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They are saying what we should be saying.  Millions have seen their videos.  They are credited for starting a revolution of thought in North America.  Here’s the rub: they are stealing our thunder.  They are putting preachers to shame.  They are Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. 

You may be the last human in America who hasn’t seen their confrontations and then eliminations of post-modern secularists.  They tackle every hot button issue from transgender, abortion, gun rights, feminism…in short, everything your pastor may be afraid to preach on.

Here’s the thing—they do it with an aplomb that devastates their opponents.  They produce clear facts and irresistible common sense to show how ancient morality is the key to sanity.  In other words, they are doing our job.

There is one audience that especially resonates with Jordan Petersen: young men.  This is a key demographic that the church has almost entirely lost. 

Ben Shapiro destroys the case for abortion in take-no-prisoners style on the most liberal college campuses.

Jordan Petersen champions free speech in a way that you are not hearing in any pulpit today.

What they are, is what preaching used to be in America.  What they have done, is destroy our great excuse: the lie that young audiences do not want to hear classic morality. And they have destroyed the sister lie that if you take on the false arguments of the Left you will be shot down in flames.

The fact that they don’t preach the Gospel or refer to that many Bible verses only increases our embarrassment.  That’s because, they are still closer to the counsel of God than most celebrity pastors.

While most mega church pastors seek the non-offensive sermon, these two wade into the fallacies of sin and atheism.  They prove that there is a vast young audience for moral absolutes.

They prove what I have long declared: it is time for sermons with content.  Paul said he did not come with enticing words of man’s wisdom but the demonstration of the power of God.  That does not mean he was not compelling.  We are not compelling because we are so afraid of telling people where they are wrong.

There was a day when a Jordan Petersen and a Ben Shapiro would not have been such a novelty.  We used to have preachers who were anointed with content that exposed the bankruptcy of secular culture.

Billy Graham was such a preacher.  He stood unapologetically before lost souls, of all races, and educational levels, and declared the Word of God.  He left nothing out. 

The notion that he was a simple preacher is misleading.  He once said, “the new morality is nothing but the old immorality.” A simple yet profound observation that is more at home in a meeting with Jordan and Ben than our present churches.

Billy seized headlines, current events and never shied away from explaining why sin destroyed and Jesus offered peace that passes understanding. 

Today the church is talking to itself because it does not know how to talk to modern minds.  We do not change hearts and minds.  We are not adding daily to the church such as should be saved. 

You know I believe in miracles.  However, those who continually offer the world emotional experiences are missing the great power of preaching like Jesus promised, “I will give you a mouth and wisdom that your adversaries will not be able to gainsay or resist.”

On the other hand, those who leave out the power of the gifts of the Spirit—that are a sign to the unbeliever—are equally crippling the Church’s power to transform lost souls.

This dynamic duo of gifts of power with piercing preaching was embodied by Paul the Apostle.  Until Paul, the church was led by Peter.  Peter had fire but not the trained mind of Paul the Apostle. 

When Paul took the initiative his dual gifting of heat and light caused the Gospel to spread to all the known world.  It can be that way again.


  1. Louie Blueheart

    That’s why I listen to Ben Shapiro over most pastors… and have for some time now.

  2. Jim Taylor

    Jordan Petersen demonstrates a desire to relieve human misery that sadly, is completely lacking in what is called the church today. He is a clinical psychologist and applies his secular understanding to the cause of man’s ills. I pray he will come to know the truth of the LORD and be filled with the Holy Spirit, when that happens he will put most ‘pastors’ to shame. The passion he has for the hurting has pricked my conscience on more than one occasion. I can’t really think of any voice in the christian community (now that Billy has gone home) that commands the attention that either Peterson or Shapiro do in the public arena. The ‘church’ has been preaching in the echo chamber for far too long. It is difficult to go into the world and make disciples of all nations, when there are precious few actual disciples in the church right here and now.

