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Here’s what Obama tweeted yesterday: “We’ve seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can’t afford any more consequences of climate denial. All of us, especially young people, have to demand better of our government at every level and vote this fall.”

Barack Obama just accused Trump of killing Americans, when he accuses him of denying early warnings of a pandemic. But think with me: was it Donald Trump who denied the warnings, or was it the Democrats?

Fact: Early on, Trump banned flights from China. Immediately, Obama’s disciples screamed that Trump overreacted because of racism. Mr. Obama, may I ask you, “Tell me again: Who was in denial?”

Fact: As I wrote in an earlier blog, after Trump’s travel ban, the health director of Democrat-controlled New York City and Mayor Bill De Blasio both encouraged people to go out to restaurants and to gather in crowds! They especially defended going ahead with Chinese New Year celebrations, so they would ‘not look racist.’ This helped to spread the virus.

Barack, may I ask you a second question: “When you say we’ve seen the “consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic,” you were referring to the Democrat leaders of New York City, right?””

Today we were reminded of the mind numbing illogic peculiar to Obama and those who hate Trump. It goes like this:

  1. a) blame the current administration for the very thing we are guilty of doing wrong, and then we can take credit for what they are doing right [Remember, how he took credit for the Trump economy?]
  2. b) pontificate with high sounding words that say absolutely nothing
  3. c) cite not a single fact, and
  4. d) provide zero solutions for the problem.

Barack Obama’s words for today are ‘denial’ and ‘consequences.’ First he accused Trump (of course, we all know he meant Trump) of being responsible for denying warnings about the coronavirus. Then he accused Trump of the consequences of denying global warming—a subject that, right now, is on the mind of absolutely no one.

Obama can’t help being a walking public service announcement. When he spoke in Dallas at the funeral of the five police officers who were killed by a black shooter, he digressed from comforting the families to insert a cringe-worthy statement regarding the “African-American community that feels unfairly targeted by police and police departments…”

But today, the worst part did not come from Barack Obama, but from USA Today’s comment about Obama’s tweet: “Former President Barack Obama appeared to take a swipe at President Donald Trump’s initial skepticism of the coronavirus pandemic, a rare rebuff for a President who tends not to weigh in on the work of other Presidents.” How rich!

Rare rebuff? Since he left office, Obama has been blasting Trump openly here in America and overseas. Not to mention the Deep State he left behind—operatives who have sworn their undying allegiance to do everything possible to topple Trump. In its article, USA Today reminded us all that fake new still covers for Obama, no matter what.

Today, Obama again spoke. He spoke with all the dismissive, detached smugness that let him sleep like a baby through the Benghazi attack. He said what didn’t need to be said—in the way it shouldn’t have been said—at the worst possible time to say it.

The only part he got right was this: “All of us, especially young people, have to demand better of our government at every level and vote this fall.”  To that, I say, “Amen!”

Today, especially in the throes of the worst death toll of any day in this pandemic, we realize what a blessing it is that Barrack Obama is no longer President.




  1. Brent Carter

    Amen. Obama is nothing but a Jacob.

  2. megagenius


    • Sandra Douglas

      Well said: ”mind numbing illogic” for sure MARIO…thank you for your
      Consistent insightful truth-telling to keep us not only informed and inspired but to be unfaltering in our mission as
      Patriotic Christian Americans …..praying for our President daily and our great nation for Divine Protection and Wisdom which God has promised to give when we humbly ask ….United we stand against the abominators….?

      • Carolina

        Very effective remarks Mario.
        So Barack Obama just couldn’t resist joining in with the others who are always looking for a scape goat. Sad.
        My question now that Louisiana is on fire with the pandemic, is why on earth did they still have their “business as usual” Mardi Gras? In late February we all knew this virus was dangerous, moving and spreading. Now Louisiana is a hotbed of COVID-19. What was their local government thinking??
        And what on God’s green earth does climate change (I call it the Go Green Scheme) have to do with anything relevant to the daunting invisible enemy called biological viruses.
        One thing we do know that happens to be relevant, is that this COVID-19 thing, doesn’t like warmer weather, and yet Louisiana is warmer, humid and wetter than coronavirus usually flourishes in. They said they thought coronavirus thrived in cold temperatures.
        Nobody really knows that much about this thing yet!
        And our current American President is doing as well or better than other leaders around the world, to try to figure it out.

    • Sandra Douglas

      Well said: ”mind numbing illogic” for sure MARIO…thank you for your
      Consistent insightful truth-telling to keep us not only informed and inspired but to be unfaltering in our mission as
      Patriotic Christian Americans …..praying for our President daily and our great nation for Divine Protection and Wisdom which God has promised to give when we humbly ask ….United we stand against the abominators….?

  3. megagenius

    Correction: MURILLO

    • lonesomedove


      • megagenius

        It’s obvious you have a thorn in your rear end with a hidden agenda that is driving you with a sinister sarcasm. I don’t engage with someone like you who seems threatened by a single word. I can’t help your deep insecurity and dark loneliness. Maybe you should get an education so you will view yourself in a more stable way. Then you won’t be a puzzle in a mystery wrapped in an enigma. EH???

