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A MANIFESTO FOR MY BLOG. Some have told me that when they see my posts that rebuke and warn, they wonder, “Mario, what is your problem?”  I do have a problem, but it is not what they think.  I am not negative, nor am I fearful.   I have not given up or given in.  None of those things are my problem.  My problem is of a different nature.

My problem is that I serve a God Who is limitless in power and wisdom, and His excellence infuses me with zeal to declare that we can be better, and we can do better, as a church and as a nation.

I see no place for compromise.  There is no reason to accept the slavery of the God-haters.  We are not supposed to sit down and shut up.   A weaker church with a smaller voice is not the new normal—it is blasphemy.

I believe Satan doesn’t stand a chance.  An amoeba would have a better chance of surviving on the surface of the sun than Satan has of surviving against God.  I believe that prayer and worship kills the devil’s lies.  I oppose any decision, by any leader, that is based on fear or unbelief.

Back in the day, we didn’t scare as easily.  Formerly, pastors didn’t have to seduce people into serving God.  We didn’t back down and we didn’t let ourselves starve on the table scraps of watered-down preaching.

I miss the days when the church was not the court jester to America, but was the conscience of the nation.  The church was a firewall against intellectual dishonesty, injustice, and depravity.  I miss those days.

But I am not railing because I am afraid those days are gone forever—it’s just the opposite.  I see no reason why we can’t have them back.  My resolve to bring those days back fuels my rebuke of pastors and secular officials alike.

Speaking of rebukes—let me clarify why I rebuke our leaders.  My rebukes are rooted in my conviction that America is a miracle.   We did not make ourselves great.  God made us great.  When you try to “fundamentally change America” and make her pro-late term abortion, pro-Islam, anti-Israel, anti-marriage, and anti-Christ, you are messing with God, and you need to know it.  You need to be rebuked.

When I rebuke our elected officials, I am not abandoning my call to the Gospel, I am preaching the true Gospel.   Look at Acts 3:14-15: “But you denied the Holy and Just One, and asked for a murderer to be granted to you, and killed the Prince of Life, Whom God raised from the dead, of which we are witnesses.”

Peter unleashes a stinging charge that includes rebellion, because they denied the Holy One; perversion, because they chose Barabbas; and murder because they killed Christ when He was innocent.  Peter did all of this in the middle of a soul-winning sermon!

Don’t tell me, “Well, that was different.”  How can it be different?  Peter was giving the public and their leaders a tongue lashing for committing state sponsored murder, for engaging in tyranny, and for lying about it.  There is no difference.

But there is a big difference between Peter and many American preachers.  He did not worry that he would look hateful or unloving by leveling these charges.   He was not preaching to ‘make nice’—he was preaching to make disciples.   That is the ultimate love.

Peter also knew that the fate of Israel hung in the balance.  He was calling his nation back from disaster.  That is the same duty of every vessel of God in America: To call America back from disaster.

So let me ask you a question: What do you preach when you see history repeating itself?  No nation has ever done what we are doing right now that did not end in either a dictatorship or a totalitarian state.  Should I be silent?

Can you deny that Islamists are murdering Christians?  Can you deny that Democrats don’t care?  Do you see the Deep State cancelling our freedoms illegally?  Do you deny that our Constitution is being trampled upon?

The accusations of anger and extremism aimed at my writings begin to evaporate when you answer those questions honestly.   If anything, I am being too tame in confronting this disaster.

So the next time you wonder what is wrong with Mario, remember this:  My writing is driven by equal parts urgency and faith.  I cannot hold back because the fate of this nation hangs in the balance, and I cannot hold back because I know that my God loves America and is mighty to save.


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  1. marcianof

    Still cranking them.

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    • Beth Lyons

      I so appreciate your voice, Mario! You are a new discovery for me and your voice carries great power and conviction. Keep it up!!!

