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Mario Murillo Ministries was born different.  From the jump, we faced persecution.   While still in high school, I preached in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, which was ground zero for the ‘love and peace’ movement.  Moving across the bay to Berkeley meant going from the frying pan into the fire.

The instant we hit Berkeley, we had to decide.  What would we preach?  How would we preach it? 

If our message was of human origin, the crucible of Berkeley would have blown it to smithereens.

Instead, unexplained power appeared at each point where the ministry was threatened.  Something supernatural from God would always step in…providing words, resources, ideas and miracles, exactly when we needed them.

Not once in that cauldron of revolution, did we feel the need to rebrand Christ or present a new and improved gospel.

For years, modern pastors, including the Pope, have told us to keep our faith to ourselves and to “tone it down.” This advice cost us a generation of Americans.

We retreated into a cultural bubble. We entertained, amused, inspired, and distracted. We did everything but preach the Gospel.  We did everything but convert Americans.

Worse still, the preaching dumbed-down the average Christian. They were unable to defend their faith. They could not explain God’s view of a ‘one man, one woman’ marriage. They didn’t see the Bible as the inspired Word of God and therefore were scripturally illiterate.

The reason the Church adopted this “indirect approach” was to try to get society to like us. Boy! Did that backfire!  It fueled even greater contempt for the Church.

The media maligns Christians every day.  Atheists call us a threat to human progress.  Secular progressives condemn us as hating the poor, homosexuals, and women.

We’ve seen this before. The same Holy Spirit Who empowered us with wisdom and miracles to face Berkeley will mount a fresh invasion, because God has given us a fresh plan for invading America. But we must do it before it is too late.

The verses below reveal a three-point plan that was given by an angel to the disciples when the church was gravely threatened.

Acts 5:19,   But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and, leading them out, said, “Go, take your stand in the temple courts and declare to the people the whole teaching concerning this Life” (the eternal life which Christ revealed.)

Using those simple words, the Holy Spirit has commanded me to do three things.

1. Take a stand. We cannot judge other ministries. We can only answer for what God has asked us to do. He has ordered us to take a stand.  There is no confusion about what the angel was asking the men of God to do.  He was telling them to stake-out their ground in their nation.  This is not just a physical act; it is also moral and spiritual. We must take a stand against Satan’s agenda for America and we must take a stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We, all of us who believe, belong in the national conversation.  America has a drug, divorce, suicide, anger, and atheism problem. We carry the cure for everything that is hurting America.  The angel reinforced to the disciples that their message was both valid and urgent.

2.Take your stand in the temple courts. The temple courts were the heart of Jerusalem. The angel is unambiguously instructing them to raise their voices in the very center of their culture. Our message should not be hidden in religious safe zones.

In that same way, we must go where the biggest lies are being told.  The angel gave them an exact location where they were to take their stand—and that location told the Apostles: God is serious about making a difference in the culture.

3.Tell all of the words of this Life. What a scathing rebuke to popular Christianity! While Christian celebrities scurry to and fro to find buzzwords to replace the core doctrines of the Bible, here is an angel telling the disciples that they must tell all the words of Life.  They cannot leave out one single benefit or command from the message of Jesus Christ.

How right that angel was.  There is Life in those words.  There is Life in the blood of Christ, the cross, and the resurrection.  There is Life in them so amazing that no mountain of eloquence or cunningly devised sermon can begin to match.

We disavow the notion that we should tone down the Gospel. We must tell all the words of eternal Life! Not a message condemning men to hell, but a clear and loving warning to escape not only eternal hell, but the hell they are in right now.

Millions are innocent bystanders. They have not rejected Christ.  They are just caught in the middle. They only hear the haters who make up the secular media who tell lies skillfully, while the church tells the truth badly.

Let us take supernatural miracles to these millions!

Let us bear the offense of the Cross of Christ!

Let us proclaim the glory of His Resurrection!

Supernatural power will overtake what we preach.  Our results will greatly surpass the results of popular preaching.  Society will not balk at Jesus’ requirement of total commitment, because they will see mighty breakthroughs in their souls, minds, and bodies.

There will be neither compromise nor lack of power in our Tent. Our God will grant a flood tide of miracles that will overflow the Tent and become the river through the heart of California, and then, America.

In Chico, Roseville, Modesto, Fresno, McFarland and Bakersfield, we will take a stand in the heart of each city, and tell all the words of this life! I hope you will come and join us!







