Will Supporting Trump Ruin my Witness?

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Christianity Today | 38 comments

One of the arguments made by the editor of Christianity Today Magazine was that supporting Trump ruined our witness to America. No one yearns to win souls more than I do, therefore, I will tackle this argument, beginning with a story that seems to be analogous.

After the United States Army liberated the German concentration camps, General Eisenhower viewed the incomprehensible horror. His reaction was to make every soldier in the area come and see it for themselves.

When he was asked why he had subjected these men to such savagery and why he forced them to view images which they could never wash from their minds, he said this, “We are told that the American soldier does not know what he was fighting for. Now, at least he will know what he is fighting against.”

Millions of Christians look at Trump and see a man who is not perfect. He is not their model of a true believer. They reject him because they know what they are striving for: gentleness, civility and increased church attendance. What they do not know is what they are fighting against.

I know this, because whenever they attack Trump they offer no alternative for the office of President. They can’t tell you who else they would rather vote for. Or they assume it doesn’t matter if Democrats win. They only know they are offended by Trump’s behavior. But how does his behavior appear when compared to the horror of what the Left will do to this nation?

No doubt American soldiers had heard of the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazis, but they had not witnessed it first-hand. That is, not until they saw with their own eyes the ovens, the mountains of bones, and hundreds of rotting corpses.

Likewise, it is one thing to see leftists selling candles that say “Abortions are magical” and quite another to witness a baby being dismembered in an abortion clinic.  Or to see a baby survive an abortion and then overhear an impossibly inhuman conversation, such as, “We’ll keep it comfortable until the doctor and the mother can decide what to do next.”  How worried are you now, about how ‘rude’ Trump appears?

Does it ruin my altar calls in the tent when I support President Trump? Please, don’t reveal your ignorance if you don’t realize what an inner city is actually like. It is a cruel, disgraceful, soul-crushing place. And it’s the total property and legacy of the Left. They have crushed all decency in every city they control.  Hopes and dreams die daily on an unprecedented scale.

California’s inner cities scream of injustice and abhorrent abuse. Not only is the machinery of government not stopping homelessness—they are actually causing it!

When I stand in the tent and proclaim the miracle of new life in Jesus, I declare the hope, the power, and the love that awaits them. I challenge them to break free. Of course, they need to be freed from sin. They need to be freed from addictions. But they also must be set free from something else.

It’s a funny thing that no one in the church attacked me when I preached against heroin. No one criticized my messages against violent gangs. But when, by the Holy Spirit, I identified a drug worse than meth, which is socialism, and a gang worse than MS-13, the baby slaughtering, corrupt, Left, suddenly I was surrounded by timid souls who tried to hide behind empty platitudes.

Will supporting Trump ruin my witness? Not for the masses who crowd our altars for Jesus. They couldn’t care less about political correctness.

Wake up Christian! Don’t be like those reluctant recruits who served under Patton and hated him because they thought him a crude and nasty leader but they  forgot the monster he was trying to kill. Be honest! Do you not see the blatant abuse of power? Do you not see how power is being centralized under tyrants who hate God, who hate freedom, hate your faith, and want to dominate your children’s future?  Can you not see how vicious they are, how deviant they are and how determined they are to manipulate every aspect of American life?

I never neglect to preach a scripture-laden message to lost souls. They understand what I mean when I tell them to get off drugs. But, I also tell them they need to get out of the mental-slave-plantation of the Left. It’s lukewarm Christians who don’t get it.  Is it because they don’t want to?

You may know what you are fighting for, but I am for Trump because he knows, like I know, what we are all fighting against, and what the stakes are if we lose America.



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  1. megagenius

    Why do you put on the armour of God? To admire it in the mirror or to stand against the wiles of the devil and destroy his works. Religion will make you effeminate. Do not put on Saul’s armour. When the devil takes one step against you, then take two steps against him. Mario is a junk yard dog preacher. Would to God we had more of them. FANTASTIC ARTICLE!

