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A growing number of believers want to know God Himself—they want just Him.  They are not thinking about anything He can do for them.  They must know Him—more than oxygen, food and water—they must have God!

This fire awakens an ancient hunger—the hunger that possessed saints of old.  A.W. Tozer wrote, “Come near to the holy men and women of the past and you will soon feel the heat of their desire after God. They mourned for Him, they prayed and wrestled and sought for Him day and night, in season and out, and when they had found Him the finding was all the sweeter for the long seeking.”

And those who already know Him want to know Him better.  Tozer continued, “Moses used the fact that he knew God as an argument for knowing Him better. “Now, therefore, I pray Thee, if I have found grace in Thy sight, show me now Thy way, that I may know Thee, that I may find grace in Thy sight”; and from there he rose to make the daring request, “I beseech Thee, show me Thy glory.” (Exodus 33) God was frankly pleased by this display of ardor, and the next day called Moses into the mount, and there in solemn procession made all His glory pass before him.”

But why would this inconvenient fire be the worst nightmare to masked Antifa thugs, tepid seeker-friendly churches, or false ministers?   Isn’t this fire pulling saints off the front lines into a full-time pursuit of God?   How can this be a threat?  It is the greatest threat!   NOTHING TERRIFIES SATAN MORE THAN A WIDESPREAD HUNGER TO KNOW GOD:

-It puts them into the place and condition that Jesus has yearned for His church to be.  They are in God’s presence. They are devoid of ideas, agendas, or blueprints.   Their intercession is no longer contaminated.  Prayer is no longer a booster rocket for pet projects.  They are becoming decentralized. They are self-emptying, that they might see God in all His beauty.

God has triumphed over their dead works.  By doing this, He kills the source of their anxiety, their cares, and inadequacies.   David Wilkerson said, “I had more ideas than any preacher in America. Ideas on how to evangelize. How to organize New Testament programs. The programs and ideas were successful enough to entrap me and keep me on the treadmill of busy-ness.

“But all along my heart yearned for more. I knew the blessing was not in building. Not in some well-planned scheme to reach the lost. Not in bigness, and not in activity. I discovered the hard way that the glory of God, the peace, and joy of the Spirit, was in being stripped down, emptied, and made totally weak.”

-They are suddenly alive to the real horror—their own fleshliness.  The issue is no longer the depravity of the culture, but their personal carnality.  This inconvenient fire struck Isaiah with such agony that he tossed aside his prayer for influence and power.  All he can cry is; “Woe is me, for I am undone! Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.” (Isaiah 6:5).   Isaiah is unmade, that he might be remade.

In the towering glory, you see the indescribable.   You see how victorious God is.  How inevitable His victory is!  You see Satan’s utter defeat.  You are transfixed by the wisdom that is now available—the resources at Gods’ disposal—the tactics He can use.  His mighty plan makes our plans microscopically puny.

God will declare to you what He said to Isaiah: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.  “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8,9)

-Here’s what makes this fire so inconvenient:  It was simply not part of the plan.

-It was not in the plan for the lukewarm ‘convenient’ church to level off and be overruled by inconvenient fire.  Attraction-based churches fold when God Himself becomes the attraction.

-It was not in the plan for fake ministers to ever stop lying, stop prospering, or fooling the masses.  The light and heat of this fire will expose and topple them.

-It was not in the plan for left-wing God-haters to see their plan to eradicate Christianity from America neutralized by inconvenient fire.

This spreading flame—and the powerful vessels it creates—was simply not in the plan.  Thus a new vessel is about to emerge−a God-designed weapon. An inconvenient sort of person is about to appear on the American stage. A person who will own a passion you cannot stop, who will speak words you cannot counter, and perform miracles you cannot deny.

Join me in seeking this inconvenient fire!

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  1. Carolina

    When all we want is God and our heavenly Husband Jesus Christ, and the honor of seeing HIS glory manifested the results will catalyze HIS plans and they will spread like wildfire across this nation?? & the globe?. Mario is onto the scene to remind us and I would add the winds and endless fires across California could be a prophetic beacon to that which is coming.

  2. John R. Gavazzoni

    Are you, who embrace the reality of this ongoing revival prepared to accept what must be the inevitable conclusion based upon Mario’s confession of the inevitability of Christ’s victory, i.e., that our magnificent Lord Jesus is, in fact, the Savior of all men, to be demonstrated in due time, or will you continue to declare the lie of the inevitable damnation of most of humanity, which can only mean that the pleasure of God (the salvation of all men) will not finally prosper in the hands of Messiah (Isaiah), and that Messiah will not be able in the end to look back and see the travail of His soul and be satisfied (again, Isaiah)? At the heart, for instance, of the leftist deception is the lie that communism is the inevitable trend of history, and that capitalism is doomed to final defeat. Are you buying into that deception by adamantly insisting that Satan and the will of man will deny God the desire of His heart when all is said and done. This lie has been….in the history of historic revivals….the seed of the destruction in each case. Of course, it is the seed of revival’s destruction, for we tell the soldiers, “expect to be victorious, except in the end.”

    • Aaron

      Who are you writing this for?
      Not trying to criticize your question just trying to figure out who it’s for.

