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I know where to find thousands of doctors to help with the pandemic: shut down all the abortion clinics. Close Planned Parenthood’s death rooms. Ask the physicians to save lives, instead of taking them. Tell them to report for duty at the hospitals that are overwhelmed.
If that seems sickeningly obvious, it’s because a pandemic not only exposes national decadence, it displays it with shocking clarity.
Speaking of decadence, consider the argument Planned Parenthood made for staying open. To defend staying open, they said that abortions are ‘not elective surgery.’ Wait. What? Abortions are an involuntary procedure? What Planned Parenthood is saying is that now, they are beyond pro-choice. They are now, no choice.
What was truly shameful was the federal court’s opinion. By letting Planned Parenthood stay open, they made a shameful value judgment. They defended the constitutional rights of one group, but overruled the constitutional rights of another.
They did it by highlighting another national sin: America values abortion over faith.
The court knew very well that the government had no right to close churches. They decided to rule that public safety nullifies constitutional rights. Because of their bias—and not because of justice—they overstated the danger open churches pose to congregants, and downplayed the danger that open abortion clinics pose to the unborn.
Can churches be open safely? Not when the pastor does it to tempt God, in a presumptuous manner, like snake handling. But if they carefully abide by every health guideline, the way Walmart and many stores are doing it, then, yes, they can and should be open.
Texas among other states came to this realization. Churches are essential to a community.  Churches provide a necessary healing gift. They stop suicides. They deliver people from addictions. Ministries rescue people from dying every day. Only God knows how many have died since drug programs and outreach ministries have been shut down.
Doctor, you took an oath to ‘do no harm.’  I can’t imagine a more obvious harm than to perform abortions. But especially, during a pandemic, when thousands are screaming for medical help. May God forgive us!
Is it possible this scourge will not end until we repent according 2 Chronicles 7: 14?  Do we dare assume otherwise? When we who are called by His name, not only humble ourselves and pray, but turn from our wicked ways, then the Lord will hear from heaven and heal our land.  Join us, as we pray and repent for the sins of America!

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  1. megagenius

    These brute beasts make Hitler look like a choir boy. They should be given a seat in the electric chair.

    • Carolina

      Unfortunately, in todays America, there are businesses, organizations and institutions that are considered “Essential Services”. The medical community at large is designated as one of those essential services. There are some people that believe a church house or organization is also an essential service. However the federal and local authorities ‘don’t believe’ that a church service gathering of…too many people… is essential or safe during this pandemic.
      They’re now including public parks, musical events, casinos, nightclubs, city wide social events like parades, convention centers, business buildings, concert halls, etc…all as non essential services and unsafe for the general public.
      COVID-19 virus doesn’t care what is “essential services” or not, it just grows, morphs and mutates itself in order to survive and attach itself to a human host, over, & over, & over again.
      To us who are actually Christians’ abortion is “wrong” on every level, so we cannot view this medical activity as “essential services”, but as an abomination of medical services.
      That doesn’t mean that the medical community ‘at large’ is wrong as ‘a whole’ is vile, regarding the church house being unsafe and incapable of adequate social distancing to flatten the spread of this pandemic.
      This ‘fallen’ world will be as undone as it is today, until Christ returns to rectify it, subdue it and rule it, for a 1000 years. As Christians what we can do is persevere, be an example of decency in the earth, as we follow the civil authorities, unless & until they demand us to deny Christ Jesus as Lord. That we can NEVER do. But staying away from gathering at the local church house for a few months will not prevail against Christ’s true universal church.
      We can look at this social distancing time as a way to place our FOCUS on The King of Everything Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our Faith. ?