    • Sandy

      Thank you Mario for your new book. It has stirred me up even more than I already have been. So much truth in it to wake a nation up. If I had a hundred books I would put one in the hands of every pastor I could reach! I mean this with all my heart. I weap for our nation and the condition of the church . May God in Heaven stir us all up to cry out as you are. Love you, in Jesus.

  2. Barbara Ruffner

    You keep telling the truth! Gods truth. You never compromise. If certain people have a problem with that, it’s their problem, not yours. We need more truth tellers! Jesus told the truth. If someone doesn’t like it, tell them to look in the mirror. And leave my Pastor alone

    • Carolina

      Amen Barbara!…and AMEN Mario!
      The problem with Truth tellers is, they tell the Truth? and people who have no love of The Truth (which is only found in Christ Jesus) are confounded by it.?

  3. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    Coldness, comfort, and compromise have disabled many churches and pulpits. Keep on, Mario. Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. God bless you brother, and God bless, empower, fill, and anoint those who still seek Him.

  4. ron@rmsea.com

    Don’t stop Mario. We need more like you.

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  5. Sandra Holdsworth

    I believe that for so long we are in a apathetic state, we don’t believe totally what Gods Word says or stand up to be counted when our voices need to be heard if we actually believe or honour God by our actions.Mario is doing exactly that , standing up , as a voice to reach the lukewarm believers.

  6. RS

    It is so refreshing to listen to a like-minded brother who speaks plain, unadulterated, uncompromised Word! I Praise God for you, Mario, and appreciate God’s impassioned work through you! We need to start a “Walk-away movement” of our own – walking away from deadbeat, watered-down, religious-spirited churches and into Word-based, Spirit-filled, Truth-oriented gatherings of like-minded believers who seek Him first! (Well, actually, I guess some of us already have!) ? Press on and press in, brothers & sisters in Christ & continue in prayer for our Godly leaders, our Nation, and the Church world-wide! ??

    • RS

      PS: I love this line:
      “I miss the days when the church was not the court jester to America, but was the conscience of the nation.”
      Amen, Brother! Me too!

