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A woman hits a pedestrian and drives away. Later, she brazenly returns to the scene and tries to pin her crime of hit-and-run on a man she hates, by using corrupt leaders who are on her payroll.

The police, who are also in on it, find a stooge and write a false hit-and-run report. “We know a guy, who knows a guy who claims he saw this guy hit the man with his car.”  When the actual source is pinned down, he says, “Whoa! I never said I saw anything. It was all just talk I overheard in a bar. I even told them not to use my story!”

What a relief for the innocent man, right? But, as it turns out, this lady’s friends go even higher. Law enforcement says, “We don’t care. We still think that other man did it.” The cops pretended to investigate for two years, but they found no way to convict the innocent man.

They offer no apology, and even say the only reason they didn’t convict him is that they ran out of time. And when asked if they will go after the woman who actually committed the crime, they just ignore the question.

Sometime later, a man hits a second pedestrian and drives away. He is also connected to corrupt officials. He thinks, “Hey, I know these dudes still want to get this guy, so I’ll pin it on him.”

Only this time, there’s a real problem. A security camera at the intersection clearly shows the face of the guilty man, driving his car and hitting the pedestrian. Amazingly, the hatred for the innocent man is so deep, even this doesn’t stop the police. Once again facts are ignored and they start another sham investigation.

By now, I am sure you have guessed the point of my parable. But let’s reveal the players, anyway.  The first hit-and-run driver was Hillary Clinton, paying the Russians for a dossier that was a total lie. She did it to influence an election—the very crime they tried to pin on Trump.

Then FBI director James Comey used this dossier to spy on Trump, knowing the whole time that it was false.  Then his minions in the FBI lied to the FISA court—an institution created mainly for terrorists—to get a warrant to spy on Trump. But wait, there’s more: they were already spying on Trump, without a warrant.

Think about that.

Two years and $25 million later, there has been no proof of guilt and no apology—either to Trump or to the American people.

The second hit-and-run is of course, Joe Biden.  The Democrat House starts impeachment proceedings against Trump for the very crime Joe Biden admitted on tape that he committed, withholding money from Ukrainians in exchange for a favor.

Are you still there?

It was Joe Biden who threatened to withhold a billion dollars from the Ukraine government if they didn’t fire a prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden, Joe’s son.  We have Joe on video bragging about this.

Here’s what Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, James Comey, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat House think, “If you are a deplorable Trump supporter, we hate you, and believe your vote should be nullified.”

No matter how much anyone hates Trump, this is too evil and destructive to push aside. I mean really, do you hate Trump enough to let them permanently damage America?

Let me ask you: What does it do to you when, to this day, Hillary arrogantly continues to blame Trump for Russian collusion—does it make your blood boil?  When you hear Biden say that Trump tried to bribe the Ukraine, which makes him a threat to America’s security—does it make your head explode?

What about Comey? After all of his dastardly deeds, he wrote a book on ethics…

And finally, how can you, as a decent American bear to stand by as the psycho-drama impeachment inquiry led by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler continues? They are arrogant and dismissive. They are looking at you and saying “we are better than you.” We know better than you.

Labels like ‘Right’ or ‘Left’ don’t matter now. What matters is that the very basis of our Republic has been hijacked by a rogue government—elected officials, who in another century, would have been labeled criminals and prosecuted for treason.

Get over your hatred of Trump. We are not a banana republic that tolerates coups, juntas, or kangaroo courts.  This is America!

In your heart you know Trump didn’t commit a crime. You know this is simple revenge. If you hate Trump enough to let them trample over his rights that says a lot about you. But remember, tyranny doesn’t stop when you want it to. It changes form and can jump from one party to the other.  If they can do this to a president what can they do to you?

You can’t be neutral. You will either aid this travesty or you will take action against it. Bonhoeffer said, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

If none of this moves you, that says as much about you as it does about them.

Psalm 94:14, “For Jehovah will not cast off His people, nor will He forsake His heritage. 15 For judgment shall turn to righteousness, and all the upright in heart will follow after it. 16 Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity?”  You can’t stay out of this fight. Your silence speaks. Your


  1. Steve Lyublanovits

    Psalm 64 is a good cover prayer for Trump and Netanyahu.


    • Noemi Garber

      Just as Jezebel got her dues, and Haman so will these children of the devil get theirs. If God’s children pray and seek his face he will answer.

