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“Why is my pain perpetual and my wound incurable, which refuses to be healed?” (Jeremiah 15:18)

America has healed from the Civil War and two World Wars—why can’t we heal from 911?

September 11, 2001, 8:46 a.m. – Mohammed Atta and the other hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11 crash the plane into floors 93-99 of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing everyone on board and hundreds inside the building.

9:03 a.m. – Hijackers crash United Airlines Flight 175 into floors 75-85 of the WTC’s South Tower, killing everyone on board and hundreds inside the building.

Twin Towering infernos incinerate 3,000 innocent people, both the workers inside and the first responders who rushed in to help.   The flames flash a bright light into the abyss to reveal the blackest evil of our time—Islamic Terrorism.

The next 60 minutes are a living hell. 

That hour brings several firsts:

  • The first time the whole nation felt terror
  • The first time that the Stock Market was closed for 4 days
  • The first time since the Second World War that tanks and military personnel patrol American streets.
  • The first time we saw $30 billion dollars’ in damage done in one hour, and an eventual financial loss we have not yet calculated.
  • The first time in recent history that America learned it was vulnerable to an attack from a foreign power.

Not since Pearl Harbor has any event had this much impact on every aspect of our way of life.

It happened 18 years ago today, and the wounds have still never healed.  Our pain continues.  Jeremiah asked, “Why is my pain perpetual and my wound incurable, which refuses to be healed?” (Jeremiah 15:18)

Ask yourself: Why have we not healed?  The disaster of 9/11 should have driven us to God.  Instead, we ran from Him.  We banned school prayer that we so desperately needed.  We censored the only message that could save us—the Gospel of salvation.  Instead of staying vigilant for the war that is being waged on our freedoms, we delved further into drugs, alcohol, and the pursuit of Mammon.  Losing our morals made us miserable—so what did we do?  We abandoned the few morals we had left.

Our leaders caved in to self-loathing.  We contracted syndromes!   We got battered wife’s syndrome: blaming America for the terror. And we contracted Stockholm Syndrome: sympathizing with all of the people who would do us harm.  We opened our borders and welcomed rapists, cartels, and killers, as if we had some great evil to atone for.

College students—who should rise up to the hard work of facing the future—instead give in to their self-pity and even turn it into a noble crusade…going forth to prove they could be offended by anything, and afraid of everything.

Villains are now victims and victims are now villains.  The only thing as ugly as 9/11, is our ugly and ongoing reactions to 9/11.

The whole world knows we are slouching toward Gomorrah.  North Korea knows it and flaunts its nuclear crimes.  Russia knows it and intimidates our pilots.  Iran knows it—demanding and receiving billions in ransoms from our president—then laughing in our face as they continue to expand their nuclear bomb program.  China knows it and openly displays contempt whenever possible.

Yes, it is the 18th anniversary of the one day that should galvanize our resolve to once again be the home of the brave.  We should weep over the loss of our loved ones, but especially over the loss of God’s blessing.  We should be repenting and returning to the roots of our greatness.


What will we see today?  Will we see overpaid, overrated, and coddled NFL players show total disdain to our anthem, our flag and this sacred day? In a way, that is a perfect picture of our nation.  America is asleep in the light.  We are comatose and utterly unaware that we are only setting ourselves up for the next unspeakable horror.  May God have mercy on us!

Is our doom sealed? 

Not yet, but we must be overtaken with urgency.  Our time is almost up.  It rests with the people of God to seize this moment.  Just as when Abraham pleaded with God over Sodom, he found that Jehovah would spare the city for just 12 righteous men.  In the same manner, so will our Lord spare America for the fervent repentance of a few…if His people wake up.

Let us be among those who do wake up to our duty, even if others will not.  Only don’t offend truth by saying we are entitled to be spared.  Rather, let us be like the prophet Joel who faced certain doom with a hope of mercy.   On this day of all days, cry aloud and spare not. Forgiveness is still within our grasp.

“Now, therefore,” says the Lord,
“Turn to Me with all your heart,
With fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.”
So, rend your heart, and not your garments;
Return to the Lord your God,
For He is gracious and merciful,
Slow to anger, and of great kindness;
And He relents from doing harm.
Who knows if He will turn and relent,
And leave a blessing behind Him…

(Joel 2:12-14a)



  1. Michelle Swenson

    So true Mario… America did not have the resolve we said we would on that day! We must get the messages out to our nation in a way that is wise as serpents and gentle as doves and speak firmly to the church!! Thank you! P.S. I saw you in DC at Lance’s conference. A divine connection was formed in DC with you and Lance… I saw it and am very passionate about this next season… seeking God for His Spirit to ignite the messages we need to be creative at delivering. I am that Michelle girl who stopped you that first night in DC and introduced myself as the one who made it a point to see you at Melodyland back in the day and we reminisced about all the great spiritual leaders we saw there !! I’m praying for you and Michelle… AMERICA, and for direction that the Lord wants me to take in being a strong voice or message creator in the days ahead. May God show up in His mighty power to see His Glory rein BIG TIME!!

