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As I was standing in front of the U. S. Capital Building, it suddenly hit me: The Body of Christ is to have a mighty influence on America.  From the get-go, our founding fathers realized that morality and love of truth would breathe life into the Constitution.  They believed in liberty, not license.  They believed in freedom, not anarchy. They understood that the system of government they had created must work in concert with God fearing, hardworking, freedom loving citizens.

The church refuses to face the truth today, which is why we are powerless in the face of our ongoing national destruction.  We must face the facts.  We must see that the Loony Left is a weapon of Socialist tyranny that is about to kill America. We already see their death in the disastrous programs meant to help the poor.

Ben Franklin said, “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

Right now, 49.2 percent of all Americans are receiving benefits from at least one government program, and the U.S. government has spent an astounding 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs over the past five years.

The leftists believe they are the only ones who care about poverty, racism and injustice.  Secular progressives will say they love the poor.  If so, then they have loved Detroit to death.  After 61 years, and after receiving nearly a trillion dollars in Federal aid, Detroit has been reduced to a pile of rubble by liberal policies. The city is a horror show of abandoned factories, illiteracy, prostitution, gangs, and homeless camps.  The same damage can be seen in any urban area where these programs dominate. It is an agenda of evil.

Michael Snyder said, “In 1960, the city of Detroit was the greatest manufacturing city that the world had ever seen.  Nearly two million people lived there, and it had the highest per capita income in the United States.  That may be hard to believe, because today it actually has one of the lowest per capita incomes of all of our major cities.  Over the decades more than a million people have left the city, and thousands of abandoned homes have been torn down.

It has become known as a mecca of violent crime and poverty, and now a viral video is giving an unpleasant view of Detroit after dark.

The clip, called Driving through Detroit at night, was filmed by a woman who was a passenger in a car going around the Motor City and was posted to Twitter at the weekend.

It shows terrifying scenes of gangs gathered on the sidewalk, prostitutes lifting up their skirts and dancing, and even a man being run over by a car on purpose.

Many people openly wonder what happened to Detroit, but it really isn’t much of a mystery at all.”

We poured untold billions into Detroit, but corrupt Democrat Leaders gutted this city. Now they will gut America.

The Democrat agenda for America is the Spirit of Antichrist pure and simple. It is the instrument by which virtue, freedom, and justice will be removed and our cities turned into institutional hell holes.

I challenge you: name a single city that has been run by Democrats for decades that is not a city corrupt to the walls, leading the nation in rampant crime, awash in drugs and perversion, and looking like a third world country. Having learned nothing, they have made the Squad with their extremist policies, the face of the Democrat Party.

Leftist ideology appeals to three kinds of people:

1. Those who do not want to work.

2. Those who want to gain power by posing as champions for the poor.

3. Those who feel self-loathing and guilt for the sins of their ancestors.

Social progressives will accuse me of blaming the victim.  I am not blaming the victim—I am naming the villain. 

The church should be a great force for saving America, but we have been neutralized. The media changed the rules about how Christians and government relate.  On the one hand, they made it fashionable to bash the church, the Bible, and Israel.  On the other hand, they made it wrong for the church to speak out, and have directly attacked our freedom to preach the Gospel.

The Left’s tactics are trying to make the church look hateful just for having an opposing view.  Many famous pastors have let this slide because they did not want to appear racist.  Still others feared the IRS would remove their tax-free status.  Now we know we were wrong to be silent.

Another example is the Chicago area which has a larger number of shooting victims every week than were killed at Parkland. And people are fleeing in record numbers. Chicago, the county seat of Cook County, has had a huge population loss—the largest of any county in the country. Between 2015 and 2016 Cook County experienced a domestic migration loss of more than 66,000 people, “a staggering number of people to lose in a single year.” (Michael Snyder, Economist)

I believe that evil politicians should fear us.  Paul did not believe that his gospel integrity would be ruined by speaking out against evil leadership. Nor do I believe that my outspoken opposition to the pro-death Democrat Party is in any way inconsistent with love or truth.  For that matter, Christ did not worry that turning over tables and evicting the money changers would ruin His image of love and compassion.

Our silence has stemmed from another root: our decreased faith in the Gospel.  We have forgotten its surpassing power.  We do not remember the history of how the church has stemmed corruption in America in the past. We have forgotten the record of how men and women in the Bible have turned the tide of evil government. We have forgotten how effective the Gospel is in situations just like this.

