God’s wake up call to California

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Of course, people are going to hate this blog. Of course, even some believers will be offended and think we are setting ourselves up as some sort of ‘saviors’ of the state. But nothing could be further from the truth. We are not heroes. And neither are we delusional about our small role in what will be a gigantic miracle.

What I am saying is that God is sending the Golden State a wake-up call. He is shaking, purifying and rebuilding. God-haters beware. Look out you who have your hearts set on a fully secular, socialist state with no place for the Christian church.  God is rolling up His sleeves to do a work—a work of extremes.

This impending act of God will consist of both extreme joy and extreme terror. Watch for those who shake their fists at God. They will find themselves fighting against God—and losing that fight!  He will take away your sleep. He will remove your arrogance. He will defeat your most trusted weapons. He will take down your secret tactics. He will turn the tide of public opinion against you.

These are the days of Elijah! This is California’s reckoning with truth and righteousness. God has surveyed the cities. He has heard and heeded the cries of His intercessors.  He has had enough of what we are doing to the children.

The roar of the words of the Psalmist is heard on high: “It is time for You to act, O God, for they have regarded your word as void.” (Psalm 119: 126)

It is only one tent, but it matters very much what has happened under this tent in Dinuba California. Yes, the sick have been healed. Yes, the lost have charged into the Kingdom. But, above all that, an army has formed. I saw their eyes last night. I felt their fire last night.

They are a new breed of believer—the kind that multiplies faster than anyone can know, and who will reach out with power like no Christians before them. They are ready. They are coming.  And, they will multiply in numbers unseen since Azusa Street and the Jesus Movement.

God’s wake up call to the God-haters is simple: You have held sway over California for too long and your days are numbered, and your agenda is coming to an end.

But God’s wake-up call to the church in California is even greater.

  1. God is saying to every pastor here to stand your ground. Stay on message. Hold on, for fire is about to fall on the smaller churches, the hungry churches, regardless of size. The watchword is: “STAY!” Don’t give the cities away. Don’t sell out and move to a “safer” state.

Acts 14:3 says, “Therefore they stayed there a long time, boldly in the Lord, Who was bearing witness to the word of His grace, granting signs and wonders to be done by their hands.”

You are not just to stay, but to make signs and wonders your weapon to stem the tide of evil. Let miracles flow. Preach a pure message—a message that God can crown with miracles.

  1. Pray the Lord of the Harvest. Matthew 9:37 Then (Jesus) said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. 38Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

Each night the crowd is amazed to see the river of souls flowing to Christ. It’s no accident! We sent out workers. We went into the nests of evil to extract treasures out of the darkness.

The wake-up call California Christians need is this: God is not fascinated by your programs and slick presentations. He is trying to save and deliver millions here who currently writhe in untold misery. Believers here seem think this is someone else’s job. That is why we lost the state: because we thought someone else was doing that job.

People mean well when they walk up to me and say, “Mario, you are doing a good work.” I reply, “No, I am not doing a good work…I am doing the work.” This work is OUR work. It is the real work of the church. Everything else is just distraction—something we made up and called it the work.

  1. The state can be destroyed. That reality must set in. As glorious as these tent meetings are, I can’t dwell on them. As beautiful as the healings are, I can’t linger there. Compassion clings to me. Urgency overwhelms me.

‘Revival’ or ‘Rot’ is California’s next destination.

Right now, the Lord of the harvest is sending out laborers into His harvest.  It is time for every believer to find their place in the work, and join us.

The evil that is being worshipped here cannot continue indefinitely. At some point justice will be handed down by the God of Justice.

God has two words for everyone who reads this: WAKE UP!




  1. dawnquiocho

    Glory to God! Love being a part of history here with your team Mario and Mechelle!

    Dawn Quiocho


    • Susan Paxson

      I know that God is sick of what we are doing to the children!! He wanted me to pray with out church about it but, my pastor has yet to let me. Saying he doesn’t want to worry mothers unnecessarily about sex trafficking. But, meantime it’s still going on and the church has their head in the sand like an ostrich while this is still going on and no prayer from the church!!!!

      • Carolina

        The young and most vulnerable are the saddest part of Evil’s tactical target. Angels weep in heaven over these tiny ones.
        I hear you Mario LOUD & CLEAR?% Let ALL those who have ears to hear, LISTEN to what The Spirit is saying to the churches!
        Mario “I Know” your word ‘STAY’ is from The Lord’s own lips, I had a strong vision of this very same word given to me back in 2016 in bright RED flashing letters during the second watch. Revealing to me about staying where God Almighty had placed us within the inner city where HE is working. I know about this because we were going to move out of our urban loft townhome in the city we live in and that is when HE sent me the vision in bright red flashing letters saying…’STAY’ the course…’STAY’ put where I placed you. We’re still here in the city of 4 million people and will remain witnessing for Christ at every opportunity.

  2. Shirley Brown

    God bless you Mario from a native California Christian. Waiting in prayer for you to move south. Again, God bless and THANK YOU.

    Hugs and many blessings, Shirley


  3. Kat

    Talks about God-haters in CA!

    Sent from Kathleen’s iPhone


  4. kingskid48

    This is a powerful word. I know there could be rough times coming, but I know Who is in charge and I am excited to see what He is going to do. He will pick up the pieces of this once-great state and make something new and beautiful out of California.

  5. Starkey Lawrence

    May you be strengthened my brother as you bring the Light into darkness.

    Pastor Starkey Coshocton, Ohio

  6. Noel

    “The evil that is being worshiped here cannot continue indefinitely. At some point justice will be handed down by the God of Justice.”

    Amen!! May the “Refiner and Purifier” of His “Levites” make ready a people to do exploits in this hour!
    Malachi 3:1-4

    May His People flow in and with the River, especially in California!
    Amos 5:24

  7. Marilyn Nichols

    Amen ~~I stand In Agreement For strength to the profit of God Who brings the word of truth in season or out of season. In Jesus Name. Amen!!

  8. Andy Castro

    Thank you for this pointed word. The church needs to hear this and so do I.

  9. Maren Parrish/ BIshop Mary Magdala

    Murrillo for SAn Francisco Mayor!

  10. glen lundeen

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    On Fri, Oct 11, 2019, 3:54 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Of course people are going to hate this > blog. Of course even some believers will be offended thinking we are > setting ourselves up as some sort of saviors of the state. Nothing could be > farther from the truth. We are not heroes. We are not delusional about” >



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