    • Angel Hart

      Thank you so much for speaking out so plainly. I am praying and will continue until justice is served.

  2. megagenius

    The guilty dogs bark the loudest. Even an idiot can see through this nazi nonsense from nitwit Demoncrats. My sense is God is getting tired of this. Woe unto them. Woe Woe Woe. Their swords shall enter into their own hearts. God will turn the way of the wicked upside down and frustrate the devices of the crafty.

    • Leigh Ann Erdman

      Revelation 3:16 one of my favorite verses and one of the first ones I memorized. “So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to vomit (violently spew, regurgitate) you out of My mouth.”

      The complacency of the church is going to cause the ones who turn a blind eye to be spewed.

  3. orene.blum@cox.net

    I wish these wonderful posts were easier to post on FB. These should be shared far and wide!

    • Jack Wilson

      Share the entire article on Facebook. That’s what I did!

  4. Carolina

    Great article Mario!!
    They (the Leftist leadership hoard) are in too deep, because they come from the deep state, they can’t stop now, or so they think. “as a man thinks so is he”.
    There are 31 Democrat Reps in the House of Reps, that are scared to death because they are elected officials from swing states, that were “blue” and voted for Trump becoming “purple” in 2016.
    Their constituents are angry with them & their ideas to Impeach Trump, and the voters believe thereby nullifying their rightful 2016 vote.
    So now these poor chums are in trouble in their own districts with their own voters.
    Therefore Mario your title says everything to these 31 individuals!! They MUST choose wisely or else?!!…One Democrat in New Jersey is now switching parties and making it very public today.
    We (the Christian Evangelical community) must have 20/20 vision in 20/20 in order to stand strong in The Lord’s vast might and SEE the Salvation of our Lord.
    Because HE is with us as a dread Champion! Thus, Assured Victory.?

  5. Duggan Harrison

    Very well said. Simple and broke down where any one should be able to clearly see and understand!
    God have mercy on our country and all of us who are believers. Give us the courage and wisdom to stand when ever it is the right thing to do!

  6. dawnquiocho

    What can I do Mario?

    All you say is right, yet how it burns me that they continue to get away with this and we the people have to wait to vote them out!

    I pray for God to wave His Arm and these fools fall into the trap they’ve made.


    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Debi Delight Lovell

    Amen, this is a travesty, but we serve a powerful God, and HE is absolutely exposing them for the wickedness they have been a part of for a very long time

  8. watcher5775

    Great piece, keep up the good work.

  9. Noel

    In the fight all the way for the sake of the nation and the next generation as God gives the strength! 2020 is going to be a glorious year!

  10. eaglewind77

    I think the ” Frustration ” with most of the American People. Is Where is the JUSTICE in all this Chaotic , Demonic Mess. Round and Round they go Debating, and Accusing, and Lying. YET, We don’t see Swift ‘ JUSTICE “… I just don’t get why Comey Is not in Prison. OR Hillary, or Shifty Schiff for his Constant lie’s. Where’s the Gavel. Where’s the JUSTICE!!

    • megagenius

      Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore it is fully set in the heart of men to do evil. God sets the workers of iniquity in slippery places and makes them fall into ruin. It just seems like they are getting away with it.

  11. kingskid48

    Great article, Pastor Mario. So succinctly put. I wish so much that certain pastors would speak out clearly about what is going on in our country and government. It is not enough for them to be wrapped up in what their own churches are doing-as good and needed as those things truly are-it is so important for them to keep their congregation informed of the battle we are in on a daily basis. Christians can become so sheltered when they are around only Christians and involved in God’s work, do not watch or read the news in depth, and disconnect from politics completely. I see it over and over. This is how we got in this mess. We can, and should be, thrilled to see what God is doing in our church, community, and state, and at the same time, be aware of satan’s sneaky, evil tactics and be steeped in Spiritual Warfare. We can chew gum and cross the street simultaneously, and we certainly should be. Do we want to hear Jesus say, “Nevertheless, I have somewhat against thee.”?

