Only by an election can we settle the crimes of the Democrat Party

by | Feb 1, 2020 | Christianity Today | 28 comments

Now that the impeachment fiasco is nearly behind us, it is time for us all to do some deep soul searching. To root out the corruption of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler, it is up to us to take away their power by a full and free election, and we must do so.

Pelosi and Schiff, at the very least, should be held accountable for what they have done to their own State of California. The people they swore to serve are communities writhing in the agony of exploding homelessness and drug addiction. And these two have not lifted a finger to relieve that agony. 

How is it that two politicians, who were elected to represent their districts, have done nothing but spend all of their time investigating Trump, rather than working for California, and indeed, America? And get this: they are already laying the groundwork for how they will spin the acquittal they know is coming.  They have announced they will totally reject the results of the Senate on the Articles of Impeachment.

Their plan is to dig up the corpse of the Mueller investigation and continue to beat the drum of Russian collusion.  They will push the hoax that Bolton holds the smoking gun on the Ukraine phone call. And, right up to Election Day, they will come up with more nonsense, lies and innuendo, hoping to turn America against Trump, just as they tried to destroy Kavanaugh.

It is mind-numbing to consider that Nancy and Adam can so bitterly fail in their investigations—have nothing to show for the tens of millions of dollars they have wasted—and still operate with impunity?

It is because, my friend, there is a criminal enterprise backing these politicians—a criminal enterprise that must be stripped of its power. This monster feeds on hatred of Donald Trump. It lives, breathes and derives its power from pure hatred of the President.  Literally, the only way we can smother this monster is by making a loud and clear statement at the polls.

For those of you stuck in the past and who want a more gentle approach, let me explain something. The America we are now living in is not the America of your grandparents. Consider this: we have never seen a beast like this before.  Power that should never have been given to them is in the hands of villains. That power is currently without accountability. The scream of frustration that went around the world came out of this global ogre because of something it never anticipated: Trump won and Hillary lost.

All of the agents of this antichrist-conglomerate went into permanent rage mode. Think about it: Michael Bloomberg has spent more than 200 million dollars, and his only goal is to defeat Trump!

But this catastrophic miscreation of hatred has an Achilles heel. It is you and I! But it will only happen if we awaken to the God-given power that has been placed in our hands. You can vote. Even in California your vote will matter more than you know. Even if Trump loses California, the millions of extra votes cast by righteous people for him will give us the double victory of both the electoral and the popular vote.

Remember the vile things they have done. Think of the madness they are planning that will destroy your children’s future. Vote!  And get others to vote. Hold these vile evildoers responsible for what they have done to our nation, and prevent them from doing what they have promised to do if they ever come to power.

God grant us the power from the Holy Spirit and the wisdom required to rise to our undeniable duty: to give President Trump the mandate he needs to rev up the pump and drain the swamp. Let us join together with him, and dash the hideous nightmare the globalists have in mind for America.

God bless America!



  1. megagenius

    THIS is what I love about Mario: He calls it what it really IS. VOTE and sink their evil boat.

    • Tim Berends

      Well said Mario!
      Any professing Christian who plans on voting Democratic in 2020 needs to examine themselves and realize that they are not in the Faith. DON’T BE DECEIVED!

  2. Nancy

    AMEN; thank You Father for raising up Mario with a holy boldness to fearlessly speak Truth at such a time as this. Father God, I ask You to save and preserve this nation for those of us who love and appreciate it’s founding principles and Providential purposes. Have mercy on this nation for our posterity’s sake and to stop the abortion slaughter which is the hateful, vicious Left’s slippery slope to the murder of their enemies and to stop their antichrist indoctrination of our children. Restore this nation to one that honors you as a city on a hill beaming Your Light to the whole world. In Jesus’s Victorious Name and all for Your glory, I pray. Amen

  3. Joannette


  4. Wylie Babb

    Right on target ?

  5. Carolina

    Mario your words of Truth ring LOUD and CLEAR, let those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches!!!!?

  6. Karen Henson

    We live in Northern California and our Republicans who support our president! Recently we received what looks like junk mail but was actually I noticed from Secretary of State stating that our political party is non-partisan. Are true actual registered political party is Republican. I contacted the Secretary of State’s office they said that 250000 Californians have been defrauded by the Department of Motor Vehicles that somehow are registrations have been changed. I contacted the Republican Party headquarters they confirmed this was true I asked why the word has not gotten out there why is it not all over the news and they said over a few people have made a few statements on the news. I’m very disappointed that this is something so huge so illegal and so wrong and we’re not hearing about it all over the place! I’ve also contacted my assemblyman who he and a group of other leaders are trying to make Californians aware but of course the process is very slow. In my County there is a social media app where many of us are trying to get Californians to check the registration and see if there’s two has been changed. If anyone has a way to help s get this in the media on the news now before it’s too late please let me know. We went to do whatever we can to help! Thank you Pastor Mario we appreciate all you do and pray that as Christians we will come together and stand up and fight for a country! This is just our tiny beginning here trying to get the word out for California but any help would be appreciated.

