Will Supporting Trump Ruin my Witness?

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Christianity Today | 17 comments

One of the arguments made by the editor of Christianity Today Magazine was that supporting Trump ruined our witness to America. No one yearns to win souls more than I do, therefore, I will tackle this argument, beginning with a story that seems to be analogous.

After the United States Army liberated the German concentration camps, General Eisenhower viewed the incomprehensible horror. His reaction was to make every soldier in the area come and see it for themselves.

When he was asked why he had subjected these men to such savagery and why he forced them to view images which they could never wash from their minds, he said this, “We are told that the American soldier does not know what he was fighting for. Now, at least he will know what he is fighting against.”

Millions of Christians look at Trump and see a man who is not perfect. He is not their model of a true believer. They reject him because they know what they are striving for: gentleness, civility and increased church attendance. What they do not know is what they are fighting against.

I know this, because whenever they attack Trump they offer no alternative for the office of President. They can’t tell you who else they would rather vote for. Or they assume it doesn’t matter if Democrats win. They only know they are offended by Trump’s behavior. But how does his behavior appear when compared to the horror of what the Left will do to this nation?

No doubt American soldiers had heard of the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazis, but they had not witnessed it first-hand. That is, not until they saw with their own eyes the ovens, the mountains of bones, and hundreds of rotting corpses.

Likewise, it is one thing to see leftists selling candles that say “Abortions are magical” and quite another to witness a baby being dismembered in an abortion clinic.  Or to see a baby survive an abortion and then overhear an impossibly inhuman conversation, such as, “We’ll keep it comfortable until the doctor and the mother can decide what to do next.”  How worried are you now, about how ‘rude’ Trump appears?

Does it ruin my altar calls in the tent when I support President Trump? Please, don’t reveal your ignorance if you don’t realize what an inner city is actually like. It is a cruel, disgraceful, soul-crushing place. And it’s the total property and legacy of the Left. They have crushed all decency in every city they control.  Hopes and dreams die daily on an unprecedented scale.

California’s inner cities scream of injustice and abhorrent abuse. Not only is the machinery of government not stopping homelessness—they are actually causing it!

When I stand in the tent and proclaim the miracle of new life in Jesus, I declare the hope, the power, and the love that awaits them. I challenge them to break free. Of course, they need to be freed from sin. They need to be freed from addictions. But they also must be set free from something else.

It’s a funny thing that no one in the church attacked me when I preached against heroin. No one criticized my messages against violent gangs. But when, by the Holy Spirit, I identified a drug worse than meth, which is socialism, and a gang worse than MS-13, the baby slaughtering, corrupt, Left, suddenly I was surrounded by timid souls who tried to hide behind empty platitudes.

Will supporting Trump ruin my witness? Not for the masses who crowd our altars for Jesus. They couldn’t care less about political correctness.

Wake up Christian! Don’t be like those reluctant recruits who served under Patton and hated him because they thought him a crude and nasty leader but they  forgot the monster he was trying to kill. Be honest! Do you not see the blatant abuse of power? Do you not see how power is being centralized under tyrants who hate God, who hate freedom, hate your faith, and want to dominate your children’s future?  Can you not see how vicious they are, how deviant they are and how determined they are to manipulate every aspect of American life?

I never neglect to preach a scripture-laden message to lost souls. They understand what I mean when I tell them to get off drugs. But, I also tell them they need to get out of the mental-slave-plantation of the Left. It’s lukewarm Christians who don’t get it.  Is it because they don’t want to?

You may know what you are fighting for, but I am for Trump because he knows, like I know, what we are all fighting against, and what the stakes are if we lose America.



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  1. Jennifer Powell

    I love the Word of Truth and I love the Truth regardless of whether it makes me uncomfortable or not – it quite simply is the Truth! Love your exhortation and call to the the Truth, the call to righteousness and fear of the Lord – appreciate your blog writings Mario and your stand for Christ. I stand in awe of the incredible hand of the Lord in our midst – being lukewarm is not an option! (read your blogs all the way from the most southern part of Western Australia).

  2. jentemitt

    Amen! Thank you so much for your stand. Keep on keeping on. We out here, the “despicable ones” are with you in spirit and in truth.

  3. katamanti61

    Thank you Mario. You explain things so well. God Bless YOU! I shared this on Facebook. I got into a discussion, on Facebook, on a Trunews thread who are bashing our President Trump, relentlessly, and shaming Christians who support the President of the United States of America. ♥ KatAmanti♥

  4. Deloris Berry

    very true

  5. JD

    EXACTLY! Thank you, Mario, for such an insightful perspective. We can never placate evil as it’s very nature is to devour everything until annihilation, and you can never satisfy it… ever. Each compromise only emboldens it to take more. Blessings over you to continue salting the Body of Christ in these things!

  6. kingskid48

    So, so true, every word, Pastor Mario. I encounter Trump-bashers on a continual basis, on Christian and secular sites and threads. It’s the same response every time I ask them, who do they want to see in the presidency. Crickets.

    I’m terrified of crickets, but they actually be smarter than these people.

    How can they not connect the dots? How can they not see that Trump, as imperfect a human being as he is, is actually holding back the tide of evil in this country? How can they not see how any of the left’s candidates, should they win, will take us down to the bottom of the pit from which there most likely would be not recovery for America?

    Maybe we can’t blame the sinners who think this way so much as we can the luke-warm Christians. Surely, they must give no time to the Holy Spirit. They must block Him totally out of their thoughts. Because discernment has escaped them completely.

  7. D'Anne Bonaparte


  8. E. Bowers

    I am amazed at the parallel between the left today and the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus’ day. They want all the power and they know the truth but they just don’t care. They used the same tactics against Jesus and Stephen. False accusations and false witnesses to get rid of anyone who threatened their power base. I am sincerely praying for God to bring the right ones and hinder the wrong ones, for protection from all the attacks of the enemy and that everything will be done in the power of the Holy Spirit in your crusades. Praying that all who are predestined, foreknown, called and chosen will be saved in Jesus name.

  9. Jim Taylor

    I wonder if the reason so many Christians don’t support Donald Trump is simply because they are not being led by the Holy Spirit. It is He who leads into all truth. It seems there are many, many Christians who do not support the work of the Holy Spirit and to this day oppose His many gifts, starting with the utterance of tongues. If someone is not making use of their prayer language (a gift of the Spirit) they are not likely going to be able to know the leading of the Holy Spirit. I wonder, among those who are opposed to Trump, how many pray in a heavenly language??? Just askin’

  10. debbyburow

    I am confused, this is posted as a “New Post on Mario Murillo Ministries”. When actually it was posted on Dec 27, 2019. Why do you not say it is a re-post? Sounds misleading. I refer a lot of people to your posts. I want to clearly understand what I am telling people when I encourage them to read your blogs. I want to understand clearly if it is a re-post or a new post. Thank you.


    • mariomurilloministries

      When this blog was reposted it also copied the original announcement headline. That has been corrected. Thank you.

  11. Tony

    Don’t worry Brother Mario.

    There are many Believers (those which have been in the shadows for years who followed you and your ministry as you followed CHRIST JESUS) who are about to reveal themselves in Financial, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual SUPPORT you’ve never seen before.

  12. Bobbie

    Was this Editor even a Christian or was it a job? Seeing fruit or the lack thereof.
    Goes back who founded and funded and busame for Charisma especially if not willing to do truth. Trump is not going to save us only Jesus Christ Son of the Living God is but I’m fed up with the feminist spirit; which is Jezebel Spirit which is satanism period.

  13. Bobbie

    correction: busame should be the same, don’t know how that happened!

    • Aaron




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