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Can you recall any of the superficial sermons that were preached by celebrity preachers just a few weeks ago? If so, you must realize that preaching that stuff now would come off as banal and inappropriate enough to cause you to cringe. Back then, under the influence of that type of preaching, many believed life was just a bowl of cherries, and their toughest test was wondering how long it would take God to refill the bowl. Now they are believing for toilet paper.

Those warm and fuzzy sermonettes became useless for life during a pandemic.

Many are jobless. Many have loved ones who are sick. Their children are home from school and falling behind. The eateries, stores, and coffee shops they took for granted are now either closed or will only hand you stuff through the door. And the churches they used to attend are worshiping online.

They stare out the window at a strange new world with no idea how bad it’s going to get, and if or when things will return to normal.  Coronavirus has destroyed their theological innocence.

Many are not only done with those motivational pep talks, they have thrown the baby out with the bath water. They are turning away from their faith and trust in a loving God.

The other extreme this outbreak has led to is the number of believers who now hate the faith-prosperity message. They hate it so much that they are rooting for this virus to cause that message to become extinct. And they are every bit as dangerous as the New Age celebrity pastors.

The Holy Spirit has given me a warning to pass on to every child of God. You had a dream. You had a vision. You were just about to start college, start a business, get married, start a family, write a book, build a building, get a patent on a new invention, or launch out in vibrant ministry for Christ. Then the world seemed to come to an end.

The Bible, and your God-given vision and dream are not beholden to human circumstances. The Book that contains the accounts of people who stopped plagues, raised the dead, and blinded armies isn’t going to cut you any slack. DO NOT THROW TOMORROW AWAY.

Now, the present reality is screaming at you that none of those dreams will ever come true. They say you must downgrade your hopes and dreams to a “new normal.” You must adapt to a shadow existence. That is a lethal lie from the pit of hell! I want this blog to be the electrode paddles that will kick-start your visionary heart once again.


Do you honestly think that God didn’t know this was coming when He gave you that vision, idea, commission, or calling?  God didn’t just sit down and say, “Oh well, My child, I guess I won’t be able to do what I called you to do. I never factored in this virus thing.”

Furthermore, just because some have abused the truths of Faith and Provision, that does not change the truth about Faith and Provision. Romans 3:3 asks a burning question, “What if some were unfaithful? Does their faithlessness nullify the faithfulness of God?”

Giving up on faith because of the virus is like losing faith in your gun because a burglar got in your house. This crisis doesn’t mean our faith doesn’t work—this is what our faith is for!

Kenneth Hagin did not get his revelation of the faith message during an economic boom. He got it in the depths of the Great Depression. Hagin saw faith intervene in a time of grinding poverty.

Alexander Dowie didn’t launch his healing ministry when divine healing was all the rage. He did it after the bubonic plague killed 40 members of his church. After he launched his healing ministry, no one else died in his church, and an international ministry was born.

I remember when circumstances and outward appearances caused a great evangelist I knew to back off from an important part of his message. Over dinner he told me, “Mario, the poverty was so great in the Philippines that I couldn’t preach prosperity.” I corrected him by asking, “Would you also not preach healing because they were too sick?”

Don’t you dare throw tomorrow away! Joshua 3:5 is your verse: “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will work wonders among you.”

What does ‘sanctify’ mean? It means clean up your act! This is not a time to be stunned by events. It’s time to train, prepare, pray, study and write the vision plainly so you can run with it. Fan the fading embers back into a roaring flame.

This crisis will go away. What will never go away is the regret of what you might have done for God if you hadn’t thrown it away. DO NOT THROW AWAY TOMORROW!



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  1. Mahamba Wa-ibera

    God is building The body of Christ that had been divided by denomination.

    So I believe that the Church will grow according to God’s will.

  2. megagenius

    There is hope for a tree. If it is cut down, at the scent of water it will grow back again! Cast not away your confidence which has great recompense of reward.

