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They put their hands over their ears to try to drown out the noise. A growing number of believers are feeling like a volcano about to erupt. They feel total disgust toward fleshly religion. They despise the impotent actions of ‘Christianity Incorporated.’  A burgeoning conviction is intensifying in them that modern pulpiteering is inadequate for these perilous times..  They know there has got to be something deeper—something that is real.  They are sick of the church in exile always apologizing, but most of all they feel an indescribable pull taking them to a secret place in God.

If that describes you, let me congratulate you.  Let me explain your condition.  You are under the influence of a bulldozer called prophecy. You are the victim of a prediction.

Your condition runs against the grain of the horrendous days we are living in. My letters and emails tell me horror stories of fear and retreat.  Dreams are being postponed or cancelled outright.  Expansion is now guilty, until proven innocent. Young people are acting like they are old and afraid. Once bold leadership-lions are retreating and looking for safe landing spots.

But there is a remnant that feels just the opposite. They sense that as hard and as dark as these times are, God is up to something big, and it is something He has had in mind for a long time. They believe they are in preparation for an inexpressible event.   I am not talking about all those other prophecies that so many are claiming to have.  This is totally different.

You probably agree that too many so-called “prophetic words” today are actually pathetic counterfeits. You reject the shenanigans of those flashy self-serving false prophets. You see through the mind-games they use to prey on the gullible.  However, you have not given up. You know there is true prophecy because it has a grip on you that won’t let go.  Here is what you need to know about prophecy.

Prophecy swallows policy. Every generation is guided by two forces: Policy and Prophecy. Policy consists of the laws and edicts of man. Prophecy always swallows policy. Christmas is a vivid example.  No doubt Caesar Augustus felt sovereign over the earth when he ordered the world to be registered.  His policy seemed to force Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.  But policy was simply serving prophecy, namely:

“But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall come forth to Me the One to be Ruler in Israel, Whose goings forth are from of old, from everlasting.  (Micah 5:2).

True prophecy is a bulldozer that overrules the plans of both man and Satan.  Prophecy is the WORD which comes from the mouth of God and will prevail when all the dust settles and the smoke clears.  Each of the mad ravings of society will bow down before the purposes of God.

The bulldozer of prophecy is not moved by the mad railings of potentates and tyrants.  It is impervious to weather, economic downturns, and persecution.  The treads of prophecy roll over the plans of men, the intentions of armies, and the highest threats of mankind. Prophecy is the fire that cannot be snuffed out.  Isaiah 40:8 declares “The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”

Forget about everything else. Here are the questions that matter:  What has God said He would do in our time?  What has He promised?  What has He commanded?  Your passion to learn His intention for you and for this, your time, is of supreme importance.

Prophecy waits in secret—for a core that is willing to pay the price to know the secret of the Lord.

“Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7)

“The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him; and He will show them His covenant. (Psalm 25:14)

The prophetic bulldozer creates an inner tenacity where, suddenly, the facts of daily life don’t count.  Quietness pervades your soul because you know beyond knowing that something unstoppable has begun to grow out of your closeness to Christ.

Those who are God’s secret weapons may not even know it yet.   They have no idea of the tactical wisdom and the miracle power that will enfold them at the very moment they need it.  All they know is that they are being pulled into the tabernacle of God, into the Most Holy Place.

You can feel it… a deep calling unto deep.  You have been ruined for the mediocre and deep in your heart you want to know Him…to be with Him…and stay separated unto Him for a plan that is as yet unseen.

Prophecy is even now unleashing its power.  When the enemy is least prepared, in an hour not yet seen, God’s Spirit will strike.

God is going to do something that no one can possibly fathom.  He is going to pour out a river of Life.  Some will be in the middle of it, others will miss it entirely.  None of the current events we are witnessing will foretell the might and glory that will be expressed by the Holy Spirit.

Take heart!  God has honored you by letting you live in troubled times.  The greatest vessels of God have appeared in times of calamity and confusion. Today’s trouble is your opportunity to be your best, to be more than you ever imagined you could be.  All of this is because of a bulldozer called prophecy!





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  1. Michael Druckenmiller Sr

    All Smiles… You might be talking to me?