  3. Robert Notestine

    Ben thinks Jesus is not who He says He is. For a clever person, this is an unsustainable position to hold, and a pitiable one in the light of salvation. The trouble is, a lot of youth look to him for upholding truth. I pray he has a renewing of the mind, and can be among those who fully enjoy the return of the Lord. I know of the validity of signs and wonders! In this is a true “revelation of thought”.

  4. Dorothea Kreie

    You are so very right, dear brother!….May the Lord strengthen you to stay His mouthpiece. Rich blessings, Dorothea


  5. Karen Moser

    Totally agree!

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  6. Carolina

    This calls for a Question to Christian women…
    **How can the current Christian pulpit reach young American men, when the likes of Beth Moore and many others who make agreement with “her kind” of false doctrine, aligning with the blown mind of the hash tag Me too movement?**
    Half the American women who purport this kind of secular humanist feminist thinking are exhibiting misandry characteristics themselves.
    It is A healthy divine love for males of all ages within the Household of our Faith, that has always been a linchpin in keeping this Christian wheelhouse on course.
    Obviously I hold accountable these self-aggrandized females of my own gender, for the raking apart of many men within this US nation. They have seen fit to attack (mercilessly) Men, of all ages, and now these women’s hubris has infected the church culture as well.
    Modern women have given up their preordained revered place, which Christ Jesus originally designed & provided for them, in order to “take over”, the males distinctive Kingdom assignment and position. These women are out of position, out of Kingdom protocol, and (in my opinion) out of control on the road to female anarchy. They have left completely behind the Godly mandate of being the softer side, gentle, humble, elegant, feminine, giving and supportive which is their Kingdom responsibility to their husbands, sons, nephews, uncles, cousins, and leaders in both the civil construct and the church.
    Repent ladies! Act like women again, Be who you’re meant to be, give back the reigns of this majestic steed called Christianity’s destiny, and hand it to the men who can ride it through to the end of this age. ??‍♀️

  7. Denise P

    Truth is truth and God is speaking through them mightily.

  8. Rev Jan Michael Nace

    Well said in every way. Prophetic voices are needed more than ever today—real prophetic voices!

  9. Aaron

    Matthew 28:19-20 New International Version (NIV)

    19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

    Jordon Peterson is impacting young men (males)
    Jesus made disciples out of young men and turned them into leaders.
    This is what the church lost many years ago when it chose effeminacy over the hard work of challenging congregations toward biblical manhood/discipleship.
    It’s easy to appeal to women for ministry in the local church.
    Some of the best men in every church are women?.
    Women will rise up and do awesome things for God but in the process we have lost the ability to reach young men.
    Mark it down if a young man gets saved in an overly effeminate church he will not rise up toward his call in most cases.
    Men will run from an environment we’re they are dominated by women or made to feel like they are competing with females for ministry spots.
    Biblical manhood is not anti female.
    As a matter of fact one of the most common complaints of church ladies is the lack of maturity in there men and how pastors and male lay workers fail to work with there husbands and reach out to them.
    In church I watched the example of my pastor honor his wife and teach boys how to prepare themselves like a man for life in relationships and finances.
    Young guys are not prepared to Handle the cruelty of life and fight for righteousness.
    Were are the modern day jahu’s or shammah’s.
    Men ready to stand against sexual immorality and protect the heritage of the Lord.
    Even the world recognizes this,
    watch Tucker Carlson’s interview with Jordon Peterson on YouTube.
    I could go on and on about this subject.
    I deal with young men in my congregation that have no clue about there potential to set things straight in there life.
    I work with them and it’s a long process getting them into a place of responsibility.
    What is sad is when I see a young man selling candy bars for some men’s home in some parking lot and find out they have been there a year and there afraid to go get a real job because that ministry has them thinking they are going to backslide if they get a paycheck in there hand.
    Many of these ministries have a host of young men signed up for food stamps and general relief and are collecting it all for there men’s home.
    There is no easy way.
    Making disciples of men will cost you time and money.

