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Christianity Today was founded by Billy Graham who, to the best of my knowledge, never supported same sex marriage, abortion, or Barack Obama for President.  More on this in a moment.

First the big news:

There’s a big noise because the editor of Christianity Today, a prominent evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham, called for President Donald Trump to be removed from office in an editorial published Thursday.

Mark Galli, the magazine’s editor in chief, wrote that “the facts in this instance are unambiguous.” His editorial was entitled, “Trump Should Be Removed from Office.”

He continued, “The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”

Before you panic and think something devastating has happened, let’s review the history of Christianity Today and take a look at some of the other things they wrote and see how consistent they are about immorality.

In a piece they published in 2012, they chastised the church for doubting Barak Obama’s Christianity. They even called the article “Our Evangelical in Chief.”

Stating, “That the true religious identity of the world’s most famous, most powerful man could remain a mystery to so many is itself a mystery. Before and especially during his presidency, Obama has been extraordinarily open on matters of faith, providing ample evidence for his repeated claim to be a devout Christian. The evidence may even suggest Obama is our evangelical-in-chief.”1

The article even questioned why we would prefer the Republican candidate over Obama, since Obama’s beliefs were closer to ours than Romney’s.

“While there are plenty of legitimate policy reasons that evangelicals might support Governor Romney, their willingness to overlook their desire for a coreligionist candidate may also have at least something to do with the fact that 24% of them—higher than any other religious group—believe Obama is a Muslim, and even more are unaware (or unconvinced?) he’s a Protestant. What if more evangelicals knew Obama largely shares their religious beliefs?”1

Then there was the article by Ed Stetzer making the case for voting for Hillary Clinton. First they promote Obama and then Hillary. The following includes the most disturbing justification for being Christian and being okay with abortion from Deborah Fikes then leader of the The World Evangelical Alliance, presented in Christianity Today.

Stetzer wrote, “Two weeks ago, Deborah Fikes offered her endorsement of Hillary Clinton as part of a series of endorsements of major and minor party candidates. I also asked the major party endorsers to come back and answer questions and respond to objections often surfaced by Evangelicals.”2

Here is an excerpt of Ms. Fikes’s original endorsement:

“My recent resignations from evangelical leadership positions to endorse Hillary Clinton speaks volumes of how important I believe it is that she is elected in November. The toxic tone and atmosphere that surrounds Mr. Trump and is fueled among his supporters has done irreparable damage to not only our country and the future of the GOP but also to the public witness of evangelicals in America who are seen as some of his biggest supporters.”

On abortion: “As a mother, it is difficult for me to think about this from the unborn baby’s perspective but I have even more compassion when I think about the women who have abortions. Maybe this is because I envision the unborn babies being welcomed into the arms of Jesus but when I think about the mother, I think of the burden she may carry for the rest of her life.”2

Ms Fikes salves her conscience imagining that the baby—who can feel pain as they are dismembered—is okay because they end up in the arms of Jesus.  Furthermore, that is preferred to…and this is her definition of a child which is: “the burden she may carry for the rest of her life.” Why would a Christian publication try to find a rosy side to abortion? And why say it in such an inelegant way?

The most maddening part is that this magazine still claims a connection to Billy Graham, who preached against everything they are condoning. Small wonder that Franklin Graham repudiated this article in Christianity Today.

Please don’t waste one minute worrying that this attempted broadside against an innocent man will damage our righteous cause. Instead, stick your finger in a glass of water. Then pull your finger out and see how long the hole lasts. That’s how long the suggestion put forth by this post-Christian magazine, calling for the impeachment of President Trump, will last…


1 Barack Obama: Evangelical-in-Chief? How Christians might think about the President’s faith. Christianity Today, JUDD BIRDSALL, JUNE 21, 2012.

2Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Follow Up w/ Deborah Fikes on Why She Supports Clinton Despite Clinton’s Views on Abortion, Marriage, & Religious Liberty,  ED STETZER.


  1. CS1

    They may have never supported those things you listed but saying a POTUS should be removed is crossing the line. They did not have those sentiments when Obama was for Abortion or he gave 1.8 Billion in cash to Iran. Where was “Christianity Today” then? It seems liberal theology has taken over this magazine. Franklin Graham surely is not in agreement.