    I got on a rant earlier, and I need to get this off my chest…

    A person appeared to equate a congregation of 36,000 with being a God-Breathed Theologically sound gathering…

    And, I went off on them… Here it is…

    You might want to pray for me…

    Numbers do not prove spirituality… Wide is the road and unfortunately well traveled that leads to perdition…

    I’d rather have 10 Real Prayer Warriors than a congregation of 1000…

    They’d still accomplish more than 36000, especially in the Spiritual realm where it really matters…

    If the prosperity, Word of Faith and name it and claim were such Truth, why haven’t both buildings been paid off and full to overflowing?

    People cannot continue to do the same ole same ole and expect different results…

    Sorry, I am frustrated with churches in general, camp meeting mentality and sound levels so loud my heart palpitates…

    I don’t want a feel good theology, I want a call to arms in the spiritual realm…

    I want to have people willing to get out of bed daily and pray… To cry out to God for forgiveness for our lackadaisical attitude toward spiritual responsibilities to understand that we are that generation spoken of in 2 Corinthians 7:14…

    That we need to circumcise our hearts, not something else…

    Church isn’t something it’s time to do, again, oh my…

    But a privilege we are allowed to do while America is still free, and we get to meet with a Holy God who calls us His Children.

    Who is worthy of all Praise, Honor, and Worship…

    • Darlene W

      Agree Michael. A lot of the sheep appear to be in a fog,distracted by the cares of this world.It has been my urgent,heartfelt prayer to find prayer warriors. What has happened to prayer in the church?

      • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

        “What has happened to prayer in the church?”

        I can only guess that we got to used to not getting what we wanted when we wanted it, and now our expectation is so mediocre that our prayers lack the fervency required to bust through the heavens.

        I know my prayer life is less than stellar, I am still in “Refresher Training”. I am about three months into this training setting aside 0530-0600 to pray daily under the portico of a closed church.

        When I first started it was all I could do to go 10 minutes, now a half hour isn’t quite enough.

        If Father wanted us to pray “Que Sera Sera” prayers He would not have written that we should make *OUR* requests known or come BOLDLY before His throne…

  2. Lorraine

    Thank you

  3. Linda

    I get so fired up when I read your emails. We have so many prophecies here about Iowa and one can feel the anticipation of what God is about to do. I also am encouraged because my son lives in San Francisco and is not a believer, but I feel like what God is doing through you is changing the atmosphere in that state. My son is a scribe and I feel like the Lord has told me he will be a voice when he is transformed. Sent from my iPhone


  4. waibera mahamba

    Thank you

    Our vision: Planting Churches around the nations of the world as we minister to people who have no hope.




    2019-10-15 10:00 UTC+02:00, Mario Murillo Ministries

  5. Carolina

    Prophecy is also called the unveiling, the revealing, from the Greek word apokalupsis, from apokaluptein meaning to ‘uncover and reveal’. Some say we are in the beginning Apocalypse of the Book of Revelation, some say that it is “metaphorical” a “spiritual” writing & occurrence that is only to be discerned spiritually…I say Hog-wash! The Lord God is the same today as He was yesterday, tomorrow and forever, that is why He was also called The Ancient of Days by Daniel the Prophet.
    I’ve been mercilessly attacked on this very website by visiting bloggers who do not believe in the Rapture of the bride of Christ.
    Yet I say to you once again, the 7 churches have been being addressed now for many years, particularly recently the Laodicean church has been admonished. Know this… once that church has had its final dealings from Christ Spirit, and the mess that IS the middle Eastern area war that is building up & brewing up right now into the Gog Magog war of Ezekiel’s prophecy… when it is kicked into high gear, watch for the ‘catching away’ it will happen, the Harpazio, which is also called in old Latin ‘the Rapture.’
    And we who have BELIEVED with all our hearts in *The Blessed Hope* that AP- Paul taught everyone about, we will be caught away to be with The LORD IN the place where He is.
    Not until then (and that Rapture will catch those unaware who do not believe in it just as Jesus said, like a Thief in the night) Not until then, will the real 7 year Tribulation start – like a freight train careening down a mountain pass out of control with all those onboard it who didn’t believe in the original Apostles words.
    Until then, just look around you, what Mario speaks of today is a prophetic SIGN and opportunity to millions of people who say they Believe, to Grab hold of their Faith in Jesus Christ, get up close and personal with God, and look up!… because everyday now is an imminent day that Christ The King may come for His Beloved bride like church. Those who speak against this divine intervention from God for His Son’s people, or ridicule others for Believing the word of God about it, are doomed to be left behind to face the fulfillment of the prophecy predicted by Jesus Christ revealed in the book of Revelation’s 7 year Tribulation.
    Clocks ticking ⏰

  6. Leland Pollock

    Truth, Many that are spiritfilled are victims of the world system.