    • Carolina

      Mr Gavazzoni, I get what you’re saying, but what makes you believe the “lie” that all men (humankind) will be saved by Christ in the end? If that were true then Hell doesn’t exist & Jesus who spoke much about it was mistaken. That’s Universalist doctrine and I hope that’s not what you’re into. It is diametrically opposed to sound biblical exegesis. Surly you’ve studied the book of ‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ’. If you’re basing this disposition on the book of Isaiah you’re doing so amiss. Isaiah prophesied hundreds of years prior toward and about the arrival of Messiah Jesus to Messiah’s Own generation. That was the ultimate assignment of the Hebrew Prophets. The Christ (named Jesus of Nazareth) finally came and fulfilled the ancient Hebrew Prophets words by so doing. EVERYTHING the Law & the Prophets spoke about was fulfilled when Christ was born, lived, died and then resurrected. God’s Pleasure is in His only begotten Son and is perfectly complete in Him. The biblical record (in Revelation) is clear regarding the the final reaping in the wine press of God’s wrath and it is Christ HimSelf that executes it. This is why Universalism is in such error.
      Earthly Revival is a hope of the Household of Faith, it is not guaranteed, it is what the Beloved of God should hope and pray for- for more to be Born Again into Christ The King & His Kingdom and glory.

      • Aaron

        He is saying something far more abstract than that.
        Something is amiss.

        • Carolina

          Agreed Aaron, ‘abstract’ in his statements, what I read being expressed is strictly theoretical jargon but not correctly theological, regardless of his intention.

  3. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    For decades I listened to “faith” teachings that, in reality, made me dissatisfied. Get a better house, drive a nicer car, believe for more finances, live in more power to see miracles. One morning I truly believe I heard the Holy Spirit say, “You never pray and ask me to make you holy.” I learned to be satisfied with the many blessings God had given me. To thank him for the home that he miraculously made a way for me to buy, for the used Suburban that he caused me to see parked by the highway for sale that was exactly what I needed to transport our equipment for ministry travels, for the financial provisions we see, and the money we have in the bank, fkr the continual times he provjdes exactly what we need at the moment. Like A Father who knows what his child needs and gives it lovingly to him. I began to appreciate what I was blessed with and give Him praise for everything. Once I began to ask Him to purify my life and draw me near to him, new power for ministry came, great peace flooded my soul, I began to have greater love for others, we are seeing more souls saved than ever, and new opportunities for ministry have come. I realized I was reaping way better than I sowed. I am in Christ and He is in me. Seek the kingdom and righteousness first, He takes care of the rest. My quest now is not earthly. It is a deeper relationship, it is a deeper Spirit walk, deeper appreciation for my blessed existence, and a quest to take the Good News to as many lost souls as possible before I leave this world. God be praised!

    • warriorruth

      thanks for sharing this…such a good turn around and all to do with what we are seeking,, Him not His stuff.

  4. robinbertone7490

    Awesome true words. Thank you Mario for being bold enough to write them. For I am one of these people. This world and all that’s in it will pass away but what we have with our Lord is forever!!

  5. Darlene W

    Amen! I truly believe there is coming such a display of the power of God, like nothing we have ever seen.

  6. kingskid48

    I just started reading your book last night, Pastor Mario, and did not want to put it down. Count me in as one who is unimpressed with the trappings of the world and hungry for God. I just read yet one more report of what is being forced into the schools and what they are teaching young children. It is time now for those who are hungry for God to take this country back from the brink of insanity and destruction.

  7. Vanya Were

    Good morning Mario,
    I want to purchase your book but can’t seem to find how to change the country from USA to New Zealand
    Regards Vanya


  8. free73735

    Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:

    Spiritual Warfare and Sin: Satan’s Strategy
    Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.—Ephesians 6:13

    Now I do not think that Satan much cares to destroy us Christians physically. The soldier dead in battle who died performing some deed of heroism is not a great loss to the army but may rather be an object of pride to his country. On the other hand the soldier who cannot or will not fight but runs away at the sound of the first enemy gun is a shame to his family and a disgrace to his nation. So a Christian who dies in the faith represents no irreparable loss to the forces of righteousness on earth and certainly no victory for the devil. But when whole regiments of professed believers are too timid to fight and too smug to be ashamed, surely it must bring an astringent smile to the face of the enemy; and it should bring a blush to the cheeks of the whole Church of Christ.

    The devil’s master strategy for us Christians then is not to kill us physically (though there may be some special situations where physical death fits into his plan better), but to destroy our power to wage spiritual warfare. And how well he has succeeded. The average Christian these days is a harmless enough thing. God knows. He is a child wearing with considerable self-consciousness the harness of the warrior; he is a sick eaglet that can never mount up with wings; he is a spent pilgrim who has given up the journey and sits with a waxy smile trying to get what pleasure he can from sniffing the wilted flowers he has plucked by the way. That Incredible Christian, 72.

    “Oh God, may I never be ‘a harmless enough thing,’ ‘a child wearing…the harness of the warrior,’ ‘a sick eaglet,’ ‘a spent pilgrim.’ Give me grace to fight valiently. Amen.”


  9. Mark Stripling

    73735, the Fire is out in too many churches and the individuals who make up those gatherings. They give an hour and a half Sunday mornings and that’s all God gets until next week. They have no burden for the cities they live in filled with depressed, hopeless, suicidal teens, drug addicts, alcoholics, demon posessed, broken homes, abused children, people who are sick of life and angry, etc. etc. They offer no answers nor do they testifu to anyone about the Saviour. We need revival, an awakening from the spiritually dead in America.




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