    Doing it Gods way will cost you everything.

    • Carolina

      Aaron, this is at the epicenter of my point exactly!?…Aaron you wrote;
      “Men will run from an environment we’re they are dominated by women or made to feel like they are competing with females for ministry spots. Biblical manhood is not anti female.
      As a matter of fact one of the most common complaints of church ladies is the lack of maturity in there men…”
      I respond to what you’ve stated here saying…”EXACTLY”.?
      And further why would men, particularly young men, want to find themselves being dominated and directed by women inside or outside the church? That isn’t even close to biblical or Kingdom protocol in the first place. Apostle Paul was adamant in his training letters to Timothy, Titus and the Corinthians about women’s ordered protocol within in the church.
      The reason these more secular men (Ben Shapiro and Jorden Peterson) are having an impact with what they say is because a ‘void’ has been created within the Christian community through a lack of relevant, honest, biblically dominated preaching and teaching from enough men.
      And it is *my opinion*, that overbearing women who’ve taken an overbearing attitude into the church culture are “a part and hold responsibility” for that ‘void’ that’s been created. Hence Mario’s perfect title…Stolen Thunder.
      There are many reasons why too many American women have lost their way, but I believe the root causation is pride and utter rebellion, coupled with a secular society that encourages them to outrageous non biblical conduct.

      • Aaron

        You hit the nail on the head and furthermore there is an epidemic of church men falling into porn addiction.
        Rev 2:20
        Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.

        Jezi wasn’t like a Dr Ruth type character teaching classes on how to fornicate and commit adultery but her teachings were downplaying sound doctrine.
        That opened the door to the unclean to infiltrate the ministry workers in the church.
        When we jettison sound doctrine we lower the bar of what is acceptable Christian practice.
        The seduction of false doctrine is that my sin can be accommodated by lowering standards of conduct the itching ear that must be scratched.

        • Carolina

          I would add to that Aaron, that today’s women have bought into the lie that to dress, look and act amoral is how to live. I believe this is a big reason that men seek out porn.
          It has been said in days of old that, “men fall in love with their eyes & women with their ears”.
          This simple means men are visual and women are auditory. Hence pornographers figured out the best way to attack men for money $ with what they see.
          But what’s wrong with the poor deluded women who participate? Plain old Sin.

  10. Mark Stripling

    I still believe that God is coming for America’s young men and women. The children of Israel accused God of trying to bring them into a land where their children would become a prey to the giants and mighty men who lived there. Their unbelief cost them the Promised Land. God took those children in and fulfilled his promise to give them the land 40 years later. I have this faith and hope, that God is going to deliver our babes from transgender demons who want to read stories to them and harm them. And from atheist professors who tell our teens their is no God or Creator.
    Mario, Haggai caused God to “stir up the spirits” of Zerubbabel, Joshua, and the remnant, thank you for daily stirring folks today! God bless! The best is still ahead!

  11. Mary Callahan

    Awesome Message ? Lovin’it ❤️

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  12. THERESA BOKS Owner

    Gosh, Mario, I love your sermons! I am going to reply to you from now on… Ben Shapiro is awesome. Grand Canyon College here in Phx, Az had him scheduled to talk at their very, very high Christian College. This is a Supreme Center for Education producing awesome students who get hired immediately just because they graduate from GCC… So, GCC actually Uninvited Ben ( because he is “not” a christian)… what an uproar on campus!! GCC finally had to allow him to come…. bunch of hog wash. You are the Fire we need in our pulpits. You speak a pure word w much, much wisdom and grace. You are not afraid to speak on topics, political, religous, economic. Thank You! I wish I could attend all your Cali Mtgs this yr. I have many friends in Cali. and am also part of Nita Johnsons Prayer Network for America…( another hidden, powerful work) I have attended Joe Sweets Prophetic Conferences since 2000. What a mighty group of believers. Right on! I was saved during the Jesus Movement. I have many friends in Chico, Cali and have prayed for their souls often. Satan wants that area for whatever reason. You also have that Oroville Damn near Chico that is ready to break and then, of course, the Paradise Fires. There is something spiritually important about that area. Any Hoo.. The Lord Bless Yoo!! I am interceding w you and wish I could help’. The Lord has promised I would see His Next Revival… How lucky am I? To have actually lived thru the Jesus Movement Revival and now This Day! Sincerely, Theresa in Az

