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Back on December 3rd 2019, I told you this: “An astounding door for moral awakening has blown open in California, but I need your help.” The help I was describing was that we needed an edge—an edge over the persecution and intimidation we had experienced.

Let me describe an example. It happened on the first night of one of our crusades. It was in the early afternoon, several hours before we were going to start. An city official came to do a routine walk through. He took a very long time before finally letting us know we could go ahead with the meeting.

This had dragged on so long that the crowd was already arriving and had been forced to stand outside the tent in the cold.  What really hurt, was the thought that there were lost souls—souls who had come after being invited by their friends. I wondered, “How will they handle this inconvenience?”

The delay was so prolonged that we were preparing to hold the meeting, even if the people had to stand outside the tent in the dark field nearby! This harassment was uncalled for. The official even made a veiled threat saying “I will remember anything you say.”

Then, at the last possible moment, we were given permission to go ahead. But they told us they would be back the following night, and we realized that the second night of meetings was still in jeopardy. Sure enough, the next night, we were again not given permission to start until right before meeting time.

Thank God for Frank Saldana! He had the patience and wisdom to deal with this, and to act instantly meeting every demand. I stayed in the prayer closet. By God’s mercy, it all worked out, and we enjoyed an effective and historic tent crusade.

But believe me, this was not the only city where we encountered resistance. It wasn’t until later that it became clear that there was a weakness in our plans which made us vulnerable to all this abuse.

So, I decided, “THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN!”  I asked the Lord for a miracle—a miracle that would remove the weakness in our plans and nail the door shut on the enemy. But it was something so big that Jesus was the only One I could tell about it.

The miracle that I asked for would not only shut the door on the enemy, it would open the door to win many more souls. Now I can tell you what it is. Why? Because the miracle has happened!

I asked Jesus to give me enough money to be able to pay off all the rent, all the bills associated with permits, licenses, legal fees and reimbursable charges—all in advance. I am talking tens of thousands of dollars above and beyond our budget.

To top it all off, I told the Lord that I would not tell you about it. That’s like Elijah pouring water over the sacrifice before calling down fire. I needed to know with absolute certainty that it was the perfect will of God for us to return to California for more meetings. Here’s what has happened…

EVERY BIT OF THE MONEY WE NEEDED HAS COME IN!  And, it came in without telling anyone but God. Now we have locked in all five cities and will be able to meet any challenge well in advance.

So again, it is with incredible joy that I announce to you the venues and dates for Living Proof California!

Chico CA: March 15-18, 2020

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds

2357 Fair Street

Chico, CA 95928


Roseville, CA: April 19-22, 2020

Location: Placer County Fairgrounds

700 Event Center Drive

Roseville, CA 95678


Modesto, CA: May 14-17

John Thurman Field 

601 Neece Drive

Modesto, CA 95351


Fresno, CA: June 21-24, 2020

Fresno Fair Grounds

1121 S. Chance Avenue

Fresno, CA 93702


McFarland, CA: September 13-16, 2020

501 West Perkins Avenue 

McFarland, CA 93250

 But this miracle does something even more important. Remember that I said, “An astounding door for moral awakening has blown open in California”?  Part of that is: Without these distractions we can send the army of Light into the habitations of devils. We can pull treasures out of darkness. We can march through this door that has blown open among the lost. We can turn our focus and energy into the most widespread miracle-evangelism California has seen in decades. That is why I said this is a far-reaching announcement.

But it gets even bigger than this. Remember, in a previous letter I said that while we were doing a tent crusade we couldn’t announce the next one? That was because at the time we didn’t know if there would be a next one. This resulted such a delay that, when we did finally know, we were always rushing to invite the lost to the tent. Now we can recruit workers because they have advanced notice to arrange time away from jobs and nail down housing. Plus we get to spend valuable time in the surrounding neighborhoods. You can see why this extra time is priceless.

But there is still more! We have added a new weapon for these tent crusades. They are called Nights of Miracles. The Holy Spirit ordered me to plan nights in a local church at least 30 days before the tent goes up. The goal is to give the city a sample of the power and glory they can expect in the tent. This has already worked amazingly well in both Fresno and Hanford. Now we will do Nights of Miracles in all five cities!