    • TaLina

      Mine was changed also! Went back online and registered


    God’s choice of leaders and authority will remain until He determines otherwise. With or without His people being instrumental, He will preside. NO ONE or nothing He created can undo His providential plans. We must absolutely pray unceasingly and make ourselves available [here I am God, USE ME !] each day to be a part of the great victories ahead. Amen Len Wisniewski

  8. Marilyn Benoit

    Thank you Mario for that enlightening word. I’m reminded of the Scripture in Ephesians 6:12, “For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood (contending with only physical opponents) but against the despotisms, against the powers, against (the master spirits who are) the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly spheres “ . Amp.

  9. Dina Vannice

    Amen!! On target! Now let’s vote and pray for The Lord to have the vengeance! Psalm 91.. We will see reward of the wicked.

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  10. Sheri

    Perfect – lets do it! It is inconceivable to me that ALL Bible believing Christians do not stand with the President, even if it is only for his PRO-LIFE stance. Christians I know speak his name with a hiss! Obviously, the devil hates him and the plan to destroy America is on! Wake up sleepers!!


    GOD bless Mario

  12. Terri Rutan

    Thank you for your important thoughts about our “America”. We do, indeed, need to remain steadfast in our resolve to reelect Donald Trump and show the socialists that are trying to take over America that they are defeated. It was no mistake that Hillary lost; it was by divine design. I pray for healing of these corrupt and confused minds that are wreaking havoc on our country.

    • edsalsas

      It was no mistake that Obama won either. God wanted to expose their agenda, so most of us who were asleep could see clearly that our country was under threat.

  13. carol owens

    Perfectly said, Mario!

  14. Judyth Hall

    Thus us good!

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  15. Noel

    Wow! Bullseye! How I long for righteousness to reign and evildoers answer for their multiple crimes.

    Isaiah 32:1-8

  16. Kevin Straight

    Amen!! Voting and praying that our Lord will rise up a majority and also give us the electoral votes to win this election. Also praying the church takes advantage of the reprieve the Lord will give us. The church needs to wake up and do the work that God places before us. Thank you Mario for your dedication to the truth.

  17. TaLina

    Mine was changed also! Went back online and registered

  18. Harvey L Wampler

    God bless and use you in your love for America and pure voice for God!

  19. Greg Dean

    The left has become demonic. Or as Mario put it “antichrist-conglomerate”. Believers have to wake up to understand that the left has become pure evil. That Obama is the most evil person to have ever been president (Clinton was the most corrupt, Carter the most incompetent).

    We are seeing the spirit of the antichrist alive in the democrat party.

    • Carolina

      Amen Greg Dean, it has always been my suspicion that Barack Obama was the ‘forerunner’ to the son of perdition. Many wanted to believe that Obama was a Christian & so they did, but I’ve heard ex-Islamic’s say that Obama was definitively an Islamic believer and in my opinion at the very least he was an Islamic adherent. His exclusive adherence also to helping and favoring all forms of homosexuality actually disqualifies him from real Islam practices.

      • Greg Dean

        Obama was born of a Muslim father and raised, in Indonesia, by a Muslim step-father. When did Obama ever renounce Islam? When was he baptized as a Christian?

        Everyone has this mindset that the Antichrist will be some great figure like the Nazis were or Communists. However while see believers as spiritual why do we see the Antichrist or the Beast as secular?

        I think that we need to see these events as spiritual. Thus why could not the Great Whore be the catholic and orthodox church? Since the Beast destroys the Great Whore then could not the Beast be Islam? And the number of the Beast to be worshiping on the sixth day (Friday or Juma)? And the Antichrist the Caliphate?

        Religion is far more powerful than any secular police state.

        • Carolina

          Good points. I’ve always believed the entirety of human existence is a spiritual affair.
          Within the spiritual existential experience there are layers, the natural, the practical, the carnal, the theological, the esoteric, the governmental, and so on. The “born again”, know how to abide within the existential layers without worldly compromise because of Christ’s finer Spirit within them . So to me there is only the distinction to be made within the living layers, as to which man made vehicle will be used to house & enable the final antichrist spirit known as the son of perdition.
          It could very well be an Islamic assignment, but then there are also so many existing Catholic Bishops, Cardinals & Priests that are themselves expecting the final embodiment of satan to come from their own ranks in Rome.
          Who knows but God, so I try to keep my spiritual eyes wide open and alert.?

  20. soljerblue

    There can be no — never — any compromise with evil!

  21. lawfulneighbor

    What is wrong with patriots who think we have to wait for an election to remove a corrupt politician? Have we no laws to enforce? Have we no faith in our courts? Do we think that our elected legislators are exempt from being arrested? Just because Congress has a notorious history for refusing to censure and remove lawless members does not mean that it cannot be done. Law-abiding Americans must become persistently assertive. True justice cannot exist without also maintaining an active hatred for evil. The more evil is tolerated, the more it thrives.



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