  4. susanrobb2870

    Truth! Glorious Truth! ✨✨✨??????✝️✝️?? God is prevailing!
    Light , overcoming darkness!
    GOD WON with President Trump’s election!✅
    Thanking God as we stand in the gap… until it closes- completely!
    Eyes, open! In Jesus Name!
    Shine- on brother!✨✨✨✨✨✨

  5. Sandra Douglas

    Thank you ….so good!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. barefootronko

    CNN interviewed a paramedic from New Jersey yesterday, and she told John Burman that people aren’t going to the hospital when they need too. She said that most times when they show up on a cardiac case, it’s too late, and she wasn’t sure if the non corona related deaths were being reported seperately!

    Reminds me of Westmoreland and Viet Nam casualties!

  7. James Rennie

    Mario, we need to run you for public office. You would do great.

  8. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Climate change, really played apart in this didn’t it, he is the main reason for the weakness in the Church and the nation he set up the way for this system that is running in the church and nation, tolerance, and silence, that has pretty much killed both, and has disarmed the church, and set a people in place trying to do away with the church, there has never been one man who has done as much harm to this nation as him, and still doing it, he is the one running this coup, he is the one behind the Russian col. the impeachment, and my guess the panic of this virus mess, its all his system, his bought out news media, and others, its all in his DNA as President, and I pray it all comes out, it doesn’t matter how bad the virus, the shutting down of America will do more damage, because they’re making the virus bigger than it is, if we do not pray harder than we ever have, soon people will start losing it, they have bills to pay, food to buy, Meds to buy, and the pressure will soon get to them, and some will go crazy, I say many more can trust God through virus than when it comes to money, some will lose it, BUT ISN’T THAT REALLY THEIR PLAN, so when you point that finger at Mr. Trump, theres tree more pointing back at you and much more hiding behind that smirk, they have a major plan working here right now, to destroy the church and nation. Be Blessed

  9. Mark Stripling

    The news media remind me of the people of Acts 12:22 after Herod spoke: “It is the voice of a god, and not of a man.” This man is a Godless, murderous, deceitful, America hating, divisive, loser. He hates Trump for dismantling his treacherous “legacy” of regulations and destruction. But to the media, he is still their only god. Remeber how one said, “Show me someone who believes in Noah’s Ark and I’ll show you a Trump voter.” Today is truly their favorite day: “Show me a media person, and I’ll show you an April Fool.” The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”

  10. Charles schott

    Spot on AGAIN, Pastor Murillo! Obama will go down as the worst President in our Nation’s history. People are discovering who he really is. I prayed that God would not let him perish without accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Hope this happens soon.

  11. Danny Lake

    Mario: Very well stated. I could feel the anger towards Obama and his minions rise up in me while reading your blog. It’s a shame in one sense but in another all of these haters and liars are being exposed. Thank you for being honest with your flock.

  12. Greg Dean

    The problem is that too many on the left have allowed their hatred guide them. And much of that hatred is aimed at G-D and those who are godly. Look at how NYC is treating observant Jews.

    The Adversary has pushed too hard, too far. Now there is a reaction to that. This crisis has wiped out much of what the Adversary had planned. People are turning to G-D, to faith. The young are learning to appreciate human contact over that of technology. The world has changed.

  13. Lanny

    Climate change? The green new deal will be what we are experiencing now! And people complain about a temporary economic setback. This will last for decades with the green new deal.

  14. kingskid48

    Obama reminds us every time he opens his mouth, how lucky we are that he is no longer president. What a hypocrite! But then, all of those democrats are hypocrites. The absolute gall they have to accuse our President of the very things they are doing themselves is just staggering. And how rich is it that Obama is crowing now about “climate change” shortly after buying a mansion on the beach? What a fraud he is. Yet, there are so many poor souls still carrying his water and hanging on every word he says. He IS running a shadow government a few miles from the White House. Don’t kid yourselves. We are not rid of him yet. He is heading this effort to bring Trump down. Letting poor old Joe make an absolute fool of himself before the nation so that he can be the puppet for the leftist powers that be. And shame on Joe’s wife and sons for going along with it. If Joe does make it to the White House, the enormity of the country’s problems will destroy him. Where is their conscience? It’s a strange time we live in. Thank God we have a strong person at the helm.

  15. Lisa Smith

    Pastor Murillo Your comments are thought-provoking

  16. Jim Taylor

    The devil, using the deep state and all other resources in his tool kit are going nuts in an effort to stop what the LORD would do through Donald Trump. There are similar ‘words’ from different prophets that IF Donald Trump follows a certain direction from the LORD and IF My PEOPLE will …… we all know the rest, then the US could be a beacon unto the world and see the harvest come in. There also seems to be the underlying caution, that the harvest will come in, in any case, however the whole conditions under which that happens could be not so rosy for the USA. Again, IMHO it is still up to GOD’s people, who hopefully are being prepared during this time of ‘isolation’ for a unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit upon ALL flesh. AMEN

  17. Grace Bristol

    Please arrest him for all his treason now and place him in Gitmo with his friends there until trial…Arrest Hillary too. It is time!!!!!

  18. mary moore

    Thank you !!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  19. James R Lowell Jr

    How interesting that he takes Pres Trump to task for ignoring man-made climate change. The doctors tell us that heat kills the virus. So global warming should be beneficial; shouldn’t we encourage more use of fossil fuels?

  20. lonesomedove

    Mario, I’m glad you are able to handle all the adulation and give the glory where it belongs. Amen

    • mariomurilloministries

      Thank you for praying for me. Jonathan Edwards said, “A true saint is suspicious of nothing more than their own heart.”




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