    • Donna

      Totally agree

    • MICHAEL DEWITT @ Grace Abounds

      “Why do you put on the armour of God? To admire it in the mirror or to stand against the wiles of the devil and destroy his works. Religion will make you effeminate.” Boy isn’t that the truth!

    • Terry

      Absolute agreement! Thank you Mario, for truth!

    • Will Travel

      Only if you’re trying give witness to Jesus.

  2. Michael Druckenmiller Sr

    Posted to Facebook (Make liberal heads explode! 🙂 )

    “We are told that the American soldier does not know what he was fighting for. Now, at least he will know what he is fighting against.”

    So “Christian” what are you fighting against? And, does your fight against end up being in support of abominations…

  3. Jean

    I am in total agreement with you. We are definitely fighting a spiritual battle. Thanks for speaking the truth.??

  4. Brother Fred

    All I can say is, to those who are content to let the left come to power, once they do, when you see what they will do to your children and grand children, you will wish you had listened and acted while there was still time.

  5. Janice Rozell

    Very good word! Praying people wake up! Especially us older people who had the truth in our text books. Comunisim, inflation, government control 🙁 I’m thankful for God’s mercy!

  6. Warren Hays

    A voice crying out in the wilderness! Don’t stop! You are one of the few who have the “balls” to speak the truth in love. And I am sure there are those who are offended that a pastor would say “balls!” Those are the same people who are offended that Trump would call Pelosi a communist.

    • salvor2015

      Testicles! They are testicles, the main source of Testosterone, the male hormone! Not to leave out the women, though…Women have testosterone also, albeit in smaller amount. Theirs comes from adrenal glands and ovaries, but although women demonstrate courage, honor, and strength all the time, we don’t say “that was an ovarian thing to do” or “that took ovaries”. I think saying a man OR woman has balls is the ultimate complement to their courage and valor.

  7. Carolyn Pearl Putney

    I’m in full agreement! I believe the reason our country is in the mess it is, is because Christians have taken the easy road out. I’m 70 and have heard, and even said, the platitudes of, “Well, this administration isn’t doing thus and such right, but next election it will change, and all will balance out. Look where that has brought us – to the most evil, corrupt, broken society ever in our history, and the drum majors belong to the Democratic Party, which is owned by George Soros and the Clinton Foundation!
    Systematically, just like the proverbial frog in a pan of cold water, and the burner begins to warm the water but the frog notices nothing until it’s too late, the Democrats have been tearing apart the fibers that once made this the greatest country on the planet. But, it’s not just the Democrats who are at fault. Christians, evangelicals, redemption believing Christ followers, are just to blame because we have failed to:
    1) Use the voice God gave us to speak against that evil that surrounds us. Not just the drugs, gangs, abortion, but against the leaders who are doing nothing to stop it, and like Obama and his predecessors, even stoked the fires.
    2) Support the most pro-life, pro-Christian, pro-military, pro-American President in my lifetime. We are quick to criticize him, but how many Christians run for office? We criticize Trump for his previous indiscretions, poor language skills, what some think is a false witness, etc., but we offer nothing better. If he isn’t the perfect Mr. Christian we all think he should be, well then he deserves everything that’s being hurled at him.
    3) Use wisdom, and common sense. I’ve recently thought about writing an obituary for the death of Common Sense. And, we are so quick to judge his faith. The only One who knows Trump’s heart is God alone. I don’t know for sure if he is a Christian, and it’s not my place to say. I do know this, however. I made many mistakes as a young Christian, and while my sins are buried, I will always struggle with the author of sin until I see Jesus. Why can’t we give Trump the same consideration? Few evangelical leaders have offered to disciple him, and the one who most supports him, Franklin Graham, gets beaten up daily because of it.
    4) Failed to demand the far left agendas of sinful, leftist, evil groups to exit our educational institutions. The LGBTQ presence in our public schools and libraries is because we have kept our mouth shut for too long! The removal of sacred monuments, and/or monuments happens because we allow the minority groups who are “offended” to rule the day. We have college graduates who can’t point out their state on an unmarked map, don’t know why we celebrate July 4th, can’t tell you what WWII was about, but can name the cast of As the Stomach Turns. This happens because we have been silent! Shame on us.