We have forgotten that the Gospel is supernatural.

We must embrace the simple truth that government is a crippling counterfeit of the Gospel. And we must allow God to explode a fresh passion for the Gospel, the greatest of all messages. Then we will proclaim its truth with a powerful roar, and without apology!  Should we not have a bold and fiery national declaration of Christ, I shudder to think what will happen!

Please, ponder the words of John Adams written in 1798:

“While (America) remains untainted with the principles and manners which are now producing desolation in so many parts of the world: while she continues to be sincere and incapable of insidious and impious policy (practices): we shall have the strongest reason to rejoice in the local destination assigned us by Providence. But should the people of America once become capable of that deep (hypocrisy) towards one another and towards foreign nations which assumes the language of justice and moderation while it is practicing iniquity and extravagance, and displays in the most captivating manner the charming picture of…sincerity while it is rioting in (greed) and insolence—this country will be the most miserable habitation in the world: because we have no Government armed with power capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or (bravado) would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate (for the governing) of any other.”

Heed my warning: unless there is a Great Awakening in America, unless there is a new baptism of the Holy Spirit, and unless fresh fire falls upon the church, neither our Constitution nor any of the thousands of laws currently on the books will prevent the chaos that will surely bring about the collapse of the United States.

As God’s people we must quit showing tolerance for policies that are destroying America. We must shake off any and all embarrassment of the Gospel.  Yes, there have been abuses, but as Woodrow Wilson said, “The proof that the Gospel is divine is the preaching it has survived.” Even a small determined group of spirit-filled warriors preaching with unbridled boldness and total obedience is enough to stop this Democrat agenda of evil.



  1. David Hertel

    Mario, thank you for continuing to be “the voice crying in the wilderness”. I pray in the name of Jesus, eyes would open across this land to the reality of what you are saying & out of His mercy God would save America!

  2. Ava Hall

    David Hertel, I agree with you. One can chase a thousand and two put 10,000 to flight. Be bold, be strong because the Lord our God is with us. Onward Christian soldiers. Open your mouth and He will fill it. Jesus told us to follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.
    Jon and Ava Rochester, Mn.

    • Carolina

      Undeniably enthralling article Mario Murillo!!
      Yes, yes, to both David Hertel & Ava Hall!!
      This part of John Adams quote was riveting & revealing,
      “Avarice, ambition, revenge or (bravado) would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate (for the governing) of any other.” PROFOUND statement.
      And because this is so true this is in part why the Socialist Left has gained so much high profile ground and people such as “The Squad” are ensconced within the halls of Congress. Take a good look at those women in the picture posted here above and with discernment any thinking Christian person can understand that these people are not truly Americans, not because they come from other places or nationalities or races. BUT BECAUSE they have NO HEART for the foundational aspects of this nation and its intrinsic values. These modern female abolitionists hate the founding principles and Constitution this country was built upon which all coalesced with the Biblical instrument. No they are determined to RESTRUCTURE all of it through their own avarice, ambition, revenge, and bravado, to suit their own cultural backgrounds, religions and preferences. As John Adams made so clear…”Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate (for the governing) of any other.”
      Calling all true Christians to RISE and RISE again until Lambs? become Lions.?

      • Carolyn Martinez

        Amen, “Our Constitution was made only for Moral & religious people. “Rise up & awaken church of the living God !”

  3. Connie Sherman

    Thank you for speaking truth. Praying for our nation and speaking truth to all who will listen. America is sleeping but believe she is awakening as we do what God calls us to do. Thank you for your voice!

  4. Vanessa Frazier

    I’m recalling this bit of scripture, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12). Until Christians return to holding every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, writers and contenders will point fingers at the “loony left” or the”ridiculous right”. The battle has to won in the Spirit with Christians playing a strategic part in Christ Jesus. If we are to name a villain, call him Satan. This way we pinpoint the one who comes to steal and to kill and to destroy cities, governments and especially the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His schemes include much of what you wrote about: church, Bible and Israel bashing while making the church appear as hateful. Now, may the body of Christ awaken to the commands and callings of God… especially prayer (then respond to His directions). He is still the God of Hope, even for Detroit.

  5. Frank Marciano

    Yes and Amen, Mario!
    I am with you!

  6. Kim Denner

    Please do not ever stop being a voice for the church !!!