  7. Roger Culwell

    To most we are the problem, but its called Holy Ghost Fire preacher who are also watchman on the walls, scream wake up people, destruction is upon on us, As Paul Revere road and shouted the British are coming, we are shouting people wake up the enemy is among us, but they been told don’t upset anyone, Gods in control, no need for alarm he fights our battles for us,[ yeah if we pray and fight and do our part, he don’t fight for lazy people, he said if a man won’t work don’t eat, it all so means if you won’t fight don’t expect things to get better] but the people have been given there bottles and put in their bassinet, and are all tucked away a sleep, and for God sake don’t wake us up, we will cry, I will tell my daddy if you wake me up, and daddy has been screaming the house is on fire wake up, for a long time, you are about to perish. But we have become the odd balls the outlaws, for screaming wake up, when an evil prevails around us like we have never seen before, we are in a day some evil has been released like people have not seen since Enoch and Noahs days, read the books of Enoch, watchers who took daughters of men as wives, and were put under the desert in great chains, with great rocks over there faces, until the last days in which they will be loosed for a season, [ these watchers are where all sexual perversion comes from, and a burnt suffer smel will come up from the ground, and we smelled it right before obama took office, only thing I have smelled in years good, and just about passed out, so they have been released] and any one should be able to see whats going on with this Dem leadership party, thats plain to see, and we know how a real people of God should act, we are not a passive bunch of wimps, we are mighty army of God, and we don’t bow to devils, devils bow to our Lord Jesus Christ, we have let the left and the fire extinguishers put our fire out, and steal our fight, made us into a cub scout troop, they have taken our fire and the Holy Spirit out of the church, and made us the problem, and this nation or the church didn’t become what it was by not fighting and standing for God and whats right, and whats wrong with us, we see everything we love going right down the drain, and taking Gods Church, our rights, and this nation along with everything we hold dear with it, and the people and church, just sit back and allow it, and if we are on the Titanic screaming Iceburg and no one is listening, we see a nation crumbling, and a bunch of evil tyrants trying to take over, as they say Gods in control, sorry be he left us a job to do, and if we do not pray and turn from our wicked ways and repent and seek his face, we will sink as the Titanic did, so whats our problem, our problem is the church and the people and preachers are not doing there Job, funny the Apostles were sawed asunder, hung upside down, boiled in oil, but we won’t risk a like, afraid we will offend, when the Disciples offended to there death, because the word offends, in one place it even say buy a sword, Luke 22:36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    Luk 22:37
    For I say unto you, that this that is written must yet be accomplished in me, And he was reckoned among the transgressors: for the things concerning me have an end.
    We have let them take our fight,, they don’t even know, that real love is correction, they preach Love, peace Love, like a bunch of p;d hippies, while sleeping with everything, and serving other gods, while sending evil spirits at night to try and kill you, this is what the ones do today preaching all the Love, I have seen your love, but the word calls that hate, and so do I, just let some one cross you and they will find out how much love you have, a false has come in the church, and made the real seem odd, or out of date, they cut down the anointing, they allow sin, and evil to prevail, they rewrite the bible and take out there sins, and most don’t read so they don’t know it, and we are trying to tell them whats going on, YOUR ALLOWING SATAN TO TAKE THIS NATION AND THE CHURCH, some you couldn’t get a fight out of, for anything, unless you awake them out of there sleep, mean while everything we hold dear is being threatened, there forcing perversion on our children as young as 3, and the church sits silent, we are Gods voice to the world, and if Gods voice remains silent, the whole world will perish, we are to hear from God and relay that message to the world, but we let them take our fire and fight, the Holy Spirit and fire will not let you be silent, so I ask do you really have the Holy Spirit of God, if the spirit you have allows sin, and evil to prevail, then its not the Holy Spirit you have its a familiar spirit, the real Holy Spirit convicts of sin, and will not allow evil to prevail, so what is really the problem, we are listening to self and the world, and not the Spirit of God. [ remember a nice love, that allows you to be passive, and sin, and allows evil to prevail, is a love that will send you straight to Hell] Lets stand up to satan and fight and take Gods church and our nation back, many lie in there grave because they fought and died for this nation and our freedoms, and now you mean we are just going to give it to a bunch of loudmouth demonic bullies, whom Jesus defeated on the cross, The Church never lost a battle if they obeyed God, only when they didn’t, hmm could that be why we are losing the battle in this nation and the church, because we are not obeying his word, we are allowing what he said was an abomination, Idol worship, fallen angels, goddess, our children being put in the fire, Moleck, these six things I hate and seven is an abomination unto me, he who sows discord among the brethern, all bible folks, just some of the accursed things going on in this nation and the church, now you tell me do we need to wake up, any one see the real problem here. We are a mighty army and a mighty army fights, we are not a cub scout troop, so let’s become what the bible says we are. be all that we can be in the Lord’s army. Be Blessed

  8. Dorothea Kreie

    Dear Mario,

    Your stance and teaching is biblically and timely! Don‘t ever water it down and shrink back because voices like these are needed in this hour! Be blessed, Dorothea


  9. Steve Plyler

    I am on the bus my brother in Christ, thank you as for many years I have been speaking out and told I was political and I would say things that failed to connect and now I am more focused as I share your posts. Thank you

  10. David Furgiuele

    Preach, brother PREACH! I love that you tell the truth whether people want to hear it or not!

    God Bless!

    David Furgiuele


  11. Teresa Marshall

    Don’t stop, Mario. Keep it up! Many of us are listening and are in agreement. Be blessed, A subscriber

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    • William F. Albert

      Brother Mario..there is not a thing wrong with your reproach to America! Those who don’t study GOD’S truth in the Bible (KJV) well call your bold reproach judging! JESUS Himself was bold and radical and the followers of JESUS must say what JESUS said and do what JESUS did! JESUS said the believer’s will do even greater works which is saving lost souls! The greatest thing a believer can do is stand in the gap and the HOLY Spirit take up the hedge..calling out those who have yet to answer their calling on coming to JESUS as their LORD GOD and SAVIOUR! Turn to those who have yet to answer their calling! Come out of those buildings made by hands and self created religion and be born into “One SPIRITUAL BODY of JESUS CHRIST” our LORD GOD and SAVIOUR! Those whose name is in the Book of life is the believer’s priority to stand in the gap for..the rest of the country the Lord said leave them to Me..I will deal with them! Keep letting the HOLY Spirit have His way through you and believer’s in CHRIST keep praying to keep Brother Mario covered with GOD’S love grace guidance and protection!

