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In Obama’s State of the Union Address in 2013, there was a boatload of lies. Not the least of which were, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and, “Your healthcare costs will go down.” Now, can you imagine the media firestorm that would have ensued if the Republican Speaker of the House had ripped up that speech?

And imagine the outrage if conservatives everywhere had tweeted obscenities and death threats when Obama was elected, or when he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

However, the disaster we face today goes far beyond this epic double standard. You have heard that Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s speech out of frustration. The media has reported that she regrets giving in to the pressure to impeach Trump that was put on her by the radical fringe of her party. Both of those theories are wrong. It is very obvious that she regrets nothing.

Democrats don’t believe they make mistakes. They don’t believe they have done anything wrong, and worst of all, they don’t believe they have been defeated—they will never admit defeat.

Even after the Iowa Caucus debacle, they see no reason for soul searching—because they have no soul to search. They know they are incapable of running the country. They know they have no plan for America, but they don’t care.  Leftists in America are now wounded animals. They are now driven by hatred and blind rage.

When you catch them lying, they don’t care. When you prove their folly, it no longer matters. They will not listen to anyone who is centrist or recommends they stop the endless investigations, or their screaming vituperation.

Nancy was sending a signal to leftists everywhere that moderation is out the window. Rules are gone. Laws don’t matter to them anymore. Her pre-planned, video-captured, under the table surreptitious pre-tearing of the speech, was a declaration of war.

The Left in America will now totally disregard decency, precedent, and the Constitution—even though it will ultimately bring about their own self-destruction.

Nancy has not only given in to the radical wing of her party, she will lead it, as they unabashedly push for a scorched-earth policy against Trump, evangelicals, and conservatives. All pretenses at civility are gone forever. The gloves are off.

Consider this: The House of Representatives is about to introduce a bill called ‘The New Way Forward Act, H.R. 5383’. This bill will make it impossible for an illegal, even one who commits murder, to be deported. It will completely strip I.C.E. of any authority to arrest any illegal who commits a felony. You, the taxpayer, will also be required to pay for their health coverage. Finally, ‘The New Way Forward Act’ will make it a law that all of the 450,000 illegals who have been deported must be returned to the United States, and you will pay for it. Estimates are that the plane tickets alone will cost one billion of your tax dollars. Read the bill yourself.

Why would they do such a thing, you may ask? Ask yourself, rather, Why would the Democrat Party want to bring in 450,000 new voters, who would be likely to vote for them?

And, why would Pete Buttigieg go on The View and defend a woman’s right to kill her baby even after it is born? He knows there is a recent trend away from abortion. After all, he is supposed to be the rational candidate. He did it because the Left is now a wounded animal, and they are doubling-down on their policies.

Joe Biden will soon drop out, because he represents the old guard. He is playing catch-up, and trying to sound radical, but it is too little, too late.

Hear me child of God. I am trying to tell you truthfully what I believe you must do in the face of this wounded animal. It is a time to discern the works of the evil one, and to fervently seek the face of God.

What is God doing in this situation? There are two possibilities: He is either using the Left to bring judgment on America and the church—or He is driving the Left to an extreme that will cause our nation to finally and fully reject the atheistic immorality known as Liberalism, which has been a cancer on our culture.

I pray the Lord is using this situation to provoke us to true repentance and revival. I am holding to the hope of revival.

When Nancy very publically tore up that speech, any chance of compromise with Democrats was gone. Maybe you are still queasy about President Trump. Believe me, the insanity you are about to see from the Left will soon cure that. Maybe you are waiting to make a decision about where you will stand…I’d say it has already been decided for you.

The time to act is now. Get everyone you know registered to vote, seek the face of God, and prepare for battle!



  1. Steve Muzick

    Very true Mario. She insulted every voter who voted for Trump with that classless act. Very disrespectful also to those Trump spoke fondly of and highlighted in his speech who were there at his request. Also, with all those Democrat representatives just sitting there not celebrating the great economy or anything else Trump was doing for the average American, they were showing that they really don’t care about us. Their allegiance is to corporate America who lines their pockets with money. God revealed a lot at that speech. They curtain has been torn back and we now know who they really are. Keep praying. God is at work. We cannot let these people have power again.

