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Something is coming and the church is not ready. In recent days God has been trying to warn the American church about what is coming, but, what have we done with these warnings?

I heard one preacher exclaim, “Teaching that anything bad is coming, is defeatism.” He refused to give his children a defeatist world view. What he thinks is love is the ultimate abuse. His children will not be ready.

It’s not as if God hasn’t warned the American church that perilous times are coming. One choice instrument was David Wilkerson. Many listened to his predictions, but many others wrote him off as an angry prophet.

I dare you to reread his words, go back and watch his videos, they are still on YouTube. David will come across completely different to you now. Now that libraries are bringing in drag queens to read to children. Now that abortion is no longer just a ‘right,’ but a cause for celebration. Now that our halls of power are sewers of falsehood, betrayal, ambition, greed, and lust, and now that the very fabric of civilized society is unraveling.

I dare you to call him legalistic, now that you can see that exactly what he predicted is happening.  Now that you see churches have abandoned the Bible.  Now that every day you hear of one more minister condoning materialism and promoting a ‘cheap grace’ that covers lust. Disdaining holiness and denying the existence of Hell. Just as he predicted, there is an epidemic of preachers who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and pornography.

Our young daughters have unwelcome transgender visitors in the girl’s restroom at school.  We are a nation of drug addicts. Tens of thousands die every year from opioids.

The bane of Modern Christianity can be summed up in just 2 words: Entitlement and Escapism.

Go back with me to a time before all this madness, and see when a sense of entitlement began to infect the church.

No one got saved in the early church because they were promised a lavish life. Each convert knew from the jump they would pay a price for following Jesus. They embraced Christ because something real happened to them. They knew—beyond knowing—that He was the Truth and the Life.  Knowing Him was infinitely worth the cost. All they wanted was Jesus.

It is ironic that we tend to feel sorry for them, when in fact they would pity us! Yes, they were persecuted, but God was real in them. Their clarity unlocked something most of us do not have: inexpressible peace and joy.

Entitlement rolled into church like a Trojan horse. Certain preachers, like all good marketers, considered true discipleship a hard sell, so they replaced it with perks, inducements and flattery. Church became one giant participation trophy. The unspoken boast was, “What have we to do with self-denial? What have we to prepare for?” We as American Christians became too good for suffering. That was for other people, in other nations.

What edge did believers in the first century have over us? A massive one. They could survive anything that they encountered, whereas many today will be taken out the moment something happens that their pastor said God would never let happen.

Since ancient Christians expected to suffer, suffering never threw them for a loop. It never dawned on them that they would escape trials and tribulations. Because of that, they had a singular power that we don’t: the power to glory and thrive in evil times.  Compare that with today’s Christian whose idea of spiritual warfare is claiming a parking space.

This is the person Jesus warned us about in Matthew 13:20, “But he who received the seed on stony places, this is he who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy; 21 yet he has no root in himself, but endures only for a while. For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he stumbles.”

The shocking thing will not just be how many entitled believers will stumble, but how little it will take to make them stumble.

Now let’s talk about escapism. The world that vessels like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Steve Hill, and yes, David Wilkerson warned us about is here. The world that your favorite pulpit babysitter promised would never come—came anyway.

We didn’t escape. We have already witnessed this mass tragedy. Life has taken a turn in these United States that many churchgoers never believed could or would happen. There has been a falling away: because so many were ignorant, so many were offended.

Even many of the Christians who remained faithful, express their escapist denial in many ways. Instead of searching the scriptures for truth, they delve even deeper into teachings that now look silly. They want more materialism; they want more entitlement; they plunge into more false teachings and false ways. They go heavier into emotionalism. Their escapism is expressed in a sanctimonious tone, and then they lie about their reasons for believing they will escape all suffering.  They say we must stay out of politics and not choose sides, even as it has become undeniable that we must take a stand. Instead, they bury their head in the sand and are oblivious as evil takes away our freedom and our children’s future.

Escapism is what gives them a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof. Denial is why they imitate New Age teachings and make prophecy into a kind of game.But David Wilkerson also saw something else: A fresh and mighty move of the Spirit. He saw Jesus pulling people aside to enter into a close relationship with Him, and to instill in them the power needed to save this nation.  He said, “God is revealing to all praying people that a glorious new work of the Spirit is about to break forth. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken. He will tear down the old political, backslidden, ecclesiastical system. He will disown the formal, super-church structure. He will chase out of His presence all those who are engaging in self-promoting ministries.”