  3. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Well said brother: we always have hope, and why should we lose faith, we did this by allowing evil and sin to go wild not only in the world BUT IN THE CHURCH GODS HOUSE, WE ALLOWED IT TO BECOME A HOUSE OF ABOMINATION IN SOME AREA, AND GOD IS PURIFYING HIS CHURCH, They have set out to try and stop any healing by shutting down the church so it can’t lay hands on any one, what difference does it make if a virus kills people or the panic finally causes the people to start killing, THE ANSWER IS JESUS CHRIST AND THE CHURCH, we have just been fed the sweets and no meat, and the people are not strong enough to stand, some of us have been shouting we are not READY, they been fed powdered milk, and cake and ice cream, and they have no strength in their bodies, they were not built on the firm foundation of the solid rock Jesus Christ, and then were not taught the Apostles teachings, they were told it was about stuff, instead of seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added, they kicked out the Holy Spirit and Fire our teacher and guide, and with ou him theres no comforter, [which is why the fear is so great, they allowed evil and sin even in the church, and God doesn’t, and then have the gaul to blame God when this happened, as you sow so shall you reap, and we sowed a mountian of corruptable seed, and we are reaping the harvest, God is calling the real followers back to him, this is a wake up call to REPENT AND TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS, JESUS CHRIST CHURCH IS PURE AND TRUE, AND ONLY THE ONES ANCHORED AND GROUNDED IN HIM WILL SURVIVE THIS, WITH OUT MUCH DAMAGE, THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO LOSE HOPE BUT TO WAKE UP AND TURN TO GOD LIKE NEVER BEFORE] Strange that the first thing they shut down was the church, was it because they do not want people healed to spread hope that the church brings, which would turn many to Christ, because he is the only hope for a lost and dying world, but they are even trying to take that hope, because a people who see hope do not panic and lose it, I still believe this will spark a mighty Revival, but the enemy is doing his best to stop it, don’t stop dreaming don’t lose hope, our God has never lost a battle, the people have when sin was in the camp, COULD THERE LIE THE TROUBLE SIN IN THE CAMP, Jos. 7:9 when they have made the church a mockery and a house of harlots and other gods, you can count on a price to be paid, but this is the day where God does not punish or correct according to some, he allows sin and evil, and all the corruptions and lies as the world passes over as the new church, only trouble is it is the worlds church not Gods, or Jesus Christ, they made a Jesus in their image who allows sin and abortions and same-sex marriage, which is forbidden in the word of God and Jesus is the word, so something has to wake the people up, he is just waiting on the true people to come forth as he shows the fake and phonies, I said not long ago the mega-church leaders who did not turn and give Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit back control would fall, I had no idea what would lie in store just a few months later, its time for the true church of Jesus Christ to come forth not the church of the POB or the man made system but the true Church of the Living God Yahweh and Jesus Christ the true bride to come forth with her lamps full of oil, you see so many have empty lamps but the good news is they can still be filled if they turn to God and Repent, Jesus has not come back yet that means theres still time to make things right, the question is will we make things right or blame God and turn away, its far better to REPENT and go to heaven than blame God and go to hell, when after all this is just a way to get you straighten up, and come back to him, its all up to us, he is waiting for us to REPENT AND TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS, do we hear the wake up call, if you do not you are deaf, we are not READY PEOPLE FOR CHRIST RETURN OR FOR WHAT IS COMING OR NOW HERE, DID YOU BUILD UPON THE SOLID ROCK FOUNDATION IF YOU DID YOU HAVE HOPE AND YOU KNOW IT, but some are at a total loss because they built on other things, and those other things are crumbling, like a house of cards, and the answer is simple turn to Jesus Christ and REPENT, this is only the end if we do not REPENT AND PRAY, then all you end time prophets can sell your books, but if it comes right now we allowed it, through our complaincy and laziness, to do as God has said, its all in our hands, satan can only do his job at such a high rate if we do not do ours, for we the church are his restraining order, we the church of the true living God are everything to this world, we decide by our laziness to not pray and vote and stand by who God puts in office, on how bad things get down here, and we have done a good job at doing nothing, just look what we got now, by allowing sin and evil, BUT WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN A CHANCE TO REPENT AND TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS, BUT ARE WE GOING TO OR NOT, ITS NOT UP TO GOD ITS UP TO US, HE LEFT US INCONTROL DOWN HERE, AND WE DECIDE ON HOW BAD IT GETS AND WHEN, IF WE PRAY AND DO AS WE SHOULD WE CAN PUT THE END OFF, BUT IF WE DO NOT, THEN THE END IS HERE, ITS ALL UP TO US, NOW DO WE WANT TO REPENT OR NOT? but as long as we repent and pray theres HOPE AND YOU CAN STILL DREAM. Be Blessed

    • Donna Roberts Lerlie

      If God be for us, then who can be against us. His promises come to pass when we with faith as big as a mustard seed wait for them. That mustard seed has to now grow. We no longer have time to be foolish but wise as the signs of the times are accelerating.