    • Carolina

      Thank You Mario for the informative reveal.
      Yes CS1, Franklin Graham stands strong with POTUS and Donald Trump as exhibited by Franklin’s continuous attendance at every meeting and conference that President Trump has anywhere he has it regarding our constitutional rights about Faith. This expose’ Mario has revealed about this magazine is truly an example of how the Christians “in name only” think. Just imagine how really chaotic it is to live in todays society with a belief structure that thinks like these do. All the definitive lines for them are blurred into extinction. They (like the liberalists) convolute the Christian doctrine into a religious one size fits all category, thereby, creating something new and modern that has virtually no resemblance to the reality of our Faith in Jesus Christ. Dr Billy Graham would NEVER have made agreement with that kind of thinking.
      How really very sad this is.?
      True Christians UNITE…vote an all Republican ballot on 2020, our freedoms & right to religious liberty is at stake!

      • David Hall

        CT’s attack was not against President Trump! Their attack was against GOD’s sovereignty! There is no detail throughout His creation that He is not fully sovereign over! Period! This includes who He raises up and pulls down to lead the Nations of this World. (Romans 13:1; Daniel 2:21) You should change the name of your magazine to ‘Pharisee’s Today’, giving yourselves the full attention you seek!

      • Victorys Gait @ Sweet Dreams Vicki Craig

        Galli & Fikes, need to remove their names from list of Today’s Christians..Think about changing their publication’s name..I’d like to do a comparison of Charisma Magazine and challenge CT Christians to leave their old subscription and RUN to the truth..Not just based on DJT, but on LIFE. Fikes is in la-la land if she thinks killing babies is a solution to incompetent mothers who choose to end their baby’s life as a manner of convenience. One day she will stand and give will be better is she had a millstone..

    • Jeffrey Hamilton

      Mark Galli is a Sharliton and a disciple of satan! Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil! And this man is the evilist SOB in the country!

    • Gregg Huestis

      I TOTALLY agree that the people at Christianity Today have missed this by a TRILLION miles.

      #PresidentTrump is FAR from perfect…BUT he’s real, and he ♡s this nation and the Constitution…Something #HillaryClinton and the #ClintonCrimeFamily has NEVER done!

      Hillary Clinton is a devil worshipper…She & her rapist husband have been supporters of #JefferyEpstein for years who was Trafficing young girls and involved in satanic rituals as well as researching cloning etc. Basically, the are PURE EVIL!

      How these people at Christian Q today could support these demons from hell is UNBELIEVABLE.

      All I can say is the Bible says in the last days MANY will fall away from the faith…It seems to have begun with this magazine…SADLY!

      • Michel Martin

        Your absolutely right

      • Olga Cuevas

        So so true…very sad

    • Diane

      Very displeased with this article along with far too many since 2010

  2. megagenius

    Mark Galli is a profound liar. His ignorance is in a class by itself. Just when you thought stupid could not get more stupid it does. Profoundly stupid. Mark Galli has removed himself from reality. Mark.. clean your office out. It is time to say goodbye.


    Christianity Today is a Post Modernist world view of Christian Theology. It seeks to Create God in it’s own Image…. Best to avoid

    • Gregg Huestis

      A few weeks ago I would have disagreed with you strongly…but after seeing the article they promoted I have NO DOUBT that you’re right!

  4. Kay Fisher

    Believers memorize this word Matthew 7:21-23: Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven… And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity. Read God’s word, that is all we need to read, the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. No deception there. Get out of the house of bondage into His light.

    • Carolina


    • Patsy Autry

      Truth is this magazine is far from being Christian. Is misleading, does not tell the truth. Every word is an abomination to Christians, but especially to the Lord. I was shocked when I saw it, but realize it is NOT TRUTH. The name is misleading, so Christians will read it, but not believe what is printed. Do not waste your precious time reading this junk. Scripture above, Matthew 7:21-23 is so true…No deception there or here.

  5. LouisC

    This is insane! Those people should remove the word “Christianity “ from their title. What they are writing is anti-Christian and makes no sense. It is ridiculous!

