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In the history of stupid decisions, this may be the all time stupidest decision yet. Moving to impeach Trump is so stupid that it has all the earmarks of an act of God. It feels like God has turned them over to a madness that has them careening toward self-destruction. It demonstrates both, that they are desperate to appear relevant, and that they realize they are losing. It has to be the hand of God if Democrats are all on board to do the last thing they should ever be trying to do.

Here’s why:

1. This attempt by the enemies of America to impeach President Trump will never succeed. The Constitution requires a two-thirds super majority to convict a person being impeached. This project is dead on arrival. Nancy Pelosi in caving to the socialist wing of her party will confirm the worst fear of all fair-minded Americans: Democrats do stupid things because their hatred of Trump matters more to them than the American people they are supposed to be representing. They are not working on the problems Americans face every day, and the voters are not interested in the socialism and junk-science environmentalism they are selling.

Democrats have apparently learned nothing from the Mueller investigation. 2 years and $25 million dollars produced absolutely nothing: zero, zip, and nada. There was no Russian collusion.  And now the public knows that the Democrats knew all along there was no collusion, and that they spent a ton of taxpayer money to ride that lie into the ground. Now they are at it again, and I promise you, the public will punish them for this.

2. House Representatives and Senators who vote for impeachment will risk their own reelections. Every Democrat Congressman in a battleground state, and any Republican Congressman in any state, will risk failing to be reelected if they vote to impeach, because their votes will be a matter of public record.

3. It will backfire like the Mueller investigation and force Democrats to face a real scandal: Joe Biden. In a video of his 2018 comments at a panelfor the Council on Foreign Relations, Joe Biden seemingly admitted to withholding military aid to Ukraine as a pressure tactic to force the firing of a prosecutor he did not like. Biden’s comments may see new scrutiny amid whistleblower allegations that Trump improperly called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Biden.

Notice how quiet Joe is about impeachment. Notice the squeamish, guilty smile. He is going to wish that the Democrats had left this one alone.

The previous stupidity of the Mueller investigation has created more new investigations into the totally corrupt and partisan way that Trump was investigated. Andrew McCabe will tell you that false investigations backfire as he and James Comey now face investigations for their role in using the intelligence community to smear Trump.

Here’s what McCabe  said about impeachment and the Ukraine Call: “There’s Concern If It Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype People Will Be Disappointed”

4. None of this is affecting Trump’s approval rating. Today, with the threat of impeachment factored in, Rasmussen has Trump at 51% approval rating. That’s much higher than Obama at this point in his presidency. The vile and vicious attacks have hardened the support of Republicans for Trump, while giving moderate Democrats ‘Trump Scandal Fatigue.’

Given all this, we must ask, “Why would they do it? Why start down the same stupid road with even stupider reasons?” The answer: It must be God.

We now know the only reason Democrats want to impeach Donald Trump: blind hatred. But the only thing He is guilty of is being elected President and upsetting all their plans.











  1. Cyndi Goodrich

    I couldn’t agree with you more!
    Every time they attack President Trump, I’m reminded of the book of Esther. The gallows that they are building will be to their demise.

    • Rosemary D.

      Love the Esther reference. Amen!

    • Bobbie

      Yes, agree with Esther reference. The people behind going after Trump need to be tried for Treason and declaring WAR on Citizens of the United States like the American people are going to put up with their LIES, MAYHEM, CHAOS, THEIR DEMONIC assignment from Hell, Hades and playing the people for Stupid! They consider us “useless eaters and useless worker” and we are dispensable AND DOESN’T THAT MAKE YOU MAD AS HECK? Like, I should hope so; get mad as hell and NOT take this garbage, “bottom feeder” control, lies anymore. Like their power and education; so they think they are educated and MONEY makes them SPECIAL and we are going to tolerate their demoncratic ways and we are going to accept their dogma they have been shoveling; YEAH RIGHT? THEY ARE SO STUPID and “YOU can’t FIX STUPID”. Someone told me “the Demoncrats are declaring War on the American people”, can’t disagree. Again, you”re seeing who is for God or for satan, NO middle ground. Mr. A.S. looks like dead man walking, the walking dead. Pray they ALL have a Saul to Paul divine God experience, please! Pray for Humility, Please AND Meekness and keeping Hearts pure for President and our Leaders. Humility is KEY!