  2. Evang. Roger Culwell

    I f I were to guess I would say that this is part of the reason this virus, and the people in charge of the panic and fear, are the main one responsible for what is going on right now, close churches that can save lives, but leave open what takes innocent lives, when God says he hates it, Prov. 6:17, how can we repent when most of the church are backing this horrible thing, we who are of the true church just have to ask forgiveness and maybe we can get the Lord to forgive us and have mercy on us, for allowing it to become law, and the rest will have to answer for themselves, when they stand before God, but it seems their agenda’s are allowed, but ours get in the way of their plans, what they seem to not know is our God can answer even if we are not in church, but what is so wrong is their breaking our Constitutional rights, therefore forcing their ways on us, and shutting down the church, which who knows if they will ever allow things to be the same again, if they have their way they will not be, time to REPENT AND TURN, and take a stand and speak out, and PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

  3. free73735

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    WoW! I’d better stop there…

  4. kingskid48

    This is one of those moments when my heart gets so heavy from a decision such as this, that I almost start wondering if it is just too late for America. Once more, we as a country, stick our finger in the eye of God, with this horrendous decision. What happened to America? Where did my America go? I do not know this country.

  5. David

    Excellent word, Mario. Thank you for thinking this through and sharing your insight with us!

  6. Shirley Securro

    As a Christian I do not believe in abortion. Yet, why are churches shutting down being compared to abortion clinics staying open? That is like comparing an apple to an orange. Abortion clinics should be shut down. Churches should be shut down. We are to avoid gatherings. Keep a safe distance of 6 feet from another. How can that happen in a church? A few churches have stayed open and 30 or 40 people in one church got the virus and 2 died. Disregard for the safety of others when these churches continue to fight government to stay open? Romans 13:1,2 – Obey the government for God is the one who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power so those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God and punishment will follow. I always taught the kids to obey: parents, teachers, and the law of the land per the Bible. I do not understand why these churches are complaining when it is the correct thing to do as it stirs people up.

    • Scott

      Its the idea of the Government deciding when the church can meet and when they can’t. Religious freedom and liberty came at a cost in this country and it’s foolish to give up the right to assemble as God calls us to do. More people are dying from suicides from Guns right now. Should the government take everybody’s guns away? So many people die fun drunk driving. Do the people cry to take away alcohol? Why is the virus any different? If you stand up for closed churches, then please don’t be a hypocritical and not stand up for the other issues.


    Thank you for your news letters I am sharing them with my friends keep them coming God is on the Thrown

  8. Nick E.

    Sadly, there are folks who claim to love Jesus, claim to be saved, go to church, and support charities that are pro-abortion. Is there anything more delusional, hypocritical and diabolical than this?

  9. Loyal Smith

    Thank you for hanging tough against socialist demonic ideals. and stay in leading by the HOLY SPIRIT

    On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 2:09 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I know where to find thousands of doctors > to help with the pandemic: shut down all the abortion clinics. Close > Planned Parenthood’s death rooms. Ask the physicians to save lives, instead > of taking them. Tell them to report for duty at the hospitals that a” >

  10. Barbara Ann Ronne

    This word is right on and thank you so much for posting it!

  11. Anna Robinette

    Governor Jim Justice State of West Virginia has ordered all elective surgeries and procedures to stop, which includes abortions, so to keep people from getting close unnecessarily to honor social distancing but, also, to free up supplies that are needed on the front lines of health care because of the COVID-19.

  12. Dwayne Desmarais

    Absolute truth! The Church is not addressing this issue, if they did, abortion would be a byword by now…Why are liquor stores deemed an essential business, and not a bakery? I often wonder if closing church buildings is causing a sigh of relief to many who attend, so they can get on with life uninterrupted…(I will repent for saying that later) Though the Church is still the most potent weapon God can use in these trying times, we have yet to see her step out of her complacency and confront the dire issues of our day. CONFRONTATION is not in her vocabulary.

    This crisis has a purpose specifically designed to weed out the pretender and to see who is truly standing for righteousness and justice, the foundations of God’s throne (Ps. 89:14) God has watched His bride remain silent and feckless in a number of issues that have saddened His heart. (We all know them, I need not post them) There may have been weak initial protests from time to time, but as a whole, the Church has failed miserably while wallowing in a “feel good” state directed by the Ring master in the pulpit! (Not all fit that category) I wondered where the ring masters went when Barnum & Bailey shut down…(I’ll repent of this later too) It’s a holy anger…

    As Mario illustrated in his book “Fire & Glory”, Charles Finney said that if the government runs amok, it is the pulpits fault…if the Church runs amok, it is the pulpits fault…(paraphrased) Where are the true leaders raising warriors for what lies ahead? Who in the ministry has discernment to know what is and is not of God? Many churches answer to this crisis by saying exactly what we should be doing in times of relative calm!! Weren’t we suppose to be doing this already? Is it because they do not have a divine strategy? Could it be most churches have no grid for the supernatural, and their ministries cater to the people rather than ministering to God? So they fall back on the playbook they learned in seminary?

