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Before I get to the story of this photo with former New York Mayor Guiliani, I must tell you why Mechelle and I are in Washington D.C. We are doing a conference with Lance Wallnau. We know this is God because we are phasing out participating in conferences.

I had a revelation and personal revolution in the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C. The entire library was deeply moving and convicting to me, but one thing was emblazoned in my Spirit. It was the short video of Billy Graham at 92 years of age talking with Greta Van Susteren.  She asked him what he would have done differently.

He answered that he wouldn’t have traveled as much. Greta said, “Why? Look at all the people you have helped by travelling.” He responded by saying that he would have done just as many crusades, but fewer conferences. He felt that the travel was unnecessary and often distracting from family and soul winning. He added that he would have prayed and studied more, and spent time getting to know Jesus better.

There are no words to describe the revolution in my soul. I knew immediately that I had to make changes. Events had to either be about winning souls or directly relate to soul winning. The ones that I had to take a pass on are worthy events that deserve support, but I simply must follow my heart. That was why the Extreme Dream Conference in Washington D. C. stayed on my schedule. This event is explosive in its potential to see not only souls saved on a mass scale, but it can also lead to moral reformation.

The instruction that Lance dispensed to us was urgent. What little contribution I made to them was not nearly as powerful as what we received.

I am returning to Reno, transformed, and I know our efforts will be impacted by our time with Sid Roth on It’s Supernatural, with Lance Wallnau, as well as Larry Sparks of Destiny Image.

As to the picture with Rudi Guiliani—the former Mayor is a big hero of mine. Mechelle and I were sitting having lunch in the Trump Hotel when we noticed Mayor Guiliani seated a few tables away. I couldn’t help it, I wanted to meet him. So we got up and went over to his table, but were gently rebuffed by his bodyguard. I was so disappointed.

As we returned to our seats, this thought hit me, “You can’t force things. Let God bring them to you.” This had little to do with Rudi. It had to do with some very big things coming to this ministry. I never gave this another thought all day.

We had a powerful day and late that night we decided to get a bite in the lobby. Out of nowhere Rudi Guiliani charges up to me and gives me a big hug! I know, right!

No one who saw this could explain it. My wife frantically took these pictures.

There is a message in here for all of us. God is going to bring favor and many breakthroughs. We must walk in faith and obedience, even when we see no results. God will make it happen for all who refuse to give up or back down.

Again, this encounter with Rudi was not about him—and not about me. It was a wink from God. It was a confirmation that His favor, and a way of letting us know that there are going to be many miracles in the upcoming meetings in California!


  1. Nick E.

    Thank you for sharing this, Mario! It is an amazing photo (thank you Jesus!) and made me smile almost as big as your smile!

  2. Brianna

    Great article and word from the Lord! Ty Jesus! But why did he come hug you out of the blue?!!

  3. Erika

    Awesomeness! Thank you Jesus ??

  4. iamseatedwithhim

    Oftentimes I find that it needs to be enough to know that God wants action and I will often just “file it” until the time is right. Timing is a big part of God’s plan is what I have noticed all through my walk. It’s not that He needs time -He can move suddenly and sometimes does but rather that the soul on the receiving end needs time to digest a seed planted by the Spirit or His angels.
    Praise God for confirmations.


    Mario, this is Ricky Skaggs. We met many years ago at a meeting I don’t even remember what it was, but I’ve always loved you and your heart for Jesus. Then you went away for a while and I didn’t see or hear tell of you haha, but I’m seeing you now and I’m still so proud of what you’re doing and the depth of truth you’re getting from the Lord. It’s amazing. Just wanted to say hey, I’m still playing music and telling people in the marketplace about Jesus. It’s a great time to be in love with the King. Love you dear brother, hope to see you again someday on this side of Heaven haha. Ricky

    You Can’t Shake Jesus!


    • mariomurilloministries

      Ricky! I have wished so many times to be able to see you and fellowship. You have been not just an amazing talent but an amazing witness and held your integrity in the face of things that few will ever understand. Let’s figure out a way to beat up on the devil together! Mario

  6. ghostofdurocher

    Dear Mario:

    That’s amazing.  Reminds me of the time another evangelist/ preacher I knew, his name was Dennis Tinnerino a world champion weightlifter turned converted soul winner went on a trip to England to evangelize.  God revealed to him he was going to “meet” the queen of England.  He had no plans set in order to accomplish this, he simply went about the Lord’s work.  Then one day while randomly driving around England, I think it was in London,his entourage ran into some kind of detour as they were driving.  Suddenly his driver makes a a turn and low and behold they turn right into the path of the queen of England! No accident thank God, but a divine collision in the supernatural realm I suppose. Jerry

  7. Roger Culwell


  8. Michael Druckenmiller Sr

    About to go pray for the 49th consecutive day. That’s the seventh day of the seventh week…

    I haven’t seen any indication that I am being heard or that my prayers will ever bear fruit, and my wife said some things yesterday that makes our life goals potentially at odds with my prayer goals…

    And, then this post comes across my email…

    “There is a message in here for all of us. God is going to bring favor and many breakthroughs. We must walk in faith and obedience, even when we see no results. God will make it happen for all who refuse to give up or back down.”