      Please EVERYONE watch Mark Levin’s Interview with Jaco Booyens, he has lot’s of Wisdom, he is doing the Malachi 4:5&6 Call; and he is laying down and seeing the agenda as a whole where we are as a Nation that we are NOT hearing about and please get involved. Watch his Documentary Movie “8 Days”, please. The Interview was MIND BLOWING!

      Diamond and Silk, I’m PRAYING FOR ARMIES OF YOU, DONT SHUT UP, DON’ BE SILENT! Do what you did to Maxine Waters to them all; my frriend showed me their Video=TOO FUNNY!

      I Timothy 2:1-3, Crucial for Prayer.

  2. katamanti61

    Absolutely! LOL YOU said everything I have been feeling in my heart ❤
    my prayer is that every single thing they do to hurt our President will be like when Haman was hung on the very gallos he had prepared for Mordicai !! Thinking that they are wise, they become fools!!! LOL

    • deanna19831989icloudcom

      LOL! My mom mentioned that about Hanna the other day, as we were talking about all this.

      • deanna19831989icloudcom

        Oops, Haman*

      • Carolina

        A big double YESYES Mario!!!…and another…Yes to all bloggers here so far.

        I was so LIVID yesterday after the 24 hour cycle of this Democrat House of Representative nonsense, that I contacted DC and sent scathing complaints to several of my district and surrounding district legislative Representatives.
        This is pure Political posturing and agenda by these who are obviously NOT doing their elected jobs while they’re too busy conjuring up Impeachment proceedings. Don’t forget these people are using our HARD earned TAX paying dollars to accomplish all their ideological garbage.
        They are literally taking our money given to them to steward properly and now they intend to SPEND mine and your hard earned TAX dollars along with millions of other Americans money on ridiculous pursuits of oversight, committee meetings, endless Legal fees, Court costs, and other frivolous trivial pursuits all to gain back a Presidential seat that they lost handily in 2016!
        The Muller probe was an utter failure and that cost some 25 million dollars, ask yourself how much appropriate societal work could these yahoo’s have done with that 25 million that they blew on making Mr Muller richer and causing the devastation of those he was able to finagle a prosecution into prison for, utterly ruining their lives and their family’s lives??
        #WitchHunt 1 (and now) #WitchHunt 2…unconscionable conduct and behavior☹️??

      • Jana D.

        Deanna, it’s good to talk about Hanna too. She had a very aggressive adversary, in her own house (House). I think that you spoke prophetically, and that a son will manifest, a very Godly son.

    • Shoshanna M. Zimmerman

      I agree with your prayer.

      • Alice

        I do agree they are going to fail

  3. Darlene W

    Yes,he was elected to upsets their plans. I don’t think many of us knew the extent of what was going on in our country before he became our President.But now people are slowly being awakened to the evil.The devil always overplays his hand.God is in control.

  4. Denise Loftus

    Thanks Mario. You clarify things so well for us. I have to thank Lance Wallnau for telling us about you.

  5. Michael Druckenmiller Sr

    While I greatly admire Mario I think that counting our chickens before they are hatched is ill advised…

    Lies have power, people who do not believe or who are rebellious in spirit will believe a lie before they believe the truth….

    Make no mistake, except the church repent and seek the face of Jesus… There are no guarantees of Freedom Tomorrow!

    Something that bears repeating:

    I just wish Jehovah’s People were listening!

    We all seem to have bought into the lie of hyper grace that once we accept Jesus we can do no wrong and there is never a need to repent weeping at the altar…

    We were given a commission, and it’s not just The Great Commission.

    It was a commission of Responsibility and one of Authority to rule and reign in this earth until He comes.

    Though not as Kings and Princes but as servants.

    But, for those of us born in the freedom of America, one of Jehovah’s greatest Modern Miracles, we have the additional duty to rule and reign in public office, in the public forum and in the voting booth.