  12. Jayne Farrell

    Of course I agree 100 percent. And I try to explain to folks often, how this is NOT just about Trump. This is about our future, long after Trump. Stunning how so many Believers want to make a point by being silent and not participating in any way. ….thinking that is Holy. As if the murder of millions of babies means nothing. OR as someone said to me today, other “issues” are more important. Really? Which ones? Even if one is not concerned with the unrighteousness of it all, they need to consider the fact that if these people will kill the innocent and think nothing of it, even Celebrate it with light shows, who’s next? The elderly? The poor? The sick? The opposition? We live in Babylon. Or Germany 1935. I sure don’t recognize this America. These treasonous “leaders” getting away with their crimes….and people just ignoring it. Including Believers. I love it that you send these blogs to all the people you do. Would love to be a fly on the wall in those offices. I can’t help but wonder if any have a sense of morality or honor left, at all.

    • Carolina

      Excellent response comment, Jayne Farrell.
      Watched ex-head of FBI James Comey yesterday being interviewed by Chris Wallace on FOX as he got this *blank look* on his face whenever Mr Wallace asked him how he viewed his accountability with the new information released from the Inspector General, citing 17 glaring errors in judgement made by the FBI leadership and the fictitious usury of the Clinton paid for Steele dossier presented to the FISA court. Comey acted like “gee I didn’t know anything about that”??
      These people are highly trained liars, wherever they see wiggle room around the Laws they use it in slick willie fashion. And that’s what burns my biscuits, is the so very obvious 2 tiered system of justice that this nation has ended up with.
      If you or I or Mario Murillo knowingly pulled even 1 of the stunts these people have, we’d be investigated & locked up before we could say… whoops!
      As to their “sense of morality or honor”, to me it’s clear, they have their eyes wide shut to the necessity of a sincere value system of belief or faith and for them The Lord God is strictly out of the question, off topic and out of bounds.

  13. Denise Loftus

    Mario, if the dogs in the street know this (as I do, and I don’t even live in America) why is nobody doing anything about it ???? It doesn’t make sense to me that no one has the courage to stand up and be counted. I hate injustice and my heart goes out to him and his family. All I can do is pray for them.

    • Carolina

      Ms Denise Loftus, here’s some encouraging news..? This morning on FOX news, they showed a clip from a Calif., 28th district meeting done by Adam Schiff (he & Pelosi began all this trouble to Impeach) this was in the Beverly Hills CA area. Suddenly as congressman Schiff was there and trying to talk to his districts people, a plethora of individuals began shouting, raising signs, saying BOO, BOO, you’re a liar, a liar”! And they continued to be angry and verbally loud against him. You see even in Beverly Hills, CA there are people there who DO NOT WANT THIS Impeachment and are going to make their voices heard.
      Now the news on regular media will tell you that – that meeting was about the Armenians – but anybody could hear what these angry people were talking about.
      You said, ‘you don’t even live in America,’ but I promise you Ms Loftus, there are ways and means within our form of government and those same ways & means are being carried on right now behind the scenes to enact the appropriate RESPONSE to these foul politicians in order to expose them & their schemes and to vindicate our President Tump.
      This kind of Democracy we have gives a lot of freedom and leeway to people who are BAD as well as to people who are trying to be GOOD.
      But in time…the BAD actors will be sifted out & shall be chagrined with the full weight of the Law with prejudice against what they’ve done.
      The KEY ? is for the US DOJ and his attorneys to find the “exact” Laws broken by all these irascible individuals, and to prove it! They are searching for Facts, and they’ll find them. Unlike these Kangaroo court politicians (Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer, and the like) the REAL lawyers of the DOJ who follow our system of “innocent until PROVEN guilty” will find the truth along with the Senate House, with FACTS of broken laws, but it takes time to do that.
      Trump will win in 2020.
      Thank You so much for supporting our President and his family.✝︎??

  14. Nancy Rife

    you are right on, Mario. Help, Lord! Restore justice, let Haman’s noose be turned back onto the perpetrators themselves.

  15. Mark Stripling

    Pray for Barr and Durham. Justice is about to arrive through those two. All we have faced for 3 years from the leftists and deep state is a smokescreen to slow the train wreck that is about to happen to all the evil players. Hell cannot derail what is coming on them. Let God arise, his enemies be scattered.

    • Gill

      Thank you for stating your opinion it matters to all of us

  16. GLENDA Fields

    I completely agree with your post but just not sure how to speak out and to whom I would go to. Thanks for the help

    • Carolina

      Glenda Fields,
      A suggestion, you could sign up and receive this newsletter direct from the White House and while you’re there you can also contact personally (by email) The President with whatever words of encouragement you have to offer. ?



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