    • Marilyn Perry

      Timely repentance.. Submission to THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL… AND TURNING OF HEARTS.
      NOW GOD can heal our land.

  7. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    I Tim. 4:1, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.” II tim 4:2a-3, Preach the Word….For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” I preached from these texts last Sunday. Seducing spirits have been allowed by God to enter in where truth has been rejected. All spiritual space will be occupied. If truth is rejected, doctrines of devils creep in to the emptiness. Thank God for Holy Ghost fire to keep devils at bay. Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, “The Lord knoweth them that are His,” and “Let evryone that nameth the name if Christ depart from iniquity.” II Tim. 2:19.

  8. Diane C McDaniel

    Mario, Thank God for His voice thru you! The Church and all ministries are in our prayers everyday.
    From God thru Prophet M Burns: Prepare to redirect and focus your attention on the next phase of existence. Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

  9. Roland Ledoux

    Reblogged this on FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and commented:
    Here is another post from Evangelist Mario Murillo about what we as Christians can do to help stop the evil that is blatantly overshadowing our Nation. You may not agree with everything, but the facts he presents CANNOT be disputed!

  10. kingskid48

    You are so right, Pastor Mario. We, the Church, have to cleanse ourselves and our lives of all compromise and stand up, loud and clear. I just read a horrible story about an Angel Mom who is booed by leftists almost every time she tries to give her testimony of how her son was brutally murdered by an illegal alien. The thought that this could be happening in this country, that much, if not most, of the Left now considers illegal criminals to be better than innocent, law-abiding Americans, and will harass a grieving mother in this manner, is so disheartening, it makes me cry for America. On this day, the anniversary of Sept. 11, I look back at where we were as a country before that day. We had some awareness that there was danger brewing out there, but were oblivious to the magnitude of it. All of us can remember where we were that morning. We went to church the next Sunday, expecting to hear challenging sermons on the evil of the day, sermons about what we should be doing as a nation and as a church, to cleanse our lives, repent of our sins, get the compromises out, and get on our faces and cry out to God to figure out WHY this happened and what we should be doing. We did not hear those sermons. Two weeks later, everything was, “back to normal”, and what we had just experienced as a country was not even mentioned again. The church plans and programs went on as if nothing had happened. The only mention was an occasional prayer for members who had family members being sent to the war zone. I hate to say all this, but it is the truth. And those who had turned to the Church for answers did not receive them, and drifted back away into their lethargy and apathy. I do see some awakening in the Church, and yearning for revival, but look how much ground we have lost to the Enemy in 18 years. How many more babies have been murdered? And now our children are being told they can choose from 80 genders in some schools. Half of the country hates anyone with morals or traditional values and even under Trump, our Christian freedoms continue to erode. God help us if we do lose America on our watch. Sinners will continue to sin, but it’s the Church who will have to answer.

