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Nancy Pelosi held up relief for Americans until she got money for art. Then she turned around and likened President Trump to the Emperor Nero “fiddling while Rome burned”, something that historians believe never really happened. And her accusations are likewise, also made up. Her actual words were, “As the President fiddles, people are dying.” and “Don’t fiddle while people die, Mr. President.”

I will soon explain why that insane remark has gone unpunished.

Pelosi is also deflecting scrutiny away from the fact that it is the Democrat leadership who has acted with callous disregard toward the American people during this coronavirus pandemic. As with the made-up ‘Russia collusion’, and the Ukrainian ‘quid pro Joe’, once again, they are accusing Trump of the very things they are guilty of.

I need to make some points very clear. The first point is the madness of ‘not wanting to look racist’. Democrats both delayed action and fought needed action, because they ‘didn’t want to look racist’. This delirium of ‘wokeness,’ finally, is looking as crazy as it should have looked, all along.

This Covid-19 outbreak should have taught us the madness of open borders, forced diversity, and globalism. But, no: both Bernie and Biden wanted the borders to remain open. And, to this day, neither have advocated for closing them.

They attacked Trump for his travel ban on China, accusing him of racism and xenophobia. Not only this, but after the travel ban, both the health director of Democrat controlled New York City and mayor Bill Di Blasio encouraged people to go out to restaurants and gather in crowds! They especially defended going ahead with Chinese New Year celebrations, so they would ‘not look racist’. This helped spread the virus, and now New York is the hottest hotspot in the nation, with huge numbers infected.

The other point is about Trump hatred. The Left say anything they want against Trump without punishment. No slander is off limits—no question is too stupid, or loaded—no lie is too great, and no accusation too outlandish. Worst of all, no national crisis is too great to shut them up. As long as it is about Trump, it is allowed. And because the news media is in on this practice, journalism is dead in America. 

When it was reported that America was first in the world, leading it with the most cases of coronavirus, Hillary showed her hatred of both Trump and Americans when she tweeted, “Well, he promised, ‘America first’” That obscene remark was widely condemned. But notice how she has not apologized for it. That is because she knows she doesn’t have to, after all, the media will cover for her. Can you imagine that being said about anyone else but Trump?

We are in a national crisis. America historically has put aside partisan malice, and has always rallied behind the Commander in Chief.  Not this time. Hatred for Trump is so sociopathic that even obstructing the President’s efforts to save American lives is allowed. They dragged their feet because they hate him, then they accuse him of dragging his feet, because they hate him.

I am begging America today to see this evil. Ask yourself, “Am I just as guilty of hating Trump as these politicians and leftist journalists are? Is there such a thing as going too far?” “Can any nation survive this kind of hatred?”

But why do they hate him so? They hate him because he won. They hate his victory so much it blinds them to everything else including the pandemic. The idea that he won and keeps on winning dismays them.

That they want to attack him more than they want to attack the coronavirus should utterly outrage you. What else must they do before you realize they are not just Trump’s enemy…they are yours. May God grant us the will to rise to our sacred duty to defeat this virus. And may God grant us the resolve to remember in November who these people are and strip them of their power to hurt us again.


    • Mike Chubick

      Jesus said, the accuser has nothing in me. Jesus had no entity nor tool of divisive attacks. He made no place for the devil.

      • Carolina

        The Leftist poster child Bill Mar believes, “recession is ‘worth it’ if Trump loses in 2020”!…let the economy fail if it means we get rid of Trump’.

        I would be APPALLED by Mrs Clinton’s statements and Pelosi’s deep dark concern for the arts, entertainment, all things Hollywood and the Go Green scheme, jammed into the COVID-19 bill, “if” I hadn’t already known what kind of people these really are.
        Their insanity knows NO bounds and is just being manifested *again* in public view, for all those who were still sitting the side-lines of wisdom and understanding.
        NOW, those who defied the intrinsic knowledge that these kind of people are insane, deranged and a clear & present danger to America and all of the global community.
        These side-liners ? NOW have no excuse to ignore the American Democrat leadership’s blatant mental illness.
        The question❓the undecided side-liners must face today is…

        “Do I, do we, still actually want to affiliate with a political party that is thrilled by infanticide,?mass elderly deaths, ☠️ zeal for economic melt down, ? and enthusiasm for immoral perpetuity.?