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. And, we are a good part of the problem! Before we blame anyone else, we should take a good look in the mirror, then get on our knees and beg for forgiveness. If we do not get behind this man, Donald J. Trump, we will find ourselves fully enslaved to a government that will easily kill us to rule us.

    Thank you for speaking out in your blog.

    • RS

      Carolyn, may I repost your letter on my Facebook page? So well written!

    • contender4him

      Well said!! And AMEN!

  8. Danny Raymond Lake

    Thanks Mario. Awesome and much needed post. WAKE UP SAINTS to what’s really going on. The great deceiver is doing just that.

  9. Noel

    The Left is engineering the greatest cover-up in American political history. They are terrified of the truth as they target a President who is committed to exposing their wicked scheming and agenda for our country. They are now seeking to divide those of the Christian faith knowing we were instrumental in voting the President into office. It’s all about power and control and deceiving the Electorate. The mainstream media is complicit as they all fancy themselves the masterminds of a new advanced society. The only problem is that it’s the same old Devil behind it all!

  10. Darlene W

    We are here to occupy .As long as we are here this Antichrist system will not prevail,it will not have this generation.Knowing what we are up against is power .We are not to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices.So we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us,we find our place and do our part as He reveals it to us.Jesus wants His harvest and we are going to co labor with Him in getting it.The price has already been paid,the enemy has already been defeated.We fight from victory.

  11. revjudy7

    Thank you for your posts, your Biblical soundness, and your wisdom. Prayers Judy Hames, a pastor in SC

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  12. Jon

    We pray for the president every day, morning and evening. I am shocked at those who claim the name of Jesus who think the socialist atrocities of the left somehow become less horrific than a Trump Twitter post they misunderstand. Thanks for taking a stand!

  13. cactusflower18

    Absolutely Brother Mario!!! And you have a way of putting things by your words and life in a holy perspective; thanks so much for your witness!
    I too see what you see and it makes me heart-sick; but I have hope also in our living Savior who came to destroy the works of the devil and set the captives free; God Bless you, yours, our duly beloved and elected President-God’s choice and all we follow the truth!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful CHRISTmas; I sure did!!!

  14. Sandra Myers

    Amen, Mario!! Thank you for your stand and the truth you bring to us.

  15. MICHAEL DEWITT @ Grace Abounds

    The President’s Flaws are plentiful..However it does not change the fact that Donald Trump was chosen for a purpose.. Just like the Adulterer King David was, or like the Drunk Noah was, or even the Murderer Paul the Apostle.. Here’s the thing, I’m sure there were a lot of people that considered themselves righteous enough to point out all their flaws as well questioning why they should support King David, or listen to words that came out of Paul’s mouth and we all know they laughed at Noah..To Be a True Christian is to understand we are not the Authority and we should never assume we have greater judgement then the Lord Himself.. So how do we know if our support is warranted? Because Christianity isn’t just about striving to live Spiritual lives, it is about understanding and studying the Word of God so we can discern the vices of evil agenda’s that would do everyone harm.

  16. Dan Daniel

    The Lord has given America a reprieve with Trump. We can’t afford to not use this time wisely, but I don’t see many pastor’s taking a stand We cannot afford to lose even one more election or it’s over for America. It’s time for Christians to take a stand or we’ll lose this country.

  17. kingskid48

    I just found out that our tax dollars are going to be paying for security for non-profits in California. Before everyone lets out a cheer that this means churches will be able to hire security on the taxpayer dime, think what this means. Most churches will -I’m hoping-have the sense not to accept this from the government, but to hire their own security. But guess who will gladly accept this government handout and use it to the hilt?

    Planned Parenthood.