  13. PeterPuck

    These two, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, preach the Kingdom without compromise. Note, you can still preach the Kingdom outside of the “salvation message”.

    They’re both eloquent and have a towering intellect, easily pushing aside the “gotcha” questions that dog others. Christians should listen.

    Peterson, I notice, does not allow himself to be pigeonholed as a “Christian”, as he considers this to be yet another identity group, something he abhors. Fair enough.

  14. Darlene Williams

    People want truth.That is how we were created by God.The enemy brought in the easy grace,entitled ,dependent ,we don’t want offend anyone message. But no one benefits from being coddled. God wants us to grow up. If we aren’t growing we are going backwards.God spoke thru a donkey,He can use anyone He wishes.I know my perspective of who the church is has gradually changed over the last few years.

  15. kingskid48

    Our society today is in desperate trouble. Young girls from very young ages are being taught to look up to the foul-mouthed lesbians such as those who play soccer. Their mothers are teaching them that those women are examples of “strong women”. This is horrifying. Then, we have companies such as Gillette who seem to be attempting to turn our men into girly-men. satan is having a hey day with the gender-confusion issues in this country. Pastor Mario is right. The only thing that will save us is for the Holy Spirit to get the church on their faces before God. Christian men MUST take the spiritual lead of their households and Christian women MUST get their sweetness back, while displaying to the world what a TRUE woman of strength is, which is the Proverbs 31 Woman. This will not happen until all of us make it clear to our pastors and elders that we have had enough self-improvement, prospering, and feel-good sermons to last the rest of our lives. We are desperate to hear again of the Blood of Jesus, the Cross, the Greatest Story Every Told, and to be filled, refilled, and refilled again with the Holy Spirit, overflowing us to the point that we can’t stop.

    • Mark Stripling

      kid, everything you post here is spot on, every time. God bless!

  16. Lori

    These men should be thanked for their willingness to speak the truth. Many a preacher could learn something from these two. It is overdue for Christians to get a backbone, and stand-up for what they claim to believe in.

  17. Ruben Martinez

    Yes, kingskid48, “We are desperate to hear again of the Blood of Jesus, the Cross, the Greatest Story Ever Told…” But that is not what Peterson nor Shapiro are teaching. And when they mention such things they misinterpret and thus misapply! Don’t get me wrong, I am greatly moved, even to tears when I see Peterson’s passion and compassion! Also, his knowledge almost mesmerizing! I’m inspired and challenged by Shapiro! I will continue to hear both of them! But without the message of the unique offer of being permanently united to God through Jesus’ payment for our sins, everything else is a veiled offer of the ancient message of self-sufficiency, offered to Eve. And, self-sufficiency is very popular among all human being, young and old, educated and none-educated, religious and none-religious….etc. When we read the Gospels and all that Jesus said and did and people still rejected Him, we realize it’s not a matter of intelligence but a matter of the heart/will. There is much more to say but if I could get one message to Peterson, I would say, “…you are not far from the Kingdom…” cf. Mark 12:34.

  18. Lanadella

    This is so true! And thank you for speaking it publically. I’ve repented and pray for wave of repentance to sweep over America suddenly. Sharing.