  6. Cindy alexander

    I think Mr Graham should have his fathers name disconnected from Christians and the head man should resign. I did not know this even existed until I read about it this morning!!!!!!!!!

  7. Scott

    He’s obviously not in sync with what God is doing.

  8. Lin

    I live in the upside down world Jesus warned us all was coming, where right is wrong and wrong is right. For CT to take this stance is shameful and disgusting. Support of the democrat party is supporting abortion and same sex marriage. I am done with them. They need to re-evaluate before God decides to be done with them too.

  9. BG

    I wonder if Mark Galli is related to Adam Schiff and only gets his news from CNN. I doubt he read the transcript of the presidents call and all the witnesses were second or third had witnesses whose testimony was hearsay. I also don’t think Mr. Galli knows the constitution. I guess I would ask Mr. Galli which of the “outstanding” candidates running against our president he would recommend.

    • Linda Ecker

      Very good comment, we totally agree. Good ? for his candidate suggestion. I want nothing to do with this magazine, it doesn’t speak for us.

  10. tomsmedleytads

    I read two books by Ed Stetzer — and was appalled by the mindless pablum they contained. And THIS is the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association?

  11. Kay

    We must pray

  12. david chmiel

    Amen Bro!!!

  13. EstherKingsKid (@esther_kid)

    Is this what the separating of the sheep and the goats looks like? I am thinking it is.

  14. Mike & Barb Moore

    Amen… astounding and disheartening. Our hearts break for this nation.

  15. Linda Stephenson

    Thank you Mario

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  16. Paul

    All I can say is it’s a shame, please Franklin disassociate your fathers name from this liberal magazine!

  17. Gisele Norberg

    Hmmm…I take it the editor in chief would also believe David should be removed if he were president today.

  18. Marc Falsetti

    When Liberalism runs thru the veins and pumping heart of a Christian,
    ALL discernment tends to be hopelessly hijacked,
    because Satan is the True Father of Liberals.

  19. Lynette

    Hopefully, Franklin Graham has severed all ties with this “rag”

  20. Spencer Plumley

    A friend sent me a subscription to CT a few months ago. I will be cancelling subscription ASAP.

    • Kevan Prati

      Spencer, I do believe you have hit on the correct response to Mario’s eye-opening reveal. The devil invades the sheepfold disguising himself as one of the sheep so the proper response is to expose him and toss him out of the pasture. In this case, we should toss out CT and cancel subscriptions.
      Readers looking for a national magazine with actual biblical principles as its guiding light should start a subscription to World Magazine, Asheville, NC. You won’t be disappointed.

  21. vinedressercollection

    YOU ARE A GODSEND to the body of Christ for such a time as this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Lorraine Aiken

    Christianity Today..,That name does not fit with their Agenda. They are a Stumbling Block, that has the potential to lead many gullible people astray. ✝️?

  23. Karen Kubeck

    Dear Mario Murillo, Last night when I saw the article about Christianity Today pop up on my computer, I was upset and didn’t understand. How could they be in favor of Impeachment? I was scared that it would turn many Christians away. Billy Graham’s name carries a lot of weigh.

    Thank you so much for your timely post and putting my fears to rest.

    You are truly a man of God. I wish your church was in my neighborhood, Santa Monica, California. I haven’t been to church in a long time because none of the pastors around here would even breathe support for Trump, or talk politics like many of your posts have talked about. The pastors are worried about losing parishioners.

    Do you know of any church near me where there is a pastor that is not afraid to speak the truth? I am in desperate need of a community of like minded people. Thank you. Karen Kubeck Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  24. Laura Ann

    These are scary times. Devil is working overtime, we’re getting closer to the beginning stages of what is about to come to pass.

  25. giveahollah

    This is Christianity today. A house divided! Where is truth? The Word of God! Carnal opinions that are earthly and demonic.
    SChristians must get into the word and stay in the Word of God, pray and walk in God’s truth.
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6

  26. Alan

    The new category “Progressive Christian” is an apt fit here. It operates much the same as it’s political cousin and realistically eliminates the possibility of being a Biblical, “Born again” Christian.
    The progressive party, many of whom confess Christian faith, in reality deny Biblical truth which negates their profession. We are living in strange times of a growing “falling away.” While Christianity Today is easily identified as having abandoned Biblical faith, there are many other individuals, organizations, and churches who are not as obvious but basically in the same boat.
    These days require increased awareness and discernment which comes through a knowledge of Scripture and closely walking with the Lord.