  12. Alan Mittan

    I really appreciate your ministry and that you don’t hold back. I pray the Lord would raise up an army of preachers just like you, so the Lord would grant back to us what the enemy has stolen. Thank you and be blessed
    Alan Mittan

  13. Denise Pitts

    Keep speaking the truth of God’s word Mario. I have been praying for years for the church to awaken. It’s time for the body of Christ to BE God’s voice and release His presence, His power, and to declare His truth utterly destroying the works of darkness like our Lord Jesus did; and the greater works we were put on this earth to do.

  14. jentemitt

    Mario, I am sure you must also receive replys that affirm what you say, but if not … I am telling you that I do!  Certainly there are more than 10 righteous people in America who stand with you.God is patient and He is faithful, but there is an end.  He always warns His people.May your voice reach from sea to shining sea and from the north to the south, and may the hearts of God’s people be shaken into repentance, in Jesus name. Alexis de Touqueville is quoted often about the churches in America aflame with righteousness and when she is not, she will cease being great.  That time is now.Speak on brother Mario!Respectfully, JoySent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S8.

  15. Mary

    I thank God for you everyday. I am so glad we have someone like you standing up for our Lord Jesus Christ, our God and the written Word in all it’s purity as it should be told, not as so many “preachers” are distorting it to satisfy their own sins against God’s Word. Again I thank you. You will and are helping to save a lot of confused souls from being misled and going to hell.

  16. apkenney

    Amen brother! Keep speaking TRUTH!

  17. Dan Swaningson's words and wit

    Keep preaching truth brother. You are not alone in the fight. The days are evil and the fight is real. We who have not fallen away must stand up and be heard or the Lord will take our pulpits and give them to those who will.
    You encourage greatly this pastor laboring in obscurity…

  18. Dennis Doud

    Mario, the difference between you and many “preachers” of today is, you are a watchman on the wall and they’re an hireling. Be encouraged (and I know you are), what you are speaking of is persecution and Jesus did say we SHALL suffer persecution for His sake. We are still yet in a famine here in the US, of the Gospel; one must travel far and wide sometimes in order to find it. Yes, there are other men of God such as yourself and I personally know some of them.

    Keep on speaking the truth and don’t hold back. Never skirt around an issue (I’m certain you never have), and there will be many who will hear. David Wilkerson and B. H. Clendennen are gone, but God still has His vessels who will stand without compromise, and one of them is you.


  19. blessedking

    Behind you 100%, but not able to find a way to repost your blogs on my Facebook page as I would like to. Alice

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  20. Patricia Hough


  21. Karen Yoder

    What is your mailing address for donations?

    • Darlene W


  22. Roland Ledoux

    All I can legitimately say is a BIG AMEN! And AMEN again and again!!! The TRUTH WILL set people free!!

  23. LuAnn Marie Morton-Earl

    Mario, I truly am with you!! Even unto death. Even though they should slay me… I will not deny the Gospel of truth and Christ Jesus and Him crucified for me!! At this stage in life… I could die, and I still win. I know where I am going!! <3 God Bless you and God's speed, Man of God!!