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  19. Randall Verarde

    Shapiro and Peterson possess uncommon wisdom that comes from years of rigorous academic training coupled with keen observational skills, which Mario also possesses. Somehow they’ve managed to escape the usual traps of intellectual pride and secular arrogance, due to each recognizing a deep transcendent moral order. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

    The church desperately needs leaders like this but tragically it is threatened by them. I know firsthand. My Pentecostal Church leaders shunned me when they found out I had a PhD in religion. They were content to let me sit silently in the pew for years. This caused me great pain and disillusionment. That was a decade ago. Now the hour is desperate. I believe God is preparing something great. I refuse to remain sidelined any longer. I have a long history with Mario. He’s my spiritual father. On cue, his prophetic message has once again come at the perfect time to stir my soul and revive my spirit. Use me oh Lord!

    • Carolina

      Mr Verarde, insightful response, thank you for sharing. A strong healthy intellect that’s trained is an essential part of Kingdom quality and values. The church culture can be easily intimidated by this, as well as, allowing into its traditional culture voices that do not espouse Jesus Christ as Lord of their life (ie; Mr Shapiro & Mr Peterson). Church culture sometimes forget that – that can be the very way to “make disciples of all nations”.

  20. Randall Verarde

    Shapiro and Peterson do not pretend to speak for the Church and are not under divine call to preach the gospel. However, if you step back and recognize the wider matrix of ideas that lend credence to faith, they rigorously advocate them: ideas such as the reality of a god-image (imago dei) in the psyche/ soul, or even the notion of an individual soul which postmodernism abandoned decades ago. Or the idea of a transcendent moral order which we reject at our personal and societal peril. These ideas were widely accepted for centuries but have to be argued again due to the growing influence of postmodern atheism and relativism. In this wider arena Shapiro, Peterson, and others like them are our allies, not our enemies.

    • Carolina

      Mr Verarde, I agree, and would add, “if” the church culture wasn’t so intimated by people with a strong intellect and background of secular education, they could be better served by allowing open debate within the fold from those outside the Household of Faith who advocate (knowingly or unknowingly) for some of our Kingdom principles. I’ve communicated with atheists at times, who knew much more about the gospel and biblical theology than many mainstream identifying Christians do. Atheists are more difficult & intricate to debate with when they identify as an atheist rather than the agnostic or reasoning deist. The point to me is, to open up the flower of communication and let the spiritual pollination begin.

  21. Bobbie

    If, you speak and or say the truth it gets removed for the most part for the itchy ears and the Dead Pastors preaching to a dead audience who doesn’t question why PRAYER is not important and the Bible going forth like rivers of living water but building their dead empire, dead kingdom, dead dynasty is. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11.
    Confronted someone who is a Glory Hog, Fire Bug and Conference Junkie and where is the long term fruit in that as look at our Nation and World! Gave them a list of big names in Ministry, get the list from Charisma, Christianity Today, Moody Monthly and asked them what is their fruit? Have they built housing for the Widows, Fatherless, Orphan, Poor, Homeless, Single Parents and their children? Have they done Charity, Social, Humanity and Education and servanthood to people they serve and their Cities, Communities, State, Nation? Have they changed their Cities for God (San Francisco would be only 1 example).

    Was thinking of Ron, Barbara, Perry, Justin, Jason, Daniel, Mark, Marie, Rhonda, Keri, Aaron, Char, Denise and the so many asked for help for over 55 years from countless Church entities that were supposed to represent Jesus Christ Son of the Living God and did NOT so what were they about? To not even care about laying strong foundations in and on the Word let alone caring about the condition of them as human beings. Called over 4,000 entities to help two homeless 36 year olds and no help and couldn’t even refer to me to someone who could and they call themselves Churches and Christian? It was more important to take your time and money and buy all the property around the building and whatever business they became. Where did all the money go for every regime and or movement we ever sat in and who did they help but being a self-serving organization? Worse, giving you their god, their jesus and their unholy spirit. Be a FRUIT INSPECTOR please. cc: report church abuse list!



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