        These deeply disturbed individuals cannot even use the english language properly?
        The fact that they would rather be “woke”? than ‘awakened’ ? is a clarion message to us all.

      • Gloria Guillen

        I’m sorry to hear that leftist are mad and upset about the victory of Trumps election and these so called democratic party will stir and stew their evil ways against the American people. However, we must stand by out president and that God will punish the hatred and CONTEMPT that they have against Trump will cease by November and vote the ones that are so obsessed against Trump. In God we trust.

      • Dan Bradburn

        My prayer for years is for God to strip the Democratic party of power! Forever.

    • David Marco

      There is a lot of evidence that Trump’s opponents are guilty of heinous crimes against children. Trump’s record is that his admin has done far more about human trafficking that the previous 5 admins combined. Far more.
      Those who scream the loudest are usually the most guilty.
      The Left’s reaction is far more than a different political opinion.

    • Michael MacLean

      There is going to be a Trump reelection rally next week. We need volunteers.
      Bernie has already signed up. We’re waiting to hear back from Hillary. Who can help out?

  1. Roger weeks

    My wife and I have been fighting this fight, long before Donald Trump became President. Praying interceding, receiving from the Lord what great things he was going to do for this nation through and with President Trump. But more than that toward the end of Obamas last term. The Lord revealed he wasn’t through with America, that he would restore her even California. In every aspect healing deliverance provision and where man thought the were kings and rulers he would throw them down and take his land back, that America is his. But California, the one they thought was their’s He will take back, take it from wicked hands heal and restore it. Not for man to glory and go back to their own pursuits. But to seek and know him.

  2. Elizabeth

    Ok. So now what? These socialists are destroying us. While we do….what? Continue to take it? Why are you leaders not leading us to get rid of these people who are more of a threat than their disease they created? Im soooo sick of hearing how awful they are without anyone getting in trouble!! If the general public acted so evil we’d be put in prison without parole!!!

  3. megagenius

    Democrats are ALWAYS LIARS, EVIL BEASTS, SLOW BELLIES. You just can’t teach stupid. Like a cancer, you have to rip it out by the roots to get rid of it. These clowns are worse than animals and have actually replaced the demons. The demons are now begging for deliverance. THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL AND THEY WILL SURELY FALL.

  4. RS

    Maybe, just maybe they hate him because he stands for God, the Constitution, and America… ?
    And then, of course, there are those goats who hate him because he isn’t “perfect” like they are….?
    (He’s not nicknamed “The Wrecking Ball” for no reason! God is not mocked, and He’s had enough!)
    For ‘such a time as this’, Mr President, you have my vote once again!

    • Shirley Shumard

      Yes! I’ve known for a few years that President Trump was Voted in for such a time as this and because he’s not afraid as well as is bringing back the America we’ve bee known for ! “In God We Trust”!?? He’s doing a great job!??? And God chose Him!

  5. Michael MacLean

    God Bless America and President Trump for what he does for this nation.

  6. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Amen, time and time again they prove their hatred for the President and the nation, and when will we open our eyes and see, some say they see but stand for evil and sin and claim to be of God, what we stand for, shows whom we really stand for, Yahweh does not stand for evil and sin nor back an evil people, blind but yet they say they see, Jhn 9:39 And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.

    Jhn 9:40

    And some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words, and said unto him, Are we blind also?

    Jhn 9:41

    Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remains.[ a people who will not see but yet some claim to be of Christ and they can see, but they back evil, the two do not fit, their action show whom they stand for, we need to wake up, the enemy is deceiving many.] Be Blessed

  7. waibera mahamba

    Thank you for this powerful message and may God continue to bless your ministry

    Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste

    Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo

    On Mon, Mar 30, 2020, 5:27 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Nancy Pelosi held up relief for Americans > until she got money for art. Then she turned around and likened President > Trump to the Emperor Nero “fiddling while Rome burned”, something that > historians believe never really happened. And her accusations are li” >

  8. Stephen Muzick

    The Democrats hate the truth. Anytime you point out the truth they call you a racist. That is how you know you are winning, when the real truth is attacked. I believe Pelosi wanted all those pork barrel additions to the COVID-19 bill because she knew Trump would veto it. But, the attack didn’t work because it was thwarted before it even got off the ground. People are starting to see through who these people really are. You are spot on Mario. Once again, I believe what the Democrats tried to do to America through this virus is going to blow up in their faces and not only will Trump win big but God is going to win big as well. God bless Trump, Mario Murillo, and America.

