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He bitterly and falsely accused Trump of colluding with the Russians. He screamed that no foreign nation should interfere in our elections. But then he won the Nevada caucus, in part, by organizing illegal immigrants to vote for him.

He sees nothing inconsistent about doing the very thing he condemned. Remember how loudly he yelled that letting other nations decide our elections is the greatest threat to our freedom? Remember how emphatically he promised to be transparent?

It was only days ago that the news of the Russians trying to help Sanders came out. He immediately said that no foreign power should interfere in an election. Meanwhile his operative is amassing a foreign army to vote for him:

Meet Chuck Rocha. Rocha officially joined the campaign last year as a senior adviser with a broad purview that includes general strategy, hiring staff and overseeing print ads and merchandise. Rocha also crafts the campaign’s Spanish-language ads on television, radio and the internet. If anyone is responsible for the huge Latino outreach effort that has helped propel Sanders to the front of the Democratic pack, it’s Rocha.

The part that really bites is that Bernie knew Trump was innocent, yet he kept beating the drum of impeachment. Now we see him committing the very crimes he tried to falsely pin on Trump.

Bernie Sanders is a full-blown hypocrite and worse. He behaves like the true Marxist/Communist that he is. He is leading an amoral revolution to win by hook or by crook. If elected, we will truly have an angry tyrant in the White House.

Hear me—Bernie Sanders has no compunction whatsoever in stripping American citizens of their rights. He has no problem overruling your freedom as a citizen of the United States. He is already employing the tactics of a rogue leader by telling whatever lies it takes, and doing whatever dirty tricks he feels are necessary to overturn our way of life.

One of his aides was overheard revealing Bernie’s plans for Trump supporters: Kyle Jurek stated that after the Nazis fell in Germany, the country had to spend a lot of money reeducating people into not being Nazis anymore, and “we are probably going to have to do the same thing here. That’s kind of what Bernie is like, hey, free education for everybody because we’re going to have to teach you not to be an f***ing Nazi.”

You may just see Bernie as a crazy old man, but there is an army of Marxists who are coming with him, and they have an agenda: “I’m ready to start tearing bricks up and start fighting.. I’ll straight up get armed… I’m ready for the f***ing revolution, bro.. Guillotine the rich.” – Kyle Jurek

The battle lines have been clearly drawn. This is no longer just an election; this is a revolution that can turn ugly as its vile intentions unfold. But wait! There’s more.

Bernie Sanders just buried the Democrat Party. Today, they cease to exist. This is now an unapologetic leftist/socialist movement. You will no longer be voting for Bernie or Trump. You will be voting to determine whether or not America will continue to exist. You will either vote for Bernie Sanders or you will vote for the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States.

As a man of God, I must warn you…do not look the other way. Do not merely dismiss this imminent danger or ignore the plain truth. Bernie’s tactics can undermine our very way of life.  It is time for the church to pray fervently that our youth will not to be fooled by this man who is not just a breath-taking hypocrite, but an agent of destruction.




  1. Laura

    Trump will be in the Whitehouse in 2020.
    Sanders is not a threat.
    There was no competition from the get go. Clint Eastwood got another thing coming to him also.

    • Carolina

      Laura, though I agree PR-Trump should win in 2020, I would remind you that nothing is guaranteed in this life, not even tomorrow, according to, James 4:13-16.

  2. Carolina

    So according to the Bernieites, it’s okay to use Latin nations and foreign nationals in particular Mexico to interfere with American elections, but not the Russians!? What nonsensical drivel.?
    In Senator Sanders mind of thought along with the rest of these crazy anti-patriots, any foreign national that crosses over into our boarders from just anywhere, are automatically considered a citizen, an American, that deserves complete benefits of healthcare, drivers license, voter cards, the right to work at a job, to get a school loan, to acquire a home, etc????
    And to heck with the rest of the American Tax paying public who are born and raised valid citizens of this nation for generations so far back most of them don’t even know who or where their ancestors originated from. Because they are AMERICANS bona fide multigenerational citizens of these United Sates.
    And these are the ones ALL the Democrats forgot, until before PR-Trump came along, there were “fly over states”, “rust belt” states, food stamp lines, and opioid addicted rehabs all over this nation and finally universities that are communistically inspired.
    DISGUSTING, DEPLORABLE, APPALLING, DEGENERATE, policies and ideas coming out from this looney bunch of traitors who shouldn’t even be allowed a platform to speak upon in the first place.?

  3. Carol Bassett

    Please re-send this to everyone with a link to share it on Facebook!!

    Carol Bassett

  4. Greg Dean

    One of the things we need to combat is this concept that Yeshu’a (Jesus) was a socialist. The way the left uses “socialist” is to mean anti establishment. Yet socialism is very much establishment. It is the new establishment and ruling class. All of collectivism is about overthrowing freedom and replacing it was a new ruling class. Not just progressivism but fascism, socialism, communism and even Islamism. And the chief enemy of the state (the ruling class) is those who are of faith.

    • Carolina

      AMEN Greg Dean!??

  5. kingskid48

    Sanders is a maniac. An angry, red-faced, screaming loon. And a hypocrite at that. Most likely, he’s pocketing millions from Soros to tear America down with this election, or else. Hopefully, after he is defeated this time, it will be the last we have to see of him in public. He is so destructive to the minds of our young people. I hear that hoards of college kids from Florida are canvassing in California and other states, going from door to door, signing people up for Bernie. How can this be legal. Who cares, right, it’s a phony democrat (actually a commie). It’s Bernie. He can do anything. If they stop him, he’ll start bawling that the democrat establishment stole the election from him again. He is a threat-to democrats. Trump will squash him like a bug.

  6. Jan Hood

    I truly believe God has put Trump right where he is and provided him the strength needed to endure the wrath of the enemy. Bernie is the enemy as is all of the Democratic Party of today. This is a battle of good and evil. But we win this battle because Jesus already won the war. Keep the faith and vote for good.

    • Craig

      I believe God has put Trump there, also what would have appeared to be totally contrary to the way the country was going. That is much to the chagrin of many Democrats who still can’t believe nor accept the 2016 outcome.
      But we can’t be complacent, it is up to the people who see this placement at this point of time to carry it on. In other words, God has done the initial step which looked beyond the odds, it is up to us if we wish to carry it through.

  7. Dr. Rebecca Orchard


    Forward from one of our Chinese prayer leaders in the World for Jesus Ministry. I just got a testimony:

    A saint from Hong Kong who has contact with a pastor in WuHan was told that all members in the church contracted the deadly corona virus.  At first the pastor was also frightened, but he gained boldness in prayer and realized he shouldn’t become afraid like those non-believers, but to respond the issue with faith. Then all church members prayed in unity.  Amazingly, they all became well and the government started asking them to donate their blood to other patients because they found their blood has healing powers.  This is the blood of Jesus Christ!  Last week I was praying for treatment out of new medication, but it never occurred to me that God would have chosen this way to bring down healing. His name will be glorified forever and forever, amen!

    PART 2 OF 2:

    • Carolina

      May Jesus redeeming blood issue forth to the healing of that entire nation, may His precious blood resound with the many and not only the few and may His miraculous healing powers defeat the crippling evil of the coronavirus in China and all over the planet.
      In Jesus Name, Amen.

  8. Noel

    “In fact, whoever wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil doers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” II Timothy 3:12-13 (NIV)

    My prayer also is that this evil movement will be exposed for what it is and that the body of Jesus Christ will pray as never before!

  9. purepearl fromthesea

    Keep striking the ground K

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  10. mary moore

    Thank you

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