Many will fall, but many will rise to levels of power and usefulness that are astounding. God not only knew the insanity of today was coming—He took steps to prepare a special relationship that would produce special powers in His Children.  You already know who you are.

God is taking you aside to give you nation-saving power and skills. All glory to His Name!



  1. spiritoflifeministriesinternational

    God gave me this word in 2015

    Helen Sanders

    There is a wind coming, again I would say, there is a wind coming, and I am in the wind. It shall come as surely as the sun rises and sets, and it shall produce what I call it to do. The wind shall bring change, and it shall change rapidly. It shall bring destruction and it shall bring restoration. The wind is of me; do not think that I will not be in the wind, for have I not said that I would blow on the houses of the dark side and blow things in such a way as to bring perversion out of this land? Have I not said that I would bring glory to the land and it shall rise and be upon the earth in such a way that you will know that I am God. Yes, there is a wind coming and it shall blow and cause shaking in such a way that there will be cleansing, a cleansing of the land. I have seen the sin and it comes into my nostrils, and it is a stench so great that I cannot stand the smell any more. I will bring judgment upon the land, and it shall be cleansed. Oh that my people would have brought the word in a mighty way so that I do not have to bring judgment, but they have failed, and they have gone the way of the world. I have wept, I have prayed, I have interceded for the people, but to no avail. They have called good evil, and evil good. I have wept much, but it is now time for cleansing, and I will bring it. It shall come suddenly, and there shall be much wailing and crying in the streets. There shall be much pointing of the finger, saying “where is God”, and they shall know where I am. I am in the cleansing and I am in the wind. I have had many cry unto me, but the sounds of their cries are far outweighed by the sound of the rebellious nation that I am soon to cleanse. Why would you not see that I hate sin? Why would you not see that I have called your nation to repentance, and it would not? Yes, there is a remnant, but there are fewer than you think saith the Lord, and I will preserve the remnant, but they shall see that their prayers will be rewarded by the cleansing of this land. The wind will blow at all four corners. There shall be shaking and twisting and uprooting of the sin that has been a stench in my nostrils, and the land will be redeemed by this wind. I have said it would come, and it is at the door. Prepare yourselves for the time is short. Make ready for the coming of this wind, and stand strong in my faith, for the cleansing shall be as the wind that uprooted the house that stood on sand. It shall fall, and it shall be crushed when the winds come. Prepare yourselves like you have never done before. There are many that need to hear my word, and be saved from destruction, but there are many that will not hear. The wind is coming saith the Lord. The wind is coming. Be prepared saith the Lord.

    This word was given in May of 2015, but I felt impressed to share it again.

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    • megagenius

      The east wind is fierce.

    • Carolina

      Acts 28: 24-27

      Some were persuaded by what he said, but others did not believe. Disagreeing among themselves, they began to leave after Paul made one statement:
      “The Holy Spirit correctly spoke through the prophet Isaiah to your forefathers when He said, Go to this people and say:
      ‘You will listen and listen, yet never understand; and you will look and look, yet never perceive.
      For this people’s heart has grown callous, their ears are hard of hearing, and they have shut their eyes; otherwise they might see with their eyes and hear with their ears, understand with their heart, and be converted — and I would heal them.’

      May every hardened heart be softened, may every deaf and dumb spirit be cast out, may every blinded mind and spiritual eye be opened to and for Christ and His Kingdom, in The Name of Jesus…awe-men.

  2. Evang. Roger Culwell

    Amen they sure did, I am called a legalist, for preaching you obey the word and the ten Commandments, at a time they are told to deny the word, we are in trouble some times for sure, when they stand in the pulpit and say the word don’t mean anything its obsolete, NO ITS COMPLETE AND TRUE AND EVERY WORD STANDS.