    My whole adult life I have carried this burden and carried this vision of ministry and have recieved nothing but rebuff after rebuff from this pastor or that, I have been lied to, information critical has been withheld and been crushed of heart and spirit repeatedly.

    Yet, the Vision will not die, and I keep coming back. But, with Paul, there are times I despair even of life itself.

    Mario, you are an encouragement! Thank You!

  9. Rain

    I SO Love those winks from God. ?

  10. Ron DeLouis

    Hello Mario,

    Thank you. Your words are so timely for me. I often feel we are on the same page. God bless you. I will be praying for you. Please pray for me also.

    Ron DeLouis

    Sent from my iPhone

  11. LuAnn Morton-Earl Blueheart

    Mario, I have followed you for many years. I first saw you on TBN… and then you started coming to the church I was a member of in NE Colorado. I loved hearing you speak!! As service unto God, I would help take care of tape tables when visiting ministries would come. I did it not for reward but to serve. I loved doing it. (Don’t know if I did that for you or not, but if I did… Praise God, I had a chance to help). During that time, I received those little “winks” from God. I miss that time. I do not really care for Larry Sparks… and I have been disillusioned in Lance Wallnau in the past year. Lance seemed to be always trying to ride on someone else’s shirt-tail, so to speak. (long story). But, I had a draw to this conference, I actually wanted to go. (couldn’t). And, when I saw that YOU were going to be there then I knew this was a divine hook up!! I know that you are very discriminating in who you associate with and that you just don’t do these things flippantly. I was actually very impressed you were participating in this. I just wanted to say Thank You for sharing this. I too, have a respect for Rudi Gulliani. I have to say, I never used to be a political person, but I know history well. I never used to be a “conservative” person growing up in the hippy generation. I have worked in the field of Social Work for many years and always considered myself to be quite liberal in my views toward human relations and politics. BUT… since Clinton’s presidency… I have found myself (and since becoming a “born again” believer in 1988), I find myself more on the side of conservative view points and especially with this recent POTUS. I never thought I would like Trump as a president and I thought… What is the Joke here?? But, the alternative left absolutely no other choice. I did what the Spirit of the Lord was leading me to do…. and I am so glad I listened!!! Mario, I look up to and I highly respect you!! What you have to say and what you do, greatly impacts me and how I view the world around me now, as it always has. I just want to say Thank You, again… for being so genuine, honest and true to the Gospel and to Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior. You are a true inspiration to me in a time of such turmoil!!!

  12. Donna Bradshaw

    Mario. I love this. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Carolina

    The BEST to You Mario and Mechelle!!.. that’s what our Lord God gives is The BEST!
    Just as you saw that You were in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things, with the right people, our Sovereign King had Mr Guiliani there also, to meet and greet your hearts desire. And if people get in the way of God’s plan to connect and bless others, (such as the bodyguards did) then Christ always has another way within His perfect timing that He will use to accomplish what is important to His Beloved.
    I understand your approval of him I’m pleased with Mr Guiliani’s efforts for our nation through the years too. How he handled NYC during & after the 911 attacks was like a champion.?
    I’m so pleased to see that you’re connecting with Dr Lance Wallnau, I prayed for that connection late last year and I’ve seen it come into fruition. Yea‼️
    I sat on Billy Graham’s lap when I was 7 years old at a large Southern Baptist Conference my parents attended and I had just been Baptized. I’ve never looked deeper into the eyes of a human man with more of God IN him than Billy.
    Hold on to what You have Mario, Christ our King has BIG plans for You because He Loves Your heart.♥️

  14. Kay Fisher

    Amen! Amen! And Amen! Message – let go and let GOD!

    That is what He is doing in my life too, dear saints.

    Glory to the Master Messiah Yeshua HaMachiach!
    His Servant,

  15. Deborah

    Oh how I love the surprises He gives us. I call it the “Wow me God” factor!!!

  16. david larson

    We are so HAPPY for you Mario! Two giants of social impact; two men God is using is different ways, but what a divine appointment for both of you. Your comments about the BGL and conferences, and your thoughts on returning to Reno were so personally meaningful. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Aaron

    Mario and Ricky and Rudy on the White House lawn??

  18. Nancy

    Wow, Rudy looks great and so do you Mario! The joy of the Lord is our strength!! I also like God’s special surprises : )

  19. Kim Barrett

    That is so awesome of God to do this for you! I’m still praying & believing for you & team. I pray daily. God bless you, Kim (Tx)

  20. Gavin Poultney

    We will stand before Kings in our witness for The King of Kong’s!

  21. Kimberly

    Where is your Church gathering located? I’m searching & not able to find an address anywhere?
    Do you ever come to Florida?
    Thank you kindly,

    • mariomurilloministries

      Kimberly, we don’t have a church we minister full time in soul winning. I do come to Florida but don’t have anything planned there at this time. Our offices are at 2115 Green Vista Dr #103, Sparks, NV 89431 God Bless.



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