What the Liverpool ban of Franklin Graham is really about

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Christianity Today | 9 comments

The leadership in charge of protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community should be extremely cautious about trying to ban Christian events. The recent ban on Franklin Graham by Liverpool, England is, in my opinion, a monumental blunder. It doesn’t take long for a rights movement to fall into disfavor. The quickest way I know, is by unjustly silencing the rights of other minority groups.

I believe most fair minded people can plainly see that the parties responsible for the ban in Liverpool are lying. They claim that Franklin Graham preaches hate. That is an absolute lie.  Are they trying to associate preaching the Bible with hate?  Are they trying to lump Graham in with bigots like the Westboro Baptist crowd, Christian in name only, and who really do preach hate?

The second lie, is that they are banning Franklin Graham because they “are against hate.” This is important because as I said, I believe they are trying to link Graham with extremists. By that metric, they should also be banning Islamic events, linking them to extremist nations where Gays are thrown off of buildings in the name of Islam. But these Liverpool leaders would never do that. I will deal with that double standard later in this blog.

This grandstanding has zero to do with hate, intolerance, or inclusion. Most of all, it has nothing to do with the safety of the LGBTQ community.  There is no evidence of any kind that Franklin’s preaching has ever incited violence anywhere. That’s because his message condemns violence. The fact is that it has the total opposite effect, because it is a message which values all human life as priceless—something so precious, that it was why Jesus gave His life.

Ask yourself this: Franklin often preaches in the conservative south—a place that ignorant people love to label as intolerant—yet there has never been any violence when Graham has preached there.  How much less would it be likely to occur in uber—leftist Liverpool? I mean, come on.

That is like thinking that if Graham preached in Berkeley, leftist protesters would spontaneously turn on Antifa. Give me a break!

Their actions have nothing to do with either Graham’s nonexistent hate, or the myth of inciting violence. This is not about hate, it is not about intolerance. This is about tyranny. 

This is about a system that wants control over what you are allowed to believe, and even what you are allowed to think. Were you aware that the government in Great Britain monitors and censors everything that Church of England pastors preach from the pulpit?

Why will they not censor Radical Islam? Because the Left is atheist-based and hates Christianity, Western Civilization, and of course Israel. So, while some on the Left violently oppose the theology they find common ground.  The old adage applies…my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

I have no doubt that this terribly misguided ban will backfire in Biblical proportions.

George Orwell would be horrified by these leaders in Liverpool, where it has finally struck ‘thirteen o’clock.’ As he predicted in his books, the message of those in favor of a one-world government is, ‘We tell you what you can say. We tell you what you can think. We tell you what to hate. We tell you it is consistent, even when it is totally inconsistent. Don’t you dare think for yourself. And don’t you dare listen to truth unless of course, it is our truth…’

P.S. We have a special concern because this same tyranny is brewing in California where God haters are looking for an excuse to muffle free speech, including banning events that are incompatible with “California Values.” We need special prayer as we win souls down Highway 99 in California. MMM


  1. tjgwynn

    Greetings from Canada where we are praying for mercy for Canada! I am praying that you are going to see great things in California. My husband & I have travelled through California many times in many different directions & I think it is the most beautiful state in the US. It makes my heart sad to see what is being done to California as I have a special love for that state. I am praying & believing that California & Canada will be saved. Thank you for your ministry. May God bless you as you go to California to preach the gospel.

  2. Mark Stripling

    Every soul has infinite value to God. Franklin has Good News for every LQBTQ person in Liverpool! JESUS LOVES YOU!!!! Your Creator loves you so much that he sent His Only Son to die for you, that you might have life through Him!! That is not hate, it is the greatest love ever shown!! It is satan who greatly fears you being able to hear the Gospel of Christ. How sad that those who need Christ so desperately are prevented from hearing first hand of His great love for them. God, I ask you to overrule Hell and reverse this decision. May heaven’s courts issue a restraining order against all of the lying demons who have come against Franklin Graham. God let them hear this Good News of Christ. May he have great success, and let God arise, his enemies be scattered. In Jesus Name!!

  3. Dale (Lee) Pritchard

    Keep up the great work Mario!
    Ephesians 3:20 New International Version (NIV)
    20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,

  4. megagenius

    Tyrants go after freedom of speech first. They hate it when you think for yourself. Their goal is to control a herd of mindless slaves. When they told Daniel it was now against the law to pray, he opened his windows toward Jerusalem and prayed 3 times a day just as he had always done.

  5. Carolina

    The tail is wagging the dog in England. Even in the Old Testament through Moses God said He would make the Jews “the head not the tail”, said that they would always be, “above and not beneath”, if they followed His laws and path. These tiny segments of society are being given way too much effort and credence. They are a minority.
    This of course is a source of tyranny in the U.K. and also in CA, U.S.A., yet with all the wild and wooly talk today name blaming Conservatives to be practicing Fascism lets look at what that term really means • (in general use) extreme authoritarian, oppressive, or intolerant views or practices:
    These alphabet people’s representatives are routinely practicing a heightened form of Fascism, they are so intolerant & oppressive that they will quench any sign of religious liberty ‘IF’ it has to do with Jesus Christ.
    Mario is right on the button, these same Fascist type activists will never berate Islamic endeavors, even to their own peril. ‘IF’ they actually read the Koran knew its intrinsic teachings they’d understand with blunt force that the (LBGTQ community) are exclusively called “infidel” and are to be along with others eliminated off the face of the earth. Yet they herald the cause of the Islam.
    Just like the current POTUS Impeachment hearings in the U.S. are a debacle so is this move by some officials in England.
    BAD idea all the way around.?

  6. Jim Taylor

    Silencing those who oppose you with shouts of bigot, racist, exist, homophobe etc. seems a tactic that in recent times has been gaining much traction. Why?? I think it is because it is the only voice being picked up and echoed by the media. That and the ‘church’ doesn’t seem to know where it stands on the issue either, with some performing gay marriage and even ordaining a gay clergy.

  7. Ellen

    Prayer! The Lord showed me that where there is darkness Prayer can bring the light to shine and break the chains of that which creates the darkness! His Hand is not waxed short! Like the Lion of Judah, we should ALL be standing together as THE CHURCH, Praying, declaring and decreeing while binding the darkness and bringing in the “light” over the situation to BREAK those chains that bind those in darkness.
    So grab the hand of your brother or sister and PRAY we are the only ones who can!!! Jesus gave us everything we need to do it!!! He Gave is the POWER and He gave us the KEYS!! Hallelujah!! Praise God!! Bless His Holy Name!! Thank You Lord!!



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