  9. Gloria Guillen

    Vote the democratic party out of office. Pelosi. Schumer etc.

  10. Pat Busch

    I see the evil! It is so obvious that the Trump haters also hate Americans. I am saddened by the lack of support for our president. God put him in charge for such a time as this! Thank you for your spiritual perspective! I pray!

  11. Michael S. Mathis

    I believe the real reason the democrats and some republicans and powerful people in the world hate Trump is the fact that he knows their evil involvement in human trafficking/children sex trafficking. He knows about their coup against him from before he took office. They know he knows everything about their plans to destroy this country from within! Trump knows and justice is coming and many of these high profile people will receive justice for their crimes, so that is why they hate him! Their goose is cooked and many are headed to capitol punishment!

    • V Were

      Correct Michael that is exactly why they hate him. It is almost like a game of chess with Gods hand over Trumps, he seems to be one jump ahead of them, i am waiting for checkmate.

  12. Sandra Rose

    Amen Mario! Keep speaking the truth my precious & much appreciated brother! Here, at Shekinah Worship Center, we have ur back! ??

  13. T Larry Humphrey

    Please put a link on your emails to share on Facebook. These messages are so true we need to share to all Americans

  14. Don Nichols

    Do you know church going folks that vote for democrats? Because their families have always vote for them. When asked how they can vote for the ticket that condones and even helps the abortion industry, their reason (?) is that they don’t agree with that but will vote democrat and against our President. Keep sending God’s truth.

  15. kingskid48

    Well, hold on, Folks, because they are not done pulling tricks. I’m reading an incredible book by Tom Horn, called The Saboteurs. Carl Gallups writes part of the book. All the things we have been suspecting about Obama, the UN, globalists, all of them..are true. Their motives are not good. We absolutely have to get as many of them voted out as possible to hold off what the devil wants to do through them. But we know, that we are heading into end times, and there will be a global government and a one-world leader. Gallups lays out clearly the motives behind the open borders and all their radical agenda, and why they so hate Donald Trump. It isn’t just because he lost to Hillary and totally humiliated her with the way he won. They have a definite agenda to implement certain things by 2030, and one of them is the “biometric identification” of every person on Planet Earth. They did not count on this brash billionaire coming in and disrupting all their carefully devised plans. The media have all sold their souls in support of these terrible people and that is why the msm constantly lies about Trump, fabricating ridiculous stories and spewing them over and over again. That is why Pelosi & Co. constantly accuse Trump of the very things that they themselves are doing. They know that at least half the country is ill-informed and will believe them and attempt to influence others on internet threads. We encounter these people on a daily basis. No matter what President Trump does or says to save lives in this country, and try to save the country, they will twist it and lie and throw insults and accusations in his face. They have no respect. They “speak evil of dignities”. They are “wandering stars” and “clouds without water”. Unless they repent, their future is not bright. We are living in very interesting times, and we have to realize, that when this virus is finally conquered, they have much more up their sleeves. If there was ever a time to walk closely with our Lord, it is now. Stand strong, Saints.

    • Wordfortheworld

      Well said, Kingskid48, well said. This is the most compacted rendition of the large scale plan of the enemy, whose name is not worthy to print. Mario is so right about the wake-up call to the Body of Christ, the WORLD NEEDS THE BODY OF CHRIST TO WAKE UP AND EXHIBIT SIGNS AND MIRACLES DONE IN THE NAME OF GOD’S HOLY CHILD, JESUS. THE WORLD IS GROANING LOOKING FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD TO COME FORTH, IN DEMONSTRATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Quit being conformed by the press of the world’s floodwaters, rather be transformed by the renewing of your minds to God’s Word which is powerful, sharper than any 2edged sword, able to discern the intents of heart, as well as divide soul from spirit, bone from marrow.
      As for me and my house, in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, we call coronavirus/Covid19 dead. What do you call it?