    • Kathy Kiesow

      We cannot heal until we demand the real truth comes out, and I mean all of it.Until then, it’s Perpetual scab on our hearts that keeps bleeding.

  2. Shirlley Smith

    Thank you for sharing. I concur with every word that is in this article. Sin and apathy are prevalent today. Christians, we need to wake up and take a stand before it is too late. Thank you Mario Murillo.

  3. Gail-Lee Yosca

    I agree what have we not learned from the surprise & alarming attack on our nation 18 years ago? The day after fearful citizens filled their churches looking for answers and consolation. The people were unified in their grief & mourning for our nation’s loss of life. Patriotism & our flag a fond memory proudly displayed in our neighborhoods throughout our land! I long to see unity prevail in the USA again ??!

    • Carolina

      YES Mario!…and Yes Gail-Lee!
      That day 18 years ago I stood and ministered to many Americans with compassionate embrace, some I knew and several strangers, at my business with clients crying in my arms, at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the Mall, and that weekend at our church thousands came who may never have darkened a local church door before 9/11/2001. But they were all Americans at heart♥️ and their hearts were broken collectively?, and some like my young step-son less then a year latter joined the Marines because he said he didn’t want to let them just get by with what had happened and maybe he could make a difference.
      NO…back then the soured radical Left agenda hadn’t progressed as far as it has now in 2019. People were still supple within, they still had a heart 18 years ago for the good of this land and hope of a holy heaven even if they hadn’t come to Jesus yet.
      But, I like Mario, still have Faith that there’s a remnant of human beings out there, who may not know Jesus Christ personally yet, but are none the less a people with enough foundational American spirit left inside them to BECOME born ANEW people who only Christ The King can make them be.

  4. Laura

    Why have we not healed? True, people turned from God. But brother, we have been lied to about this attack. Physics experts, engineers and others have proven that explosives brought down the buildings in addition to the planes hitting…explosives already in the buildings, not in the planes. If any of you dare to look this up, you will see. Truth heals, lies allow wounds to fester. I cry out to the Lord for justice, because we haven’t seen it about 9/11 and many people are aware of this. No one likes to be lied to, and we have been. And I love America, but the swamp is very, very deep. Only God can heal the wound, but He may need to wash it first through exposure of the deep state and it may sting everyone. Because America has trusted people who are New World Order Luciferians, though they hide it well. Truth is what sets free or the wound will continue to fester.

    • Darlene W

      Laura, I was just going to comment on the same things that you have said.We have been lied to and it is only the Truth that will make us free and bring healing.We are not hearing it from the mainstream news because they are a huge part of the false narrative about this and many other things.But information is out there .Godly patriots are online and bringing forth information. Could this be a sovereign move of God exposing this deep state evil ?The contrast between all of this and the love and redemption of Almighty God could cause the great awakening.Praying for exposure and judgement knowing that God is in control. We stay strong in faith,trusting His divine plan.

    • Shoshanna M. Zimmerman

      We have been lied to and no one gets to ask questions. We didn’t treat this attack like Pearl Harbor and go after our enemy. The Saudis were never looked at like Japan was. People have lost hope and few ministers are preaching the Gospel that has the answers.

    • Kim Barrett

      I agree with this as well. Though alot may not see it our prayers are reaching the throne room of God & exposure is continually happening as we press in. We have to stand on the Word that tells us there’s nothing done in secret that it won’t be brought to light. Amen

  5. wesley h buel

    i cry and weep for the love ones who lost dear ones,i cry and weep for the CHURCH,THE VERY BODY OF CHRIST UPON THIS EARTH, i cry and weep and grieve with the HOLY SPIRIT with intercession that is birthed by the SPIRIT OF THE LORD,just as JESUS WAS ON THE CROSS INTERCEDING FOR US AS A HIGH PRIEST so i in the same SPIRIT intercede as a priest of GOD for all the reason as i have made known.i am pained with the BURDEN OF OUR BELOVED KING :((lolwes