  2. kristymctee

    When the Democrat party explodes, as I believe it will, what will take its place? Let’s don’t be so fascinated with watching what they are doing to themselves that we neglect to pray for what’s next.

    • Carolina

      kristymctee, I’m quite sure that the DEMS have already exploded!… and what is currently replacing them is a Socialistic party with a lifetime Communist at the helm, Bernie Sanders.
      That reality is so bazaar for most of us to face because it’s hard for us who are NOT interested in social reconstruction to imagine. But it has already happened.
      The Way Forward bill Mario spoke about, they are currently trying to get passed will absolutely fundamentally alter with complete devastation our nation on so many levels it is unconscionable.
      Read the bills directive and you l will be flabbergasted.
      I just found out about this bill yesterday from a Constitutionalist.
      My question is can’t PR- Trump veto this New Way Forward bill into oblivion?
      Dear God help us.?

    • Ruth

      Yes! So true!
      Already been praying concerning it.

  3. Carolina

    Thank you Mario for this scathing reality check.
    I heard that it is still their plan to continue on this impeachment charade, that through Representative Nadler they are about to subpoena John Bolton for an oversight hearing. I watched Ms Pelosi closely that night of the State of the Union speech, she was seething the entire time. Her actions were abominable. I still am amazed that those radical deluded women where white?
    The good news is, one of the Republican Senators has actively investigated Pelosi’s tearing up of official docs of PR-TRump’s speech. He said that she did break the law because the docs of the presidential speech within the governmental protocols are sent to the House of Reps prior to the Presidents speech are originals and automatically become an archived official document for posterity. Each House (or branch) receives an official copy, therefore she has torn up what is considered an original and she is in jeopardy of having committed a felony. This Senator is going after her in court on that charge.
    I have also heard that hundreds of thousands of people are furious with Ms Pelosi for this action she did and loved PR-Trumps speech to the nation.???

    • Carolina

      PS…Sorry, that sentence I wrote explaining what I saw at the State of the Union speech when viewing Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrat females on the Dems side, should have said:
      “I still am amazed that those radical deluded women ‘wore’ (not where) white”?

    • Liz

      That was the most nasty thing I have ever seeing, very childish, improper Asking who broke the law the Democrats.

      • Carolina

        Agreed Liz, the Dems seem to consistently break the law and rules of conduct and get away with it!
        That’s why I was pleased to see one of the Republican Senators take charge after Ms Pelosi did what she did so I commented this about that:
        “…said that she did break the law because the docs of the presidential speech within the governmental protocols are sent to the House of Reps prior to the Presidents speech are originals and automatically become an archived official document for posterity. Each House (or branch) receives an official copy, therefore she has torn up what is considered an original and she is in jeopardy of having committed a felony. This Senator is going after her in court on that charge.”

    • DC Chambers

      Her torn copy should be framed with a proper explanation, for posterity.

  4. Mary

    This is truth. I pray people hit their knees .????

  5. Linda Johnson

    I recall a prophecy that God gave to Mr. Murillo, I think last spring, that said something to the effect that He was going to stuff this leftist agenda down the throats of the American people until they become sick of it and realize what is going on.

    There’s a line from an old hymn, “Open my eyes that I may see, visions of truth Thou has for me”……. Father, open our eyes, reveal to us our waywardness. Forgive us where we have compromised and cause your Word to rise up within us.

    “If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” II Chron 7:14

    It’s all about us, and how we respond to our Father….

    • Sandi Odom

      I so agree- thank you for your stand against evil.