    For Pentecostals this is the greatest abdication of The Authority of the Believer there is and well worthy of weeping at the altar!

    Those of us who have served in the military understand it is always not what you do that get you court-martialed, it’s failing to carry out your Standing Orders.

    We are *ALL* Guilty!

  6. deanna19831989icloudcom

    “He frustrates the devices of the crafty, So that their hands cannot carry out their plans. He catches the wise in their own craftiness, And the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon them.”
    ‭‭Job‬ ‭5:12-13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    I’ve been praying this, along with whatever else I pray for Trump. The Democrats/Left/Liberals will fall into their own traps and their plans backfire.

  7. Mark Stripling

    My prayer remains, let all who dig a pit for our president fall into it themselves. These people are blinded by satan and dominated by hate. They have submitted to delusion, seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. God deliver this nation from their rule.

  8. kristymctee

    This is what the Lord showed me a year ago about the Democrat party.

    [Therefore] thus says the Holy One of Israel, “Because you despise this word, and trust in oppression and perverseness, and rely on them; therefore this iniquity shall be to you like a break in high wall, bulging out, about to collapse, whose crash comes suddenly, in an instant; and its breaking is like that of a potter’s vessel which is smashed so ruthlessly that among its fragments not a sherd is found with which to take fire from the hearth, or to dip up water out of the cistern.” -Isaiah 30:12-14 RSV

    My interpretation of this word is that the “high wall” is secrecy. When something hidden deep is revealed somehow it will instantaneously cause such a thorough fragmenting of the Democrat caucus (and probably the party on state and local levels also) that the Democrat party’s support, financial and otherwise, will vaporize and they will be unable to function as a unit, or will exist in name only.

    • Carolina

      EXCELLENT witness kristymctee!!
      In agreement with you and would add my hope is that they become a non existent political party a memory of the past, with no present & no future.
      That’s worth celebrating!… ?????

    • Syl

      I agree 100 percent to that prophetic interpretation!

      • Syl

        Keep praying these powerful intercessory prayers church…push back the darkness..take authority over the evil ploys of the enemy..we are victors not victims!

  9. Ann

    I agree about old Haman!. I also think this scripture applies; Psalm 7:15-16: whoever digs a hole and scoops it out will fall into the pit they have made, The trouble they cause recoils on them. Their violence comes down on their own heads.

  10. Rick

    Well said…I think we are at war, Principality against Principality. The left has gone like the swine, demon possessed, down the cliff and will drown soon. Romans 2:3, “Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God?”

  11. Noel

    “Notice how quiet Joe is about impeachment. Notice the squeamish, guilty smile.”

    Do these Democrats still have a soul? Are they capable of feeling guilt? Are we witnessing demonic manifestations from those who have sold themselves to do evil and are in fact demon possessed? Only God can deal with this kind of evil!

    • Syl

      Some of them are no doubt demon possessed, P, S and N.,ll you have to do is listen to their vile accusations and lies. The rest are under strong delusion and major oppresson.

  12. kingskid48

    Some very good comments here. And a great blog, Pastor Mario. I had to turn the news off this morning. I did watch most of the Kangaroo Court Hearing. It was appalling, the way the democrats spoke to that good man, the DNI. For someone like Adam Schiff to be speaking in such a way to a military is almost too much to take. That man has more integrity in his little finger than Adam Schiff has owned in his entire life, I strongly suspect. I could scarcely believe what I was hearing. I am praying also that God boomerangs all of their lies, tricks, and schemes, right back onto every one of them. I pray we are seeing the beginning of the demise of the democrat party, that God will replace it with a party that has members who actually love America and its citizens and are not socialist and not power hungry. I’ve never cared for the ideology of the democrat party, but I never, until recently, believed that they are being demonically influenced and led around by the nose by the Evil One. They have sold their integrity for a pot of porridge.

  13. Gregory A Dean

    The problem is that politics is the manifestation of the spiritual life in the US. The left has become so rebellious that they are not just hating Trump but G-D and those who are of faith. They hate those of us who are normal.

    Pastor Mario is not taking a political stand. Rather this is a spiritual reflection on the mindset of one part of the US elite. These individuals control the US culture via academia, journalism and Hollywood. And are polluting the culture in the process.