  1. Ray Silva

    Gentlemen, in October of last year I ordered and paid for the book Fire and Glory. I have yet to receive it. This is my second attempt to communicate with you. I have been patient. Either refund or send it. Thank you. Ray Silva924 Charles River CourtAllen, Texas 75013

    • mariomurilloministries

      Ray, I apologize for this mistake. I will personally see to it your book is sent out on Monday morning. I frankly do not know how this happened but I will find out. Again, I apologize. God bless you, Mario Murillo

  2. Carolina

    Yes Mario, they malign us everyday because they are threatened by The Truth only found in the Person of Jesus Christ. Atheists, Secularists, and the alphabet people, are afraid of what the real words of Jesus will indict them for. They’re afraid of a real dialogue into the inner sanctum of their wrongness. If they hear God’s true Word, they’re afraid they’ll see The Person of Jesus Christ and have to change. They cannot bear to understand that all they’ve adopted within their mind set, as truth, will be set ablaze and burned up by The Fire of Holy Spirit wisdom and Truth.
    These poor lost souls must hold on tight to the rewritten history of their lives, which they have fashioned and written for themselves, in order to continue on in the directive of their beliefs. Because just the slightest wisp of heavenly wind can blow down their house of cards ideology and they ‘know’ inside themselves they’ll be found spiritually naked, alone and indicted by the perfection of beauty that Christ truly is. So they RUN with pounding hearts “away” from anything and anyone who speaks the true oracles of God, who holds the book of God (Bible) close, and instead they work daily to forge new ways to fight back against the fear they live with and against The TRUTH Whom they cannot bear.
    How weary their souls must feel… ‘it is hard to kick against the goads.’?

  3. Cathy Holmes

    Thank you for speaking God’s truth! You came to Lumberton, TX and preached at Fletcher Emmanuel Churchm.h any years ago. There you spoke truth over me. You helped me see the demons trying to kill me and openly revealed the deepest thoughts satan tried implanting in my head. It has freed me. You cannot defeat something you cannot see. Thank you! Now I can minister to others in the same manner. Now you taken on our country! Thank you again. God tells us in the last days there will be a strong delusion over the people. It seems that we are barely entering into that age even today. Exciting and perilous times for sure. Thank you for being a preacher to actually speak truth!

  4. kingskid48

    This is a thrilling word. Thank you, Pastor Mario. Your fire and boldness are such an encouragement to those of us out here. I can barely wait till you get to our town.

  5. soljerblue

    I cannot be there, but I will pray for your mission.

  6. Barb

    Thank you Mario, you are a true light in a dark world, and you are not alone.

  7. Desertstream

    The old saying, ‘I’m waiting upon the Lord for my time of Ministry,” can be true in some cases, but not in most. While the Holy Spirit educates and grooms and molds and fashions and prepares one for their commissioning and sending forth at a special season of God’s choosing, the truth is that God is waiting for us to ‘step out of the boat’ and prove His Faithfulness to be right there on the scene to manifest Mario’s paragraph: ‘Instead, unexplained power appeared at each point where the ministry was threatened. Something supernatural from God would always step in… providing words, resources, ideas and miracles, exactly when we needed them.’ The point being God needs some shoes to walk in, a mouth to speak through and hands to reach out with. And those of us who have experienced the excitement of being an instrument of the Holy Spirit know how addicting it can be. God is waiting to show Himself strong. He needs us now more than ever.

    • Desertstream

      … and to add something more, Mario; I read a book written by an old tent Evangelist who is still preaching today. He desired more manifestation and results than he was seeing in his Ministry. The Lord visited him and said, ‘Use what you have and I will add more to it.’ The Evangelist remained faithful and put to use his Gift, and before long, he began to see the Acts of the Holy Spirit breaking out in his meetings. By this I see that if I am faithful in little, I will be faithful in much. And if I will just step out and go do what I am called to do and put to use what is in my hand now, the Lord will bless, add to, and multiply the effectiveness. What was once a good witness here and a good sermon there became a full and productive Jesus Ministry. We can wait and wait for days, months, and even years and never make progress. Whereas if we will just put to use what we’ve got today, we will be amazed, feel a whole lot better, and come to the realization that God was waiting on us all this time.

      • mariomurilloministries

        This is so right on and in harmony with what I hear from Jesus. Thank you!



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