    The world recognizes who they are, although the modern Church dont.

    They are being targeted by the Occult, harassed day and night electronically, demonically and have been for years.

    God allows this persecution to countue to mold and increase the victims ability to stand strong for the work of Almighty God.

    Going to any Christain gathering is bacily not a place to recharge there spiritual battries.

    They must reunite with other true believers who know the power of prayer and numbers.

    The trick is to fine a war-room where beliver can unite to pray and worship, building them selves up in the Holyspirit.

    With out the warriors being able to unite they are limited on experiencing the mutplyed power of when two or three gather together in His name.

    There is something big brewing, the dark is getting darker and the light lighter, the separation of the sheep and goats has begun.

    Policy will never out weigh true Prophecy, what God says will prevail…

  7. Leland Pollock

    Dut 31:6
    Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. KJV

  8. Linda W

    Amen! Exactly n right on! For the day I’m/We are living in. Something great with our Father is coming??

    On Tue, Oct 15, 2019, 2:03 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “They put their hands over their ears to > try to drown out the noise. A growing number of believers are feeling like > a volcano about to erupt. They feel total disgust toward fleshly religion. > They despise the impotent actions of ‘Christianity Incorporated.’” >

  9. mombourget

    God Bless you pastor I truly love your posts.

    On Tue, Oct 15, 2019, 4:01 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “They put their hands over their ears to > try to drown out the noise. A growing number of believers are feeling like > a volcano about to erupt. They feel total disgust toward fleshly religion. > They despise the impotent actions of ‘Christianity Incorporated.’” >

  10. dawnquiocho

    Glory and Praise to God! Yes and Amen!!

    Dawn Quiocho *…let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…* *Hebrews 12:1* 808.683.9858

    On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 1:03 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “They put their hands over their ears to > try to drown out the noise. A growing number of believers are feeling like > a volcano about to erupt. They feel total disgust toward fleshly religion. > They despise the impotent actions of ‘Christianity Incorporated.’” >

  11. Bob McCarty

    I do not feel a victim, being born in these last days before the 7 year Tribulation. Jesus came to His Own, but His Own rejected Him. Actually it was the Pharisee’s who rejected Him. Mathew tells us He came into Jerusalem riding on a colt, and the people shouted Hossanna is He who come in the Name of the Lord. It was the Pharisee’s who gave Jesus to Pilate with shouts “crucify Him.” I believe it was in 1997 that the Episcopal church installed a practicing homosexual as Bishop in their church. As time has passed, more and more denominations have forgotten who purchased their very souls from the pits of hell. I read from a very reliable source yesterday, that in May, 2020, the Methodist church will perform an amicable split of their deonomination over the issue of homosexuality. It is a sad fact that many members of these churches will go along with this decision, blindly following their leaders decision to rejecting the Words of the Bible for the words of their Diocese. Some will refuse to accept homosexuals into their denomination and go a different direction, forming a new Methodist church denomination.

  12. Laura


  13. Darlene W

    Thank you Mario for words that encourage and energize and give hope. May God bless you and Mechelle richly. God is raising up His standard and it is not according to the plans of man.

  14. kingskid48

    Thank you, Pastor Mario. Wonderful blog, and some really good comments here. You must be pleased that your readers tend to be informed and in tune. I agree that we are nearing the End of Days. I personally believe we are in Matthew 24. I know there will always be those who pooh-pooh talk of the End, and say that people have been saying that for centuries, and it is true. But Prophecy is unfolding before us and at a faster and faster rate. I feel that what is happening in Syria is very prophetically significant. On the surface, it makes no sense. I’m not spiritually gifted, but I’m sure God told me in the 90’s that He was compressing the time. At some point, we are going to have to accept the fact that time is short. Those who try to brush that off, I believe, will be sorry for doing so. Are all of their loved ones saved? Mine are not. People are leaving this world daily without the Lord. We need to stop and think about that. Precious souls lost for Eternity, while we hold in our hearts, minds, and souls, the Answer to all of life’s problems and questions. The world is a mess and the thought of getting out of it and going to be with Him is more than wonderful, except-I want to take my family and as many others as I can, with me.