Our first Night of Miracles will take place in Chico, California on Sunday night, January 26th at 6 p.m. followed by Monday night, January 27th at 7 p.m. These meetings will be held at Jubilee on the Ridge Church at 2201 Pillsbury Rd., Chico, CA 95926. This is the first event of Living Proof California 2020.

Did you know that over 1.1 million people now know about the tent on the Highway 99 corridor of Glory? But we don’t just need people knowing about it, we need soldiers. There are so many opportunities for you to serve. And don’t think you live too far away! Folks from as far away as Canada are coming here to help us.

Above everything, pray for us! Whether you just pray or if you want to come and help reach the lost in California, sign up using the link below. I have been excited about many things in my life, but this California outreach next year carries a special excitement!

Please, use the link below, and get involved in Living Proof California. God bless you!






  1. LuAnn MortonEarl Blueheart

    Lord, I want to be involved. I don’t care about my job anymore… I don’t know a way… but You do!!! I want to be involved. Lord, Thank You for making a way!!! Amen & Amen!!

  2. Darlene W

    I am reminded of the banquet parable in Luke when you talk about Highway 99.We live in exciting times.God is moving before us and making a way.

  3. Richard Lebsock

    I am absolutely thrilled that your journey through this state will continue. BUT, I am also very saddened that Visalia has been overlooked. This city is filled with evil in the form of drugs, gangs, homelessness, churches preaching a modified version of the WORD providing politically correctness instead of the TRUTH of the WORD. This city is a stronghold for the enemy and needs a major spiritual shake up. I can only pray that GOD in all HIS wisdom will speak loudly and clearly to you that this city must be included in the soul saving, TRUTH preaching that is needed.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Richard, we would love to come to Visalia but we need to hear from the leadership there.

  4. Diane Zeller

    Mario, thank you for this wonderful report! Phil 4:8. My husband & I continue to follow and pray for these tent meetings. I have shared this message today with people I know with California connections, I have also shared it with my fellow alumni from Charis Bible College. God’s Peace, Diane & Earl

  5. Darlene W

    Mario,you so embody the spirit of a warrior that has discerned the day of our visitation and will not be denied. Jesus,our triumphant warrior king,the captain of the host is with us.He is going to have his harvest.When i pray I see a golden river flowing thru Highway 99. Praying from victory.They will come.

  6. kingskid48

    Wow. Talk about beyond exciting! I know so many people who need healing. Some of them are not saved. I am praying that the Holy Spirit draws them like a MAGNET to that tent! Praise God, I am so excited that you are coming to our town!

  7. Roger Martin

    Thanks to Mutual friends I’ve received this …. for a few years now the father has put a few of Hollywood’s elite in my spirit to pray for ?OVER this past year 2019 there’s been a stirring in me , a knowing that I will be in California, releasing , proclaiming and declaring the GOODNESS OF OUR FATHER GOD….. giving my own personal testimony of deliverance and freedom from the homosexual lifestyle..by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony…(. revelations 12:11,). I’ve tasted and seen it some , but I know that our father will once again sweep through that community with HIS LOVE ! The Holy Spirit says , “ITS TIME” I choose to agree and partner along side with what the spirit of the living God is bringing forth …. AMEN

  8. Brenda Dowdin

    So thrilled you are coming. Our city, Chico has had one of the highest abortion rates per-capita in our state. The stronghold in Chico is bloodletting through abortion. Immorality at its worst. I am the Exec. Director of our local Pregnancy Resource Clinic and am crying out for our land to be healed.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Brenda, It is my honor and duty to come along side you and others holding forth the Word of God in Chico.

  9. warpedw

    Mario, I just found all of this, due to listening to you on Sid Roth. I live in Bakersfield, CA, taught school in Lamont, CA, and went to college in Chico, CA. You are speaking to my soul…feeling all I can do is pray for these people. I am looking forward to attending your January 27th tent meeting, as I will be in Chico for the preceding week. This is definitely an answer to prayer about our beautiful state! Thank you for picking up what the Lord has laid before you.

    • mariomurilloministries

      We are trying for the Kern County Fairgrounds, Bakerfield in September. Please make it a point to come up and greet me in Chico!




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