    The failure to raise the saints for the purpose of ministry has resulted in forming an organized mob rather than a fire breathing, world changing Army!! A well known prophetic voice once said that if the leadership of the Church as a whole did not get back in line with what God was doing and let go of their pride and arrogance, He would remove their candlesticks. We are in that season! Many who disregarded the words of the prophets, watchmen and messengers, are now under the God’s fire and chastisement, because they failed to do what He asked them to do.

    If the Church were to be the divine governmental organism she was intended to be, she would not be in the background in these trying times. This soon will change! A remnant will arise in this hour who have been forged in the fire and will stand and fight for what is on God’s heart. The leadership will have divine authority and power from on high to lead this bold army into the battle for the soul of man. Mario (among others, including many nameless faceless) will be anointed on the soles of their feet to be champions doing mighty exploits in times of chaos. Many will fall in this hour, but many will rise in obedience. There is always chaos before a mighty move of God.

    If we do not learn anything from this crisis, we will see a deeper chastening, and a deeper one than that if we do not heed the message. God will have His way! Unless we REPENT as a Church, and as a nation, we will not see the blessings on the other side of this calling to come back to our first love…As Mario said in his talk with Lance Wallnau, that after this passes, he does not see how the Church can ever return to it’s light and airy Christianity…We will see how long it takes to wake up the Church. I heard in my spirit two weeks ago these words***My people have yet to feel the bite of what is transpiring, they believe it to be a “bump in the road” their coffers are relatively full at this time, but that will soon change*** Let us not wait until we have to hit bottom to realize we have sinned, and need to return in sackcloth and ashes, with humility and contrite hearts.

    ***Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it? Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that calamities and good things come? Why should the living complain when punished for their sins? Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord. Let us lift up our hearts and our hands to God in heaven and say: “We have sinned and rebelled and you have not forgiven*** (Lamentations 3:37-42) Be blessed…..><(("<

  13. Dwayne Desmarais

    PS…what troubles me the most, is this virus will run it’s course, as the Church basically hunkers down through the storm, doing little to tear down the principality that is feeding the strongman in this crisis, and eventually man will take credit for it’s demise and God will once again not see true repentance. Neither from the Church nor the world. Yes, millions are praying, but not for their rebellion, but for their comfort zone to return…(I will repent of that later)

    9/11 was devastating, but it took only a few short weeks for America to go back to “business as usual” remembering the tragedy year to year, as many do so out of courtesy. America has a short attention span. As we reminisce past crises that plagued us, we eventually will place this one in box in the back of our minds. We are hoping for a revival, or an awakening to rise in this time, but haven’t we done so in better times? Why do we have to wait for God’s blessing to pour out until He has come to a point where He need to chasten us?

    This may sound harsh, but often it is truth. Many liken God to a parent who seems to be angry at us, but will always give us a noogie, call us little curmudgeons and chuckle at our transgressions. I would rather say something and be absolutely wrong, than say nothing and be absolutely right! The fullness of what we are seeing has yet to take hold in many minds within the Church as well as the world. What baffles me is how quickly the Church accepted not to gather. It may be warranted, but at least we should of heard an outcry!

    If we obey the government so easily, what will they do the next time? Thomas Jefferson once said***A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have*** For years, we have been slowly losing our religious freedoms, while many seem not to care, or they are not aware! ***Hey! Food in the cupboard…beer in the fridge…favorite show on TV tonight…life’s good!*** The Church is broken, and needs fixing before we try to fix a broken world…This virus is a shot heard around the world, a wake up call of things to come. God loves us with an everlasting love, but He is also a righteous and just Judge…Let us seek Him while He still may be found… ><(("<




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