      • Evang. Roger Culwell

        amen sis.

  4. Susan

    One only needs to think like a farmer.

  5. Trevor2

    The only certain future is obedience to the Holy Spirit and his plan. Throw away your own plans and ideas of stability and build your house on the rock which for me never appears to be a rock but always is. When we are walking in obedience our ways and our circumstances become anything but predictable.

    I had an experience about a year ago where I was looking for a job. All these people around me that were interviewing me etc. all had stable mid-six figure jobs, assets, investments, etc. I was doing my best in interviews to explain my seemingly nonsensical career path and life thanks to walking in obedience to God. During this time I received a clear revelation that they were the ones who’s lives are on unstable ground and one big wave can take them under, but God had me. I think God led me down that’s path for a while just to show me that.

    I of course ultimately ended up in some other seemingly random place and uncertain job. On top of that God is leading me to undertake a fight that is seemingly career suicide to start off with. My biggest advantage is I don’t have a career, reputation, or money to worry about losing so I will make short work of this Jezebel/principality. That is what my rock looks like.

    • megagenius

      Yeah… The Rock looks like this: A Kingdom that can not be shaken. We MUST through MUCH tribulation enter the Kingdom.

  6. Mark Stripling

    Hopefully people have had a glimpse of what really matters. Dak Prescott won’t throw a football on 16 Sundays a year for less than 40 million? I am done forever even caring about professional sports. My heroes are those keeping grocery stores open, Walmart staff helping us TRY to find toilet paper, medical staff continuing to help the sick, etc. All risking their lives for us! If this does not rearrange our priorities, then the next move will be much more severe! Last night we participated in an hour and a half conference call with several ministry leaders to pray and intercede for our world, for prisoners, prison staff, for those affected by this virus, and for world repentance and revival. We will use whatever resources technology will allow for the time being.

    • Kim

      Mark, would you please include psychiatric hospitals and workers in your prayers? They must continue as usual to face abuse, injury and now sickness every day. Thank you.

  7. RL Perrin

    Again another word from God through Mario. It’s time for us to stop looking at our lives for what we need and look at our brothers and sisters lives to help them.

  8. Brother Fred

    I like that Mario, this is what our faith is for…AMEN!!!
    Times like this will tell us whether we actually have faith. We need to stand now and be a witness to the faithfulness of our God.

  9. Tyler Garth

    Thank you for the book! Well worth the read. I believe it speaks the heart of many saints of God and the bird and they’ve been carrying for some time regarding the church in America. Thank you for getting it out. Thank you for the encouragement to press in! Praise the Lord

    • Tyler Garth

      That was supposed to say burden not bird

  10. kingskid48

    I agree, if we throw away our hope, we throw away tomorrow. This virus is going to pass and we will learn a lot from it. We need to continue to pray that God will be glorified in the stopping of this thing. I don’t want to see them try to say that it was, “nothing”, after all, because the worst of the worst did not happen. The worst won’t happen because of all the cautionary things that are being implemented, as difficult as it is for many people and businesses. Also, because of the constant prayers of God’s people. The same thing happened with Y2K. People keep saying it was, “nothing”. Well, it would have been a big, “something”, if the big banks and businesses had not spent hundreds of millions of dollars fixing the problem they were being warned was coming, and at least, some Christians were praying about. Let’s do all we can do, pray and trust God, and don’t be presumptuous of His Grace and protection.

  11. Terry Lynn Wooley

    I feel that that is cleaning out the modern lukewarm church. The do nothing tickle your ears mega churches that are more concerned about what type of coffee is to be served rather than saving lost souls. I feel that God wants to baptize us with a “fresh fire” but it will be in small groups of believers. The bible studies that people hold in their homes, the small churches with humble pastors who don’t believe their own press. the travelling tent revival evangelists who mourn and cry out for the Holy Spirit to draw sinners to the altar. After all, Jesus didn’t have a building. He travelled from town to town and preached out in the open. The Holy Spirit is about to move in a way that we have never experienced before.

  12. Jeanne Hicks

    Send me a link where I can make a contribution to your ministry v

  13. danielhemenway

    This guy is good!

    On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 2:14 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Can you recall any of the superficial > sermons that were preached by celebrity preachers just a few weeks ago? If > so, you must realize that preaching that stuff now would come off as banal > and inappropriate enough to cause you to cringe. Back then, under t” >




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