  27. Jan Hood

    This article was cut off on my phone about a third of the way down. You should repost it

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  28. kingskid48

    THANK YOU, Pastor Mario. I couldn’t wait to get in here and read your take on this travesty by CT. They really need to rename their magazine, “Today’s Post Christianity”. To think that people who call themselves Christians, with ties to Billy Graham, could be so completely void of discernment, is distressing. But Jesus told us in Matthew 24, that deception would be rampant in the last days, and we certainly see that happening all around us. CT has been leaning left for decades. I saw the beginnings of their slip in the 90’s. I am so glad I cancelled my subscription long ago. I will be encouraging everyone I can to do the same. There will be those who are fooled by this, of course, all the willingly deceived who will use this to thrash committed Christians who have the discernment to see what God is doing with President Trump, and why. God Bless to everyone here.

  29. poweroftheriver

    On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 2:25 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Christianity Today was founded by Billy > Graham who, to the best of my knowledge, never supported same sex marriage, > abortion, or Barack Obama for President. More on this in a moment. First > the big news: There’s a big noise because the editor of Chr” >

  30. Noel

    The Democratic Party Press will have a field day with this! The Washington Post has it on their front page.

  31. Steve Baker

    Mark Galli didn’t T.H.I.N.K. when he published his final opinion.
    T. Is is TRUE?
    H. Is it HELPFUL?
    I. Is it INSPIRING?
    N. Is it NECESSARY?
    K. Is it KIND?

    I posted this on a FB reply:
    I am disappointed in CT’s Editor in Chief (retired) Mark Galli with his posted opinion yesterday. He further added to the divisions within the country, conservatives, and the evangelical churches concerning our president. It was so unnecessary.

  32. Allen Heindel

    I dropped my subscription to CT back in the 1990’s after they did a puff piece, basically endorsing Al Gore as a great Christian candidate.

    CT’s statement that “the evidence against Trump is unambiguous” is baseless. Even a modest review of the witnesses found that NONE of them had first hand knowledge of the things of which they accused the President.

    Proverbs 18:17 notes that “In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines.”

  33. Judy Bauman

    Fabulous! Thanks – AGAIN!

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  34. Noel

    Franklin Graham has come out with a response to this editorial. It’s on Facebook- worth reading!

  35. Lorenzo Luna

    Been 39 years that I surrender to Jesus I have never witnessed so much assault on Christianity. So many blind leading the blind.

  36. Joni Haas

    Thankyou for this article ?

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  37. Noel

    Can someone explain what the “elitist liberal wing of evangelicalism” is? I cannot believe this one but it’s in Franklin Graham’s Facebook post today!! What kind of wacked out terminology is this?!!

  38. mary moore

    Thank you thank u I posted on Twitter as my response that they had a chance for mercy and blew it !

    Sent from my iPhone


  39. Gaila Gale

    Can’t help but continue to notice into how many “Christian” organizations (think Chick-Fil-A too) Satan has managed to sneak his slimey self and how absolutely ignorant many Christians are. After hearing what the vote was (I wasn’t surprised), I was awakened in the middle of the night to do spiritual warfare. I was reminded that as a servant of our Lord we have the authority in His Name to stand against Satan and his minions. I started out with those leaders in the Demoncratic party who, I believe, got themselves ensnared in Satan’s nets with all their ambition, hatred and evil intentions towards our President. Whether one likes him or not, God put him there “for times such as these”, and he has been doing an incredible job, not the least is putting a big crinkle in the globalists’ agenda. How he has managed to stay strong and healthy, do a great job for America amidst all the obstructions and arrows slung at him can only be attributed to the prayers millions of us have been doing for him everyday. (I did see one funny: all the arrows and slings throw at him he makes into armor!!–humor is always welcome.) I also think it’s critical to pray for all those who have stood up against this evil House because I believe they are being threatened. Mark Meadows, Republican from NC stated he is not running again and with this timing, I can’t help but be suspicious. One thing that would thwart the enemy is any Republican running for office should come before the people in TV and confess any of their mistakes that would be used by the opposition to threaten them. God really knows what He’s talking about when He urges us to walk uprightly. So thank you for this post. I hope more and more Christians can read things like this and get their heads on straight. Perhaps this is another of God’s ways to separate the wheat from the tares! Warmly, Gaila Gale, Ashland