  6. Wesley Buel

    Mario,your GOD given insight is on point you presented two possibilities ,America is at the folk of the road,either judgment or repentance,it is just that simple i could go into greater details though GOD always has a faithful remnant that has not bow to Baal, but HE will use with greater glory than the early church,everything is now coming head on,the lamp of the wicked will soon go out,just like the sun being darken and the moon will turn red indicating that it is a witness to things GOD is doing, :))lolwes

  7. Denise Loftus

    Nancy said she tore up the speech as it was full of lies. Why isn’t anybody contradicting her????
    She said she is praying for Donald Trump. WHO IS SHE PRAYING TO?????

  8. brokenman2017

    There is one term that I think needs revisiting – I think “wounded animal” should be “rabid animal”. I am sure that Mario chose that in an effort to convey the possibility of reconciliation, but from everything I have seen, there is no reconciliation, and this group will never recognize the evil reflected by their views and actions. The people who agree with these politicians will also never recognize the wrong-ness of those views or actions. Whenever faced with irrefutable facts, they immediately go into denial and start making up their own “facts” out of pure fantasy – this is the pure definition of insanity.

  9. Dennis Murray

    Agent of Derision

    Psalm 2:1-6 Why do the nations rage,
    And the people plot a vain thing?
    2 The kings of the earth set themselves,
    And the rulers take counsel together,
    Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
    3 “Let us break Their bonds in pieces
    And cast away Their cords from us.”

    4 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
    The Lord shall hold them in derision.
    5 Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,
    And distress them in His deep displeasure:
    6 “Yet I have set My King
    On My holy hill of Zion.”

    We know that this is a reference to David, to Jesus (who will sit on the throne of David) and to anyone in Christ.

    In verse one it says “nations.” The Hebrew is “goy” or gentiles, people without a covenant – outside of Christ. They are uniting and setting up an attack against the LORD and His Anointed. They are taking up counsel, (legal advice) conspiring and strategizing to overthrow the rule of God.

    They want to be free the LORDS’s restrictions.

    They want unbridled sex and the right to kill the babies that may be conceived (60,000,000) worldwide thus far – the population of Italy).

    They want gay marriage to carry out their unnatural affections while giving them all the rights and benefits of traditional marriage including adoption.

    They want to teach gender confusion so that they can corrupt our children.

    They want pedophilia declared normal behavior.

    They want to remove national borders which God has established.

    They will always want more and more. They will not stop until every physical, moral, legal and scientific boundary has been destroyed.

    That’s what it means when they say,

    “Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us-”

    But God…

    “Laughs and… holds them in derision.”

    It’s a one-two punch.

    Laugh means – to laugh (in pleasure or detraction); by implication, to play:—deride, have in derision, laugh, make merry, to mock, play, rejoice, laugh to scorn, make sport of.

    Derision means to hold them up to scorn and mockery: contemptuous ridicule or mockery; to ridicule, jeer and scoff.

    The combination of the actions of these two words cause the enemies of God to have a fit.

    The LORD told me that President Donald Trump is an agent of His derision – of His contempt and scorn for people, who like their father the Devil, think they can overthrow Him and His plan. Every time Trump speaks, tweets, or does something notable for our country, Israel or the world, the opposition goes crazy.

    He is anointed to expose fools and their foolishness.

    I know the LORD showed me this because I’m not smart enough to figure this out myself.

    If they don’t wise up, repent and relent, this is what’s next…

    He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure:

    Out of His deep displeasure the LORD will bring forth wrath and distress to the rebellious.

    Wrath means – anger displayed with rapid breathing in passion.

    Distress means – to cause tremble, to alarm or agitate; make affrighted, amazed, dismayed; to trouble, vex and to thrust out.

    Deep Displeasure – burning anger:— fierce fury or fierce wrath

    It doesn’t look good for the stubborn, stiff-necked and rebellious.

    The LORD with Moses humiliated Pharaoh. He gave him many opportunities to repent but he was too proud to do so. Every judgement made a mockery of Pharaoh’s gods, wisdom, authority and military might. God will do the same to the would-be Pharaohs in our country and in this world. He will do it using people like Donald Trump, but like Aaron and Hur we have to hold up the arms of our leader to defeat the enemies of our inheritance.

    Outside of Jesus we can do nothing. The President can’t do it without us, and we can’t do it without him.