  11. Roger Culwell

    It was founded on strong principles of the Bible strong men of faith, strong me in character, who stood for what was right and didn’t back down, who knew what true love meant, [ CORRECTION] we pass love off as a parent who never correct a child and the child grows up, and will not listen to it’s parents, the cops, God or any body, [Spoiled Brats, who have to have there way, they don’t respect the law, or uphold the law, they want to make there own rules, and do it there way, when they couldn’t run a washing machine with help, we have rules to go by, the bible, and we have laws to go by, which are not being enforced] and they try and change things into there lawless rebellious way’s, Christ whipped out the money changer’s, which means he would whip out any wrong doing in his church, and man do we have plenty of wrong doing in the church today[ no correction, lawless spoiled brats, they don’t even fear God, these people that have taken over the church and pushed the Holy Spirit and the presence and fire of God out, they have no fear of God, they think, God will not punish you no matter what, he is just love, he allows evil, sin, lawlessness you name it, theres no rules, regulations, no commandments, they even send spirits to try and kill, yet they preach LOVE, I have seen there kind of Love, and experienced it first hand, if thats love, I don’t ever want to be loved by them, they send murding tortuning demons to attack at night, and they have killed, to stop the real Holy Spirit in the church, and the fire and the presence of God, and if we don’t get tough, and whip some of this evil out, and Get filled with the real Holy Spirit and fire, we will lose this nation and the Church, because we loved evil and sin more than God, just look around the church is the weakest ever, and Dems have set out to destroy it, along with R. Is. and if we don’t wake up and get tough, and whip some evil people out, so to speak, as Jesus did the money changer’s we will lose the church and this nation.] The Dems love to keep people in poverty so they can control them, they do not want them to do better, its all about control, they know if they give away free stuff people will vote for them, they don’t want any one to get ahead but them, it is that spirit of anti-christ, Abraham had to sons, [ actually 8 but two are mentioned] one persecuted the promise, one by the bond woman, and the other by the free, and Ishmael is still persecuting the Is. today the promise, still trying to take over, he is the anti-christ, the man from the east, SELF, Ishmael was of the flesh, Is. was of the spirit, the Christ and the anti-christ right here, if you follow the Holy Spirit, your of Jesus Christ, if the flesh your of the anti-christ, sorry chech it out,John 4:24 For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”, 1 John 4:6 say’s Those who know God heareth us, those who know not God heareth us not, hereby, know ye the spirit of truth,[Truth the Holy Spirit] and the spirit of error[ The spirit of error, Belial, beliar, beelzeub, the prince of this world, the flesh, the anti-christ,] We either follow one or the other, and thats the whole problem of today the Church is following flesh, the spirit of error, the prince of this world, they kicked the Holy Spirit and YAHWEH out and repleaced him with other little gods and fallen angels goddess, The Lord has showed me people, we are so far away we don’t even have discerning of spirits any more, we can’t even tell the counterfit, and boy are they there, they peut the fire out, and disempowered you, while satan increased we decreased, and we must increase in his power and might or we will lose everything we hold dear, just what there teaching our children in school, some people need tared and feathered and run out of town on a rail, no they need charged with crimes against humanity for brain washing and turning lose all those evil perverted spirits on our children, innocent little children, that makes my blood boil, and we are the Church allowing it, it past time we become the Church of the Living God YAHWEH and take back what the enemy has stolen from us, his power and presence, and let the Holy Spirit have control of the church again, if the flesh is in charge of the church then the anti-christ is running it, and it will never have the power of God back as long as the flesh, the anti-christ is running it, time to repent and ask the real Holy Spirit to come back in our Church, you know the one who convicts of sin, and dosen’t allow it, the one who agrees with the word of God, that Holy Spirit, not this fake they have today, We must take the Church and this nation back for our selves and the next generation, or we will leave them a Godless nation with out any hope at all, We must save the children, the church and this nation, and that means get touch and stand and speak with boldness against all this evil, this is our nation and I will not let her go with out a fight, speak up or they will burry us. Be Blessed

  12. Anne Sullivan

    Mario, I was with you and Jeff Fenholt when you did your crusades in Ontario, CA. I was a counselor and you prayed for the anointing to come over the counselors. It did. One of the people I prayed for was a young women who was deemed mentally impaired. Her brothers (gang members) were with her and she came out of the cloud of impairment into perfect mental health. Her brothers and family members were saved because of this. (I lived in Ontario and they saw me later and told me this.) She could talk normally and she was filled with the Spirit immediately. Jeff was such a wonderful person and his music was so anointed. He was a character and I totally related to him. When you were at the
    Shrine we all sat and ate potato chips and chatted. (I don’t know how I was invited to do so, but I was.) Forgive me, I might have the timing wrong, but when you went to Long Beach, you again, prayed for your counselors and I was again, filled. A father and mother came to me to tell me their child was molested by the father’s father. Whoa! I felt Jesus’ indignation, compassion and even anger at the thought. Whatever the Holy Spirit said through me, brought them peace. I was so filled I was almost wrecked by it. A woman came to me and told me her grandson was dying at the hospital nearby and I transferred the anointing to her. (I didn’t even know you could do that!) She talked to me the next evening and said it was a wonderful thing when she prayed for her grandson. He was doing better. I have been with you since Melodyland in the early seventies. You literally saved an entire department at Hughes Aircraft. Even the supervisor who had been inappropriate to me. In Ontario, you pointed out my insecure, lonely teenage son and told him God thought he was awesome. He was and is and has turned out to be a wonderful father and husband. I love you Mario. I thank-you for all you have done in California and for my family. You have no idea what a trail of success you have left in your path of serving God. I just wanted you to know. God has Blessed all of your efforts, and I know He continues to do so.

    • warriorruth

      encouraging testimony.

  13. Lynne Schrom

    I totally agree! I read the scriptures and it fills me with desire to be a part of returning to our God for devotion and deliverance. HOW does an individual make a difference in everyday life??? I am here, Lord, if you need me!




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