  24. Fran Dunn

    I back you 100%. You are preaching the Truth, so keep up the good work. Christians need to wake up. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord.
    Fran Dunn

  25. Bob Helms

    You speak the truth in all your posts,,I just found you about 3 months ago. Keep sounding the alarm on the modern church most of us Christians are in. Pastors do not, at all, speak of elections effects, party platforms, threats to our religious freedoms, abortion or homosexual behavior or alarm us to the fall of a great nation even though the Bible tells us of the folly and punishment of his chosen people. Jews were betrayed in WWII, Christians are being betrayed today. Carol

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  26. Marsha

    Please continue to “not hold back”.
    Truth has fallen in the streets and it is time for Truth to get up.
    Thankyou for your faithfulness.

  27. mombourget

    Hello I want to share your messages how do I do that

    On Fri, Aug 30, 2019, 11:42 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “A MANIFESTO FOR MY BLOG. Some have told me > that when they see my posts that rebuke and warn, they wonder, “Mario, what > is your problem?” I do have a problem, but it is not what they think. I > am not negative, nor am I fearful. I have not given up or gi” >

  28. kingskid48

    Continue, continue, Pastor Mario. I see you as the Billy Graham of today. Everyone I forward your blogs to is behind you.

  29. SAS

    Yes and amen!
    There is only one way. It’s God’s way or no way!
    Jesus made the way and we are to walk it out!
    Believe, trust, walk and arrive with Him.
    Luke-warm preaching will not encourage our surrender to Christ that’s so needed for today.
    May all pastors preach God’s truth with no compromise!

  30. Angie

    I live in Australia and the state of the Church here is identical. I am a born again believer and have not set foot into a so called church for nearly 5 years. I look forward each day for your posts to inspire me . Thank you.

  31. iamseatedwithhim

    You’re not alone Mario. You’re really not. You’re simply repeating the voice of one calling in the wilderness “make straight the way for the Lord”
    Just keep going Jer 1:8; Isa 66
    We need you to keep going until there is a breakthrough.
    We are few in number but we are with you and backing you up in prayer.

  32. Carol Seneca

    You are so right Mario.

  33. Janet Salsgiver

    Isaiah 58:1 “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My People their transgression and the house of Jacob their sin.”
    May GOD continue to bless you with an ear to hear, a heart to receive, and boldness to release HIS VOICE!

  34. Jim Alford

    Yes, I agree with your standing against the flow of spiritual and moral debasement in the church in the USA and the country in general. This country has been given a last chance to repent during the administration of the latter day Jehu (2 Kings 9&10) Donal Trump. But will the church repent and will the country repent?
    Many will come to the Light of Christ Jesus during this time of dispensation (some of those will remain with the Lord, some will not). However, at the end of this special dispensation darker times will come, as the country will not repent. “Babylon the great has fallen, has fallen, and has become a habitation of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, a cage for every unclean and hated bird! For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.”
    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you partake of her plagues.’ ”
    The Lord Jesus Christ and Peter, Paul, and Jude told the church plainly that there would be a great flesh pleasing deceptions and a falling away. We have seen signs of it, it will continue during this time; but at the same time many who have not previously known Jesus as Savior and Lord will come to Him. The falling away will intensify after Trump’s presidency, many will leave the fold.
    Pray earnestly for the church and the called who have not yet answered the call. Darker times are coming, but the people who KNOW their GOD shall rise and do great works in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  35. Bobbie

    Been praying for Armies of Rebukers for YEARS, definitely coming with the Sword of the Lord in their mouths. There is a God’s perfect timing!

  36. Danny Lake


  37. PEARL Dalton

    Thanks for staying the course ?♥️???

    On Fri, Aug 30, 2019, 11:35 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “A MANIFESTO FOR MY BLOG. Some have told me > that when they see my posts that rebuke and warn, they wonder, “Mario, what > is your problem?” I do have a problem, but it is not what they think. I > am not negative, nor am I fearful. I have not given up or gi” >

  38. Robert M Adams

    Well said Mario, we love you and can’t wait to see you in Fresno. God Bless and keep you safe.

  39. Holly Jenkins

    YAY!!!! Thank you for your words, your stand!!!! PTL ??

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  40. Renda Berryhill

    May The Lord bless this ministry 100 fold!rb

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