  6. Jim Alford

    How can a country repent when the church within the country refuses to repent? We all know that we are told in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that it is the people that are called by the Name of the Lord who are to humble themselves in repentant prayer before God and then healing can come from God to the land. God spoke this to Israel, while He still deals with Israel to some degree, He now deals with the church-which is called by the Name of His Son Jesus first and if the church repents then repentance may come to the country. Thus the church first must humbly repent and be healed.
    The church in this country is little different from the country. How many adulterers, fornicators, homosexuals, liars, thieves, materialistic mammon worshipers, covetous, etc… are in the congregations, how many sit on the boards of elders, the boards of deacons, fill pulpits? How many Christians abhor and protest against abortion and then turn around and take their pregnant teenage daughters to the destroyers of the unborn?
    09/11/2001 brought a wake up call, many people filled churches to seek God, but most of the new faces began to depart. Why? They came and found, not the Word of truth in many cases, but soft ear tickling sermonettes, money messages, country club attitudes. They came for truth and found fables.
    God gave this country a last chance to repent by sending a type of Jehu into the White House, but the church must take the lead in repentance. There will be some that repent and turn to Jesus during this time, there also will be some who fall away.
    Will the church and the country repent?

  7. tjgwynn

    Mario, once again you speak so much truth! As a Canadian, we are seeing the same things going on in Canada as we always go the way that America goes. Obviously, the church is not ready for any kind of healing just like they weren’t after 9/11. I look around the churches that I have attended in my city & I have attended a lot in my 34 years searching and I have been saying to my husband, “They are not ready for any kind of influx of wounded people as they don’t have their own people healed and delivered.” It is so sad. We attended for many years a major church in our city and finally got tired of nothing changing and no help for the sheep that we left. They didn’t believe in deliverance – were using everything but…certainly not prepared for an influx of wounded souls. I struggled so much leaving this church that I was asking God one morning, “Are we being rebellious or have we done the right thing? We are only two out of probably a 1000 people, are we crazy?” I felt Him say in my spirit, “You know the majority is not always right.” Yet, you think you are crazy until, I found you & Mark Taylor. Thank you for speaking truth as it a rare commodity!

  8. kingskid48

    Indeed, we have not healed from 9/11, and we won’t, until we repent. Someone on Fox this morning said our enemy experienced, “America’s defiance”. That is so SADLY true! Just as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has been trying to tell the nation for the past 18 years! Defiance is not what God wants, He wants our hearts, our souls, our minds..our repentance! How foolish we are, as a nation, for absolute certain, and most of the Church also. If we had repented 18 years ago, how many babies could we have saved, and would our children be being taught all manner of sexual perversion and gender confusion in our schools, and would the country be more divided than it has ever been, and would islam be having favor over Christianity, and illegals exalted over American citizens? We are in trouble. It’s not to late, but I for one believe that time is short.

  9. Noel

    Yes, the Church is far from what she ought to be but let me share something I saw the other night in the small city I live in. I attended an evangelistic meeting in my small city of 30,000 to 35,000 at the County Fairgrounds Sunday night and there were nearly 5,000 people there! The gospel was preached and the message was not watered down! It did my heart very well to see the people of God turn out and to see more added to the ranks in the Kingdom of God in this hour of darkness. I believe God has a big surprise for those who think America is finished. I believe God is dealing with people and people are searching their own souls as the darkness seems to have the loudest voice. I believe that many are quietly repenting and God sees it! I happened to catch Perry Stone’s MannaFest Program Sunday morning and at the end of the broadcast he announced that he was planning to come to, of all places, South Dakota and Montana and several other western states in 2020. He believes the Lord is leading him Westward. I am up here in the hinterlands of Montana. God is up to something! What I saw the other night at the Fairgrounds seemed to be a confirmation of what brother Stone was saying Sunday morning.

  10. Duggan Harrison

    When I woke up this morning my first reaction was anger and a desire to retaliate. But I believe the Lord put another word in my heart that is very similar to what you have shared. Take our energy of anger and resentment and turn it to pleading for his mercy and grace on this nation. Thank you Mario for your word.

  11. Connie Sherman

    Amen! Thank you praying and seeking the Lord for our people and our nation.

    On Wed, Sep 11, 2019, 10:13 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Why is my pain perpetual and my wound > incurable, Which refuses to be healed? -Jeremiah 15:18 America has healed > from the Civil War and two world wars…why can’t we heal from 911? > September 11, 2001, 8:46 am – Mohammed Atta and the other hijackers abo” >



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