    • V Were


  16. George Obregon

    Brother Mario, I enjoy reading your spiritual analysis each time I receive your newsletter in my inbox, but could you reduce the sizes of your jpeg images of democrats by 50-percent?

    I don’t like looking at their images whilst I read your cutting-edge analysis, and if I want to print your analysis I have to print those horrible democrat images.

    /Silicon Valley Regards [image: geo-vo_thumb.jpg]

    On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 9:32 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Nancy Pelosi held up relief for Americans > until she got money for art. Then she turned around and likened President > Trump to the Emperor Nero “fiddling while Rome burned”, something that > historians believe never really happened. And her accusations are li” >

    • mariomurilloministries

      George, you just won the award for the most original request–asking for a 50% reduction in images of Dems. I love it! I will see what I can do. -Mario

    • Glen Kippel

      Copy and paste the article to Word and reduce or remove any pix you don’t like.

  17. Colleen C.

    So thankful for you Mario, and your willingness to speak out on what is right. We agree with you 100% on all you have spoken about the democrats and President Trump. Praying God blesses you mightily for your willingness to stand up against evil.

    • Michael MacLean

      Very well said. AMEN

    • Samuel Oyelade

      Pastor Mario, even though I am a still pretty New in this country, I can see the reality on ground better than than many so called American Christians. I came into this great land towards the tail end of Obama’s administration. America was not what I expected it to be….so many questions I kept asking people I come across with, as regards the evil in a land tagged “God’s own country”. No one could give me an answer. I didn’t see God anywhere especially in California I reside. Infact, I was driven out of the park one time just because I was seen praying and singing unto the Lord. I couldn’t overcome the sadness of the fact that nobody will answer me when I greet them “merry Christmas”.
      I couldn’t just fathom the basis of these anti-God problems until Trump was elected. Thereafter, I begin to receive answers to my numerous questions and it became crystal clear to me that the Democrats are the enemies of America.
      May the Lord continue to bless you with wisdom and courage to challenge the evil in our land. I am also doing that in my own little way through my Facebook page and will continue to support our president Inspite of the harrassment and insult I receive almost everytime!
      Remain blessed!

  18. Lisa M

    I am praying for President Trump on a daily basis. But he also continually brings divisiveness to our country with his many falsehoods and bravado. And other Christian leaders and their followers are just as negative and divisive as well. There are Godly Democrats and Republicans and the reverse is true as well. But the vitriol against Democrats in these comments is truly heartbreaking. I’m always going to pray for the president and accept God’s plan, but it’s frustrating to see Christians accept the president, hook, line, and sinker. He does and says things that truly shame me as a true believer, especially when nonbelievers I know are struggling to understand a God who would allow this man to become president. There is an inordinate amount of hypocrisy on the side of Republicans (like me) as well. He’s not blameless in all of this and needs to take accountability for his role in this crisis and so many others. The scripture says that we are forgiven when we confess our sins. I pray that one day President Trump will truly become the humble, introspective man of God that I long to see. I will stand behind him and our country in prayer until then.

    • Jenn

      Thank you for your well thought reply. I have been thinking the same. I agree with the premise of the article, that the left hates him because he won. I believe he is a Christian in name only but, and this is what’s important-he has publicly supported Christian issues. He is divisive with his comments, childishly calling people names. He doesn’t need anything they have so he goes after them. The hate has infiltrated both the far left and far right and we don’t need anything more than this to divide our country. Covid-19 won’t take us down, terrorists won’t take us down, weapons of mass destruction won’t take us down. Our hatred of each other, the divisiveness, that’s what will ruin the US. Think about it.

  19. Sam

    Lisa, finally a voice of sanity. Post ur response to Facebook please.

  20. D. Kraft

    I do believe politicians, the mainstream media, and other leftists hate him because he won and thwarted their leftist agenda. But I also believe there is so much hidden corruption and evil going on behind the scenes that they’re terrified President Trump and his administration will expose them and their corruption!

  21. Gaila Gale

    Right On Mario! I’m reminded of 2 Thess. 2:11-12… And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. I’m afraid they have sold their souls to the devil…isn’t that what happens when you allow hatred to take over your minds and hearts?




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