    • kingskid48

      To be clear, I certainly do not wish any harm at any person at PP or anyone else. I am simply saying I do not one dime of my money to go to the support of PP in any way. Look at the money they bring in. They can afford their own security.

      Also, I don’t trust the government to provide this service to churches. We need to stay as independent from government as we can.

    • RS

      @ Michael D – Amen! Well said, brother!

      @ kingskid – Surely Planned Parenthood is not considered a “non-profit”…??? ?

      I’ve been thinking for a while now that the impeachment circus is a smokescreen- a distraction while the Deep State rams through new ungodly laws!

      Keep praying, Saints, from a place of Authority over the enemy! “Whatsoever things you bind on earth, will be bound in Heaven”, “Pulling down strongholds and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God”!!

  18. M H

    I agree with you Mario! Until I read this, I never thought of socialist left as” worst than Ms-13, or meth” however, it is simple path that leads to destruction. No doubt, were not seeing a democratic field like in 1964? We are witnessing facist ideas served as completely normal and buttered with “good for planet” Easier to pass through eye of needle? What? I need to wake up more than anyone, because I’m no good to anyone if I dont? Thanks Mario. For showing me if I truly wish for revival it must start in my heart. Keith green sang it. Start in me and live it and take it all around.

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  19. Sharon Sarles

    We are in times of great deception.
    I know people who served in WWII. I sat with a gentleman of over 90, who lived in the same retirement home as my father, who had left a respectable business to his son. He told me he was still proud to have served under Patton. Patton was a great man.
    I also know Europeans who think highly of Americans because they know what it was like to be under Nazi occupation or in a prison camp. I know a Pole who, when he was having a nightmare, his British wife would hang up an American flag, so that when he awoke, he would feel safe.

  20. Sebastian Knoke

    Brilliant article, Mario Murilloo!!
    Thanks from a German who only can underline everything you just have written here in you blog! God bless you!

  21. Joanne Millum

    Wow! A breath of fresh air…

  22. Barbara Brinegar

    Thank you for the warning we as Christians need to heed. The time is short. Wake up America !!! Wake up Christians!!!

  23. Joseph Gilbert

    There is not an argument that the Democrats have an agenda against the church .Hillary Clinton made that very clear. How did we get here? Do you honestly think the homosexual community got where they got because they didn’t have an agenda and implemented it. Where it is now a civil right to be a homosexual. That happened on our watch.

  24. Bobbie

    Carolyn Pearl Putney:
    I would like to read your “death on common sense” as recognize you to be prophetic (please don’t ever take titles for yourself otherwise not dead to self=not to insult you). It would be nice to hear your teaching and pearls of Wisdom. Everyone keep PRAYING, please!

    Irony of all this, L.A. and San Fran., is Prophets have been heralding for years, decades and they have been disdained, rejected, run out, called all kinds of names, murderous prayers against and now here we are as a Nation!

    Had this epiphany, did any of my former Pastors even believe in God as one told one homeless prophet “people don’t see Angels and no such thing about people being Prophets or Prophetic”. Did he even read his Bible? Obviously NOT and this is a guy who said “he knew the WORD better than anyone” but did NOT live!
    Heard a awesome speech on “Ted Talks” it was “Do Schools Kill Creativity” all I could think was one, WOW I meet this Apostolic guy and two Churches kill creativity, gifting, and none, none, none of the churches sat in grew up in and otherwise ever brought out gifts, callings, talents, the best in anyone very sad to say! One item about the “death of common sense” it’s been about the dumbing down is when “Census” arrives; why would you fill it out that’s addressed in: “Data Broker’s” 3/9/2014-1st Story Out & 8/24/2014-2nd story; “Dragnet Nation” by Julie Angwin and “Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips note what they say about Census and the gathering of information. If, you print out the Federal Census why would you give them all that personal information? Man told me he “never fills out surveys and the why”! They have your name, address, all they need. “America is Too Young to Die”-Leonard Ravenhill and pre-sequel.



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