    Donald Trump may not be the one we wanted, but he’s the one God sent.

    • Linda Johnson

      So true.

    • Donna

      Yes, amen. As Rodney Howard-Browne often prays, may the wheels fall off of Pharoah’s chariots!

      • Shoshanna

        I have never heard before, I like it@

    • Noel

      Nice. My prayer is that all vestige of the Laodician spirit that is present in the American church will be driven out and that the Spirit that inhabits the Philadelphian church will manifest itself in all its glory and shake this nation out of its spiritual lethargy and rebellion.

    • contender4him

      Perfectly said and explained.
      I have been going thru the Psalms and writing in my prayer journal all that I can apply to this whole political situation .. protection and wisdom for our president, as well as scriptures against his/our socialist enemies (Psalm 35, i.e.), and I will certainly join you by praying Psalm 2.

  10. Gary H. Patterson

    Thanks Mario for your fearless address. If the left does not soon tap out, they will black out. The more they resist, the more firm the submission hold.

  11. Frank Dwelley

    HR 5383, I think. From Paul Garner:

    There are other parts which are nearly as egregious as the above. this bill was introduced in the House in Dec 2019 and given the Democratic control of the House could actually pass from there. However, since the GOP controls the Senate and Presidency, this bill is DOA as long as this remains so. We should not be surprise at the Dems. This has been their playbook forever. They have simply been exposed in the light of truth.…/116t…/house-bill/5383/text…

  12. Tom Graves

    I will stand with you for Revival! Tom Graves, Revival Pastor, Spirit Alive Church, St Augustine, Fl.

    • Linda Johnson


  13. Jim c kern

    Our father helps us, but we must be willing to stand for right. We need to fight with the Bible in one hand & our God given constitution in the other. He has given us the tools. Pick them up America & fight. 100% christian vote. = (VICTORY) CHURCH??????

  14. Lorraine

    To become a law a bill has to be passed by the Senate and that won’t happen now.

  15. Sheri

    Awesome word!

  16. Marilyn Benoit

    Thank you Dennis Murray for that word.

  17. kingskid48

    If pastors were doing what they should be doing these days, they would be talking about the things in this blog this Sunday. But instead, I imagine they will go back to their agendas like nothing is going on. We are at the crossroads with this election. If we win back the House and Trump stays in, we have a reprieve and a chance to see revival explode. If we lose to any one of the lunatic democrat candidates, we will see persecution explode in this country. Wake up, Church! The feel-good sermons are not going to prepare you for what’s coming and how you are to fight against it and keep America fee as we know it. Talk to your pastors if they are not making the people aware of the state of this country and culture. Get involved.

    • Linda Johnson

      So true. Our pastor tells it like it is.

  18. Ava Crotinger

    Thank you, Mario. I am glad to hear your words of truth. Keep writing.

    Praying for you and all who are taking a stand for truth. Ava Crotinger

    On Fri, Feb 7, 2020 at 3:18 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Obama’s State of the Union address carried > a boatload of lies. Not the least of which were, “you can keep your doctor > and your healthcare costs will go down.” Now, imagine the media firestorm > if the Republican Speaker of the House had ripped up his speech” >

  19. Mary E. Stewart

    I called the San Francisco office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi this past Wednesday. Of course, I did not get to speak with her, but I left a message stating that I did not think her response to President Trump’s speech was appropriate. I said that I thought her behavior was disrespectful and rude. Then I said, “I am a registered voter who has lived here in San Francisco nearly 50 years, and I will not be voting for Mrs. Pelosi in the election on March 3, 2020.”
    As I spoke, I was polite but firm.

    • Shoshanna

      If March 3rd is election day for Mrs. Pelosi, there are enough warriors on this site to pray her out of Congress.

  20. Susan J

    The democrats are trying desperately to get a civil war started. America will be my easier to take down that way. When Obama was president there were many Chinese and Russian soldiers he put here under the guise of training purposes. They have been here for years waiting. MS 13 and Isis have been encouraged to come here illegally. The satanists who are behind this plan for America want to bring their antichrist to power. Prayer will save us. God has a different plan for America!