    • Carolina

      Dear kingskid48,
      Yes it is a devestaing thought to know that those we love and care so much for on this earth will not get to go, and worse while we love them so much we know also that because they have rejected The Lord of Glory King Yeshua and die *in that condition* that they are lost for eternity without hope and put in the place of endless unquenched fire & gnashing of teeth. I have a few of those in my natural relatives, it breaks my heart again & again everyday. But that is here that I feel that way. The one thing that gives me God’s Peace on the matter is knowing that when we get there in the place where Christ is, we will not remember ‘with pain’ those we loved who missed the boat.
      The Promise is to us who Believe and endure is, “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Death will exist no longer; grief, crying, and pain will exist no longer, because the previous things have passed away. Then The One Seated on the Throne said, “Look! I Am making everything new.”
      (Rev. 21: 4,5).
      I hope this helps relieve you in the here & now as it has me.

  15. petergatekeeper

    Thank You and Amen Prayers from Bergen Norway being sent Peter

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. Cyndi }i{

    Dear Brother Murillo,

    Thank you for always being an anointed voice of reason, encouragement and correction.

    I always look forward to reading your news letters.

    Sincerely, Cyndi Goodrich San Antonio, Texas On Oct 15, 2019 2:57 AM, “Mario Murillo Ministries” wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “They put their hands over their ears to > try to drown out the noise. A growing number of believers are feeling like > a volcano about to erupt. They feel total disgust toward fleshly religion. > They despise the impotent actions of ‘Christianity Incorporated.’” >

  17. Kiarla Kym Cherry

    Please let me tell you a story….I used to know a 4’5 little old silver long haired granny in Utopia, Texas who’d marched thru River riding a donkey pregnant with 7 kids all who serve the Lord today. One day she spoke to me about moving mountains while outside? visiting their ranch.i used to take their goats to the auction in a trailer for them. She said, ” well, sometimes you just need to go at that mountain, one teaspoon at a time.” ?????? I laughingly replied, ” Heck, I don’t want a teaspoon, I Want a Bulldozer!!!” Lol OMG, this post showed me that at 23 yes of age I was actually prophesying myself?????????! Lol I want to be in Fresno on Off 20th but I will be praying with you even if I don’t make it ??????love in Jesus, Kym Sent from Outlook ________________________________


    Thank you so much for speaking out about all the verbal diarrhea going on . It is indeed like a bulldozer there are thousands of people that have been depressed,dissallusioned and discouraged by the plethora of inaccurate personal prophecies there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY AT ALL. I do not know what to believe any more and I felt like something was wrong with me because I was not experiencing”all that GOD IS DOING I Read somewhere that about 90%of these things do not happen There are times and seasons but not every other day ok thanks for listening

  19. Shoshanna

    If a church in this town, has a prayer meetings, you only are allowed to pray from the list the pastor provides. I am so tired of the “I declare and decree” prayers I’ll just stop with that, and say that
    I miss the alters where believers cried out to G-d.

  20. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    I have been feeling what you have expressed Very Strongly for two years. I have felt a “setting apart” of my life….I feel overwhelmed at times by the lack of care of the masses. They seem to be completely oblivious to all that is going on around them….They seem to be totally absorbed in themselves and their immediate families….

    My heart hurts for them, because I know there is coming a day soon when they will be So Unprepared for what they will have to face—I am not sure that they will be able to stand up when it comes.

    I live in prayer for our nation, our President and his Family. GOD’s grace to America. Is only the remnant hearing HIS voice? The signs are Everywhere—but so many have blinders on—and are satisfied to go along to get along….too busy to bend their knees in humility before GOD.

    I know in every generation GOD has a remnant….The remnant is now carrying our nation. “Heavenly Father, strengthen us to be able to have hearing hearts and teachable spirits, that we might be able to STAND in these times in which we now live. In the precious and holy name of Jesus Christ I humbly pray. And LORD we know YOU DO ALL THINGS WELL. Amen.”

  21. Shirley Trichie

    YOU have just described ME and Where I am right Now….What an honor…!!!!!!

    On Tue, Oct 15, 2019, 1:58 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “They put their hands over their ears to > try to drown out the noise. A growing number of believers are feeling like > a volcano about to erupt. They feel total disgust toward fleshly religion. > They despise the impotent actions of ‘Christianity Incorporated.’” >




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