  40. Terry Novay

    Matthews 18 verse 21 Then came Mark to Jesus, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother Donald John Trump sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?
    Jesus saith unto Mark, I say not unto you , Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven. 490 times a day so get over it!!!
    Listen to this prophecy in 2007
    Speaks of Donald John Trump serving two terms as President

  41. ghostofdurocher

    you nailed it Mario….its a Post Christian can liner now….why pay for that I can get that for free!

  42. Shoshanna M Zimmerman

    What a treasure and gift Kim was. Thank you for sharing this video.

    • Carolina

      YES Shoshanna, what a gift, I miss Kim Clement and know he saw prophetically Donald Trump’s Presidency and prophesied so in Scottsdale. Additionally, Trump will win again in 2020.
      As usual GOD is Large and in Charge, HE is with us as a dread Champion!?✝︎??

  43. Nick E.

    Sadly, the views held by the publication known as ‘Christianity Today’ probably represents half (or more) of self-proclaimed Christians in America, starting with the churches that proudly show rainbow banners next to their front door.

  44. Sam Haddock

    I listen to Kim over and over! I can’t get enough. I believe with all my heart that America is Chosen as well as Isreal and God is in full control Even if I have my doubts (impeachment) I know God has a plan and it WILL be fulfilled – no matter what! I only need to stay strong and trust Him for the outcome.

  45. Darren Carpenter

    No evidence, not allowed to call witnesses to defend himself, we should remove him I don’t think so sir. All the witnesses were on the democrat’s side. They had no proof for what they said, most of it was hearsay. It was completely unconstitutional.

  46. Judy skluzacek

    I agree with Daren. He was not allowed to call witnesses. They had no proof for what they said. Again, I believe our president has
    Personal faults about himself. But, his HEART is all about America. He is a great leader for our country, and frankly that’s all I really care about.

  47. Barbara Ferraro

    I agree with these comments entirely. Many Christians today are just as stated, Christianity Today is following a Religion but are not in what should be a Relationship with God. It is not and should not be about Religion but Relationship with not only our Creator but His Son Jesus and also the Holy Spirit. Plain and simple!


    CHRISTIANITY TODAY WAS NOT founded by Billy Graham. It was founded by L. Nelson Bell, Billy Graham’s father in law. He was a PResbyterian missionary to China and after retiring from that began Christianity Today. I subscribed to it for many years, but no more.

  49. crankybeach

    I canceled my subscription clear back in the 80s because even back then, they were compromising too much with the world, and I was not convinced that they even believed in God.

  50. Gregg Neil Huestis

    Ok…But the problem with this logic is that those who MOST accuse of caring more about the lap of luxury are the Word of Faith people (of which I am one & have been since 1983), but the one’s who are compromising on MOST issues are NOT the Word of Faith peeps, it is the “Evangelicals” and the main stream denominational types that are advocating for this Falling Away Into Comprise: Baptists, Congregationalist’s, Presbyterian’s etc. And not the so-called Name It & Claim It Peeps like myself (which that talking point was made up by some non-charismatic group).

    My point is THIS…The problem is NOT (the desire & teaching of) prosperity & Health/Wealth like MANY claim…

    It’s the groups that have rejected the infilling of the Holy Spirit along with the manifestation of Speaking In An Unknown Language (aka Tongues). They have been the predominant groups that have “fallen away” from SOUND faith & teaching.

    That’s NOT to say that there haven’t been Charismatic people who have fallen away and/or committed HORRIBLE ungodly things either…

    This is to say: Identify the ROOT Cause of those who fall away is that they have swallowed the End Time Lie/Deception hook, line & Sincker, and that is Political Correctness, Virtue Signaling and many of them have rejected the THIRD PERSON of the Trinity: the Holy Spirit into their lives to correct, admonish and rebuke us when we are in error!

  51. The Infamous JT





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