  21. Rebecca

    Mario , God is using you in mighty ways! Several years ago the Lord told me I would witness a great revival with astounding miracles and that I would behold more than I could imagine! I believe with all my heart that day is near and you will usher it in. God bless you!

  22. Terri Rutan

    I say Amen to all that you said here. It is one thing to face logical opponents and quite another to face the desperate, nothing left to lose type. Wounded animals, indeed. Thank God for the insights He provides through you.

  23. Patricia Stuckenberg

    I just sent you a long email I left out and sentence identifying the Trump family in the middle of that email of how they gave up the good life in business I’m having everything they wanted. And we’re apprehended by God for his plans. You probably figured out who they were when I was talking about this family but I thought I would email you again and identify yourself because when I reread my email so I left identifying the Trump family. Don’t let discouragement come near you. Just carry on like you.. and your beautiful wife have a beautiful tide pool that extends right under a window and comes right into the corner of your living room.. and out of picture window you can see the sand going down to the ocean and the wave faithfully breaking on the sand. Godwave of provision and amazing you we’ll just keep on breaking. In my previous email I told about a dream that I had a visiting you in your living room with a tide pool on one side of the room. Your wife was sitting in the corner of the tide pool and a porpoise came up to visit her… I was watching all this and I thought it was the real deal. Maybe it will be or maybe it’s symbolic.. of a beautiful and peaceful place that you live in.. Or rest and pray there.god knows……blessed little Cindy Jacobs said that a a certain profit she knows never asks for money or anything.. but she knew he needed a car so she told the people in a gathering that he needed a car when someone stepped right up to the plate and donated a very nice car. God has lots of things for us but we are not asking. I don’t mean that name it and claim it thing I just mean that God is encouraging us at this time to ask for things that we need or have had it in our heart. I fear God so much that I don’t want anything at all in my life that is not his perfect plan for me. I do want millions because he set me up as a baby hippie be an entrepreneur.. and I want that gift to be available to him. For his purposes I mean that well that is now in the hands of the sinners and this great wealth transference is about to take place. I raise horses for about 46 years starting in California.. I found out when I was 72 that the devil can give you really good stuff. As long as it works as a distraction from your really pure election calling and destiny he will give you anything. I had world class hrses beating path to my door.i married a Calif based racehorse trainer from Santa Barbara California. I prayed all the time God give me this mind that is in Christ Jesus about purebred horses. You never answered me until I surrendered those horses to him last year.then he open the windows of heaven and showed me what he thought and what it all meant to him. God is not about abusing animals see how high they can jump or how fast they can run or how big of a rear-end we can breed into a bloodline..for showing off muscles ..I got to pray for a lot of professional horseman and see a lot of signs and wonders a miracle and their life and in the lives of animals who cannot say no to God when they need a healing. I saw female horses far too old to have babies get pregnant and have babies as a witness to their multi-millionaire owners.. but for me horses was always a hope and disappointment roller coaster. After a lifetime of doing it God showed me the why… All the way back when I was a child. It was Jesus I was needing . Thru horses and cowboy art I met the who is who of California., I have been praying for California from 1976. I know God will remember beautiful California. Even if just a few pray God will honor those prayers. He’s just so merciful and so loving and so kind. Remember the great city of Nineveh Mario they did not know their right hand from their left and many cattle. Just that one very reluctant prophet Jonah.. he just couldn’t get out of doing what he was told no matter how he tried… God can use even though reluctant when he makes up his mind to have mercy. If you go to www Jim…… You will see we artist that i married in Santa Barbara California. He has been deaf since birth. Has no part to hear.his mother raised him reading the Bible to him and he said he backs ready when he went away do college in Fresno get an art and ag degree. He’s now 76 years old and very well known in California. God opened his ears it would really touch alot of people in California well-to-do enough to own racehorses and purchase expensive sculpture art race horses and cowboys. This is the era that God plans to do a lot of these impossible things. Show himself off real big.. I had a really top doctor who invented the cocular implant. He said he had no parts to here. He gave his heart back to Jesus in the Jesus movement and was really hearing from God but then backslid again and went back into the world. Never know what God has up his sleeve.patricia age 73….