    Long term evangelicals should be encouraging our young people to become college professors, journalists and Hollywood producers. This is one way to not only take the culture back but to minister to the nation.

  14. david larson

    Mario, I have the greatest respect for you and the work you are doing. Thank you for understanding the events around us better than any other ‘real’ church leader I know. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve and other institutions are explained in depth in the book, “The Killing of Uncle Sam” by Rodney Howard-Browne. I have spent the better part of 3 months reading this book and researching the facts it presents and have not found one error. I encourage the reading of this book to your internet followers. It will enlighten; not disappoint. To the Mario fans: If you ever had a doubt about the New World Order and it’s intentions, you will find jaw dropping proof of it’s existence. If you have ever doubted what Mario is saying or the direction he is headed, you will not any longer. Mario is putting himself on the line very much like President Trump. Mario fans, educate yourself.

  15. Terry

    It makes one wonder just what we’re those plans that the Democratic Party had which has made them so incredible bitter and insane with hatred. What was included in those plans that has them so desperate to be rid of President Trump at any cost. I’d love to hear your thoughts and theories.

    • CDiane

      Make no mistake, they would have hated you just the same: First, THE ALMIGHTY GOD is first in your life, you are against abortion, you stand up for Israel and RELIGIOUS LIBERTY.

  16. Patricia Hawf

    There are still consequences for disobedience ,rebellion and wanton sin !!!
    Deut.28:28. “The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of heart”. Seems like a perfect description of government and society in general.???

  17. Yvonne Buffum

    I agree thoroughly with Mario. My prayer continues to remain that the deeds of darkness would be brought to light and justice would be done. Also that seven these devil doers would be brought to repentance.

  18. Bobbie

    The reason why the Demoncrats are doing this is because 1. They have NO Candidate, the line-up speaks for itself and their fruit or lack there of as here is your “insane and crazy behavior”. So, we the people have to deal with the Demoncrats declaring WAR on the U.S. Citizens and Constitution to serve the dung they have been shoveling really? GOD continue to expose those things done and hidden in darkness come to the light and to continue to lift up their skirts. Notice they don’t name the Whistleblower because as heard someone say “isn’t this a Coo”. Demoncrats and stupid inane, inept lying sack of dung Media let TRUMP do his Job and “Make America Great Again”; all they are is mayhem, chaos, death and destruction and demoncrat self-serving, satanic agenda much of it is, judge fruit. PLEASE PRAY, DON’T QUIT PRAYING! Stop False-Flags and Black Swan events NOW and ALL the lies as “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”! “The Planned Destruction of America Comes to Mind” by Dr. James W. Wardner; Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips addresses it well also.
    P.S. Friend had all Vehicle Tires Slashed for having Trump Bumper Stickers, no longer freedom of speech Nation. Bottom Line: Who is the satanist behind?

  19. Bobbie

    Really sad as Demoncrats showing their fruit is they DON’T PLAY FAIR OR RIGHT OR TRUTH PERIOD as they want people to “slouching towards Gomorrah”! They have to stoop to this level and wasting everyone’s TIME, not to mention money!

  20. Ann Noble

    I was doing my Bible study homework, homiletics on Acts 4. I was using The Passion Translation and there it was, David’s prophecy. It is also for today I believe, for here is what it says: “And you spoke by the Holy Spirit through your servant David, our forefather, saying: ’How date the nations plan a rebellion, ranting and raging against the Lord Most High? Their foolish plans are futile!
    Look at how the kings of the earth take their stand, with the rulers scheming and conspiring together against God and His anointed Messiah!’
    Acts 4: 25-26

    Their plans are futile! Confirmed what we have known.

  21. Aaron

    The sheep and the goats seem to be manifesting there identity and are ready to be separated from one another.

  22. Greg Dean

    Politics is the reflection of the spiritual. As so many Americans, especially young men, are empty and seeking meaning, it reflected in our politics where we have more symbolism in legislation rather than real laws. And that show trials, like impeachment, rather than really seeking to address the problems of the nation.