  3. Rocky Collins

    Living a lavish lifestyle sounds nice, even good! For me that would be being able to pay my bills on time on my retired income. My guess is that I should keep my expectations low so as to not cause some kind of rift in the… I was doing fairly well while I worked for the local newspaper but being a follower of Jesus Christ in a place where those things are cause to be abusive to the point of allowing physicality to occur (fortunately I can take care of myself both physically & spiritually) seemingly for my ‘benefit'(sarcasm intended) both my wife and I (clergy were useless to help in any way) decided to leave this place and venture off into whatever the Lord had in store for us. It’s all good because Jesus died on the cross for Me and ultimately I will live in Glory forever and ever! Hallelujah! Oh & BTW since then the newspaper has folded.
    Now I mostly sit here and contemplate the current issues that the Word has already discussed with us about around 2k yrs ago! There are signs in heavens, most definitely, there are signs on the earth, most certainly, but most effectively there are signs on my heart that the end of days are here and we as believers will overcome ever obstacle, every snare, every trap set by the adversary for us to fail by.
    What I’m trying to convey is that the Word is for all of us, the affluent to the poor and we pray for them all. From the Kings & Queens, the Politicians & the Elite to the poor & downtrodden, the weak and the forthright.
    I love that I am made whole by the Blood of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! That word, Whole, spoken to us by the unfailing Word of the Father Creator, what does that mean anyways? In Heaven He builds us mansions but here on earth He restores our bodies, our minds, our spirits, our souls and we’re given the wit & wisdom to create for ourselves the life we want to live! If we keep all of these things in perspective we would all have a better understanding of the life we’re currently living with everybody else good and bad. Albeit the rest of the world is at this moment trying to repeal God from the earth it doesn’t mean that they will succeed in the ways they believe they should. Since Jesus already took everything fearful from us we should not fear for anything. Just remember that we’re saved by His Blood & that’s how we overcome, everything, everything evil.

  4. Kay

    I am so grateful for your words and writings. I am encouraged during these times by those that take this seriously and it helps me not to feel alone.

  5. Wes Jacobson

    HALLELUJAH, praise God!!

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  6. kingskid48

    I have been called a , “Debbie Downer”, because I have been saying for some time that difficult times are coming. That’s fine, I wear those accusations like a badge of honor. This mess we see happening right now has prophetic overtones. I’m not gifted, I don’t have dreams and visions, but there clearly is something going on. I don’t believe this is the end-time plague, it isn’t serious enough. Somehow God is going to use this. Could it be that He will use it to teach His children how to prepare for worse, and to separate those who mock and those who are using this politically to try to destroy the President? Could it be part of the separating of sheep and goats, at least the very beginning? I don’t know, but it’s something to ponder. I’ve known difficult times were coming since I was a young teenager and pastors still preached the Full Gospel, including Bible Prophecy. I honestly didn’t think we’d see it as bad as it is. The mocking, the lying media, and the corrupt leftist politicians, are far worse than this virus could possibly be. The virus is not about to destroy America, but these horrible people very will may.

  7. kingskid48

    And, no, the pastors are not aware of what is actually happening and are not preparing the people. According to Scripture, they will answer for this if they do not repent and make a turnaround on this soon.

  8. Sonia Hoffman

    So many think this moment in time , Coronavirus, stock market plummeting is a move of God’s judgement. We are still living in the age of Grace , John 3:16, however this day and time is a wake up call to the sleeping church in America. What we are experiencing is business as usual for the enemy.
    Look around Body of Christ , where were you when our nation lost our unborn, government, schools,and the pure gospel of what Jesus did for us. Run to church on Sunday to ease your mind, however where is your spirit ? Wake up , get your lamps ready. Beautify yourselves for your Bridegroom.

    • Rob Gambill

      The Father drew me to David Wilkerson, about A Year ago. I had seen Him Preach in Roseburg Oregon. I saw High School Age Boys going to the Alter, as He Preached. Like You the Lord is telling me not to Fear. I Believe Jesus is calling His Bride to be relevant in our Nation. The Father is giving Power to those of us who will stand for Jesus, even if it’s unpopular. I Love You in the Lord Mario. You led A Friend of mine to the Lord in Pacifica California.

      • Sonia Hoffman

        I remember reading David Wlikerson’s book ” The Vision ” many years ago . Most made fun of him and he did not get the support from the Christian leadership he should have. He was calling the Body of Christ to holiness and turn back the tide of evil in our nation. Repentance is the only way to move forward .

  9. waibera mahamba

    Thank you for this message

    On Thu, Mar 12, 2020, 8:25 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Something is coming and the church is not > ready. In recent days God has been trying to warn the American church about > what is coming, but, what have we done with these warnings? I heard one > preacher exclaim, “Teaching that anything bad is coming, is de” >

  10. Margaret Wilmoth

    Another holy anointed message. Thank you Jesus and thank you Mario for obeying HIM!



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