  24. Mary E. Stewart

    Our elected officials need to be reminded that they have been elected to represent all of us, not just the “radical left” and the LGBTQ community. I am a registered voter here in San Francisco, so I have contacted the offices of elected officials here in the city and reminded them of their responsibility to represent all of us. (I contacted the San Francisco office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi just a few days ago.)
    When Assembly Bill #2943 was being presented to the California State Senate, I read the bill and concluded that it violated freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Therefore, I contacted the office of Senator Scott Wiener who represents the district in which I live. I did not get to speak with Senator Wiener, but I spoke with one of his assistants. When I requested that Mr. Wiener vote “No” on the bill, I was told that Mr. Wiener was one of the sponsors of the bill. I replied, “Yes, I know that, but I thought Mr. Wiener was elected to represent all of us and not just the LGBTQ community.” Mr. Wiener’s assistant was not pleased to hear this but said she would pass my comments on to Mr. Wiener. (During my phone conversation I was polite and respectful, but I was firm in expressing my point of view.)
    In obedience to 1 Timothy 2:1–4, I pray for our elected officials. I know that the LORD wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

  25. Leland Pollock

    “Make California Red in 2020”
    Vote Republic

  26. Scott Johnson

    God is doing great things in this nation. He is preparing the way for the TRUE CHURCH to ARISE and manifest His kingdom. Let’s not waste the opportunity that He has given to us by way of President Trumps election and soon re-election.
    Let’s make sure that we are good stewards of this time.

  27. Gregory Allen

    After reading this blog, I was compelled to look up the word ‘facade. It basically means something with an outward show. But that was not only what our friends at Google put out: They also included a word in Arabic that sounds very similar but adds another dimension for understanding. In English it is translitterated as ‘fasad’. Since this comes from the Democrats Muslim friends, who would know them better? Fasad means ‘rottenness, corruption or depravity’. It pays to know who your friends are.

  28. Simon

    Mario, as an overseas observer of the situation in the USA it seems to me that the American church is either asleep or dead.
    One of your dedicated Christian activists, Coach Dave Daubenmire, caused “all hell” to literally break loose when he made a comment on his show “Coach Dave Live” that he was very offended that the NFL didn’t give a warning to viewers that the Super Bowl half time show was going to be a “soft porn” show not suitable for children or adults for that matter.
    He said he’s been inundated with thousands of emails from haters but also from many Christian people who love what he said and are grateful that someone has the stones to take a stand.
    But he said that he has yet to have any emails or encouragement from Christian pastors or Christian leaders in your country.
    From where I stand in New Zealand that is a very sad indictment of the state of the “church” in your once great country.
    Our “once” Christian country is in the same situation as yours.
    Keep up your great work Mario as you seem to be a voice crying in the wilderness.
    Bless you.

    • Carolina

      Well said New Zealand Simon! I have spoken to as many as I’ve been able to about what a disgrace it was for that 1/2 time show to be used in the NFL Super Bowl. Along with the sad reality that JLo involved her own child within it.
      As Ruth Graham said once to her husband Billy Graham about the immoral condition America had evolved into, that if America didn’t clean up its act, “America will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”!

  29. MICHAEL DEWITT @ Grace Abounds

    What we see concerning these things is what has been revealed to us as the Body of Christ. To know these things is to be called to battle both in the spiritual and the natural. We are one Body and one Spirit each with unique gifts given to us for the Glory and Purpose of our Father in Heaven, so Rejoice because our focus has been made clear and His might is on full display for all to see. Thank you Mario Murillo for your words of Encouragement.

    Malachi 3:16-18
    “Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored his name.

    “On the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty, “they will be my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as a father has compassion and spares his son who serves him. And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.”



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