    One does not have to take a political position to see that the democrats are as empty as many of our young men are. It is a spiritual void.

    It is going to take a movement of G-D, like we are seeing Mario’s outreach, to change this nation.

  23. Danny Raymond Lake

    It’s more stuff related to the Clintons.
    Dare I say Jeffery Epstein? Bill Clinton was a
    big fan of the Lolita Airline. More smoke to cover
    all the people related to Epstein. (and there are a lot of big names)
    But as you said Mario, God is using Impeachment to expose
    all of the dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.

  24. J. Whit

    I think your ministry needs to stop commenting on politics or lose your tax free status. You want to preach politics, pay taxes. Otherwise, remain neutral.

    • mariomurilloministries

      You couldn’t be more wrong. I have free speech guaranteed J. Whit and the Johnson Amendment–that rotten illegal restriction on preachers has been overruled by executive order. We of the free pulpits have even sent copies of our sermons to the IRS and they have responded that they are not interested. And we do pay taxes.

      • Carolina

        AMEN Mario!!??‍♀️

    • Greg Dean

      Prior to the LBJ amendment politics was commonly spoke of from the pulpit. And it African American Churches still is. The Johnson amendment only prohibited 501c3 corporations from engaging in politics. 501c4 (social welfare) and 501c6 (fraternal and associations) non profits could engage in politics. Much of the left uses the 501c4 non profits as a way to get around the Johnson amendment.

      If you want to silence non profits then demand that the left be silenced as well.

      • Carolina

        Excellent analysis of the non profit codes, Greg Dean.??‍♀️

    • Michael Druckenmiller Sr

      YOU are part of the problem! You call it politics? But, Proverbs 6:16-19 calls the shedding of innocent blood an abomination that God hates. Should not *ALL* Ministers of truth declare it as such???

      And, if a particular political party is rabidly in favor of it, should not the truth be spoken even if it “appears” to cross the line?

      If Mario doesn’t speak the truth, who will? If you vote for those that support abortion on demand for fun,. lust, profit and convenience, no matter what political affiliation they claim you are complicit in their sin as guilty as if the babies blood is physically on your own hands.

      Because Spiritually… IT IS!

      • Danny Raymond Lake

        10/4 and spot one.

  25. Tricky Ricky

    This is all about the deep state and their long term plans for a one-world government (Globalism). Trump (Nationalism) was elected and demolished their plans for now. They will fight this man to the end and anyone that obstructs their globalism plans to the very end. The book of Revelations reveals this fact and it will happen at some point. Our hope is in Jesus Christ and Him alone.

    • Carolina

      AMEN Tricky Ricky!!!!?⏰

  26. Marc Falsetti

    For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie, in order that judgment will come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.
    ~ 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

    They pretend zeal for Christ, but really opposed him. The truth is not to the Democrats taste. And we all know how soon the wicked will contrive against the strongest evidence, to reason themselves out of the belief of what they dislike. Being destitute of the love of the truth, they are necessarily led to believe a lie – their minds are open to all manner of falsehood and delusion. the diabolical deceits with which the Antichristian state has been supported, are notorious.

    These Hateful and Vocal Democrats are Satan’s willing subjects. Their sin is this; They do not love the truth, and therefore do not believe it; and they are pleased with false notions. God leaves them to themselves, then sin will follow of course, and spiritual judgments here, and eternal punishments hereafter.
    The fall or ruin of the Antichristian State is not yet final though, for as the Prophets warn us…. there will be a great powerful army of them assembled during the End Times.

  27. Sandra Halverson

    I have been saying it for a long time…they are blinded!..insane with TDS…which is similar to narcissism..hate blinds the mind…their hatred is keeping them in the dark..they are parading around like they are doing something worthwhile!..and agree with you..Mario..It is for sure a supernatural event..

  28. Rachel Balcazar

    I agree with your blog Mario 100 % witchhunt #1 Russia collusion failed and Witchhunt # 2 Ukrainian lie will also fail !!! millions of Christians are united in Prayer for our President ! and boy watchout when the body of Christ prays in one accord, Powerful! watchout Devil!!!



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