him to do so-
    I absolutely loved your book “Vessels of Fire and Glory.” Wow!!! Going through it again to especially pay attention to the Scriptures.
    I also love it when you and Lance get together!

    • mariomurilloministries

      Great insight on the demoniac who was healed. I am thrilled the book is blessing you! -Mario

  15. Desertstream

    Touching and pulling on the heart strings, this story. None can rescue a soul like Jesus can. And oh how we love Him for it. All this today is working out for good in so many of our lives. There is no price too great to pay and no suffering to great to endure in this Gospel that will keep us from taking our reserved seat in the Great Banquet Hall for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. It will be there that our King will honor us as His own Chosen Family. Mary Magdalene will be there, too. And we will hear His Special Words to us as we all dine together. Finally, the impartation of that Loving Gaze into the eyes of each one of us will bring about the consummation of our Marriage as His very own for Eternity. May this special Easter time be the most meaningful ever for all us. Amen.

  16. monica530

    Wooowww…sooo..POWERFUL. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Mario??????

  17. Steve

    Agnus Dei, qui tollis picatta mundi, miserere Nobis. Amen.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Yes indeed. Glory to the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.

  18. Patsy Autry

    This post is so perfect for this Blessed day, Good Friday. As none can actually attend church today or Easter Sunday, these post are even greater to read and pass along to friends.
    My prayers today and from onward are that God will heal our nation and deal with the evil and hate that is so consuming from so many. That is not what our America is or ever about. We were founded on God’s word, may he teach us all to go out and help save our nations, through his word and to get back to a Christian nation. We know the devil does not ever stop working, from the beginning, and now, every day. We DO NOT want the devil to take over our world, our country, other countries. My prayers are to teach and help other Christians to help others, show real love, care, compassion, helpful in any way…Not to only think in terms, what can they do for me? I believe this is crucial for our survival as a Christian Nation. Thank you for this message, may God Bless our Nation, and may God Bless our President who is making every effort to keep God in our lives.

  19. RS

    There is something different about this blog (for me, anyway!)

    Mario, you are not seeing Mary as simply a believer, but from the very heart of God; from His perspective!

    May we, as The Church, come into a deeper, richer revelation of inviting The Creator to come and sit on the throne of our hearts – in TOTAL surrender to Him – daily!

    May we be transported from the ‘church age’ into the ‘Kingdom Age’ – where we do not look on outward appearance, but through the very eyes of God, into the hearts of those around us, and even more importantly – into our own hearts! Let Psalm 51 be the heart-cry of the Body of Christ – that we examine ourselves closely, and buffet our bodies, as He commanded us to do. That we pull the log out of our own eye first, and die to self, allowing Him to sit on the throne of our hearts, ruling over us, as we bring ourselves into total submission to Him!

    I am praying for not only revival, but for a Holiness Movement! The Lord said in 1 Pet 1:16, “Be Holy; for I Am Holy.” Lord, please let it begin in me!

    “The Lord is giving us
    1- A “forced Sabbatical”
    2- He is birthing us into a New Beginning!
    3- He is repositioning us into our “Kingdom Call”! – Curt Landry

    “For the Lord is righteous; He loves justice. The upright will see His face.” Ps 11:7

    God Bless & keep you, Brother Mario, as you continue to challenge us to stay the course, keeping our focus on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and putting aside all distractions (as there are many!) I so appreciate the heart of the Father at work within you!

  20. Alyson Benjamin

    Oh wow! Beautiful way to put things in perspective! I love this..



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